Cdzinha safada brincando com os melhores cuzinho

Cdzinha safada brincando com os melhores cuzinho
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Thanks all readers also special thanks for the comments. Sorry I wasn't able to add ideas given by my readers in this chapter but I promise they will be added in next chapter. Hoping you enjoy this chapter and please comment how you feel about this one. I pulled out and rolled Tina over I was close to cumming again and need to finish, so I plunged into Tina and fucked her till I shot my juice into her.

She shuddered as she felt the hot cum splash into her and orgasamed again herself. Then we all collapsed onto the cum soaked sheets. Each of us sticky with the others juices. We woke a little later, each of us not wanting to wake the others. I was able to see the clock and decided that we had better start getting ready or we would miss our dinner reservations. I extricated myself from the tangle of bodies and woke the girls up. "Get up!

Time for another shower or we'll go to dinner smelling like dried cum." I announced. Both girls started to move before Tammy stretched lazily and asked "Will you fuck me again before dinner?

I really like it." Both Tina and I laughed and told her later we were short on time. She started to pout and stayed on the bed. I was not about to have this little slut make us late for the evening I had planned so I approached the bed with my dick swinging. She thought I was going to give in as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I surprised her moving very quickly, I grabbed her arms and pulled her onto my lap, belly down and ass in the air and I gave her 4 hard smacks on the bare ass.

She squealed and when I released her she jumped up and ran to Tina. Tina looked at her, laughed and said "don't hide behind me. Next time do as you're told and you won't get spanked." "I think she liked it!" I said "Maybe she wants more." And I started to move toward her.

She squealed again and ran into the bathroom. "No more, no more I'll be good. See I'm starting the shower." She called out. We could hear the water running and Tina and I both headed for the bathroom to join her. We all got into the big shower and started to soap each other up. Soon we finished washing and started to get into a little play.

I squeezed some tit, and rubbed some pussy. While the girls playfully argued over who got my cock next. Tammy surrendered and hugged her sister. "Thanks for sharing with me. I loved it and I love you for it. Oh, and thanks for helping. I really like when you were eating my pussy while he was fucking me." Tina told her.

Then she turned and hugged me and told me, "Thanks for being so good to me. No matter what I will always remember my first time as a very special man with a wonderful cock." With that she went to her knees in the shower and sucked my dick into her mouth for a little bit of action. While she was doing that, Tina embraced me, and with a kiss also thanked me.

Then she squealed and jumped. While she had been kissing me Tammy came off of my cock and licked her sister. She ran her tongue up her sisters slit. Then she stood up and said "I'll finish you both later. That was just a little sample." With that she left the shower grabbed and towel and started to dry herself.

Tina and I followed suit. Once we were dry the girls left to get dressed and I wanted to shave before going out. I finished taking care of things and walked out to find both girls dressed. They were each wearing slacks and decent blouses. We could have gotten into the restaurant and even the club the way they were but I wanted to show them off. "Those clothes won't do." I said "get undressed we'll have to find something better for you" Both of their faces went from smiles to crestfallen.

"But his is the best we brought." Tina said. "I guess that's why I bought these." I announced as I brought the dresses I had bought out of the closet. A look of wonder followed by a squeal of delight from both girls as they grabbed the dresses. They quickly stripped out of their clothes and as they started to pull the new dresses on, "No bras or panties." I admonished them.

They each looked at me a little apprehensively but complied. When they were dressed I looked them over and got an instant hardon.

The dresses were identical. Cut low in the front with a plunging line between the breasts that went halfway to the navel, short too, they were just long enough to cover their buns. The operative here is just, just barely long enough to cover them.

If they bent over or stretched their legs too much walking they would be exposed. Lastly they were tight all around. They looked each other over and then looked at me, expectantly. "How do we look?" Tina asked. I didn't answer right away. I just dropped my pants and started stroking my dick.

"I think that means we look OK." Tammy giggled. They looked better than OK. I could have taken them to any 5 star hotel in DC and gotten $1000 a night without trying. I let go of my cock and pulled my pants back up, took each girl by the arm and headed for the door. I was happy. My friend Steve had made the reservations for us. I knew the restaurant and the club.

