Morena safada chupando pau e engolindo deepthroat and brunette

Morena safada chupando pau e engolindo deepthroat and brunette
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A Business Woman Gets In Way Over Her Head My Name is John I have this incredible Hot wife her name is Faryl we grew up together in a small town in Tennessee. We never really dated, we were just friends at the time, I found out later she had a crush on me but was a bit bashful afraid, or unsure to say much.

Back then she was so naive like so many young girls. I graduated and had left for college a year or so before she did., and never saw her again until after we were both out of college. In her senior year of High School she dated an older boy and this had been her first and only real boyfriend, and sexual experience, I found out later that their was more to this story, much more than anyone had imagined?

Something she could never tell anyone about until after we were married? When she was in college Faryl had several more kinky sexual encounters and bondage with a young black male student! This in college appeal although brief at the time along with what happened in high school on prom night firmly planted the lustful thoughts for nasty abusive sex with well endowed black men.

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Something she was never quite able to rid herself of? She has always been a pretty petite and sexy young woman more than I could ever want in the way of a good looking wife let alone sex partner, but now in her 40s her sex drive has become more than I can handle. This and the fact that she has reacquired a delicious taste for black men, something she had experienced in college.

Actually her current lust is for young forceful black men with large cocks! This has placed me in a most unenviable position? She had become quite demanding lately, and told me I had better do something that will satisfy her needs and this lust of hers? Or threatened if I didn't, she would venture out on her own and take her chances?

I love my wife and would do anything to please her, and see her pleased but also wanted to keep her safe, and from getting hurt. One of the things we have done in the past was bar hopping. With Faryl dressed for sex, and to some the most wild dark and dirty places, real dives!

I would sit at a booth in the back and watch, she would pose as a single unescorted lady, we would do this just to see how many men would hit on her, we had a lot of fun doing this, and many times she actually accepted their offer! This satisfied her needs at the time, but she always seemed to want more ? Not long ago one of the places we did this was called the Seen because of her lust for black dick they like this one, were bars where most of the men were black!

It was risky more for me than her as I was usually the only white guy in the place. But this time after she was hit on by others several of these big black bastards, after watching her for a while figured out I was her husband, and that we were playing some sort of stupid in their eyes, game of sex?

Thenuninvited they proceeded to set down in my booth, and after some forceful demanding and intimidating questions, I had no choice but to be honest an up front, and confessed telling them what we were doing, and in the heat of the moment her desire and interests in harsh abusive sex with men of color, after which their eyes really lit up, that's when they told me bring her to their bar?

The place they wanted me to take her was in the worst part of the city. And a bar that catered to some of the most nasty vile black sexual perverts imaginable, the kind that would more than satisfy Faryl's needs for this kind of abusive sex in spades so to speak, one that would fulfill her sexual fantasy of perverted whoredom as a willing sex slut and slave to men like this.

They demanded I send them pictures, actually I had quite a few of Faryl from nice cheese cake stuff in sexy poses to being totally naked bound blindfolded, and used with big black dildos!

These were the kind of pictures I knew would incite them into using and abusing her in the most harsh and brutal way, once she was in their hands?.

The following is in my wife Faryl's own words For me as this wild kinky sexual outing started, and to get me ready and sexed up for what was about to happen my husband John took me to the place where I previously had my clitoral hood pierced!

This was a most arousing and stimulating experience in itself, and what they did to me would only add to what was in store for me? The place was called The Ink Tattoo Parlor, it was an old two story brick building near one of the mostly black night clubs off interstate 24 in Nashville where we had gone several times. It was a wild place called the Seen, now closed, but boy the times we went there in the past was it ever fun? I really liked the Tattoo parlor, as everyone that worked there were black, but they treated me very nice.

From the receptionist to the artists, the one that did me was named Boner, you can probably guess where he got that name? And boy did he ever love piercing and tattooing white women! It was also just as exciting and arousing for me. He insisted I be completely nude when he did it, my husband was there with me, but I think he enjoyed it as much as anyone. He also insisted my wrists and ankles be secured firmly with leather belts! For John to see this black fellow pierce me, the forceps clamped to my clitoris then my hood, and his black hands were all over my pussy, with him pulling and playing with my lips then pumping my clit!

