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Inside the Bus Krista nervously boarded her friend's school bus outside her school. She was an 8th grader and the year was almost over, and she wanted so badly to hang with a group of friends that included Holly's brother Jeff.

He was a cute 9th grader and was very "hot" in her book. He had this thing for younger girls and was not above having them do things for his kisses and touches that would prove to him they would be loyal, without worrying about getting parents involved. Krista had fantasized all day about the note Holly had passed to her in class, from her brother about today's initiation. She just wondered whether she would have the guts to do it.

. especially on a school bus. Holly and Krista immediately went to the back of the bus, knowing their friends would be gossiping about who would still be left on "American Idol" that evening towards the front. The bus pulled off and the adventure began. Soon the bus driver had moved into a nearby subdivision where the traffic was light.

"Are you all set?" asked Holly with a smile on her face. She pulled out her cell phone from her purse, looked towards the front of the bus and then back at her friend. "Do you really have to take a picture? It's embarrassing enough for me to flash some guy!" said Krista, reaching under her somewhat tight sweater and locating the front clasp of her bra.

"Uh, huh. . Jeff wants proof and then while he looks at it, downstairs in our basement, he will shoot his stuff into our mouths while we watch. Hey, don't forget. . I have to be topless when he is doing that too!" she exclaimed. Holly watched as Krista twisted and turned as she successfully worked the little white garment off her shoulders and into her lap.

Holly immediately grabbed her bra and placed it in her purse. "Why'd you take that?" asked Krista, suddenly turning red with embarrassment realizing later she would have to enter Holly's house without anything covering her titties.

"He wants more proof that you did it. Don't worry, I will get it back from him later tonight. Let's get going. I don't want the bus driver to get suspicious.

Leave your parka on so they won't be able to tell what you are doin in the front of the bus and roll up your sweater past your boobs and let's make some guy's day." Looking out the back of the bus, "There's a guy and he's alone. . and he's kinda cute. Go ahead Krista. . show him your titties!" Holly watched as her best friend curled her fingers under the base of her sweater and quickly rolled it up. . higher and higher. . until a pair of perky adorable breasts appeared.

With some difficulty she pulled the sweater up to her neck, quickly turned around and raising her body up onto her knees, her bare titties came into perfect view to the unsuspecting man following the bus. The red flashing lights came on and as the man stepped on his brakes he looked up and watched the 15-year-old flash her titties at him.

Outside the Bus Sam was single and constantly horny. He was somewhat frustrated to be following a school bus, since being around 3:30; he knew he might have to endure several more stops. He saw the side little blinking stop sign come out from its enclosure and looked up at the students. He couldn't help but watch a young girl, pull up her top and give him a most satisfying glimpse of her naked titties.

Soon a second face appeared laughing and then he saw the flash of a camera. He expected the girl to duck down, but watched her sidekick give her instructions. The embarrassed girl slowly captured her stiff nipples with her fingertips and began to pinch them.

Since the distance between his car and the bus was only a few feet, Sam was treated to quite an erotic performance. It was obvious, the young girl had begun to blossom. . with her perky, puffy, pointed breasts fully on display offering him a fantastic opportunity to become fully aroused.

Krista looked down at the man, as her nipples turned into spikes up against the glass and watched as he began to rub his pants in obvious enjoyment at what she was doing. For a brief second. . she was aroused at the power she had over him. At the same time her nipples continued to swell, sticking out like jelly beans. Suddenly the bus lights were turned off and both girls ducked down and the bus moved forward. Probably the most exciting part of what Sam had seen, was that this girl was the perfect age for the carnal fun he had in mind.

Just thinking about her hot lips sliding over his long rigid cock and all the sucking she would be doing before begging him to shoot every ounce of his thick cum into her mouth and down her throat was almost too much. What she didn't know was that this wasn't just a fantasy. He was going to take the necessary steps to make it happen for both of them. The bus driver moved to the next block and Sam deliberately stayed several car lengths behind, wanting to see where the girl.

. or girls for that matter, got off the bus. What none of the three realized, was that a perfect storm was brewing. Krista and Holly were going over to Holly's house for the evening and Jeff was going to actively continue his initiation ceremony with Krista, since none of the parents were going to be home.