The food was always great and the service excellent. It was adjacent to and owned by the same people who owned the dance club. The dance club was one of house places where you stood in line at the door and if the girls were pretty enough and if your clothes were right and if you slipped the bouncer enough they let you in. But with most such places if you know the right people there is always another entrance. Steve knew the right people and in this case the other entrance was through the restaurant.

We had an excellent meal of seafood and steak. We all ate until we were bloated them coffee and drinks to settle our food. After an hour and a half of dinner and drinks our waitress told us our table at the club was ready and if we would follow her she would take us there.

She led us through a door and down a short hall and into the VIP balcony at the club where a table was waiting for us. Both girls were suitably impressed that I had the pull to get us even inside much less to a reserved table in the VIP section. The place was just starting to rock. We ordered drinks and watched the crowd for a while before I took both girls down to the dance floor and we did our thing for a.

Finally I was ready for another drink but both girls wanted to stay and dance. So I threaded my way back toward the balcony alone. This was the night I learned an important lesson in picking up women. If you go out alone looking for women you may succeed if you do well that's why they call it "getting lucky". If you go with a good looking women the other women will notice and may approach you. But if you show up with two dynamite foxes you will have your pick of women.

It has something to do with the cattiness women have in them. They want what the other one has. They are worse than guys in this, far worse. I proved this to myself in later years by going to bars and clubs with my female cousins, friends wives whoever.

On the short trip to the balcony from the dance floor I was approached twice by two very very hot women. They both just exuded sex and were obviously very willing. I gracefully declined their invitations.

With a, "maybe later, look for me in an hour or so." Any other place any other time I would have jumped at the chances but tonight I was content with what I had.

Hey, I'm a guy and to a lot of women that makes me a pig, but I am not a hog. I am happy with what I have. I made it back to the table and got my drink and watched the girls dance with each other. They were obviously enjoying themselves and doing everything they could to attract the attention of every guy in the place, wiggling around in their matching short dresses and occasionally bending over a little and giving the whole dance floor a shot of their asses or pussies before they would pull the dress back down.

Two very big teases. After a while the DJ went on break and the girls started back to the table but it seemed as though every guy in the place tried to buy them a drink. They were making no headway through the crowd until Tina pulled Tammy to her and laid a lip lock on her as well as grabbing her ass. Most of the guys who wanted to buy them drinks suddenly disappeared figuring it would be a waste of time. Just about then I noticed someone sitting down at the table with me. I turned and was met by the sight of a really stunning redhead sitting next to me at the table.

"Excuse me. I believe you have the wrong table." I said a little nervously as I knew the girls were on their way. "No I don't. I thought I'd join you since your girlfriends are busy dancing." She responded. "Were busy dancing, they are on their way back and I really would like to avoid trouble." I told her.

Instead of leaving she held out her hand, "Hi, I'm Amy." I took her hand and said "I'm Jack, now please." "Don't worry about them. I'll handle it." she laughed. That is when the girls walked up.

"Excuse me, I think you're in my seat." Tina said with claws fully extended" Then to me. "Get lonely while we were gone?" "Tina, Tammy this is Amy she just sat down." I said hoping to defuse a situation which might end up in me not getting laid again soon. "I just wanted to meet the guy who had such hot and beautiful girlfriends." Amy said "don't worry I wasn't going to try to steal him.

I know I wouldn't have a chance against a pair of hotties like you two. Anyway, I wouldn't want any guy who would be stupid enough to give up you two for me." Oh, she was smooth.

With those few words the claws retracted and they started to preen. She kept it up. Complimenting their dancing, their hair, how gorgeous they were. Soon I started to feel like the odd man out. With those few compliments the three of them started acting like old girlfriends.

Tammy must have sensed that I was starting to feel left out, either that or she wanted to assure her place in the pecking order.

She came over and sat in my lap with an arm around my neck she pulled my head right into her cleavage. Since the girls had calmed down I ordered drinks for all four of us.

We sat and drank and talked till the music started again. Tammy wanted to dance so I went down to the floor with her leaving Tina and Amy alone.

That made me a little nervous. We danced through a couple of songs before Tina and Amy joined us. It was interesting dancing with all three women. They formed a circle around me and Tina and Tammy were not shy about putting there hands on me and touching wherever they felt like. But I was surprised when Amy started laying her hands on my ass and then grinding into me.

