Indian Punjabi Chubby Aunty Hot Bhabhi Illegal Affairs

Indian Punjabi Chubby Aunty Hot Bhabhi Illegal Affairs
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Warning to readers chapters of this story features the themes of rape, slavery, and murder. While this chapter features the theme of incest if you don't like stories with these leave now. All sexually active characters are over 18. Galactic Vendetta chapter 07 Part A The twin's story Braving the Charybdis. Robert held the twins as the starliner entered the Charybdis. As the ship passed into the anomaly the spacecraft shook violently knocking them to the deck. Before they could get to their feet a second shock wave hit.

He had just helped up the girls when the scan officer called out the destroyer had followed them in. The captain ordered a hard turn to starboard to avoid an incoming shot. As they watched the beam miss another course change was ordered. This time they were headed towards a large cloud off the port side. With some luck they could hopefully loose their pursuer.

As the ship made the hard turn they watched another shot barely miss them. Unfortunately this one ignited nearby gases and the ship was forced into a steep dive to avoid they burning plasma wave. As the flair passed over them the destroyer had to maneuver to avoid it as well. Another course correction was forced upon them as they detected more of the volatile gas ahead of them. As the ship banked to avoid the destructive element the captain got an idea. If they could get one of these accumulations of gas close enough to the destroyer it might ignite it and destroy itself.

The biggest thing they needed now was to gain some separation from their attacker. As they descended under the gas extra power was ordered to the engines. As they began to pull away from the destroyer they once again set course for the cloud. They banked out of the way off the next shot as it ignited the gas and sent a burning wave of plasma back towards the destroyer.

As they entered the cloud they watched as their attacker was engulfed by the wall of fire. They held their collective breaths as the warship's shields failed an it disappeared into the plasma storm. A sigh of relief was released from everyone on the bridge as the destroyer exploded.

The relief was short lived however when they saw the ensuing shock wave was headed for them.

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Everything went dark as they all were thrown about the bridge. As ship's systems began failing the liner was carried deeper into the Charybdis. Robert awakened over an hour later with a scared set of sisters watching over him.

As he looked around he saw he was back in the twins stateroom. As he sat up in the bed he asked what happened. The girls told him after he was knocked out the ship was damaged by the shock wave. The navigation computer was damaged beyond repair and power to the engines cut out. Since the blast they have been drifting deeper into the Charybdis and don't know how they will find the way out. He saw the fear in their faces as he asked them to come to him. As they climbed into the bed with him he did the only thing he could.

As the three lovers held each other they hoped for a miracle. Major Whittan and LT Draper were to busy to share their young charges fears. Since the system failures they had been helping the crew any way they could. At the moment they were in engineering helping to repair the engines.

They had just patched a severed power conduit to the main engines. As the chief engineer slowly increased the power they prayed the patch would hold. As the engines came back to life they were able to stop the ship's drift. As the news was announced a false sense of hope began to spread. This was short lived as they remembered the destroyed navigation system. Unless the system could be restored they couldn't find their way out.

The trio were still holding each other for comfort when they got the news. Robert expressed his guilt about the whole incident to the sisters.

As they held him tighter they told him it wasn't his fault this was happening. Even as they said this they knew that he was still going to blame himself for this situation. Michelle decided that all three of them needed a distraction and at the moment there was only one thing available.

As she nodded to her sister to come closer she began strip out of her clothes. Mel understanding her sister's intentions followed suit. As soon as they were both naked they moved to the foot of the bed and began kissing. Robert watched with an perplexed expression as the sister's hands began exploring each others bodies as they embraced.

The plan worked when their hands made their way to each other's pussies. As their fingers entered each other's pussies both sisters' moans filled the air. As he watched their bodies trembling as they cried out their climaxes all thoughts of guilt were gone. What he didn't know was the twins' show was just beginning. As their orgasms abated they shifted positions. Crossing legs over and under each other's till the sisters' pussies were pressed together.

As they gave him their best seductive smiles Robert watched as they began to scissor their pussies together. As their hips swayed they began moaning again only this time loader.

Robert had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched first Michelle then Mel have orgasms. Even as they caught their breath they were crawling towards Robert.

