Benga grossa rasgando da buceta da morena

Benga grossa rasgando da buceta da morena
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I watched him from across the room, I pretended to watch the video game machine, and not really watch him watching me. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a satin red jacket.

His black hair was flipped on the ends and tousled. He was with one of my close friends; I wasn't very sure how she had landed a guy that looked like this one. He was the new guy in school, new and very dark and handsome. He had a mysterious air about him that I decided right off the bat was just arrogance.


Perhaps, he was just testing the water, I had news for him, he had picked the saint of the bunch of my friends, and I was the lowest of the bunch, the bad girl more or less. I moved around the video machines, aware that his eyes were on me at all times. The relationship with my friend as I had predicted was very short lived, he as indeed a bad boy according to her. He had come to her house afterschool. She lived on the farm just up the road from me, she had showed him the animals, taken him up on the hill behind the house and lastly apparently to her room.

He had gotten "forward" according to her and attempted to touch her tits. I had to laugh when she told me this, how ridiculous. I had, had many boyfriends, while I was still a virgin I at least let the ones I dated for a while maybe touch my tits, and I didn't freak out about as she was. She was going to break up with him but she was afraid to tell him.

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Worse she wanted me to talk to him and see if I could get him to stop being "forward" with her, and perhaps they would be okay. She had told me he was just a phenomenal kisser with the greatest set of lips, and the best tongue she had ever let explores her mouth.

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Begrudgingly, I agreed to talk to him. She gave me his phone number. That afternoon I got home, I pulled the piece of paper out of my jeans and was about to pick up the phone when I realized that my hand was shaking. I sat for quite some time and tried to regain some composer to make a call. So I sat and calmly picked up the phone, I dialed the number and listened to the ringing in my ear.

Two, three, finally on the fourth ring a woman answered the phone, I asked for him, she politely told me he wasn't home yet, and she could take a message. I sat for a second, should I leave one? Yes, I decided I left my name and phone number and hung up the phone. I went to the kitchen to make something to eat I was starving; my only other activity was to go to the family room where my sister had the Electric Company promptly tuned in as she did every afternoon.

The phone rang, I yelled that I had it, and ran to my bedroom; I answered the phone, "hello". There was a pause, and he said my name, I knew it was him. He had sort of a quiet raspy voice that sounded like heaven in my ears. He sounded somewhat surprised that I had his number, and was calling him.

We chatted about random things for a few moments when I decided to get down to the meat of the conversation. I told him that I was calling because my friend had asked me to, that she had certainly decided he was too forward and needed to break up unless he would stop. He asked me what I meant by that.

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I could feel my face heat up, what was I going to say? Finally I said, "Look y our touching her places that she doesn't like." He was quiet then I heard him chuckle.

He told me that he was breaking up with her anyway, the plan was to meet me, and the only person he knew that knew me was her. Or so he tells me&hellip. I was turning 16, a 16th Birthday party was what every girl at that age dreams of. My parents allowed me to invite as many as I wanted, they had a ton of food and drinks, and volleyball etc… The only problem was it was hotter than hell on my birthday.

I had a nice tight pair of new Jordache jeans, the popular jeans of the 1980's, a half shirt that was pink and purple stripped. We ate, had a good time, and toward the end of the night after the guy of my dreams cooked at the party we decided to retire to my basement for a game of spin the bottle. Of course secretly I prayed that the bottle didn't land on him and anyone, and not me, I didn't want my first kiss with him to be in front of anyone else.

Low and behold as fate would have it the bottle landed on him and my cousin, she was more than willing to get her mouth on his, she made sure it was a long grinding kiss. I could feel my temper starting to rise, and she knew I had it bad for him the last few months since he had broken up with my friend.

He and I talked every night, night after night for the last several months.

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Finally, he pulled away from her, rather forcefully, everyone laughed. Finally the night began to wind down, it was just he and I left at the house. I walked him outside to the truck it was dark finally and no one was out on our property as it was pretty large and not many neighbors in the area.