Then as Tinastarted to grind her crotch against mine and Tammy joined in I knew I was in for it. I was able to break it off and head back for the table. All three of them followed me and we ordered drinks again and took them out on the deck. It was a second floor deck about 12 ft off the ground where people would go for air or to talk without the music being so loud and since the only way to it was thru the, VIP balcony there were not a lot of people on it.

We migrated over to the side rail and were laughing and talking and drinking. Once again the three girls surrounded me with my back to the rail, Tammy on my right, Tina in the center and our new friend Amy on my left.

Tina set her drink down and put her arms around my neck and started a very passionate kiss. We stood there for a couple of minutes necking, before she released me, then Tammy took over and pretty much the same except being a little bolder in her new found sexuality she groped me as I kneaded her ass with a free hand. Soon she broke off and I suddenly had Amy's lips locked on mine as Tina and Tammy stood by smiling.

The next move was wholly unexpected as when Amy broke away, Tina opened my fly and took my by now very hard dick out and started to suck me off with the other two girls watching. Neither of them wasted any time in getting in close and nuzzling me and kissing when they could. I tried to give equal attention to both as Tina blew me, out here on the deck in full view of the world. With Tina sucking my cock I got worked up pretty quickly and soon had a handful of Tammy's ass in my right hand and was working my finger toward her pussy.

Then I got bold and decided to try the same with Amy but found that although I could get her skirt high enough to get my hand inside she was wearing panties.

About this time Tammy was starting to get visibly excited. I broke my kiss with her and turned back to Amy and nuzzling her neck I told her "My girls aren't wearing underwear and Tammy's glad she isn't right now." Amy looked over at Tammy and started to pull her panties down. When she got them down to her thighs Tina reached up and helped her get them the rest of the way down, never breaking her stride on my blow job.

Then as I looked down she ran her hand back up to Amy's pussy and gently stroked it a bit. She took my dick out of her mouth long enough to say "She has a nice pussy." And she gobbled my cock into her mouth again. Now I went to work on Amy. I slid my hand down her ass and brought my finger to her hole.

I found she was so wet she had juice already running down her legs so I slid two finger right in. She thanked with a moan into my mouth. Then while I was tongue wrestling Amy, I felt Tina come off my dick and move around to my right and Tammy moved to the center and dropped to her knees and started to work my dick into her mouth, opening wide and swallowing it till I hit the back of her throat. I continued to work my fingers in Amy's pussy as I switched my mouth over to meet Tina's as I kissed her I slid my hand into her pussy and began to work her.

While I was busy with Tina I heard a groan from Amy "This is so hot I'm going to cum." And then I could feel her juice running out onto my hand and down her leg. I pulled my mouth away from Tina long enough to say her "Amy just came on my hand." Tina pushed her mouth back to mine and with a moan she came too. Now I felt Tammy come off my dick and stand up and another mouth replace hers. I knew it had to be Amy and I was right.

When I looked down I saw this mass of red hair buried in my crotch. Now I was getting a tag team blow job. I filled my hand with Tammy's ass and pussy and was jacking my two girls while our new friend sucked me off on the outside deck of the dance club.

I did a quick look around and saw a few other people on the deck with us, mostly at the far side. One couple was watching us intently and looking like they were going to get each other off any second. I saw a pair of women glancing our way with what looked like jealous looks and the rest were ignoring the goings on in our corner.

We went like this for a bit. I could tell the girls, all three were being careful not to bring me off just keep me very interested. As I pulled my mouth away from Tammy's once and started to toward Tina. Tammy asked me a question. "Are you going to fuck Amy for us?" I looked into her eyes and saw only passion no jealousy then I looked at Tina and saw the same thing.

"I don't know if she wants me to." I answered. Amy had heard all this and stood up. She still had my dick in her hand and was rubbing it into her pussy as she looked into my eyes and said "There's nothing I want more right now." With that I made a decision and moved her back to the table that was behind her.

She knew immediately what I had in mind as she put her ass up on it and pulled her skirt up exposing a very nice pussy with a mass of flaming red hair on it. "Please fuck me hard and fast." She said as she spread her legs "I want you're cum in me. I want to feel it oozing out of me all night." I plunged my dick into her and found that she was tight. Very tight and I knew I would not last long in this one. As I pumped away I said "This isn't fair. You came already and Tina came, but Tammy hasn't cum yet." "Yes I have.

