Giving blonde wife pleasuring her man

Giving blonde wife pleasuring her man
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Fbailey story number 168 Bust In The Mouth When I was a kid my Aunt Betty would always give me big hugs and squeeze me into her hard and hold on to me for a very long time until I squirmed to get away.

She had really big boobs and I was way to young to enjoy it. Aunt Betty was or is fifteen years older than I am, so when I became ten she was twenty-five and I was just tall enough so that my head fit right into her enormous cleavage. She loved it too. After that every chance that Aunt Betty got she would press my head into her big tits just to watch me squirm away all embarrassed. I was afraid to be alone in a room with her. Then one day when I was twelve and Aunt Betty was twenty-seven I told my father about it and he just laughed at me.

He said that even though she was his youngest sister he would love to rub his nose into her cleavage. Needless to say my mother has small boobs. Well when I was thirteen I started to enjoy it when Aunt Betty let me put my nose in her cleavage. She always smelled so good. I didn't know why until I saw my mother spray perfume down her blouse one evening before she went out.

I saw mom spray her crotch too. That evening Aunt Betty stayed with me while my parents went out. She wasn't exactly my babysitter but she was there to make sure that I didn't burn the house down making hot chocolate or something.

Before dad had even gotten the car out of the driveway Aunt Betty grabbed me and shoved her tits into my face but this time I grabbed her around her waist and snuggled into her bosom. That surprised her but she didn't try to get away. I kept my face in my Aunt's cleavage for a good ten minutes.

Aunt Betty just moaned as if she were enjoying herself sexually or something. When I backed up Aunt Betty unbuttoned two of her buttons on her blouse, separated the material, and pulled me back in. This time I kissed her exposed breasts. I tried to kiss it all and she let me.

She leaned back on the couch and just let me go. After I kissed everything that was exposed I exposed some more and she let me. Before long her entire blouse was unbuttoned and pushed back over her shoulders with me still kissing her tittie flesh.

Next I was trying to get her breasts out of her bra so that I could kiss more of her. Aunt Betty cooperated by reaching behind and unhooking her bra for me.

Then she allowed me to take it off and go after her breasts with a new fascination. I had never seen a girl's nipple or the areola before and it was intriguing. When Aunt Betty told me to suck on them I did and she really liked it too.

I think I sucked her nipples for an hour before she finally asked me to stop. Apparently they had gotten very tender. She had me go back to kissing her entire breasts again. Those globular wonders were something to behold. I got to kneed them and move them around. I even got to smash them together. Before my parents got home I had gotten a lesson in how to unhook bras and hook them back up again.

Aunt Betty took me up to my mother's bedroom and let me try to hook and unhook several different bras even though they didn't fit Aunt Betty very well. Her tits were just way too big for mom's bras.

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I learned about front clasps and back clasps. I found out that there could be as little as just one or two hooks and as many as five or six too. I also found out that new bras were a little easier to undo than the older bras were.

Aunt Betty even had me try it one handed through her blouse and I was able to undo it. She warned me that I would probably get in trouble if I unhooked a girl's bra in school like that though. When mom and dad came home I was up in bed already jerking off to thoughts of my Aunt Betty. The next time that mom and dad went out I begged them to have Aunt Betty stay with me.

Aunt Betty let me worship her bare breasts for a while then she taught me to kiss. Between kissing her lips and kissing her breasts my lips were almost worn out. Her nipples got a working out and she had a great time of it too. Aunt Betty loved spending time with me like that and I with her. My following lessons included slow dancing, small talk, copping a feel and how to give body and foot massages. Of course I got to kiss her and suck her nipples too.

She said that she was preparing me to become a fine lover and a lady's man, whatever that was. For my fourteenth birthday Aunt Betty invited me out on a real date. My mother thought that it was cute. At that time my Aunt Betty was twenty-nine years old.

We went straight to a motel. She said that she already had a pizza and a six-pack of soda waiting for me in her room. She just drove around to the back of the motel and took me down a long corridor to her room. Once inside Aunt Betty dead bolted the door and then told me to enjoy the pizza while she freshened up.

She took a little overnight bag into the bathroom with her. By the time Aunt Betty had come back out I had eaten half of the pizza and drank two of the sodas.

She looked beautiful. She had on a short silk robe that was black and had pink dragons on it. Aunt Betty put on some soft music and started dancing for me. I had seen her dance before but not like that.

She was rubbing her breasts and her ass and even her crotch. It was very suggestive and very sexy. As she danced she slowly removed her silk robe. Aunt Betty was wearing a pastel pink negligée that was transparent.

The pink was a very delicate color and hardly noticeable. I think that it was supposed to be that way. It gave her big breasts a nice look. She was wearing matching panties, which did just as little to cover her pubic hair. That was the first time that I had seen Aunt Betty's pubic hair.