As they reached him they took turns kissing him while they took off his clothes. As soon as they had stripped him Michelle began sucking his cock while Mel kissed him. However Mel soon broke the kiss and joined her sister sucking his dick. As one sister would take him into her mouth the other would lick and suck on his balls until the other pulled off of him. They both then would lick along his shaft and tip for a while. Finally the other sister would take him into her mouth while the other moved to his balls.

This set the pattern one would suck his cock while the other would lick, suck, and fondle his balls. Then after both teamed to lick up and down his shaft then they would switch. It wasn't long till Robert felt the tightening in his balls. Mel had him in her mouth when he came. As his cum filled her mouth Michelle moved to face her. As the last drops of his cum fell into her mouth Robert watched Mel kiss her sister. The sight of the twins swapping his cum as they kissed was more and enough to keep him hard but Michelle's hand stroking him made sure.

As they both swallowed the last of his seed Michelle laid down and spread her legs. A look from Robert to her pussy was all that needed to get Robert to move on top of her. Before Robert could insert his cock Mel climbed on top of her sister and lowered her pussy to her face. As her watched Michelle's tongue began to flick over her sister's pussy lips Robert trust himself into Michelle.

While he fucked Michelle her sister began to grind her pussy into her face. For the next hour and a half the three went at it. They went through several different scenarios during that time.

Robert would fuck one sister while she ate out the other or one would ride him while he ate out the other. He also got to watch them preform several lesbian shows as he recovered from orgasms.

The sight of them licking his cum from each other's pussies usually was enough to restore his erection and have him ready to go again. As soon as that happened they would be at it again till finally the three collapsed into each others arms. As they held each other and slipped into unconsciousness from their exhaustion the danger they still faced was all but pushed from their minds for now.

Part B Making a home The drop shuttle entered the atmosphere as it preceded the liner. Major Whittan maneuvered the craft as they headed towards the landing zone they saw from orbit. As LT Draper read off the altitude he glanced back at the twins strapped in on each side of Robert.

When the Starlight broke free of the Charybdis into this star system almost a month after the ordeal started they thought they were saved. However they soon discovered the solar system was completely encompassed by the anomaly. To make matters worse the ship's systems were beginning to fail. This left one option they had to land the ship and survive until they could be rescued. They had found this habitable world not long after they entered the system.

The biggest problem they now faced was the world was heavily forested and finding a suitable landing zone for the liner would be difficult. The decision was made to send the drop shuttle ahead to scout the landing zone. Robert quickly volunteered for this task because of his father's involvement in the ship's predicament. Once he was going that meant the twins insisting to go with him and that brought LT Draper and Major Whittan into it as well.

Of course the day before they separated from the liner the captain was asked to marry Robert and the sisters. So the three newlyweds sat behind the soldiers sent to protect them as the shuttle made it descent. Major Whittan could only smile as he watched the three of them holding hands.

The smile quickly left his face as warning lights began lighting up. This was followed by the sounding of an alarm. As he called the ship their altitude begin to drop. As an engine gave out they knew they couldn't make the landing zone. As LT Draper increased the anti gravity they headed towards to nearest clearing. As they applied the braking thrusters they saw the liner starting it's descent.

As they slowed the shuttle a small clearing came into view.

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Whittan knew it was to small to land the craft but with the power failing he had no choice. Bringing both the braking thrusters and the antigravity up to full he started his landing.

They were still going to fast when they touched down. As the landing gear collapsed under the strain they began an uncontrolled skid into the trees. As they hit the left wing was torn from the fuselage as they disappeared into the canopy of the forest. The captain watched the shuttle's crash knowing that they couldn't help them. As the liner passed the crash sight he said a prayer for the ones that gave them all a fighting chance.

He didn't have time to dwell on their loss as he had the other passengers and his crew to think about. As the dust settled at the crash site Major Whittan slowly began to come around. As he began to take stock he saw that they had slid under the cover of the trees.

He quickly started checking on the others to make sure they were alright. As he saw the others were uninjured he began to relax some. However he knew they would need to focus on the new problem they faced surviving on their own. Three days later the five of them left behind the remains of the shuttle. They had picked up a emergency beacon several kilometers away. As they took one last look at the shuttle they saw how close to death they had came. Both wings had been ripped from the fuselage and the passenger compartment had been torn into two pieces.

Only the cockpit had survived relatively intact. With no help coming anytime soon they would need to survive on their own. For the the first two days Major Whittan and LT Draper scouted the immediate area as they searched for food and water.

