De olho no boy punhetando no wc

De olho no boy punhetando no wc
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Chris' mouth dropped open when she heard her roommate's comment, "WHAT DID YOU SAY??" "Yessss, Chris, I have to clean up before we go to the beauty shop," Kathy replied, "Grandad dumped a bigger load in me than he usually does.

My panties are soaked and my car seat smells like a whore house." "You're shittin' me, Kathy Davis.

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He didn't really fuck his own granddaughter." Kathy had already removed her shorts. She pulled off her panties and pitched them to her best friend, "Check 'em out. They're in a mess. He must have been saving it up." "KATHY! He's your fucking grandfather! A grandfather doesn't fuck his own offspring!

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My God, girl; this is crazy shit!" "You know he's not my real Grandad. Besides, we've been having sex for over two years; it's no big deal.

She presented Chris with two, one hundred dollar bills, "Fifteen minutes of riding a damn good cock for this. Maybe you should hit up your grandpa, he's richer than mine." Chris took the bills and examined them. She'd been living with Kathy for five months and never had a clue her friend was involved in incest.

For a fleeting second, she wondered if her own grandpa could even get a hard on. Then she wondered about Don Parker's dick; how long… how thick… how hard.

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"Chris? Did you hear me?" "Huh?" "I said come on into the bathroom and talk to me while I take a bath. I thought you knew about me and Grandad." While the slim brunette lathered her creamy, white body, she told Chris about high school prom night. Her dad was the same age as her step-grandfather, and had married Don's daughter, who was just two years older than Kathy. Linda, her step-mom, wanted to attend an alumni party the same night, so her dad, John Davis, happily escorted his young bride.

They had called Don and asked if Kathy could stay over at his house after her prom. He already loved the girl, and quickly agreed. **************** Close to one a.m., the knock brought Don out of his recliner, "Whoa… what have we here?" he asked the two girls who stood, unsteadily, holding Kathy up, on her feet. She was drunk and unconscious. "Do you girls have time to undress her if I carry her to the extra bedroom?" They agreed to help and left a few minutes later, giggling.

Don turned off the TV and lights, took a piss and headed for his own room. His home consisted of four bedrooms, three baths, a large den, a game room and, across the carport breezeway, an exercise room with thousands of dollars of equipment. At the current time, Don occupied the entire 4400 square feet by himself, since his divorce.

Occasionally, he would have a lady stay the night; but only a woman to satisfy his sexual needs, and only for one night. He didn't want any more full time commitment; his ex-wife had broken him of that desire.

The door to Kathy's room stood wide open. As he approached, he could hear her soft snores. He wondered why the two girls had left her lights on, and as he looked inside, he saw Kathy, head on one pillow and her tight, young, naked ass jacked high in the air with three more.

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Her crazy friends had left her in a classic, doggy style position; her pussy still dripped some young man's cum, but looked like it was asking for more. Now he knew why they had been snickering when they left. At first, he was just going to let her slim body down, onto the bed, and cover her with a sheet.

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But his cock was beginning to seek some attention. He decided she needed to be cleaned a little, anyway, so he brought a warm washcloth and enjoyed washing the young cunt.

By the third swipe across her lovely crack, his dick was sticking out of his pajama fly, pointing at the object of desire.

He began playing with her clit, which brought no response from her. Since he felt comfortable that he'd cleaned her pussy very well, he moved onto the bed and spread her knees a little farther apart. His tongue sought the, freshly washed, asshole and licked for a good five minutes.

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By the time he moved to her cunt hole, his cock was in pain, begging for relief. When playing with her clit and finger-fucking brought no response, he knew she was completely out of it… but that's what prom night is for… He lined up his fat, seven inches and spat on the head. With the second push, he popped inside her tight wetness.

By the fourth push, he was imbedded and bumping her cervix. He began slowly, being cautious of waking Kathy and finding himself in deep shit.


Within two minutes, he was pumping hard and fast. Each time he felt he was getting close to cumming, he pulled out for a few seconds; postponing his relief. Not long after he entered her for the fourth time, he just couldn't stand the wait; his huge, hot load must have blown a hole in her guts.

It shot and shot, for what seemed like must have been a gallon, spread over a period of five minutes. During the eruption, he heard his granddaughter groan with pleasure, five times. He cleaned her again, but made two more visits to the luscious pussy twice more that night.

*********************** "So," Kathy said as she washed her legs, "he told me the next morning that Sarah and Dana had brought me to his house.

I don't know who fucked me that night, 'cause I didn't have a date. The three of us girls went together, without boys.

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"My head was as big as Dolly Parton's tits that morning. Grandad poured me some strong coffee, with honey and stuff in it. An hour later, I felt pretty decent, except for my sore pussy. "He told me how they had left me laying in that bed and told me he'd never seen a more beautiful sight in his life. I was embarrassed when he said he had cleaned me up and covered me. While we talked, he kept touching my face and hair.

It felt good, but I wasn't sure what was going on.


That's when he asked me, 'What's the oldest man you ever fucked, Hunny?' "I didn't know what to say, he's my Grandad and I was scared he'd tell my dad what had happened. Then he told me he wanted me to live with him, full time. He laid five hundred dollars on the table and told me it would be my weekly allowance if I would live with him and take care of him. "You've seen him, Chris, he's good looking and full of muscle… he doesn't need anybody to take care of him.

But I kept looking at the money; I told him I would think about it if Dad and Linda said okay. "Then he asked me again, 'You didn't answer me, Hunny, how old?' "When I told him 28, he told me it was the wrong answer. That's when he told me about fucking me three times and cleaning me each time.

At first I was mad, but I got to thinking about that money lying on the table. Two grand a month, Chris… I could pay tuition, make a car payment, buy clothes and put four or five hundred in the bank each month." Kathy smiled at Chris as she dried between her legs, "I told him to make it an even hundred per day and we had a deal… we went straight to his king bed and fucked for the next half hour.

That's the way it started. Linda almost caught us once when she stopped by to get him to sign some papers on some property she'd sold for him. If she saw me slip through the bathroom door, she never said anything." "Soooo… he has a girlfriend, now, but when she's not in town, or busy giving a seminar, he calls me and I get filled up with his cum, just like I did today." Kathy happened to notice that Chris had hand hand inside her boxers, fingering herself, "Wow, girl, did I get you that horny?" "Shit, yes!

How soon is his girlfriend coming back?"