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My Slutty Wife as a Dog Slave Bitch! Part 2 Bull lead Sissy to one of several motel rooms and knocked on the door, someone said come in, Sissy was pulled with the tight leash around her neck that almost choked her by Bull, into the motel room.

The room was much bigger that one would expect for an old motel and the two big black women followed close behind. Once they were all in the room Sissy was amazed to see five women, three of them were hung upside down by their ankles with their legs spread very wide apart by some sort of spreader bar! and their hands bound behind their back, they were also blindfolded and totally nude and a dozen or so men dressed in black leather hooded outfits that left only their gigantic cocks sticking out that were waging!

as if it were some kind of medieval phallic symbol, this really contrasted with the black leather outfits they were wearing, and several of these cocks, were even bigger black ones!

They were taking turns brutally whipping the woman's bare bottoms, hanging breasts and especially their wide open legs as the pussies, these young women were helplessly exposed as they gently swung back and forth. In between the whippings several of the men were down on their knees getting blow jobs as they forcefully were jamming the upside down girls mouths onto these gigantic cocks by holding the back of their heads with both hands or were pulling on their hair!

and were encouraging them to suck!. Some of the women were screaming as the lash fell, and others were just moaning and whimpering with the cocks in their mouths, as they were being filled with loads of cum! and one was even encouraging the man whipping her to hit her even harder taunting him and saying is that all the better he can do!

as she finally orgasmed several times right in a row! She was trembling and shaking violently with each climax! as the stinging lash contacted her swollen clitoris! She helplessly released her last orgasm it spurted out of her slit and ran down her belly and on to her tits dripping off the end of her nipples!. It was obvious that this was not the first time, as she was almost fully covered from her waist down and had precum clear pussy juice along with other cum all over her.


Bull and Sissy were quite impressed and the two big black women just smiled with a knowing smile! The other two women, mostly older, and quite buxom had large tits, full thighs and big soft round bottoms they were laying on there backs on a "T" type of wooden support with there wrists and necks locked firmly into stocks that were several feet off the floor a that end, and at the other end was waist high that left them held firm a wide leather belt was fastened tight around their waists, they then had their ankles pulled straight back at the same level so that they were spread back in such a way that left them doing the splits and opened up their legs so wide that left their slits lips and clit wide open as well and obscenely vulnerable !

Both were quite wet and cum was running out of their cunts and across their ass holes and was dripping onto the floor! both had been helplessly fucked numerous times!! One of the hooded men asked Bull if she wanted to hang Sissy up by her ankles, Bull thought about it for a moment and said maybe later as she was eying one of the horizontal stands that was empty.

Sissy was wondering and was detached from what was happening, if her legs would be able to stretch that wide and was surprised that these older women's legs had been stretched and bent almost 90 degrees in this horizontal position?, as when she tried out to be a cheerleader had never quite been able to do the splits even with one leg forward and the other one behind !, this had left all the older girls laughing at her during the school tryouts!!



Most all of the men had momentarily stopped what they were doing to look Sissy over, she was so ripe young and unspoiled as she had never been used or abused ! Her beautiful fair skin and young plump bottom and full figured body had left all the men who were watchingwith an incredible desire to satisfy themselves at her expense! It didn't matter, they were not going to get to stick their big cocks into her virgin pussy, at least not yet!, Bull motioned for her big black helpers to to put Sissy up on the empty table!

The leash and collar was released allowing her some temporary relief as she could breath easy at least for a moment, this was quickly replaced by heavy wooden stocks being placed around he neck and at the same time her soft white unblemished wrists were tightly locked into the stocks!

She could barely see out of the corner of her eye as a gigantic brass padlock was snapped shut with a hard metal klank!

that for the time being sealed her fate. Just as she was starting to get accustom to her hands and neck in the stocks she felt the wide leather belt being cinched up tight around her soft virgin waist until it to was very tight! The next thing Sissy felt was her ankles and feet still wearing her mothers black hi heels being slowly moved back farther and farther at this point she felt a sharp sting as one of the hooded men viciously hit her bare virgin pussy perfectly on her wet little clitoris!

she screamed and yelped at the same time but could not move as another and another stinging painful lash hit the most tender and private part of her virgin female sex organ! Tears ran down her face as she started begging this masked and hooded man to stop! All this did was make him want to whip her even harder!

In only a few minutes Sissy was sobbing almost uncontrollably! Just when she thought she could endure no more he stopped!!!!. Sissy had not noticed as she was being whipped that her legs were now like the other women almost 90 degrees and horizontal and she felt not only her ankles being strapped with strong leather belts but also her thighs just above her knees.