Krista already had permission, so Sam was soon to be in the driver's seat, but he didn't know it yet. The side doors of the bus opened and Holly and Krista stepped out. They headed down the street a few houses and ran up to one of them. Sam took note of their location and turned down the side street and parked the car. Since this neighborhood was primarily made up of parents who both worked, it did not seem strange for Sam to walk down the street and up to the front porch of what he would soon learn was Holly's house.

He peered inside and saw the two young girls sitting at the back dining room table talking and laughing. He looked behind him, and sensing the coast was clear, he knocked on the front door.

Soon Holly came to the door and opened it. "Can I help you?" asked Holly in a cocky sort of way. She looked at Sam and then her mouth dropped open; this was the guy Krista had just wiggled her bare titties at moments earlier.

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"Oh, I am sure you can. Because if you don't. . you both are going to get into a bunch of trouble with your parents AND the police. Sooooo, let me in and let's get to know each other A LOT better," said Sam pulling the door open. . and wide enough to enter the house. Not paying much attention from across the room, Krista asked: "Who was it?" "Uhhhhhhh. . the man in the red car behind the bus, and he wants to get to know us," said Holly. As Sam followed Holly into the dining room he watched her tight little ass wiggle back and forth in her dark blue pleaded skirt.

Both girls were still in their school uniforms, which gave Sam even more reason to celebrate. Holly sat next to her friend and for the first time he got a chance to see what he had captured.

Krista had blonde hair up in a ponytail and Holly had long dark brown hair that came down to her titties. Both girls looked about the same in terms of breast development. .

but with luck he would know for sure very soon. "So Holly.


. . this is your house?" asked Sam. "Yes. . ." she offered cautiously. "When can I speak with your parents?" "Not until late.

They both work afternoons." "I see. . do you have any brothers or sisters?" "A brother. . Jeff. He should be home in about an hour or so." "What should we call you mister?" asked Krista, who was beginning to get self-conscious as Sam kept staring at her titties. She wished she had been able to put on her missing bra, still in Holly's purse. "Let's just call me Uncle Sam. . fair?" he said. "Do you girls know how much trouble you can get into for indecent exposure?" he asked, watching the look on their faces.

"It was Krista. . not me!" said Holly trying to get out of trouble. "Holly! It was you and your brother that made me do it!" said Krista. "I see. So really both you. . and Jeff is it?.

. that are accomplices? All of you are in this together. . am I right?" The girls nodded their heads. "And let's see," said Sam picking up an electric bill off the table, "Your parents are the Andersons. I guess I have all the information I need. The police will be in contact," he rose up and began to leave. "Please mister. . " said Krista. "Uncle Sam. . remember?" said Sam. "Fine. . please Uncle Sam. . isn't there something we can do to change your mind?

I was just trying to be popular with Jeff and his friends. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone." "Maybe we can make an arrangement between the four of us.

Tell me everything about what you guys had planned. . and leave nothing out!" For the next five minutes both girls explained what was supposed to happen. He especially liked the part where Jeff was going to shoot his wad in both their mouths. . and truly had every intention of letting that take place. . in fact with luck he might even take pictures of that event happening. "Let's say I don't go to the police.

What could you two do for me that might make things even?" he asked with a grin on his face. "How about us doing some chores? Like gardening or raking leaves for you at your house?" asked Holly. "I can cook pretty good. Maybe I could make you some cookies?" offered Krista. Sam was beginning to get an erection as he watched the girls eagerly offer suggestions.

. not knowing that seeing and touching their naked bodies was their only way out. "Those are great ideas. . but let's start. . with both of you taking off your sweaters for me." "What!" exclaimed Krista. . suddenly remembering her bra was in Holly's purse. "I don't see a problem. . girls. It will just be a quick repeat of the show Krista gave me a few minutes ago. But this time, Holly will go first. . and I don't want to hear anything except, "Anything you say Uncle Sam" got it?" Holly began to realize, this guy was just like her horny brother and if she had any chance of not getting into trouble, she would have to follow his instructions.

"We don't have much choice Krista. I suppose I should stand up, huh?" she asked. "That would be fine. But I need your friend here to sit alongside me while I check you out. Come on over Krista and sit right here," he said pointing to the seat next to him. Krista navigated her way past her friend and sat in the seat on the left of Sam. As she sat down, Holly stood up and reached for the bottom of her sweater and began to pull it upwards.

