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The Witch By Gail Holmes Renee had never trusted the old woman, never knowing as to what she was up to, a more likely a more wickeder witch you couldn't have asked for, she was into every form of Black Magic. She'd heard of her powers from other people, telling her to never cross the old woman. Trouble was it looked as if she had, and there was no way of making amends.

Renee and her husband were a lovely couple, friendly to all most all, it's just that the old woman had taken umbrage to something that was said. Stan her husband was away for the day, it was then that the old woman arranged an appointment to see Renee.

She wasn't looking forward to it one little bit, knowing that the old woman would never tell her of her misdemeanour, so there was no way she could even make an apology; not knowing as to what she'd done to upset her. "I take it that you're on your own?" The old women said as she stood at the door. "Do please come in Mrs Wilberforce!" Renee said with a smile hoping to create pleasantness between them both. The old woman just barged her way past, muttering to herself.

"You know as to what I'm here for I take it?" She implied as she sat herself down into one of the easy chairs in the lounge.

"Not for sure, I gather that I have upset you in some way or another?" "You certainly have young lady, and I aim to get my vengeance!" "But what have I done that could have upset you, I'm sure I haven't spoken out of turn?" "You'll find that out the day I take my wrath.

It's a baby girl you'll be having then?" Renee placed her hands onto her tummy then smiled back to the old woman. "You can tell?" "Of course I can!" The old woman answered abruptly. She seemed to mean to even smile, the thought of her doing something to her baby disgruntled Renee, for the poor baby was but seven months within her stomach.

Mrs Wilberforce, please could we make amends, I can assure you, whatever you think I've done; I can promise you it wasn't meant in any way to upset you!" "It's to late for apologies, I'll get my own back in my own way; and in my own time!" The old woman didn't even look at her as she spoke.

"I'll tell you this though!

Ava stieg die ultimative Fick

When you're daughter comes to the age of consent, she will be leaving you. That will happen the exact day to the minute of her birth!" "Why must you be so cruel, my baby hasn't in any way offended you, why take it out on her?" "Oh, don't get me wrong, your daughter will enjoy herself after a while once she's got used to her new settings.

I will be there to guide her!" Renee couldn't believe the old woman's words, she now knew that she'd have eighteen years of constant worry, not knowing as to the old woman's proposal.

Why would it be when her daughter was eighteen? "Why are you taking your revenge out on my daughter?" "Oh don't get me wrong; she'll not suffer, but you will! Not knowing as to where she is or what she's doing, then of course there's the years building up to her coming of age?" The old woman stood then looked up into Renee's eyes, "Make use of your time with her, she'll grow up fast!" With that the old woman turned heading for the door finding her own way out.

When Stan her husband came home Renee was still sitting in the chair, her head in her hands. "Hello, what's saddened you then!" He asked placing his hand onto her shoulder. "It's that Wilberforce woman, she's been here today, she has really upset me, say's she taking her revenge out on our baby and told me that it's a girl!" Renee replied without lifting her head.

"Is she now, I'll see about that!" Stan implied. "Its no good having a go at her that will only make things worse. She's already put a spell on the child!" "In what way pray?" "Well whatever it is it wont happen until she eighteen, and that will be the moment in time of her birth!" "It's a wind up, I'd take no notice of her babe.

Silly old faggot will be long dead by then!" Stan chuckled. "Forget it!" "She reckons that she'll still be here, and will keep an eye over her?" "Christ babe, she got to be seventy herself, and she reckons she'll still be about in eighteen years time; I don't think so, hell she looks half dead now!" Chapter Two Just hours under eighteen years later "Christ I'd have thought you'd have forgotten all that crap years ago!" Stan implied seeing Renee stressed out.

Emily their daughter had not been informed of the curse, even she couldn't see why her mother was so upset, and she'd been like it all week. "Tell me why mother is so distressed?" She asked of her father. "Oh its something to do with that old Mrs Wilberforce, something that happened years ago!" "Dad she's a darling, she's quite taken to me always has been!" With this Renee broke into tears then rushed upstairs.

"Whatever is wrong Dad, is it something I said?" Emily asked. "It's nothing sweetheart, it's just your mother, she gets stressed out over nothing these days. I'll go and see if I can pacify her. There's no need for you to worry!" Renee was lying on the bed when Stan entered the bedroom. "Come on now Ren, you're upsetting Emily.

She even tells you herself that she has a thing with the old woman, she's more than likely forgotten her grievance with you by now. God, that was years ago!" "Yes that's just it, Emily will be eighteen tomorrow, that's what I'm worried about. I just want 4 o'clock tomorrow morning to come and go. You don't realise as to the grief that woman has caused me over the years!" "Anything you like nothing will happen, how could it she'll be home with us, nobody can get to her.

I'd like to know why it has to be on her eighteenth birthday anyway?" "She has something in mind, and I hate to think what!" Renee said with a sigh. It wasn't until 8.30 in the morning that the trouble started. Renee had gone into her daughter's bedroom. When she saw her daughter was not there she gave out a loud scream. Stan came running to the room. "What on earth is a matter?" He said pocking his head in through the doorway.

"She not here Stan!" "Perhaps she went out for a early morning walk?" Stan implied. "Her clothes, none are missing, she'd not have gone out nude!" "Are you sure, I mean look through her wardrobe!" Renee open the wardrobe doors then went to her bedside cabinet.

"There's nothing missing! That bloody old witch, she done what she said she'd do. Stan you must go down and see her!" "Ren, what in hells name could she have done, we've been here all night, nobody could have got into the house without us knowing of it, the dog, he for one would have kicked up" "I think we'd better contact the police!" Renee stated with tearful eyes.

"Ren we have no proof, they'll think we're mad!" "She's got nothing; look, even her nightdress is still here! If that old bitch has done something to her…I'll bloody well kill her!" "Ren, I'll pop down and see her, if that's what you want.

But I'll bet she doesn't even remember the so called curse!" After trying the front door Stan made his way around the back of the house, peering into each window as he passed. There was no sign whatsoever of the old woman. "Then we should contact the police!" Renee implied when Stan had told her of his actions.

"She said at the time she'd be looking over her, that's where she is then!" "It's poppycock, what the hell d'you think the police will think if you told them something like that?" Chapter Three The New World Emily rubbed her eyes as she awoke, then looked around the room, nothing did she recognise.

Lifting the duvet she was astonished to find that she was nude. She wasn't at home that's for sure, there was a chair beside the bed, and on it was a small skirt with a type of blouse hung around the back. Emily could only assume that she was dreaming, that was until there was a slight tapping on the door, pulling the duvet up under her chin she called to the door.

"Come in!" She wasn't too sure that she wasn't dreaming. The old Woman came into the room donned with a tray with breakfast on it.

"Happy birthday dear!" She smiled pulling the legs out under the tray and placing it across Emily as she sat up. "Where am I?" "You're new world my dear; from here you go into womanhood!" "Womanhood!" "Well you're eighteen now, you don't want to be returned unopened do you now.

Even I can vouch for that!" The old woman chuckled. "Well where am I, it's to quiet to be anywhere near home, there's no traffic noise?" "This will be your new surroundings for a while my dear, as I said you'll be coming a fully pleaded woman very soon!" Emily looked around the room and then to the clothing on the chair.

"I hate to say this but I have no clothes, I don't even know as to where my nightdress has gone?" "You'll find it a little warm for ordinary clothes here my dear, I put you some on the chair here!

You'll find then quite comfortable, and easy removable " "There only appears to be a skirt and blouse there. What about underwear?" "You'll have no need my dear, with these you'll not always have the need to get undressed, so underwear you'd only find it a hindrance!" "Your talking in riddles Mrs Wilberforce, how come you're here anyway, where are my Father and Mother, they'll more than likely be worried stiff!" "This has been planned for you since before you were born my dear, it something your mother and I thought of, she'll be well aware of where you are!" The old woman smiled, knowing only to well as to the state that her mother would be in.

"Get tucked into that nice breakfast, it's all home grown as it were, no junk food here, give me a shout when you've dressed, take a nice shower first it will liven you up and I will take you down to introduce you to the two men downstairs! They are father and son, this is to give you the best of the older man, when his son is just months older than yourself" With that the old woman left Emily to finish her breakfast.

"I'll be back shortly to fill you in with the details" she then left the room and closing the door after her. It wasn't until a few moments later that Emily realised that the old woman had mention the two men.

Emily looked across to the clothing, if you could call it that, the skirt looked extremely skimpy. Pushing the tray to one side Emily eased her legs onto the floor and walked over to the chair, lifting the clothing up before her then made for the adjoining bathroom.

Once showered and freshened up, she donned the skirt and blouse. Looking at her self in the wardrobe mirror she was amazed as to the outfits stance, she really did look the business, although with the skirt it was almost as if she was wearing a belt, it just covered her private parts.

Thankfully her breasts were firm enough to hold themselves, even then the blouse cut off just below them, leaving the blouse to jut out under her boobs, she swung around in front of the mirror to admire herself. Minute's later the old woman came back into the room, she'd not even bothered to knock this time. "My you look dressed to kill!" She implied seeing Emily standing in front of the mirror.

