Lesbian nurse fingering and rimmed in office

Lesbian nurse fingering and rimmed in office
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On his way home from school Friday afternoon, Jack discovered a short cut.

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Usually it took him forty minutes to get home, but after cutting through a few back yards, he was home in only twenty. This was pretty cool, because his mom and dad were always out until at least midnight on fridays, and he liked to have the place to himself, well except for his younger sister, but then she usually stayed in her room or went to a friend's for the night. He arrived home, eager to check out the new porn website his friend had told him about, and headed straight to his room, his nineteen year old cock already hardening and ready to go as he passed his sister's door.


"Ooooh god yes!" Jack froze when he heard Sammy moaning in her room. He waited a minute, nothing but silence, and then; "So.so good." Was his fifteen year old sister getting laid? He usually wasn't home for another twenty minutes, so she clearly thought she had the house to herself. Curious, he quietly pressed an ear to her door. Samantha was panting and moaning, whispering little 'yes's and 'oh god's.

And it was unbelievably hot, so much sexier than the actresses he watched in pornos. His young cock shot straight up at the alluring sound, and he began to rub it through his jeans as his sister sped up her moaning, clearly working up to an orgasm. "Oh god yes.Yes.Oh so good ahhh.ahhhh.YESSSS!" She actually screamed as she came, and just the sound almost made him come too.

He was still standing there, rubbing his prick when he heard the bed springs creak and realized she was standing up, so he quickly slipped into his own room down the hall.

Once alone in his room, Jack dug quickly through his desk until he found a recent picture of Sammy, and masturbated furiously, coming almost immediately, shooting his jizz all over the photo of her face.

He was incredibly horny, imagining some guy sucking her little tits, sliding a finger into her pussy and then pressing his dick deep inside of her, maybe fucking her doggy style, or bending her over the bed. Just the thought got him hard again, and as he beat his meat he studied the young innocent face of his little sister.

He had to see what was going on in that room. As the week passed, Jack couldn't help but notice his sister in a different light, and see for the first time just how beautiful she was. Her complexion was peaches and cream, her cheeks healthy and rosy, still rounded with youth.

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He'd never realized how gorgeous her glossy black hair was cascading down her back in a mess of curls, how bright and vivid her blue eyes were. He'd never really checked out her tits, but when he did he found they were small and perky, pleasantly rounded, little nipples jutting through her t-shirts. She was a tiny thing, like their mom she was only 5"0 and barely 99 lbs, but her legs somehow still managed to look long and graceful in her shorts, which encased her round tight little ass.

He caught himself staring several times throughout the week, and had to put up real effort to stop, reminding himself that he'd get his chance to see it all next Friday. Jack had a plan. He figured that Sammy got home at about 4:00.

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If he didn't stop at his locker after class, didn't socialize with any friends, and ran all the way home, he could probably get there at 3:50 with the new shortcut, and hide in her closet to see who was fucking his baby sister. The entire week he collected photos of her and imagined her pretty little mouth with a cock stuffed into it, or her thin girlish legs spread for some guy to ram into her.

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He couldn't wait and the days dragged by incredibly slow. Finally Friday came. Jack paid no attention to class, in fact he walked through most of the day with a half-hard prick as he anticipated the bell. When the bell did ring, he bolted from the class, and down the hall, ignoring friends who called out to him, and booked it to his house.


When Jack got home the house was silent. He beelined for Sammy's room, and knocked twice just to make sure she wasn't in there. When no one answered he slipped into her room, painted a girly bubblegum pink, and quickly hid in her closet, which had small slits on the doors he could peak through.

He waited only a few moments before she stepped into the room, he looked to see if a man followed, but she shut the door and quickly pulling off her top to reveal small bouncing breasts with tiny pink nipples.

Just the sight of those beautiful little globes made Jack want to moan, but he kept his mouth shut and pulled out his aching cock, stroking it lightly as she hooked her fingers into her jeans and slid them down her slightly rounded hips to the floor. Clad in a pair of white cotton panties, Sammy lay down on the bed, back against the wall, facing him.


It was the perfect position, though he really hoped she'd remove her panties. He wanted to see her little pussy, see if she'd grown any hair there yet. Sammy got comfortable and began to rub her crotch in a slow circular motion, already panting lightly as she rubbed her clit through the cotton. Jack was just about ready to burst, but he forced himself to calm down and began matching his strokes with hers, taking it all in as Sammy began to rub harder and faster, her little fourteen year old breasts began to heave and jiggle as she gasped for air and slipped her fingers into her panties.

Jack realized she was finger fucking herself, moaning and panting, and he began to speed up his own masturbation to match her pace. "Oh god yes.yes.fuck me please oh.oh!.OOOOhhh SOO GOOOD YES!" She really went crazy! Her little body spasmed with the force of her climax, hips bucking as she came for what seemed like forever, her hand working furiously beneath the cotton panties, and as he watched his baby sister fuck herself to orgasm, Jack groaned quietly and his cock exploded, shooting cum all over the closet door.

Sammy lay there for a bit, spent, and when she pulled her hand away Jack could see the small wet spot she'd made in her panties. After she caught her breath, Sammy hopped up, turned and shed the panties, revealing her plump little ass, grabbed up a towel and headed for the bathroom.

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A few minutes later Jack heard the shower running and knew it was safe to leave. He pulled off his shirt and quickly wiped off his spunk before exiting the closet.

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As he headed out of her room he scooped up the wet panties and stuck them in his pocket for later. Jack headed to his room, a huge grin on his face. Man he really couldn't wait for next Friday! Next Friday he'd remember to bring a video camera.