Interracial amateur tgirl gets sucked off

Interracial amateur tgirl gets sucked off
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HI! Thanks for reading!! Here are the answers to some of your comments or questions. 1)Why Lily? Back in Malaysia, Lily is a pretty common name for Malays there too.

And i was thinking that by using pure arabic "muslim name" might scare off some readers. And yes i do agree when i take a look back, the reason does sound silly. haha. sorry! ==' 2)Malaysian Malays are not the same as Indians Malayam (is the word right?). Most Malaysians are fair skinned or just a bit darker while Indians are usually darker. (No racism intended!) If you guys want to take a look of Malaysians, i would really suggest you guys google image for Mira Filzah, Nelydia Senrose, Emma Maembong and Siti Nurhaliza.

3)I am not really a fond of anal, but i do interested in doing stories about it. You might not found them much in my stories but this chapter is one of them. Enjoy!


Thank you! And please do comment and rate! *********************************** Mr.John "Yeah? But I thought the deal was closed…" I said to the phone. What the guy on other side are saying are not going through my head at all. I really need to recheck with him after this. I nodded as he answers.

"Yerp… okay… noted…" I replied as I try to write down what he said. I really cannot focus now. I look down at the reason. There she is, my staff, Lily is giving yet another sensational blowjob under my desk. The sensation of my cock inside her mouth are just too much to describe. Her warm wet tongue are wrapping and brushing around my shaft as she moves her head up and down. I put the pen down and put my hand on her head as a moans escaped my mouth.

She look up at me as she smiles. Happy knowing her treatment to me is making me lost focus. "What? No yes I am all right…" I said to the phone. He explained something and I just make that 'umm' noises as my attention is fully at the hijab young woman at my cock. "Okay… I'll email you the update…" I said before I put the phone back.

"Fuck that was hot." I said as she fasten the pace knowing she can give me a serious blowjob now. The wet slurping noises is getting louder now as she suck me hard. Her hand reach for my balls as she moves her head fast making that fucking motion. "Ahh. Lily… I'm close…" I moans as she look up at me with her rounded eyes.

She make that cute begging face as she keep moving her head. My head hits her throat every time she takes my cock in. I can feel my cock is pulsing and throbbing. She cupped my head with her lips as she suck it hard.

Her hand now stroking my wet cock furiously wanting my cum in her mouth. "Shit Lily Im cumming.!" I whispered a bit loud as I pressed her head, shoving my cock into her mouth as my cock bursting with my cum into her mouth.

She closed her eyes as she swallow all my cum that she can. I keep releasing my loads at a point some of them starts leaking from her lips and starts to drop. But she catches it with her hand as she keep sucking my pulsing leaking cum. She stroke my cock again this time harder making sure she got every drops of my cum. She look into my eyes again before she lick my shaft.

Cleaning me up. Then she look at my cum pooled in her hand. She look at me naughtily as she lick the pool like a thirsty cat. She lick it all until her palm is clean. She smiled at me as she look at her watch. "Looks like lunchtime is over Mr.John… I need to go back to work…" she said naughtily as she lick her lips. I nodded. She give me another one naughty wink before she left the room.

I chuckles as I put my cock back into my pants. *********************** Lily I am doing my work on the computer as I still can taste Mr.John's cum in my mouth even though I rinsed my mouth with a mouthwash. I just hope my colleague didn't realize it. The experience at the gloryhole last weekend does makes me aching for a cock in my mouth almost all the time.

"Lily, I got a letter for you…" Mike, the dispatch guy who I noticed had been ogling at me too.

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Luckily he is not my type. Too skinny and smelled like cigarettes almost all the time. I took the letter and say thanks to him. He smile at me before leave handing over letters to someone else. I try to find the address, there is none?

Just my name and my department. I feel curious about it. I open the envelope and kind of shocked seeing the logo. It is the security department in this company. Did they knew? Will they report this? Or have they done that? My blood rushes as I think about the consequences. Then I read the rest of the letter, Dear Mrs. Lily, It is important for you to attend yourself at the Security Office today dated (4th May 2017) at 5.00pm.

