Lp officer finds Joseline attractive

Lp officer finds Joseline attractive
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Not to speak ill of the dead, but the guy that lived across the street was a complete ass. He is one of the few people that when he died, instantly improved the life of those around him. Over the past eight years I watched him abuse just about every person that came within earshot.

From neighbors to the police and fire departments to the kids that walked down the alley next to his house, construction workers and even his own son, who moved out at 16, and his rarely seen wife Belinda. Belinda even left him once but was forced to return when she was arrested for DUI after John had turned her in and she lost her license. True story. I never talked with Belinda too much.

She seemed nice enough but with John around you couldn't get more than a passing word in. Several years ago John was diagnosed with liver cancer&hellip. or so he said. We are all sure it was from pickling his liver from all the cheap vodka he drank. On a normal day he was passed out by 2:00 pm which is why he never was able to keep a job more than a few days.

Almost two weeks ago sirens alerted me that something may have happened at John's house. An ambulance pulled up and I watched its crew roll in an equipment laden gurney. Not long after they rolled John out and loaded him up before driving off with no sirens.

Two days after that a car was parked outside with out of town plates. The next day I saw his obit. Devoted husband and loving father my ass. For the next few days after that different locals stopped by with food and flowers.

None of them neighbors. I was guessing people Belinda worked with or maybe family members. I didn't go over. What was I going to do? Pay my respect with a hearty thank God he's finally dead? I'm not hypocritical so I kept to myself, along with the other neighbors.

A few days ago I started seeing Belinda outside much more mowing the lawn or watering. At night she would sit in her enclosed porch for hours. Several times she I saw her walking to the community mailbox and she would smile at me from across the street and give me a fairly animated wave.

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She didn't appear to me to be a grieving widow. She seemed rather happy actually. However I was the only one that thought that apparently as neighbors started asking if I had been over yet. They had concerns that she was over there all alone and grieving. Why me?

Why can't they go over? Seems no one wanted to. Its like they thought John's ghost would haunt them or something. I finally reluctantly agreed and the next day when I saw her out to get the mail, I waved and jogged across the street. She waited until I was stepping up over the curb. "Hello Michael," not making eye contact. "Hey Belinda, beautiful day." She just grinned nervously and shifted her weight from one leg to the next so I got right to it&hellip.

no sense in dragging it out if she's not comfortable. "How have you been doing?" "I'm okay. Kinda lost but I'm dealing ya know. I mean&hellip. John was an asshole but he was all I knew for 12 years." She still wasn't making eye contact. Just absently string past me into space.

"Belinda is there anything I can do for you?" "Not unless you want to weed may garden for me. I haven't quite been into it," and she chuckled mechanically. "I could do that tomorrow around ten?" "Oh you don't have to…" Finally she made eye contact. She seemed unsure and somewhat nervous. "Belinda its fine. Gives me something to do." She just smiled then looked down again so I continued. "Look I'll see you tomorrow.

If you need anything just let me know. I'm just across the street." I touched her on her shoulder and then turned and crossed the street. Poor lady I thought as I walked away. All she ever knew was him. What a fucking ass. The next day rolled around soon enough. I fed the dog and got her out for a walk then came back, changed into shorts and a white tee shirt, grabbed my gloves, a bucket and my little shovel and went over to Belinda's. I didn't bother to knock. I just let myself in their&hellip.

her backyard. The gate to her privacy fence was not locked. Nobody locks anything in this small town. I walked straight to the garden. Mass of weeds. It looked like she watered plenty because the veg looked nice but the weeds were everywhere.

This was no simple weeding. I set my ipod to random, put my earbuds in, gloved up and drove right in. I ended up having to soak the ground some in order to get the roots to let go and dropped the little bastards in my bucket.

Thirty minutes later Belinda scared the crap out of me when she grabbed my shoulder. I almost literally left my shoes on the ground when squirted myself with the hose and jumped. Panting and laughing at myself I pulled my earbuds out and was met with the hysterical laughter of Belinda.