He said it really helped and made the piercing much easier to do, when the needle finally did its thing the ring was inserted! We had called and inquired about temporary tattoos Boner had some made up and based on real ones he had done, ones that many white women seemed like.

They had three or four really nice realistic Queen of Spades transfers to pick from, and said with a mischievous smile he would put a real one on me where ever I wanted at no extra charge! I think my husband John would have let him do it, at first I thought a temporary one on just my ass cheek would be pushing it! But after talking with Boner and because it was such a turn on for me and my husband, and because they here temporary, that it would make this kinky sexual adventure even better had relented suggesting he not only put one on my bottom and to make Boner and my husband feel they got something more, I had him put a small one on my breastand a much bigger one on that flat smooth part of my tummy below my navel and just above my pink little cunt!

I wanted to make this experience one of the hottest and sexually satisfying experiences I could make it, not just for me, but I wanted these black men to have the time of their lives, little did I know it would be that and a lot more? Along with my husband John who had done some real planning, I had gone over it in my head numerous time as to what I would wear? We had done the bar hopping so this give us an idea of where to start?

Normally I wear business suits in my job, but the thing I chose was a bit shorter and tighter, and to add to it, I wore an expensive shear black see thru open sleeveless blouse, very fancy but totally slutty! Underneath it was a cupless bra like harness that made my breasts point straight out, and accented my fat thick nipples, this would allow them to get plenty of attention!

Down below and to make sure all were well aware of my intent after my husband John shaved me bare, and I mean bare none nothing nada! The feeling was incredible going out like this with no panties. Then I added a garter belt with fancy black lace stockings. Along with a really short black leather mini skirt, one that would show a lot of my bare bottom in the back, and my pussy folds in the front, and to top it off, 7" spiked high heel fuck me shoes, the kind that only a real slut would wear, and trust me at this time in my life I was a real slut!

Women love necklaces and bracelets, and I chose to wear both, I have this black obsidian necklace that has a large black penis/ with balls as the centerpiece that hangs down in between my cleavage, and of course my ankle bracelet with gold chain and heart shaped medallion engraved with large BBC letters and also nipple jewelry with small gold plated alligator clips a gold chain clamped and hanging down from nipple to nipple!

These nipple clamps had sharp tiny little teeth were designed to subtly bite into the flesh with a little arousing pain in mind, the kind that would enhance physical and thoughtful stimulation! As an attractive shapely blue eyed blond and normally classy looking business woman I have this look, I developed it in college, actually before that although I had no idea how it effected men?

It also attracted my husband to me, and that look is a come on, in that others including him have taken it as inviting and makes men feel that I am theirs and only theirs to do with as they want?

This look somehow is even more sexually appealing to nearly every nasty black man I have ever met! This makes them so easy to instantly connect with! John had sent these men explicit pictures of me naked, in all sorts of perverted vulgar poses some of me with a leash and collar along with others of me bound and blindfold, with my pussy wide open.

In these I had a sign around my neck that said "Free Fuck to Black Men Only"!

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Others had been taken in several public place, where I posed pointing out my Queen of Spades Tats and most all were in broad daylight, and at the time it was quite risky as I had been scared to death of getting caught, we didn't, but OMG! Was it ever close on several occasions? After seeing these pictures of me naked and helpless, they wanted to meet me in person to see if I really was, what I and my husband professed me to be!

These men wanted an older white married woman like me so they could use and abuse me sexually at their whim, like a sex slave or as their black cock whore, something I thought about being at the time as much as they did!


I have had this burning fantasy about black men and continually thought about being naked on a leash, as their sex slave. I had been demanding my husband explore the possibilities of a perverse arrangement a kind of reverse slavery thing where I was a white slave girl and these black men were my masters, the kind that would use and abuse me like many black slave women were used during the time of real slavery.