"Give me your hand Krista. I want you to feel what happens to a man when he is looking at someone as cute and naughty as your friend here." Innocently, Krista moved her hand sideways. . but almost instantly Sam thrust her hand into his lap, directly over his huge throbbing cock. She tried to take it off, but he opened up her fingers and deliberately placed it over the head of his erection.

. that was now sticking out of the front of his pants. "Just squeeze it, honey. Learn what it's like to touch a big cock. Don't worry. . .You will be doing much more than that with it very shortly." Krista's heart began to pump out of control. She had never touched a boy's cock before and as she slowly began to manipulate his organ with her hand and fingers, somehow this act was beginning to get her aroused as well. His stiff rod was truly HUGE.

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Soon he was demonstrating how she should manipulate it with her fingers, curling the shaft and moving it up and down. Meanwhile Holly had lifted her school sweater over her head and what came into view was a delightful white skimpy bra, like Krista's. . with two hidden titties underneath.

She placed the sweater on the chair next to her and then said, "Your turn Krista!" "Krista is very busy right now Holly. So let's keep the show going.

. show me your bare tits Holly.


. . and take off those panties for me, too. And don't forget. . just do what you are told!" Holly had done similar things before for her brother before, but to do it in front of a strange man.

. was kind of scary. Soon she reached behind her back and her dainty bra unattached, as the clasp was opened. She slipped her thumb under the strap over her shoulder and moved the soft cups from covering her bare breasts. Instantly two lemon-sized breasts appeared to his delight. . with their light pink nipples beginning to grow VERY stiff. Meanwhile, Krista's hands had begun to explore Uncle Sam's long shaft.

As Holly was reaching under her skirt to pull down her panties, the horny man whispered in her ear, "Take it out of my shorts, and look at it." Krista, mesmerized by the man's huge cock, ran her hand down over his belt buckle, then softly over his bulging, but restrained cock through the heavy material of his jeans. She freed her other hand (from in between her legs), and using both hands, opened his belt and the snap of his jeans.

She carefully lowered his zipper, and hungrily stole her way into his jeans. Soon, the cute. . but very naughty girl was visibly enjoying the feel of his rigid cock, as she caressed its full length the best she could through his cotton shorts. Despite its rigid girth, she couldn't believe how soft his firm cock was in her hand.

As she curled her fingers around his glans, his sticky precum drooled onto her hand and at first she thought he had peed on her. As Sam watched Holly find the tops of her panties, with some difficulty, he surprised both girls by rolling slightly sideways, taking Krista's hand off his throbbing cock for a brief second, and by using his thumbs, scooped his jeans and shorts down to his knees.

He kicked slightly sideways, freeing one leg, so he could spread his legs, just in case he wanted the little nymph to kneel in front of him. Krista, not missing a beat appreciatively caressed and fondled his now bare and magnificent cock, looking at it with awe. "Wow, it's huge! How awesome is that. . .Uncle Sam?" was her only statement. Sam winked at her and continued to watch Holly step out of her panties.

Krista began to move her now damp hand up and down the man's 7" shaft, much to his delight. Sam looked over at the cute brunette across from him. Her cute titties peaked through her long mane of hair and her nipples were fully aroused. He could not help himself as he leaned directly across, and looking at the young girls eyes, desperately cupped her tits and then began to manipulate her stiff nipples.

Holly closed her eyes, soon realizing this man knew just how to excite her. "I love your tits Holly, but I think to show me everything, you better stand up on the table right here in front of me," he said letting go of her excited breasts and tapping the space right in front of him. Holly smiled at his request and secretly looked forward to seeing what her friend was doing with the man's cock under the table. Her brother had made her manipulate his cock a lot lately and she wanted to compare the size of their organs.

She stood on her chair and carefully moved directly in front of Sam. He looked up and once again appraised the girls budding breasts, but soon realized at this angle he could easily look under her pleaded skirt at her bare pussy lips. The fact that she was still in her white socks and gym shoes added to his arousal. "Krista.

. what should Holly do, so that we can see her better?" he asked.

