University girl showing her new Lingerie

University girl showing her new Lingerie
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Friday: Her lips cried no, but her body writhed with carnal passion. Her cries fell on deaf ears, but the language her body spoke was one her incestuous family knew well. Her body began to quiver against her will. She was cumming, and cumming hard. As her uncle, brother, and father filled her every orifice with their cum, and as her stepmother, aunt, and twin sisters watched with lustful stares, she was filled with so much shame, guilt, and hatred that it felt as though her soul was breaking into a thousand shards.

Even if her entire family died in some "tragic" incident, she knew she would never be free of her family's sins. She told herself they were the wrongdoers, but she couldn't help but feel like she shared some portion of their guilt. She felt guilt and shame for the way she- no, for the way her body responded to the assault. But more than that, she was seething with shame and self-hatred for being weak and helpless. If only she had been stronger, she wouldn't be a victim.

She was on the fast track to blaming herself like countless others before her. She couldn't blame herself for what her body felt, but being weak. that was unforgivable. She would learn to punish her body for taking pleasure in the things she hated. More than this, she would learn to be strong in her mind, unbreakable, even as her body was being violated by her own flesh and blood.

That day, she learned to dissociate from her body. Nothing terrible that happened to her would ever be real again. She would always find freedom in her own mind. She would always have a place to run and hide, no matter how many times she was raped and violated, whether it was by her own family or any other sick fuck. After all, no one could possibly blame her for what her body did.

Three days earlier. Tuesday: She woke before daybreak. Traveling from three time zones away had taken its toll on her sleep.

Only three weeks ago, her junkie mom told her the truth about her real father. He was a high-paying john. Straight sex, $500, no condom. Nine months later, she was brought into the world by a junkie whore with no father worth mentioning. All these years, she had grown up relatively unscathed despite her mother's lifestyle. Then out of the blue, her mom got a call that reduced her to violent tears.

She was moving clear across the country to live with her dad and his family and there wasn't a goddamn thing she could say or do to stop it from happening.

She was being raped of the only life she had ever known. She had arrived the night before. Introductions were made, supper was served, she was shown to her room, and that was that.

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Had she really taken notice of her new environment, she would have noticed some strange things about her new family, like the way her new dad looked her up and down, or the way her dad's brother and sister hungrily eyed each other all through supper, or the way her new mom kept her legs parted during introductions from the chair in the corner revealing a pair of black lace panties.

But most of all, she should have noticed how her new brother and twin sisters stared at her at supper, how the twins sat on either side of their brother at the dinner table, how each of the twins only kept one hand above the table, and how when dinner ended and she retired to her new room, she glanced back and saw a white stain on the kitchen floor, an erection precariously perched in her new brother's shorts, and how each twin still had a hand on each of his thighs, stroking and massaging them as though to congratulate him for being such a good sport.

Had she only taken notice of these things, she would have been on her guard the entire first night. Instead, she retired immediately to her room and had fallen into deep slumber, blissfully unaware of all the warning signs she had neglected to notice in her depressed stupor.

The alarm on her bedside table indicated it was only 3:42 in the morning. At first, she thought restlessness had woken her. Then she heard noises from a nearby room. No. She heard noise coming from the rooms on either side of her own.

To one side, she heard what sounded like her new parents enjoying each others' bodies with wanton passion. On the other side, she heard what sounded like two girls in a similar passion. Was it the twins? Incest had always grossed her out, but for some reason, twins were a bizarre exception.

She used to lie in bed and fantasize about what it would be like if she could clone herself and have sex with her other self. It fascinated her because there are some hot things you can't do by yourself to make yourself cum like crazy.

In her mind, twins were basically clones of each other. Frankly, she was jealous of the twins. and a little turned on. Her bedroom door didn't have a handle, much less a lock.

She weighed the odds in her head. The bathroom was on the other side of the twins room down the hall. The only ones who might pass her room to get to the bathroom were the couple on the other side of her room, and she could hear how preoccupied they were.

She decided she liked those odds and pushed her blanket off the bed and began to strip, leaving her clothes scattered across the floor. Being a virgin, she was in constant need of new and sometimes risky ways of getting herself off. If someone did walk in, she wouldn't have time to cover up. Her exposure combined with the sounds of ecstasy from the other rooms drove her into a sexual frenzy. Rolling onto her stomach, she arched her back, one arm holding her up, the other furiously rubbing her mound.

After two or three minutes, she realized she was craving much more than what her imagination could conjure up. She crept to her door and slowly peeked up and down the hall. All clear. Mustering all her courage, she crept in front of the twins door. It was partly open. She peered inside. What she saw instantly made her wet. Outstretched, the twins were a tangled heap of flesh on the floor, one lying on top of the other, their legs parted, their vulvae rubbing together.

The twins were tribbing on the bedroom floor. She slowly began to trace circles around her clit with her fingers, fully engrossed by the twins' sapphic passion. She was so engrossed that she let out a small but sudden squeal when she realized the door on the other side of the bathroom had abruptly flung open. Abandoning any semblance of stealth, she ran inside her room without closing her door, grabbed the blanket off of the floor without regard to her scattered clothes, threw the blanket over her otherwise exposed form, lay flat on her bed, squinted her eyes half shut, and waited, attempting to feign sleep.

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A figure appeared in her doorway. She held her breath while she waited for the figure to turn and leave. She clamped her eyes shut and began to count in her head. When she got to ten, she threw her eyes open, expecting the figure to be gone. Instead, she was staring into the face of her new brother. She opened her mouth to scream, but he was too fast. In a flash, he was on top of her, blanket on the floor, one hand on her mouth, the other pushing down on her stomach as he used his bare, muscular thighs to part her legs.

She realized with horror and disgust that he had been completely naked before he had even entered her room. He had every intention of doing what he was about to do. Her thighs shook as he forced them apart. Her breathing became erratic and hot tears began to roll from the corners of her eyes as his hard member prodded her entrance. She gasped roughly through his fingers as he slowly pushed into her. She flinched when he nudged her hymen. A wicked grin spread across his face. "Whoa. Dad didn't tell me you were a virgin.