"I'm sorry" she managed to get out. "That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I tried yelling at you but you but you didn't hear me." "That's okay. I was in my own world" I said still out of breath and dripping.

"Well let me get dressed and I will come out and help." She turned and hurried back into the house. I stood there for a second dumbfounded that I had not noticed her dressed in her robe and slippers. She really HAD thrown me for a loop. I wrapped the earbuds around my ipod and set it up on the table on the deck out of the sun and went back to work. She did take her time. I was starting to wonder before she finally came out.

I had to do a double take. The few times I went over to see John, before he became the drunken ass, Belinda was always at the computer in a chat room or playing online games. We never really talked and I had never seen her closer than from across the street, excluding a few day ago, until now. We were both approaching the magic 4-0 mark but she looked younger, just a bit worn out as you would expect, and very pretty.

She was wearing cut off shorts and a white button down shirt with no makeup. She didn't need any. Her blonde hair pulled back, baseball cap on her head and gloves in her hands, she walked over to me actually smiling.

She's skinny with really nice tanned legs. Breasts were not big but not small either. Maybe a 34c? She stopped and waved her arms at me. "Its up on the table" I said pointing to her deck. "Just making sure. Don't want to kill you before the weeds are pulled" she joked. "Yeah that would be bad" aiming the hose mockingly at her.

"No no no" putting her hands up in defense and laughing. "Fine. Just realize I have the power. I have the hose." For the next few hours we pulled weeds and got ourselves plenty muddy and fairly soaked from the waist down kneeling in wet soil.

We chatted and joked about work, weather, her son and his finance and just about everything BUT John. I learned more from her in these two hours then I did in eight years. We were both starting to get really hot and sweaty with the noon sun pounding down on us when one of my jokes was answered, not with a laugh or comeback, but a sloppy mud ball to the back of my head.

My response was quick and decisive. I dowsed her with the hose. Full jet right into the back and chest when she spun around.

"HOLY SHIT THAT'S COLD!" as she tried to dance and weave to avoid the hose. I turned if off. "Had enough?" With her back turned to me, "YEAH YEAH UNCLE UNCLE!!!" Laughing and dripping she turned around.

Her once white shirt was translucent. Even though she was wearing a bikini top (damn it) I could tell she looked damn sexy. She looked at me then down at her shirt. "Guess there isn't much point in wearing this is there?" I tried to look around and find something to do like pull a weed or tie my shoe as she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. As she hung it on a tree limb I took the chance and took a good look at her.

I don't think she had an ounce of fat on her. Water droplets shimmered on her bare skin. The bikini top didn't leave a lot to the imagination, being a bit small I could see the sides of her breast and two very excited nipples. My cock certainly noticed too. When she turned back to face me I quickly looked down searching for something to do and noticed my gloves and shovel on the ground.

I grabbed my bucket and knelt down, picked up and placed my gloves and shovel in the bucket. It was an easy way to hide the growing bulge in my shortss. While I standing up I felt two hands hit my back and shove me forward. I fell face first into the garden making a sharp slap noise as my body hit water and mud.

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Ice cold water from the hose quickly followed blasting me in the ass and small of my back. She's right. The water is frigid. Game on. By the time I was getting to my feet she had already backed off quite a bit so I had some ground to cover before I got to her. With a war cry I charged. She screamed and ran away from me hose pointing at me, trigger down and an ice cold jet of water hitting me in the chest and face.

She didn't make it more than ten feet before I dodged to the left and grabbed her around the waist picking her up off the ground. She squealed as she tried to get me with the hose, her legs flailing in the air. We wrestled as I tried to disarm her and fell to the ground. This was my territory now. She was quick but I had a good 60 pounds on her. A couple of times I felt those hard nipples rubbing up against me just as I'm sure she felt how hard my cock was through my shorts.

I so badly wanted to grab that tie to her bikini top on her back and give it a pull so I could kiss and lick those nipples but I didn't. The poor lady just lost her husband. Eventually I got her on her back and sat on her pinning her shoulders to the ground. We were both soaked and covered in mud and grass. As soon as I felt her struggle I eased up I asked her if she gave up. She gave me the sweetest, sexy grin right as the water blasted me in the side of the face.

