Tattooed busty Thai teen creamed after hardcore penetration

Tattooed busty Thai teen creamed after hardcore penetration
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Fun afternoon My wife died a year ago, ad I've been halfway looking for someone to be with to combat the loneliness, but hadn't found anyone that I wanted to have a lasting relationship with. I jut spent all morning chatting online with two women that were too anxious to get their hooks in me.

Yes, I was chatting with both at the same time, and they knew I was chatting with another woman as well. Since I don't have any relationship at all tight now, I don't think it's wrong to check out more than one at a time. I'm horny, and tired of being cooped up in the house all the time, so I volunteered to take my grandson to work. He's a stock clerk at the local grocery market. I let him out at the front door, and decided to loop around the parking lot as I left When I got to the back of the lot, furthest from the store, I noticed a near middle aged man, neatly dressed, that appeared to be in pain He was slightly crouched and walking rather stiff legged toward the street.

I slowed down and stopped beside him, and asked if he was OK; a brief view of my childhood flashed in my mind, long ago adventures with my older brother. He said he was OK, just lived about three blocks from the store, and was dying to pee.

The bathrooms in the store were closed for cleaning, and he was trying to carry about five bags of groceries.

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My van has electric doors, I hit the button to open the sliding door, and told him to hop in, I could help.

He climbed in and asked how I could help with having to pee so bad, it was burning. I pulled into one of the end parking places and asked him if he liked being watched while he peed. He smiled slightly, and said yes. I climbed into the back with him, and offered him an empty one liter water bottle that had a wide mouth.

He took it and looked rather surprised when I started unzipping his pants.


I pulled his cock out, stretched it to it's full length, about six inches, and skinny, uncut, with nicely trimmed pubic hair. I told him I liked the way it looked, that I thought it was a really nice cock.

He stuttered a little, and asked me if I was gay. I told him I wasn't then told him about the flashback of memory as I asked if he was OK. He loved the story of my older brother and I peeing out our bedroom window during the night. It was in the 1950's and we didn't have air conditioning or screens, just big windows that slid up to open, with wide sills, nice to sit on. As I told him about the window, I eased his foreskin back, revealing a nice, pointed, pink cockhead.

I've watched as lot of porn movies, straight and gay, and I've never seen one as bright pink, and nicely shaped. I poked that pretty head into the bottle, and held his cock as he peed.

It was soft and warm, and I could feel the pee running through the tube on the underside He got almost finished peeing, so I started sliding his foreskin up and down. His cock started hardening, and grew at least another inch. The head darkened, and got hard as well. I asked him if he minded if I stroked his nice cock and made him cum, that I wanted to repeat some of my memories and watch a man cum while I held his cock.

He leaned back, and told me I could play with it all I wanted. His cock hardened and pointed almost straight up as I slid my hand up and down its full length, enjoying how it trembled slightly with each stroke. As I watched his cock and stroked it, I had a sudden desire to do something I have never done; I couldn't make myself do it with my brother, but I wanted to try sucking on his cock some.

He said that it was fine, he liked his cock being sucked. When I told him it would be my first time sucking a cock, he said he would warn me if he started to cum. I ran my tongue around his pink head, then pushed the tip of my tongue against the tip of his head and slid his foreskin up onto my tongue; that felt so good.

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He moaned and asked for more sucking and licking, so I slid my lips down to meet his foreskin. I slid my lips up and down with his foreskin. After a few minutes, I felt and tasted his warm pre-cum starting to ooze out into my mouth.

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I opened my mouth and licked it off as it came out. As I licked his warm pre-cum from the tip of is cock, it started twitching and jerking; he said he was cumming, so I moved my mouth.

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I wanted to watch that nice cock spurt it's man juice. He tensed his ass cheeks up and a drop of nice white man juice oozed out, followed by several hard spurts of thick cum. One hit the ceiling while the rest spurted up in the air and landed on the carpet. When his sweet cock stopped spurting, I pulled his foreskin back as far as it would go, and licked the last drops off the end of his pink head. I told him that this was the first time I had ever tasted man juice.

He smiled and said he was glad that his was the first. I kissed the tip of his cock and carefully tucked it away in his pants. He didn't have any underwear on, so I slid two fingers into his crotch to cover that nice cock as I zipped his pants up.