Haha, sucks to be him. Guess he didn't know. I was so pissed that the selfish fuck got to pop both of the twins' cherries. He's gonna fucking piss blood when he realizes he missed out on yours. He wouldn't have let me go first if he knew how fresh you were sissy." She didn't have a chance to reflect on his words. With a start, he thrusted into her hard. Once. Twice. And. She winced in agony as her paternal half-brother tore through her virginity with his stiff member. The incestuous, fiery glint in his eyes suddenly became a storm of sinful, forbidden passion.

He began rapidly thrusting his incestuous meat into her reluctant pussy, painfully jabbing her cervix. Too afraid to look him in the eyes again, she fixed her gaze on the digital clock beside the bed and reluctantly counted every minute of her torment.

On the twelfth minute, she sensed a change in his body language. She began to panic as his breath quickened. His breaths were escaping in sudden grunts.

As she realized what was about to happen, she writhed beneath his now sweaty frame trying desperately to force him off of her. In response to her struggling, he forced his weight down on her as he felt his muscles begin to spasm, leaving her arms free to vainly push at his shoulders, one hand still clamped over her mouth, the other groping at her chest, pinching painfully at one of her nipples.

She squealed desperately through his hand, pounded on his shoulders with her fists, thrusting her hips at him in an attempt to force him off, the situation becoming increasingly desperate with every fraction of a second that passed. Her thrusting hips only maximized his pleasure, urging him to forcibly release his load deep inside her fleshy reservoir, filling her freshly deflowered womb against her will. He couldn't hold back any longer.

Defeated, she cried violently into his hand as streams of her brother's cum filled her violated pussy with each thrust of his incestuous cock. Thinking that there couldn't possibly be a worse set of circumstances for her to be in right now then to have been raped of her virginity by her half-brother and filled with his cum, she felt reluctantly relieved in knowing that it was over.

She was wrong. She suddenly found herself filled with terror as he repositioned his hips, and with a heavy groan, began fucking her again, this time with his free hand tightly bound around her throat, only loose enough to keep her from asphyxiating. Her nightmare had only just begun. She awoke just before noon. Her scattered clothes on the floor, the soreness in her neck and between her legs, and the blood and cum stains on her sheets together left a violent certainty in her mind that everything that happened earlier that morning was real.

Still, it didn't feel real. Nothing did anymore. It felt like she was living someone else's life, or perhaps more like she was living in someone else's nightmare. Not sure what else to do, and frankly too broken to care, she dressed in the clothes she had on yesterday and followed the scent of freshly cooked food to the kitchen. As she sat at the table, watching her aunt make a full course breakfast in a very see-through nightgown, the things her brother said and all the signs she neglected came to her attention.

Who could she turn to? Her aunt served her a full plate. Despite her stupor, she couldn't neglect her appetite. As she tore into a pancake, her aunt placed a glass of water and a pill in front of her, exposing what seemed like a small canyon of uncovered cleavage, her still-hard nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. "I hope your uncle and I didn't bother you guys too much this morning. Our brothers just can't help themselves sometimes, right hun?" Her aunt gave her a playful wink.

"Take this," she said, indicating the pill. "It's a morning after pill. Judging by your brother's state of exhaustion, I'd say he likely drained himself dry between those beautiful, young thighs of yours, am I right?" Her aunt nodded in the direction of the living room.

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Her half-brother was passed out on the couch, fully nude, his equally exposed twin sisters fondling his half-hard member as he snored softly. No. There was no one in this house that she could possibly turn to for help. Those motherfuckers were all deranged. Fearing what would happen if she didn't, she took the pill, her aunt patting her on the head like a dog in response to her obedience, albeit affectionately.

She concentrated on her food as others joined her at the table in various stages of undress, her brother and the twins altogether nude. She almost felt like an outsider being the only person with the decency to cover her body while others were in the room, much less eating breakfast at the kitchen table together as a "family" if the word could even be applied to this fucked up ensemble of sickos.

But she reminded herself that she truly was an outsider. She wasn't anything like them. She suddenly became aware of the presence leaning close to her. She turned to see her father dressed only in boxers staring into her face with a perplexed expression. "So you were a virgin, huh? I'd have thought even if your mother kept you away from her occupation that a girl with a body like yours would've given it up to someone a long time ago.

Maybe I can't restore your virginity to have the satisfaction of being your first, but you're mine for today. I'm gonna do my best to make up for last night. Your pussy might already be popped, but you've got a lot of other first times to learn, and I'm gonna teach you today." "The rest of us have plans today," her uncle pointed out, "so you and your father will have the place to yourselves till dinner." "Exactly hun," her aunt said, "so take a nice long bath or shower to recover from last night.

The rest of us need about an hour to get ready, so just take your time and relax for awhile." It sickened her how normal they made this all sound, but after what her brother did, it terrified her to think of what the others were capable of, especially her dad. Admittedly, incest appeared to be a consensual thing in this house, but rape? She worked up the courage to say something. "What's wrong with you people?

I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be raped!" "Oh come now," her aunt retorted, "we had to find some kind of way to break you in and get you to fall in line." "Fall in line? Fall in line with what?" "With us, obviously. Sweetie, you better learn now while you still have a choice in the matter that if you don't give what is asked of you, it'll be taken from you in more ways than one.

Look, I admire your bravery, but everyone in this family had to learn at some point that true freedom only comes to those who follow the rules they're given. Now get your sweet ass in that shower and wash up for your daddy. And leave your clothes on the table. You won't be needing them today." That settled the matter.

Being raped was just part of the plan. But she wondered. She glanced at her brother and sisters. Her brother's eyes were full of lust and malice. There was no solace to be found in them. No hope. He had no remorse for what he did. But the twins. There was something different in their eyes. Even as they clung to their brother, all three of them naked, she could see sadness, remorse, and even the remnant of hope--anger, still glowing somewhere deep within their almost vacant glances.