As their supplies started running low the decision was made to abandon the shuttle and head out in the direction of the signal. From the first night on the planet they realized they weren't the only lifeforms there. As they moved deeper into the forest they began to see many species of animals.

Most appeared similar to mammals as well as some birds. They set snares as they went and managed to catch several.

As they scanned them they found they were similar to several earth animals. One in particular was almost identical to a squirrel save it was the size of a dog. Another was similar to a rabbit only larger. These they found easy to trap and proved high in protein.

They also began seeing predators most were feline the largest they encountered so far being the size of a mountain lion. Even now Robert carried it's green spotted pelt strapped to his pack. He had barely gotten the shot off in time as it leaped at Michelle from some brush.

This close call was a learning experience for all of them and taught them they had to be on guard at all times. After this they began sleeping in the trees as well. Each evening after they cooked their dinner and put out the fire they would climb the trees.

In the morning they would climb down again and set off again. A new problem developed as they got closer first Michelle then Mel began getting sick. At first they suspected the food they had been eating but a scan of the twins showed the real cause of their illness.

Even being pregnant they did their best to help out from cooking meals to tanning pelts. The twins vowed not to be a burden to the others and insisted on carrying their own load. Their condition though did raise concerns with the others. They had to find some sort of habitation before they gave birth.

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This also meant they would also need to provide extra food for them. Also as they got further along the others would have to carry heaver loads. Two weeks after they set out they finally saw the source of the signal. That morning before they climbed out of the trees they saw the crashed star freighter in the distance. It was another two days before that reached the remains of the vessel. That morning the twins waited in a nearby tree while the others checked the ship.

That night they made camp in the ship's bridge. As soon as they finished dinner the twins pulled Robert behind a console.

They hadn't had sex since they left the liner and being pregnant had made them extra horney.


Even with Brandon and Monica in the same room they were getting fucked tonight. Robert had been expecting this since they found the ship. Hell since they crashed the girls have told him they wanted fucked. As soon as their cloths were off they began stripping Robert. Once he was naked they pounced on him. They fell on him taking turns kissing him and each other. They also took turns sucking his cock. While one sister would be kissing him the other's head was bobbing up and down on his dick. This was not where his orgasm would come from.

The sisters were going to have him in their pussies tonight. As soon as they had him fully hard the pair moved into position. While Michelle pushed him down Mel climbed on top of him. Before he knew it she had inserted his cock into her pussy and started riding him. As her sister bounced up and down on his cock Michelle straddled his face. As she felt him began to eat her out Michelle leaned forward and began kissing her sister.

The girls were shortly hit by a fit of giggles when they heard moaning from the other side of the bridge. Michelle was the only one coherent enough to ask the question. "Monica so what position is Brandon fucking you in?" After hearing her giggle herself she answered "I'm bent over the scan console and he's doing me from behind. " "Sounds like fun I'll have to try that when it's my turn." Michelle answered "If you do it then your eating me out then." Mel responded.

Michelle looked at her sister with her best playful smile and began to rub her clit. Taking her other had Michelle began to fondle Mel's breasts. Mel feeling the sensations coursing through her body reached over and pulled her sister into a tigher embrace.


As they kissed Mel began to reciprocate what her sister was doing for her. This though only encouraged Michelle to intensify her efforts and as such Mel had to do the same. They were on the edge when they heard Monica cry out. This provided the final push they both needed as they simultaneously cried out.

Robert had to fight to keep from coming himself as his face was flooded with Michelle's juices. As the sisters collapsed into each others arms as they tried to catch their breaths. This didn't last long however true to her word Michelle soon had Robert doing her from behind while she devoured her twin's pussy.

As their grunts and moans once again filled the bridge they were joined by similar noises from their two companions across the room. The five castaways. Didn't know how long they went at it that night before they all fell into the first restful night of sleep they all had since they were stranded on this planet. When they awoke the next morning they got to work. While the men went out to hunt and scout the area. The twins and Monica searched the ship for anything useful.

That night they discussed what they had all found. The men told how there was game in the area but water was going to be a problem as the nearest source was a half a kilometer back the way they came. They also told of seeing tracks of larger predators then they have seen before. While this news sunk in the discoveries in the ship were discussed. They had found the ships emergency solar panels were intact and so were the cargo transportation anti grav sleds. They also said how the ship had a fully functional med bay and a hydroponics garden.

