Threesome With Ladyboys Mos and Meme

Threesome With Ladyboys Mos and Meme
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN CHAP. XII DINNERTIME IS SUCH FUN Oh Deedee, my best friend forever, now you're really gonna be jealous of little ole me. Tonight's dinner was the MOST fabulousest ever !!!! Daddy asked us to wear dresses for dinner tonight.


Mommy suspected something special, so we went shopping at the mall. Macy's, even!! Mommy calls it Retail Therapy. She chose a black dress for me, said all Real Women have one 'cause they're sexy. She said it has to show your curves and be real slinky, like you're teasing the "male gender" and she made her eyes wide and wiggled her eyebrows real goofy when she said that. I guess "gender" is another term for Daddy's dick.

She chose a nice black dress for me that didn't need my bra, and came to the top of my thighs. Whoo boy!! She said my hips are starting to round out nicely, but I think they're just getting too big OMGZ! When I looked in the mirror, I thought I was really sexy and there's nobody I'd ever wear this dress for except Daddy when I want some fucks.

I'd be too chicken to wear it out of the house! Mommy said baby you're Hot Stuff, and she chose for herself a yellow dress that was low-cut in front and mostly had her boobs falling out, and she goes this'll really knock his eyeballs out. When she sat down on the bench, she had to put her legs together real tight or else show all her privates.

We were two Real Women for sure! When it was 5:35 pm, he opened the door and yelled, like he always does just to be a dork, "Honey, I'm home!" We were already dressed up and in the kitchen putting finishing touches on the supper.

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He said, "WHOA!! You two are major hotties!! I'm going upstairs to shower, see ya'all bee-yotches in twenty minutes." I had to ask Janice what a beeyotch was.

Well, Mommy turned me towards her and hugged me and goes Baby, you are so sexy in that outfit, and she had her hands on my butt and pulled me tight against her and said she'd love to give me fucks right there, and she was kissing my neck. That made ME hot, Deedee.

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I love hearing that from her. I also had on black sandals she'd picked out that had a one-inch heel and straps that came up around my calves. Mommy said when she picked these out for me today that they were exactly like the ones she wore on her second date with Daddy. I asked why that was special to her. She said, "That's the first time Daddy slipped his hand under my shirt in the car and felt my breasts. He said "I just can't control myself, I'm sorry" and I said "Ummm" and didn't stop him, and he said "those shoes you're wearing are just so CFM, Janice," and I said "What do you mean?

I don't know what CFM is," and he said, "They're COME FUCK ME shoes, darling." And since this was our second date and he'd already kissed me on our first date, I was feeling real good with what he was doing to me, but I sure didn't want to fuck him yet, so I just started working on his zipper and then I gave him a real good blowjob." Wow, Deedee.


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All because of those shoes, I guess. I love my Mommy, she's teaching me EVERYTHING! Daddy was dressed like Casual Friday at his work, smelled like Brut (which I like), and he'd shaved, too. We had it all laid out on the table, had the lights out and the candles lit. Mashed potatoes, green beans with those little almond-things, and chicken breasts with some kind of Mexican sauces and mushrooms and green peppers on them.

Daddy talked about his day, and Mommy told about ours at the mall. She even mentioned that the dress I was wearing didn't even need my bra, and if he wanted to tease my nipples through the fabric, maybe they'd stand out.

She goes look at her shoes, and he looked down and saw the strappy sandals and I'm sure he remembered that date with her 'cause he mouthed something across the table to her that looked like he was saying C-F-M and grinned real big.

And of course, Deedee, he did start touching my chest, since he was sitting next to me at the table. I quit eating for a minute and just enjoyed his fingers touching me there, and don'cha know, my dearest new BFF, just like Mommy said, my nipples popped up and you could even see them hard and pointy through my cute new black dress.

Mommy smiled all this time, watching him, and I just laid my head on his shoulder while he played with me and made kisses at Mommy.

We were finishing the meal and I was wondering what next?

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Janice stood up on her side of the table, leaned forward and Daddy went GAGAGA at her titties hanging loose in her new dress. She took her hand out from under her dress and put a finger in Daddy's mouth.