They still clung to hope. She wasn't completely alone after all. She had to speak with them, but she had to survive her father first. If there was a way out of this place, she would need their help. She would do what she had to, even giving her father and the others what they wanted, but one way or another, the satisfaction would be hers one day. But survival and escape wouldn't be enough.

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She realized that now. No, she wanted revenge. True to their word, everyone else had already left by the time she emerged from the shower an hour later. The clothes she had left on the table were gone. She wasn't really surprised though. It was clear to her now that they would do whatever it took to make her fall in step with their twisted desires. Or perhaps they wanted to test how obedient she really was. Her father was sitting in front of the television, naked and stroking himself to the porn he had apparently put on.

It was a cheesy flick about a lesbian cheerleader squad. He looked up and smiled at her as she inched closer, fearing what he intended to do, but determined to rob him of the satisfaction her brother experienced.

She wasn't about to let him get the better of her. Animals like him enjoyed it more if their victims resisted. She might give him what he asked of her, but she was determined to be the one who was really in control. Knowing this, she put on her brightest plastic smile, got on her knees before her father, looked up into his hungry glare with her best puppy dog eyes, and bit her lip lightly, trying not to oversell her performance.

She kept her voice down to a mere whisper. "What do you want me to do daddy?" She tried her best to sound nervous and vulnerable. She didn't want him to hear her determination. If he became aware of her courage, he would do what he could to crush it, and she couldn't allow him to gain that advantage.

Not now. Not ever. She would have her revenge. Without speaking, he reached out and pulled her head towards his cock. She parted her lips, not sure how best to proceed. She flicked the head with her tongue. He pulled her closer, urging her to take his member into her mouth. She inched her lips down his shaft, her mouth now enveloping the very organ from which she originated.

She stroked her father's cock within the moist recesses of her mouth, her tongue massaging the underside of his shaft. He groaned in ecstasy. It took all her strength to suppress her urge to bite her father's cock off. It was too soon. She needed to plan ahead first. She needed time. He pushed her head away, removing his cock from her mouth.

"Turn around," he commanded. As she did, he pulled her down into his lap. Her gaze moved to the scene being depicted. Admittedly, the girls in the scene were quite attractive, though their performance was unrealistic. Her father began rubbing her vulva, his fingers passing roughly over her hooded clit.

Her body responded almost immediately to his touch. The attention he gave to her body was brief. He prodded her entrance, thrusting into her, establishing a steady rhythm.

On the screen, two voluptuous brunettes were fucking on a locker room bench with a strap on, their ample tits swaying pleasantly. Abruptly, her father stopped fucking her pussy. He pulled out, instead prodding her ass with his cock. Bracing herself, she inhaled quickly. As he slowly pushed his cock into her ass, she let her breath go from her, her leg muscles twitching with the new sensation. He paused as his balls came to rest against her naked flesh, the full length of his cock embedded into his daughter's inexperienced ass.

He wanted to savor the anticipation, thinking of the hard pounding he was about to give her tight hole. Without warning, she winced in surprise as her father started a rapid assault on her backdoor. Her toes curled and her ass muscles clenched, squeezing her father's incestuous meat involuntarily. On the screen, the girl being fucked with the strap on was furiously rubbing her clit.

The actress let out a loud moan and began squirting, spraying herself and her partner. Almost in response, the rhythmic pounding in her ass came to a crescendo. Her father painfully and suddenly pushed as deep into her ass as he could manage, his twitching cock releasing several streams of hot cum into her sorely throbbing hole.

As he turned off the movie and made his way to bathroom, the sound of running shower water echoing through the house, she smirked to herself. Was that it? Trying to make her way to her room to look for new clothes, her father suddenly stepped into the hall, blocking her path. "Jump in the shower. The water's ready for ya." She hesitated for a moment, then gathering her resolve, started to walk past him.

She soon wished she hadn't. She massaged her jaw as she stepped into the shower, a bruise forming where her dad had punched her with a closed fist. She had underestimated his abusive tendencies.

He was more violent than she first thought, and he gave no warnings before striking her. She had to be more cautious in the future. She faced him as he climbed into the shower with her, her eyes looking nowhere in particular. He suddenly pushed her back against the tiled wall, lifted both her legs off of the bathtub below, and used her free weight to impale her pussy onto his cock once again.

It was sudden and uncomfortable, but she reluctantly acknowledged to herself that this wasn't altogether unpleasant, at least not compared to her previous experiences.

She had to strain her self-control to refrain from giving any real indication to her father that she was almost enjoying what he was now doing to her body. As he fucked her against the bathroom wall, her feet bouncing in the air on either side of him, she did everything she could to remain expressionless. But as she began to cum, she realized it didn't matter if she showed expression or not. The way her pussy spasmed and clenched his hard cock, and the way her thighs clamped onto his abdomen told him exactly what he wanted to know.

He wanted her to know what it was like to have someone make her cum against her will. As far as he was concerned, both her pain AND her pleasure now belonged to him.


Her hatred grew. As her father walked nakedly out of the bathroom ten minutes later, she collapsed in an exhausted heap on the bathroom floor, her father's cum slowly pouring out of her ass and pussy and slowly circling the drain as the water got cold, her nipples stiffening in response to the chilly water.

The icy sting of the water becoming unbearable, she reluctantly turned off the water and stumbled drunkenly towards her room and the uncertain but welcoming comfort of her tainted bed. Her head had only just hit the pillow when she heard muffled steps approach her door. Part of her knew it couldn't have been over already.

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She knew he intended to break her. She supposed it would be too much to hope that he wouldn't try to break her in a single night. Her father stepped abruptly into her room, making his way to her bed.

In the dim light, she could see he was holding something at his side. Whatever it was, it was making a metallic clanking sound as he came to a stop by her bedside. He grasped her arm and held it above her head.

As she felt the cold steel of the handcuffs close around her wrist, she realized he was cuffing her to the bed. He cuffed her hands around the metal bar of her bed frame. She grew anxious as he swiftly left the room.