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Krista for a moment looked up from the man's magnificent cock at her friend's legs and then somewhat embarrassed realized her bare pussy was almost on display. "Have her tuck the bottom of that skirt into the top part of it, and you can look at her coochie." "You mean her PUSSY. . and yes that is a great idea.

And while she does that I want you to take off your sweater for me and show me your titties up close". Moments later, Krista pulled off her sweater, knowing this horny guy was going to instantly inspect her chest. His eyes got wider as he examined her titties, close up.

At the same time, Holly's hairless pussy was left wide open just inches away from Sam's mouth. He found himself with his face close to the joining of her legs; her plump, hairless pussy, lips slightly open and glistening with her juices.

Like a moth to a candle he was drawn to her there; his hands rising to part those beautiful nether lips. As his hands touched her moist lips. . he parted her, leaned across and gently licked her clit. Holly cried out with a little "oooohhhhhh" but then he stopped as he felt Krista take his hand and move it over to her bare titties. He smiled and leaving Holly for a moment, he did what he had been longing to do since he saw these breasts on the school bus, he opened his mouth and began to suck her entire tittie inside his mouth.

. licking and twirling her bud back and forth, and then fully concentrating on her rigid nipple, which he tongued and gently bit for several more seconds.

After sensing her arousal, he paused and whispered in her ear: "I want you to put some of your sweet kisses on my BIG COCK Krista. Sit back down and lean over and kiss it for me." Without any hesitation Krista leaned across and gently kissed, first the base of his cock with his pubic hair tickling her chin, and then slowly working her way up to the tip of the man's cock. At the same time, Sam watched the girl's hand thrust under her skirt and savagely rub her pussy, showing her obvious excitement.

Again he captured her closest tit, this time with his hand and he allowed his fingers to begin to gently pinch her bare nipples, causing the buds to stiffen in seconds. As Krista continued to plant kisses on Sam's cock, he leaned over and used his tongue to flash out and flick Holly's engorged clitoris. This time she moaned loudly "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" and grasped the back of his head with both her hands.pressing his face into that wonderful wetness of hers.

. grinding herself into his face and mouth. With his spare hand he grabbed the giggling girl's ass with the palm of his hand and pulled her closer.

Without any hesitation he thrust his tongue deep into her warm pussy and began to literally fuck her with his cock-like tongue. Holly began to gyrate her hips to match the man's thrusts. After a few minutes of applying pure joy to the 15-year-old, he backed away slightly and seeing Krista's blonde hair he slipped his fingers through it and gently pushed the girls head downwards.

Krista began to object, but then she heard him say, "Suck My Cock!" and immediately the girl's mouth opened allowing his shaft to slip inside. He let go of her tittie, and placed both hands around Holly's naked ass and began to savagely lick her clit and pussy. Slowly getting used to having a cock in her mouth, Krista began to bob her head up and down attempting to improve her technique like she had watched in a porno movie.

She remembered Holly telling her that boys liked to have their COCKS sucked, so carefully she pulled her teeth over her lips and she began to hum and suck at the same time. Her fingers were now desperately rubbing her own pussy and she had actually inserted two of them into her warm cavern. All three lovers were into their own world as they began to feel their bodies begin to shake with total arousal as their climax was seconds away.

Before long, Krista was ramming her finger up her hole, Holly was bucking her hips in rhythm to the man's cunt licking and Sam was beginning to shoot a steady stream of hot sticky cum into the 8th graders mouth. Suddenly sensing that her mouth would overflow with the man's juices, she moved her mouth away for a brief second and his erupting cum sprayed all over her face instead.

Eagerly swallowing his erupting volcano of slimy juices, she eagerly went back for more. Slowly the trio slowed down and finally stopped. Holly looked at the clock and suddenly announced, "We gotta stop! Jeff will be home in ten minutes!" Sam sat back and thought for a moment.

"I want you two, to hop in the shower together and clean off. When you come back, get back on your school outfits, but no underwear. . and I want both of you to put on one of Jeff's undershirts! I will be downstairs waiting and hiding. Now get!" Minutes Later Jeff had to almost continually place his hand over the nonstop boner in his pants on the ride home from school so as not to embarrass the girls sitting beside him (although one of them he would have loved to have pulled out his long shaft and shot a load of cum all over her face).

