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Anushka Shetty hot Saree Changing amp_ exposing her body
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~ Just to let everyone know this story is a bit more edgy then my usual, just be warned~ Casey finished dressing just in time as Tyler stormed into the dorm. He spoke to Casey as Casey saluted "Casey I need you to sit with the seniors in their dorm, bring these two if you have to, ax has run into some kind of issues at the girl's academy and I have to go, we will be back shortly".

Casey would notice that Tyler was in full dress uniform and armed. The cadet captains and executive officers had the option of being armed although Jax and Tyler rarely were. He left the dorm and Casey and the two began walking to the senior's dorm.

Tyler hoped into one of the black H1 academy vehicles, the girl's academy was just across the lake but it was a short ride. When he arrived at the school he noticed Jax loading the unruly cadets onto the bus. He quickly walked up to Jax sliding him a soft cased covered ruger .45 pistol.

"What's going on Jax?" Jax turned to face him once all the cadets were on the bus "well a few of the girl's parents found out that there were having a dance and it involved our academy and they don't like." he would be interrupted by a loud man. The larger man was flanked by two others, the two were also fairly large and carry what looked like lead pipes and the leader of this little crew carried a large hunting knife which was sheathed.

The large man spoke "Yeah he is right… we don't think your kind should be here…bringing those rotten little bastards here!" He continued "you bring those criminals here?" Jax turned to face the man "sir the gray rock academy is a fine school, and sure our students may have made mistakes in the past… but let's be honest your girls are also in a setting of a academy and on the road to recovery and paying for their mistakes.


Let me clear on a few matters sir, we are officers' of the gray rock academy and our cadets are our first concern of all matters, so take that as a warning if you want". The man didn't like hearing this and continued to be unruly and cursed about the two having ranked and how they weren't real soldiers.

At this point Jax turned to get on the bus as the large man grabbed his jacket and spoke "A real soldier wouldn't have turned his back out of respect and the fact that I'm armed." Jax smiled as the man flashed the knife "as a real soldier I learned to trust the loyalty of team" and he gestured toward Tyler.

The man couldn't turn his face because the cold black steel of a muzzle was pressed to his cheek. "The safety of my fellow officers' is also my concern sir." As he spoke the other two men back away, almost turning and running.

Tyler spoke again " but apparently you and them know nothing of loyalty…so you have two choices here siryou let him go and then you apologize to my fellow officer, friend, and mentor, as well as our cadets and then you leave…or I press the barrel of this .40 caliber smith and Weston, with a five inch vented barrel, which means I can unload this fifteen round clip into your face and get hit by the last round before you even feel the first one, and then you let go of his jacket because your head is all over this sidewalk." The large man quickly dropped he knife to the ground and backed off "the police will hear about this" he turned and hustled off.


Jax and Tyler would look at each other for a min. Meanwhile Casey sat playing poker with a few of the cadets. He would laugh "aright boys …full house". He would begin to pull the chips to himself as max grabbed his hand and flopped his cards down with the other hand "straight flush .sir" he would grin and pull the chips toward himself.

The other cadets were reading, sleeping and two were watching a movie on Casey's laptop. The two watching the movie sat sideways with their feet hanging off the top bunk.

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They both sat shirtless and wearing their issued black mesh shorts. One cadet was James, probably the biggest pervert in the entire academy. Sam, the other cadet had a different reputation.

Sam had the reputation of having the largest member out of all the cadets at gray rock. James would switch the movie for some lesbian porn. The movie was getting extremely hot as on girl rode the face of the other.

Sam smirk over at James as James hand slide to the thigh of Sam and began caressing it gently, he was only at the middle of Sam's thigh when he felt Sam's cock already stiffing.

They had only minum privacy being on the top bunk. James was already trying to reach up the pant leg of Sam's shorts. Sam thick monster was stretching the black mesh cloth. Sam spoke "this isn't working" and his pushed James hand off before he turned and yelled for Casey "hey Casey?" Casey would look up as max scooped another winning pot away from him. Sam spoke again "I don't feel well, could I go to the infirmary?" Casey would look at max and the poker game "I can't really leave right um now.perhaps ya could wait until another officier returns to take you because I don't want you walking the trails at nite alone".

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Sam spoke "couldn't like James walk with me my stomach really hurts?" Casey agreed and the two got dressed and left, but they ditched the trail and went to the kitchen and climbed into one of the opened windows. Sam looked around for a min before he turned to say something but was immediately met by James who wrapped his arms around Sam's neck and began kissing him, Sam would push him off "ew dude.i aint gay.Just heard you suck dick and I'm trying to get my dick wet".