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I took the jar, and pulled my cock out and peed into it, adding my pee to his. It was almost completely full now, and I had no idea where the lid was. As I fastened my pants, I looked around and saw that there was nobody in sight, so I opened the window and poured our pee out on the ground.

As I shook the last little bit out, he pointed out that we never said our names. I introduced myself, and he told me his name was Greg. I asked him where he lived, I'd take him home so he didn't have to walk. He had a small two bedroom house three blocks behind the store. He said that when we got there could I stay a while and let him make my cock spurt. I was all for it. We got to his house and inside, he locked the door, and immediately pulled my pants down, then completely undressed me, right there in front of the door.

He held his hands up and asked me to undress him, which I gladly did. We dropped our clothes there on the floor and went into his living room. He tossed the couch cushions on the floor and tugged on my hand to sit with him. As I sat down and leaned back against the couch, Greg started caressing my cock.

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He said he liked thick cocks, they felt better as he played with them. The more he stroked my cock, the harder it got, and the more I remembered sweet memories of my childhood.

"Tell me what you're thinking," Greg said. "I remember a week after my sixth birthday, my brother had two friends coming over Saturday afternoon. I had an idea they were going to be playing around with each other like my brother and I had been, because he wanted me to go down the street to our oldest sister's house and play with her kids in their wading pool.

I hid in the closet and waited to see what happened.


Sure enough, as soon as hey got there, clothes hit the floor and hands were all over each others cocks. They peed out the window right quick, and started pumping each other, and patting each others butt cheeks, They were just getting deep into their play, when I sneezed.

They all jumped, and my brother pulled me out of the closet. I told him I would tell our father where the money was going from mother's purse if he didn't let me take part. He reluctantly allowed me. One of the boys, I didn't know their names, said I was way too small to fuck, they would rip me open if they tried.

He suggested using a lot of baby oil and just sliding their cocks between my legs from behind. I said yes, and stood up on my step stool, laying my chest across the bed. They took turns sliding their hard cocks between my legs and pumping away until they shot their man juice on me.

It was hot, and my balls were starting to hang down. Their cum spurted against the back of my balls and felt so good. Then they took turns sucking on my cock.

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After the second one started, I felt a funny tingling inside, and had my first orgasm. After that, almost every night my brother would slide his cock between my legs and fuck me until he squirted on my balls." "Do you want me to repeat that for you?" "Yes, I want so much to feel a nice hard cock spurting against the back of my balls again." From the combination of Greg pumping my cock, and the fond memories, my cock was dripping pre-cum, and about to explode.

I told Greg I was cumming, he got on his knees between me, told me to shoot my load down his throat, and buried most of my hard cock in his mouth. He fondled my balls as he bobbed up and down on my now rigid cock.

I felt the orgasm about to explode; I pushed my hips up to meet his bobbing, and blasted into his warm, moist mouth. Greg gulped down every drop, and licked my cock clean.

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After we recovered, Greg had me put my belly and shoulders on the couch, and get on my knees. He disappeared for a minute, and came back with a small bottle of lotion, which he was generously rubbing all over his hardening cock.

He set the bottle next to me and got on his knees behind me. He pushed tight up against me, letting his cock slide up my ass crack; what a wonderful feeling. Greg leaned forward and whispered, just getting my meat good and ready, enjoy it.

After rubbing his hard cock in my ass crack for a few minutes, Greg started sliding it between my legs, little by little. Each thrust went a little deeper until he was bumping my ballsack. It felt so good feeling the pink tip of his cock bumping into my sack; my cock got hard again. As he pushed his slender but hard cock in and out of my legs, he rubbed and stroked my cock. Soon, I felt his body tighten against mine, as he squeezed my cock hard.

One final hard shove, and his warm juice started spraying against my sack.


It felt so good, and brought back memories that I have long cherished. Greg fell back, his cock making a plopping sound as it popped out from my legs. I turned around to him and thanked him for the total fun he just brought me. Slightly out of breath, he said that he enjoyed it as well, and was thinking that he might be able to do something else for me.

(See Afternoon fun vol 2 to find out what he did for me.)