Her soft little bare bottom was hanging over the edge of the stand as well as her thighs, and were pooching out quite grotesquely on each side of the tight leather belts that made her beautiful young body look even more perverted and vulnerable. She could not see her pussy but the sensation of the whipping and the fact that she could not move gave her a feeling she did not quite understand! The painful burning and stinging of her clit just moments ago had now become a warm glow in her gentiles as Bulls mouth suddenly closed over Sissy's sweet and sore little clit the sensation immediately brought a shuddering orgasm from Sissy,s restricted young body this was followed by several more uncontrolled release's Sissy could not believe she had gone from burning pain to multiple orgasms in only a matter of minutes.

OMG it was wonderful, she had heard about women that loved this sort of thing and could easily orgasm from pain and sadistic sexual abuse but didn't realize that apparently, she was one of these women that could easily endure this, and not only enjoy having it done to her!!

No sooner had she come to this realization she felt one of the big black women that had been guarding her and helping Bull had straddled her head and Sissy could at first smell and then see the black wet cunt lips as they descended first across her nose and then her lips she had never done anything like this to another woman, but had seen it done numerous times on her satellite dish as many of the porn stations showed a number of Girls on Girl sex, she had wondered what it would be like to actually do it?

But this was no girl and she had the most full and meaty cunt lips Sissy had ever seen even on the porn channels!, Sissy was helpless to resist and quite naturally opened her mouth as wide as she could and was surprised how easily she was able to get most of this big black woman's cunt lips in her mouth and could not believe how enjoyable it was, the smell taste and ambiance of this womans very wet and juicy cunt.

Just as she was getting use to sucking on this older woman's lips her large clitoris suddenly popped out from in between the lips and Sissy started sucking on this gigantic clit that had a gold ring pierced though it!, and it seemed to be getting larger and larger as she sucked on it, this woman started making animal sounds and was trying to force Sissy's head up even higher, but the stocks around her neck held her firm and the pulling of her head by her little red pony tails was choking her, finally she felt this older woman orgasm and apparently she had not had sexual release for some time, as Sissy was almost soaked and smothered with a forceful and almost showering effect, and the amount of cum was warm and almost sweet as Sissy had no choice as to swallow as much as she could to keep from choking and the rest ran down her neck, cheeks and the sides of her face and was dripping onto the floor!

Sissy seemed to really like the fact that she had gotten this older woman off and was trying to get to her even more as she started making pleasurable moans and telling this big black woman that she wanted to suck on her even more!, she kept saying moremore, in between her gurgling moans of sucking pleasure, the woman kept teasing her by dangling her big and well stretched clitoris across Sissy's lips to where she could finally get a big mouthful and would not let it go!

She now had this big black woman who was previously mean and controlling almost on her knees shaking! as the positions were now reversed! Sissy had a very firm grip on this older woman's clit, just as this woman started to cum again, Sissy came from Bulls slow and deliberate sensual sucking, followed by very ardent and forceful manipulating of Sissy's clit.

Both were almost overcome with incredible orgasms!! Sissy heard the door open ad the words Doctor! The mans name was Doctor DeSade! But he was no health healer and his nick name was Dr Pain!


Bull had invited him to start Sissy on her sadistic training of being a Slutty Dog Slave bitch of a Whore and this would be some initial punishment and abuse to see if Sissy could really be used in such a sadistic way, as not all women responded well to such painful and sadistic abuse! Sissy was one of those young women that had all the physical qualities as well as the fantasy and desire to be used and abused over and over.

This fact and the thought easily made her respond to all but the most insane torture with girlish ease as her body seemed to really enjoy just about any type of sexual degradation and sadistic abuse!. The first big black woman had enjoyed herself at sissy's expense although it was not clear who had really been abused as Sissy had brought her to several mind blowing orgasms! her place had now been taken by the second big black woman and both her and Sissy had started taking pleasure just like the first had done!

Sissy was really getting into this and was easily learning just where and how she could get the most aggressive and manipulative use and the best reaction from this big black woman. Sissy was rewarded again by this most wonderful forceful shower of cum that was quickly followed by several more orgasms, and from this formerly dominating woman as her knees too were now shaking as she pulled her big and now very sensitive swollen clit from Sissy's lips with a loud pop!