Regards, Head of Security Officer, Floyd Hunter. Lily's eyes widens reading this. What is this? She wants to tell Mr. John about this but he had left after lunch for an outside meeting with a client.

I take a deep breath and try to not freak out. Why today? And why after office hours? I can't figure out anything. I guess I have to wait to meet this Hunter guy this evening. I keep the letter away as I try to continue my work. ************************ Hunter I looked at the watch.

It is 4.48 pm. I can feels my cock throbs under my pants rehearse the upcoming scenes in my mind.


I have set up additional hidden cameras in my room. All shows different angles in the room according to all the possibilities where will we be fucking. Either it's on the table, the couch, or even on the walls. Time moves very slowly as I keep looking at the watch. I get up and get out of my room where it leads to a small lobby. There are two doors, one is a glass doors which is the entrance and the other door is the entrance to the CCTV room.

I go to the CCTV room and see Steve, my staff is doing his work, watching all the screens. Not realizing that I have changed the settings so that those cameras that shows Mr. John office can only be seen by me. "Hey Mr.


Hunter. Everything is okay?" He asked as he turn his chair around. I nodded. I look at the watch. Almost 5. "Why don't you make your round first? I will cover the second." I said.

Asking him to do his patrolling earlier than he should. It is supposed I am the one who will do this round. But I know he will agree. Another hour is the time for his favorite Tv show. "Well sure…" He replied as he get up from his chair and get his cap on before he takes the walkie talkie and other stuffs and leave the room.

I look at the CCTV to make sure he leave. And then I see her. Walking her way to the Security Department. "Oh Mrs. Lily, you are so going to get it…" ************************** Lily I walked into the lobby.

Feeling a bit nervous. Hoping it is nothing to do with my sexual activities with Mr. John. I look around, no one is there. But I see an office door with his name on it. I take a deep breath and knocks on the door. I noticed a long mirror next to the door and look myself. Noticing how changed my clothes are since I moved here. Today I am wearing a soft green hijab.

Wraps nicely around my head covering my chest. I am wearing a plain white long sleeved dress. The skirt covers half of my thighs and a bit fit on my waist, showing my curvy body. My legs wrapped in a very tight long skirt that shows the shape of my legs. I waited for a few more seconds before the door opened and a muscular black guy showed up. "Come in" He said as he take a steps back for me to get in. His office is kind of huge. With a couch on the side. I don't see any security screens.

Maybe it is at another room? He locked the door before he take a seat on his chair. He gives me a gesture for me to sit too. "Why… erm… Why are you calling me here… sir?" I asked nervously as I sits. He looked at me in his serious face before he clicked something on computer.

"This is why…" He said as he pushed the screen so I can see it too. It is as I afraid. The recording of me having sex with Mr. John. "No… That's…" I stuttered as I look at him.

I don't even know there is a camera in his room! I doubt even Mr. John knows that. Blood rushes through my face thinking the consequences. I might get fired. My husband might informed about this. Divorce. No… I can't let that happens. "You do realize the consequences of committing adultery at the place of work?" He said firmly. I nodded as I look at the footage back.

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My face blushed deep. "And you do realize I have to report this to higher authority and they will fire you?" He continued. "Please… Don't… Don't do that… I… I will do anything. I… I will pay you…" I said as I feels my eyes started to feel warm. Feeling guilty and regret. "I am not into money Mrs. Lily…" He said firmly as he pulls the screen back.

"But… Perhaps there is something you could do to shut my mouth…" He said with a grin. I know what he wants. He wants what I gave Mr. John. He wants… Me. I look up at him.

I bite my lips. "You… You promise me, if I do as you want, you will, delete those footages?" He chuckles. "Yes, I promise you. And I will never talk about this to anyone either." He said reassuring. I bite my lips as I look at him. "So… What do you want me to do…?" I asked. Yes, I had sex with more than one guys now, but still every time it's my first time with a new guy, it does feels like a first time. He grinned as he look at my body. "You know what to do… Come here and suck my dick…" He said.