Watching her digital clock, it was almost an hour later when headlights shined through her window. He was saving her for the others. Who was going to have her this time? Minutes later, two figures entered her room. She snapped her eyes shut as her lights were switched on, illuminating her aunt and uncle. Her uncle was dressed in boxers, an erection already straining against the usually loose fabric.

He was carrying a laptop. Her aunt was covered in a modest bathrobe, her valley of cleavage uncharacteristically well-hidden. While her uncle fiddled with the laptop, her aunt dropped her modest robe to the floor, revealing two great hills of fleshy chest and a bright magenta strap on. Her aunt knelt at the foot of her, kissing her way up her legs as her aunt slowly approached her mound.

"Rolling," her uncle announced. "Okay ladies, time to start the show. Let's make our first family movie." Suddenly, her thighs were spread wide and her aunt's face was buried deep in her delicate pink pussy.

As her aunt began rapidly assaulting her clit with her tongue, the sensation overwhelmed her self-control. She surrendered herself completely as she came hard against her aunt's tongue. Her aunt gave no sign of letting up just because she had already cum. Before she could even catch her breath, she was cumming a second time. As her involuntary ecstasy subsided, her now-naked uncle stepped forward and waved his stiff cock before her face expectantly, positioning himself so that he didn't block the recording laptop's view of the action he hoped to get.

Remembering the cuffs on her wrists and the soreness in her jaw, she opened her mouth wide, beckoning her uncle's cock. As he eagerly started fucking her face, she withdrew into fantasies of how satisfying it would be to sink her teeth deep into his stiff protrusion. She could sense that he was on the verge of coating the back of her throat when he suddenly pulled out. For a brief moment, she thought he was going to cum on her face. Instead, he walked around the bed and began fucking his sister from behind while she furiously started tongue-diving her helplessly bound niece.

The rhythm of her uncle's hard thrusting drove her aunt's face hard against her pussy, every nerve below her navel firing all at once with every jarring impact. As her uncle climaxed, slamming his spurting cock deep into her aunt's fleshy cave, her aunt screamed a muffled orgasm into her violated hole, the sudden rush of air into her womb forcing her own cries of reluctant incestuous pleasure.

With the biggest shit-eating grin, her aunt climbed up and straddled her face. "Suck all that cum out. Suck it clean." As her uncle's cum poured out of her aunt's pussy and into her mouth, she couldn't help but be impressed at how much there actually was. "Don't swallow hun. Not yet." Her aunt got down beside the bed and pulled her face close, her mouth gaping. "Spit that cum into my mouth." As she spit her uncle's seed into her aunt's mouth, her uncle held the laptop over the bed to get a better vantage point.

After the last drop was exchanged, her aunt leaned over her, pinching her nipple hard as she spit the load back into her mouth, her aunt's tongue swirling it around before pulling away. "Swallow." Gulp. "Good little cunt. Now open up so we can see." "I think the others are really gonna love this, right sis?" "Oh, I'm sure they will.

Let's get some sleep. The boys and us have got a big day tomorrow. It'll just be her and the twins with the house to themselves all day. And grab those cuffs too hun so the poor girl can get some decent sleep." Wednesday: The next morning, she awoke to find the twins naked in her bed, each clinging softly to either side of her as she stared at the ceiling. The twins' show of affection was the most loved she had felt since coming here, and she was reluctant to disrupt the tender moment.

Still, even she couldn't help but admire their beauty. Their tits were only a little smaller than her own. Their hips were proportionately large for their height, making them quite voluptuous for their size. Their tits were great, but it was their asses she admired most. They were the best she had ever seen, and being an avid ass-lover herself, she wasn't easy to impress.

One of the twins stirred. "Good morning beautiful," the twin yawned. "How did you sleep? I hope they weren't too rough with you." "I'll be okay," she said, feeling adored and appreciated for once.

With a pang of understanding, she had to ask. "How rough are they with you guys?" "Not so bad anymore." "Yeah," said the other twin, now awake too, "it was a lot worse in the beginning.

Dad used to beat us because we kept trying to protect each other." "What changed?" The first twin frowned at the unpleasant memories. "Dad and big brother starting putting us in different rooms." "Right," said the second twin. "Then they'd start taking turns beating and fucking us." Tears were forming in their eyes. She suddenly felt brave. "I'm going to get us out of here somehow.

But." "But what?" they asked in unison. "I'll need you guys to help me." "Whatever you ask, I'll do it." "Me too." "Thanks guys." The twins looked at each other from across her bare chest. "We can finally leave sis." "I'm scared though." "It's okay. I'm scared too." They leaned over and kissed. As she watched, the twins' kiss of reassurance and hope turned to passion and lust. She almost expected them to fuck each other right there on her bed, so she was pleasantly surprised when they turned their affections on her instead.

Each twin slipped a hand between her thighs, each of them sucking on one of her tits. Wanting to show her eagerness, she began stroking their backs, lightly caressing their skin with her fingernails. She spread her legs for them, her pussy warm with anticipation of the things the twins might do to her.

Her reluctance was gone. This time, she wanted it. The twins clearly had the benefit of experience on their side. Every touch of their hands, every lick of their tongues, every tender kiss, and every loving glance or deep longing stare seemed to restore a broken shard of who she used to be and who she might have become. It was more than sex. As the twins worshiped every inch of her body, they were also paying homage to the intangible parts of her being.

She was more than flesh to them. They were making love to the entirety of her being. With one twin wrapped around her abdomen kissing and nibbling every patch of skin in sight, the other twin between her legs hitting nerves deep in her pussy that she didn't even know she had, she had such an intense all-encompassing orgasm that she had only begun to notice the rush of blood to her ears before her vision faded and she blacked out.

She came to only moments later. "Holy shit!" She lay there drenched in a sweet-smelling mixture of sweat and girl cum--both her's and the twins'--as she tried to catch her breath and calm her still-racing pulse.