Once as I was sucking your dick, I fingered myself." Tammy answered with a smile. And once when the four of us were dancing I rubbed myself against Amy's leg to get off. So don't worry about me just fuck her silly." I was already doing my best ramming into her as hard as I could. She was so tight but so wet and smooth. She felt like velvet around my dick. While I was busy banging her Tina slid her hand up under her blouse and was massaging her tits. I suppose Tammy felt left out as seeing this Tammy joined her sister.

With the combined stimulation of my dick sliding into her pussy and the girls paying attention to her tits, she came. She leaked girl cum out all over the table on which I had laid her.

But I wasn't done yet I continued to ram her pussy until I felt that familiar swelling in my dick and cum rushing through my balls and splashing against the inside of her womb. I stood there for a minute recovering from my own orgasm before I pulled my dick out and stuffed it into my pants. Amy was still lying on the table apparently enjoying the high from her own orgasm. I stood there looking down at her exposed red bush and noticed my cum starting to leak out of her pussy.

Tammy apparently saw the same thing as she pushed me out of the way saying, "I'm not going to let that go to waste." As she kneeled down and started to tongue Amy's slit, sucking up all the escaping cum.

Amy just moaned and looked down at Tammy slurping her cunt. "I've never had a woman eat me." she said as she laid her head back onto the table. "I think I've been missing something." Tammy finished cleaning Amy's pussy of my cum and stood up. Amy, now mostly recovered also stood up.

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"You guys are unbelievable. When I got dressed tonight I never imagined that I would end up having sex with a man I never met in public at the club, much less that he would already have two girlfriends and one of them would eat me out while the other played with my tits." She said.

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"We like you. You're going to hang with us some more aren't you?" Tina asked. "You aren't going to just use us for a quick fuck then dump us are you?" Tammy chimed in with that little girl pout on her face. "I would love to hang with you guys the rest of the night, at least." Amy answered. "Good now that that is settled lets go get another drink and do some more shaking on the dance floor." I offered. With that we headed back inside.

The next couple of hours we drank and danced and generally had fun. It took me a little while to realize it but the girls never left me alone after that, or unguarded should I say. If I wasn't dancing at least one of them would be with me, usually on my lap. I mentioned something to Tina about keeping her eye on me. She just smiled and said "We're protecting our stud from all the horny women here. We like Amy and are glad you met her but 5 is a crowd.

Besides those two who were watching us on the deck have been hanging around watching you waiting for a chance and we are not going to give them one" "Well I have to admit that I am glad you want to keep the numbers down because I am not sure I can keep the three of you satisfied much less a 4th or 5th." I laughed.

"We're not worried, we know you can handle the three of us.

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Are we going to invite Amy to come home with us tonight?" She asked. "Do you want me to?" I responded "I think she wants to and Tammy and I want her to?" Tina said "OK then we ask her, are you ready or do you want to stay here a while longer." "Well I don't know about the other two, but I want your dick in me soon.

I have been horny all night. It is so cool to be dancing in these awesome dresses and flashing everybody. I feel like such a slut and I love it. I know Tammy does too. I think she would let you screw her on the dance floor. She has become such a slut!" Tina said. "Sometimes, when I think about it, I find it hard to believe that less than a week ago she had not even seen a cock, much less touched one or had it in her mouth. 6 hours ago she was still a virgin. Now she is begging to be fucked and eating cum out of a pussy and wants more." I wondered aloud Just about then Amy and Tammy joined us from the dance floor.

They had been dancing like crazy and had teased every dick in the place to a raging hardon. As they got to the table each of them jammed their lips against mine and Tina's for some very hot kissing then they switched to the other one of us.

Once they pulled away and sat down I said "I'm getting hungry. How about if we find an all night restraint and grab something. Amy if you'd like we would really like to have you join us." Amy looked at the three of us and a little hesitantly she said, "I 'don't know. I really had fun but I'd don't want to cut in on you guys and get in the way or anything." Tammy started to plead with her, "Please come with us, we really want you too, all of us, right guys." "Jack and I were just talking about it and we want you to know you're very welcome to join us.

