Chubby granny screwed in her hairypussy

Chubby granny screwed in her hairypussy
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I nibbled on her nipple. It was firm, the brown stub eliciting from her lips groans each time my tongue flicked across it. I took in my hands her C cup and massaged the chocolate mounds. She squirmed a little, the towel we lay on crunching up slightly on the soft powdery sand on the shore.


The water lapped as the monotonous crash of the waves tried to mask her sounds. The entire shore line was deserted. It was late in the evening. The sun was touching the horizon casting a scarlet glow across the expanse of the Atlantic.

I was lost in pleasuring my wife. She was eager to be pleasured pushing her body up against mine, her mound brushing against my abs, the tuff of hair blanketing it soft and ticklish. Her hands were in my hair, playing with the curls, toying with them as I continued to tease her breasts moving from one to the other then to her neck, suckling onside further bringing sweet joyous cries from her throat.

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I whispered in her ear, "I want you." "Take me!" She purred. "Take me now." I moved down between the valley of her breasts and stomach trailing the way with my tongue. She arched her back to greet its arrival at her mound the closely cropped carpet of her pubic hair brushing against my tongue.


Using my fingers I parted her lips and sought out her clit with my tongue. I pulled back and for a moment admired the sight. Her chocolate complexion, accentuated the rouge of her clit and inside the sweet folds of her dark lips.

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A sliver of white milky juice oozed from inside. I kissed her clit and suckled it like a calf on a mother's nipple. I suckled hard and long.

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A cool breeze rose off the ocean bringing with it the raw scent of the ocean. Goose bumps rippled across her flesh, sending tiny hairs standing at attention. She shivered from the chill of the breeze but also from the rising heat inside her body. She moaned and shuddered violently with her back arched. She came and loudly. I pulled back and sat on my ankles.

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I admired her slim shape, the curve of her hips and the roundness of her breast. The sat slightly askew as gravity pulled them slightly away from the middle, though she was still young and that held them firm. I licked my lips. She stared at me, the shadow of the night washing over her face as it did mine.

The coconut tree under which we lay swayed and serenaded us.

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I crawled towards her and she rolled over, glancing back at me as she pushed her ample rump up. I could feel my mouth watering as I thought about loosing my shaft between the two pieces of flesh. I placed my hand on one cheek each massaging slowly. She closed her eyes and cooed. I spread her cheeks and in the fading light made out the pucker of her ass hole, it was tight and it twitched a cherry amidst the chocolate desert.

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Her pussy was wet from my licking and from her juices, her lips were open and I could barely make out some of the rouge that rivaled the glow of the fading sun. I lowered myself into her pussy laying on her, feeling her rump against my hips. I stroked her slowly at first sliding one hand around and under her to parting her lips and teasing her clit and with the other I took hold of he breast and squeeze.

"Uhhhh! Hmmmmm!" She exclaimed as my finger touched her clit. I pushed deeper and harder.


I pumped her faster and faster and soon was caught in the sweet rhythm of sex my shaft slamming repeatedly into her welcoming cavern of love. I pulled my hand from under her breast and her clit and sat up my hands on her ass again stroking her still.

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I spread her cheeks. In the shadow I could not see her or myself but in images past I could see it in my mind as I closed my eyes.

I could see her puckered cherry of and ass hole twitching deliciously each time my shaft disappeared into that wonderful creation. Merely fat and muscle and membranes oozing mucus it was amazing how that hole between her legs could send such pleasure across my shaft. She arched upwards, pressing her ass against me and I pushed back, pursing my lips, breathing hard as I approached the precipice and in one last lurch fell.

I fell hard and fast into the canyon of ecstasy and orgasmic reward as my cum rushed from me in waves like the ones lapping on the shores.

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Falling onto her I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. "I love you." "Hmmm," was her response and a kiss. We lay on the shore for hours after the sun was gone allowing the light of the heavens to bath us. She nuzzled my neck and I caressed the curve of her back my finger trailing up and down her spine tickling the meat over her tail bone even venturing further to her hot ass hole and damp pussy.

"Hmmm," rose from her lips as a reward. "You're naughty." She said. "You have no idea," I said and under the twinkle of the stars like diamonds set in a black velvet bed as we again delved into the pleasures of each other's bodies.