"Now when I take you down, you'll be meeting father and son. Okay the son is just months older than yourself, but the father is older than you're own father, this will give you the experience of the older man, Trouble is he's not had sex for around seven years, at least since his wife died; bless her she was a wonderful woman. Now whatever happens take it in your stride, it's with both of your parents approval. They want you to experience sex with the young and the mature male.

Remember I have warn you though, the father hasn't had sex for many a year as I informed you whereas the son who is just months older than yourself, only lost his virginity but a couple of months ago. So the father will no doubt have more experience; this I hope you will enjoy. "And this my parents agree to?" "Whole heartedly, they want you to make your own decision with regard to both young and old. One thing I must state is that whatever they do please except it.

Your new outfit will at least allure them both!" This intrigue Emily, she knew the old women had her interest in mind. "Both?" "Well there are three of them in reality, Father and two son's, but as far as you're concerned there will be just one son, as young Edward is his step son, not having the opportunities of his son Andy, through being disabled!" Emily walked across the room to peer out of threw window, she was amazed to what she saw, in reality i9t was what she didn't see, there was sky but no ground…no trees, no grass not even any houses.

"Where am I?" she asked turning back to the old woman. "In the never, never land, you'll be returning home in just one years time to the day!" The old woman chuckled. "Now come along with me we mustn't keep your men folk waiting!" Emily followed the old woman down the stairs, once at the bottom she turned back viewing her up and down then smiled, taking her hand leading her into the large breakfast room, all three were sitting at the table.

"Now remember, no matter what they do, don't be embarrassed in anyway, I'll introduced them to you. Your about to experience something that you've never have done before!" The old woman took Emily to the elder father first, Emily was quite concerned as to the shortness of her skirt, all seemed to be looking at it.

"Now remember whatever they do don't step back will you!" Emily was eased forward. "This is Mr Frazier!" The old woman stated.

The elderly man looked up into Emily's eyes with a smile. "So you're our new trainee are you, nice to meet you Emily!" He held out his hand and taking hers. It was then that Emily sensed his free hand go up under her skirt, it took her somewhat by surprise. The old woman saw anxiety in her face. "Don't move," She whispered into her ear. Emily stood rigid; suddenly a finger was felt sliding up inside her pussy, her pussy muscles immediately tensed.

The man was still holding onto her hand, then realest his hold, lifting his hand up to her blouse. "Can I have a look under there?" He looked up to Emily with a twinkle in his eye. The old woman stepped forward lifting the front of the blouse exposing her breasts.

"My you are a little beauty aren't you, I'm sure we'll both enjoy each other!" His finger by this time was forced deeply inside her pussy. Emily didn't know if she was enjoying the sensation. Or should she pull herself off of it. He was working it in and out of her now. "We're a mite tight aren't we?" He mused. "Don't hog it all Dad!" The elder of the two boys' opposite stated.

"Away you go my dear, the young are so greedy these days!" After pulling his finger from her, he immediately drew it up under his nose. Emily was taken back by his action and turn to the old woman. "I can't believe he did that!" She said under her breath. "You'll get used to them my dear, men are like that, they love the aroma of pussy, especially a brand new one!" The old woman chuckled as she led Emily around the table. And this is young Andy!" Emily stepped forward, "Nice to meet you!" She smiled.

As with his father his hand went straight up under her skirt, only he was somewhat rougher, using his free hand to lift her skirt viewing her pussy. "I can't wait, see you tomorrow!" He smiled up to her. Emily back away allowing his finger to slide out of her, then moved toward the younger boy.

"This is young Edward!" The old woman mused. Edward lifted his hand taking hers. "Pleased to meet you Miss!" He smiled, although he never touched her, he's eyes searched her body The old woman noticed that Emily was somewhat taken back that he never tried the same as the other two.

"It's all right my dear, he'd more than likely love to but his father would disallow it! His turn will come you can be sure of that!" Emily stepped back away from Edward then turned to the old woman. "What did Andy mean, by he can't wait, and he'll see me tomorrow?" She questioned. "Well it will be Mr Frazier first; then the second day it will be Andy, but you may depend they'll have you together at some stage or the other!" "I'm not to sure that I should be doing this, are you sure as to my parents are in agreement, I mean shouldn't I have some say in the matter?" "Are you telling me that there wasn't a hint of enjoyment by what they both did!" The old woman asked her face had an amount of serious in her expression.

"Different I'll give you that, I've never experience anything up inside me!" Emily replied. "Well later today you'll have the real thing, and of that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Mr Frazier is very experienced in that side of it; as I have said, his wife died some seven years ago.

By the look on his face as he fingered you he'd more than willing to take you're virginity. Then tomorrow it will be Andy's turn; I can't vouch for him, knowing he lost his own virginity but a couple of months ago.

However, it will give you the experience of young and not so young!" The old woman said with a smile. "Not so young; he's older than my father?" Emily assured her. "You could always have the young'n first should you wish it, but in my mind I think he's likely to be a bit boisterous!" "I think you could be right with the way he rammed his finger up me, nothing like as gentle as his father!" Emily advised.

"How do you feel about it now?" The old woman asked taking Emily by the arm leading her towards the door, "Do you think you'll enjoy sex, now that you've had your knickers invaded?" "What knickers!" Emily chuckled.

"Well I don't know really, I suppose it's something to look forward to, I mean most girls are frightened by the contemplation of it all, I mean you hear so many tales!" Replied Emily.

"Where are you taking me now?" "To the master bedroom, you'll not have your own bedroom whilst you're here you will alternate between Mr Frazier's room and Andy's." How long will my stay be?" "As I said earlier, until your next birthday, come on up the stairs again!" "Mrs Wilberforce, have you not considered that I might well get pregnant within this time?" "Rest assured my dear you truly will, by your birthday you'll be a good four months with child!

Its as I have willed!" "You have willed this upon me, why so?" "T'was your mothers idea!" The old woman replied.

"Something she said before you were born. She'll be pleased for you when you get back. Now come on in here, this is Mr Frazier's bedroom, he'll be up shortly!" "What do you want me to do when her arrives?" Emily questioned. "Leave that to him my dear, just do as he pleases. I'm sure he'll be gentle with you!" Emily watched as the old woman left the room, sitting herself down on the edge of the king size bed.

She was about to move across to the window as the door reopened. Frazier looked across the room toward her; his eyes feasting on her long legs, the light from the window was outlining her breasts through the thin material of her blouse.

"It's all right my dear if you want to have a look around that's alright by me, just come over to the bed when you're ready!" He smiled, sitting on its edge. Emily felt somewhat nervous, he's eye were glued on her, she all most felt that he was undressing her, not that he'd a lot to remove.

"Come, come and sit down!" Frazier patted the bed beside himself willing her to come toward him. Slowly she moved toward the opposite side of the bed sitting with her hands forced tightly between her knees. Frazier move to the centre then took her hand, "Come, and lie down in the middle here.

Emily moved to the middle of the bed and lie lengthwise along it. Frazier's hand moved over her breast, he said nothing just sat manipulating her breast within his large hand. The sensation enthralled Emily, Frazier notice the sparkle in her eyes. "Had this done before I take it?" He smiled. "Never" Emily replied. Frazier lifted her blouse exposing both of her breasts, he's eye never leaving them as he spoke. "You've beautiful breasts, nice and firm. Emily lie back and said nothing, her mind was set on the inner feels that were running around her body.

Suddenly there was a light tapping on the bedroom door. Frazier turned. "Come in!" he called out Edward poked his head around the door. "Well come in then lad, sit yourself over there!" Frazier pointed to a chair beside of the bed.

"You don't mind dear do you he has to learn some how, don't want him spoiling a girls enjoyment do we?" "No, no I don't mind" Emily couldn't believe that he was letting his son sit and watch; she knew she'd no choice anyway.

Frazier lean across her body taking her left breast into his mouth; the sensation was breathtaking. Emily leaned back her head pushed into the pillow with her eyes closed, this was a moment she wanted to keep in her mind forever, whilst Frazier nibbled at her breast his hand move down between her legs, spreading his fingers, prizing them gently apart.

Emily opened her eyes once more looking across toward Edward she knew from the boy's viewpoint he could see directly up under her skirt, suddenly he pulled his shorts down and pulled his cock out, caressing it within his hand. Even this seemed to stimulate her, thinking that the vision of her lying out in front of his father, with his finger probing her most private parts had worked Edward up.

Frazier stated to move down the bed, easing her legs open wide. There was a sudden moan from Edward, Frazier looked toward him. "If your going to do that, for Christ's sake get yourself a glass; nothing goes to waste in this house!" He stammered. "If you're thinking of Emily then she should have it!" Emily couldn't understand his meaning, her mind was instantly withdrawn from his outburst, his head was now between her legs, and she'd thought him disgusting when he lifted his finger to his nose after he entered it into her pussy, now he was trying to eat her, at least that's what it felt like.

By no means had she ever sensed vibrations through her body as she was at this present time; her pussy was alive with sensations she'd never have dreamed of. She could but look down at Frazier's nodding head in wonder; never would she have thought that any man would want to do as he was. At that moment Edward came back into the room with glass in hand, he pulled his chair closer before he sat once more, then putting the glass onto the bedside cabinet he continued stroking his enlarged cock, well at least Emily considered it large, and she was no real arbitrator of the matter.

