Hunk deflowers a juvenile hottie

Hunk deflowers a juvenile hottie
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The Fountain of Youth He turns the cup once more, the little tea that is left inside swills around and he watches as it slowly re-finds its stillness. The little spoon by the side of the saucer makes another darker spot on the tablecloth as one more drip of tea falls and the teapot gives out its last final blast of steam. Across the table lies an empty space where the person he is waiting for should be sitting, 'late again' thinks Adam the main person involved in this tale.

He remembers the first time that he and the woman he is waiting for had come to this cafe for a cup of tea and coffee, and the spark that he had felt on that first meeting. The first meeting, when he had come to this arranged meeting place with little hope of finding true love but had left with that one first spark of what would finally come to pass. The back story From a very early age Adam Abeles knew that he was going to one day settle down and find a nice homely woman, just like his dad had told him he had done when he first found with his mother.

Thirty five years his mother and father had lived happily together as husband and wife and they had kept a happy and full of love house for their only son Adam. Every day they would whisper sweet nothings to each other and love was ever part of everything they did. That was until the day that Adams father had passed away. After that his mother had vowed never to love another like the way she had loved Adams father and until her dying day she never had another love other than the love she had always had for her son.

Though his father died when he was only seventeen, Adam had always still longed to have the same type of relationship with a woman that his parents had had. The odd occasional relationship had happened up until the age of twenty five but nothing that he could have ever seen lasting more than a couple of months.

On a cloudy day at his local seaside promenade he was to meet a girl named Mandy. She would be meeting him close to the lighthouse and would be wearing a blue dress, he knew what she looked like from a picture that one of his girl friend's had of her and was hoping that she was not going to turn out to be twenty years older than the twenty six she had said she was.

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While strolling down the promenade to the lighthouse Adam looked up at the strange purple and green sky, there seemed an alien feel to it as the edge of the cloud formation swirled and took funny peculiar shapes.

It was a warm summer's day and apart from the talk of a lunar eclipse there was nothing else different about the day than any other of the days before it, well apart from the strange clouds. He did not hear the faint footsteps of someone coming in the opposite direction until it was too late and the woman's hand came out to steady herself as she realised herself that Adam was about to come crashing into her. The flash of light shone as bright as a million suns and just as hot, feelings of his body being catapulted through the air were the last things Adam could, or ever did remember of that day.

He woke up in the hospital two days later with a heavily bandaged hand and a ringing in his ears that lasted for nearly two months. The doctors had told him that he had been a very lucky man, lucky that he had survived a lightning strike with only a scarred hand and not been killed. The only reason they could explain that he had come out so lightly injured was because of the woman that had been struck by the lightning bolt at the same time.

She too had received a large burn to her hand that would leave a nasty scar and she too had been lucky that Adam had also held out his hand at the exact same moment to catch her from falling into him.

The electricity had passed equally between them as their hands touched, 'a one in a hundred million chance.and completely unexpected weather ' the doctor had told him as they give him the all clear to go home. The woman had been taken to a different hospital and Adam never got to meet her and thank her for what she had done before he went home.

After his chance lightning strike Adam met a nice woman one night a few weeks later while drinking in a pub down his local town with his friends.

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He had never had a problem in the bedroom department and on their first night together in a sexual encounter he would find that things had slightly improved for the better. His penis had grown by an inch at least since his electric shock and his new girlfriend had told him that it was the best night of sex she had ever had. Adam had always known how to pleasure a woman and was not shy to learning every little new trick that each of his girlfriends would require to climax. Ashley had been a wild girl, his very first girlfriend and even though she was three years his senior she was a bit of an amateur to what he could teach her.

They had drifted apart and the last he knew she was getting married to a guy named Danny or Daniel. Then there was Nicky, the quiet one who had so many underlying problems that the two of them spent more time talking of love than making love. She had become a nun the last he had heard. Then there was Samantha, the one that he thought was 'the one'.

She had had a sexual appetite to match his own and for nearly two years they had begun to build a life together. One night her family had up and moved town and all that Adam had ever heard of her again was a postcard from Spain, that and a letter to say that she was sorry for leaving but that her family had to come first, she had met someone else and had hoped that he would be able to do the same.

His new girlfriend he had found out very quickly was fond of role playing, and she loved the way that Adam could change his voice to a new person as easy as switching a light switch on. As each character required Adam became that person, a gladiator of the coliseum of Rome with the brute taking of a woman there and then in a dominant way through to the made up persona of an angel with all the gentleness not now easily found on earth.

He could do them all. The Angel persona was his new girlfriends favourite as she said he put an extra effort into the foreplay. Adam could spend hours pleasuring his girlfriend before he even got himself undressed, and after he did he took even more time before he would reach his own climax from penetrative sex.

That his girlfriend had told him was when the real magic had happened, not for the two hours of foreplay beforehand, not that she ever complained about it, but when his cum had entered her.

She told him how it gave her a feeling of satisfaction unlike anything she had eve r experienced before in her life. Adam had always put it down to the fact that he had made a real effort to get the foreplay right every time and for almost ten years they lived happily together in what it seemed to Adam was 'a perfect life'. Then one day when they had been to a friend's party a divide opened up between them, a divide that only grew bigger and bigger as the next few months passed along by.

During the party one of his girlfriend's friends had remarked that she did not look a day over the age of twenty five, a remarkable thing they said as Adam and the friends themselves had already begun showing the signs of their age. A wrinkle here, a balding patch there and that was just the women.