He knew he had both his sister Holly and Krista exactly where he wanted them (i.e. as his future full-time sex slaves) and couldn't wait to get in the house and make them do whatever he wanted.

. right in front of him! He also couldn't wait to see the pictures he had asked Holly to take as proof that Krista had flashed her pert little pointy breasts at an unsuspecting driver. . as well as the girl's bra which he would add to his collection.

Lately he had gotten off by shooting his wad into the cups of these bras he had taken from girls, as he fantasized about the girl's titties and he was certain Krista's would be used the same way, but not before he shot his load into her mouth first.

He wondered whether the 8th grader had ever even seen a cock before, let alone having tasted cum. The bus came to a halt in front of his house and he quickly said goodbye to Tammie as he adjusted his cock in his pants and headed towards the front door. He was so confident that his parents were not home, that he zipped down his pants, yanked out his huge cock and balls and entered the house, noticing his sister Holly and Krista sitting on the couch.

Krista might have been incredibly embarrassed at the boy exposing himself, had the episode not taken place minutes before, but since she was already hot for his body, she instead marveled at the long throbbing shaft sticking out of his pants when he entered the living room. "Hey Krista. .

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what's shaking girl? Were you a good girl on the bus on the way home?" He suddenly realized both she and his sister were dressed somewhat strangely. They both had on their school outfits, except for some reason they were both wearing his powder blue rib tank undershirts with thin straps, instead of their normal white blouses. "She did just exactly what you asked. . and here is proof," said Holly proudly handing her brother the print she had just created on the computer.

Jeff immediately checked out the image of the topless 15-year-old in the picture, and his cock twitched with excitement, knowing shortly he would be inspecting Krista's titties first hand.

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Little did Jeff know that Uncle Sam was down in the basement with Jeff's confiscated camera, ready to continue his blackmail when the trio headed downstairs. "Excellent!" said Jeff as he continued to look over the picture of Krista. As he inspected the image, he wrapped his hand around is lewdly pointed bare cock and began to loosely wank on it up and down for a few seconds.

Krista remained seated on the couch, staring at his actions and very erect shaft. "You should put that thing away! The neighbors might see you," said Holly, also looking down and inspecting his equipment. It was not the first time she had seen his cock. . in fact lately, he often made her service him with hand jobs and even on rare occasions (usually to get out of trouble) blowjobs.

Jeff ignored her comments. . "Krista, I love your bare titties in this picture! Did you enjoy showing yourself off to that guy? Come on over here and let me give you a kiss, like I promised," he said.

Krista stood up, and was still obviously excited by his mere presence in the room. As he turned to greet her, his cock and balls, which were hanging outside of his pants, lewdly swerved back and forth causing her instant attention and mild alarm. She realized her taunt nipples had begun to harden at the sight in front of her, but there was no time to hide her stiff buds.

Jeff was almost a foot taller than her as she looked up at the handsome boy. He was equally as turned on by her developing body and leaned down and kissed her on the lips. At the same time, he pulled the 8th grader close to him, allowing his huge naked shaft to press up against her stomach, with the head just barely touching the base of her lemon-shaped titties.

Since there was nothing between the two of them, other than the thin boy's undershirt she was wearing, it almost felt like they were rubbing up next to each other NAKED. But this was no simple, "thank you" kiss. Jeff turned his head slightly and eagerly drove his tongue into her mouth. The 15-year-old had never kissed a boy before, let alone with as much passion as he was exhibiting. He continued to grind her tight little ass into him and as his tongue began to wildly twist and turn inside her mouth, he let the tip of his cock rub back and forth between her developing breasts, moving between her small orbs.

Next he eagerly pulled up her pleaded school skirt to slip his hand under her panties, but was erotically charged to find out, she wasn't wearing any! His fingers probed her naked skin and mound as his digit headed south toward her moist hole.

Holly had sat down on a nearby chair and had to admit watching her brother literally molest her best friend was very arousing! She slipped her own hand in between her legs, under the skirt and began to wildly rub her clit. Krista was moaning louder and louder as she felt Jeff's body slip down about a foot and all of a sudden his throbbing cock was being directed in between her legs. She knew they would have to go downstairs, in order to satisfy the agreement Sam had made with them, so she whispered in his ear: "This is sooooo awesome Jeff!