"God, I wish I knew how to do that." Feeling confident and a little naughty, she ate breakfast in the nude (with a morning after pill on the side). Between bites of cereal, the nude twins told her how them being dressed the night of her arrival was the first time they'd worn any sort of clothing in days--not counting during their periods--and the only time they were actively instructed by their mother to wear any sort of clothing at all.

They seldom chose to wear clothing unless they went somewhere. The conversation took a darker turn after that. The twins knew of a guy in town who sold stolen items in an alley including but not limited to firearms.

Rumor has it that he accepts forms of payment other than cash. The twins claimed they knew all this to be true because their father had once traded the twins' "assets" for the laptop her uncle had used only last night. Apparently, he enjoyed his time with the twins so much that he threw in the flat screen in the living room as a bonus. The plan was to find the guy in town and "trade" for a gun. The twins donned a matching set of dark blue dresses foregoing underclothes.

Hoping in the back of her mind that she might get another taste of that morning's ecstasy if she followed the twins' example, she wore black knee socks with a medium-length black skirt and a cleavtastically loose-fitting white v-neck top that she knew would hide nothing if it rained and--like the twins--decided to forgo any sort of underclothing.

Without a car, it would take a couple hours to get to town. For an hour, the twins walked on either side of her, holding each of her hands. Being only a few inches taller than both of them, they would occasionally lay their heads on her shoulders as they walked. Though it made walking difficult and slowed them down a little, she adored the affectionate attention.

As they made there way down a rural, woodsy road, the twins stopped abruptly. "What is it guys?" "There's a really beautiful waterfall nearby." "Yeah, and if you listen close, you can hear it from here." Sure enough, she could just barely hear what sounded like distant water rushing loudly.

After a short walk into the woods, she gasped before the beautiful sight. Even better was the sight of the twins before her eyes, the water serving as the perfect backdrop. Losing herself in the moment, she walked up behind one of the twins, wrapped her arms around her delicate waist, and began kissing her neck.

The twin giggled at her soft touch. For a brief moment, she feared the other twin would become jealous or feel left out. As she looked up to see the other twin's reaction, she instead found her biting her lip and eying them hungrily. As she continued nibbling on one twin's neck and slowly caressing her hips, the other twin inched her hands between her legs, careful not to reveal the wetness under her dress. Recognizing the game the twin was playing with her, she lifted the back of the first twin's dress and began caressing her voluptuous, firm, round ass.

Confirming her suspicions, the second twin hiked up her dress, revealing the middle and ring finger of her right hand buried in the soft wetness of her pussy. The more she gave, the more she would get, and oh boy, what she would do to win this game. She lifted the twin's dress up over her head, letting it float to the ground, then pulled her legs out from under her.

The twin fell onto the soft ground in a fit of laughter. The other twin responded by undressing and lying on her back next to her sister, never once removing her fingers from her sweetness. Feeling naughty again, she put one hand between the legs of the twin beneath her, the other hand working up under her own provocatively short black skirt.

The rushing of the water sent a cool breeze swirling around the three of them, a soft mist gradually moistening their skin only to be evaporated away by the occasional gust of wind. The wind playing at the moistness between their legs and the vanishing mist playing at their exposed flesh sent chills through their bodies that only added to their nervous excitement. Working both hands vigorously, she began jilling herself and the twin off, the other twin following her lead. Each twin came, one twin writhing and moaning beneath her, the other bucking violently into her own hand and kicking at the ground with little grunts, but for whatever reason, she couldn't seem to bring herself to orgasm.

It was like trying to pedal a bike uphill. Each time she got close to the top, she would lose her footing and backpedal. The other twin--having guessed her frustrations--crawled behind her, and forcing her head down into the other twin's chest, began finger-fucking her from behind. Following her sister's lead, the first twin reached up from beneath her and began rapidly rubbing her clit. The sensation grew to be too intense. She tried to put her hands between her legs to slow the twins' motions, but the twins each grabbed an arm and refused to let her interfere.

The sensation of being restricted unexpectedly exciting her passion, she began to squeal between her teeth, her breath escaping in sudden screams and yelps of ecstasy. She had never been a screamer, but she had always adored the sound of girls having noisy orgasms, and as she became one of those girls, she found very much to her surprise that she liked the sound of her own screaming.

In fact, it was her own screaming that finally sent her over the edge. With a violent series of spasms, her pussy exploded with sensation, thoroughly coating the twins' hands in her juices. The woods echoed her screams over the loud rushing of the waterfall as she squirted for the first time in her life, her body forcibly relinquishing its reservoir of fluids all over the incestuous hands of her twin sisters.

Sampling the juices she deposited on their hands, the twins kissed and caressed her body from head to toe, working their fingers and tongues underneath the folds of the clothes she was still wearing, massaging her sore flesh as she lay prostrate on the leafy ground, her pussy still pulsing with lustful tension. She needed more.

"Oh fuck yes, give it to me guys. Make me cum again." "Oh, don't worry sissy, we'll make you cum." ".we'll make you cum if we get to cum with you." "I'll try my best, but I don't think I'm as great at this as you guys are." "Well, we have had lots of practice silly." ".years of practice." She blushed as she remembered seeing the twins on her first night. "I know guys. I have a confession to make.

I was getting off in bed to the sound of you both on the night I first came here. Then I got naked and went to your door and watched. It was so fucking hot. You guys were amazing. That was right before." She felt a lump forming in her throat. The twins began tugging at her clothes. She eagerly responded by letting them undress her.

They surprised her when they abruptly stood up, ran, and dove headlong into the water. They splashed playfully at each other, giggling and squealing youthfully.

Suddenly, they were kissing passionately, their tongues dancing together between each others' lips, their chests and shoulders pressing together.

She felt a sudden warmth between her legs. Next thing she knew, she was stepping silkily into the water, her lustful gaze never leaving the forbidden fruit on display before her eyes. Once in the water, the twins turned their attentions on her, pressing her against the smooth rocks lining the water's edge. Each twin placed a hand between her legs. Returning the favor, she lifted a hand up to each of the girls' mounds, slowly parting the folds of their pussies in search of their sensitive clits.