James nodded before turning around and walking into the fridge and returning with his hands behind his back. He told Sam to lay on the counter as he also climbed up on the counter and crawled up to Sam, pulling his shorts off. "Jesus Christ and it's not even hard yet Sam?" Sam just smiled; his cock was close to five inches and wasn't even beginning to grow. James lifted Sam's shirt up and now showed what he was concealing it was a can of whipped cream and sprayed some on Sam's jacked up abs, as he began to lick and sucks on Sam's tight tummy.

Sam relaxed his body and laid back as James moved farther down and put more whipped cream on his body licking it off as he took that thick semi hard cock into both hands and began making out with the tip. Sam was moaning out "oh god…yeah" his cock was totally hard now and James hands couldn't fit totally around it and certainly couldn't fit more than 5 inches in his mouth, he held the extra in both hands and jerked then up and down.

Sam stopped and pulled him off that tree trunk sized with a small pop, he took the can of whipped cream and got onto all four and reached back so spray some on his ass.

James just sat there for a min not sure on what to do as Sam told him to lick his ass. James spoke "ummm…I'm not really sure". Sam whined some and asked him again. James sighed and starred for a min before leaning over and kissed gently on Sam's ass and softly licked at it, before long James was really getting into licking and poking his tongue at Sam's ass. Sam's upper body was laying flat with his hands stretched out practically digging into the counter as James dug into his ass "Ohhhh…oh yeah baby…eat it up… eat that ass" he would whine out.

Sam's rock hard hefty meat hung downward, all ten and a half fat inches. James reached under and begin pulling and tugging on Sam's cock as if milking a cow. Sam would move to pull away from James and stand next to the counter as he pulled James to sit on the edge of the counter with his legs spread.

Sam would reach over the counter and grab a bottle of olive oil and begin smearing some of it on jam's ass, James would watch and smile.

Sam began sliding one of his fingers deep in and out of James ass as he lowered his head and began to swallow James's cock. James would put his hands on the back of Sam's head and bucking his hips upward as a second finger was pushed into his ass.

James was very vocal and was moaning loudly. Soon James was tensing up as a third and then a fourth finger was working in and out of his ass.

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Sam would suck harder trying to get James mind off his ass as he worked it over getting it ready for his horse cock. Sam would suddenly take his hands and put them on James thighs as James sat up and pressed down on the back of Sam's head and began Cumming and filling Sam's mouth. Sam would continuously swallow as each spray unloaded into his mouth. Sam would drink down every drop before standing and pressing James to lie back onto his back and would jerk off his own cock with the oil and lube himself up.

That lengthy, wide, and colossal member was shinny and glistening in the moon light as James bite his lower lip and Sam's began pressing his head against that tight rim, James would press onto Sam's chest telling him to stop that it hurt too much.

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Sam would wait a min and then begin trying again, this time he gave a short hard thrust that enormous head pop into James ass as he yelped out in pain. With his throbbing mushroom shaped head buried in James ass Sam's would join him on the counter, laying between them spread legs humping slightly working more and more of that gigantic cock into James. James was trying to shove back or even hold Sam's hips as he began jabbing that beast into his ass.

Sam just kept shoving, pushing, and working himself deeper and deeper as James now bite into Sam's upper chest and dug his fingers into Sam's back, like he was a woman being fucked for the first time. Sam was close to half of his length into James when James cried out for him to stop. Sam would stop and look down at James giving him a min to get used to the stretching; he would lean down and begin kissing him, their tongue twisting together roughly.

Sam would reach under James and grasps his ass lifting it up against his body as he began slowly fucking into James ass. After a few mins Sam would sit up, placing James legs on his hips and now watched as he pumped the eight he could get into James, in and out of that snug asshole. Sam's body was just as amazing as his notice James was, mostly smooth and tan with a dark little patch of pubes.

Both boys were now moist with sweat and breathing heavy as Sam took hold of his outsized dick and pulled out of James and help James turn to his stomach on the counter and then mounted up behind him.

He got back into the motion of pumping into James ass, his groin smashing into James bubble butt making a slight slapping noise. Sam felt his body begin to tense as he put both of his hands on James shoulders blades pinning him as he pushed himself up to the point of where James was used to about eight inches and then began forcefully pushing the last two and half inches in as James screamed out and Sam suddenly felt something pull and his cock then slid easily into James who was now whimpering.

Sam literally tore up into James and fucked him with the entire ten and half inches before sliding out and rubbing the length up and down that boy crack and began to erupt all over the small of James muscular back. Sam noticed the dark red streak along the side of his monster dick as he discharged what seemed like a pint of cum on James back. He stood up and left James laying on his stomach as he got dressed "umm Ill see ya back at the dorm…thanks". Sam would leave as James laid there breathing heavy.

James spoke to himself as he began to get up and get dressed, limping as he put his shorts back on and walked out of the kitchen.

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"Man…I love GRAY ROCK" he would say.