We all would like that. But if it's too much or maybe a little overpowering, we understand." Tina interjected. "No it's not that. I just don't want to impose. I mean when I first sat down here I was kind of being a smartass and you girls have been so great to me. I never did anything like this before but I really am having fun and like you guys and I think I like sharing too" Amy said.

"Good then its settled you're coming home with us. Do you have to tell anybody that you are going to be late or early or whatever." Tammy asked. 'My friends already left. They were too drunk to worry about me so let them wonder when they wake up." Amy answered.

With that we gulped down what remained of our drinks and headed out for the car. Tammy slid into the front with me and Amy and Tina got into the back. As we drove I glanced in the mirror and found Amy had her hand in Tina's dress and was massaging her tit while Tina had slipped her hand up Amy's skirt and was playing with her pussy.

When Tammy saw this she did not want to be left out so she undid my pants and began to suck me off while I was driving. I slowed down, partly because I was having trouble paying attention to the road and partly to let her finish because even though I had cum a few hours before I had spent the time since with one or another beautiful sexy woman on my lap and I really need to let loose again.

A couple of minutes later I spotted one of those 24 hr diners you see at the beach, catering to the party crowd in the early morning hours. "Tammy, finish me off please. I really need to cum and we are going to pull into the diner." I said. She started sucking and pumping her hand harder and I shot my cum into her mouth just about the time I pulled into the parking place.

"That was good but now I'm not hungry anymore." Tammy giggled to the other two girls. "That's OK you can come in and sit with us while we let Jack rest and refuel for when we get back to the room." Amy said with a leer. We all ordered breakfast/snacks and wolfed them down along with our beverages.

None of us realized how hungry we were until the food arrived. We ate like a ravenous horde and then got back into the car to finish the trip to our motel. By the time we got back to our room we were all horny as Billy goats again with all the playing going on in the car getting us excited. The car just reeked of wet pussy and sex. The smell had gotten all of our hormones rolling so that between the parking lot and the room Amy already had her blouse open and bra off.

Her tits were exposed for anyone who was out at 2:00 AM to see. Tammy did not want to be outdone in the exhibitionist category so she slipped her dress off on the stairs so that by the time we got to the door of our room she was stark naked and loving it.

I think she really wanted someone to open one of the doors and walk out on her. Finally Tina had hiked her dress up so that her ass and pussy were barely exposed and she left it like that. I unlocked the door to our room and allowed the girls to enter before following them. As I stepped into the room I was embraced by all three women and they started to undress me. Before I realized what happened I was stripped naked and laying on the bed with Amy sucking my dick and Tina beside me kissing me.

Tammy had decided she liked eating pussy and had her head buried in her sisters crotch. I was enjoying the attention but I really wanted to fuck Amy's tight twat again.

I asked her to get up and straddle me. She moved like a cat slowly sliding up my body. She stopped at my chest and flicked her tongue out over my nipples before continuing up to let her lips and tongue meet mine.

Tina still lay next to me while her sister sucked her pussy. Tina was getting close to orgasm, her eyes were glazed over as she watched Amy kiss me. Amy broke our kiss and straddled me over my cock and lowered herself onto it. She was just as tight as before and wet as she could be as my dick slid into her.Tina was till watching as Amy fucked herself on me. Then Tina came as a shudder ran down her body and she flooded her sister's face with cum.

WhenTina had finished cumming and was easing down Tammy joined us and kissed her sister with a deep throat searching kiss. Tina responded by licking her cum off of Tammy's face. "God, that is so hot, watching two sisters suck and lick like that." Amy exclaimed. "Not half as hot as watching you fuck my boyfriend." Tina answered her.

"He's my boyfriend too. You said we could share him." Tammy said pouting. "Since you want to share, why don't you park your pussy on his mouth before he gets bored." Tina laughed. With that Tammy crawled up and parked her dripping cunt over my face. She was so turned on by eating her sister and watching Amy fuck me she was literally dripping juices.


I teased her mercilessly, eating her but not giving her the attention she needed to cum and she responded by grinding herself into my face. All the time she rode my face and Amy my cock Tina was running her hands all over all of our bodies. I could not see but I believe she was paying special attention to Amy as shortly she shuddered, her pussy grasped my cock like a vice and her juices flooded out and cover my already soaked balls.

