Tattooed muscled gay dude gets cock sucking massage

Tattooed muscled gay dude gets cock sucking massage
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She was sitting in the chair so innocently, I knew that I would have to be harsh with her if I wanted her to talk. My sister was so sexy and I couldn't believe that I was thinking of having sex with her right then and there. But her tits looked so good in her low cut blouse and her legs were driving me insane in her daisy dukes. She had this seductive look in her eyes as if she wanted to let me know that I would have to fuck her to know where she hid my car keys.


I said to her, "Look Samantha, I need my car keys, now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." "Ooo I want the hard way!" Samantha said licking her lips. 'Fuck, what am I doing?' I thought as I reached over and slapped Samantha across the face. "Sam, give me my fucking keys, you're my sister for fucksake! I know what you want, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it!" I said. "Roger, just do what I want!

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I'll give you your damn keys if you will just fuck me! Do whatever you want to me! I'll suck your cock, I'll let you lick my pussy, tie me down for all I care! Just fuck me and fuck me long and hard!" Sam said. "You don't care that you're my sister?" I said. "NO! I have wanted to see what was in your pants for a long time, and then one night I heard you moaning, I thought you were having a nightmare but you were jacking off and I saw your big dick and I have wanted to have it inside of me ever since." Sam said, "I was afraid that you'd tell Mom or something like that, so I waited, and I figured now that I'm over 18, it won't really matter.


You're my big brother, you're supposed to help me." She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and as she leaned over she exposed her massive tits just hanging in her tight shirt.

I stared at her cleavage and felt my limp cock getting harder. I thought about what would happen for a moment and then said, "Sam, you have birth control pills right?" "Absolutely, you can cum in me all you want!" Sam said, "So are we going to fuck? I won't tell Mom! This can be the only time if you want, but I hope you'll want more!" "Fine Sam, we can fuck… but you can't tell ANYONE, I don't want it getting around that I fucked my sister and liked it." I said.

"How do you know you'll like it?" Sam asked. "Oh c'mon!

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You're so sexy it's irritating! I love your tits, I have always wanted to feel them and bury my face and cock in them! I want to lick your pussy, I want to ram you so hard you cry. I want to fuck you so bad, it's scary. You probably walked in on my jacking off to you.

I have done that for years, ever since you got tits. Of course I'll like it!" I said. Sam smiled, "So now what do you want me to do?" she winked. "Take off your clothes. ALL OF THEM. I'll be right back." I said and walked to my closet. I started to search through my closet for some rope and possibly some handcuffs. I had never done any real bondage, but I was sure I had a pair of handcuffs from when I was a kid. I always had rope, you can always use good rope.

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I quickly found the rope and the handcuffs and went back to where Sam should be naked and waiting. I had never seen my sister fully naked since she became a woman, so I was really excited. When I got back into the room where she was, she was sitting on the chair completely nude. I stood there stunned for a few minutes feeling my cock hardening and rising in my pants as I gazed upon the perfect body of my sexy sister.

Her boobs were large and round, they looked firm as they didn't sag, her nipples were a perfect circle, with her nipples standing erect. She had a flat, strong stomach, I knew this as she loved to exercise. Her mound was void of all hair, I suspected that she shaved it. I could see the beginnings of her pussy, but not all of it as her legs were not spread. Her legs were toned and muscular, which caused her thighs to be large and sexy, making her ass large and perfect.

Her hair fell just short of her nipples so absolutely everything was exposed for my pleasure.

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She looked at me and smiled shyly and said, "Do you still want to fuck me?" I looked at her and said, "I want nothing more than that." "Take off your clothes now. I want to get a good look at that cock of yours." She said. I quickly obeyed, though I stopped when I got to my boxers and slowly pulled them off revealing my rock hard cock. I looked at my sister who was staring at my crotch. "What do you think?" I asked.

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Sam stared and then came to her senses, "It's better than I imagined. Can I touch it?" She looked up hopefully. "In a minute, I want to try something." I said as I moved toward her.

"Roger, what are you going to do?" Sam asked.


"Sam, you have my keys, you want to fuck me, I'm going to do what I want during this. You have no say in what I'm going to do. I'm going to handcuff your hands behind your back and then tie your legs to the back legs of the chair to expose your pussy. Then I'm going to question you and fuck you.

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Deal?" I said. "Oh fuck Roger. That would be AMAZING! Tie me up quickly." Sam said, "I'll be good." Quickly I handcuffed her hands to the chair behind her back and then tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair. The I walked around the chair to face her and I stared at her for a moment and then said, "Sam, are you going to give me the keys?" "No!" She shouted.

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"Fine." I said as I slapped her across the face. "How about now?" "NEVER!" I slapped her again, but this time on her perfect tits. She gasped in pain and I said, grabbing her nipples and twisting, "How about now?" "Fuck you." She said and spit in my face. "That's my plan for you." I said and I slapped her pussy. She let out a soft scream, "Oh fuck." Quickly I rammed 3 fingers into her dripping pussy, she gasped again, "Oh sweet fucking brother…" I thrust them in again and again, each time getting harder.

I kiss her mouth, then move to her neck and begin to bite her. Then I pull my fingers out of her glistening pussy and ram my throbbing cock into her, causing her to scream, "FUCKING HELL IT'S SO HUGE!" Forcefully I ram my cock into her pussy, and begin to bite her tits and neck. Faster and harder I go, she screams and screams until I bite down hard on her shoulder to cum inside her pussy. I pull out and quickly ram my still dripping cock into her mouth, muffling her screams. I begin to headfuck her, causing her to gag.

She keeps gagging, but I keep on fucking. I do this for a few minutes and then pull out to let her breath and I push the chair over, so her head is on the floor. I get on top of her and squeeze her massive tits together and push my cock in between them and begin to thrust energetically. I begin to moan and so does she. After doing this for about 2 minutes I slow down to cum all over her tits and face.

She looks at me and licks the cum from off of her lips and says, "Are you happy now?" "Not quite." I then turn around to put my face near her pussy and ram my cock into her mouth, then I begin to lick her pussy again. Energetically bouncing on top of her, I got her to cum all into my mouth and just as she came I came inside her mouth. Then I climb off of her and look down at her and said, "Are you going to give me my keys now?" "Yes, but will you want to fuck me again?" She said.

"Absolutely." I said and I lifted her up and untied her. Once her hands were free, she immediately went for my cock and began to rub it and suck on it. I moaned in delight and said, "Sam, what are you doing? I have to go." "Just cum in my mouth again, one more time. Then you can go." Sam said as she rubbed my cock vigorously.

Within about 3 minutes I came again in her mouth then she gave me my keys back and let me go. I went to work thinking about my sexy sister and when we would fuck again and how it would be.