They began to discuss their options at this point. With the water and predator issues combined with the twins' pregnancies a plan was developed. They needed what they had found in the ship but they also needed to be in a better area if they were to survive. A week later they got to work building a home in the tree tops near a grove of fruit trees they had found and planned to harvest.

They had began moving whatever they could salvage from the freighter including the complete med bay and the hydroponic garden. Even with the anti grav sleds this was a difficult task. Using laser cutters found in the wreck they began cutting up the freighter. They then would transport the components to there building site. The tree they had chosen had a thick trunk over seventy foot in diameter that rose two hundred foot before it branched out to form a wide canopy that rose another hundred and fifty feet.

This is where they were going to build their home.

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The wood it was composed of was stronger and denser than steel and even with the laser cutters was difficult to cut. The tree house would be set up in a module design with a main pod centered in the tree. They then would add smaller pods higher in the branches surrounding the central pod. When completed the central structure would serve as their living quarters as they constructed the surrounding pods. The pods then would be designated for different functions.

One would be the twins and Robert's home. Another for Brandon and Monica to live in. Others would be used for the med bay, hydroponics garden, and storage. At this point the central pod would become a commons room where they could gather to socialize and eat meals. They would salvage the freighters galley and place it into the central pod.

They would also temporarily install the med bay till it's own pod was constructed. Once they had the necessary branches cleared they began construction on the floor and it's supports.

With the main floor completed they began the task of cutting hull plates to build to walls. At the same time they hoisted up the med bay components and several bulkheads for internal support.

While they were cutting hull plates was when they found the three flyers. They were tucked into a corner of the hold they couldn't access before.

One was destroyed in the crash but the other two were intact. They would only need to charge the batteries before they could be sure. With this discovery a landing pad would be added off to the side of the pods.

Despite some early problems they were able to have the structure habitable if not finished in a little over a month. They still had a few things to handle before they could began construction of the other pods. They still had a lot of work to do but at least they could take a brake and figure out their biggest problem.

How they would mount the solar panels. Just putting them on the roof of the structure wouldn't work do to the tree's canopy.

So another option had to be used. Even with the tree house habitable they decided to keep living in the freighter till they had the power issues solved. This was mostly due to the fact they needed to recharge the batteries of their equipment. It was during one of the trips back to the wreck when they came face to face with the predator they had been fearing. They had stopped to let the twins rest when they heard movement in the tree above them.

That was when they saw the animal preparing to strike at them. Not having time to think about it both Brandon and Monica fired at the leaping creature. As it crashed down at their feet the sisters screamed and ran to Robert's waiting arms. As they calmed down they got their first look at the animal. It was a feline around the same build and size as a tiger on old earth. Unlike a tiger it was a silvery gray with grey stripes and a white belly and legs.

While he skinned it Brandon made another discovery it had been nursing. With Robert watching over his wives Brandon and Monica began the task of following it's tracks back to it's layer. Thankfully their suspicions about it being close were right.

As they approached the borough they could hear the cries coming from it and knew that it's cub was inside. As Brandon kept watch Monica crawled into the hole.

She came out shortly afer holding a struggling ball of fur a little smaller then a house cat. When the scared kitten calmed some they made their way back to their companions. They both wondered if they were doing the right thing by taking the baby back with them but both of them liked the alternative even less.


This was the last thing they needed at the moment another problem. When the twins saw the cub they were all over it cuddling with it to try and calm it. To the surprise of the others the small animal curled up in their arms and began to purr. As it fell asleep they set off again for the freighter.

On the way back they wondered how they would care for the cub. It was probably old enough to began weaning and could possibly be able to eat sold food. This and the danger it could pose as it got older made them wonder if they were making the correct decision. That night the twins were able to get the cub to eat some raw meat they had cut up it small chunks.

As their new companion eat they began to make plans for the next day. They would take a brake from construction at the tree for a week or so and work around the freighter. While they salvaged anything useful they would charge the batteries on one of the flyers. If it's systems checked out they could use it to examine the area surrounding the tree house for a location for the solar panels.

Once they had power they could move into it and only have to make the trip to the wreck for building materials. They could also use this brake to do some pre-assembly on the other pods and other important components they would still need to speed up the construction. They would also began gathering stuff they would need once they did make the move. Temporarily they wouldn't need that much but they would take along a few creature comforts.