She collapsed against Tammy and sat there for a minute before sliding off. I felt another pussy slide down over my cock as Tina mounted me and rode me hard. She bounced and banged on me trying to get herself off quickly and she succeeded in only a minute of two I felt another flood of girlcum rush over me. All this time Tammy was still riding my face trying to reach her own orgasm. "That's not fair all, you two came and he won't let me." She whined. "Ah, poor baby." Tina teased.

Then Amy and Tina pulled her off of my face. I looked over and they had her pinned to the bed each holding an arm and a leg. "Come on Jack, come over here and fuck her. But do it real slow." Tina commanded. I positioned myself between her legs, on my knees and slowly slid my cock into Tammy's pussy hole.

Then very slowly started to fuck her. Tammy started to whine and plead for me to go faster. Finally I started to feel sorry for the poor girl. She had reached the female equivalent of blue balls. She needed to cum, had built up to a state on the edge of orgasm and had been held there so long she was almost in pain.

"Let's let her cum." I said to the other two girls. "I guess she has suffered enough." her sister said. "Not yet." Amy interjected. "I've never tried going down on a girl before. I want to try to make her cum. But you need to tell me how." "Just do what Jack told me to do the first time I ate her.

Just do to her what you like to have done to you." Tina told her. With that I slowly pulled my dick out and moved over to the side that Amy was holding down as the poor kid was withering on the bed, nearly crying.

Amy moved down between her legs and put her face down into Tammy's pussy. She slowly started to run her tongue up Tammy's slit and danced for a second over her clit then dove back down and rammed it in her hole. She spent a minute or two wiggling it around inside her then moved back to her slit. Tammy started to shake so hard that for a second I was afraid we had driven the girl into convulsions.

Then suddenly she let out a scream and started to cum. She came so hard she was ejaculating again. When the flood started on Amy's face she was surprised and sat up only to find herself drenched. She watched in disbelief as Tammy squirted her. Squirt after squirt shot out of her pussy and slammed against Amy's tits and belly. Then she was done. Her muscles started to relax and she laid there breathing hard, recovering. "You guys are evil she said, "But it was a great orgasm.

How did you like eating your first pussy, Amy?" "I liked it, it was fun and it got me so hot. I guess by the way you came I did a good job?" Amy giggled. "It was great. Now come here and hug me." Tammy answered The two girls locked themselves into an embrace and began to kiss and fondle on another's tits with fingers and tongues. It was not long before they were lost in their own little world of lust.

Tina and I moved off the bed to let them have their comfort and moved into the other bed. Throughout all this I still had not come and was getting to the point that I needed to. Tina and I lay on the bed and started a slow loving fuck. "Thanks for taking care of the other two first. Now I can have you to myself for a while. I love the way your cock feels sliding inside of me. Just keep fucking me for a little" Tina cooed into my ear as I slid my member into her silkiness.

We stayed in the embrace just making love for a long time then I couldn't keep it down anymore. "I'm going to cum soon." I told her through gritted teeth. "OK, go ahead and shoot your juice into me." Tina answered. I let go immediately, pouring wave after wave of cum into her belly. That was what she needed because as she felt my warm spurts of baby juice flood her vagina she arched her back and orgasamed.

We curled up tightly against one another and looked over as Tina and Amy had moved into a 69 and were each sucking the juices from the other. A glance at the window and I could see the eastern sky was starting to brighten. The sun was coming up. Tina and I drifted off to sleep, leaving the other two still locked in their lesbian embrace.

I woke around noon feeling Tina's warm body curled up next to me, and on the other side I felt someone else. I rolled over very carefully so as not to wake anyone and I saw that Amy was on the other side of me and Tammy beside her. Just then Amy woke and looked at me bleary eyed. "We came over her because that bed was all we with everyone's cum. Besides I like sleeping next to you." She said to me. I gave her a kiss and laid back, reaching out my arm I pulled both of them closer and drifted into that half sleep half wake state and stayed there for a while.

I don't know who was more surprised at what happened next. I heard a soft knock at the door and decided to ignore it. Then I heard it again. Again I ignored it. Now the door opens and in comes a maid's cart and a girl pushing it. She was about the same age as the three girls I had in bed with me. We had kicked off the covers as it had gotten warm.