Her features had looked like they had stopped aging and indeed begun to turn back in time and with it she had found herself being the centre of many of the male party members stares, one in particular she had returned more than just a fleeting smile. At the age of thirty six Adam had found himself back on the lonely mans scrapheap.

His girlfriend of over ten years had one day announced that she had found someone else and was hoping that he would do the same (like he had not heard that hurtful phrase before). She gave no direct reason for the breakup but Adam had often seen her later on in town with men very much younger than the years he now looked. For the next ten years Adam had only short term relationships with women and nearly all of them had ended their relationships in the same sort of manner, 'they all had moved on to someone else' and hoped that 'he could do the same'.

Very annoying for Adam who was now getting into his late forties and was no closer to finding that special someone than he had been when he was in his twenties.

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But, and this was a big 'but', he had started to notice a very peculiar thing was happening with all of the women he had been dating. After they had been together for a few weeks, and after a good few sessions of sex( every one of them saying that it was something unexplainable and amazing about his cum) that he had realized that his cum was doing something to each and every one of them. They all began to look younger, their friends and family and as it always went, their soon to be future partners all kept telling them.

One night as Adam was about to reach his fiftieth birthday he had a chance encounter with one of the women that he had had a short relationship with, for about five months, and he was about to put his theory to the test. The woman had definitely aged since he had last seen her but she was still looking at least ten years his junior, a fifty year old in a forty year olds body. They had a few drinks together in a local pub, things got very friendly and she explained how she had quite recently broken up with her partner.

They had been together for nearly six years but he had had an affair with a woman ten years her junior. She had told him how she had felt the most youthful back in the days when they had been together and that she was sorry for ever leaving him. After many drinks and a lot of flirting they made their way back to her flat. Adam found his way into her bedroom where she was waiting, naked. He started as he always did by licking every inch of her skin, from head to toe.

Her skin was older now, the taste of it was more mature than the sweet buttered taste it had been the last time he had tasted it, though this was more to his liking, like a fine wine aged to perfection. Her face had a few more lines around the features than it had before and Adam noticed a few more pounds of flesh than had been there before. Little wisps of hair now covered parts of her body that could only signify the onset of age, the smooth hairless body of the young woman he had known before was changed.

As he circled her nipples he found them more defined than the young puffy nipples he had known. They still stiffened and tasted as great as he played them to her gasps of pleasure. Her breasts had filled some, bigger and heavier they sat lower their size now filling more than he could hold with one hand. His tongue lapped at their width, teeth nibbled and saliva glistened as he remembered every little thing she had loved before, and then some extras. Her belly button rose and fell violently as his tongue slid down her sides, to the start of her hips.

Once inside her thighs there was only one place left to feel, her sex. The places that things come in and out of, the places that Adam had already decided his cock was not about to be going tonight. He could pleasure her to exhaustion with tongue and finger and for once he was going to hold back on his own climax. His tongue raced down the line of her inner thigh, passed the small mound of hair that the woman kept and all the way around to the other side of her body.

In a simple move that he had performed many times over the years he had turned her completely over onto her front, her arse cheeks summoned his mouth to bite down and his teeth grasped onto warm flesh, not to hurt but only to tease of what he thought of her juicy arse, "I could eat this all day" he told her as he sank his teeth into the flesh of one ass cheek.

Down his tongue travelled as he fleeted it passed her anal door. Then he flipped her again, his tongue again starting on a line to her inner thigh, saliva glistening as it left a trail straight to the tip of her clit. His circled the outline, his tongue pressing gentle but firmly through the folds. At this point Adam would normally tease and tease the clit until it could take no more and the woman growled 'enough' to him. This time however the woman seemed to want to waste no time in getting to the final act.

"I want you in it now" barked the woman. Adam tried to ignore the woman's order and carry on with what he was about to do, but a grip on his hair put a sudden stop to all that.

His eyes glanced up as the discomfort of his hair being pulled brought his mouth into another action, "what are you doing, I'll do this for you and then I can finish off when you are satisfied". The woman gave his hair a stronger tug towards her face, "I don't need all that I just want to feel you inside me" she replied. Her other hand gripped onto his shoulder as she tried to get him to mount her.

As hard as it was going to be Adam had come into this situation with a plan, a plan to see if it was really only his cum that this woman was after or whether or not he was just imagining the connection to the women looking younger to justify why he had such bad luck with long term relationships.

Now he would find out. "I'm so sorry but I have an infection down there and it wouldn't be safe to have intercourse" replied Adam, knowing that if she didn't care about such a thing he was on to something. The woman looked at him obviously debating something in her head. "Is it something that can't be cured or is it just an STI or something like that" asked the woman. Her eyes were focused on his cock and she looked as if she was still considering saying yes in any case.

"It's an STI, but a really bad one. Though it is not life threatening and the doctor said it will clear up in a few months" Adam had no idea what he was going to call it if she asked the name of the infection but he didn't think she was going to say OK to something that bad anyway.

He began to lift himself off of her in readiness for her rejection. "that's OK then, I really want you inside me with all that cum" she replied as she pulled his body back down onto her, her legs opening wider to make sure he was going to shoot straight in. Adam was shocked by the response but at the same time he knew that there must be something in what he had thought earlier. 'I have to be strong, I need to find out a little bit more and by no means yet must I give in to her' thought Adam as he angled his body to the side at the last second to miss her entrance.