I had discovered this in college, I majored in communications with a minor in business, but part of the communications requirement was about black African history, and I was fascinated with the female slavery part that vividly depicted, and in my exposure to this dark part of our history had only reinforced my subconscious yearning for sex and submission to nasty black men!

Little did I know at the time this night would last for several weeks and more! The thought of doing such a thing was an incredible turn on for me. I was wet all the time and on the edge of orgasm just fantasizing and thinking about what might happen, and me taken by them like this!

My fantasy's the constant demanding and verbal assaults from me had finally pushed my husband into doing this and actually make it happen! My husband had taken me to their bar. The place was in the worst part of the city, this was a bar that catered to some of the most nasty vile black sexual perverts imaginable. He ordered several drinks for me that I thought were only fruit juice? He had been talking about taking me to one of several, big black men that had expressed interest in me after seeing pictures of me naked.

He and his friends wanted to use as their sex slave or personal Black Cock Whore, little did I know at the time how this most perverse sexual adventure would end, as it never really would! I had badgered my husband to come up with some sort of kinky and abusive sexual encounter with black men that would satisfy what I thought were my needs and fantasy about such things? And told him if he did not do something soon I threatened to venture out on my own? So my husband John took me to this bar that evening wearing only a short coat over my slutty revealing attire.

The thought for me, of wearing almost nothing under my coat with a lot of my bare bottom showing and being in the presence of all these aroused horny black men, who all seemed to want to use and abuse me, was quite a turn on!. Of the dozen or so two of them were very good looking, but the third was just the opposite and his look was quite unsettling this sent chills up my spine and my clit with the pierced ring left it perked to incredible attention!

Just his expression and the way he looked at me would make any woman tremble in fear or at least scared to death of being helplessly naked and alone with him! This along with all the other black men in the bar that night was not only sinfully perverse, but this man left me with the impression he could be quite sexually sadistic!

I was hesitant, with some foreboding, as to what might happen if left with him?. But the thought also for an over aroused slut like me was still quite deliciously exciting! This and what they might do, left me so hot wet and turned on that any of the black men in the bar that night could have easily had there way with me!

There were no other women in this bar that night only me, and my husband was the only other white person! The drinks they had given me, I later found out were a combination of fruit juice Vodka, a muscle relaxer along with a powerful stimulant to increase my sex drive.

I can assure you that night my sex drive needed little stimulation! I do not remember much after that only flash backs, as my husband unbuttoned my coat and removed it in front of these black men pulling on my nipple chains and showing them the rest of my naked female charms and what a willing little slutty adventurist I was, with bare breasts, and wearing no panties! My husband John had snapped a leash on to my clit ring, doing it in a public place like this, with so many horny black men watching, then gave it a good tug pulling it up and stretching this fleshy clitoral membrane, this quickly had me up prancing around on the tip of my toes holding my breath wondering, as he handed the leash to this horrid looking black sexual pervert, I was sure he was a sadist, that said do exactly what you are told, and I might not hurt you?

My thought at the time was OMG! What Have I gotten myself into?. I guess I need to tell you a little about my past. I lived in a small town named Springs, they named it that because of the numerous hot springs surrounding the area. These spas and natural hot springs were tourist attractions. My first and only boyfriend in hi school, was the one that took my innocence, he was older and I was so young and stupid actually more naive.

This made it easy for him to take advantage of me, Of all the things John and I talked about before and after we were married what had happened to me was something so nasty and perverted I just could not bring myself to share with anyone, until many years after we were married! I was a pretty girl, blond blue eyed petite 5' 3" tall and in high school barely weighted 115 lbs, I had nice firm 34C size breasts with huge thick nipples, a 34" waist and a most adorable round 36" bottom! My pubes at that age were untouched in that I had never shaved my pubic mound or labia lips,as they were barely covered with thin blond young girls pubic hair!

Back then I was focused on school and college, this had left little time for boys, most thought I had a boyfriend, someone older, or that I was so pretty that they would never have chance, so never even bothered to ask? The truth was I had no one, that is until the senior prom when the most hansom and sought after boy in school asked me to this prom dance! He was from a well to do family and had a new very expensive BMW, he was quite charming and for a girl like me that had no dates or interest in boys at all, up until this time, I eagerly excepted his offer to attend the prom.