I take a deep breath as my face blushed.


I stand and kneeled between his legs. I looked up at him. With that perverted grins. Slowly I reach for his belt. I undo his belt and pulls the zip down. I pulls his pants down revealing his thick 12 inch cock. And my, I have never knew a cock could get that huge. My eyes widens and I think my jaw dropped as I hear him chuckles. "What? You never seen a huge black cock before?" He tease. I just shake my head off. This is my first time with a black guy in fact.

He smile proudly as slowly I wrap my fingers around his massive veiny cock. I use both of my hands, feeling the hardness and the sense of hugeness of his cock as I stroke his cock up and down slowly. "ahh. Your hands are better than I imagined…" He moans. I bite my lips as I keep looking at his glistening black skins on his cock moved up and down as I stroke it.

I can smell his muskiness. Slowly I leans my face closer before I take out my tongue, and give a small lick on the head. It tastes good. A bit salty, and that familiar muskiness taste. I lick a bit more, soon, my small lick becomes long and pressed hard on the shaft as I keep stroking it. "ummm. taste good slut?" I looked up.

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I never been called names before. Not from Matt, or even Mr.John. But somehow being called a slut awakens something in me. Something naughty in me. I blushed deep hearing that, as I keep licking his cock like a chocolate ice cream. "Come on, take it inside your mouth" he said. I look up at him again. I keep stroking his cock as I wonder how much of that will be fit inside my mouth.

Yes, Matt taught me about how to deep throat but I never take this huge and long. I bite my lips. Thinking that I must do this to secure my job, my relationship, I nodded. Slowly, I let my saliva dripped on his tips, before I use my hand to rub it all over his shaft, and of course, with that length, I need to do it more than a couple of times.

Then I put my soft red cherry lips on his hard pink mushroom head, before I take it in, feeling his head passed my lips, as his veiny shaft brushes my lips and tongue, into my wet warm Asian mouth. And it barely half!! ********************* HUNTER Being a black guy had its advantage, more over nowadays. Thanks to the BBC section in porn, we are known to have huge black cock that way bigger and massive than the white guys. (No racism intended). And yes, throughout my life there are some girls who I met want to try the theory.

The result? Either it is too much for them or they passed out after had the greatest orgasm they have in their sex life. But this is my first time with a hijab girl. Or even an Asian girl. And my, she do know how to take a cock in her mouth. For a conservative innocent looking girl, she is indeed impressive. "Ohh fuck…" I moans as I feels she pulls out my cock after half taking me in. I can see my cock glistered with her drooled saliva. "You're huge… and long…" she said.

I smile proudly. "God given" she smile before I can see she take a deep breath before take my cock in again, this time she only manage to take quarter of me, but I didn't disappoint as she started to move her head up and down, as she suck me hard. I can feels her warm wet tongue swirling around my big cock as she stroke the rest of my cock with a perfect matching rhythm. "ohh fuck… you're such a cocksucker" I moans as I put my hand on her hijab covered head.

I can see her smile a bit as she keep moving her head up and down. I can feel my head touches her throat as she sucking me up and down with her saliva drooling all over my shaft. Her hands started to twist around as she stroke me, giving a new sensual pleasure as her warm mouth take my cock up and down.

"Fuck, whore, where did you learn this?" I moans as she keep doing it. I have received a blowjob and handjob before, but her techniques is so perfectly blend with her soft hands, her warm mouth, and that sweet innocent look. She looked up at me with rounded dark brown eyes.

She give a hard suck as she pulls my cock out, giving that wet pop sounds with a string of her saliva between her lips and my cock. And that look gave me away.

"Fuck I don't care it!" I said as I feels my blood rushed throughout my body. "What.?" she kind of shocked with me but then I pulls her hands and lifted her up as I stand up to. I wrap my hands around her waist and grab that bubbly ass covered with her tight long skirt as my other hand reach for her juicy breast. I can feel her layers of clothes on my hand, her hijab, her shirt, her soft padded bra, and underneath all that, a rounded perky tits that makes no man refuse that body.