He knew he had to push a little harder as to not being able to have sex and to see how desperate she was to have him inside her. "no I really can't do that to is a really painful infection and I don't want you to have to go through the same" he tried to pull away once more but he found that the woman was now clearly not going to take no for an answer.

"I don't care I just want to feel you're cum inside me" she growled at him as she reached for his cock, trying to get it closer to her pussy. Point now proved Adam saw no point in denying himself the chance and he gave up and let the woman mount him, full cowboy style and like a bucking bull she was off.

She rode him as fast and as hard as she could and within a few minutes she had gotten him ready to explode. She glanced into his eyes as she saw the build up of the readiness to release and she quickened her pace as much as she could possibly go. Adam released wave after wave of cum into her, it had been awhile and the way she kept riding it just kept coming and coming until he eventually had to slow her down to a gentle rocking back and forth. She clenched as she came to a stop, pulling herself from him and holding her hand against her pussy as if to not let a single drop drip.

Adam lay silent on his back as she looked down at his now shrinking erection. It occurred to him that she was contemplating whether or not to lick the blobs of cum that remained on his cock but instead she fell back onto her back and lifted her abdomen into the air. "What are you doing" asked Adam. "Just laying here feeling all your cum filling my insides" she replied as she placed a pillow under her bottom.

During their conversations earlier she had told him that she was taking contraception so until that point he had not worried about the other possibility for her willingness to have sex. "it looks like something a woman does if she is trying to get are sure that you are taking contraception aren't you" asked Adam, now feeling a little foolish for not contemplating the fact that she may be wanting to get pregnant.

"Don't worry, like I told you earlier I am taking the pill.I can't get pregnant anyway" she replied as if she had told him something else to prove that point. They got up out of bed after a few minutes of kissing and had begun putting their clothes back on.

Adam still had a nagging itch as whether or not he was right about his 'magic cum' and so as he pulled the last of his shoes on he found himself asking a very bizarre question, "have you heard any stories about the women that I have had sex with.about my 'magic cum'".

The woman looked surprised but not shocked at such a strange question. She placed her hand on his leg and began to rub it along its length towards his inner thigh, "I didn't think you knew.if you give it to me I will make it worth your while, you can put it anywhere just as long as you finish in my pussy" she could see the anger in Adams face, "I'll pay you if you want". He may not have been the greatest looking guy in the world but the words the woman had just said made him feel used, and to be offered money, that was the last straw.

He wanted love, not money just so some vain woman could believe that his cum could magically make her look younger. He quickly got the rest of his clothes together and got the hell out of there. And now for the rest of the story aka The Power of Love After that night Adam always tried to be a little bit more cautious as to whom he made sexual advances to, so as not to hook up with any woman from his past and hopefully no one that the women of his past could have told about his special gift.

Occasionally of course he would be slipped up and one of the women would have known one of his past sexual partners and would look all shocked if he retold the tale. For maybe a few weeks he would think that he may have found the one, until that was the woman would start to show the signs of getting younger.

One way or another the truth would come out that they had been told by one of their friends that there was a man with special cum that could make you look younger. There was also the one time when one of his exes and one of the finest looking women he had ever seen came to his door and point blank offered him a threesome where they would do anything, just as long as he shot his load in his ex's pussy.

That night he had always fondly remembered, though he knew he would never do it again as the ex tried to sell his sperm on the internet not long after. The odd meaningless sexual encounters continued through his forties until just after his fiftieth birthday, when after only his few remaining family members had come to his birthday party he decided that if he kept on with the meaningless sex he would surely die a lonely man.

He vowed not to have sex again until he found someone to truly love and someone who would love him the same back. After some six months of the no sex rule Adam was finally starting to except the fact that he may spend the rest of his life alone, after all he had never been that confident with women and the starting of relationships as it had always been them to initiate things.

With him telling so many now that he was not going to have sex with them until they were married, his ploy to see how much they were willing to want a proper relationship, a ploy that had had no takers though some tried just to see if they could change his mind about the sex.

Then one day after the six months or so love did finally come to find him. In his boring mundane work life Adam worked in an office, an office of square boring 'no I don't want to talk to you' type of people. He had been working there for six years and still didn't know more than four people to talk to as friends.

That all changed one day when Trish, a girl from six desks down who was always referred to as the quite one sparked up a conversation out of the blue. "Hi Adam, it is Adam isn't it" she asked Adam taken aback at first that she had come over to speak with him at his desk replied 'yea, hi'. "hi.I have been listening to some of the girls and they say that you are still single.and that you are waiting to have sex until you are married" she asked smiling.

Adam, ever the suspicious type first thoughts were that she was trying to ask questions about his 'special gift' and was only trying to mock him, "yes that's true" his brow narrowed as he waited in anticipation for the usual next question of 'why' and 'what for'.

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But instead Trish smiled once more. "I think that that's a really big commitment that you have made there and hope you find someone worthy of your patience" she replied, again smiling. For an instant Adam thought that he may be in here with a fine looking woman in her twenties. Sure she made herself look very plain on the outside but underneath he could see that there was a real cracking looking body.