She still had the hose. I aimed it right at her. My hand ready to squeeze the trigger. "You wouldn't dare." I did but not as she expected. I shoved the nozzle under the band of her shorts and flooded her with the icy goodness of revenge.


"OH MY GOD THAT'S COLD" as she squirmed her way out from under me. She hopped to her feet and was dancing around as the water ran down her legs. She was clearly enjoying this as she looked at me and hissed "&hellip. you play dirty." "You started it." "Oh and I will end it too. I'll get you back." "Sure you will." "Why don't you go clean up and come back in 30 minutes and we can fire up the grill.

Least I can do is cook you some dinner for helping me out." "I would enjoy that." As she walked by me she stuck her hand out and kinda half hit me in the shoulder, half shoved me. "Go. 30 minutes." I stood there for a minute and watched her walk up her steps and through the glass siding door on her deck into her house. ************************************************************************************ I had no idea I had so much mud and plant bits stuck to me until I looked in the mirror.

My God I looked like something on a Science Fiction cable channel. I actually needed just about the full 30 minutes to get clean and dressed. I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the freezer and crossed the street for dinner. If I'm going over, I'm going over armed. Despite knocking on the front door twice, Belinda didn't answer. I thought maybe she was in the back yard but she wasn't. I peered around the corner first just to see where the hose was.

It was the same place I left it. The grill sat where it was that morning so clearly she had not come back outside yet. Her deck was extensive with a cover and lattice edging. I walked up the couple of steps to the table and put down the bottle of vodka and looked around. Under the kitchen window was a bench area that looked like it may double as storage. I walked over and tried the lid, it opened easy. Inside was charcoal, lighter fluid, a lighter and some very nice grilling tools.

I set the charcoal and lighter fluid on the ground and pulled out a lighter and utensils before shutting the lid. Once shut I stood up and looked through the kitchen window just in time to see Belinda come out the bathroom carrying something. All I could see was her bare back and she was topless.

I really wanted her to turn around but also didn't want to be caught. When she rounded the corner and left my sight I picked up the lighter fluid and sack of charcoal and took them out to the yard. My brain was feeling guilty, not about peeking through her window because that was an accident. The guilt was because I was having a hard time not going back and taking another look. I poured in some charcoal, gave it a splash of lighter fluid and lit them.

There was a lawn chair near so I turned it to face the grill and sat down to wait and keep an eye on the fire. About five minutes later two shot glasses appeared in my peripheral vision. I gratefully took one.

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One of her hands was on my shoulder and I could feel her against the back of my head as she stood behind me. She whispered in my ear, "Thanks for coming over today." I drank the chilled shot of vodka and felt it warm my throat.

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I raised the glass up a bit so she could take it, said "Your welcome" and tilted my head back so I could look up at her. She was wearing a half shirt and I could see right up it. This time there was no bra. I could see the soft underside of her breasts and those hard nipples pushing her shirt out.

"I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help with this view." I heard her laugh as she took a half step back and bent over kissing my forehead. "You're not supposed to help. You worked enough today. Just sit back, watch and keep me company." "I can do that." "Another shot?" "Yes please." "Beer." "Yes please." "I'll be right back." As she walked away I turned to look.

She was wearing white shorts and a pink half shirt. No shoes. Her hair was pulled back and held with a rubber band.

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I watched her ass as she walked all the way into her house. I turned around and settled back in to wait. The coals were getting close to being ready so I stood up and started to spread them out with the tongues. "I told you all you were supposed to do is watch" Busted I turned around. Belinda was heading for me with a tray of food, beer and vodka shots. She is one of those women that have that natural beauty and need no makeup. She wasn't wearing any and looked very good.

She set the tray down and immediately smiled at me and took the tongues away from me.

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"Sit. Relax." The tray had brauts, veggie kabobs of red and yellow peppers and onions and some chips and dip and of course, beer and vodka. I picked up the shots of vodka and handed her one.

