Slutty MILF get jizz on her face

Slutty MILF get jizz on her face
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========================================= We'd been close ever since we met. It wasn't long after that I knew we'd spend the rest of our lives together. His name is Luke. My name is Yasmin.

I could feel his cock still inside of me. Not deeply inside, that wasn't possible in the position we were in, but I could feel him.

I tensed my pelvic muscles around his shaft and pushed myself a little further onto him, albeit weakly, not to try to get off again - I knew I wouldn't cum again - no, just to let him know I was still with him.

I felt very sleepy. It wouldn't be long now. ======================================== I wasn't certain how long I'd known him; only that it was long as it had been since I woke up in that small, square white-tiled room with him lying asleep on a couch, a few feet opposite mine. We were both naked, and neither of us had a strand of hair from the neck down. Once I'd gotten over the initial shock of our surroundings, I wanted to know what the fuck was going on.

So I started screaming - and banging on the metal door that held us captive. That woke him. He gazed around blearily, much as I had done when I woke.

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"Hey" I said, as I turned to look at him. He patted his chest, thighs and, arms in puzzlement, and then looked up at me, as he sat up. "Where are my fucking clothes, what have you done with them&hellip.who are you. where are your fucking clothes, my pubes, where the fuck are we&hellip.fuck" - all came out in only a semi-coherent stream. I shrugged. He got up and joined me in hammering on the door, demanding answers, or at the very least some attention from outside.

But nothing, nada, zilch, not a sound from anywhere else. Its pretty deflating doing that, not to mention tiring, especially without any response. After all, what's the point if there's no one to hear you. Besides, my wrists and fists were starting to hurt. So I stopped and sat back down on my couch. "Don't fucking stop", he yelled, as he continued hammering against the solid metal.

As he carried on angrily, I got a good look at him. Not facially handsome, but not ugly. Not overly muscled. Tall, neither fat, nor lean, dark blonde hair, ordinary really. Bit like me, I suppose. Although I'm only just over 5 feet tall. "There's no point, there's no one gonna come" I said calmly.

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He just carried on. I smiled as I noticed his cock slapping across his groin as his legs braced to put more force into hammering on the door. "What you smiling at, we gotta get out of here". "Just give it a rest, you'll hurt your wrists. I'm Yasmin" He kicked the door one final time, then stopped, sighed and walked the couple of feet to sit down on his couch, almost directly opposite me. Our knees were nearly touching, as we looked each other up and down.

It was only then that I became acutely aware of our nudity, so I closed my legs. He did the same, but that just left his prick poking out the top of his closed groin. At least us women can hide our lower modesty. I did consider trying to hide my tits, but decided there was no point.

I guessed he'd already seem them in all their glory. "Luke". He reached over to shake my hand. I reciprocated.

"I would ask what's a nice guy like you doing in a dump like this.but" I said. He laughed. We spent the next while just talking. He was a research scientist, mid-thirties. Single, just out of a long-term relationship. She'd taken the dog, left him with the mortgage. Turned out we lived in the same city, and had been leaving the same shopping mall late last night. Well, I think it was last night, I really had no idea.

Nor did he. The last thing we could remember was walking to our cars, in the dark, near deserted parking lot. Then, he recalled a sharp pain in his neck.

But that was it, until my commotion woke him. I leaned across to check his neck. There was a small red pin prick. He checked me over too. Same. "Hey, you don't think we've been captured by some mad scientists" he mused. "Or maybe aliens&hellip.and they're going to perform wild sex experiments on us. Perhaps they're expecting us to fuck?

Why else would a naked man and woman be kept&hellip." I was brought to silence by the sound of the door sliding open. Luke put his index finger to his lips, and crept up beside it. "Male, be seated and you won't be harmed". Whoever or whatever was behind the door knew he'd moved.

I guess we were being watched. "I repeat& seated otherwise you will be hurt and so will the female". The door had opened enough to reveal two figures dressed in black overalls - humans, one male one female. Each carried what looked like a cattle prod. I beckoned to Luke to come sit back down. The figures came in and stood next to each of us, cattle prods held menacingly. A deep female voice came from the door opening.