Little did I know I was not the first young virgin he dated that ended up loosing her innocence to him, but if this was not bad enough it is what happened after the dance that night, I had no idea but found out later what else he and someone else had in store? First of all he had bet with his buddies that he would have no trouble putting his dick in a virgin like me!

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And to prove it he would take me to a secluded place in the local park where they they would be hiding so they could watch him do me! But it got even worse, after that? He was a smooth talking bastard, that said all the right things! His parents were quite aware of his. shall we say indiscretions, and had bailed him out of trouble with the law, and threats from other parents, on more than a dozen occasions. Most of the girls before me had not told anyone, apparently they had been used in the most nasty and humiliating way, then forced to do things no innocent young girl would ever do willingly?

After which they were threatened not to tell anyone? He and his dis interest in school had required him to do his senior year over in order to get his grades up enough for college, and as an older young man this only added to his lust driven experience at least in seducing stupid young girls like me. We started kissing this took my breath away along with telling me what a pretty girl I was and how much he loved me OMG!

I ate it all up, and for the first time in my life had feelings I never knew existed as my love starved body along with my sexual feelings reacted to every thing he said, and as his hands started to roam in places I had never been touched before my body and sexual being responded with a vengeance! After a while things had quickly progressed to a point that I did what ever he wanted?

I was so stupid, but also incredibly aroused and wet I was trembling! So it did not take long until my prom dress was off and in the back seat of the BMW. OMG!

We were kissing fondling and petting, My bra was undone and he easily removed it with me helping so he could enjoy my naked young breasts, we had the windows fogged up big time on this warm humid night with passion I never knew existed?

Then after I was so sexed up, he whispered in my ear. OMG!


His hot breath.said he had a surprise, then told me to close my eyes? I wanting to please so bad did exactly what he said, I heard his door open and him get out then my door opened and he said I have some thing to show you as he helped me up and out of the beamer all I had on was panties and heels from the prom, it was scary but exciting and even more stimulating to be almost naked and out in the woods. I could hardly walk in the dirt with heels as he took me some distance from the car, then said this is the perfect place as we stopped right in front of where the other school boys were hiding?

He had gotten down on his knees in front of me, my eyes were still tightly shut as he worked my wet panties down, I had placed one hand on his shoulder to steady myself, as he had me step out of them, leaving me totally naked?

My heart was pounding, and I having no idea what was going to happen next? OMG! I was ill prepared for what he did next, he grabbed my bare ass cheeks firmly with both hands and buried his face in my young tender virgin pink pussy folds, and then started licking me!

I was scared shitless and my mind was racing ? Already close to orgasm, at the time I had no idea such things would drive a young virgin up the wall just being stimulated was enough for me but this was more than I could stand, and when his lips found my clit it was all over, and I mean all over, I had my first orgasm, one that I can still remember vividly to this day!.

It was just so natural for me to grab his head and hold him to me as I made the most animal like sounds of sexual ecstasy and could not help myself as I tried to grind my bare pussy lips and pubic folds into his face, my knees weakenedbut he kept after my little pea shaped clitoris! OMG! Then it happened again, and again, I think I got off several more times, until the sensation became unbearably stimulating, after which I could stand no more? I tried in vain to push him away from this so sensitive place, but he had his arms locked around my upper thighs and crossed holding my buttocks tightly with each hand and kept right after me!

This had me begging and crying in tears of sadistic pleasure as I tried unsuccessfully to free his grip and lips from my now tortured clit, and his nasty unyielding grasp!

Finally he did, and once released my legs gave way as I slowly slumped down on the ground, at first I had my eyes tightly closed. But as I hit the ground they opened with a start! It took me several more minutes to realize we were not far from another parking lot as there was a dim yellow light illuminating the entire area. OMG! I was totally naked and had no idea what he had done with my pantiesand his car was no where to be seen?

