Skinny feet loving twinks in foursome cock sucking party

Skinny feet loving twinks in foursome cock sucking party
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Please note this story contains incest and young people. its purely fictional and only for imagining. ITS NOT REAL LIFE so please dont read on if any of this offends.

My Advetureous Wife My name is Martin and i am an happily married man also im a new father. My wife Sue gave birth 2 months ago to our darling babygirl Tina.

We are both 17yo and have been close friends our whole lives. We were both dorky kids and so we didnt have any friends so that made us even better friends. We played doctors and nurses when we were both 6yo and ofcourse that led to us getting naked and exploring each others bodies.

We would often go walking in the national park nearby and as soon as we were out of sight, we would strip and run and frollic in innocent abandon. But our young and nude adventures are for another time.

Sue begged me to upload this tale of ours as just knowing there will be other people wanking and fantasising is blowing her mind. It was late saturday night and we had smoked a few joints and drank a couple beers when Sue led me by the hand to our bedroom. She was wobbling as she walked, the beers and pot had a nice effect on her. I knew i was going to ravish her body and we both hoped that this time i would impregnate her again.

Sue sat me on the edge of the bed and began stripping my shoes, socks and shirt off before making me stand so she could rip my shorts and jocks off. I was hard and my dick stuck up proudly.

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I am fully shaved, so is sue. My boner and ball sack were in full view. Sue looked at me mischeviously as she magically stripped nude in 1 quick move. 1 hand ripped her panties and skirt down while the other lifted her top up and over her head. She stood spread legged before me.

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Her still perky tits topped with her enlarged nipples poking out. Her nipples have grown since tina and i have been breast feeding and sucking like mad on her cute pink nipples. I could see a line of wetness running down her leg in antitipation of our love making. She took a breast in each hand before squeezing and pulling on each nipple, causing 2 white streams to shoot out and hit my chest. Just then lil tina awoke and hollered her demand to be fed. Tina leaned over the crib picking our darling up and walking her to the change table.

A second later the wet nappy was off and sue lifted her tiny face up to a nipple. Tina clamped hold and was nursing solidly. Sue really loved it when both out daughter and i suckled her full boobs at the same time. It makes her both really turned on aswel as feeling real motherly towards us both. I didnt mind as it turned me on no end drinking her warm tit milk.


I loved the flavour of it and i had already told her that i wanted her lactating forever, well long as possible anyway. I had drunk my tit dry but was still suckling and licking my nipple.

Tina was still drinking so i moved my hand ever so lightly and gently across her belly and down to her honeypot. That made a soft moan escape sues lips. She spread her legs wider apart to allow me easier access. I slid my middle finger in her wet slit while using my palm to rub her clit. Oh baby that feels intense, both of my babys sucking mummys milk out of my boobys while both are naked as the day you were born, I love being a mummy. I just nodded and kept sucking and rubbing her pussy.

I was fully relaxed, stoned a bit drunk and acting like a newborn baby boy for my wife, so my erection had softened. Sweet husband of mine sue began, while i have you both naked and a tit in your hungry mouths, i want to share a deep fantasy of mine with you.

Its really kinky but a bit twisted so please dont laugh or worse hate me after i tell it ok baby? I looked up into her eyes, letting the nipple slip from my mouth as i said oh darling mother of my child i am so deeply in love with you, you are my everything, i will never laugh at you and nothing you can say or do will make me hate you so it would really please me to hear your fantasy and if you want after we will act out your fanasy ok darling? Ok here goes. remember when we were kids and we play doctors and nurses and spent hours just exploring and touching our bodys?

Well i still dream about our imature bodys, how we looked amd more so how we felt, thats why i wanted us to remain hairless down there. Well this is the weird part, ever since tina was born, i find i keep staring at her teeny slit wondering what she would feel like inside her slit.

Also what her lil peepee tastes like when i lick it. When i was 8 months fat with her and you were fucking me hard i told you to fuck me harder and faster till i explode my babyseed all over the unborn baby in my womb.

I told you i wanted that baby to get covered in my hot streams of cum so that the baby would know exactly how it was made and by who. I was just sucking and staring into my loves eyes as she spoke.


When she didnt continue, i said with a nipple between my lips. go on baby, keep talking, i want to hear all of it. Well what i want is to watch you gently spread our daughters pussy lips open and then stick your tounge between her lips and then lick and suck our babygirls peepee just like you would if you were licking and sucking my pussy.

And i would hold her legs apart so you can lick and suck her from front to back. Her teeny bumhole to her teeny pussy.

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My cock had a mind of its own. It sprang to attention upon hearing these kinky words. It was not lost on sue.

She asked me if i was hard because your wife wants you to orally pleasure our 2 month old baby girl? I let the nipple fall from my mouth, tilted my face up towards sues and still gazing lovingly into each others eyes i said yes, i am hard because not only do you want me to lick our daughter, i want to lick and suck and kiss her all over. And that since she was born i would always tickle her lil quim whenever i changed her bum.

I told her that i wanted to explore our young baby girls body the same way we did when we were kids. Sue was smiling from ear to ear hearing my words and knowing with certainty that i loved her deeply but that i also had the same wicked thoughts over our daughters teeny body.

Sue asked me if that was all i wanted to do? Not by any means darling i said.

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What else would tinas daddy like to do to tina? 1st off, i want tina weened to a bottle, daddy wants all of mummys milk for himself.

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But what i really want to do to tina is to climax in her tiny mouth. I want her to think my dick is your titty and for her to suckle and suckle till i feed her daddys milk. I want you to hold her mouth over my dick until i cum and cum till it runs out of her mouth.

And afterwards i want to wipe up some sperm with my little finger and then stick my cum covered finger inside her pussy. What she doesnt drink i want to wipe up inside my babygirls peehole and after all that i want to lick and suck my sperm from her peetunnel. All while you watch darling wife.

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Oh god baby, i love you so much. You want to do everything i fantasized about and more. I want our babygirl to drink your cum, i also want to see her daddy lick and finger her pussy but mostly i want to watch you fuck her for the 1st time and after youve cum inside her i want to suck every drop of spunk from her tiny girls slit.

I want to lick her bum and pussy while daddys dick slides in and out. I want you to begin stretching her hole from now on. So that as soon as she is stretched enough for your cock, thats when you will take her virginity. Imagine daddy, imagine popping the head of your dick inside your daughter at age 2 or 3.

Imagine training our babygirl to give us headjobs or finger our bums, even get a teeny fist inside mummys cunt? God can you imagine daddy that you will be the 1st person to make her orgasm and how much fun we will have together as we find out exactly how young a child can have their 1st climax.

But mummy what would you think finding out how young our daughter can become pregnant by her daddy? Would you like me to impregnate you and her over and over with my manly dick milk?

Fuck yes fuck yes. Mother and daughter pregnant at the same time. And what if any sons we have, we make them impregnate me so that our sons will be young fathers of their brothers haha. Well i love how your kinky mind is working sue but now its time to begin, i want to taste my daughters cunt right now.

Sue had her back against the headboard while i lay back against her with my head slightly lower than hers.

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This so that sue can hold tinas legs apart and still get a great veiw of daddy licking and sucking a 2mnth old pussy. end part 1