She let out a sudden squeal as Frazier nibbled at her clitoris, Edwards face was screwed up as pumped his hand harder onto his cock. Emily sensed a finger being soothingly pushed up her pussy with the gyrating of his tongue and the gentle thrusting with his finger sent her wild, sending her straight into orgasm.

She not noticed his hand go down the bed to remove his trousers; the orgasm was too fierce, and her mind went blank; her body limp. Slowly Frazier nibbled his way back up her body once more lingering on her breasts whilst taking his cock into his hand. Emily sensed the hugeness of his helmet nudging at her moist pussy lips.

She opened her eyes wide looking up to him as he moved over her kissing her hard on the lips. Edward had moved his chair closer to the bed, now he was sitting right beside them both with his eyes glued to his fathers cock. Emily never looked his way; her mind was once again on her pussy area. Frazier was winding his cock in circles collecting juices from her pussy; he unexpectedly stopped, and then leisurely he leaned on his cock, kissing her once more as he did so.

Emily let out a scream as the weight of his cock butted up onto her fragile hymen. "No…no you must stop; this I don't like!" Emily gripped his wrists trying to push herself back up the bed, hoping that the pressure would abate.

Frazier stopped for moments, then bent his head down viewing his stationary cock between them, then turn to Edward. "Watch this boy! This is how it's done!" He implied without turning back. Abruptly he jabbed his cock forwards, slicing through her hymen, Emily threw her head back into the pillows, babbling some obscene words, and then the soreness was gone.

Edward was beside them as she gathered her senses, his eyes still watching Frazier's cock as it gathered momentum in long slow deliberate strokes. Emily felt almost as if she had been split in two, gradually she succumbed to his movements.

Her hands went back to his wrists only this time they were just holding, no aggressive pushing or pulling.

"I'm cumming…I'm cumming!" Edward shouted. "Get the bloody glass then you stupid boy!" Edward quickly clasped the glass from the cabinet, holding it at the end of his cock. Emily was amazed by the strong bursts of semen as they jutted from the end of his cock.

"Give it here boy!" Frazier demanded. Edward wiped his cock around the rim of the glass then handed to his father, Frazier held it up toward the light from the window, and then looked down at Emily, his cock still slowly thrusting into her.

"Not bad, and this was only the thought of fucking you; still it'll not go to waste. Open your mouth!" Frazier pushed the glass up toward Emily's mouth.

"That's filthy!" Emily stated turning her head to one side. "It's normal, it was accomplish by you, if he'd not seen you being fucked and loosing your cherry, they'd not have been so much!" Frazier reached forward taking her face by her chin; then pushing the glass up to her mouth. "Drink, it's the food of life!" Emily knew she could but obey, remembering the old woman's words. The taste was salty, but she managed to swallow it in two large mouthfuls.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it? The next load will be deep inside you're virgin pussy. Edward took the glass from her putting it back onto the bedside cabinet then sat back down in the chair once more. "Doe's he have to be here?" Emily asked looking toward Edward. "His young, don't you worry he'll be up and cumming again in minutes, he's the stamina for it!" Frazier started to fuck her again his movements more aggressive this time, but the aggression was enjoyed.

Emily started to work with him, remembering his words that his son had stamina, not wanting him to weaken in his movements. Her pussy felt full with the expanse of his cock, suddenly, she once again went into orgasm, this time it was more rigorous taking her on a high, Frazier fucked her harder taking her to the limit, her body was raked with the pleasure of it.

Edward could not contain himself, once again he took up his cock, this time his movements were more enthusiastic, and even though he himself wasn't fucking her at least she would willingly take his seed now.

Frazier withdrew then eased her over onto her knees; Emily thought that was the end, that was until she sensed his cock being forced back up her again. This was all too much for Edward he stabbed his hand across for the glass, again his seed pumped viciously, he only just managed to get the glass on to the end of his cock in time. This time Emily felt more than full, he'd every last inch of his cock into her now, with his hands gripping her by the waist he pulled her back onto him with each inward thrust.

Edward held the glass in front of his father. "Wait idiot! Can't you see I'm busy? She going to get more than you're little droplet very soon now!" Frazier started to fuck her ferociously, the thought of his son blowing twice, and he'd not been anywhere near her pussy.

Emily gave out a was high-pitched squeal as she started to cum once more, this only heightened Frazier's need to blow, its urgency now very close. Emily could sense his bullocks as they slapped against her pussy as he drove into her. Reaching forward he grabbed her by the shoulders, arching his back he then blew, and the sensation of it took Emily by surprise. He held onto her tightly until he'd assured himself that he was fully drained. As Frazier pulled himself back away from her, Emily slumped forward onto the bed, she managed to turn and face him.

His cock bewildered her; after that of his son, his was enormous, she felt sure that if she'd have seen it beforehand she'd have never let him near her.

Edward stepped forward offering her the glass, Emily looked toward Frazier. "Take it!" He said. "Do you the power of good!" This time Emily took the glass from him and drank it steadily tasting its very essence. "Thank you!" she smiled toward Edward, draining the glass as she lay back down on the bed looking up to them both. "Well did you find it enjoyable?" Frazier smiled down to her. Emily placed her had down onto her pussy, "I feel a mite sore, especially at the beginning!" It wasn't until she took her hand away that she realised that she was leaking his cum.

"I'd better get to the bathroom I think!" "Here, can you take this!" Edward held out the empty but cloudy glass toward her. "Well you won't be having the same trouble tonight!" Frazier implied. "Tonight?" Emily stated as she turned back after his remark. "You'll be sleeping here tonight, then tomorrow in Andy's bedroom we'll be taking you on alternate nights!" "What about Edward?" Frazier turned to his son with a smile.

"Him, he'll be sleeping in his own room, he'll not be bothering you. As you have seen he can give his seed without coming anywhere near you" Emily went into the bathroom to cleanse herself, she'd not realised there was so much of the sticky stuff, she stood in front of the mirror viewing herself, her pussy looked red and sore, She didn't know if she was happy now that she was a woman, only hoping that next time it wouldn't be so painful.

When she went back into the bedroom both had left, the old woman was pulling the bed together; she looked up as Emily came into the room. "Was it good?" She smiled. "I think I'd better have some knickers I'm sure it's not all come out!" "You'll get no knickers here my dear, don't worry if it gets onto you skirt I'll get you a new one!" "Can you tell me where I am now?" Emily asked as she sat in the chair beside the bed placing her hands onto her knees.

As I told you, your in the never, never land; in truth you're in a dream, but your not at home!" "So all this is not true then?" "Oh, it's true alright, you've definitely lost your virginity and as far as sex is concerned you'll be getting plenty of that, in two days time you'll be having father and son together, that will be an eye opener for you!" the old woman smiled as she moved around tucking the covers of the bed in neatly.

"Together?" "Frightening isn't it," There was a twinkle in the old woman's eye as she spoke, "Don't worry you'll soon learn to take it in your stride.

It's young Edward I feel sorry for, all he gets is a look in, still as long as you also take his load, I don't suppose he's to bothered! I think you'd end up very sore with all three of them anyway?" Chapter Four " Wallace" Whether it was the air or the good fucking she'd had in the morning she couldn't tell, all she knew was that she was extremely tired. Emily went to bed early, leaving the rest of the group including the old woman downstairs in the lounge.

She'd still not been told as to where she was; the house seemed to be standing in midair, there was just sky and an horizon, with no earth, grass or trees, the added bonus was that there was no traffic noise. Emily was soon in a deep sleep. It was around eight in the morning when she awoke, she sat up briskly as she heard a noise coming from the adjoining bathroom, once more the room seemed strange to her, there was different furniture, a new skirt and blouse hung over the chair ready for her.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Andy came in stark naked, his cock swinging from side to side. "Your awake then, hope I didn't make to much noise. Emily was baffled by his abruptness; it was as much as she could do to take her eyes off his cock, for it seemed twice the length of his father's. "This is a different bedroom?" Emily quizzed.

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"We do have our own I'll have you know!" "Well how did I get here, I was in your fathers room?" "We mustn't waste time; when he'd finished with you last night I brought you in here, I take it you're ready for me?" Emily pulled the bedding up under her chin." Ready for you?" "Well it's my turn today, or don't you remember that?" "Remember what?" Emily eased herself down the bed as she spoke.

She sensed a sudden dampness as her bottom slid back under the covers. "Well I've already had two sessions with you, are you telling me you remember" Andy chuckled as he sat himself down on the edge of the bed.

It was then that Emily realised as to why the bed was damp, if he'd had her twice; going by his father's invasion this was why she was so wet now. "No I don't remember!" Emily gripped the bedding tightly up under her chin. "Why be so bashful, I've seen all of your body, now unlike my father I'm ready for more! Not that I'm a practised lover, but I found you an excellent fuck!" "I don't think so, I'd like to rest if you wouldn't mind!" Emily sensed her pussy tweaking, it almost as if she'd still a cock inside her, she couldn't believe that he'd actually fucked her and she'd not woken up.