I was barely recovering from this wonderful orgasmic feeling of release, and terrified someone would drive into the lot and see me naked? I should not have worried as others were already watching? With me naked and on my knees he was up, loosened his belt unzipped his prom suit pants let them drop to his ankles then slipped his shorts to his knees.

I had never seen a young mans hard and fully erect penis before in my life, I thought the thing was huge, but it was only about 7" long and not that big, knowing what I know now, but at the time I had nothing to compare it to?

However what was worse, he had changed from this ardent lover into a monster! He screamed at me and called me a bitch a slut and a whore as he grabbed my blond hair hurting and pulling me up onto my knees and in a rage slapped my tits hard several times!

Then said keep your hands together behind your back and do what your told no matter what, and if you don't you will wish you had! I was terrified scared to death and slow to comply when this now mean nasty bastard hit the very tips of my nipples even harder!

This harsh treatment had my hands quickly, and obediently clinched tightly together behind my back, as his hard dick was forced into my face! I tried to turn away this only made him madder as he pulled me by my ear and hair, then stuck his fingers in my mouth, I bit him, this only sent him into a harsher rage, he jerked and cussed then, apparently being bit before seemed to like my spunk said do it bitch and do it good, or Ill beat your ass!

My breasts were numb, nipples tingling and me with little resistance left. Then it got even worse as he used his fingers to hold my mouth and lips open, first forced his dick head into my mouth and just kept going! OMG! I had never sucked a cock before, and had no idea how one went about oral sex, but I was about to get some real life on the job training that would only leave me wanting more ?

I was gagging choking and unable to breath, at first I thought I was going to pass out or die, and probably would have except he started face fucking me in wild abandon, this allowed me to gulp in air, and although it was harsh and brutal, I had this slow building strange feeling of forced stimulating arousal ?

Apparently to be naked on my knees and holding my hands behind my back willingly? While being forcefully face fucked, had brought out the hidden slut in me ?. Then it happened he came, a young horny male in the act of forceful ejaculation had let loose, I had no idea a young man had such a large amount of stored up cum and he seemed to squirt and squirt that went on forever. It filled my stomach then my throat and finally my mouththe stuff was warm with a sickening sweet taste as it started to drip with my drool from the corners of my lips!

The dripping continued with much on my still stinging naked breasts and the rest on my knees upper thighs, and ground. He was still face fucking me although slower savoring the feeling of sexual release, not all that different from what I had experienced minutes earlier? Being so naive I had no idea a man could or could not keep his dick hard even after such an incredible orgasmic release, as his dick did not give a hint of softening.

Finally when it was free, the thing now unencumbered gave me a good squirt right in the face, with me blinking cum I saw the look in his eyes! Then with a twisted contorted facial expression he pulled me up by my blond hair, onto my heels swung me around and bent me over, kicking my ankles apart and holding my head back by my hair with one hand that arched me up, and with my wrists still obediently behind my back grasped them with the other and in surprise?

Placed his cock head in the opening of my virgin pussy folds followed by ramming his still hard slimy dick as harsh brutal and forceful as possible, as far as he could!

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I was certainly a virgin, but the earlier orgasms had loosened an dilated me just enough to keep my little slit open enough, and from being painfully ripped apart! But even holding me like this and him being a full grown young man, it had taken several thrusting attempts, with me screaming again and again forced it in a little farther each time as he fuck walked me toward the parking lot and the yellow light that illuminated it?

Was I being raped? I don't think so, I willingly let him even helped him take my dress and bra off, then closed my eyes as he willingly walked me from his car out into the park wearing only panties, I even held my hands behind my back?

OMG! I thought stupidly I'm a slut for sure not remembering at all the harsh nasty tit slapping, and the vocal threats. Just as these thoughts crossed my mind he gave me several more hard full strokes and held me deep to him as he shot his wad of jizz into me groaning in pleasurable release, then I could not believe it happened again to me, as another equally shuddering orgasm raced through my stimulated and abused pubic folds?