"Stand up, follow us. Now." The speaker was also dressed in black, Tall, thin, a rough looking, cruel face was topped by a short black mop of her. Faces like that are usually a mask for an equally cruel personality. I looked at Luke. Motioned him to stay put. "Smart move, female.

Do as you're told and you won't be harmed. Trust me, those two will take great pleasure in using those things. And there won't be a lot I can do to stop them." "Right, who the fuck&hellip.". Luke screamed and bent double as his minder touched his leg with her prod. I winced but stayed put. "That's just a taster, male. Now, let's go", the boss commanded. I instinctively went to help Luke. My minder raised his prod. I pulled back, as he escorted me outside, cattle prod at the ready.

Luke and his escort followed. I just hoped he wouldn't do anything stupid. Lets just go along with this for now. The boss walked us a short distance up a white tiled and brightly lit corridor, then opened a door. We were pushed inside. "Stand over there", she said, pointing at a white wall with two shower heads. "Under the shower heads, one each.

Don't say a word or try anything. These things hurt even more under water". With that the showers started and we were cajoled towards the water. "Now wash". We stood in silence just occasionally glancing at each other as we rinsed ourselves off. No soap, just hands and water. "Everywhere, especially your genitals and asses". I raised my leg up and ran my hand between my legs, paying particular attention to my vulva and round to my anus.

I found myself sensitive to my own touch, the first time in this whole escapade that I found myself getting turned on. My nipples were hardening.

I looked across at Luke. Seems the same thing was happening to him. His cock was thickening and rising, his foreskin receding as he washed himself. He turned away. I caught a sadistic smile on boss ladys face. "Female, here, move" she beckoned to a white spot to her side. My minder approached me, prod at the ready. I complied. I stood on the white tile.

"95, 5 feet 1" she called out. She then motioned me to turn to face the wall. Aware of the potential for pain on my still wet body, I did as directed. Boss lady yanked my arms behind my back, and shackled them at the wrists.

She then knelt down, spread my legs by about a foot, and put a spreader bar between my ankles to keep them that way. Next came a mouth gag. I resisted to begin with, but felt the prongs of my minder's weapon on my buttocks. I accepted it. Finally, boss bitch ran her hand between my legs. "You worthless piece of meat&'re soaking". She sneered. I was stood to one side as Luke got the same treatment as I had.

"5 11, 180". Boss lady reached between his legs; I saw and felt his wince. "Perfect, lets go". Walking was a challenge; with our legs spread, we shuffled the short distance to the single wooden door on the far wall.


"When you get out there, you stand still. If someone touches you, you take it. My colleagues here will be watching and close by. They won't be afraid to use those things even in front of our guests. In fact, our guests might just enjoy watching you squirm".

I still hadn't worked out what was going on. But I had a feeling I was about to descend into the world of sexual slavery. "Right, get moving&hellip.". Our minders ushered us through the door onto what looked like a small stage. Arrayed in front of the stage were three circular tables, each with a white cloth over it.

Each table had a number of well-dressed people at it - all ages, really.

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I desperately tried to avoid eye contact with any of them, but it wasn't easy as bitch lady lifted my head up to face the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, our guests, please feast your eyes on this evening's delicacies. One male, one female. You may, of course, come and inspect them. They are here for your pleasure". She stepped aside. I could feel my minder stood behind me, "Just do as you're told, and I won't get to use this.

The slightest thing though, and believe'll hurt&hellip.a lot" he whispered into my ear. His breath stunk. Fucking sadist, I thought, but I was getting more and more turned on at the prospect of being used like this. The guests had now started to get up from their seats. Two, from the middle table, a late middle aged man and woman, mounted the stage via the small steps at the front. "Hello babe, and what have we here" the man sneered and licked his lips as he approached me.

He put one hand on my left tit.

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I avoided his eyes. He was considerably taller than me. Aware of my minder behind me, and increasingly eager to please, I pushed my tit forward into his hand; he squeezed it, then placed his other hand between my legs.

