Petite lezzies in fisting porn

Petite lezzies in fisting porn
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It is a sad story, but one that happens all too often. I just never thought it would happen to me. I looked down at the casket. The sting of tears burned my cheeks as I tossed the rose in. I looked over at Karen, my daughter's grandmother. She returned my gaze, stone faced. Once again I wondered if there was a human being behind that emotionless mask.

I looked around at those who had come. Most of them I recognized only vaguely, Julies friends from school. Notably missing were her boyfriend, and her best friend. Their funerals were yesterday. There were tears, and lost looks.

Julies band director and the school principal stood side by side near the minister. They both looked haggard. The toll of this dieaster would run far.

I doubted anyone in the school was untouched, hell I doubted anyone in the town was untouched. Things like this just didn't happen, not in Greensboro anyway. The lever that would lower Julie into the ground was right in front of me. The minister nodded. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I couldn't. My hands wouldn't move.

I watched as the minister stepped up beside me and slowly lowered her into the ground. At the last moment I peeled the wedding ring from my hand. The one her mother had placed there nineteen years ago. The one I had worn even after the divorce four years ago.

I looked around one last time, hoping to see Donna rushing up. She wasn't there.

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Not for Julie's sweet sixteen, not for her graduation, not even now. I had forgiven her for it all, at Julies bequest, but not this. Julie would forgive her, I was sure, but not me, there was no forgiveness left inside of me. I dropped the ring. It struck the casket and rolled, circling around to a stop directly over Julie's heart.

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"Let Donna seek forgiveness here." I whispered, "From me she would find none. Not any more." I knew I should wait and greet those who had come, but it wasn't in me.

My heart and soul and all I cared for in this world lay at the bottom of that hole. Nothing and nobody mattered anymore. I turned and walked away into my own sort of darkness. I got into my car and drove away. I thought about going to a bar. Drowning my sorrow in the bottle but that meant dealing with people, people who new what had happened and would want to offer their sympathy. That I couldn't take. I just wanted to get stupid drunk and forget, at least for a little while.

The house was dark. Karen's car was in the drive. I wondered how she beat me home, then I remembered she rode with me. "I'm sure someone will give her a ride." I thought, as I walked into the house. I went straight to the basement, to my office. My little get away. I had built it to get away from Julie and her friends when they played that new age music.

I went inside and locked the door. Straight across the room I walked, not bothering to turn on the lights. I knew this room. I grabbed the bottle of Black Velvet off the shelf, considered a glass but desided against it. I slid down to the floor, opening the bottle as I did. "Get drunk, yeah get drunk and the pain will go away" my mind screamed. I knew better but I took a long swig from the bottle anyway.

I heard a voice in the darkness. My head ached terribly. I wondered how long I had been laying there. The bottle in my hand felt empty, but I wasn't sure. I lifted it to my lips. A few drops was all that was left.


A faint light showed from the doorway, as I heard the voice again. "Paul, Paul are you in here?" A figure was standing next to me. I knew the voice, and the fragrance, like springtime. I looked upward, God my head hurt. "Donna, is that you?


Donna, you're too late." I felt the tears begin again as the figure knelt beside me. I felt her pull me to her bussom."It's gonna be alright." She said.

Her gentle fingers stroke my hair as she held me tight. "Why Donna, why weren't you here?" I cried, and again that voice, soothing and filled with love. "It's going to be alright. Just rest now." "You should have been here." I continued. "I told you I forgave you. I told you it didn't matter. The lies, the affairs, none of it mattered.

You should have been here." I felt her stiffen for a second then she pulled me even tighter to her. Again her soothing words, and her smell. I could feel her breast crushed against me. I felt a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. My hand moved upward to cup the underside of her breast. I slid my thumb along its fullness toward the nipple.

I could hear her breath quicken as I made contact. Love, and anger, hurt and desire, my mind was a jumble of emotions. I felt it spinning out of control and I latched onto the first one I could.

Desire. I turned my face into her, as my hands worked at the buttons of her blouse. Her breathing became more erratic and little gasps escaped her lips. In my drunken darkness all I knew was the need that burned within me. My passion built as I peeled her blouse open, revealing two smooth breast encased in a lace bra.

Her blouse pushed out of the way, I reached behind her and unhooked the bra, releasing those magnificent melons for me desire. I licked first one then the other, as more gasps of pleasure resounded in the dark. I looked up into the face of my angel and I froze. There, holding me tight to her bossom in the dark was Karen.