With both of us shuddering and me gasping! He did a most horrid thing, pushed me forward off his dick releasing my hair and hands? Then in a humiliating gesture took his foot and with my hands still behind my back and me bent over raised it against my pussy and gave me a forceful shove! I was unable to get my hands free in time to keep me face bare breasts and all from slamming into the dirty ground!

Followed by flashes, OMG! Picturessomeone was taking pictures ? It was probably 2:00 am in the morning? Face bruised naked with dirt cum and dust allover me, when I realized that others were standing around with him laughing, and them giving him the high five with a thumbs up, as they apparently paid him money from the bet, that he had obviously won. I was so used and humiliated and mortified in embarrassment as one young freckle faced boy acting as if he was a big man came over to me, at first I thought he was going to help me, but he unzipped his pants and had a hard little penis sticking out, saying a blond little slut like me should have no problem sucking another dick?

I was crying not sure what to do, when this bastard my date said you better do it, or I will leave you out here in the park with no clothes and show the pictures to every one? Besides if you don't do it, ill just bet you will have a lot of fun trying to get home naked and explain where your clothes went to!

OMG! There were five other young boys, all crowding around now, with their dicks out. I was scared ashamed and submissively humiliated as I had no choice and faced with this humiliating prospect did my best, and accommodate the little perverts! They called me all sorts of dirty names and took great delight in face fucking me.

They were all hard and horny one came so quick, even before I had even touched his little prick, as each blew off his load of cum right in my face, and most all with their last squirt or two would also blast me in the face!

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Thankfully all had little white weenies and none were as big or as hard as the sadistic bastard that had taken me to the prom, then brought me to the park, and had his way with me. Now I had some idea what it was to be a slut and a whore, setting in the dirt stark ass naked covered in cum and dust when this revelation hit me full force! OMG! I actually had done it, I went out in the woods willingly with this boy who used me, and took my virgin innocence, and then, I had sucked him off and five other young boys bringing them all to orgasm, sure he had threatened me, but vocally, not one of the young boys slapped or hurt me, and strangely I seemed to like it, the harsh sex, humiliation, and a half dozen blow jobs, a word "Cock Sucker " these little bastards called me, a word I had never heard before was now part of my life, that would always be with me from this time forward!

Just as I thought it was all over and things could not get any worse or more wild and crazy, they did? Still sitting in the dirt, a car with its lights on drove into the parking lot? The boys took off running in all directions as did my date the bastard just left me there to fend for myself? The lights were flipped on bright I just froze in humiliating tears unable to move as the car came closer and finally stopped?

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The door opened and a man said girl, you need helpOMG! Was that ever an understatement boy did I ever. At about the same time I heard several cars including the beemer start up, and with dirt flying and tires squealing zoomed off from the park an onto the high way.

I could not see the mans face because of the bright lights, as he came around to the front offered me his hand and helped me up then looked me over? Once I could see him I was scared to death? The man was a county sheriff, western hat gun badge and all, but also, he was black! He was older and said did those boys hurt you? I was speechless unsure what to say naked dirty dusty and covered in cum. I am sure I looked a fright, with me naked standing in front of the lights, and him still holding my hand turned me around so he could get a better look at me, and I mean he took a very good look!

Then asked did they rape you? Hesitantly and in almost a whisper said no. He said with a sigh, another prom night huh? As if it was a normal thing. Then asked, how old are you? You must be what, all of 16! Ill bet your a juvenile, and under age right? I had just turned 18 only a week before, and even with all that had happened was quite indigent, at being called a juvenile, as an 18 year old I was now of age and said quite proudly that I was 18 and a grown adult!

Then said I am sorry to hear that miss, as the park is closed after dark, and there are laws about that as well as being naked in public, I am afraid ill have to take you down to the Sheriffs station and book you for indecent exposure along with being in the park after curfew, then we will have write you a citation for a court appearance, and call your parents?

I will just bet they will be pleased and proud to pick you up at 4:00 in the morning from the Sheriffs station after your naked and sinful frolic in the park?