He sniffed, grinned and sucked it. "Give it to the other Real Woman," he said, so her hand disappeared again and then she gave it to me to suck.


Ummm, I thought, Mommy's pussy&hellip.she's teasing Daddy." Daddy left the kitchen and brought back a blanket, put it on the tiled floor of the kitchen. "A special dessert tonight, girls," he said.


"Cassie, let Mommy take off your new dress, then lay down here." Of course I did that instantly, Deedee. I think I knew what was gonna happen next." I became naked with my poking-out nipples and was real happy to be naked in front of Daddy in the kitchen with just my CFMs on.

We'd never done this before!

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I laid down on the blanket. Now Daddy took off Mommy's dress and her underthings and kissed her a lot while he watched me laying naked there, and I saw his pants start to poke out and Mommy was rubbing there. Daddy was going what do you want Janice and she was going what you've got down there and grinned and went oh that slut that's naked on the blanket and she went no silly that hard dick you're hiding and he goes that's a special dessert you'll have to wait your turn, and all this time she's rubbing him and he's kissing her neck and her boobs and I'm down there below watching them and wondering if I'll get a turn to have fucks with Daddy.

Daddy said, "Janice, our little whore wants a piece of your ass. Crawl on top of her and let her eat you out, and I'll give you both some dessert." So Mommy rubbed down on me and then crawled up so her pussy was right at my mouth and I started eating her, and I felt Daddy's mouth on my cunt, licking and sucking, and that was the best dessert ever. Then Daddy said, "Move up, Janice, it's my turn." She lifted off me and Daddy slid up my body with his erected penis and just put it right in my mouth and started fucking me like that.

I love when he does that, Deedee, I feel even more like a Real Women when his dick is so hard and driving like that in my mouth. He knows I can't take ALL of it in, so he's real careful about that. My Daddy's cock is going in and out of my mouth, and Mommy is watching and feeling my hair and telling me I am such a good Real Woman and Daddy is saying Baby baby baby and then he is starting to get into his UH UH UHs and he takes a big breath and says DON'T SWALLOW, OKAY, DON'T SWALLOW, JUST HOLD IT IN YOUR MOUTH, HONEY, and so I get ready 'cause I know he's gonna come in my mouth and I love it taking Daddy's juice like this, and then he just shoots a big load and keeps on jerking it in my mouth and I'm trying real hard to not let him go too far in me and not swallow it, either.

In a minute, after about eight or nine jerks, he quits and then pulls his erection out of my mouth and kinda rubs it all over my face and says, "Don't swallow, baby, don't swallow it." So I don't. My mouth has a lot of kinda salty stuff wallowing around in there, and boy, dear Diary, I'd like to swallow it all since it's my Daddy's come right from his tentacles.

"Lay down, Janice," he orders.

She lays down right beside me. "Casssie she'll open her mouth now.

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Let it drip down into your Mommy's mouth. She wants my dessert just as much as you. This is your dessert&hellip.and hers, too. Give it to her." Now I see what Daddy was up to. We really turned him on, and now he wants us Real Women to share his white Krispy Kreme dessert.

"Give it to Janice, and then she'll give it back to you. You two girls can share it and swallow it, okay?" I leaned over Mommy and pressed my hands on her titties, opened my mouth and let Daddy's sperms drip out of my mouth right smackdab into hers. Boy, did she love doing that! She even pulled my lips down to hers to kiss me hard.

Then she twisted me around so I was on the bottom. Her hand was rubbing my pussy. I opened my mouth, and she opened hers, and Daddy's come dripped out of her and into my mouth, and then she leant down and kissed my again with her mouth real wide open and her tongue just really wallowing around in my mouth.

God, Deedee, that was so freaking cool!!! We were both eating Daddy's come for dessert! I don't even remember what happened after that, my favorite gorgeous Deedee Diary friend. I think maybe Daddy was giving fucks to Janice from behind while she was giving me his dessert.

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She was making a lot of OH OH OHs&hellip.and then all I remember is Daddy kissing me and her a lot. They let me sleep between them that night.