Ladyboy anal toyed and smashed real hard

Ladyboy anal toyed and smashed real hard
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This is the third story I've written involving my wife, Aimee. We saved up our money, and took a vacation in Scotland about two years ago. It was expensive, considering we live in the American south.

Big climate change, but a beautiful vacation. We came home wishing we could move there.

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Anyway, we went for a walk one day, enjoying a beautiful day. It was mid July, the sun was shining, it was far cooler than the humidity of the south, but it was still warm and we both wore shorts and t-shirts.

Aimee looks especially good in shorts, especially the short shorts she was wearing that day. She has legs that seem to go on for miles, very smooth, beautifully shaped, and a tight little ass to die for. We'd been renting a cottage for the week, and it was in a secluded part of a small fishing town on the west coast of the country. The walk we went on took us up a hill behind the cottage, where we saw a small primary school, with a field behind it.

Feeling horny, we looked to see if anyone was around, then cut across the school grounds and into the field at the back.

The field was on the side of the hill, with high uneven grass all round. There was a bank of trees on one side of the field, and we decided to make for them to give us a little bit of cover while we fucked.

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Reaching the trees, we started to kiss, but stopped when we heard a noise. We moved quietly towards the noise, wondering what it was, and as we neared where we thought it came from, we heard voices. Moving closer, we found a clearing behind the trees, in which a tent had been pitched, and a campfire lit. Beside the campfire we saw two teenage boys, stewing potatoes on sticks. They were laughing and talking about girls. They had a magazine open between them, and although neither Aimee nor I could see it, we could tell from what they were saying that it was an adult dirty magazine.

We listened for a while, almost forgetting that we'd wanted to fuck in the field. We backed off a little, and when we were out of earshot, I asked Aimee if she would be interested in maybe putting on a little show for these two guys.

They looked to be about 18 years old, probably enjoying their last few weeks of freedom before going to college or starting work somewhere. They both looked pretty skinny, but Aimee only cared about one thing on a guy . the ability to get hard and stay hard and keep going. Aimee, of course, was excited at the idea, so we quickly decided how to go about doing it.

We thought about just stripping and making a bit of noise to attract their attention, but in the end we decided to be a bit more assertive and dominant. After all, these were young guys, and were probably awkward around girls, much less married women with their husbands present.

And so we put our plan into action. Hand in hand, we walked straight into the clearing. The boys heard us coming, and we saw them scramble to hide the magazine, with one of them deciding the best place to hide it would be to sit on it.

"Hi there," I said. "Alright?", one of them responded, in his Scottish brogue.

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"How are you boys doing today?" I asked. "Not bad," one responded. "Are you American?" "Yes, we are," said Aimee. "We saw your magazine. Why did you hide it?" We saw the boys look at each other, then one of them shrugged. "Just in case it was someone we knew," was the eventual response. "Well, we're swingers," I said. "Do you know what that is?" The boys both looked at each other, and one of them stood up, and said, "Look, we don't want to get in trouble.

We're sorry if you got upset at the magazine. It's my Dad's." "We don't care about the magazine," said Aimee. "But we were wondering . have you ever seen a girl naked for real?" The boys looked at each other, appearing confused.

"No . why?" asked one. "Because," said Aimee, "I'm going to strip for you right here and let you see me completely naked." The boys looked dumbstruck, but they grinned, then looked at me, seeming to be confused.

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"It's ok," I said. "We do stuff like this. It turns us on." Aimee then walked right into the center of the clearing, told the boys to sit down and make themselves comfortable, then she slowly started to girate her hips from side to side, then round and round. The boys looked completely shocked, but they both faced Aimee and watched what she was doing.

Before Aimee could remove any clothes, though, I decided that I would be the one to remove her clothes, and present her naked little ass to these two guys as a gift. So I walked over to Aimee, made her face the guys, then I slowly began to squeeze her ass, reaching up and massaging her breasts.

I then slid both hands under her t-shirt, and massaged her tits. She began to grind up against me, feeling how hard I was. Through it all, these two boys just sat there with their mouths hanging open. I could see bulges in both their jeans pants, and knew they were typical horny teenagers. After a few moments, I slowly raised Aimee's t-shirt up over her head. I heard a quiet "WOW" from one of the two boys as her breasts came into view, still inside her bra, a sexy white lace little number.

Then I reached around her waist. Her arms were up in the air and wrapped around my neck. Her ass was still grinding against my crotch, and I slowly started unfastening her shorts, belt first, then button and zipper, slowly pushing them down around her knees, and down to her ankles. She stepped out of her flip flops, and daintily stepped out of her shorts. She was now standing in just her bra and panties. Moving a little faster now, I unfastened the back of her bra, and she began to massage her own breasts as I slid off her bra.