But I suspect you did a bit more than just frolicking, am I right? Commenting, you are such a pretty little thing and do not look at all like your 18? Then said we will sort this all out and find the truth at the station. Come on lets go! OMG! I was terrified. naked. Sheriffs parents all of this, and graduation only weeks away I thought for sure it was all in jeopardy? He had a hold of my hand and led me to the back of the Sheriffs car.

Then took both of my hands placing them behind my back and handcuffed them together. Almost apologizing said in a fatherly voice one more thing ill have to do before I can put you in the back, regulations you know, got to check you for drugs!

He bent me over so I could rest my head on the back of the car? Drugs, I had no drugs and was naked and horribly used, besides, where could I hide drugs? Then realized, OMG! He, he's going to? With me bent over, and out of the corner of my eye saw him pull on latex gloves, followed by spreading my legs as the only thing I was wearing were hi heels!

Unsure with my wrists cuffed behind my back and helplessly in this most humiliating position his finger followed by another entered the pink little ring of my asshole spinster muscle, and probed around, it was awful, and humiliating. I felt so horribly degraded and hoped no one would ever see, or find out then.

OMG, a flash, he this servant of the law took a picture of my naked bottom with his fingers in me? As if this was not bad or embarrassing enough, his fingers now out and free, first rubbed my slit up and down, quite unprofessionally the dust mixed with cum and my seeping aroused wetness had turned it into a muddy slimy goo and then OMG!


He found my clit it had been a tiny little thing, but after the oral pleasuring the fucking and all of the blow jobs I had given was hard and swollen, to twice its size this allowed him to twisted pinch and pull on it several times quite harshly. then let the tender flesh go! I yelped wiggling around trying to alter my pubes from his touch. After which his fingers all three of them deep then deeper found their way in, and started working back and forth?

I could not believe what he was doing? This in and out probing continued, as he expertly rolled his fingers down curving them? I had no idea being so young and naive, as they found my skeen gland commonly known as the "G" spot, and was even more surprised as he was intent on, and going to. manipulate me to? OMG! Orgasm! Trembling helplessly head on the car hands cuffed behind my backI shuddered and bucked as his hand continued its sinful stimulating in and out probe of my genitals, I was holding my breath and pubic muscles as tight as possible trying desperately with all my might to fight the feeling, and not let him get me off!

But it was a loosing battle, I yelped squealed oh, oh, oh, and shuddered once again as one more stimulating orgasm helplessly erupted! Only due to the fact of stiffening of my leg muscles so tight was the only thing that kept me from collapsing!

Trembling shuddering and making noises of sexual release no young lady would ever make, heard him say as his dripping hand and fingers pulled free, … well no drugs in their! Then pulled me up, opened the back door of the patrol car and helped me in. I was still in shock, dirty leaking and quivering in sexual aroused wonder? He took his flash light and walked off in the direction of the other parking lot, this left me time to think about my sinful predicament, and how it would end?

It seemed like an eternity until he was finally back, he had found only my prom dress, and no bra apparently the bastard my date tossed it out before driving off thinking and fearing, with it gone from his car there would be no way to connect him to my nasty humiliating face fucking intercourse and oral sex play.

Now with my senses more normal I was finally able to get a good look at this peace officer, he was about 40 yrs old black with piercing eyes, and looked at me more like an abducting pervert, that an officer of the law? My only concern at the time, was would I graduate? All of this sinful sex of mine would be in the local news paper, and quite a sensation for a small town over the next week or so? I lived there, and everyone would know, was devastated depressed and had resigned myself to the fact that my parents would have to suffer this terrible embarrassment like me, from my stupidity?

My parents were upstanding pillars in this small community, They were big in business and traveled a lot this is where my zeal in school came from, to do well and succeed and why I was so driven., I never up until this prom date had taken any time for boys in hi school, so was woefully unprepared. This lawman had gotten in the car not bothering to offer my dress to me? This was the first time I had the feeling for sure something was not quite right?

He started the engine backed out and started off towards the highway, I was sure my naked sinful fate was sealed and in only a short matter of time everyone would know that I was first a slut, and second would soon be branded a whore, all at 18!