"After breakfast then we'll make a morning of it!" Andy smiled, "Might as well let you have some enjoyment whilst you're not asleep, although you were making enough noise earlier?" His cock had gone flaccid as he stood, but it still seemed quite large. "Catch you at breakfast then!" Emily watched as he left the room then eased the bedding down to inspect her private parts, as he said he'd had her twice, and it showed, her pussy was really puffed up, and cum was still oozing from it.

Emily reached down dipping her finger into her pussy collecting some of the sperm onto it then bringing it up under her nose, it had a strong acrid smell to it, how she'd swallowed Edwards yesterday she couldn't imagine. Quickly she swung her legs over the edge of the bed heading for the bathroom. "Ha, our quest is up then, did you sleep well?" Frazier asked lifting his teacup to his mouth.

"Fine, I think I must have done as I remember nothing of being moved from you're bedroom?" Emily sat down as she spoke looking around at the faces that were trained on her. "Well it was gone midnight by the time I'd finished with you so Andy took you into his bedroom.

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Your not to sore I hope?" Frazier said with a grin. Emily felt somewhat embarrassed by his remark, knowing that each of them was waiting for her answer. "Don't make the poor girl more embarrassed than she is!" The old woman said with a smile. "Take no notice of them my dear, they're only trying to boost their ego" Emily considered that if she said yes perhaps they'd leave her for a couple of hours. "No, really I don't mind, yes I am considerably sore; I think I could do with a rest for a while." "Then that you shall have!" Replied the old woman.

"I'll expect Andy went into you like a bull in a china shop knowing him!" The old woman scowled toward Andy, "Still, I think you'll have to have a little this afternoon readying yourself for tomorrow. Not to worry, I'll be there to make sure they don't get out of hand!" Emily was quite concerned my her remark, she remembered the old woman telling her that she'd to take two of them at the same time, and she couldn't see that that was possible, even Frazier felt huge to her. "We'll go for a walk when you've finished your breakfast, I think we need a little talk!" The old woman smiled toward her, knowing that her mind was in a complicated state.

Emily looked across the room to the window, still there was nothing but blue sky and that's all, she was delighted that she'd be able to get out of the house, but she couldn't see for the life of her as to where they'd go. It came to light over breakfast that Frazier had had her once and of course Andy twice, both spoke highly of her, and as to how tight her pussy was; she could only assume that they were both belittling Edward, who'd not spoken a word.

She did fell somewhat sorry for him; just because he was disabled it didn't mean that he'd to be ridiculed, by them both boasting of their manhood. Once outside Emily could only assume that there was a path or at least a lawn, beneath her feet the ground seemed solid, a light mist, which swirled around as she walked through it covered it.

She looked toward the old woman who was now holding her arm. "This is weird!" she said moving her feet around in circles. "How far can you go?" "As far as you like, this is fresh air nothing like you have at home!" Emily looked forward she thought she saw movement. "I'm sure I saw some one ahead?" "More than likely, they wanted to meet you yesterday, saw you at the bedroom window!" The old woman mused. "They?" "The little people; you'll see them soon enough. There, over there!" The old woman pointed toward her right.

True to her word one of the little people was heading toward them both, stopping just feet away. "Hell, he's fascinating, so small but perfect!" The little man looked up as Emily spoke, and then walked toward her stopping just in front of her feet. He started to talk it was a language that Emily did not comprehend.

All she knew was that he was jabbering away with a big beaming smile on his face. "Whatever is he on about?" Emily questioned, her eyes glued to the little man. "Believe it or not he is complementing you!" The old woman laughed. "Complementing me, for what?" Emily asked of the old woman, seeing the grin on her face. "Well from his viewpoint he thinks you have lovely red hair!" Emily looked back down at him, he stood no more than two feet tall, and it was obvious as to where he was looking.

She placed her hand down onto her skirt allowing it to dip in over her private parts. "Are all the men around here sex mad?" She asked of the old woman.

"Don't blame him he's a local, and supposeively an experienced lover. Come sit down on the seat over here" The old woman took her arm once more leading her toward the seat. The little man followed closely behind them both with his nose into the air. As they both sat the little man moved to the front of them placing his hands onto Emily's knees, the looking up to her started to jabber away again.

"God, he's full of it; what's he saying now?" Emily could only but laugh. "He wants you to open your legs my dear!" "Mrs Wilberforce, you can't mean it?" "As I have told you my dear, he's expert in lovemaking. Move forward and open your legs, I can assure you you'll not forget it, he's proved his worth many a time!" As Emily edged toward the edge of the seat, immediately he eased her legs apart, muttered a few words then forced his head between them.

"Christ, I see what you mean!" Emily griped the seat as he started to muff her, his tongue felt more like a long worm as it entered her pussy, with his mouth he sucked at her clitoris, pulling her bud up firmly.

"He'll stay there all day should you need it!" The old woman tittered. "But it's his cock that he's mighty proud of!" "He's cock, surely that can be no bigger than a babies little finger!" It was as much as Emily could do to get her words out, her experience of him was breathtaking "That's where you're wrong dear, it's as big as your mind wants it to be. Leave him be awhile, enjoy his tongue first!" The old woman had to put her arm around Emily's shoulders as to hold her still; so extraordinary were her orgasms she nearly fell from the seat.

"Christ, Mrs Wilberforce never would I have thought him so imaginative, he's send my pussy wild. "Let him fuck you now dear, lay yourself along the seat, I sit then you can place your head into my lap.

As Emily stood, the suction he'd on her pussy with his lips nearly lifted him off the ground. The old woman said something to him, and he dropped from her pussy moving down to one side of the bench waiting for Emily to get into a comfortable position. Once Emily's head was in the old woman's lap the little man moved in between her legs lifting them onto each of his shoulders. She looked down as he dropped his trousers, his cock was as she'd thought, no bigger than a babies little finger, but it stood rock solid, the helmet was the size of a large marble.

He moved in toward her, placing his cock into her virginal passageway. She could but agree with the old woman it did seem a lot bigger than it looked.

The little man reached up clasping her by the waist as he pulled himself into her. "Good!" The old woman remarked stoking Emily's hair.

"When you want it bigger all you have to do is ask him for more!" She said with hit of sarcasm in her voice. This will help you towards your double up tomorrow!" "He's doing fine as he is at the moment!" "Just ask him for more, get your pussy full, you'll love it!" "He'll not understand me?" "There are no barriers in sex my dear, just say more to him, each time you say this, his cock will grow in length and width, enjoy him as he is you!" The old woman smiled running her finger gently down Emily's cheek.

Emily was totally relaxed with the little mans movements; she closed her eyes and just mentioned the word more once. She took in a large gasp as she sensed the thickening of his cock.

The old woman smiled to herself, she knew of Emily's gratification, she herself had been there many moons ago; although it would be too much for her now and she knew it, she could but watch.

The little man started to fuck her really hard; sweat was beginning to cover his brow, Emily was letting out moans, then a sharp intake of breath as his cock deepened as his thrusting became more adamant. "More!" Emily cried out. Once again his cock thickened and extended deeper up inside her pussy. Emily couldn't believe the sensations that he was bestowing upon her, he was small; well at least in body. The little man looked down between them, his own eyes lightened as he admired the proportions of his organ.

She felt more like a virgin of his own kind; she was so tight. Emily reached up clutching at the old woman's hand as she went through yet another orgasm, her body arched up meeting his inward thrusts. Gripping her teeth as she began to cum in multiple waves of shock, the capillary of veins around her pussy had swollen beyond all means.

She did wonder if she could take even more, his cock now felt not unlike the trunk of a tree, it's bark dragging against her inner walls. "More!" She cried out, from where she obtained the energy she couldn't tell. Again his cock thickened, it was as much as the little guy could do to enable himself to drive the massif cock up into her. Even now he was standing on tiptoe to achieve his goal. Emily knew her energy was about to subside, but she willed herself to carry on, she'd have never realised that such a little guy could have so much impact on her pussy.

"Are you alright?" the old woman whispered into her ear. "Would you like him to finish?" Emily heard her words, she really didn't know what she wanted, and her enjoyment of the little guy was enormous. She felt so full; if he pulled out she was sure she'd collapse. Again it came and went, orgasm after orgasm. The old woman gripped her teeth as Emily dug her fingernails into her wrists. "Cum!" The old woman called down to him.

Abruptly he slowed his pace, taking long deep thrusts, even he could tell that this was going to be his supreme download, never had he had his cock swell to these dimensions, it was nearly three times the thickness of his own arms. He put one foot onto the rail in front of the seat lifting himself up, and then plunged his cock in deep letting out a piercing moan.

Emily opened her eyes wide, she felt as if she was about to explode with the amount of cum he was pumping up her. The old woman reached down placing her hand below Emily's tummy, she could feel the boiling effect of his seed as it willed its way up deeply into her womb. As the little guy pulled his elongated cock from her, he fell forward under the sheer weight of it, resting his elbow on one edge of the seat; then looked up toward the old woman and started to jabber once again.

Emily looked down at his cock, she couldn't believe that she been fucked by such an all-embracing organ, she turn her face up towards the old woman who'd seemed that she was in a conversation with the little guy. "What's he on about now pray?" Emily had noticed that he seemed to be getting hot under the collar.