Grinding on each others' hands, the three sisters swapped tongues in between sudden grunts and moans of incestuous pleasure, their soft breasts and hard nipples rubbing sensuously, slippery from the icy water. This time, the three sisters climaxed together, their exposed bodies huddled together tightly, their limbs quivering in unison. It was time to go. As the three sisters arrived in town, her heart pounded in her chest.

It was an unexpected thrill knowing that passersby could see the stiffness of her nipples and the pinkness of her aureolas as her translucent white top clung to her damp breasts. She got off knowing that the eyes of so many envious and horny men and women of various ages were on her. She inwardly hoped that her edgy, erotic anxiety would help her overcome the reluctance she held concerning her destination and what she intended to do when she got there.

She didn't want to think about what was happening--what she would be doing. She just wanted it to be over. The twins brought her before a dingy apartment building. The twins walked up the steps and hit a call button.

While they conversed with someone on the intercom, she noticed a young redhead about her age watching her intensely from what looked like a bedroom window. Feeling spontaneous and caught up in the moment, she put on her brightest smile, lifted her top, and flashed her tits at the redhead. She was surprised when the redhead abruptly stood up in full view of the window and flashed her back.

The redhead had pale skin and freckles dappled her chest. The redhead leaned against the window pane, pressing her firm tits flat against the glass. Just then, the door of the building opened. She turned around to see a man with a gaunt face step out onto the street.

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She turned back to the redhead only to find a blanket covering the window where she had been. "Follow me," the man said. "I never do business inside this part of the building." She and the twins followed him down an alley. They stopped in an alcove that housed a couple of dumpsters. There were no windows in this part of the alley. There was a moderately dim light hanging over an emergency exit door. "This part of the building was sealed off after a fire.

I busted the door a while back and started using the old storage space for my 'transactions.' I also keep my merchandise stored here, guns included." He fiddled with a lock which was binding a heavy chain to the door. "Ladies first," he said with a plastic grin, gesturing for them to enter first.

She followed as the twins led the way into the building. Clearly, they knew where they were going. They arrived into a surprisingly spacious room filled with filing cabinets, furniture, and a large bed as the room's centerpiece.

She continued to look around the room for a little over a minute. "So who's first?" She turned around to find the man already undressed, his cock hard and waiting. One of the twins knelt down before him and began giving him head. The other twin lay back on the bed before him, spreading her legs, and began finger-fucking herself. "And what about you? You want that gun or not?" She hesitated for a moment. Then she got on the bed, lifted her skirt, and began grinding her hips into the twin's sweetness.

She hoped that if she focused on the twins, this would be so much easier. She flinched as she suddenly felt the man's fingers roughly exploring the tender flesh between her legs.

She took a deep breath and tried to tell herself that she was enjoying this. But she couldn't fool herself. She was sure that the man got off thinking it was him who would be using her, but she also knew deep down that she was using him too. This horny fuck was just a means to an end for her. As this dawned on her, her reluctance slowly began to fade.

She didn't want to fuck the guy, but she did want what he had to offer, and fucking him was the easiest way to get it.

So be it, she thought. "Don't keep a horny girl waiting," she teased playfully. "Are you gonna fuck me or what?" The man hesitated for a moment. It seemed he was as surprised at her as she was at herself. "So you really want my cock in you that badly, huh baby?" "You have no idea. I want your cum in me. Fuck me. Please baby. Fuck me." She thought she was overselling her performance a little too much, but she figured this guy probably preferred it that way anyway. Pushing the twin aside, he pulled her onto her stomach and yanked her skirt down her legs.

He proceeded by flipping her over on her back and spreading her legs wide. He took a brief moment to position his cock at her entrance, then he thrusted painfully into her and began pounding into her hard and fast, obviously looking to serve his own selfish gratification. Without missing a beat, he pulled her top over her head and threw it aside. He groped at her tits, pressing them together, then pinched and twisted her nipples hard.

She winced in pain. "Yeah baby, you like that? You like that you dirty little whore, huh? You naughty little girl." She smirked at his last choice of name calling and decided to follow his lead. "Yeah daddy, I like that. I like it when you hurt my little titties like that daddy." The twins seemingly at a loss as to what role they should play in this climbed on the bed, lay on their sides facing opposite of each other, and began to 69 sideways, one of the twin's pussies on display for the dealer, the other clearly visible for her, and began eating each other out.


"You want my cum, you dirty little whore? You want your daddy to cum inside your tight little pussy?" "Yeah daddy, I want your cum inside me. Cum for me daddy. Cum for your dirty little girl." His body tensed up and he began thrusting into her with slow, hard, jabs as he began pouring his cum into his client's pussy, his head ripe with taboo fantasies. Her only thought was that if this guy had any children, he deserved what her own father had coming to him. As she and the twins got dressed, the dealer's cum dripping pointlessly down her inner thigh, he rummaged through some cabinets in the corner of the room.

He walked over with the gun, a silver revolver, and told them if they ever needed anything to come back soon. He turned to lead them out the door. A thought flashed through her mind. What if the dealer gave them a gun that doesn't even work? Only one way to find out.

Pop. The dealer dropped to the ground, a hole in the back of his head. She felt nothing. No remorse. Her only concern now was whether she had enough bullets to finish the job she had set out to do now that she had wasted one. She checked the gun.

Five left. Just enough. Poetic. Utterly fucking poetic. As the three made their way back down the alley, they noticed the redhead waiting for them in a long brown trench coat.

Her heart fluttered when she noticed the redhead's feet were bare. Was she naked underneath? "If you guys ever want a good time, call me. Or maybe if you just want to talk or something. Whatever works for you. Here." The redhead opened the trench coat and pulled a piece of paper out of the inside pocket, revealing that she was indeed stark naked underneath. As she took the paper from the redhead's hand, the look in her eyes made her pause.