"You are excited aren't you, bitch? This kinda thing get you off?" I wanted to shout that I wasn't a cheap whore, but the gag and the minder's presence stopped me. I felt his fingers part my pussy lips, and enter me, slowly at first, then he started to pump his fingers in and out. Jeez, I'm going to cum, I thought.

He nuzzled forward, bent lower and sucked my right tit. I felt his thumb rub my clit, whilst his fingers inside me found my G-spot. My breathing rate increased rapidly, and I felt my legs start to weaken as my orgasm arrived.

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I thrust my tits on to his mouth and hand, and ground my cunt around his fingers and thumb. I yelled a muffled scream through the gag; I wriggled, not really wanting more but at the same time desperate for it. Then suddenly he stopped, withdrew his fingers from my body.

He pulled down his zipper and got out his cock. It was hard, not huge. My minder released my gag and forced me down onto my knees. My guest, who'd just made me cum in a way I had never cum before, took his cock and presented it - no, forced it - into my mouth.

I accepted it. It was sweaty and salty; he face fucked me vigorously. I used my tongue to caress his cock head each time it came into my mouth. My saliva dribbled each time he withdrew, but my hands were still bound so I couldn't wipe my mouth nor had any control over the pace or depth of his thrusts. I nearly gagged each time he went back inside; I'd never sucked off any of my boyfriends quite like this, but I was enjoying it.

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I must be one sick bitch, I thought as I felt his cock quiver, his body stiffen, and his cum hit the back of my throat. "Swallow, it bitch" he ordered. So I did. He finally retracted himself, pulled me to my feet and looked me up and down. "Turn round", so I did. He placed his hands on my buttocks, and playfully squeezed them. He parted my cheeks and I feared the worst, but he just patted them, and walked off the stage.

My minder replace my gag and I turned slowly around, so that I could see what was happening to Luke. The female guest was on her knees in front of him, wiping his cum off her lips. His gag was still in place. I lingered just a moment too long, and was forced back to face the front.

The remainder of the guests broke out into a round of applause, as I looked on ashamed, but still turned on. "They are good, very good, well done.

His cock is delicious. But I'd like to see them together" Luke's fellatior purred. "Shall I have them fuck for you?" boss bitch asked "Yes, I think so", the lead female guest answered, "What do you think, Charles?" "Definitely, definitely" the guy who I'd sucked off answered. Boss lady motioned the minders to take us down from the stage. It took a little while as we shuffled down the steps. She pointed to the centre table, and minder pushed my face down onto the cloth, ass in the air, legs spread, wet, swollen pussy revealed.

Luke's minder had lined him up behind me. Without any further lubrication, although I didn't think I needed any, I felt him put in a position between my legs. Boss lady took him in her hand, and guided him towards my pussy. He pushed, but couldn't quite penetrate me. Boss lady adjusted the aim and he pushed some more. It was quite painful to begin with, but he eventually found his way in.

I heard him sigh as he entered me. I moaned through my gag as I felt him enter me as far as he could go. "Fuck her, fuck her hard, male, we haven't got long" I then felt someone stroking my hair as my cheek rested against the table cloth, and someone else stand directly in front of me.

I had never, ever fucked before an audience, and whilst it shouldn't have been, it was immensely pleasurable. I panted through my gag as Luke continued to thrust mechanically in and out of me, his rate increasing. I didn't get much further as I felt him buck and his body stiffen as he buried himself in me and released his cum.

I ground onto him, disappointed I hadn't cum again, although I was close. He was quickly pulled out from me. I felt someone behind me, inspecting my fucked pussy. I could feel Luke's cum starting to dribble from me. "Bravo, they will most definitely do. Fabulous as ever, Glenda, fabulous" came the verdict. "Thank you, Ma'am.

How would you like them done?" "Oven roasted please, together. Alive. Coupled. I'll leave the position to your imagination, surprise us. But I want to see his dick in her when they're done".

She clapped her hands excitedly. "See, everyone, I told you it would be fab, and we haven't even had dinner yet. I can't wait to eat that cock for real". Dinner.oven roasted…coupled.what the fuck&hellip. I reeled in shock. They were going to roast us, shit, what kind of sick fuckers were these people? I might have coped with life as a sex slave, at least it was life.