So what the maid saw was a tangle of 4 naked bodies on one of the beds. 3 Female and one male, the male had a very visible erection also. She actually was about halfway across the room before she realized we were there and she just stood and stared. "Good Morning." I said to her. That was enough to break her out of her shock. "I'm sorry! I knocked and no one answered I thought the room was empty.

I'm sorry. I'll come back later." She stuttered. "No, no. Go ahead and do what you have to do." I responded. "Come on girls, time to get up. The lady needs to do her job." Slowly the girls crawled out of bed and I followed. Now the poor maid just stood there, mouth hanging open as four naked people got up and started to move around. Tina and Amy each stretched accentuating their nakedness while Tammy clung to me and whined "I don't want to get up yet.

Take me back to bed and screw me. I'm so horny when I wake up." "Slut!" her sister called while Amy just laughed. The poor maid still hadn't moved. "Tina and Amy would you mind helping this young lady with the linens and I'll take this shameless hussy into the shower and give her another spanking." I said as I gave Tammy a hard smack across her naked ass.

"Ouch," she squealed, "more please." As she ran to the bathroom giggling. "Actually, we'll get the shower started and you two can join us." Then to the maid "We just need the beds and fresh towels.

Don't worry about anything else." "Yes sir," she managed to get out "I'm sorry again I did not mean to barge in on you." "No problem. We weren't doing anything too naughty." I answered with a smile. As I made my way to the shower I gave both Tina and Amy a hug and a kiss and took a handful of ass and squeezed. As I was squeezing ass one of them took my dick in their hand and gave it a squeeze.

And the maid just stared, mouth hanging open. As I walked into the bathroom Tammy already had the shower going and was waiting for me. We got in and I started to soap up but she had other ideas. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to give me a good slow blowjob.

I felt my dick slide between her lips then she ran her tongue over its entire length as she slid me all the way into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat.


Then so slowly she pulled me out of her mouth until just the head remained in her mouth and again down her throat I went. I had left the bathroom door open and could hear the girls in the other room. Tina said to the maid, "We'll strip the beds and you can take care of the towels." "Is it Ok to go in there with them in the shower and all." The maid asked.

"Go ahead, they won't care. We're not exactly modest here, if you hadn't noticed." Amy answered her. "It was a little hard to miss." The maid said to nobody in particular. With that she walked into the bathroom carrying a load of towels. She stepped through the door and froze for about two seconds as she watched Tammy going to town sucking my dick. She dropped the towels where she stood and ran into the room. "I can't go in there.

Their having sex in the shower!" She exclaimed to Amy and Tina. "I knew that little slut wouldn't wait for us." Tina said as she strode toward the bathroom. She looked into the shower and saw what was going on. "Tammy make sure you save some for us or I'll kick you ass. You little whore!" Tammy just looked up at her with a grin as she continued to blow me. "We better hurry or she won't leave us any." Amy said Now I could tell that Tina and Amy were playing it up for the maid.

She was obviously shocked and uncomfortable to have two naked women helping her with the beds while I got a blow job in the shower from another naked woman. But it was only a minute or two before I heard Tina say "thanks, we'll take care of the towels, Have a good day." And with that I heard the door close.

Amy and Tina then came in and joined us in the shower. Tina forced her sister off my dick and picked up where she had left off while Amy kissed me and ran her hands over my body.

I used one free hand to stimulate her by running two fingers into her pussy from behind. This left Tammy with nobody so she went after Amy's tits with her tongue and our little orgy in the shower went on with everybody switching places.

We all soon came at least once. I shot my wad into Amy's mouth and Amy came while Tina was eating her out. Tina came while I fingered her and Tammy came on Amy's face. We all got out of the shower and dried off. "I hate to tell you guy's this but I should get back or my friends will really start to worry. I mean it's already after 1:00 in the afternoon.

I'm sure they're up by now and are starting to wonder where I am." Amy told us. "Well if Jack will let me drive his car I'll run you back." Tina offered. "But only if you promise to come back later tonight." "I think that's a promise I can easily make." Amy answered with a shy smile.

Amy and Tina threw some clothes on, Tina grabbed my keys and they headed out the door. Now I was alone with the insatiable Tammy. I knew she was just waiting for this when they started talking about taking Amy back. I hadn't finished shaving when they left and was still scraping my face when Tammy came in and hoped up onto the sink next to me.

