Extreme cumshots and bukkakes on ebony babe

Extreme cumshots and bukkakes on ebony babe
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The VIP Chauffeur By Doverover I was just back from my two year stint with the Army Rangers in Afhganistan. My best friend had the good fortune to have started a limousine company a few years earlier and had built it into a very successful enterprise.

He was quick to give me a job and I soon rose to the top of the list of drivers. I got the best jobs and my pick of the jobs. He approached me this one day and said he had landed a brand new account and wanted me to take the first job. He thought the new client would be a very good tipper.

The first job was to be earl Friday night. I was scheduled to pick up an individual at the downtown Ritz Carlton. Off I went. I had the best car, our brand new stretch and I was there promptly at 7pm. I met the client in the lobby and he acknowledged me right away. He carried a large style brief case which I immediately offered to carry and he quickly put me in my place by stating: "no one touched my attach?

He asked that he be referred to as Mr. "K" and he handed me a small piece of paper with an address and told me to take him there the quickest route possible. As I drove there he was on and off his cellphone.

In about 30 minutes as we were closing in on the destination, he asked me to pull over and let him out of the limo. I did as requested and we walked a few feet off the road.

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He approached me eye to eye, nose to nose and said the following: I've been told you are extremely trustworthy and will be totally confidential. I assured him that I was for sure. He said you may see things or experience things you've never seen before even knowing you saw some vicious atrocities oversees. I told him he could depend on me. He said great and heres a little incentive to be sure. He handed me 10 hundred dollar bills and we got back into the car.

We entered what appeared to be a somewhat exclusive neighborhood where the houses seemed to be worth seven figures or more. The house we stopped in front off was just like the others, nothing extraordinary. I let Mr K out of the car and he immediately handed me a loaded handgun, a German luger.

He said I assume you know how to use this? I acknowledged I did. He said to be careful and think before I had to. I said confusedly, OK.

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He then handed me surgical gloves and told me to put them on. He did the same. We approached the house and he advised to be as quiet as possible.

We went to the rear of the house and approached the back door. It was opened. He again motioned to me to be quiet. We entered through the kitchen and I noticed nothing peculiar. It was quiet but for what I thought was voices coming from down the hallway. We approached as quietly as we could. I noticed Mr K had his handgun drawn and was about to enter what appeared to be a bedroom.

He handed me a plastic mask, the lind you wear on Halloween and told me to put it on. He did the same. He abruptly kicked the door open and shouted as he entered; don't either one of you make a move!

I followed as all good "back-up partners" would. There was a man and a woman. They were obviously in the throes of sex, both naked and both very startled. In as rapid a fashion as I have ever seen he approached both persons and quickly adeptly handcuffed both.

He literally threw the male into an overstuffed side chair and warned him not to make a sound and then placed a red rubber ball, what looked to be a bit larger than a tennis ball into the guys mouth and then covered it with a wide strip of duct tape.

The woman whom I couldn't take my eyes off of because she was exotically beautiful then got Mr Ks full attention. He switched his handgun from one hand to the other and placed the barrel directly into her mouth. He said: Your husband has sent me here to kill both of you. If you do exactly as I say your life may be spared but I can assure you, your life will never be the same again. If you don't cooperate in any and every way you will die here within the next hour.

If you do exactly as I say, your may live. Do you understand? Her head nodded yes. She was clearly more scared than ever before in her life. Mr K turned to me and asked if I was OK. Other than being totally shocked with the proceedings, I was fixated on the beauty of this woman almost as much as I was focused on the whimpering of her boyfriend who had to know he was in serious, serious trouble.

Mr K slowly began to take off his clothes all the while telling his two new friends the following: Sweetheart, your husband has had enough of this guy and his cock in every one of your holes. I guess you should have been paying ol hubby much more attention than you have been. You see we're here to change all that tonight. He said to the scared out of her wits but very hot woman: now just to get your attention and let you know how serious we are please pay attention to this. Mr K had taken all of his clothes off except his black silk boxers.