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Just when I thought all was lost and my life was over? After driving down the highway it dawned on me we were not heading towards town? Finally after a while he slowed down and turned off onto a deserted road.

We bumped along for sometime as I now knew for sure something other than a naked trip to the Sheriffs station was in store ? The car came to a stop in a secluded spot, my heart was pounding as I wondered? He did not look directly at me when he said, you know you are in big trouble? But I have a way that could solve this unpleasant situation and satisfy everyone, it might even keep you out of jail, and save your reputationyou would like that wouldn't you?

At this time in the morning the clouds had finally broken reveling a full moon where I could now see him clearly. He was wearing a western style Sheriffs hat, in uniform name tag, gun belt gold star, and all. For some reason at the time I focused on, but did not have any idea or fully realize the subtle significance of the name on the tag "J Friday, or the number on the badge 714"? He said as he got out of the car, are you interested? Moments ago I thought my young life and especially my parents status in the community were over, but now there was some hope?

And yes I was certainly interested and hopefully in meek curiosity said I would do anything? Especially to keep my parents from what I thought would be devastating humiliating, and leave them shamefully embarrassed by their now slutty whore like daughter.

He said I thought so as he opened the back door and helped me out, said again anything? I nodded obediently, and he said good we have an understanding.

OMG! What have I done I thought? In his hand he had a roll of silver duct tape a leather collar, and a leash? He placed it around my neck and buckled it tight, then ripped some tape off and stuck it over my eyes! Followed by snapping the leash onto the collar and with little hesitation, forcefully led me off into the bushes?

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Scared to death still naked and cuffed with my heart pounding harder than ever, and with wet feelings of perverted sex I never knew existed earlier that day? Barely being able to keep up in heels as he half dragged me along stumbling! I had no idea what he would do, only that some sort of even more sinful sex was surely in store for me? But the feeling of being naked cuffed on a leash and led out into the woods, by this black pervert, had awakened my hidden aroused appeal for sex like this?

I'm sure I was a sticky muddy wretched looking mess?, and how could that be so appealing to him? Little did I know that this made me even more sinfully desirable? I could not see at the time but found out later the place he led me to had been a private personal spa someone had built out in the middle of nowhere some years before, and then abandoned. The place had been built next to one of numerous Hot Springs that dotted the area around where I lived.

It had been a hot humid day and even being naked at night the humidity and cooler air was quite bearable. I heard water running, still not sure what he was going to do? He removed my heels and then cautiously helped me step down, I felt warm water, first on my feet then farther as he with the leash and a hand on my shoulder guided me down saying there are steps, until I was in warm water almost up to my neck!

After the harsh fucking and sinful blow jobs and me covered with cum, and then being kicked down naked into the dust and dirt the feeling was so relaxing! Once down in the water he said sit! It was warm and welcome after all I had been through.

I slumped down sitting on the steps with no resistance left whatsoever and just sat there soaking and enjoying the moment. Apparently with me sitting, this black Sheriff? Had taken his clothes off and with me so relaxed had gotten in the water without my knowing it?

I was totally naked my wrists still cuffed behind my back, the collar and leash were still attached. With a start he splashed me with water then removed the sticky duct tape from my eyes and washed my face, then my breasts and as he did so squeezed my fat little nipples. I offered no resistance nor could do anything to stop him had I wanted, that is until his hand found my pubic folds and the attention given was more than I could stand?

After all I had been through I could not believe that this warm relaxingly water coupled with his expert hand took only minutes of aggravated manipulation to get me.

off ? Once a young woman experiences sinful sex for the first time even the nasty submissive kind I had endured, only primes the pump so to speak for more! I guess thinking trembling, and stimulated.I really am a slut? No longer a sinless woman of virtue, I thought only a slut, and a whore could be aroused and fingered to orgasm so easily? As how could a formerly naive innocent straight laced young woman one like me ever willingly submit to such perverted sex play?

But what happened next would only add to my aroused desire for sinful interracial sex, the dark harsh and abusive kind, sex that only black men seem able to provide especially to a submissive willing slutty white women something I would eventually become obsessed with. Continued in Chapter Two