Astounding girl engulfing cock in pov makes hot eye contacts

Astounding girl engulfing cock in pov makes hot eye contacts
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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. "Good morning; how's my favorite daddy today?" It was my daughter, Jennifer. She called me every day and started the conversation the same way each time.

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"Well, Honey, I guess I'm doing fine. I already had two cups of coffee, took a good crap and now I'm fixing breakfast for me and… my 'house guest.' Y'all on your way home?" It was common practice for Cassie, Jen's step-daughter, to stay with me when Jen and Gary travelled, which was every weekend.

They always took little Jack with them, but Cassie worked on Saturdays. We all felt safer if Cassie wasn't home alone. She snickered and asked if Cassie had stayed up all night watching sci-fi movies. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had fucked the girl twice during the night. Bringing her to orgasm four or five times had, literally, knocked her out. She had rolled out of bed, only a few minutes before Jen called.

She had been my first virgin 'pop' since my wife, many years ago. The girl loved to pick on me while I talked on the phone, so she came into the kitchen, dropped to her knees and inhaled my cock.

"She was still awake when I went to bed, but I was pretty tired. She might have watched TV, but she was quiet if she did. Uhn &hellip. So how's my baby girl today?" I had a problem keeping my emotions from getting vocal when the head of my dick hit Cassie's tonsils.


As I clenched my teeth, Jen told me that Cassie needed to come home and watch her little brother for a while, unless she could drop him off at my house, too.

I just said, "Sure, bring him on. What time?" It would be another hour & a half, so I told her, "Fine, see ya in a little while." I hung up the phone and put a little pressure on the back of Cassie's head. She always had a slight problem deep-throating, unless there was some extra force applied. Less than five minutes later, my load of warm cum was sliding down her throat, toward her stomach. "Not much of a breakfast, Pops.

I guess you haven't had time to replenish from last night. Coffee ready?" As we sat on the screened porch, I reflected on the events that led to our incestuous affair. At 44, I reveled in the fact that a 19yr old was totally receptive to any and all of my sexual desires. Cassie wasn't as pretty, or as well built, as her older sister but she can fuck like a nympho… always ready for more. About a year ago, not long after she finished high school, I happened to glance out of the kitchen window and saw Cassie walking, slowly, toward my house.

When Jen and Gary (who is 11yrs older than her) got together, Jen moved in with him and his daughters. His home was only a couple blocks from mine, so it was fairly common for the girls to walk back and forth. Since a failed lung transplant took my wife's life, they had been a big comfort to me. I had, actually, fantasized about fucking Shelly, Cassie's big sis, many times. Many of the wads of cum-filled Kleenex in my trash cans were the results of jacking off to those fantasies.

Cassie's skinny body and plain face didn't draw many boys, so she contented herself with her family and her job. But on that day, as she listened to her Ipod through her ear buds and danced toward my house, I wondered&hellip. I was naked, as I usually am when I'm home alone. I wondered if Cassie had ever seen a naked man, or even a man's cock. I quickly grabbed a towel and wet my hair in the kitchen sink. I turned directly facing the open window in the door that led onto the porch.

When she reached the steps, I 'dried' my hair with the towel; my dick half-hard in anticipation. Sure enough, as I peeked through the openings of the towel, I could see Cassie watching every move I made.

She stood to one side of the window, so as not to be so noticeable. Twice, I dropped the towel and stepped a little closer each time I picked it up. It was plain to see that Fat Boy was the only thing she was watching, so I shook it a few times and pulled on it until it was nearly a full hard-on.

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She shrugged back a little so I wouldn't see her as I walked past the door and into my bedroom, where I jacked a little harder as I thought about how to get her clothes off, too. When she knocked, I slipped a thin robe on and greeted her, "Hi, sweetheart! I didn't know you were coming over. You want a Pepsi or something?" It was hard to keep her eyes off the tent my cock had pushed up. I took notice and apologized, "Uh… sorry about that, Honey.

When I'm here by myself, I usually don't wear clothes at all.


I guess I was thinking about… well, you can probably imagine what I was thinking about… sorry." "Were you thinking about Moms?" 'Moms' was what the girls used to call my late wife. "Naww… just thinking about a movie I watched last night. I'm so sorry; I hope you're not mad or embarrassed." She just smiled, took the Pepsi from my hand and walked into the living room. She loved to sit in the floor, in front of my recliner, when we visited. Often, she would turn her back to me and scoot back against the chair while we watched TV.

She waited for me to sit first, then plopped her skinny little butt in front of me. "Umm… can I see it, Pops?" "Whut? Uh… noooo. I'm way too old to be showing my junk to teenagers. Besides, you're too young and pretty to be checking out old men, too." "You're not old, Pops. And I'm not so pretty, either. If I was as pretty as Shelly, several guys, probably, would have already shown me their peckers. I've only seen one grown one, plus little Jack's.