Both of these formerly hard black woman were lovingly kissing Sissy on her cheeks through their own cum and at the same time Bull had continued to suck on her clit, she was so loving and at first very gentle but as Bull continued to do so, her pleasurable abuse had turned more ardent and she was now biting Sissy's formerly small little bashful pea sized clitoris that had swollen to almost twice its its original size and was being stimulated to to one now almost painful orgasm after the other!

OMG! It really hurt she was going from the painful biting by Bull to an incredible pleasurable orgasm and after several times could not remember whether which was which! Quite a crowd had gathered to watch as the other women were momentarily ignored but only one was still complaining that she needed more abuse as she hollered, leave the little bitch alone and do me, in and almost begging and desperate voice!!! Dr Pain had now gone to work, as Sissy's last orgasm slowly subsided her little breasts were heaving and perspiration covered most of her body a lot of cum that had been on her face had slowly dripped off onto the floor!

But their was still a lot of it on her neck and breasts as well as in her hair and her red pig tails were almost covered!. Bull was still sucking on Sissy's now very swollen and sensitive clitoris! As Dr Pain had started installing Sissy's hardware and head harness in preparation to be a Dog Slave Bitch!

He first attached three very strong rubber bungee cords to eye bolts in the ceiling all were conveniently located directly over each nipple and her clitoris! He then attached large metal alligator clips to the end of each cord these clips had very long and razor sharp teeth.

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Sissy at first could not see them or what he was doing. She felt him at first grab one of her almost virgin creamy white breasts and lovingly squeezed it slowly pulling it up farther and farther as Bull continued to suck on her clit the initial pleasure was quite relaxing, but in a second or two he had stretched one of her nipples and had expertly clamped one of the sharp alligator clips onto the tip!

The results was that this nipple and breast were instantly pulled straight up to the point if Sissy was not fastened to the table by the stocks and the wide leather belt around her waist, it would have almost lifted her off the table, the results were a blood curdling scream from Sissy's lips, at almost the same second Bull had carefully timed this to bring her to another orgasm!

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This mitigated the pain to some extent!, As Bull continued to suck on Sissy's clit, Dr Pain did the exact same thing to her other soft white virgin breast!!!.this to brought another blood curdling scream!!!. Once Sissy was able to endure the painful stretching as the sharp little teeth seemed to be slowly biting into her nipples a little deeper, and deeper as the strong rubber bungee cords pulled them tighter and tighter, to where her back was slightly arched up off the small "T" shaped table!!!.

With Bull still enjoying Sissy's succulent juicy and very sensitive clit, Dr Pain had moved around to her head and hooked several very sharp "J" hooks on each side of sissy's lower lip and they were attached to strong little rubber bungee cords, these were then hooked to the alligator clamps at each of Sissy's nipples, the results were first to pull her head and chin forward and up against the stocks, right after this he had nose hooker her with more of the same kind of sharp little "J" hooks.

One in each of her nostrils this, was so much more painful as the small little membranes in her nose were much more sensitive than those in her lower lip, the results opened her mouth very wide and the only way to make the pain bearable was to force herself to open as wide as she could possibly hold her mouth open, and tilt her head back as far as she could!. OMG this last thing hurt so bad and the pain was so intense that tears flowed down her cheeks she was kind of gasping for air and all she was capable of, was whimpering sobs as her creamy white breasts jiggled with each whimper and convulsion!.

as the sadistic torture session was just getting started! Sissy was now having a very hard time as she could not mover her head at all with out incurring a torturous pain!

With her mouth wide open and her trying not to move at all she could not see, Bull stepped back as Dr Pain move past her and around to where her wide open legs were bound apart!

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She felt him first grab the lips of her pussy and he pulled them as wide as he could, they had been quite bashful several weeks ago but were now much fuller an noticeably longer.

He again hooked several more sharp "J" hooks into each end of one of her cunt lips! And attached them to several small bungee cords that were hooked to rings that were attached to the leather straps that bound her legs rather tightly just above her knees. This instantly pulled her pussy lip wide, this was followed by doing the exact same thing to the other lip. Sissy screamed again!!. Now the pain of her virgin nipples and her nostrils along with her cunt lips was almost unbearable the whimpering had been coupled with short sobs and more painful convulsions as each time she sobbed it brought out a short painful screech!

And as if this was not bad enough he was now toying with her clitoris and for a moment could not help himself and gave it a very hard and sadistic pinch! Followed by a short suck, all of the pain and with sissy trying to hold her breath with her mouth wide open and not move, this last gesture brought on another forceful climax and when she was shuddering with this painful torture he attached the last sharp alligator clamp directly to her formerly pea sized clitoris that was now almost three time as big as it was just two weeks ago and let the bungee cord go!!!!.