Also being a quite girl and in her mid twenties he felt that she may be less inclined to sleep with him just to find out if there was any truth in the stories of his 'special cum'. That was until she started the next sentence. "my mother is also doing a very similar thing, well similar as in she has vowed not to have sex with anyone again until they can prove their 'true love feelings' for her.I had told her that there may not be a man left like that in the modern world, but hey, I think you two could do well together if you were ever to meet.would you like that" she asked The thought that he was being set up was high in Adams mind, after all the rest of the women in his workplace had no doubt heard of his 'special gift' even if they had said nothing about it to him, though he had heard a few whisperings.

If the mother is anything like the daughter he thought he may as well give it a try, the worst that could happen is that he told her mother to get lost if she was only after his cum and the fact that Trish had spoken all of two or three words to him in the six years he had worked there would do little to their relationship in the future. "if she is anything like her daughter I bet she is a bit of a looker.I would be delighted to meet her" he didn't want to sound cheesy or crude in asking for a photo of her mother but he did know a little about talking to women and how to get a positive reaction from them, every woman wants to be called pretty, even if they don't like to admit it.

She blushed and said a thank you. Two weeks later when the two of them could agree on a free weekend Adam and Trish's mother made plans to meet up.


A coffee house in the local town, the town where they both lived unbeknown to them at the time served as their first meeting place.

Adam got there first a good five minutes earlier than planned as was customary for his standards, 'if the woman didn't like the look of him they could just turn away and not have to go through the awkwardness of trying to find a way of getting out of there after they had met' as had happened to him many times before. His coffee was still warm and he had just looked at the food menu when he spied Trish walking towards the coffee house door, with her was a woman of about the same age as Adam and on first sight he was pleasantly surprised at how pretty she was.

Trish waved to him as she opened the door and pointed out to her mother that he was sitting by his table, she waved another goodbye and left as her mother headed over to Adam.

'Well that's a good start at least' thought Adam as Trish's mother came walking over to his table. He got to his feet and held out his hand to say 'hello'. "Hi, I'm Adam.nice to meet you Eve" said Adam as the woman held out her hand to return the gesture.

"hi, nice to meet you Adam.I'm sorry if I am a little late, I was nervous about meeting you today as I have not done this sort of thing for a long time now" she replied as she began to take her seat.

Her jacket she had placed on the back of her chair and she gave him a big warm smile as she sat down. Adam, feeling a little bit of relief himself smiled a smile back, "to tell you the truth I had the same doubts this morning too.I have been keeping myself out of the game as I didn't want to go from one meaningless relationship to another anymore" he held out the tray with the tea and coffee options on so that she could make a decision on what she wanted to drink.

A cup and teaspoon had already been placed where she was sitting and a pot of hot water had just been topped up by a waitress. Eve held out her hand to take the tray from Adam. As the passing of the tray was taking place something strange happened, almost magical.

Adams hands were at the half way point on the tray, Eves finding the point of level moved towards the centre too. Their fingertips briefly for just a fraction of a second touched and they both fluttered their eyes in surprise as to what happened at that moment. As if touching an electrical point their fingertips gave off a strange spark, not one that burnt or hurt but one that almost signalled a sense of something greater lay behind it.

Speechless for a few heartbeats they both puzzled over its meaning. "That was a little strange" said Adam finally as to break the air. "I don't know what that was but it felt kind of strange.I can for some reason honestly tell you that I am wet between the legs" added Eve.

Her face blushed a bright red at what she had just said and a look of doubt beamed across her eyes as she dipped her head. Adam for a brief second found himself taken aback by the sheer bluntness of Eve's confession. Her daughter Trisha had told him that her mother was a quiet woman who had had enough of brazen cocky men who were full of themselves that she had previously had relationships with, yet to Adam she now seemed very forward compared to some of the women he had had relationships with.

The burgeoning bulge in his shorts soon snapped him to rely. "I can't believe that you just said that." he watched as her face turned abashed but quickly moved on with what he was saying "no sooner had our fingers touched then I began to get a boner, and it's still growing" he smiled as he put his hand down over his shorts to try and delay his 'risings'. After such a first few minutes of getting to know each other they both settled their nerves and for another hour or so they talked as if they had known each other for a lifetime.

Adam told her how he had had many partners walk out on him for younger models and how he had gotten tired of the one nighters and women only for him for his special gift.

Eve on hearing that presumed that he must have been talking about an especially long cock or something of the like. She told him that she had been through a very similar thing where men would use her for a while to get their sexual kicks and would then one day up and leave her for a younger woman. And at one point there were men of all ages lining up just to have some wonderful sexual experience with her who turned out to be right pigs.

It was the last straw when one of them offered to pay her money for sex; "as if I were some hooker" she had told him. "you may not believe me but I had the same thing happen to me.the woman offered to buy my sperm from me because she wasn't too overly keen on having sex with me" replied Adam he searched her face to see if there may be a sign of her knowing about his 'special cum' but only found a face mirroring his own with disbelief.

"They thought that it could make them younger" added Adam.

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"You have been speaking to someone." Eve's words trailed off as her anger turned to rage and she began to get to her feet. No one else now remained in the cafe and the staff members were the only ones to hear her anger. Adam got to his feet at the same time. "I promise you that I do not know what you are so angry about, I only told you what has happened to me. It is all true what I have said, I only thought that you may have been trying to trick me like so many others had done before" Adam said as he gripped her hand to try and stop her from leaving.