We did the shots, she handed me her glass and she pointed at the chair I had been it waggling her finger.


I picked up the beer, Flat Tire, nice, and sat down. Over the next hour we chatted about this and that. Flirted a little as the vodka and beer made it into our blood stream. I watched her cook, okay stared at her ass, and tried to hide the bulge in my shorts. The fabric of her shorts is wonderfully thin. Why couldn't she have been wearing those a few hours ago? Occasionally she would turn around to take a drink of beer and show off her tanned and sculpted torso and ever-hard nipples to me.

The food was very good. The beer was plentiful. The company was buzzed. Belinda wasn't shy at all. She rather enjoyed showing off her body to me. She would bend over and let her shirt fall open so I could look and she would feed me a chip and brush her finger against my lips. After we finished the food we put the dirties on the tray and I carried them to the kitchen for her. She slapped my ass a few times to get me moving. She had me set the tray on the counter and asked me to grab the shot glasses.

The bottle of vodka she retrieved from the freezer. She grabbed the front of my shorts sliding her fingers into the waist band and pulled me outside onto the deck. She had brought me to a semi hard state by slapping my butt on the way inside. With her fingers in my shorts, I was rapidly growing and as usual I wasn't wearing underwear. When my cock began forcing itself over her fingers I expected some sort of reaction; pull her hand away or cop a feel, but she just pulled me out onto the deck and put my ass in a chair at the table.

She started at my crotch for a few seconds. I know she must be able to see my head by now. She turned and sat the bottle down on the table and took the glasses from me.

She poured and we drank two shots in a row each. Then she sat down in the chair next to me, smiled, giggled, looked back at the head poking out of my shorts, and sighed. "I have a confession to make but you can't ever tell anyone and you can't hold it against me. Promise." "Promise." "I've been watching you for a long time. From my bedroom upstairs I can see in your office and your kitchen in the morning." I just smiled and looked at her.

I live alone and don't wear much when I'm at home. Particularly in the summer, like now, when its so hot. I don't have air conditioning so I would probably be in my office naked.

I wondered just what she saw. She continued, "I've seen you in the morning when you make coffee and aren't wearing anything and&hellip." She blushed and laughed. "I can't believe I'm telling you this! I am so drunk." "And?" "And?" Then she remembered. "Oh no I've said way too much. You'll be shutting your curtains for sure already." "No I wont. I'm not shy in case you haven't noticed." I stood and put my hand in my shorts to adjust myself just to get the point across.

When I sat back down I looked at her and said, "come on I want to know. And what?" She poured and slammed another shot, breathed out and while looking at the bottle, "I watched you fuck your girlfriends." "Nice.

And?" "And this morning I knew you were here because I was watching you and was fingering myself imagining what it would be like to ride you in the grass right over there," pointing into the yard. "We could find out." "No. I can't. Not yet. I want to but its&hellip." I finished for her, "Its just too soon. I understand it hasn't been that long." Looking in my eyes, "its not that I don't want to cause I do.

I want you in the worst way right now but I can't." Then she smiled from ear to ear. "I promise it will be worth it. Besides I have desert for you." She got up and stumbled a little walking to the sliding glass door and opening it.

She was half way in when she looked back to me and shut off the light over the deck. The only light now was from inside the house. "You left your Ipod here when you left and you might want to move that chair over here in front of the door. Oh! And don't disappoint me by being good." With that she slid the glass door shut and locked it. I just kinda looked at the vodka and then the door.

Vodka, door. Belinda tapped on the glass and I looked over. She was putting in one of my ear buds then looked at me and motioned to move the chair over in front of the door. What they hell do I have to lose? I moved the chair over in front of the door, about 5 feet from it, and sat down.

Belinda was inside scrolling through my songs. She apparently found something she liked, tapped the play button and began to slowly and seductively dance. Belinda slowly gyrated her hips to whatever song she was playing. Lifting her arms above her head she exposed more of her tanned, fit stomach and ribs. I wished the shirt was a little shorter so I could see her breasts.