"It's alright my dear, he say's he has to go home, but you'll have to will his cock to go down!" "How in heavens name do I do that?" "Just hold onto it and say smaller!" The old woman stated with a smile. Emily reached forward, there was no way she get her hand around it, it was miles to thick, but she gripped what she could with both hands. "Smaller, smaller!" She murmured, and then repeated herself. The little man nodded in appreciation, as his cock started to become slighter, as soon as it became it's normal size all the stretched skin started to wrinkle; then smooth out, with the little marble at its head.

"Well, that really was something, most enjoyable!" Emily smiled up toward the old woman. "He does wish to know if you should want more?" She informed Emily. Emily chuckled to herself. "Not at this precise moment, I feel somewhat full as it is!" "Not now, some other time?" The old woman quizzed with a smile.

"He can't get me pregnant can he?" Emily asked reaching forward to straighten his hat. "Oh, he's very good in that department, he's twelve children of his own!" "Good grief, his poor wife!" "Don't blame him, she can't get enough of it.

He'll more than likely go home now and have to perform for her!" Emily looked down at the little man, he was struggling to pull his trousers up, she reached forward taking the waistband into her hands hoping to help him pull them up, trouble was she didn't realise her own strength and lifted him completely off the ground.

Needless to say, he started jabbering on again thinking she was having fun with him. "He's so cute!" Emily smiled down toward him as she spoke.

"Does he have a name?" "Wallace!" The old woman stated. Emily thought that a very muscular name for such a small guy. "Twelve children, he doesn't look that old?" "His youngest is thirty five, and at the last count he was 105 years old!" "Good grief, I certainly have been introduced to the older man!" Emily replied with a grin. "I'll bet he's had a few under his bent?" "It's been years since; but I used to enjoy his company, of course I was much younger then!" "You've had the little guy also…sorry I meant Wallace!

However old were you?" "Like yourself my dear just around your own age, and he was good then, no doubt even better with age, Nevertheless, I wouldn't have the energy for it now, it's nice to see you enjoying him though" "I've just thought Andy will be expecting me, wondering as to where I am?" "I wouldn't worry to much on his behalf my dear you'll be no good to man nor beast in your present state, if he tried you now he'd fall in after the stretching that you've just had!" "You'd think he'd notice?" The old woman sniggered at her remark.

"As big as he thinks he is; he'd not even touch the sides my dear! No, Wallace here has given you more than a good seeing to, you'll not be needing sex for a good couple of hours yet.

Don't worry I'll hold him at bay!" The house was quite when they returned the old woman went straight into the kitchen. "I don't suppose you'll be saying no to a cup of tea?" She inquired as she filled the kettle. "Suits me fine after the loss of my energy!" Emily replied as she sat at the table.

"Where are they all?" "They'll not come out till we're good and ready!" The old woman said turning to look toward Emily over her shoulder. "How can you be so sure?" The old woman didn't reply until she headed back to the table with the tray with the teas on.

"I told you, I'll hold them at bay until you're good and ready!" "How can you do that; we've not even seen them yet?" Emily replied lifting her cup. "I have my ways, you'll have to be patient. No man likes following a sticky wicket!" "Sticky wicket!" Emily laughed.

"How say you a sticky wicket, what does that mean. You have some funny sayings Mrs Wilberforce?" "Not really my dear stands to reason with the load that Wallace blew up you you'll bound to be wet!" "You have a point there, but there is no leakage whatsoever, I don't understand that?" "Most of it went straight up into your womb, you shouldn't have asked him to make it so big.

His seed had nowhere else to go!" "Can you at least explain as to where I am, everything here seems so unnatural?" "For one you're still at home; and our three guests are non-existent, they are only in your mind, it's only myself and Wallace that are real" "What of the outside, there is no ground, no grass and no trees, no sounds?" "Oh there there, it's just that I've wiped them from your mind" "You say Wallace is real?" "As real as you and me!" "I've never seem anybody that small, his smaller than a midget, who is he." "Wallace, he's a warlock!" "Warlock, that's a male witch isn't it?" "Got it in one, yes you're right!

Now you can believe in Witches and Warlocks!" Chuckled the old woman. "I know of no witches?" Emily questioned. "You've a friend who is one!" "I have, and who might that be?" "In all the time you've known me, are you telling me your mother or father have not mentioned that I'm a witch?" "They have never spoken an ill word of you, and as to calling you a witch, that I have never heard!" "Well that's what I am my dear, giving you as to which every woman seeks, full bodied sex!" The old woman smiled.

"So when I get back to my own time, in a year from now who's child shall I am carrying?" "Wallace's of course!" "So should it be girl or boy, it will be a witch or warlock?" "A witch my dear, you'll be having a girl! That's of course if you want a girl?" "Will it grow up to be the same size as Wallace?" "Nobody would ever know my dear, it'll be no different than yourself!" "If the family here is no-existent, why do I need them when it's Wallace that will sow his seed?" "Well you have me there dear, I didn't think that Wallace would be so forth coming.

You shouldn't have met him for at least four days, I wanted you to have the other three first!" "You said that I wouldn't have been able to have Edward, his father disagreed with the idea?" "I was going to get him on his own. He to is a virgin! I just wanted him to watch the others so that he'd know as to what to do!" They'd been talking for hours it wasn't until the old woman looked at the kitchen clock that she'd realised just to how long.

"We must get you back with Andy he'll be wondering as to where you are by now. I should think you're more than ready, I can assure you he is?" The old woman took Emily up stairs and opened Andy's bedroom door. "See you in a little while!" She smiled. "So where have you been; I've been lying her naked for what has seemed hours?" Andy stated sitting up on one elbow, with his cock in his hand.

Emily looked down at it, this would be her first time of feeling it and it; looked somewhat large, well at least long. "Well don't just stand there, you needn't bother to get undressed I'll have you as you are!" Emily sat down on the bed beside him, this was the first time she'd been able to view a cock so near at hand, and even Wallace's was a few feet away.


Andy eased her back onto the bed then sat up whilst opening her legs. "Didn't think I'd made you that sore! I must have given you more of a seeing to that I'd thought I had?" Emily didn't want to question his meaning she knew full well it must have been from Wallace that she'd looked sore to him.

She drew in a deep breath as he went down on her, even though his method was nowhere near as good as his fathers or Wallace for that matter, it was enjoyable. As the old woman had informed her Andy was a bit hasty, he'd given her no longer than a couple of minutes with his tongue and he was already climbing up her body.

His hand shot down between them in no time he'd found her open pussy, pushing himself straight in. He bottomed her on his first thrust; needless to say Emily squealed out with the sudden pain. He did apologise, which seemed pointless, he knew as to what he was doing, he'd intended to hurt her. He started to fuck her with the full length of his cock, it was enjoyable, at least she was not spoilt for choice, what one lacked the other made up for, but she considered that she'd liked the fat ones best.

She placed her hands around his neck pulling him down to her kissing him gently on the cheek. Andy didn't falter in his stoke as the bedroom door opened, the old Woman, eased the wheelchair with Edward around the door before closing it behind her, she wheeled him up on the right hand side of the bed then aided his effort to get onto the bed. Andy ignored them both completely as he continued to fuck her. Edward arranged himself so that he could see down between them, then started fumbling with his flies, the old woman reached over his pulling the zipper down then placed her hand inside pulling his cock out gently.

Edward immediately put his hand down wrapping his fingers around it, the old woman turned back to the chair lifting a glass from the basket and handed it to Emily, she knew instantly of it's purpose. Emily turned up to face Andy he was now ploughing into her at a fantastic rate Emily knew she was about to cum, she lifted her hips to meet his thrusting, the tension was beyond her, her body tensed, she could feel nothing but his continuous thrusting, although he did bottom a few times, but she was getting used to this by now.

Once she got through her orgasm she turned to Edward he was now pulling on his cock like there was no tomorrow. Emily reached across him taking his cock into her hand, it felt smooth, but hard she started to jerk it like she'd seen him doing, Edward threw his head back into the pillow, this was something new to him, much more enjoyable that his own hand. Andy although didn't agree as to what she as doing to his brother, considering that all her attention she be toward him, it was his day.

It really showed in his face. "Let him fuck himself!" He stammered as he pushed his cock in deeply, knowing it would hurt her. Emily let go of Edwards cock putting her hand back up around Andy's neck. "Sorry I didn't think you'd mind being as he's you're brother!" She exclaimed. Needless to say, Edwards's hand came back to his cock rubbing it fiercely. Suddenly he reached across picking the glass up from the bed, and then held it over the end of his cock.

Hot spunk started to spurt into it straight away, his head went back into the pillow once more as he let out a loud moan. Emily turned her head just in time to see the creamy substance splatter into the bottom of the glass. She tried to lift herself as to take the glass from him, but Andy put his hand onto her shoulder pushing her back down onto the bed. "You'll have mine first!" With that he started fucking her really hard, almost pushing her up the bed.

Aching his back he started to cum, Emily felt his cock thicken slightly then sensed the warm spray deep inside her. Andy collapsed onto the bed beside her. "There, now you can say that you've been fucked!" He implied sitting himself up.