Sissy's clitoris was now almost two inches longer than it had ever been and this was followed by a slow deep animal Scream!!!! EEEwwwwaaaaa.! as her clit was jerked straight up!!! and the sharp teeth sank slowly in deeper and deeper!!!!.

It seemed that the more painful the abuse, the easier it was for Sissy to have an orgasm! Dr DeSadethe pain doctor stepped back to admire his handy work, This incredibly attractive young 15 year old red headed pig tailed girl was totally nude her mouth was was wide open and she was painfully nose hooked, her beautiful soft white breasts were pulled and stretched to their limit and the very tips of her nipples were starting to first turn bright red as the droplets of blood from the sharp needle alligator clips cut into them and then turn a dark purple!

Her legs were spread to almost 90 degrees to her body and her cunt lips were wider that they had ever been along with her clitoris being sadistically pulled straight up!!!.

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. Several including Bull were taking pictures, close up ones especially of Sissy's nose, and and cunt lips the small very red spots in her pale white skin where the sharp little "J" hooks penetrated were very distinct!, her nipples and clit where also starting to turn blue the two big black women that had accompanied them to the truck stop now had electric cattle prods, Dr DeSade was directing them as to just where and how much current was required to get the most sadistic pain and pleasurable abuse!

One was poking her soft white titties that would make her wince, jump and jerk and the other big black woman was alternately poking her inner thighs between her knees and her virgin asshole along with her clit and the bottom of her feet! As the heels had now been removed.

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The results made Sissy jerk and shudder uncontrollably, and each time she would yelp and squeal helplessly, after several minutes of this, the door to this old motel room opened and three people walked in, two had very large dogs and were some of the biggest and meanest looking Pit bulls anyone had ever seen!, and the third person was a very attractive bitch looking white woman that was wearing a mask that made her look kind of like Cat Woman and on the end of her leash was a very attractive and animal looking naked young woman!!!!.

as This young woman was very well trained as she was down on all fours and it was obvious that she had spent a lot of her life in this position, she scrambled around as if she really was a dog! She looked and acted just like the other dogs! She was told to sit and did so instantly! She was then told to speak! And all that were watching they were amazed and were treated to a pleasant sounding female bark that mimicked perfectly that of a dog!

Again she was commanded to speak and did so several more times, the other two dogs immediately stopped what they were doing and quickly looked at her as if waiting for a command! She had been a beautiful young woman at one time, and was about 20 yrs old, her blond hair had been trimmed short and teased out, this gave her the look of a half woman and dog her ears and nose had somehow been stretched and altered to make her look more convincingly like some kind of cross breed.

She had some sort of permanently looking make up painted on her face and several other parts of her body that made look even more like an animal!but her extremely good looks could not all be changed or covered over. She had what looked to be booties that looked a lot like real paws! that were around her small hands, and they seemed to be tightly and permanently affixed just above her wrists! And her knees that ran out clear to her feet! Both replicated those of a dog! She had a round and fairly big fair skinned bottom that moved quite eroticly as she was lead around.

Her pussy was bare and her mound was very red and quite swollen on either side of her slit!, as if she had just been fucked hard for a very long time and with more than one big hard cock! Her breasts were big and nicely shaped about the size of 38DD,s they hung down as if they too had been really stretched and they swung back and forth as she was walked aroundher nipples were very red as if she had been nursing a lot of hungry and very mean baby pit bulls, and both of her big nipples had large chrome rings pierced through them!!!.

She had on a rough looking dirty brown leather collar that had BITCH! crudely burnt into it and was commanded by her master to roll over and spread her legs! She did so instantly! As her legs opened wide her swollen and well used looking pussy easily showed a clitoris that appeared to be very large well used and that was blood red in color, it also had a similar chrome ring pierced through it vertically!

Her clit stuck out quite grotesquely by at least several inches from in between her bare cunt lips this big red swollen clitoris made her look exactly like a "Bitch Dog in Heat"! Both of the pit bulls were commanded to come over and were taking turns nuzzling her big red clit and one after the other started licking it, this Dog Slave Bitch instantly had an uncontrolled orgasm!!!.

One of the hooded men started to reach down and give her clit a tweak but both dogs instantly growled and showed some very sharp teeth he quickly pulled his hand back and thought better of it!

She was again commanded to first heal and to assume the bitch mating position she immediately placed her arms out in front of her resting her big breasts on the floor and stuck her bottom up into the air opening her legs wide at the same time! !!!. To be continued in part 3