She had seen the same look in the twins' eyes too. The redhead gave the three of them one more teasing glance at her goods as she opened the coat, lifted the back, and flashed them her ass, baring her exposed front to the other side of the street in the process. The twins lifted their dresses up, baring all but their shoulders. The twins and the redhead giggled at each other.

As they made their way out of town, the gun tucked precariously under the waistband of her skirt where even the dumbest cop could see it, she asked the twins what was up with the redhead.

"We've kind of known her for a while." "Father has brought us here before when he buys stuff from the dealer." "Yeah, but he usually makes us wait out front." "One day we flashed her our boobs." "After a few times, she began doing it too." "We never talked to her before.

We've never even seen her come outside." "Something about you sis must be special. What's the paper say?" She opened the paper she held in her hand. "It says 'Meet me at the park on the south side of town if you wanna get to know me. Here's my number if you decide you want to.' Is it like a date or something?" The twins just shrugged.

When they finally got home, they hid the gun under the trailer outside and prayed no one would find it. It was well after dark, only a few hours before midnight. She followed the twins into the room they shared and watched them daintily strip out of their blue dresses, carefully hanging them in the closet.

The twins led her to the bathroom and drew a bubble bath. The three of them washed each other's hair and backs. There was some light fingering and plenty of kissing and groping, but the three were too exhausted by the day's events for any more sexual adventures. The three dried off and returned to the twins' room, crawled under the covers, and clung to each others' bare flesh, the three of them happier than they had been in such a long, long time.

As sleep crept up on her, the nagging thought that the nightmare wasn't quite over yet tormented her, filling her dreams with anxiety, suffering, and a lust for forbidden flesh and the blood of her twisted kin.

Thursday: She awoke the next morning to the sound of moaning. The twins were still fast asleep. Remembering the deposit that the dealer had left in her pussy the day before, she dressed in her clothes from the day before and ventured into the kitchen to find herself in the midst of a small orgy. Her father's siblings were fucking on the kitchen counter, her aunt's mountainous cleavage swaying dangerously with every thrust. Her brother was standing beside the kitchen table, his cock in his mother's mouth, her step-mother bent sharply over a kitchen chair being ass-fucked by her father.

Hoping to stay invisible, she made her way past her brother as he began to cum on his mother's face, her experienced hand guiding where his cock was aiming, she went to the cabinet where the pills were kept. As she filled a glass of water and swallowed a pill, she turned to find her step-mother apparently staring at her ass. "You're mine today.

I was gonna pick out something for you to wear, but." She looked her up and down. "I think this'll do just fine. We leave in ten minutes." Afraid of what might happen if she asked questions, she sat in the living room and stared blankly at the flascreen, waiting for the worst to come. Ten minutes later, her step-mother came out of her bedroom wearing a cheap business suit--one of those gray skirt numbers that make even the most pleasant female look like an uptight bitch.

Something about the way the suit fit her seemed off, but she couldn't figure out how. She rode shotgun as they drove into town. Around nine, they pulled up in front of a large, seemingly vacant office complex on the other side of town. When they stepped inside, she was greeted by the sight of about a dozen men and women.

Some of the women looked about her age. The older women and all of the men were wearing suits or formal wear of some kind. The younger females were dressed kind of provocatively, not unlike herself, though some of their clothes looked much more or much less nicer than her own.

Judging by the looks on their faces, she wasn't the only one who wished she could be somewhere else at that very moment. Then one of the females caught her eye. It was the redhead. She appeared as shocked as she was for them to be seeing each other under such circumstances. "Welcome everyone. It's good to see so many of you attending today. Much better than last year, I must say. And such beautiful daughters you've all brought.

Let us begin. Show your money." Four men and three women stepped forward, drew a wad of money from various places--jacket pockets, suitcases, bras--and placed it in a pile on a small table in the center of the room. Her step-mother stepped forward and collected the money, putting it in a suitcase with a fancy lock. From within the suitcase, she pulled out several slips of paper and a small black bag with a drawstring.

"Write your last names on these. We each draw from the bag. If you draw your own name, put it back and take another. No one gets to play favorites. You get the girl you draw. No refunds. No complaints. Let's draw." Her step-mother drew first. She got the redhead. One of the women, probably a mother of one of the other girls, pulled her name.

She was being whored out to a stranger for money. Her mother was a prostitute, and yet her mother had spared her from this fate for so long. How could this be happening now? There was a number of furniture pieces in the large space. The woman who pulled her name guided her to a bed. The redhead was guided to a St.

Peter's cross by her step-mother.

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Watching for a brief moment, she watched her step-mother strip to reveal a very revealing leather outfit beneath her cheap suit. She began to strap the redhead to the cross when the woman pushed her on the bed. The woman rolled her over, yanked up her skirt, and began slapping her ass hard.

Unprepared for the assault, she tried to resist the bitch. Bad move. She yanked her head back by her hair and put a firm grip on her throat with the other hand. She could barely breathe.

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Her brother had been gentle by comparison. She began to get scared. The woman slipped her hand up the back of her skirt and began forcibly finger-fucking her pussy and ass simultaneously. If the woman's hand hadn't been around her throat, she would've screamed in pain. Suddenly, she was on her back. Her top was ripped open. The woman spat on her pussy, then revealed a strap on from beneath the skirt she was wearing.

she lifted her legs high in the air and began thrusting the over-sized toy painfully into her asshole. The bitch slapped her tits repeatedly, calling her names like whore, slut, and cunt. After an agonizingly long hour of this nightmare, she vaguely heard her step-mother call the parents over to the table. As the bitch walked away, she dared to sit up and look around the room at the other girls. She felt guilt on behalf of them all, but the redhead seemed the worst off.

She was sobbing heavily. The skin on her ass and thighs was red with an hour's worth of slapping. There was blood dripping from her back where she had been lashed so hard that it broke the skin in several places.