"Now you can take his diminutive effort!" He stated looking at the glass in her hand. Emily looked into the glass; she'd considered it a fair measure, not understanding Andy's unpleasantness toward his brother.

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In one swoop she lifted the glass swallowing its contents. This time it felt thicker than the last, and it tasted somewhat sweeter to her. Chapter Six "The final curtain " After Emily had told the old woman about Andy's conduct toward his brother she informed her that there was no love lost between either of them.

"I have been thinking, I don't really see any need for you to stay here until your birthday, being as it will be Wallace that in fact impregnates you, he can still do that if you're at home, but you mustn't say anything to your parents about your ordeal" The old woman implied.

"Won't that upset Mr Frazier and his son's?" Emily quizzed. "No, as I said they're not real anyway!

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I think I'll let you have them all then you can wake up at home?" "You worry me when you say have them all, I hope you don't mean all at once?" "Why of course dear, is there any other way, to messy if one follows the other!" "But, why have you changed you're mind?" The old woman didn't have the heart to tell her that she was being vindictive against her mother, and that she'd had second thoughts as to keeping them apart.

She already knew of her parent's anxiety just after two days. "Well not so much changed my mind, I think you'll get bored here, whilst at home I can make sure that you see Wallace at least once a month, needless to say at the right time of the month then it will happen.

But you mustn't say as to where you've been for the last couple of days, you'll have to pretend you have memory loss. To-morrow morning you'll wake up in your own bed at home!" "How will I have all three of them if I'm at home?" "Four to be precise; Wallace will be there also? Both you're parents will be awaken to your joys of pleasure, but they'll not wake you!" "You have it all worked out don't you!" Emily smiled.

"But what will they say seeing me being fucked by four males?" "That's just what they won't see; they'll each be invisible to them. All they'll see is that your having a dream, they'll see your body being perform upon, but as to who by that they'll not?" The old woman smiled. "You're mother will be taken aback by your actions, later she'll be asking you of your dream.

Wanting some for herself!" "Wanting some for herself?" "Believe me, your mother misses sex, when she sees you enjoying it she'll want some!" "But she has Dad?" "He'll not be able to match the scene that you'll be presenting, that will really wet her appetite, I'll fix her up with Wallace in a couple of days, then you'll both have something to look forward to!" Emily couldn't quite get the old woman's meaning as far as to looking forward to something.

"Well it will be nice to get back home, as you say this place is pretty grim, I mean you look out of the windows and there is nothing to see!" "So your prepared for tomorrow then, I mean tomorrow is your free-for-all day, that's when you get all four cocks simultaneously, it an enjoyment you'll never forget, you'll be taking cum in each and every orifice of your body, it is then that you'll consider that you've been beyond any doubt; that you've been well and truly fucked.

To night you'll sleep in the room that you first found yourself in, remember we are ahead of your time at home by three hours, so you'll be able to rest in your own bed when it's all over. I can assure you that you'll need it. The first thing you'll see when you finally wake is your own bedroom.

Bedtime came that night Emily found it strange to be in a bed on her own again, but she soon fell asleep. It must have been 8 am when she finally awoke, it was Frazier and he'd drawn the bedcovers down exposing her body. "My all fresh and clean, you ready for some real cock then young Woman?" Emily rubbed her eyes avoiding the morning sun from the bedroom window. Frazier eased her from under the bedding placing her on top of the bed, immediately he went down on her, Emily gripped the top sheet, his tongue fiercely stabbed at her clitoris sending tiny shocks all around her pussy spreading throughout her body.

Emily moved into a more favourable position, spreading her long legs to each corner of the bed base. She sensed two fingers s being squashed up inside her; she gave out a low moan of contentment. Frazier then moved to one side of the bed, then pulled her over on top of him, guiding his cock up to her moist pussy.

Emily was surprised as to the ease it slid up inside her; she leaned over Frazier and started to fuck him in gentle strokes. Neither heard the bedroom door open, this time it was Edward but he was pushing himself in the wheelchair again he pulled himself up beside the bed then managed to climb into the middle. Emily smiled, she was more pleased that he'd made it under his own steam, he edged himself to the middle of the bed, so that his cock would be right in front of her; slowly he pulled the cord holding his pyjama bottoms then easing them over his legs, displaying his proud cock.

With his feet each side of Frazier's head he offered it up to her mouth. Again the door opened, this time it was Andy, he was also donned in his pyjamas, he stood at the bottom of the bed for a few moments watching as his father forced his cock into Emily's tight pussy.

Then he to released his bottoms allowing them to fall to the floor. He leant forward tapping his father on the leg. Frazier immediately withdrew his cock from her, as he did so Andy climbed up onto the bed a foot each side of Emily's rump, lowering his body he directed his cock straight into her pussy, this time he was gentle assuring he didn't go to deep, after two or three minutes Frazier nestled himself back into his original position; Andy pulled out allowing his father access back into her pussy, then he lowered once more forcing his cock up alongside his fathers.

Emily bent her head down and groaned deeply, she'd not realised that the set up caused her to have two cocks at the same time, feeling sore wasn't the word for it, it was almost as if she was going to be split in two. Edward was wriggling his hardened cock in front of her mouth, Emily knew as to what he might mean and opened her mouth engulfing his cock fully. Nobody was aware of the door opening again, this time it was Wallace, he walked up beside Emily; her eyes we're closed he took her wrist squeezing it gently.

Emily turned her head toward him and opened her eyes, giving him a broad smile, she felt more than full with the cocks she had, not knowing as to where he could go. Wallace took her smile as if to say help yourself. He moved in between Andy, who was now leaning back with his hands on his hips. There was just enough room providing he could span over Andy's cock and stand on Frazier's legs he might just reach her anus.

Thankfully his cock was quite small at this time and he'd managed to get it fully inside her, although the over all pressure was not to bad, she knew she'd only have to say the word and Wallace's cock would grow to a enormous magnitude, outstripping both Andy and his father.

Renee and Stan heard nothing of the commotion from their daughter's bedroom, with the sleepless nights no one could blame them for sleeping so soundly. The old woman was getting quite hornie herself with the exhibition before her, but the last thing she wanted was a heart attack, watching the display was enough.

Emily winched at the pain from the two cocks up her pussy, she felt as if she'd surely tear.

Edward was thrusting his cock up into her mouth at colossal pace, once she caught her teeth behind the helmet and boy did he scream out. Slowly she was succumbing to the strain of all the cock working simultaneously into her body. It was more enjoyable than what she'd have considered, she tried to work with them but she couldn't match the momentum. Unexpectedly orgasm took her, she thrust her head forward bending her back letting out a long moan, this upset Edward, as he himself was on a high, and for this was his first experience of a damp orifice.

He took up his cock offering it up to her mouth once more. "Let me catch my breath!" Emily managed to inform him. She turned her head back to the rear of the bed. "Bigger!" She stammered. Wallace knew of her meaning, immediately his cock thickened at least two inches. "God!" Emily stammered. Wallace now forced his cock in deep into her arse, Emily let out a loud squeal, as the fatness of his cock filled her. Renee stirred in her sleep, then rolled closer to Stan hugging him around the waist.

The old Woman knew she'd have to make her move, the last thing she wanted was her parents to come into the bedroom at this stage. She stood from her chair and walked softly to the bedroom door opening it as quietly as she could, then made her way down the passage to Emily's parent's bedroom.

She knew she'd to get into her mothers mind. Both we're snoring they're heads off as she came up to the bed; knowing she'd to cast her spell on both she reached across taking both of there hands. She spoke gently warning them that their daughter was having orgasmic dreams and that she should not be woken for any reason, she should see her dream out, then sleep until she awoke later. The old woman left the room as quiet as she'd entered, going home as she knew that if either of them went into the bedroom, they would only see Emily, as she knew with noise Emily was making one or other would wake up very soon.

It was daylight when the old woman stepped out of the front door; she was pleased that she got her vendetta with Renee, although she not kept her word and kept her away for a year, but her job was done, she taken their daughters virginity, she'd been gangbanged.

Not many a girl could take four cocks at the same time, and enjoying them to boot. It was Stan that woke first, he lifted himself up onto one elbow, he knew the noise was coming from the adjoining room; he looked toward Renee, she was still sound asleep, lifting the bedding he swung his feet to the floor then put his slippers on.

Emily's bedroom door was already open a jar; Stan pushed his fingers on the door opening it with little noise as possible. The scene before him was astounding; Emily was kneeling in the centre of the bed rocking to and fro, from his view point he could see her pussy which appeared to be gapping open, not only that her anus was also exposed, it to was gapping. It was a strange sight, never before had he seen so much of the inside of a pussy, as he moved in closer, it appeared that her pussy walls we're being dragged in and out almost as if she'd a big cock stuck up her, God, it really was a hornie sight to him.

There we're voices, he couldn't tell as to their direction. "Something like I'm cumming, that's what it sounded like. Then Emily bowed her head letting out a low gutterish moan.

Edward had gripped the sides of her face pulling her mouth fully over his cock; assuring that it entered her throat. Whilst Andy had thrust himself deep into her pussy, poor Wallace was shoved forward; it could have been the combination of all four cocks, which forced her into orgasm. Once her orgasm was over Emily started to retch, she'd not realised that they'd all cum together, excepting Wallace that was, he was hanging onto her for grim life, as Frazier and Andy pulled out, then he fell straight back onto the bed.