I started to pull away, but she pulled me back to her. "It's alright Paul." she said again. "It's alright." She guided my mouth to her breast and I took it in, my body taking over. "Yes!" she moaned, "Ohhhh yesss!" I felt her hand undoing my pants, reaching in and grasping my swollen cock.

She began to slowly stroke my cock.


"Ohhh! Yess!", she moaned as she pushed my head downward toward her groin. I reached out with my hand and undid her slacks. She arched upwards as I eased her slacks down. There was an urgency to her movements as she thrust herself against me. She slide downward making her way toward my pulsing cock, at the same time sliding on top of me positioning her cunt directly over my face. With a will of it's own, my tongue snaked out to her cunt lips.

Her smell driving me beyond reason as she thrust downward, smothering me. A moment later I felt my cock engulfed in what felt lick liquid fire as she swallowed me whole. I couldn't believe that this austre woman was deep throating my cock and at the same time fucking my face.

There was an intenseness to her movements as she guided my cock in and out of her hungry mouth, at the same time she ground her cunt into my face so hard, it felt like I was suffocating. I didn't care, breathing could wait. What I needed right now was release. Again she slid me cock down her throat, this time coming back up slowly while sucking with incredible force. I felt my balls tighten as she repeated her movement. The third time she did it she brought her mouth all the way to the tip, then began to swirl her tongue around the head.

It was pleasure bordering on pain as she sucked on my cock for all she was worth. It felt like she was sucking my insides out through my dick. I Tried holding back, but I knew it was useless as she began strocking the base of my cock while keeping her mouth latched to the head.

I felt my balls tighten as the avalanche of my orgasm overtook me. With an upward thrust I pierced her throat as I erupted, my jism spewing forth into her hungry mouth.

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She kept on sucking until the last spasm rocked through me. At the same time she ground her cunt into me with even more urgency. I could sense her climax building as her juices began flowing freely. Suddenly she sat bolt upright, grinding her cunt into my face, her back arched. My nose was pressed against her asshole ass she shook uncontrollably. "Ohhh God, yesss!" she screamed as wave after wave of her juices flooded me.

It felt like I was drowning in a river of her juices. "Yes, Paul. Eat my cunt. Yessss!" She kept grinding her cunt into meuntil I had to push her aside, gasping for air.

"Oh my god!" she said, "Please Paul, take me now. Shove that gorgeous cock of yours into me. I need to feel it." I wasn't sure that I could get another erection so quickly, but she wasn't taking no for an answer.

She climbed on top of me and grabbed my semi-erect cock and began rubbing it against herself. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, kneading them. I felt my cock start to respond to Karens manipulation.

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Not that it mattered. At this point I think she would have fucked me evn if I stayed soft. "Yesss, slide it in. Shove that wonderful cock into me." she cried out.

"Oh, ohhhh. Yes, I need it, I need you to fuck me. Please, please fuck me." her voice began to waver as she began riding me. Her tits shook in my hands as she pounded her pelvis into mine. There was no gentleness, no restraint, just pure raw lust. Her hands were pressing against my chest as she rode me. I tried to grab her hips, tried to control the pace but she would not have it. She bucked wildly, totally out of control.

I felt her cunt begin to spasm, felt the juices begin to splash yet she seemed to only go faster.

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"Ohhh god, ohhhh god, ohhhh, ohhhh ohhhh YES!" she screamed, so loud I bet the neighbors could hear it. She drove down hard onto me, grinding her hips against me, forcing my cock as deep as it would go. The spasms started to subside, but she only ground harder. Suddenly the spasms restarted with a vengance, even stronger. Her whole body shook as another orgasm overtook her even before the previous one had subsided. I felt my cock head push against her cervix and she stiffened.

"Oh my god yes, ohhhh fuck me, fuck me, FUUUCK MEEEE!" Her cunt churned and twisted, the muscles in a continuous series of spasms that pulled at my cock, milking it. She fell against me, her cunt still spasming, still contracting around my cock. Her tits pressed hard against my chest, her lips sought mine. Her tongue dove into my mouth, there was no tenderness here. As her tongue snaked its way into my mouth, she began to suck, It felt like she was drawing the life out of me.

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I felt my cock twitch, felt the onset of my orgasm. Felt her pull on my tongue even harder. Then it happened, my cock let loose with a shower of come, blasting her insides. I felt the darkness overtake me as she continued to draw my life out of me from both ends.

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I woke in darkness. My head ached terribly. I felt around me. The empty Black Velvet bottle lay next to me. I wondered if what had happened had just ben a dream. I realized my pants were off, and I knew, it had been no dream.