Keeping her Ipod arm up she ran her left down pulling at the hem of her shirt, causing her nipple to poke through the pink fabric then let go causing the shirt to bounce back up and expose even more of her skin. Her hand dipped down under the waistband of her shorts briefly and then slid up her warm skin, under her shirt, over her breast and pinching her nipple. She pulled her shirt up a bit farther to show me the whole breast briefly before pulling her hand away and letting her shirt fall.

Part of the shirt hung up on her nipple but she, nor I, minded. Her free hand unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and slid deep under them. I don't think she's wearing any underwear. I couldn't help myself and began to rub my hard cock beneath my own shorts. She smiled seductively and bit her lower lip. Whatever her fingers were doing she was really enjoying it.

The Ipod hand slid down and behind her and with both, and a little wiggle, her shorts dropped to the ground. She made an over-exaggerated embarrassed "O" with her mouth and stepped out of them. She turned and grabbed the kitchen chair and turned it so she could sit on it and face me.

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With her back to me she put one of those long tanned legs on the chair and bent forward slightly so I could see her fingers working along her lips and all the way back to her asshole then back to her lips where she slid two inside before pulling them out and bringing them to her mouth. She turned her head half way so I could see her suck her own juices off of them.

Still gyrating her hips to the music she ran her hand back down her chest and over her sweet lips again. As she sat down with her back to me, straddling the chair, she slipped to fingers inside herself. God what a view. She slid her ass towards me and leaned forward. With her ass almost off the chair I could easily see her working her two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her back arched in pleasure. I couldn't take it anymore and undid my own shorts and pulled my hard cock free.

I began to stroke my throbbing member. Belinda turned her head again towards me. Her face was contorted with passion and lust&hellip. she opened her eyes and looked to gasp when she saw me. She stood and removed her finger and stuck them in her mouth as she turned to face me. I could see her shining lips. She shaved herself clean.

She set the Ipod on the table and sat down facing me this time. Not taking her eyes of my cock she opened her legs wide and slid her ass down exposing her beautiful pussy and asshole to me. Her right hand spread her lips and the same two fingers on her left slid back inside of her.

She used her right hand to work her clit. My tempo increased when she slid in the third finger. I didn't care who could be watching besides her.

All I wanted was to be in her. I stood and hastily dropped my shorts before sitting quickly back down. I resumed stroking and used me free hand to caress my balls. Belinda liked what she saw and fingered herself quicker. Neither of us would last much longer at this rate. She was more wet then any woman I have ever seen.

Her hand was shining as her juices dripped out of her. Suddenly she stopped rubbing her clit and slid her hand under her leg causing it to rise.

She slid one finger from that hand into her glistening pussy took it out and slid it third knuckle deep in her ass. She came with a scream at the sensation. Her whole body shook. I watched as her juices ran freely from her hand and puddled on the floor. I didn't last much longer and launched rope after rope of cum onto her deck, my shorts and all over my hand. Panting, I watch Belinda stand unsteadily and walk slowly to the sliding glass door. She unlocked it and tiredly used her weight to slide it open.

She wore a sexy evil grin and stepped out half naked onto the deck with me.

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She walked up to me, put my ipod in my clean hand and took the cum covered one with the other, leaned forward and kissed me deep. Our tongues danced briefly before she pulled away and turned her attention to my cum-covered hand. She licked a large glob of my cum off it and swallowed.

"Ummmmm" was all she said before turning and walking back into her house. I sat there still and watched that ass swing. Belinda slid the door shut and locked it before finally pulling her shirt over her head and off. She stood there a minute, completely nude finally, teasing her hard nipple and giving me a few minutes to soak in her beauty.

Then she simply turned off all the lights plunging us both into darkness. I sat there for a few more minutes deciding if I should try the sliding door to see if it was really locked or just go home. I decided to put my shorts back on and headed for home knowing damn well that she was in her window right now watching me as I crossed the street. I can play this game. I didn't turn around to look.