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Please show it to me." This was going better than I had expected, "I believe I told you 'no', my dear. That's just NOT something grandpas do to their kids." I was a little amused when she changed her tactic, "Fine, what movie did you watch?" "Huh?" "You said you were thinking about a movie. That's what caused this." Her hand reached up and squeezed my cock, which had begun to soften.

That squeeze rushed it back to full attention, though. She drew her hand back as quickly as she had she had grabbed it.

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"C'mon, Pops, that's the first one I ever felt, and you're robe was in the way." "You said you've seen one more." "A while back, I walked into Dad's bedroom. He was asleep, but his pecker was flopped out in plain sight.

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I just looked for a minute, then left. I never have seen a hard one. C'mon, pleeeeeease…" "No, but about the movie… it was actually a porn video on my computer. I'm sure you've seen a lot of them, too." "Porn videos? Noooo… I've seen a few sex scenes in movies, but all they ever show is boobs and butts. If you won't show me your pecker, tell me where I can watch the videos." I told her there were lots of sites, but XNXX had thousands and thousands; and they were pretty safe, as far as viruses and malware, "I'll pull one up on my laptop, but listen to me… very carefully… do NOT ever tell your dad or Jen.

Legally, you're old enough to see anything you want, and do anything you want. Just don't let them know you learned about this stuff from your Pops." I watched Cassie's eyes as she sat, laptop in hand, and watched how much teen girls enjoyed getting their pussies, mouths and assholes pounded by their dads and grandfathers.

She was mesmerized by the difference in the daughters' bodies and the sizes of hard cocks. I was sure that her big sister, Shelly, had been having sex for a while, and had assumed she had explained a lot of things to Cassie. I guess not. As she watched a grandpa fuck his granddaughter, doggy style, I untied my belt, exposed my cock and balls, and waited for her to look up.

When she did, her mouth gaped open. "Careful opening up that wide, Honey, you might get a big mouthful of man meat. Especially since you lied to me." "Huh?" "You said you've only seen one full grown cock. That's a lie. You already saw this one, this morning, when you were peeking through the kitchen door." She slid the laptop onto the floor, rose to her knees, took ol' Fat Boy in her hand and started her inspection, "Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you, Pops." After watching the videos, she knew to stroke it up and down.

She looked at me, then at my dick, then me again, then opened her mouth… fifteen seconds later, my precious Cassie tasted her first blast of warm cum. She never even tried to hold it or spit it out. I was a proud Pops. "I want to be naked with you, Pops." She stripped in seconds and sat her tight, narrow ass on the arm of my chair.

"Will you fuck me now, pleeeease, Pops?" "That's another no-no, Honey. That would be full blown incest and it's against the law, even if you're of age. Here, just sit on my lap and rub back and forth.

When I get hard again, we can try something else." Her bony legs fit perfectly between my own, and the big, padded arms of my chair. As much as I love seeing slick, smooth, shaven pussies, I thought her thick, brown bush was hot as hell. I was pleased to find out her tits were sensitive. The more I fondled, kissed and sucked on them, the hornier she became. I was stiff, again, in just a few minutes. When her rubbing got a little more intense, I realized she was masturbating on my shaft… it was time.

As she started to moan loudly and jammed her cunt against me, I managed to work one hand down, grab my cock and line it up with her hole. SCORE! She was so wet that I slid into, and through, her cherry on the first thrust.

She only let out a quiet, "Ow," but never stopped humping. In contrast, she yelled out as her orgasm hit, "OH, OOH! OH GOD, POPS! AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, FUCK MEEEE, FUCK MEEEEEeee, AAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Oh, my God that felt soooo good.

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Oh, shit! I could do that all day. Can we do it all day? Pleeeeeease?" I kept up doing my part and told her, "We're not through, yet, young lady. When you fuck this man, we both get to unload. You sucked one batch out of me, but the next load goes in your sweet, sweet pussy… where it belongs; and we're gonna fuck until it does." "Yay!

I can't believe this feels so good, Pops. Can we do it like the grandpa and his girl was doing?" Quickly, I told her to get on her knees in my chair. I stood behind her and shoved my 'blood and pussy juice' covered cock back in place.

Less than a minute later, her hot snatch was leaking more fluids as she came again. That time, she thrashed the hell out of my recliner for several minutes. As she collapsed in a heap, I could feel my nuts begin to tighten. We discovered later that I left bruises on her hips, as my grip held her ass against me, when blasting her womb with stream, after stream, of hot cum. That, dear readers, is the way it started. Fortunately, Cassie understands the importance of birth control and … confidentiality.

Since we started fucking, a little over a year ago, she's been laid by two boyfriends. Truth be known, they probably got laid by her.

She says she was disappointed by their performance and came directly to Pops for more, after both dates . When we finished our coffee, we could hear the noise of Jen's diesel pickup coming down the street. Cassie grabbed her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. I slipped into my jeans and a t-shirt, and left the porch to greet my 4yr old grandson. After reflecting on our very first fuck session, I could hardly wait for Jen's appointment to be over and Jack to go back home.

Today, I plan on giving Cassie her fourth lesson on anal.