"Mr…" I didn't let her to finish her words as I grab her lips with mine. I can feel she is shocked but didn't push me away. She rested her hands on my chest as she slowly replied my kiss. I can feel her soft lips pressed on mine, brushing on each other with lust, and before I know it, our tongue intertwined lustfully, making wet kissing noises. I lifted her up and put her on the desk. Expecting this, I have cleared everything except the computer. I kissed her deeper as our tongue explores each other's mouth.

My hands can't keep roaming around her luscious body, massaging her breasts, her ass, her thighs, even her hands! I noticed her skirt is holding her legs close and I need them to be spread really wide. I break the kisses. I noticed her lustful eyes. Desperately want my cock. I roughly pulls down her skirt, making her moans a bit as her body jerks, trying to maintain her position on the desk.

I throw her skirt away and amazed by her curvy legs. She is wearing stockings underneath, wrapping her legs. Which is turning me on more. And no panties. Like a bull, I pulls and tear her stockings between her legs, making hole huge enough for me to eat and fuck her. And I tear some more around her thighs. "ahhhh… you're ruining my stocking!" she moans not in an angry way. I grinned. "That's not the only thing that is yours I will ruin today." Her eyes widens as she blushes.

I spread her legs wide before I get on my knees. Feeling excited and curious how an Asian Muslim pussy tastes like. I look at her pink wet lips, closed nicely with her erected clit under her thin hood, I smile, knowing this delicious fresh pussy will be mine too. Without waiting any longer, I bury my face between her thighs, as her sweet scent of her pussy enters my nose. I grab her thighs hard as I started to lick her pussy, her wet drooling juices, her throbbing horny lips, and her erected clit.

Her trimmed hair brushes my nose, tickles me a bit but turning me on more. I lick her pussy hungrily, devouring her pussy juices inside my mouth as I suck it hard. "Ahhhh&hellip. Mr.Hunter… ummmpphhh" I can feel her hand on my head as her body jerks every time my tongue moves all over her young Asian mount. I push my tongue into her pussy.

Feeling her lively hungry pussy squeezing my tongue, sucking me in. I look up at her green hijab wrapped face. Her face blushed as she closed her eyes. Enjoying my tongue. "Ahhhhh ummphh. it feels good&hellip.!" she moans and groans. I grinned, feeling my hard cock is ready as it throbs harder down there, wanting the same attention. I give her pussy a hard lick and spit on her lips. Before I stand and turn her body on the desk. Now she is bending her ass over for me.

She looked back at me. I can sense her nervousness as she bite her lips and her face blushed innocently with her hijab still wrapped around her face. "You ready bitch?" I asked as I grab my monstrous cock and grinds it tips on her pussy lips. Her body twitched a bit at the touch of my cock.

She nodded as she grab my desk. "Here it comes." I said as I push my mushroom head cock into her lips. "ahhhhhkkkk" she moans as she bends her body more. I can feels her pussy try to ease but she is still too tight. I groans as I keep pushing my shaft until my head kisses her womb. Still, I am impressed as her Asian pussy could take almost all my 12 inch in her. I can feel her tight wet married pussy squeezing me and loosen up in the rhythm with her breath.

"Ahhh. Youre&hellip. Youre tearing me apart…" she said as she try to catch her breath. I grinned as I pulls my cock back. Her body jerks at my move. And when my head reaches just an inch from her lips, I thrust my cock back in making her body jerks at my move. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" ******************* Lily "Ahhhhhhh!!!" I moans at his thrust. His cock, his huge black cock is piercing into me as he thrust.

And he did not stop. He pulled his cock back and thrust it in again, and again and again. I can feel my tightness makes it a bit difficult for him but his strength makes it possible with the help of my naughty juices. I bend my body more, tilting my ass up as I can feels my ass jiggles every time he fuck me. I grab the edge of the desk as I pressed my chest on the desk. "ahh ahh ahhh ahh" I cant help but keep moaning at his thrust.