Looking more closely, she could see scars from other sessions like these. Almost all of them were on her back, the one part of the girl's body that she hadn't revealed to her and the twins the day before. Her body burned with rage. "It's time to go. Get dressed." The afternoon was spent with her step-mother driving around town making various stops. She paid little attention at first. Then she saw the redhead in the window. She realized with a start that her mother had gone to see the dealer.

Just then, her step-mother got in the vehicle looking scared as fuck. Secretly savoring the moment, she dared to ask a question. "What's wrong?" "Huh? Oh, nothing. Some asshole stood me up, that's all." She thought she heard her step-mother say under her breath "stupid fuck had it coming anyway." She looked out the window and smiled to herself.

As her step-mother started the car, she noticed the redhead in the window, looking somber. The redhead waved. She waved back as they pulled away, wondering--hoping even--if she might ever see the redhead alive again. Even more though, she wondered if the girl would ever be free. Would either of them ever be free? It was dark again by the time her step-mother finished her errands.

She seemed distracted the rest of the day. She took pride in knowing that she was secretly the cause for her step-mother's distress. Her father and step-mother were absent for supper. She had a hunch that they were discussing the dealer's untimely demise. She overhead bits and pieces of the argument when it was at its loudest. As far as she could make out, they feared a visit from the police because the dealer kept "records" of some of his transactions. It seemed that if the cops found the incestuous home videos they had been using as bartering chips, the cops would suspect their involvement in his murder.

Even if they were cleared as suspects for his murder, the dealer had enough footage of incest and even a video of the side business her step-mother had been running which was more than enough to nail them all with a slew of incest and prostitution charges. In short, they were fucked unless they went back and tried to remove any incriminating evidence. A new plan was beginning to form in her mind--a new way to get revenge. If only. "Where were you all day?" "What do you--" "Oh, don't give me that bullshit.

I came home twice yesterday, and you three were nowhere in sight. Where the fuck were you?" Her step-mother eyed her suspiciously. She could feel the woman's eyes trying to probe her thoughts. "Where's the gun?" "What the hell are you talking--" "You don't know if she had anything to do with it." She was surprised to hear her father sticking up for her. "You're right. As usual, you're right. I don't know.

But I sure as hell intend to find out. Strip the little bitch and take her to the living room. We'll fuck it out of her. And if that isn't enough, we'll beat it out of her. I'm not taking any chances." She tried to fight them off. She even busted her brother's nose.

But there were just too many of them. Her uncle brought the laptop out from his room. Her brother and father held her down as her step-mother throat-fucked her with a dildo. She kept this up for almost an hour and a half before letting up. "This bitch is stubborn. Fine. So she doesn't need air in her lungs. Let her choke on cum then.

Get over here. Hold the bitch down and fuck her till she bleeds. I could use a good show for once." With that her step-mother sat on the couch with a twin on either side, the air of a self-righteous queen all over her. The clock on the wall struck midnight.

Friday: Her lips cried no, but her body writhed with carnal passion. Her cries fell on deaf ears, but the language her body spoke was one her incestuous family knew well.

Her body began to quiver against her will. She was cumming, and cumming hard. As her uncle, brother, and father filled her every orifice with their cum, and as her stepmother, aunt, and twin sisters watched with lustful stares, she was filled with so much shame, guilt, and hatred that it felt as though her soul was breaking into a thousand shards.

Even if her entire family died in some "tragic" incident, she knew she would never be free of her family's sins. She told herself they were the wrongdoers, but she couldn't help but feel like she shared some portion of their guilt.

She felt guilt and shame for the way she- no, for the way her body responded to the assault. But more than that, she was seething with shame and self-hatred for being weak and helpless.

If only she had been stronger, she wouldn't be a victim. She was on the fast track to blaming herself like countless others before her. She couldn't blame herself for what her body felt, but being weak. that was unforgivable. She would learn to punish her body for taking pleasure in the things she hated. More than this, she would learn to be strong in her mind, unbreakable, even as her body was being violated by her own flesh and blood.

That day, she learned to dissociate from her body. Nothing terrible that happened to her would ever be real again. She would always find freedom in her own mind. She would always have a place to run and hide, no matter how many times she was raped and violated, whether it was by her own family or any other sick fuck. After all, no one could possibly blame her for what her body did.

"This is ridiculous. Why won't she give in already?" Her step-mother clearly wasn't satisfied with how things were turning out. "Because maybe the bitch really doesn't know anything." Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Her brother went to the window. "It's the fucking cops!" Three weeks later: She was waiting at the park with the twins. An anonymous caller had ratted out her step-mom and identified her as the last person to see the dealer alive.

She would later discover the redhead was the caller. The police weren't convinced that her step-mother was the murderer, but the revolver they later found underneath the trailer--conveniently wiped of prints--seemed to indicate that she was the most likely suspect. Add to that the orgy of evidence at the murder site, and the police were quick to start pressing charges on many people. Nothing the police found indicated that she or the twins had any involvement, but the same couldn't be said of her father, step-mother, brother, aunt, or uncle.

Each of them was being charged with everything from incest and rape to prostitution and theft. A lot had apparently happened before she had shown up that she knew little to nothing about. She felt better not knowing. She had her own burdens to bear. But today was different. "Hey guys. You showed up?" It was the redhead. Her mother had gotten slapped with a number of prostitution charges. She was finally free. "I'm glad you could all make it here just to see me." "You're worth it," she said, smiling brightly.

She was beginning to think she'd never see the redhead again. "So what is it you wanted to talk to us about?" "I'm getting this new place outside of town. It's kinda out of my price range right now till I get a better job. I was hoping you guys might want to, um-- to come live with me? Ya know, together. I mean, it doesn't have to mean anything, but.

I was hoping you guys might want to. get to know me. or something." She glanced at the twins. They smiled approvingly. "Of course. We'd love to live with you. Just one question." "Ask me anything." "Is it clothing optional?" The redhead smiled her brightest smile yet.

"Heehee. Always." For once in her life, things were finally going right. She couldn't wait for her next string of adventures. But that's a story for another time.