At the moment he gripped her skin another bolt of something washed over him, and so it seemed Eve as well. Her face changed from angry to lust and she found herself moving her lips towards Adams. He replied to the movement and started to bring his lips up to meet hers. 'Boooom' like an explosion in a coffee house Adams senses shook right through him, from head to toe and back again. Eve too seemed to feel the explosion as she gulped in a rush of air.

Their arms found one another's bodies and they embraced in a lustful and almost primordial embrace. "excuse me.this is a family place, if you want to be getting frisky like that may I suggest you take it to a motel room or something" came a voice behind them, it was one of the staff members and she was shaking her head in disbelief. "Sorry" said Adam and Eve in unison as their embrace ended and they dropped their heads to giggle. They picked up their jackets, paid the bill and said their embarrassed goodbyes to the staff, one of whom still stood shaking her head.

They left the cafe and headed down the road. Adam had no idea where they were going but it seemed to him that Eve did. Down past shops that Adam had driven past in his car but had never actually gone inside, after all this was not his side of town. Past a park they turned off the main road and into a housing estate, a man past and said 'hello' to Eve. 'This must be where she lives' thought Adam as the man past and then a woman passed saying 'hello'.

"Where are we going" asked Adam. Eve gripped his hand and the look on her face told him what he had already guessed. They came to a semi detached house in the middle of one of the streets; Eve opened the garden gate that led to the house. The garden was well kept, with no children's toys littering the place. Up ahead of them Adam could see a picture hanging on the wall in the living room as he peered through the window. The picture was of Eve and what looked very much like Trisha.

Eve searched in her bag and after a minute pulled out a key. The lock turned and she opened the door. In anticipation of what Adam had no doubt was about to take place his mind began to think of sex and all the things that you could do with sex.

A bulge grew in his shorts again. He looked around, a little in embarrassment but also to check that there was no-one else at home. The upstairs remained quiet and there were no sounds from a television or radio downstairs.

"Trish no longer lives with me, if that is what you are worried about" said Eve when she saw Adams eyes scanning the house. She had also noticed the bulge in Adams shorts and the thought of it made her own sexual feelings arise.

She took his hand and smiled. She started making her way up the stairs, still holding Adams hand. Her ass swayed slightly from side to side as Adam watched her from behind.

He found it a nice looking ass, not bony like some skinny woman's ass and not too big to handle like one or two of his previous girlfriends who had been slightly fuller figured women. Eve gave him a smiling glance as she turned the corner at the top of the stairs and caught his eyes transfixed. Upon the landing at the top of the stairs Eve came to stop outside one the bedroom doors, two white plain doors and one that had a 'throne room' sign hanging on it.

She smiled again and then opened up the door to reveal a very well kept, clean and tidy room. A large oaken wardrobe filled one whole wall, a dressing table with mirror and chair filled a corner.

A television was mounted on another wall and then in the centre of the room, and taking most of the available space was the bed, a king or queen-size by the look of it. The majority of the floor was covered by a large rug that sprang from one side of the bed to the other and looked as if it were laid to cover something wrong with the much worn carpet underneath.

Adam turned to say 'very nice' but was stopped before he could say the end of the first word with Eve placing a lustful kiss upon his lips. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, their tongues lapping at each other's like seals fighting for their place in the herd. Adam found his hand instinctively reaching for her breast, it came to rest on the top that covered her breast and he gave it a squeeze.

Eve gave a whimper of acceptance to where Adams hand had just come to rest and then her hand came to rest upon Adams chest. Still passionately kissing, her hand began to drop down his chest, brushing quickly over his abdomen then slowing as it neared his cock.

Adam started to massage his hand into her breast, even at her age they were still well shaped and firm to the touch. Her hand gave his cock a grasp and the retreating erection soon turned a deflation into a tall and proud flagpole. For a few minutes they kissed and caressed each other, tongues lapped as saliva passed between them and wetness grew as Adams hand massaged her breasts and her hand pulled at his cock.

Adams free hand gripped the back of her top and he started to lift. Eve's hand slipped into his shorts and continued the task anew of polishing the pipe, up down, up down. The top was now skirting her shoulders and it took a little help from his other hand to lift it up and over her head. As Adams hand struggled with the clasp of Eve's bra she herself was now easily undoing the button and zipper of his shorts, the canvas type not the fabric of course.

Down in one swift movement went Adams shorts, quickly followed by his boxers. He stepped out of them and resumed his attempt at removing her bra. Eve was easily more dextrous than Adam, and to give him a fighting chance she unclipped the bra with well timed flick of her hand. Out spilled her breasts and Adams hands took up the massaging again. Slowly their bodies were starting to head towards the bed, still tasting the pleasure of each other's mouths. Eve lifted Adams top up to his shoulders, the last part to take it off required Adam to assist by removing his hands from her breasts, this he did and soon enough he was standing completely naked in front of her.

His hands reached for the helm of her trousers and slowly he began to lower them. Eve manoeuvred her body so that she was now standing with the back of her legs against the bed frame. Down came her trousers, panties and all. Eve now pulled away from Adam and lay back on the bed. Completely naked she beckoned him to come to her, her legs parted and Adam got a full view of her pussy as he straddled her upon the bed.

His mouth returned to kissing hers as his body rested upon her, her breasts warm and firm against his chest, her thighs strong as they held him from dropping too close to her waiting pussy. Their lips parted and he found himself slipping his mouth down the nape of her neck, across her collar bone then down onto one of her nipples. His hand gripped and squeezed as his mouth sucked and bit at her breast. Her hands were grasping and pulling on his back as she gyrated her pelvic area.