But they were going to cook us. Fucking hell, roast us alive& an oven. Then they'd eat us, or what? My god, I realised, we were going to die. As I struggled to come to terms with what I'd just heard, my minder grabbed me from behind, holding my arms tightly. He pulled me up from the table, and held me. I couldn't kick, my legs were manacled and spread.

Luke had obviously heard what boss bitch had said too; he tried to squirm away from his minder's reach, but no luck. She quickly had the prod onto his legs and he was floored, squirming in agony.

"Careful with the meat, Delilah", boss bitch reprimanded. I saw her bend down with a syringe in hand, and stick it into Luke's thigh. He went still. Then I felt a prick on my rear upper thigh, an injection, and I felt myself drifting away. When I woke I was still gagged and still naked. The ceiling was strip-lighted and polystyrene tiled. My legs and arms were restrained. My wrists tied to my ankles, tightly. The only part of me I could move was my head. I lifted my head and through my legs saw Luke led on his back, in front of me.

He was awake and lifting his head too. He tried to smile at me. He was also gagged and trussed up. We were set on a metal tray in what I could see, as I gazed around, was a kitchen. Our bodies glistened, covered in something. Oil? That would make sense, we'd been basted.

Fucking hell, that wasn't a dream, it's real enough&hellip. I am going to be killed and eaten&hellip.and that guy, Luke he's real too and is here with me. It then occurred to me that he had a full on view of my pussy and ass when he raised his head. Oddly, at that point the only thing I could think of was that there had been no point trying to hide it earlier in that white room. Despite, or perhaps because of, my terminal predicament, that thought was a real thrill.

The man who'd earlier fucked me over a table was now getting an eyeful of my glistening pussy as I lay bound, smeared in oil, on a a kitchen.about to be roasted and eaten. I should be petrified, and to I was, but also very, very turned on.

"You're lucky, they want a live oven roast today. And together, so you'll have some company as you cook. Better than the poor beggars last month&hellip.but that's another story". Christ, we weren't the first - and what the fuck could be worse than being roasted alive? The speaker was a plump, kindly looking woman. She was dressed in a white smock. "Marcia, is it on?". "Yes, chef. 50 degrees centigrade, as you said. And nearly there too", a much younger lady also in white smocks replied and walked over to us.

"Very good. She's not quite fully oiled yet. Can you come and finish her belly and pussy, please. I'll move the male into position. Glenda wants them in the 'Case' position, both on their backs, him inside her". "Oooh, I do like that one, chef", Marcia chirped.

"We're going to start you nice and low so you get used to it and to crisp you up, then baste you, and then increase the temperature. They want us to keep you alive as long as possible, you know. So, that's what I'll do. Might even get you to the table alive, you never know", she giggled to herself. Chef started to slide Luke forward on the oiled table, towards me.

His feet were bound sole to sole, so that his knees pointed outwards, his wrists bound behind his head. His belly was arched up. He looked uncomfortable. Marcia lifted my legs over Luke's feet as chef pushed him forwards; then she lifted my buttocks so that his feet were now propping up my lower back. My wrists were released from my ankles, and my legs were lifted over Luke's. Marcia then placed something soft under my buttocks. "The butter on the riser under you will help bronze your rump nicely.

Our guests like a bronzed rump. I do hope it's not too uncomfortable" chef explained. The effect was to expose my pussy even more to Luke, the thought of which just turned me on even more - I wanted him in me again. I didn't have a long wait. I felt Marica spread my labia while chef took Luke's dick, and lined him up with my open pussy.

She pulled him forward a fraction and I felt his tip enter me. With us both on our backs, it was difficult to get deep penetration, but that was fine; his tip pointed up so rubbed the front of my vaginal canal, and I could feel the shaft rubbing against my clitoris. I felt a small orgasm rush through me. I contracted around him, and felt him twitch in response. I could hear him breathing heavily, just a couple of feet in front of me. His arms were then bound along my thighs so that his wrists were at my groin.

My arms were bound similarly, but my hands were on his belly. Both bindings were tight, almost painfully tight, but, I thought, that was the least of my worries.