"It's alright Missy, I'm still here; however, it would be a mite easier if you could lower yourself a little!" Wallace pleaded to her. Again Stan thought he'd heard voices, he was right as he turned back toward Emily she was lowering her body, that's what the voice had asked of her. Emily sensed his cock nudge up to her pussy, it felt just a mite larger than the two cocks she'd had together.

"Thicker!" She called to him. Stan couldn't believe as he watched her pussy, Christ! You could drive a bus up it now. Emily gave out a loud moan as he pushed his thickened manhood deeply inside her, he gripped her hips as to aid his momentum. At that moment Renee came into the room walking up beside the chair that Stan was sitting in.

"Surely this isn't our Emily, I don't know as to what's happened over the last couple of days. She certainly seems to be enjoying herself?" "Keep your voice down, the last thing we want to do is to wake her, we don't know what frame of mind she'd be in!" "I can't believe your sitting her watching her?" Renee implied.

"Like you I wondered as to what all the noise was about, I didn't expect to see her like this. I can't comprehend as to the dream she's having; but whoever is fucking her has an almightily large cock!" They both looked toward Emily as she went through a massive orgasm, her head was buried in the pillow gripping it each side of her head.

"Never have I known an orgasm like this, the poor child will be shattered before she's ready to get up?" Renee advised Stan. "Never have you given me such gratification in our years together?" Stan was dumbfounded by her words; nevertheless he could see her meaning, however, Renee's eyes never left Emily's rear end, her Pussy was now wide open and at least 5½ inches across, who could have a cock of that magnitude she considered!

In her mind there was a cock in it, plus an amount of cum; which was being pushed deeply up to the womb end. Emily was oblivious to her parent's presence, although she heard their voices, but to her they were miles away, she was in another world. Wallace was fucking her in more even stokes, he was getting slightly out of breath, Emily was fine; but he was having trouble with the huge organ that she'd asked for.

He knew his job was to assure satisfaction, which he knew he was doing. Emily was now cumming at two-minute intervals, her mind lost. "I don't think I can watch anymore of this; should we wake her?" Renee asked looking down at Stan, who was still sitting on the chair at the bottom of the bed.

"Somehow I don't think we should, I'm sure she'll be all right. If you want to go back to the bedroom, I'll stay a little longer, just to make sure she's okay?" Renee looked at her daughter, in a way she was jealous of her, to think of the body sensations that she must be going through.

She'd do anything to swap places with her. "Ok, I'll go and get dressed, call me if you think I'll be needed!" Renee placed her hand onto his shoulder as went to leave the room. "Keep your eye on her!" Stan couldn't but do anything else he was transfixed, he'd a raging horn under his dressing gown to which he was holding firmly in his hand, he would love to be in the position of the guy in her dreams, nevertheless, his cock looked puny against what she was imagining to what she had.

He watched as her breasts were being thrown backwards and forward with each thrust. "Cum, please cum, fill me to the brim!" Emily blurted out. Stan was pulling hard on his cock at this time, just watching. Abruptly Emily bowed her head down and pushed her bottom upwards. Wallace was at full depth now emptying his bullocks into her, his fingers holding her hips tightly as he did so.

From Stan's viewing point he could see the volume of spunk being spat out at the end of the fantasy cock she thought she had deep inside her. Emily let out a loud gasp as it was compressed in to her womb. Slowly, she slumped forward onto the bed exhausted, Wallace's cock stood firmly in front of him held by his two tiny hands, he sat down onto the bed sliding his feet to the edge.

He knew there was no chance of Emily willing his cock to go down; from now on he was on his own. Stan would have been dumbfounded should he have seen the little guy walking toward the bedroom door; with his shoulders back and his hands clutching the huge cock before him, he waddled across the room. Stan knew that Renee would soon be back, releasing his cock he stood and went to the bed pulling the covers back over his daughter who was now sleeping peacefully.

"It's all over now, she's sleeping like a baby. I'm sure she's exhausted; I've covered her. Let her sleep it out!" Stan informed his wife when he came downstairs. "Who would have thought she have dreams like that, I never knew what sex was about when I was her age, let alone going through orgasms of those magnitudes!" Renee implied as Stan sat down at the table.

It was 11am before Emily came down to the living room, her parents looked up with a smile. "Hi Mum and Dad, God, I'm starving I take it you've had breakfast?" "No problem dear, I'll get you something straight away, you can help if you like?" Renee wanted to get her daughter on her own. "Sure Mum!" Emily went over to Stan kissing him on the cheek.

"You're quite this morning Dad; you all right!" "Fine sweetheart, you run along and help your mother!" Stan was upset with himself at lending his hand to masturbate over the scene of his daughter being fucked.

Her kiss on the cheek didn't help matters, making him even more randy. The three days of her absent never came up by either of her parents.

When Emily went into the kitchen her mother looked up with a smile. "You had quite a dream this morning!" She implied. "Dream, how say you Mum?" Emily picked up a piece of cold toast from the table as she spoke. "You don't remember; you surprise me. By the noises and actions you were making I could only assume that it was quite raunchy?" Emily could only assume that her mother had been in the room when she was getting her gangbang, she remember it as if it had only just finished.

"You were in my room?" "We both were!" "Mum, are you saying that you both saw me in an evocative position. You had Dad with you?" The old woman had not mentioned her father. "I might tell you it had me going, never have I experienced anything as to what you might have been dreaming! Very orgasmic I can tell you; I had to leave the room it was getting to much for me!" "It turned you on?" "Both of us, I could see that you're father was getting somewhat hot under the collar so to speak that's as to why I left!" "You saw all four of them?" "Four?" "Yes there were four, I'd two in my pussy, one in my mouth and then at towards the end one up my bum; that was Wallace, later he also went into my pussy.

I'm afraid the bed might be in a bit of a mess?" "Emily, you speak as if it we're real?" He mother questioned. "Mum, it was real, check my bed it's smothered in the white stuff!" Emily smiled. "The white stuff…that's milk isn't it?" "No Mum, spunk, cum or whatever you call it!

I was chock-o-block with it, and that was from only two of them!" "Two, you said there we're four?" "That's right; one came into my mouth and as usual Wallace cum's so much and his cock is so big, his load went straight into my womb, it's a exquisite sensation.

You should try it?" "Fat chance of that?" Renee chuckled, "In my dreams perhaps!" "Nope! Within the next couple of days, it's all lined up, you'll know of the sensitivity, once Wallace comes back to me.

Once into you, you call the shots, you can have a cock as big as you like. And, when he cums he blows it straight into you're womb, it's an orgasmic overwhelming experience " "You're a daydreamer Emily, you make it almost sound true!" "Mum, it's going to happen, believe me!

But don't mention anything to Dad!" "You're Dad, hell, he's well past it, I can't remember the last time.

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I'd have thought that he'd have followed me back to our bedroom this morning; I know I was more than prepared to whatever he dished out. But no, he just sat there until he knew that you we're okay; only then did he come downstairs" It was but four long days before Wallace showed his face again, it was only through Mrs Wilberforce's instructions that he came, he knew he'd to serve both Emily and her mother.

The old woman had worked out both of their dates, which coincided with each other. Just what she had wanted? To have the pair of them pregnant at the same time would make up her vendetta. Stan was on overtime at his work so the evening was free, he'd be going back to work at 7 pm; but the old woman knew that she'd have to make sure that Renee and Stan got together soon after, so as it would look like his child she was bearing.

"Come on Mum up to my room, Wallace will be waiting?" Emily told her mother as her father walked out of the front door. "I haven't time for your fun and games young lady, whoever heard of such a thing, I'm sure you're in cuckoo land, miniature men indeed. Go on up and meet him then if your so convinced about your so called friend!" "I'll expect to see you in a little while then?" Emily smiled. She knew her mother would come in the end if only to verify her own disbelief.

Emily opened the bedroom door slowly and peered into the room. "Are you there Wallace?" For moments there were no reply, then she noticed his head pop up from the lower end of the bed. He started jabbering away again in some unknown language, she wished the old woman had taught her as to what he was saying.

It would have made life so much easier. Walking toward the bed she sat on its edge, then turned to Wallace, he was dressed very smartly this time. Emily looked at him with a smile. "We can't have your clothes messed up can we, lets get you undressed!" Wallace didn't seem to mind her removing his clothing; in fact he helped her fold them. "So where is this little man of yours then?" Renee asked as she stood in the doorway Wallace lifted his head to see over the base of the bed he looked toward Renee with a beaming smile on his face thankfully the old woman had allowed visual contact.

Renee couldn't believe her eyes as she walked across to the bed, the first thing she noticed, if you could call it that; was his cock. "I should think he has to use a pin to get that out when he wants a piss?" She chuckled.

Wallace sensed an air of sarcasm, in her voice. He looked up into Emily's eyes as if for assurance that she was not taking the piss. Emily smiled down to him then kissed him on the cheek. "Don't upset him Mum or neither of us will get him, I can assure you that cock with a bit of nurture will mature into the fattest and longest cock you could ever wish for!" "Who the hell is he anyway!

