After party shemale bangs her step bro

After party shemale bangs her step bro
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Vlad stormed into his house and called out to Rachel and Lisa. It took a few minutes but they both ran down the stairs looking concerned. "What! What happened!" Said Rachel. "Are you both ok?" Asked Vlad desperately. "Yeah fine, why what's going on?" Asked Lisa. Vlad gave a sigh of relief and walked into the kitchen when he collapsed onto a chair.


Rachel walked behind Vlad and put her hands on his shoulders. She looked up at Lisa and said "Will you go upstairs and run a bath for Vlad please?" Lisa nodded and ran upstairs. Rachel sat across from Vlad and said "Vlad what happened?" Vlad gave a deep sigh and said "Eckhart called me at work! I had to make sure you were safe!" Rachel looked confused and said "We haven't had any trouble all day!

Why would he call you and then not do anything?" "He's taunting me. Trying to make me paranoid." Rachel took Vlad's hand and said "we're gonna figure out a way out of this! Together!" Vlad looked at her with an unconvinced look. "I love you Vlad, I am in love with you and I promise when you fight I fight beside you!" Said Rachel with a determined tone.

"This is not your fight!" Said Vlad. "I wont let you get hurt in a battle that has nothing to do with you!" "Eckhart will try to hurt you by getting to me! Like it or not, this is as much my fight as yours and I have a right to try and deal with it!" "That's how it starts! That's how it always starts. People get to close to me, they feel that they need to prove something to me! Then I see myself standing over their grave! It would have been better if you never met me!" Vlad's sadness turned to shock as Rachel slapped him across the face.

An angry expression on her face. "You ever say that again and I'll maim you! Do you understand me! Vlad was too shocked to speak but nodded lightly. "These last few weeks have been the best of my life. My life has been in danger but I never felt safer. We'll stop Eckhart, and after that you wont be able to spend the rest of your life with me but I wanna spend the rest of mine with you!" "I don't want anything to happen to you!" Said Vlad fighting tears, something that hadn't happened in centuries.

"Then don't let anything happen to me!" Said Rachel. "Because sending me away is not an option". At that point Lisa re entered the room to announce that Vlad's bath was run. Rachel took Vlad by the hand and guided him to the bathroom where she stripped him down and helped him into the bath. She gave him a smile and left the bathroom.

Rachel went back to the kitchen and found Lisa stood by the sink. "So is master gonna fuck me like his bitch tonight!" She said with a sly smile. Suddenly Lisa was grabbed by the throat and pushed against the wall. Rachel held her in place with an angered expression on her face.

"Listen you little slut, Vlad has more to worry about then satisfying your nympho needs." Rachel reached into Lisa's panties and stuck three fingers into her pussy keeping her other hand firmly around her neck. Lisa gasped and moaned loudly. "You keep your fucking legs closed til master is ready for you, do you understand me?" Rachel said firmly.

"Yes mistress". Rachel removed her hand from Lisa's panties and released her throat. "You wanna cum, you do it yourself!" Said Rachel and Lisa quickly took off running upstairs. Vlad got lost in his own thoughts and didn't realise that it was dark. He climbed out of the bath and redressed before rejoining Rachel downstairs. Vlad was surprised at the sight before him. Dining room lights were off.

Only light was from candles on the table. Rachel was sat at one end of the table waiting patiently. She wore the same black dress that she always did on their date nights. The dress that barely contained her luscious breasts. It stopped just past her ass showing her thighs while she sat. She had a pearl necklace on that once belonged to her grandmother and her hair was done up in a bun.

Vlad had an instant erection. She smiled at Vlad and motioned for him to sit at the other side of the table. "You stay right there while I serve up dinner!" Vlad sat and prepared for Rachel's surprise. Rachel came in with two plates of lasagna. The first meal they ate together. It was only now that Vlad realised how hungry he was.

He licked his lips as Rachel placed the plate in front of him and filled his wine glass. She took her seat and they both shared a prayer before eating. "Where's Lisa?" Asked Vlad. "She's upstairs I told her we weren't to be disturbed. She understands, I gave her a lot of porn sites and a 10 inch dildo, she'll have a good night!" Vlad chuckled and Rachel smiled as they continued to talk about small things.

Long after they finished their dinners they were still talking and laughing. Vlad. I love this woman. Her beautiful face, her long brunette hair and her sparkling eyes.

Have you ever loved someone so much you wanna talk about them 24/7.

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Someone who can make you forget your deepest darkest fears just by smiling at you. Rachel fits that bill perfectly. I haven't even known her that long, I've told her of all the terrible things I've done and she just listened, never questioned or judged me and she still tells me she loves me.