He was extremely quick and adept as he took what looked like a medical tourniquet out of his brief case and tied it quickly at the very end of the guys now limp dick which was about 5 inches long. With as quick a move as I've ever seen he took a kind of cutting pliers or bolt cutters from the case and cut the guys dick right off.

The screams from him were only half as loud as the ones coming from the woman, only his were from behind a ball with tape over it. He immediately turned to her and warned her to keep quiet as he threw the amputated cock right at her head. He told her he would have to retrieve it now as he promised her husband that he could have what has been in his wive's cunt for the past 6 months. Now you better be very quiet very quickly or your fate will be worse.

She quieted down immediately. Now my friend and I are going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. That's part of the price we've been paid to this smuck out of your life. When we're done we're going to take this guy you've been playing with somewhere where you'll never hear from him again and you will completely forget that this night ever happened. Do you understand what I'm saying. She was so overcome with a combination of fear and emotion she couldnt do anything but motion with her head.


Mr K turned to me and said what are you waiting for? Get your clothes off and fuck this bitch. He was quite hard and had a cock that was thicker than mine but about the same length. He was in the process of un-handcuffing her and was pulling her towards the center of the bed with her head hanging over the side.

He plunged his cock into her mouth with this warning: if I so much as feel you scrape your teeth on my cock I wont think twice about blowing your brains all over it! His handgun still in his hand he asked: do you understand? She nodded YES vehemently.

He instructed me to get on the other side of the bed and said check that pussy and see how wet it is. I did as I was told and plied apart what was a gorgeous cunt, waxed clean and beautiful small but somewhat swollen lips. As I separated it I found it very wet so all of this hadn't scared her as much as I had assumed. Well ! Mr K yelled. I said she's ready ! Then fuck her and I plunged my rock hard cock into her as I felt her meet my thrust.

I plowed her as good as I knew how and Mr K warned me not to even think about coming until he gave the order. Well he was a pretty convincing "order giver" so I had every intention of complying. She was gagging and trying to suck his cock the best she could but was sliming all over it.

The noise of her constant gagging, spit flying and throat noises combined with the slamming of my cock over and over was intoxicating. Mr K said to me with a wink: rough work uh? I was intent on what I was into so I just kept up fucking what was a very tight fitting pussy.


Enough yelled Mr K. Move into her ass! The woman reacted immediately. No No she mumbled with his huge cock still in her mouth. He withdrew. Whats the problem bitch? No please not in the ass, I've never had anyone in there. I cant! Mr K quickly added…&hellip.REALLY??????????

That's hard to believe but if its true that's about to change but first lets see if your friend here is a ass virgin as well. If the dickless guy hadn't been through enough the new look on his face was priceless. Mr K rolled the woman off to the side and moved over and got the guy un-handcuffed and up off the chair. He left him with the ball in his mouth and taped and threw him on the bed.

There was blood oozing from where his cock or at least the majority of it still was and Mr K threw him face down on the bed.

Put your ass in the air you stupid bitch he yelled at the guy. The guy was openly crying at the point. That wasn't hard to tell despite it all.

Mr K withdrew something from his briefcase that was apparently a large tube of some type of lube. He pushed a large wad out of the tube and threw the tube to me.

Put some on her ass he yelled at me, we going to twin fuck these two in the ass. He instructed the woman to position herself with her backside towards me and as close to her boyfriend as possible.

This caused her to start sobbing at what laid ahead but she did as she was told. If her cunt was gorgeous her backside was even more so, beyond words. Really tight cheeks, good muscle and a preciously cute but small asshole, very pink and almost winking at me. I smeered it with the lube and put my index finger in. It was tight alright.

As I withdrew my finger I heard the unmistakable groan of the guy being violated as I looked up to see Mr K's cock disappear into the guys ass.