That night after the cub curled up and went to sleep the twins pressed their naked bodies against Robert. Even as tired as they were they had needs and he was going to have to take care of them. As Mel kissed him Michelle climbed onto his lap. A grown escaped her lips as she sat down on his cock. As she began to bounce up and down Mel Straddled Roberts face.

Even before he began to lick her pussy she was kissing her sister. This night would prove to be a repeat of their first night in the freighter only this time the sisters reversed their roles. After Michelle had her orgasm Mel ate her out while Robert did her from behind. After they all had their climaxes they collapsed into each others arms. As they snuggled tightly together they were soon joined by the cub.

As it curled up against them and began to purr they drifted off into a restful sleep. Nearly a month and a half later they had solved the solar panel problem and finished both the medical pod and the garden pod. They even had some vegetables growing in the garden pod thanks to some seeds they found in stasis. The two housing pods were still a ways from completion but the end was in sight now.

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The twins' pregnancies were quite obvious now as well. Even against the objections of the others they continued to help any way they could with the construction of their home. They even learned to weld and were pretty good at it.

The cub now called Tiny had worked his way into all of their hearts. He proved to be very playful and slightly rambunctious at times but had bounded with the twins as if they were his own mother.

They had to still watch him due to his habit of thinking he was bigger than he was. They had named his species sterling tigers due to their silver color tone and had even seen several more.

Thankfully though they had only had to kill one other. While they were dangerous they were also quite majestic animals. They also had began to take notes on the various plants and animals on the planet. They took extra notice of anything dangerous. As their home neared completion they began to think of themselves more as colonists then castaways.

The night they finished the twins pulled Robert to their pod. After they put Tiny in his bed they stripped off each other's clothes.

As soon as they were all naked the twins got into bed on their hands and knees. To celebrate they planned to give Robert their final virginities. As Mel began to lube her ass hole with her saliva Michelle told Robert what they wanted. Robert quickly accepted their gift of their last virgin orifices. As he joined them in the bed Mel moved to the side to allow him access to her sister's lubed ass hole.

Before he could line up his cock though Mel took him into her mouth to add a last bit of lubrication. After she was sure he was ready Mel spread her sister's ass cheeks to allow him easier access. As she felt him began to probe her nether opening Michelle tried to relax her ass hole to ease his penetration.

She let out the breath she had been holding as he sank fully into her bowels. Once he was fully inside of her Michelle told him to start out slowly. As she got used to the intrusion she asked him to speed up his thrusts.

As his pace increased she dropped her shoulders to the bed and reached under herself so she could rub her clit. With this added stimulation the pleasure overwhelmed the remaining pain and her grunts turned into moans. Soon her fingers were working over her clit in a frenzy as Michelle felt her climax building. Robert was in a similar situation as he began to feel the tightening in his balls. As Michelle cried out in her ass clamped down on his cock.

When this happened he only lean his head back and close his eyes as he filled her bowels with is cum. Robert pulled out of Michelle and laid down next to her while he tried to catch his breath.

As he did this Michelle rolled onto her side facing him. The moment their eyes met they fell into each other's arms and began embracing. While they kissed Mel climbed onto the bed behind Robert. As he felt her move behind him Robert rolled back onto his back and both of the sisters pressed up against his sides and took turns kissing him. It was Mel that finally broke the three way embrace when she moved down Robert's body and began to suck his cock.

As her sister work on getting Robert's cock hard again Michelle began giving Mel a rimjob to lube her up. This was something they had never done for each other before. However after the sensations she felt as her sister did it for her Michelle knew that they would be exploring this again in the near future. By the way Mel was reacting to her actions told Michelle that her sister felt the same way.

Robert on the other hand had gotten hard again quickly since Mel's lips slipped around his cock. Then again he could never stay soft around the twins for long.

As soon as she had him hard Mel let go of his cock and got into position on her hands and knees. A repeat of what happened with Michelle soon followed right down to Mel having an explosive climax at the end. As as her orgasm abated Mel rolled onto her back.

She was soon flanked by Robert on one side and her sister on the other. The three drifted off to sleep in each others arms soon after.

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Tiny of course woke them early the next morning. After his belly was full he curled up in Michelle's lap as they watched the sunrise. This was the realization hit all three of them. This was now their home.