This is why I won't turn her into a monster like me. I won't let her become a vampire. This beautiful, innocent woman deserves to be kept pure and not have her soul poisoned by the evil that has consumed me.

One day i will have to watch her as an old woman in her bed its true. And then eventually I will stand over her grave. While time moves forward I stand still.

But right now I don't care about that. If I had a soul she would be my soul mate. And I love her exactly as she is and I want to know her for the rest of her life. Rachel It hurts me to see Vlad in so much pain. His past haunts him.

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I've never believed in fate, but I believe that there is a reason why he and I were put together. Maybe Vlad needs someone to remind him that he's not a monster. When I think back to the night we met, the night we had sex and how scared I was when he told me the truth.

I was stupid. This man has a dark past but he is a good man and I love him with all my heart. I look at him and I know that he will never hurt me. I see it in his eyes. He'll always have time for me. He'll never get bored of being with me, he'll never come home drunk and abuse me, he'll love me forever. That's all I want. And if that means helping him fight his battles no matter how dangerous they are, then watch out assholes momma's gonna fuck shit up!

Narrative After finishing there dinners and a bottle of wine, Rachel took Vlad's hands and guided him to the bedroom. She gently pushed Vlad onto the bed on his back and unbuttoned his shirt. She never tired of seeing his big muscles.

She kissed his chest all over tenderly as her hands slid softly over his body. She crawled up his body and kissed his neck and then his lips. Vlad's hands grabbed her ass squeezing gently. As she lay on top of him kissing him, Vlad lifted her dress above her ass revealing a pair of black panties. Rachel broke the kiss and said "You won't fuck me tonight.

I want to make love to you". Vlad smiled and nodded lightly and they resumed their make out session. Rachel straddled Vlad's hips and pulled her dress straps off her shoulders before pulling her dress down below her tits revealing a black bra ready to burst.

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra pulling it away and dropping it seductively. She lowered her tits to Vlad's face and he took her left nipple in his mouth while gently massaging the other one. Rachel's eyes were closed, she gasped as she stroked the top of Vlad's head. Vlad sucked her tit greedily, running his tounge of her nipple.

Eventually Rachel pulled back and slithered off of Vlad as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his black pants down to his knees. She took his cock and licked the head. She teased mercilessly as Vlad began to go nuts. Eventually she took him in her mouth sucking slowly. Vlad reached down and stroked her hair while he gasped. She began to lick the base while she jerked it slowly.

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She looked up at vlad and smiled. She stood up straight and pulled her panties and dress of while Vlad finished undressing. When Vlad tried to stand, Rachel pushed him back down and straddled his hips. "Let me make love to you baby" she whispered to him. She took his cock and lined it up with her slit.

As soon as the head made contact she slid down onto it slowly. She placed her hands onto his shoulders and began riding him. They both moaned at the intimacy of the moment. Vlad sat up and kissed Rachel lovingly. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him in closer while she grinded against him. They broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes.

Vlad squeezed her ass and kissed her neck. It was hard in moments like this for Rachel not to become an animal hungry for cock, but she wanted this to be special.

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Not their usual routine of fucking like rabbits before passing out together. That was always great but not when you wanna help your loved one through an emotional time. Rachel pushed Vlad back down and began riding him faster with her hands on his chest. "I'm gonna cum! Cum with me baby! please cum with me!" She began to bounce on his cock as she felt her orgasm fast approaching.

Judging by the look on Vlad's face, he was close to erupting too. The room echoed with the sound of Rachel slapping onto Vlad's lap. Her moaning grew louder.


Her eyes were closed. "Cum now baby! Please cum with me!" Vlad squeezed Rachel's ass hard and released his load deep inside Rachel triggering her orgasm. They held each other in orgasmic bliss. Before lying down on the bed still holding each other. Who can say how long they lay their just holding each other. Neither of them wanted to move. For the first time in a long time for both of them, they were happy. The sound of a scream forced them out of the bed. The pulled on their robes and began sprinting to Lisa's.

Room. Vlad kicked the door open and it flew across the room. But they were too late. Lisa lay on the bed naked in a frozen state. Her eyes sealed shut. Blood everywhere, leaking from her neck.

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Above the bed on the wall were the words "Come and get me!" Written in blood. Rachel fell to the side of the bed crying over her fallen friend. Vlad was frozen in place. Overwhelmed with anger, revenge and self loathing.

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Another life lost. Someone else's blood on his hands. As Vlad examined the body he noticed bite marks on her neck. His anger continued to grow. Eckhart did this.


"I'm gonna kill you!" He thought to himself "Slowly, painfully! You forget who I am. My name is Dracula!" Final chapter coming soon.