She was still undressed and just sat there watching me for a minute. "I got an idea." She offered. "What's that?" I asked, almost dreading the answer this little vixen would come up with.

"While you're doing that, let's shave my pussy." She gushed. Now I will admit that I do really like a nice cleanly shaved pussy, I had never done it for anyone. The few women I had known who did shave never asked for my help. So I looked at her and told her, "That sounds interesting, but it's not something I have ever done and I don't want to cut you by accident. That would hurt and put you out of commission for a while." "Then we'll just have to be careful.

Here lather me up." She said as she handed me a can of shaving cream. I took the can and squirted a generous amount on my hand then applied it to her pussy, rubbing it in generously. Next I put a fresh blade in my razor and started.

I started at the top and carefully scraped down to her slit and then very gingerly around her lips to get it all. The whole process went a lot quicker and more smoothly (no pun intended) than I thought it would.

I rinsed her off with a hot wash cloth and revealed a smooth perfectly shaved snatch. She stared down at it and then jumped off the counter and stared at herself in the mirror before she let out a squeal of glee. "I love it! My bald pussy! What do you think? Do you like it?" She squealed.

"I love it." I told her. "Now when I eat you out, no hairs in my mouth." "Let's go try it out." She said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the bed. She plopped down on the edge of the bed and dragged me on top of her, "Come on, Eat me, please." It was a request she didn't have to make twice.

I dove my tongue in and started to lick her slit and her freshly shaved mound. It was deliciously smooth. I reveled in the silky feel of it against my tongue as I lapped all around, darting down to tickle her clit and spear her hole occasionally. I ate her to a gushing orgasm. Then as she was coming down from her sexual high I stood up and slid my dick into her hole and started pumping away.

The sight of my meat sliding into that bald pussy was a real turn on. I fucked her until she came again. Having shot my load into Amy's mouth a little while before I was able to last a long time now. So we changed positions and I took her doggy style, then laid down and had her ride me. That was how Tina found us when she returned. "I figured you would have gotten him to fuck you while I was gone." She laughed as she walked into the room.

"Come see what Jack did to me while you were gone." She breathed out as she rode my cock. "What are you talking about?" Tina asked. "Just come here and look at my pussy." Tammy urged. Tina walked around so she could see Tammy's pussy and let out a gasp. "Oh my god!

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You shaved all the hair off of her pussy. She looks like she did when she was 12. Did it hurt Tammy?" "No, it felt really cool and it is so neat to get eaten out like this. I can even feel his hair tickling me when we fuck." Tammy answered. Tina stared at her sister's bald twat for a minute before she reached out and ran her hand over the newly shaved skin and then said "Could you do it to me too?" "Sure," I said, "just let me finish here.

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Why don't you get undressed? I won't be much longer." I could feel my juices rising in me and knew I was just about to shoot my seed into Tammy. A few more strokes and I shot it into her belly and she pushed herself down onto me and ground into me as the hot cum filled her up.

As she slid off me onto the bed and we both caught our breath I told Tina "go into the bathroom and sit on the counter, get a wash rag and get it wet with the hottest water you can stand and hold it on your pussy. I'll be right there." She trotted off toward the bathroom, then stopped and turned to look at me before saying, "Don't let her distract you, I'm waiting." I knew that was a warning and since I was trying to avoid any cat fights in my room I started to get up because I knew if I laid there Tammy would start to cuddle up and I would get comfortable in the afterglow of sex and not want to get up.

I made my way into the bathroom and found Tina sitting on the counter with the wash rag pressed to her fur mound. I took the rag and rewet it with hotter water and placed it back over her pussy as I began to gather my shaving tools. I laid everything out on the counter and leaned over and kissed Tina very gently on the lips and whispered into her ear, "You're still my favorite, the best of all." A huge smile crossed her face when I had said this.

No matter how much these two sisters claimed to share and to enjoy it there is still that underlying jealousy and posseveness. Tina needed to know that she was number one, the top dog and she needed to demonstrate it by being dominant over her little sister and to a lesser extent over Amy. Tammy showed it by being aggressive and slutty. Since both considered Amy a temporary traveler neither worried too much about her status as they knew she would be gone in a couple of days.