But can we go downstairs? Someone's gonna see us and I will get in a bunch of trouble!" Almost as if the light switch had been thrown, Jeff backed away. He inspected his cock which still had the moisture from between her legs still coated on his shaft. Would this younger girl let him fuck her? Time would tell.

But he knew he would at least get her to suck his cock, which was of course, part of the deal. "Cool.


Let's all go downstairs and have some fun! Come on girls, let's go." Holly immediately pulled her hand from between her legs and stood alongside her brother.

With a 15-year-old nymph on either side of him, he wrapped his arms around both of them, hugging them close. As they began walking, he pulled the undershirt out of Holly's skirt and then simultaneously slipped his hand under both shirts and instantly found two excited titties to squeeze and fondle.

As they approached the steps, both girls had closed their eyes as he began to twist and turn their stiff nipples in between his fingers and thumbs. "Rub my cock you little sluts. . we are going to have more fun than you've ever had before!" he said watching first Holly circle her moist hand around the base of his cock and then Krista do the same thing covering his purple head.

With some difficulty the trio navigated their way down the steps frigging each other. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, precum had begun to ooze out of the tip of Jeff's cock. . as they moved their way over to the couch.

"Time to strip off my shirts girls! I want to see four naked titties, right NOW." Both girls were surprised at how fast things were moving and just before sitting down, they winked at each other and slowly. . and seductively began to pull up their tops. "STOP!" yelled Jeff, suddenly getting a better idea. He pulled over a small stool and pointed to Krista. "Let Holly take off your top, and get up on this!" "You are one horny guy," said Holly as she mischievously slipped her fingers under the front of Krista's top and using her thumbs, began to pull the garment up past her breasts as she focused on her nipples poking out the front of the shirt.

Deliberately keeping her thumbs out, she made sure to diddle the girl's nipples as she moved past them, making Krista giggle with embarrassment. She knew how this felt on her own body and slowly manipulated her friends bud's and then slipped the garment over her head.

As she tossed the top aside, she exposed the slight swell of the underside of her breasts. Krista was beet red being topless in front of the middle school boy, but since his cock was sporting a huge hard-on, it didn't seem to matter. "Very nice," said Jeff moving in front of the young girl, closely examining her breasts. He reached up and wiggled his thumbs across her nipples, much like his sister had done, and marveled at the stiff buds. Since she had been elevated on the small stool, her titties were right in front of his face, and without asking permission he leaned across and immediately captured one of her breasts inside his mouth and began to wiggle and generally tongue her breasts.

It happened so quickly that Krista almost fell off the stool with excitement. Where had this boy learned how to do this, she thought? Soon her entire lemon-shaped breast was inside his mouth as he continued the assault on her sensitive nipple. After a few minutes, Krista felt her juices begin to trickle down her legs, and she began to become even more aroused. Jeff moved his mouth away from her titties for a brief second and then said, "Someone forgot to wear their panties today, huh?" and then as he switched breasts, Krista's hips moved as she felt the boys quivering fingers, lift her skirt and slowly navigate over to the space between her legs.

This was a new experience for both she and he as Jeff deliberately stuck out his middle finger and traced the entrance to her love canal. With eyes wide open, Krista said, "Ohhhhhhhhh Jeff. . you shouldn't do that!" but did nothing to stop his probing tentacle. Soon he was discovering her hairless twat and playfully began to wiggle the clit he knew was the center of the girl's desire. He was noticeably aroused finding her so wet, that he slowly, buried his finger inside her crevice, twisting and turning it to add more pleasure.

Soon he concentrated on just her clit, and pretty soon her body began to quiver and shake with an intense orgasm. She was so surprised at the boy's expertise that she began to buck her little hips back and forth, driving his finger deeper into her pussy an inch or so at a time. Her scent began to fill the air, and a silent Uncle Sam aimed the camera and let the first picture transfer itself to the digital membrane of the camera, beginning his blackmail adventure.

Luckily, with Krista's moaning, the shutter was not heard. She could not believe what was happening, as her body shook all over. . as her orgasm continued to electrify her body. After a few minutes, Jeff slowly stopped sucking on her tits and withdrew his finger from her pussy. "And that is just the beginning," he said as he looked at the 15-year-old girl, and kissed her on the lips. He was tempted to have her take off ALL her clothes, but elected to wait until he was done forcing his sister's clothes off instead.