At one point the tip of his cock slipped through her pussy lips and she pulled quickly back. "Not too soon" she called out to him as she placed her hands onto his shoulders.

Pressure built in those shoulders as her hands tried to persuade him downwards. His hands continued to massage her breast and nipple as his mouth slipped around the curvature of her breast, between the two of them. Adam shifted his body and his tongue traced down the line of her chest, around her belly button he stopped to give a playful bite and then continued his march south.

Eve's hands brushed through his hair as she relaxed the tension in her thighs to allow him to continue his body's movement south. He had to shuffle his body about a bit but eventually he managed to get into a position that he was now ready to finish the journey with his tongue down to her sex place. His one hand continued to massage her breast while the other took a firm grip around her thigh.

His tongue moved to the top of her well trimmed pussy hair. Eve's one hand came to rest at her mouth and she nibbled at a finger. Down through the patchwork of well kept hair his mouth ran, peeking out the other side as it fell upon the top of her clit.

She took a deep breath as she anticipated the arrival of his tongue onto her swelling clit. The saliva was already dripping on the end of his tongue as Adam placed his tongue tip onto her clit, just a taster. He removed it and then returned the tip to another area of her clit. Eve's thigh gave a shudder. Again he removed then returned his tongue tip, then another once.

Then on the arrival of the following return he drove his tongue deep and hard against her clit. Her breath caught again. Adam felt a tingle in his tongue, he had never felt that before and for a second had to look to see if there was some kind of devise causing this electrifying reaction.

As what had happened when they first touched hands in the cafe so it was now happening as he licked at her clit. His lips again descended upon her clit and this time he gave it a good full lick with his tongue. Round and round he began to move his tongue as first his tongue then his lips battled to free the growing mound between. Eve gave out a little whimper of pleasure as Adam now assaulted her clit, biting blowing and licking like a man possessed.

As her clit began to bulge to the arousal Adam found his hand slipping from her thigh and his fingers walking their way towards her pussy. One finger found the entrance, then another. Juices were already flowing as his index, then middle finger slipped inside her.

Her breath caught again at the sudden impaling of his fingers into her pussy broke her concentration from her clit. "Ohhhhh.fuckkkkk" moaned Eve as her senses exploded in ecstasy as the assault on her pussy and clit intensified. During one of Adams tongues excursions around her clit his tongue passed along the top of her pussy.

Again a feeling of electricity passed through him, not painful, just unexpected. Her juices had begun to grow along the length of his fingers and the first taste of it sent Adam into frenzy. Down his tongue travelled as it searched for the source of the amber nectar, the amount that covered his fingers sated his appetite for less than a fleeting second as his fingers made way for the arrival of his tongue.

His mouth burst with sensations as his tongue raped the folds of her pussy, like two magnets of the right polarity his mouth and her pussy became one. The juices could not flow fast enough as his tongue lapped at it like a cat at a bowl of cream, up down, in and out, left and right, he drank as if it was the last drink of a dying man in the desert. Eve gripped the mop of hair on his head again as she struggled to contain his ravaging, and yet she pulled his head so fiercely that you would think she were trying to stuff him up inside her.

Adams cock was now dripping pre cum faster than a leaking tap and wanted to get in on the action. His aching back that had been a problem for him for the last two years seamed to find a new lease of life as it hunched into a forward movement, his knees sliding with it like that of a twenty year olds not a man in his fifties.

All the while he drank from what seemed like the fountain of youth as Eve's pussy pumped out wave after wave of juices that each time sent wave after wave of senses into Adams mouth and beyond.

His mouth suddenly left her pussy and all those lovely juices and began to make its way back up through her fully swollen clit, past her belly button that was now filled with a sweet sweat and up onto her breast again. His body shifted forward and his cock came to rest at the entrance to her pussy. No time for condoms now, and not that either of them wanted to stop to even care, the tip slipped in. Like a warm drink on a freezing cold day his cock glided in hungry for warmth.

Her pussy seamed to open wider while the walls of her womb beckoned the drink of his seed, deeper he entered. The feeling of fullness gripped Eve, not that Adams cock was the largest she had ever taken, she had taken a ten incher in her thirties if truth be told but this was a feeling of electrifying magic.

She groaned as she bit the side of his neck, her finger nails gorging out a rift in his back. Adam too was feeling this strange electrifying feeling passing through him, not just an orgasm but something almost otherworldly in feeling.

He began to pump in and out of her, in and out. Their mouths found each other again and the passion reignited in their tongues.

The pressure down in his balls began to build as his strokes became faster and faster, the electrifying feeling was now so strong that a light seemed to shine between their bodies, faint at first but getting brighter. The feeling in his balls grew to a point that Adam thought they would burst before they could release their payload into her. Then it started. As Eve's groaning grew to fever pitch the stopper was released, Adams seed was out of the blocks and racing to take the gold.

Just as the first of his seed was leaving the tip of his cock a sudden lightning bolt flashed through his and Eve's bodies, the television hanging on the wall flashed bright then went back to black, light above their heads flicked on and off as bright as a ten thousand watt bulb and the radio on her dressing table belched out a few seconds of muffled words. Adams seed poured into her like the mighty Amazon River pours into the Atlantic Ocean. Sparks ignited in every inch of their flesh and for a few split seconds time itself stopped.