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We talked and I fiddled with my fingers, and was afraid to look him in the eye. He took his hand, and chucked it under my chin lifting it toward his face. His lips brushed softly against mine and then the kiss deepened, he pushed me against the truck as his tongue hit mine, and sent a shiver down my spine.

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The kiss lasted to me what seemed like a lifetime, and when we finally drew apart I gasped in cool air. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I sent him on his way that night, and went upstairs to my room; I lay in bed thinking about that long kiss, and what it had meant.

He was the hottest guy I had ever kissed, hell he was the hottest guy I had every laid eyes on that wasn't in a magazine. I thought more, and more about that kiss, when I touched my lips, I ran my ring finger over my bottom lip and down my chin to my neck.

My hand trailed down to my firm, large breast I reached into my pink cotton gown and softly stroked my nipple.

It was hard, and I softly pulled and then squeezed rolling it gently between my index finger and thumb. My pussy was throbbing, and most definitely wet through my white cotton bikini panties. I ran my hand down my flat bell gently, because that turned me on more. I reached the edge of my underwear and my fingers slipped into my panties. I could feel just the top of where my soft long hair started.

I ran my fingers further feeling the top of my lips. I moved my hand down my lips gently stroking them. My fingers could feel the wetness that seeped from between my little slit. My breathing became shorter and heavier, I was turned on as I continued to think about his lips on my lips. I spread my legs apart, and moved my fingers into my parting pussy lips.

I reached in and felt the silky wet skin of inner lips. They were slick and wet; I reached up and touched my little hard clit. I rubbed the right side of it in the spot that would make me reach orgasm. I stroked that spot until I could feel that hot feeling that started deep in my virgin pussy.

It got hotter and wetter and I moved from my clit down my hot lips right into my tight little hole. It was wet, and hot and smooth; I put in two fingers and began to move them back and forth while the thought of his lips moving down my neck to my tits kept coming to my mind.

Of course it hadn't happened that way yet, I was a mess. The orgasm racked my little body, my legs stiffened, and my thighs tightening and trembled as a thick creamy cum ran from my pussy onto my fingers. We had been dating four months, every chance we got no matter where we were, he was kissing me, I let him reach into my shirt and rub my nipples.

I had even let him take my tits out, and put his mouth around my hard little pink nipples. He also had his hands in my pants as often as he could I let him rub my clit, and finger my tight little hole. His cock would be so hard through his jeans. I of course wouldn't let him fuck me.

But one day, after much torment about it internally I decided I was ready, I had been teasing him for months. I was just scared he would go away forever and not come back. And I loved him so I needed him to love me too.

We had talked about it, finally the night came, and we were out driving, and decided that we would go to an old deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Unrolling sleeping bags, I was a nervous mess, but I wanted him anyway. In the back of the truck he held me close, kissed my face, and down my neck. My heart was in my throat and beating until I thought it would surely come out. He made his way down to my breast, unbuttoning my shirt; he reached into my white bra and took out one tit at a time.

He kissed them and lightly stroked the nipple with his hot tongue. I was beginning to quickly get wet. I knew that I need to do something for him, so I reached down and began to rub his hard cock through his jeans.

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He reached down and helped me out by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I reached in and took his hard cock in my hand. I stroked it slightly being sure to hit the head each time gently so I didn't hurt him. He had my shirt and bra off before I knew it, and was unzipping my pants.

His breath was hot on my neck as he breathed I could hear a ragged catch in it. He was so very hot, and I was so horny and wanted to give him my little cherry.

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He reached up and pulled off my jeans and stroked my hairy little pussy. He opened my lips up; I was so excited I was wet and wanting to feel him deep inside me. He ran his fingers closely along my lips and hit my clit, I quietly came. I'm not sure that he was aware that I had an orgasm. His cock was hard, and he slipped it into my pussy.


I took a deep breath in as he moved to his own rhythm deep into my pussy. His cock was hard, and hurt as he stretched my pussy out. He kissed my face and my neck as his cum filled my pussy full. The first time I had sex was not exactly spectacular, I was scared and cried afterwards but the second time he fucked me was the best sex I may have ever had.