I then cupped her hands in mind, and watched the effect she was having on the boys. It was clear they were shocked but horny, and one of them was even rubbing his dick through his jeans.

I then slowly pushed Aimee's hands away from her breasts, and removed my own, exposing her to their perverted little stares.


I then slid my hands to her waist, and gently slipped off her lace panties, and she again stepped out of them. My wife was now completely naked in front of two teenage guys who simply couldn't believe their lucks.

She turned around, modeling for them, and asked, "Do you like what you see, boys?" They both said, "Yes,", and one of them produced a cellphone and started to video what was going on. Aimee turned to me, kissed me full on the lips, and I grabbed her ass, showing these two how it was done. Aimee pulled away slightly, and whispered in my ear, "Let's step it up a notch, ok, honey?" I nodded, not entirely sure what she intended to do, but I was excited.

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She walked towards the two boys, turned around, pushed them apart, and laid down between them. Gently, she wrapped an arm around each of their heads, and pulled them slowly in towards each breast. I couldn't believe it! She had a guy sucking each nipple!!!! She moaned in sweet pleasure. She then took the hand of one of them, and ran it gently down her stomach, bringing it to rest on her clit, where she showed him how to rub her properly. I could see her start to shake as this stranger started to rub her off.

Soon she was raising her hips in time with his rubbing, and I could see her pussy juices glistening in the light. Soon, she made them stop, pushed them onto their backs, and told them to get naked. They didn't need any more prompting than that, and in what seemed like seconds, they were both naked beside her, dicks hard and pointing straight up.

One was large, about 8 inches, and the other was about 5 inches.

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Both were uncut. Aimee took the smaller one in her mouth first, and the guy let out an involuntary moan.

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I walked over and asked if he'd ever been sucked off before, and he said, "No". I then had a sudden thought . "Are either of you guys virgins? Be honest, now." They both admitted that they were virgins. I looked at Aimee, and I could tell that she'd gotten even more excited after hearing that. She started to suck on the other guy now, while rubbing the first one up and down his shaft.

After a few minutes (Aimee knew she couldn't tease them too much, or their little virgin asses would explode), she pushed them both onto their backs. She then turned to me, told me to get naked (which I did), then she told me to stroke myself while she fucked both of these guys. They were both lying on their backs, both stroking their cocks gently, both of them still utterly shocked.

Aimee went for the smaller cock first. She straddled him, lowering herself gently onto his cock. Then she started grinding slowly backwards and forwards, her palms pushing into this guy's chest.


I could see she was horny as hell, and I saw his cock slipping in and out of her as she fucked him hard. He grabbed her ass, and started to rub his hands all over her body, really getting into it . not bad for a first timer!!! Aimee by this time was moaning and grunting and I could see that her knees were getting a little muddy as she fucked. After a few more moments, I saw this guy stiffen and grunt really hard, and Aimee yelled out, "Yes, I can feel it, fuck!" and I knew that this little fucker had cum inside my wife.

Aimee quickly got up, and before the other guy could say anything, she sat on his dick, all 8 inches of it, and started riding him, too, with cum dripping out of her onto him. She slid up and down, then started to grind round in circles.

I repositioned myself to look at her face, and realized that her eyes were closed, and that she was having a fantastic time. I walked towards her, and slipped my cock into her mouth, and looked down as she fucked virgin number 2.

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She then spat out my cock as she yelled "Yes, fucking fuck fuck!" and I could see that she was being filled with even more cum. The second guy came for longer, and he was a lot louder, moaning and groaning and shuddering, wrapping his arms around my naked bitch whore wife, shooting every bit of his load inside her. Aimee rested on top of him, slowly sliding up and down his still hard shaft, before finally slipping off him. She then got on all fours, and said, "Watch this, boys," as she grabbed my cock and moved it towards her pussy.

I slipped inside her really easily, as she was, once again, lubed up with strangers' cum. I began to bang the shit out of my little slut wife, pulling her hair, making her moan, feeling cum over my own dick, sliding in and out and in and out and in and out, watching the two boys both filming the whole thing on their phones. It was fucking incredible. I could feel Aimee's pussy tighten around me, which meant she was about to cum, and sure enough, she started to pulse and shudder and shake and moan.

I could feel my own load building then, and I pulled out and jacked off for a few seconds, before finally sending spurt after spurt of cum onto her ass and back in front of these two boys. When I opened my eyes, I realized that there were four of us naked in this little clearing. Three dicks had been inside my dirty wife, and she'd loved every minute of it. We chit chatted idly with these two guys for a few minutes, before dressing and leaving.

Aimee kissed both of them, rubbed their dicks a little, then we walked off, back to our lives, back to our own country in a few days.

I know that 4000 miles away are two guys, now in their twenties, who will remember fucking my dirty wife outside. We don't know their names or anything else about them, other than the fact that they lost their virginity to my own little slut. I love her.