There the two of them lay for the rest of the evening and night, both completely spent of feeling and unable to move.

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Darkness surrounded them as they fell into the sleep of a thousand nights. Dawn broke in the morning sky, a blaze of pink yellow and blues streaking across the world. The small gap in the bedroom curtains allowing just the tiniest glimpse of the world that was awakening outside. The rough texture of the old woollen blanket felt coarse upon the skin as Adam pulled it up to his chin. 'Funny' he thought as he tried to remember the last time that his skin had felt so sensitive to the touch.

The exposure of his feet to the cooler morning air also gave him a tingling feeling around his toes that he had not felt for an age. The surroundings of the bed that he was laying in did not come to him straight away, more of a woman's touch was evident in the decor as he scanned the room for any sign of with whom he may be sharing a bed. Then the memories of the night before started to come flooding back into his mind, Eve.

He looked to the woman beside him. "good morning.did you sleep well because I myself cannot remember the last time I slept so soundly.not for years it seemed" he did not know exactly what to say, usually the women of the one night stands he had had in the past had all left at some point in the night once they had gotten what they wanted from him, his 'magic cum'.

Looking at the back of the woman's head he couldn't help but notice that she smelt so good, her hair, her skin and even the pillow that her head was laying on.

Her hair and skin looked so good as well, 'she may have looked a young fifty something yesterday but she smells and looks like a twenty something from the back' thought Adam as he snuggled closer to her to awaken her from her slumber. Slowly the woman's body showed signs of movement.

An arm moved, and then her whole body began to turn. "I feel like I have shed twenty years and I suppose that must be down to your magic cummmm." Eve's words tailed off as she turned her body to a point that she could just about see Adam.

Her eyes widened and her breath caught. Adam was in the process of rolling his eyes as she said the words 'magic cum', this was the point in all his other relationships where the woman would wake up and realise that a few of the wrinkles around her face and hands had miraculously disappeared and she now felt ten years younger all in thanks to his 'magic cum'.


He prepared his usual speech to say that he was not going to be used by someone just for a blast of his 'magic cum' when he began to open his eyes, "whoa, what the hell". The sight that beheld him was one that had him lost for words. The firm fine looking breasts that peeked back at him would not look out of place on a woman of twenty, but that was only one thing. The firm smooth curvature of the rest of her figure mirrored that of her breasts with a skin that seemed too subtle to belong to a woman past fifty and not at all like he had remembered from the night before.

Then there was most astonishing thing of all, her face. Adam had seen it time after time that the wrinkles around the eyes would dull and the ones around the hands, but the face still looked like the woman who he had met the night before, only slightly younger.

Sure if they had sex enough times then the 'magic cum' could maybe shed five to a maximum looking ten years off of the face and figure but no more. This time there was something almost legendary to what had happened. Adam spoke first. "I know that you may have heard some stories about my 'magic cum' before but I have to tell you that most of it is just hullabaloo, well most of it.

If I was in a relationship for some time then 'yes' there was some kind of magic happening that could shed a few wrinkles around the face and body that became noticeable to others over time." Adam was cut short of what he was saying as the woman leapt from the bed and ran for the small on-suite bathroom.

"Prepare yourself for something." Adam said but he was cut short again by the loud piercing scream of a woman coming from the bathroom. Adam got up from the bed, easier than he had done the night before in his own bed it felt to him. He walked as quickly as he dared in his nakedness from the bedroom towards where the woman had just gone, "I know this must be a shock but I swear to you that I have never seen it happen like this before.ever".

As he approached the bathroom the soft sound of a woman crying could be heard and Adam prepared himself to be called this that and everything else. He was surprised as he entered the bathroom to find the woman staring at herself in the mirror, no longer crying sad tears it seemed but tears of joy.

Only in the well lit confines of the bathroom did Adam truly get a glimpse of just how special his 'magic cum' had really been this night. The figure was taut and lacked any signs of fat or sag. Her hair shone with a life of its own, golden and black gloss beams of colour fell to her shoulder and from the mound that now sprouted from her lower abdomen. She turned her face to face him, tears were flowing down her cheek but a smile that stretched from ear to ear filled half her face.

A beautiful face that he had seen but once before in his whole life and that image seemed to be the only thing that he could not recall remembering where.

"I am sorry that I did not tell you my own secret before.this is the first time you say you have seen it happen like this you said?" said the woman as she wept another stream of joyful tears down her cheeks.

"ah yes, the first time, it normally only takes away a few of the wrinkles away on the first wave and takes about six months to remove the five years. This is something altogether beyond my wildest expectations for what it could do.wait a minute!" Adam could see the effects of his 'magic cum' on the woman but what did she mean by 'my own secret'. "what did you mean when you said 'my own secret', was it that you knew I had 'magic cum' and that you only wanted to see if it were true or is there something else you are not telling me" asked Adam, still checking out this really fine looking woman that was standing naked in front of him, 'where did he see her before' he kept asking himself.

"I admit I did hear something somewhere that you might have had some kind of miracle sperm, I too was tired of wasting my time and love on wastes of space men that did not love me back and only wanted me for one thing. My 'special place', where men would say they felt time reel back and in the early years I have to admit that I liked the attention I was getting from men that were older and better looking than I thought I could deserve.