"God!! You're so fucking tight!!" He groans as he fasten his pace. His hands on my waist guiding my body to move against his. "Ahh ahh Mr.Hunter… ahhh" I groans as I close my eyes.

It feels like my pussy is being filled, more than ever. He spank my ass hard. Making it jiggles as he fuck me mercilessly. "Ohh girll youre such a whore!" He calls me again with names as he slams his cock deeper into me. I can feels his veins brushes my Gspot every time he thrust his cock in. Building me up more. "Ahh ahh ahh" I moans as I feels myself is getting close. And look like im not the only one who about to cum.

He grab my hijab and pulls my head up as he kisses me from behind. Our tongue intertwined lewdly as he slams his cock deep and without warning, shoot his thick warm cum in me. My body jerks at the shot as my pussy responses with her own explosion of orgasm, bringing my legs weak as I cum on his cock, squeezing his cock more for his cum filling me up, mixing together. Both of us panted. But I can feel his cock is still hard.

He pulls his cock out and grinds his thick wet cock between my ass cheek. He spread my ass cheek. Then it comes to me. "No! You cant do it there!" I said as I turn my head around.

Before I can turn my body he hold my body tight. "I can and I will, unless you want your video gone viral?" I bite my lips as I feels his thick shaft on my ass. He is wet. I look back. "urm. Fine… but, do it gently…" I said surrendering. Matt once asked to fuck me in the ass but I refuse. Because for me that is dirty.

But, I don't really have a choice now. I can hear he smiles and groans. He stroke his cock a few times as he put the head of his cock on my ass hole. "Spread your legs wider…" he said. I do as he told, I widens my gap as I bend my ass more for him.

Then I feel it. His cock pushed into my ass hole. I feels like my ass is spread and teared apart. "Fuckkkk!!!!!!" He groans as he keep pushing his thick hard shaft into me. "Ahhhhh… it. it hurts!" I said. But clearly he don't care.

He keep pushing his cock into me as my ass squeeze his cock tight, never have anything in it before. "Ohh shit shittt" He groans as he pulls his cock a bit before he push it deeper.

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I might exaggerate but I feels like his cock is in my belly now, and now all his 12 inch in me, as I feels his abs on my ass, pressed more. "Ahhhhhhh" I moans as I cried a bit from the pain. I can feel his thick hard cock throbbing in my ass. "Youre such a tight slut…" He groans. I can hear he spits on his cock, making it wet as he pulls and push it in again.

Starting to fuck my ass. I can still feel the pain of my ass being teared apart as he fasten his pace. I might be wrong but I swear I think Im bleeding down there. "Fuckkkk." he keep groans as he suddenly pulls his cock out of my ass. I feels my ass hole left with a gap, and before I could think anything else, he turn me around and lifted me on the desk, he spread my legs wide and pushed them up. "Hold your legs bitch" like his pet, I obey. I hold my legs up as both of my pussy and ass hole presented to him.

I can feels my ass throbs hard but I started to realize my pussy is still drooling. Meaning she like it. ***************** Hunter This is my first time fucking a virgin ass. And it is very tight. I was worried that I might tear her up until a point that she bleed but luckily her ass could accept me. Though her face shows how painful it is. But then again, it is her first.

I grinds my head of my cock on her wet pussy lips. Making my head wet before I thrust my cock into her wet pussy. I can feel our cum still pooled inside her pussy as my cock fill her in. "Ahhhh!" she moans. I love the way she moans. I pulls my cock out, and spit on my cock again to add the lube. I put my hands on her thighs, pushing her ass high more as I started to thrust again my shiny big black cock into her ass.

Her body arched as I thrust my cock in. "Ahhh fuckk" I groans as I know, I can't hold it long this time. Her expression with her hijab, her moans, her sexy legs, and her tight ass, that's too much for me. I started to fasten my pace. My hips is moving back and forth faster and deeper in every fuck now. She moans everytime I pushed my cock all the way in, making her body arched as she take me in.