We were both pretty immobile now. I could just about lift my head to see the end of my mons through my breasts. I just glimpsed Luke raising his head - although his arched back prevented a full-on view, he could probably just see his dick inside me. I could squeeze my vaginal muscles around him, and just about manage to push myself fractionally up and down his cock.

This was, despite the desperate circumstances, quite possibly the most sexually charged I think I had ever felt. The prospect of death was frightening, but it just enhanced my already sexually charged state. "Right, I think that's about it. Excellent job Marcia, don't they look just lovely. I hope Glenda and our guests appreciate them", chef mused "I'm sure they will", the younger woman replied, chuckling, "I'm sure they will".

So this was it. Chef began to wheel the trolley over to the far wall, with me going forwards, so I could see we were headed towards a pair of metal grey double doors.

The oven!. Marcia opened the doors in front of us, which as they opened, pulled out a long grill shelf. Chef slowly slid the trolley to the it's edge.

All I could see was a dark void.


No light at all. I wondered how it was heated. But it was because I could feel a dry heat coming out, but no worse than a hot desert day. Yet, I thought, yet. Luke momentarily raised his head, so our eyes met. He couldn't see what I could, but would be able to feel the heat. He looked terrified and I felt him tense up. I held his legs tightly, and he mine. I wanted to hold his body close to mine, to kiss him, tell him that I'd be there with him.

But I couldn't get any closer to him and the gags prevented me talking. So I just blinked at him, and he put his head back down. The metal tray on the table was slid onto the grill shelf and the doors closed.

This moved the shelf and us into the oven. The doors clunked and a bolt was drawn. It was pitch black. Hot but not unbearable. I squeezed Luke's thighs, and he mine in return and we waited.

Just the sound of gentle breathing surrounded us I tried to sleep a little, but could feel.Luke periodically twitching in me, as if to let me know he was still there. I was very turned on and just wanted to fuck him hard until we both came.

But all I could do was gyrate a little on him. It was working though, and I felt myself reaching another small climax, and Luke getting harder again too.

I could hear him breathing more heavily. It was a brief moment of extreme pleasure for me as Luke shot a small load too. I could hear him sighing as he came down, just a few feet away. I must have slept. I was woken with the doors being opened. My skin felt tight, and my lungs sore from the hot air, but we couldn't be done yet, could we? The tray was pulled out. It took me a few seconds to get adjusted to the light. The cool air was a relief, but I knew it was temporary. We were both checked over, our bodies hand prodded and oil brushed again.

Our bindings were adjusted and Luke pushed back closer to me.

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Chef on one side and Marcia on the other started to play with our combined genitals. I could feel them exploring my pussy, and felt a finger being pushed in alongside Luke's cock. I also felt fingers and thumbs on my clitoris, and I guessed probably on Luke's balls too. Quite why they were doing this, I don't know, perhaps they got off on it.

Whatever, they stayed silent. The feeling became more and more intense. I'd lost count of how many times I'd cum since I'd been here, but the working over my genitals were getting, combined with a penis inside me, released perhaps the biggest of them all. I screamed, muffled by my gag, as I bucked as much as I could, holding Luke's legs, tightened my canal and then pulsed around Luke's shaft, but nothing from him this time.

Just heavier breathing. By the time we were placed back in the oven, I was still coming down. The repositioning meant Luke still wasn't deep in me, but his cock tip was in an even better place this time, exerting more pressure on the front of my vaginal wall. Christ, this was ecstasy. I felt very little fear as the doors were closed once again, and we found ourselves back in the black void of the hot oven.

Almost immediately, I felt a blast of very hot air on my body. The rush of air meant I could no longer hear Luke, and although I could feel him and hug his thighs, I wished I could see and speak to him. This was it, I thought. I didn't know how long this would take, but hoped it would be quick now.

The heat was increasing quickly, and I was now struggling to breath. I could feel his cock still inside of me. Not deeply inside, that wasn't possible in the position we were in, but I could feel him. I tensed my pelvic muscles around his shaft and pushed myself a little further onto him, albeit weakly, not to try to get off again - I knew I wouldn't cum again - no, just to let him know I was still with him.

I felt very sleepy. It wouldn't be long now.