Then as I became older I felt used and even dirty for some of the things that I had done in my quest to find true love. When I turned fifty years old I all but gave up on finding it and I swore to myself that if I could not find someone to love me the same way I would love them I would no longer have any sex with any man until he could prove he loved me" replied the woman.

"I too made very similar vows and yet I fell for you almost instantly" added Adam. "I would have walked out at the very moment you said about the looking younger part and yet when you gripped my hand I felt a sudden flash of something wash all over me. I felt it even stronger when we kissed and when we made love there was something else" said Eve.

"I too felt something of a wave flush over me when we touched and then something else when we made love.I'm not being corny I am telling you the truth please believe me" replied Adam.

"I do believe can you just look in the mirror already" said Eve as she stepped to the side for Adam to look in the mirror behind her. "holy shit, I haven't looked this good since I was about twenty five years old" said Adam as he beheld his returned abs and the smoothness of his facial features, "there were days in my youth when I looked this good as I was you.I don't know why but it was you" added Adam giddy with the realization of something.

"It was me what. I never went anywhere when I was younger because of that one day down by the beach when." she broke off what she was saying. "The day down by the beach when something miraculous happened.a thunder storm maybe?" said Adam, he knew what Eve was just about to get as he had just got it too. "The lightning strike, the mystery man that I never got to see in the hospital and the touch." Eve felt a tingle in her fingers on the hand that had once been struck by lightning.

The hand that the doctors told her she may never fully recover the use of again. Adam raised his own hand of the opposite one to Eve; it too tingled where once there was no feeling t all, "they told me the nerves were damaged and that I will most probably never feel anything from them again".

He moved his hand to touch Eve's and a little bolt of electricity sparked between their finger tips. For the next three months the two of them became inseparable, their lives becoming one.

Adam moved in with Eve and her daughter after just four months of being together when they received the miraculous news that Eve was pregnant, miraculous for the fact that Eve was a woman in her fifties who had never missed a day of her pill medication and had never given birth to a child (Trisha unbeknown to Adam at the time was an adopted child) and miraculous for the fact that with all the women and men that they had both had sexual relations with that they had never gotten either of their partners pregnant.

A baby boy was born after nine months of the most pleasant pregnancy that any woman could have asked for and the doctors all commented on how 'perfect' a child he had been.

Their true love finally found them! . Adam lifts the cup to his lips as he takes another sip, its coming to the end of the cup and he will need to refill it soon but he is waiting and hoping that his wife will come through the door first. 'Dinggggg' the door bell rings as the door opens.

A woman in her early fifties walks through the door, her figure is just as he remembers it from all those long years ago, when it looked the same.

Behind her comes a fine looking young man in his mid twenties that catches the gaze of all the cafe girl staff who give a secret silent 'rarr' as he walks along.

With a complexion that would make a Greek goddess weak at the knees and a physique that any Greek Olympian would aspire to he had a certain sparkle to the women that was as bright as any star. "Hello my love, sorry I'm late but look who I bumped into on my way here" said the woman. Adam gave his wife a big embrace and a kiss on the lips before she sat down opposite him on the table. "Don't get up old man" said the younger man with a chuckle as he leant over to give his father a hug.

"Don't you give me old man, don't you know how young I am." Adams words trailed off as his son shrugged his shoulders, "ok smarty pants let's see how good you look when your my real age" replied Adam. "Aren't you going to sit down?" "Cant sorry dad, I'm on my way to the beach" replied their son as he kissed his mother on the cheek and turned to walk away. Eve held his hand for a second longer than she needed as she smiled at him.

"Oh yea, I forgot you are going to meet with a girl.and to think on your birthday too" laughed Adam back as he watched his son jeering at the words. "It doesn't need to be his birthday with that one. I only hope he'll remember that he promised to come and see us later. It's not every day that your son turns twenty five" said Eve as she watched her son leaving the cafe with all the female staff drooling over him. Adam poured Eve a cup of tea and refilled his own thereafter. The two of them began to talk of what they had each planned for their son's birthday party later that day.

Adam had bought his son a brand new gold watch that he had picked up earlier that day in town. Eve had planned to surprise him with a weekend away for him and a 'friend' that she hoped she may be meeting later that day. A female member of staff, a pretty little thing about in her early twenties came to the side of the table. "Excuse me Mr and Mrs Abeles. I was just wondering if I could find out what your son's name is. I kind of got a little crush on him and I think we could make some sparks fly if we could get together" asked the girl.

Adam looked at Eve and Eve looked back at Adam their eyes told a story that only they could hear. Once their very own sparks had flown and they had never looked back since on their once in a lifetime 'true love', so if ever someone spoke the words that had proven so fruitful to their own lives they would not ignore the tempt of fate. Eve was the one to speak first, "his name is Kanen" End note As we travel through our lives we all want to feel that thing called Love. Some crave it more than anything else, there are those that have been given love their whole lives and they are the ones who simply want to continue to feel that feeling with every other good person to enter their lives.

There are others who have felt love and for some reason or another lost it and are now searching for it again. Then there are those who have never felt the love that everyone should be entitled to from the minute of their birth, for one reason or another the love never came to them.

Backshots from me to you

If it takes a lifetime everyone should experience some love in their life, a love that can only be given and not bought or sold as every other facet of our lives. And even though some of us may search our whole life through and only find it once, if that once turns out to be a true love anywhere near the one that Adam and Eve found today then that would have been worth the wait, wouldn't it!

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