"Ahhh Mr.Hunter. ummpphh" her blushed is turning me on more. Feeling that her ass started to loosen up a bit, I decided to go all out this time. "Im going to ruin your ass bitch…" I said in a command voice. She bites her lips. Didn't disagree nor agree. Its not like im going to care anyway. I grab her waist as I started to pounds her ass deeper and harder.

My cock is getting dry quicker now as I fasten my pace. But I don't care, as I love the tightness from her ass and how her ass wraps around my cock. "Ahh ahh ahh ahh take thissss!!" I groans as the table shakes as I fuck her. She tightens her grip on her legs as her body jerks with the rhythm of my fuck. She closed her eyes shut as I can see a glimpse of tears running on her beautiful cheek.

The pounding noises filling up my room with our moans, giving the hint of my best sex in my life. "ahhh shittt immm im close!" I groans. I want to cum in her ass but I have something else in my mind. I keep slamming her ass with my cock.

And at the edge, I pulls my cock out and pulls her body down kneeling on me. She knows what to do this time. She looked up at me as she opens her mouth. Wanting my cum. "ahh ahh ahh. imm cum!" I groans as I stroking my cock, just a few stroke, my cock pulsed and shoot another loads and loads of cum on her face. Some of my cum dropped on her hijab, and some on her cheek, most of them landed in her mouth and her tongue.

"Ahh fuckkkk" I groans as I squeeze my cock tight as I stroke, making sure each drop of my cum landed on her. I look down at the scenery. Her Asian fair face, with her dark brown eyes, soft cherry lips, all covered in my cum. ************************ Lily I swallow all his cum in my mouth.

I noticed every guy had a different taste of cum. And Mr. Hunter's is a bit saltier than the others. I wonder what Kyle's taste like. I lick all the cum on my lips, as I feels that stickiness on my face. I stands up, with that sore feelings still on my ass. And my pussy is still pooled with our cum. "As promised…" I said as I put my hand on the desk for support. He nodded. He went to the PC and shows me every copy he had and deleted them. "As promised…" he smiles. "Now you know that there is a camera in his room, you can't tell him." I nodded.

I reach for my skirt and put it on back. As I feels my pussy and ass still sore. "And Lily… Do expect letters from this department now and then… I know you will look forward for it too" he said.

I blushed. Without saying anything, I reach for my bag and head out. Leaving him alone in his room. I have to walk a bit slowly, since the pain from my ass is still too much. And my pussy too. But something is bothering my mind. I think I like it. I think I like being fucked in the ass. And my mind started to wonder how it feels to be filled with cum back there.

I shake my head off as I keep walking to the bus stop. When I reach home, I am surprised to find Kyle is home. He is cooking in the kitchen. "Welcome home honey…" He said as he come and kisses me. "What is that?" He asked showing something on the hijab on my head. I look at it at the mirror. Shit! Its Mr. Hunter's cum! But before I could say anything Kyle just chuckles. "I believe it's a bird poop, don't worry about it…" he said as smile at me.

I love him. I nodded nervously. I walked to our bedroom when he noticed my steps. "Are you all right?" He asked. "I… I fell off. Slipped…" I said nervously.

"My… Do you need me to bring you to a doctor?" He asked in a concern note. I shake my head off. "It will be fine… Thanks… I'm… I'm going to take a shower now… and then I'll help you in the kitchen…" "Its okay sweetie… Rest… I'll call you when it's done… It's your favorite chicken curry…" I smile as I go to our bedroom and get naked.

I take my torn stockings and put it in the trash. I grab a towel as I started to feel my pussy is leaking with my and Mr. Hunter's cum. I wrap my body with the towel and steps into the shower. I spread my legs a bit, feeling them drooling on my thighs, down to the tub. I turn on the shower as I started to cry. I'm so sorry Kyle. I love you… I really do… But&hellip.

I need sex&hellip. I need cock… I need man to satisfy my needs I never knew I have&hellip. I'm sorry… I really sorry… I really hope you can fuck me… Kyle&hellip.