Meanwhile Uncle Sam, hiding in the next room had taken out his long shaft and eagerly waited to see what this middle school boy had next in mind as he began to work his 10"cock. "Okay Holly. . you're next. But I must admit you look a hell of a lot better in this skinny top than I do. . What made you guys change into these?" he said placing his hands over her small breasts and then ever so gradually opening up his fingers so that her stiff nipples slipped in between. He playfully squeezed his fingers together, adding pressure to her stiff buds, knowing they would spike up and get her more excited.

"We thought you might like us in these little tops, especially without anything on underneath," she said beginning to get aroused by her brothers' magic fingers. Her parents had never seen them "fool around" before, but ever since Holly began developing titties, Jeff had a hard time keeping his hands off them.

And lately he made her walk around the house in nothing more than a pair of panties while they were home alone. Yesterday they had found one of her daddy's porno tapes hidden on a shelf in the basement and they both stripped down to their undies and masturbated in front of each other while watching the flick. She couldn't believe her daddy got off on videos about girls her own age.

. it must be hereditary. "I do. . and it's time for Krista to take off your top while I sit here in this comfortable chair and watch", he said scooting the stool aside and sitting in a nearby recliner. Uncle Sam was hoping he would choose that seat since it was facing away from his hiding spot and he could move closer to the action without being detected.

Krista turned slightly sideways so that both Jeff and Uncle Sam could see the action better. She moved closer to Holly and slipped her hands down past her ribs to the base of the shirt. She moved somewhat closer to get more leverage and slowly the light blue shirt began to rise.

. first showing her bare stomach and then a small lump of skin which turned out to be the base of Holly's titties. Although the girls had slept over at each other's house before, this was the first time Krista had seen her friend's naked breasts and when they came into view, she paused for a moment to inspect them more closely.

Looking like a pair of firm delicious apples, Holly's breasts were now fully exposed and as Krista was bringing the top over her friend's head for a brief moment their tits touched, sending a bolt of excitement throughout their bodies. There in front of Jeff were his sister's naked girl breasts.

Yes, Naked. And Perfect. Although they were somewhat small, they seemed a perfect handful, smooth, firm and milky white. Her nipples were tiny dots, taunt and erect. In the exact center of each upturned breast, they had the effect of making the small orbs look larger on her tiny frame. As he stared at her beautiful tits, his cock sprang to attention even more, if that was possible. Both Jeff and Sam were caught up in this vision of innocence, and they both grabbed their cocks at the same time.

Two 15-year-olds developing pointed breasts touching each other couldn't have been more erotic, and Jeff decided to exploit this for a few moments more. Krista tossed the top on the floor and looked at her friend. "You girls are tooooo much!

I think I need to see that again. Put your hands at your sides and rub your titties together for me. I know you'll like it!" The girls both turned red with embarrassment AND excitement, but secretly they both had enjoyed their sudden tittie touch seconds earlier, and the thought of prolonging this experience was very arousing. Holly took the lead and aimed her nipples so that they would come into direct contact with Krista's and soon that union caused instant excitement between their legs, for both girls.

Both girls leaned forward and sandwiched each other's breasts against each other as they felt their stiff nipples generate a warm spark of energy that shot right down to their bare electrified pussies.

This nipple touching continued for several minutes as Jeff yanked on his cock while watching. He wondered how far he could get the girls to go, without them becoming homophobic towards each other. "Rub each other's pussies while you keep doing that. I know you'll love it!" "Jeff. . you watch WAY too much porno. Why would I want to do that?" asked Holly, still rubbing her tits against her friend's chest. But before he could respond, she felt Krista's fingers move down her bare tummy.

. and then further down past the pleaded skirt to the bottom of the garment. Then slowly underneath back upwards towards the intersection between her legs and then. . as her breathing began to increase. . Krista's fingers were eagerly rubbing her moist hot pussy.