And where did he come from?" Renee questioned. "He's just a friend Mum!" Emily replied kneeling down on one knee and taking his cock into her mouth. Wallace thrust his hips forward, if there was one thing he loved it was a blowjob, the old witch only ever wanted him to fuck. She loved seeing her subjects shriek on the dimension that she could will his cock to become. Emily ran her tongue around the helmet, and then into the eye, Wallace shuddered with the sensation of it.

"Come on Mum, we won't get anywhere if your going to stay dressed, you can have him first if you like. You won't believe then what you've been missing!" Emily closed her mouth over his cock once more; Wallace had his eyes on Renee as she undressed, as soon as she removed her underwear his cock gave a heavy pulse. Emily pulled away from him and pointed toward her mother. "She's yours Wallace!" She said with a smile, lifting him up onto the bed.

Wallace scuttled up between Renee's legs forcing them open with his small but very strong hands, his tongue went straight into her, it almost felt as if a snake were worming its way up her pussy. "My God! Does he have a tongue or what?" Renee threw her head back as she spoke. "Christ, I could take this treatment all day" Emily sat and observed as her mother squirmed under his spell, she could tell by the look on her face that she was thoroughly enjoying it immensely.

She held herself up on her hand, and then ran the free hand through his hair. Wallace withdrew his tongue back to her entrance then started to gyrate it on her clitoris at an immense speed. Renee went straight into orgasm, her eyes rolled with the intenseness. "I take it you like my little friend then?" Emily chuckled as her mother relaxed. "Jesus! If he can do this with his tongue; I can't wait for that little cock of his" Wallace removed himself from her pussy and started to lick his way up the bed over her, clenching his fist, he pushed his hand straight up her pussy, and then started to thrust it in and out of her like an express train.

"Jesus Christ! Surely that's not his cock?" Emily hadn't experienced this before.

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"He's got his fist into you with his arm up to his elbow Mum…God! I can't wait till my turn!" Deaf ears fell on her words; Renee was straight into orgasm yet again; this time she'd collapsed back onto the bed with her hands gripping the duvet, her knuckles white with the physical exertion she was applying. The sensation was not that of a man's cock, but not unlike a babies hand with an orange in it; sweat was poring from her mother's brow, the constant flow of orgasms crippling her energy.

Wallace finally removed his hand now that he'd levelled his cock up to her pussy; clutching it into his hand he inserted it into her passageway, as far as Renee was concerned she'd a twig up inside her. Emily realised her dilemma. "Fatter!" she called out to Wallace. And then again, knowing that the circumference of his cock had to at least be equivalent to that of his retracted fist and arm.

"Good God Almighty, what the hell is he doing now?" "He's just put that little cock into you, the one that you complained about Mum, remember?

I hope it feels good to you!" Emily sniggered. Renee's pussy was stretched beyond belief but she journeyed with him. Soon, very soon she managed to accommodate him, and a more relaxed state mounted between them, although she was still uncertain that he wouldn't somehow pull another stunt on her.

Emily could only sit back and finger herself, a more erotic scene she couldn't have imagined, her mother was screaming at his every thrust, her knees now up under her chin, with poor little Wallace lying between them holding her by the waist, Emily knew that she was in charge of the thickness of his cock, and it seemed to be slipping in and out of her mother with no effort.

"Thinker Wallace, thicker!" She called out, knowing that it would put pressure on her mother's pussy "For God's sake, he'll split me into soon at this rate!" "As I told you mother, he can be as thick as you want him!" "I can assure you it's more than thick enough at present thank you!" Wallace had to lift up onto his toes to get the full length of his cock up into her; he looked funny really as he'd left his little bobbled hat on.

He was sweating like a trooper and still he'd not stop, and with his constant thrusting he'd practically pushed Renee up to the top of the bed. Emily ducked her head down to look underneath him, her mothers pussy must have been stretched to nearly six inches across, the fully swollen veins in his cock stood out along the sides of his shaft, highlighted with sheen of her mothers juices. Renee raised her hands up to the headboard of the bed to stop herself from hitting her head, but her strength was drained once again by a massif orgasm.

Emily realised that her mother was fully exhausted; she knew she'd have to stop Wallace before she went out of control.


"Cum Wallace!" She called out to him. This was an experience that Renee had not ever encountered, needless to say she'd had a lot more cock than her daughter, however, no man had cum with quite so much ferocity, her womb felt as if it was being blown up by an air compressor, trouble was she was in a state of orgasm as he came, it wasn't until the waves had died down that she managed to look down at the little man.

"My, you pack a fair punch for a little one!" She managed to lift her head looking down at her tummy expecting it to be swollen with the engorgement she had taken. Emily smiled up toward her mother, watching as she rubbed her hands on her stomach. She'd felt the same sensation when he'd fucked her. "I take it that he pleased you then?" She chuckled. "Pleased me; I say more than that, Christ, I feel well and truly fucked; for the choice of words.

"Jesus wept! Will you look at the sized of that thing?" Renee couldn't believe her own eyes as the little guy pulled his cock out of her. He stood on the bed with both his hands clutching the huge organ; it was as much as he could do to maintain his balance. He started to jibber away again, but this time Emily seemed to be able to understand him; it was the speed that he spoke that had made it difficult for her to recognize his words.

"What in hells name is he on about now?" Renee inquired; needless to say, she'd not understood a word of it. "Well believe it or not he's praying for his own fertility!" Emily smiled. "He'll be lucky they'll be no chance of that!" Renee replied, nice try though?" Wallace looked up at Renee then back toward Emily.

"Doubt me not, the old woman's power is imminent; she has blessed the seeds for herself, and that's for you both?" "Have I upset him?" Renee asked, knowing that he must be talking about her. "It's nothing Mum, his only sounding off his manly supremacy!" Emily only hoped she was right, she look toward her mothers open pussy, there wasn't a drop of cum to be seen, inside or out.

"Well I don't know as to where the little chap gets his energy from, nonetheless, he gave me a bloody good seeing to, I doubt he's the energy for you now!" Renee smiled down to him. "And he never even took his hat off!" Emily swung herself around on the bed so the she could kneel with her rear end toward him.

"Come on Wallace we've not finished yet, but you have to be a mite smaller than that to start with!" Wallace held his cock toward her swinging it from one side to the other as he approached her rear end. Okay she'd given her self a dam good fingering and she didn't want to let the side down, allowing him to advance closer. Lifting himself level he eased his cock between her moist lips rubbing it around as to collect her juices. Renee sat and watched enthusiastically, never would she have thought her daughter could take such extreme thickness.

Emily buried her head into the pillows then started to beat them with her fists, moaning loudly as she did so. Wallace was pulling himself into her with the grip he had on her hips. The sensation of the huge cock was sending Emily wild, slowly he dragged it in and out of her, she new she was going to have an immense orgasm, her body went tense as he finally filled her. Wallace place a foot on each of her legs to give him added height, and then started to plough into her like a man demented, Emily could but remain stationary as his pace increased, with her head in the pillows once more she went straight into orgasm, her fingers gripping deeply into the soft material.

Whether through sheer exhaustion or not one couldn't tell, Emily passed out. Wallace held fire regaining his own composure whilst he had the chance. Slowly with deep breaths she came to; Wallace immediately continued to fuck her but this time in slow but deep thrusts. "God! I could take this all day!" Emily murmured to herself. She wanted to lay him down and work on top of him; however, she knew it wasn't practical. He was such an expert lover she felt that she should reward him. He held for moments as to catch his breath; Emily swiftly took over reaming her pussy backwards and forward onto his cock.

Wallace stood behind with his feet still on her thighs, his hands firmly on his hips with his pelvis thrust forward. The next orgasm was from her own doing, nevertheless, Wallace fucked her through it sparing no compassion, he virtually went into turbo, Emily screamed out with the absolute pleasure of it.

She knew she was to fatigued to take much more; lifting herself up onto her hands she turned back to him. "Wallace, for fucks sake cum; fill me to the brim!" Wallace slowed his pace priming himself then gripped her backside so tightly the skin went white, in one forceful thrust he buried himself deep and blew his load. Emily arched her back as she felt the inner expansion of her pussy as it strained to contain the immense surge of his seed as spurted deep inside.

Wallace held himself in tightly toward her until he knew she'd had his fill. He then eased her forward off his cock, she feel onto the bed shattered. "What did he say?" Renee asked as Wallace started to jibber away again. Emily managed to lift herself up onto one elbow, and then turned to her mother. "Something about a job well done, his an arrogant little fellow isn't he!" She laughed "Christ I must have a shower, get freshened up I feel exhausted after that little session" Emily leaped from the bed gathering what there was of her clothing.

"I'll follow after you, I can't be in this state when your father gets home!" Renee chuckled. "And what about your friend here?" She turned back to where he once was. "Well here the hell did he go?" "Don't worry Mum, hopefully he'll be back!" True to his word Wallace had impregnated them both. The old woman working out their monthly cycle, she determined the date perfectly, even down to the births of each child.

A boy for Renee and a girl for Emily, what did surprised them was that if they hadn't been from separate mother's they could have been twins, the birth mark in their dark hair was not to noticeable, it was in the shape of three 6's