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Watch amateur glam shemales fuck
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The YBWL, that's youth boys wrestling league- was a group that met every weekend. The location varied each week, with different boys volunteering their homes as they became available. The rules were simple- to strip your opponent naked and make them cum by any means necessary. Scratching and biting were strictly off limits, but knockouts were heavily encouraged. While a boy was unconscious, however, only one article of clothing could be removed until he is knocked unconscious again.

The league has since gone out of commission. The stories, however, remain. This particular match took place on a large outdoor wrestling matt in one member's back yard. The house was fairly secluded and surrounded by a beautiful wooded area. The boys circled around the matt as the competitors prepared to wrestle.

Jake was a young boy of about 12 or 13. With short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a fairly toned build he was quite the looker, even though he was short for his age. He was wearing a tight-fitting blue t-shirt and black basketball shorts. Luke was about the same age, though slightly more in shape and a bit taller.


He had short, buzzed brown hair and green eyes. He also had a little bit more experience than Jake. He was wearing a muscle shirt and denim cargo shorts. The bell rang and the match began. The boys circled around each other for a moment, each seeking the upper advantage.

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Jake made the first move, coming at Luke with a right hook that he easily sidestepped. He countered quickly with a kick to Jake's gut as he turned around, causing Jake to fall over on the ground, clutching his sides. This was all the time Luke needed to quickly yank off his loose fitting basketball shorts, revealing his tight white briefs. Luke tossed the shorts into the crowd and allowed Jake to slowly stand up.

This time he took the offensive, jabbing at Jakes mid section until he lowered his guard. Then he swung a quick left hook that spun Jake around, leaving him completely vulnerable to a full nelson from Luke.

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Jake thrashed against Luke's control as he struggled to free his arms, but to no avail. His struggles slowly weakened as he lost control of his arms and slowly began to lose consciousness. Luke helped him slowly sink to his knees.

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Luke released his arms from the hold, then quickly wrapped his right arm around Jake's throat. Jake couldn't feel his arms and could thus hardly fight back. With his other hand, Luke fondled Jake's package through his tight fitting briefs.


Jake moaned a light "No" as his dick started to harden under Luke's control. Luke whispered in his ear: "Just go to sleep." Jake could do nothing but twist his body to and fro, and soon his groggy attempts to fight ended as he lost consciousness and became motionless in Luke's arms. Luke continued to feel Jake's hard shaft as he laid back against him, then pushed him onto his stomach and pulled his own shirt off.

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He was going to have fun now. Luke reached down underneath Jake's body and fondled his package with his left hand, while exploring Jake's young teen body with his right. He paid special attention to Jake's ass, rubbing it first through the cotton of his briefs and then shoving both of his hands underneath them to feel his taught globes.

He rolled them around back and forth in his palms and squeezed them while Jake slept on. Luke slowly slipped his pinky finger into his ass, exploring and prodding gently.

He then slowly peeled off Jake's shirt and flipped him over onto his back. Surprisingly he was still hard, his member stretched out against the thin material and could be clearly seen by the other boys, most of which were now fondling themselves. Before Luke could make Jake cum and remove his briefs, Jake needed to wake up first. Luke ran his palm up and down Jake's package, with slow deliberate motions.

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He spent some time kneading his balls through the thin cotton as Jake moaned softly in his stupor. This continued for some time, with him kneading Jake's cock in a variety of fashions. He then finally found Jakes mouth and continued his fondling as he kissed the knocked out youngster.

Kissing a mouth that didn't return the favor was a particular turn-on for Luke as he explored the crevices of Jake's mouth. His tongue ran along Jake's cheeks and played with his unresponsive tongue. He was growing impatient and wanted Jake to wake up so he could finish the match. He sat in a kneeling position and jerked Jake's cock through the leg-hole of his briefs and waited patiently.

Soon Jake started to come to. He was extremely groggy and tired. He slowly opened his eyes and groaned as he saw the situation he was in. He attempted to push Luke's hands away from his crotchbut Luke just ignored his weak attempts and continued to molest him. Jake moaned and groaned as he attempted to get away from his assailant, but he was far too weak and barely conscious.

He looked to Luke and whispered "Please, just put me out. End this." Luke removed his hand from under Jake's briefs. He then removed his denim shorts, leaving him in just tight grey Hanes briefs.

He was of course sporting a raging hard-on due to his long dominance of Jake. He had been wanting the match to end, but he couldn't help but humiliate Jake a little more. He grabbed Jake's hand and placed it inside of his briefs. "Jerk me off" he ordered Jake.

Jake weakly complied as best he could from the position he was in, with Luke kneeling over him to his right. Luke adjusted Jake's cock so that the head poked out over his "Jockey" waistband, and then teased the sensitive tip with his tongue and fondled his visible shaft through the white cotton. Jake moaned in ecstasy as Luke assaulted his boyhood with his tongue. By this point, most of the other boys had shed their clothing and were pleasing themselves, excited by Luke's complete domination in the match.

Luke smirked and asked "You want me to end this, huh?" Jake looked at him and whispered "Please&hellip." Luke laid down on top of Jake so that their cocks were touching through their underwear. He then slowly humped Jake, grinding into his pelvis with rhythmic motions. As he did this he clamped his hand over Jake's mouth and nose, suffocating him.

He looked into his eyes as the boy slowly faded back into unconsciousness for the final time, his eyelids fluttering closed after a few moments. Luke continued to hump him as he faded into dream land, his cock now leaving a noticeable precum stain on the front of his briefs. Luke stood up and quickly pulled off his briefs, his cock sprung up and down as he stooped over to remove them. He then finally stripped Jake naked, spread his legs wide, and beheld his awesome prize.

The young boy was laid out spread eagle, his chest rising slowly up and down.

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His hard boy cock stretched up toward his naval, rising gently off his stomach as his heart throbbed. Luke laid down to his left. Luke at first slowly ran his hand up and down Jake's shaft, feeling every bit of his five-inch boy cock.

He twisted his hand left and right as he massaged the sleeping boy's balls with his other hand.


He then grabbed Jake's hand and began to jerk himself off with it, while continuing his assault. Luke realized he was going to cum soon, so he sat on Jake's chest and began to furiously pump his cock.

He fucked Jake's unconscious mouth for a little bit, being careful to watch his teeth. He pumped his dick in and out, in and out until his cock was about to explode. Then he pulled it out just in time to blow a massive load all over Jake's face. Cum sprayed all over him, getting in his hair and mouth as well as the rest of his face. Luke nearly passed out after ejecting his massive load, he had to place a hand on Jake's chest to keep balance in his euphoria.

He then went back to work on Jake's boyhood, pumping it up and down and occasionally sucking on it. The KO'd youngster finally erupted after a couple minutes of this punishment, his cock spraying semen all over his own cock and balls. Luke was immediately declared winner. He walked off the matt to retrieve his clothes, leaving Jake covered in cum to sleep off the beating he received.