Krista's fingers felt the lips of Holly's twat below the triangle of her pubic mound. Her lips were small and tight and they parted slightly to reveal a pearly pink inside, but that was something only Jeff could stare at from his vantage point. Although against her moral code, Holly wasted no time and began to finger fuck her best friend's pussy as well, probing with her extended finger into Krista's moist hole. In and out she jammed her finger, loving the role of the aggressor and knowing she would be given the same treatment back.

Now two hairless pussies were on display. . and Jeff knew he would shoot his load if he kept wanking on his magic wand much longer. "My turn!" he announced, as he pointed to the floor on either side of him, encouraging the 15-year-olds to kneel on either side of him as he scooted slightly forward in the chair so that his throbbing organ could be serviced by both sweet mouths at the same time.

The girls reluctantly paused, with all four nipples at full attention and both pussy boxes energized with indecent foreplay. "Down on your knees and it's time to SUCK COCK!" Krista might have been unsure of herself had Sam not already provided lessons but she was actually thirsty to taste Jeff's cum.

She didn't waste any time. She reached out and took hold of his cock with one hand and leaned toward him. Her soft lips touched the tip of his cock and it throbbed.

She looked up at Jeff and smiled. Then staring into his eyes, her lips parted and her head moved back downward. The end of his cock slipped between her pink lips and into her mouth. She paused with just the purple tip inside. He could feel her tongue circle the head. . and travel around and around, just like Sam had taught her.

Then she pulled back and released her hand from around his cock and winked at Holly who had been watching her intently. "My turn," said Holly as her pink tongue left her mouth and began to flick across the shiny head of his cock Krista had left her.

She then placed her hand around his shaft at the base and started licking up and down his joy stick. Her hand began to move up and down gently, jerking him slowly. Sam had moved to within a few feet of the back of the chair and could not believe what he was watching. Jeff was receiving one of the best tandem blowjobs he had ever seen!

After a few minutes, Holly began to speed up, knowing what he liked. Her brother started to moan at the incredible feeling. Her fingers held his shaft tightly and began to pump up and down. Her head bobbed faster. At this speed she couldn't take him in as deeply and used her hand to cover the exposed part of his cock.

She worked her hand in time with her lips. Although his eyes told him that only half of his cock was between her lips, it felt like she was swallowing the entire length each time her head bobbed forward. He looked up at Krista watching his sister swallow his cock. He concentrated on her bare titties as his sister put the final touches on an unstoppable geyser of hot cum. Krista's pert breasts were perfectly formed. Firm and upright. A small but perfect handful just begging to be cupped in the palm of his hand as he reached out and captured both her breasts.

Her nipples were just bursting to be pinched and twisted. But his cum was boiling and ready to burst. He began to pant and moan. Krista leaned closer wanting to watch him shoot his stuff and as he let go of her tits. . now just inches from the tip of his cock and he began to spasm. Holly moved her mouth off of his shaft, but kept ramming her hand up and down until his cum gushed out. And not just a spurt! Three long continuous ropes of cum were aimed at Krista's face and then slightly lower towards her breasts as a long sticky stream of hot cum splashed across her chest.

In the background Sam had zipped up his pants and he quickly made himself presentable. He instantly moved in front of the chair where Jeff was being serviced and aiming carefully snapped a perfect picture of the trio fornicating in all their glory. "What the fuck!!!!" yelled Jeff, his cock still shooting cum, except this time Holly had aimed it up into her own mouth and she quickly gulped down the last traces of her brother's juices.

Krista pretended to cover up her perky tits, to go along with Sam's plan, but she was still fascinated by the long streams of cum all over her body. "Jeff you are busted!" yelled Sam moving closer to the startled boy. Holly placed her arm across her breasts as well, trying her best to look surprised and worried.

"What for?" asked Jeff, his cock now shrinking back to normal size. "Statutory rape. And I have the evidence right here," said Sam pointing to the camera. Jeff suddenly became silent. He knew about statutory rape, but had never dreamed he would be caught in a situation like this one. He and Sam argued back and forth for several minutes until Jeff knew he was beaten. Sam excused the girls to get cleaned up and they sprinted upstairs leaving the two guys together.

"Are you going to call the cops?" he asked, pulling up his pants. "I should. . and you know it. . but I am a business man and maybe you and the girls can work your way out of this thing. Go upstairs, take a shower and be back here in 10 minutes."