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Over and over again he plunged into the guys ass with more blood and shit spurting out. It left me somewhat stunned but Mr K almost immediately shouted: what are you waiting for? Fuck that bitches ass! I felt awkward but I thought I knew what was expected of me so I inserted my cock as gently as I could into her. I was very tight but she took it. I tried not to push all the way in but not let Mr K realize I was holding back.

I leaned over her and made it look like I wanted to play with her tits which were unbelievably hot. As I tried to develop a rhythm, I whispered in her ear, I'm sorry. I'm going as easy as I can. There wasn't the violence that was going on on the other side of the bed but for sure I was getting a really tight fuck from this woman's ass.

Mr K seemed not to be too interested in what I was doing but was really plowing this guys ass. From my perspective it had to hurt but I was more into trying to keep my attention on what I was supposed to be doing.

Mr K exclaimed: Are you ready to cum yet buck? I replied sure. Don't cum in her ! Got it? I nodded my acknowledgement. He pulled out of the guys ass, his cock covered with blood and shit and rolled the guy over towards the bottom of the bed. I didn't wait to be told to do the same. I wanted out of this poor kids ass as soon as possible so I was off as soon as he pulled out.

Mr K was wiping his cock off with a sheet or blanket so I did the same. He now rolled the woman onto her back between him and I and said I want you to cum now. Look at this hot bitch and he then pulled the guy from the bottom of the bed right up to towards her.

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Now we're both going to cum on this guys face. Do it now. He was jerking on his cock pretty aggressively now and looked like he was ready where I was not, so I picked up my intent as I saw him begin to squirt stream after stream on the guys face and chest.

Mr K has one load of cum. I knew I wouldn't measure up in the least but I pumped none the same. After about 3 minutes I began to spurt and aimed it towards the dickless wonders face.

After about 20 seconds this guys was covered in milky white cum. He was still sobbing wildly the duct tape covered in cum. Mr K screamed at the woman; Lick up the last cum, other than your hubby's, you'll ever taste.

She did as she was told immediately as she was still shaking noticeably. She licked and licked a combination of tears and cum and did so like she was actually enjoying it now probably fearing what was left to come.

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As she did this, Mr K got on his cell phone and mumbled something like: "OK bring it in"! I wondered myself what was going to happen next. He instructed me to get cleaned up and dressed as he re-handcuffed the guy and covered him with a sheet and took three large bungy cords out of the brief case and like big elastic bands completely wrapped the guy up.

He told the woman to clean herself up but not put any clothes on. Once all the men were dressed, Mr K collected all his tools and we headed towards the garage.

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Once there he told us to stay in the breezeway until he called for us and instructed me to make sure neither one of these move. I heard the garage door open and voices. Mr K came back with two hulking men. They grapped the dickless guy and Mr K said to the woman, you want to kiss him good-bye? She motioned yes.

He said too bad kiss him as he motioned to me. Dickless was carried off and put into the back of the van. The woman was crying softly as I held her close. While she didn't kiss ME as instructted I whispered: sorry for your trouble. Mr K said to me lets go buck and off we went leaving the woman standing there sobbing, shaking, naked (just a hot as she was before we went in) alone as the garage door closed behind us.

Like nothing ever happened, we got into the limo with Mr K getting into the front with me. He said to me; you did good Buck. Was it too much for you?


I replied no! I had no idea what to expect but I hoped I lived up to your expectations afterall "service" is part of our motto right?

You bet Mr K exclaimed. Drop me off at the hotel and tell your boss he has a very satisfied new account. I have at least three similar jobs lined up for the next few weeks and I don't want any other driver but you. Do you understand? Sure do I replied. He handed me a second wad of bills and said, then I'll see you next week !

I checked my pocket after I dropped him off and realized I had a total of $2500. Now that's a gratuity. I can only wonder what other jobs he has on his schedule. CHAPTER 2 to follow.