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It was the same shade of brown that was on her head. I could see a few stray hairs that had not gotten trapped inside the material of her panties. I was mesmerized by my Aunt Betty's beauty. I had seen her topless many times in the past two years but there was just something special about seeing her in a see through outfit like that. Then Aunt Betty asked me to remove her panties with my teeth.

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Okay! I just dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and reached out with my hands to be told once again to use only my teeth. However when I got close Aunt Betty would move her hips to the side just to tease me. Finally I got my teeth dug into her waistband and she still kept moving and wiggling.

She told me to tear them off of her. She said that she was my present and that I was to tear the wrapping off just like any other present that she had wrapped for me. So like a mad dog I thrashed and shook my head. My teeth dug in and the material tore away.

I had my Aunt Betty on the bed by then and was tearing every bit of those panties off from her. Just as soon as her panties were destroyed I started in on her top. I think I caught her off guard. I don't think she had expected me to go after her top too. She was 'MY' present and I wasn't done unwrapped it yet.

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She giggled as I bit down between her massive breasts and ripped a hole in her top. One of her tits found it's way into that hole so I started sucking on her nipple.


Aunt Betty told me that I couldn't play with my present until I had finished unwrapping it so I did just that. I unwrapped her completely and then she unwrapped me. That was the first time that my Aunt Betty had ever seen my cock. All of our other playing had been with the nudity on her part. Even though I had a hard-on I didn't mind at all. Aunt Betty told me that my next lesson would be to make love to her.

She said that first I just needed to fuck her quickly, cum in her, and get it over with. In fact she said that I might have to do that a few more times before I could calm down enough for a real lesson.

So she got back on the bed and had me get between her legs. With her help I got my cock in her warm wet pussy and she was right I started to cum right away.

I had never been that excited before. Afterwards Aunt Betty told me to keep it in there for a minute. That was all that it took to grow back to a full-blown hard-on. That time I lasted almost two whole minutes. Aunt Betty had me stay right there again. That third time it took longer but then I got to fuck her longer too. I loved my Aunt Betty.

She was so nice to me. I apologized for cumming in her three times in that first fifteen minutes but she said that it was okay. Actually I think that she enjoyed it, especially that third time when she shouted out 'Oh God' so loudly. Apparently dad had worked something out with his youngest sister because Aunt Betty told me that I had all night to practice with her and until noon the next day too.

She said that she had told my father about her gift to me and that he was letting me stay with her. He was taking care of my mother so that she wouldn't get upset. Aunt Betty said that I was her youngest lover ever and that I was her first virgin too.

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After my initial release of all my pent up excitement Aunt Betty took me into the bathroom for a shower. She washed my cock and balls and I got to wash all of her, especially her pussy. As I have stated that was my first opportunity at her pussy and I liked it.

She was hairy and she was slick as I fingered her pussy. Aunt Betty had me poke around in there and find her clit too. She let me poke around in her asshole too and surprisingly that excited us both almost as much as me poking around in her pussy.

Aunt Betty squatted down in the bathtub as the shower sprayed us lightly. In that position she put a lot of shampoo on my hand and told me to poke in all of fingers if I could. At fourteen, I still had kind of small hands so with a little effort I did get my hand up inside her.

Aunt Betty told me that it was called fisting and that I should keep it up until she begged me to stop. I managed to close my fingers into a fist and then rock my knuckles back and forth behind her pelvic bone and stimulate her G-spot.

She had one orgasm after another but she didn't want me to stop. At one point I saw my Aunt Betty pee on my wrist.

It was a dark yellow so I knew what it was but I didn't say anything. It just didn't seem to be gross. So I fisted my Aunt until she begged me to stop. By then she was sobbing uncontrollably from all of the pleasure that I had given her.

She had also collapsed on the bottom of the tub from weakness. I was sure glad that I could straighten out my fingers and get my hand back out. All I could think of was how embarrassing it would be for me to have to call nine one one. As I thought about it I realized that it would be even more embarrassing for my Aunt.


Later she explained that it would have been even worse once they found out how young I was. After Aunt Betty recovered enough to get back on the bed, she taught me to lick her pussy and stimulate her clit orally. Then I got to fuck her again. The whole rest of the night was devoted me getting hard and fucking her. So was the next morning except that time she showed me what a girl could do with oral sex as she gave me my first blowjob. She even let me cum in her mouth too.

Of course she swallowed it and told me that it would be a sin to let any of it go to waste. I hated to leave at noon but we had too.

At home both mom and dad asked me how I had enjoyed my birthday present.

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Dad told us that mom knew all about it. So Aunt Betty and I told mom and dad what a great time we had. Mom seemed a little jealous but accepted the fact that her little boy had grown up. After that Aunt Betty and I had sleepovers every Friday and Saturday night as long as I kept my grades up. You better believe that I kept my grades up. The End Bust In The Mouth 168