Teen fucks in impossible positions

Teen fucks in impossible positions
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Hey, my name is John, and I'm going to tell you about the time I had my first sexual experience. It all started when I was 15. I was on summer vacation, and me and my family were at our beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ.

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I was a pretty average looking kid, I was 5'11" and about 160. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. One day I was just sitting at home watching TV when my friend Kevin texted me to see if I wanted to go to the beach. Now Kevin was 16, but he was about the same height as me, except he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

I was changing into my bathing suit when I heard Kevin pull into the garage on his bike.

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I quickly grabbed a towel and rushed downstairs to meet him. We stayed at the beach for about two hours, then the sun started set, so we grabbed our towels and peddled back to my place. We both rinsed off in the outdoor showers and then wrapped ourselves in the towels and headed upstairs to get changed.

On the way up Kevin asked if he could borrow some clothes, and I said sure.


We both got changed and were in the kitchen getting some food when my mom came by and said that her and my dad were going out with some friends and probably wouldn't be home until about 3:00 am the next morning. I smiled and said "okay you two, have fun".

As soon as they left, Kevin smiled at me and said "you know what this means".

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Of course I did, every time my parents went out, me and Kevin would get too drink beers because my dad always had the fridge full of them, and he never noticed if they were missing. We grabbed a bunch of beers and headed downstairs to watch TV. When we got downstairs I turned on the TV and asked him what he wanted to watch.

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He said "I don't care, just find a movie on Netflix or something". I decided to put on Orange is the New Black, because I heard it was a good series from some of my other friends.

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We both laid down on separate couches exhausted from our day at the beach. About 30 minutes later, there was a really hot lesbian scene where one inmate was eating out the other one.

I just kind of chuckled, then looked over at Kevin and noticed he had a huge boner. I said "hey Kevin I see you liked that" he turned red and covered himself up with a pillow. I saw he was getting really embarrassed so I said " it's cool dude, were both dudes, and were straight, I don't care".

What he said next I didn't expect at all. He turned to me and said "well, you mind if I jack off then?". I was completely caught off guard, I had never seen another persons penis. I didn't want to seem weird, so I said "yeah I guess"and sure enough, he pulled out his hard dick and smiled at me.

We were both a little tipsy by that point, but he said "dude, were both straight, there's nothing wrong with seeing another dudes dick, or even jerking off in the same room." I agreed nervously, staring at his 5 inch solid cock as he was stroking it.

He had pretty long blonde hair all around it. I finally pulled my pants down and showed him my cock. I wasn't hard yet, and I was pretty clean shaven.

He asked me if I wanted to put some porn on, and I was really horny, so I agreed, and hooked up my laptop to the TV, and found a hot clip on PornHub. We both sat there jerking our smooth cocks slowly, when he looked over at me and said "holy shit dude" I was confused, but then he said "your cock is huge bro".

My dick was about 8 inches hard.


But I never really thought it was big, because I hadn't seen any other real penises, and the ones I saw on porn were pretty big. I kinda smiled and said "yeah I guess." Just then, I got a text from my neighbor Jenny.

She wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I told her I was home watching TV with Kevin, and that she could come over. She told me that she was with her friend Kate, and asked if she could come too.

I said sure, and then I looked at Kevin. We both scrambled to pull our pants up and unplug the computer. Then the doorbell rang and I went downstairs too open it, and Kevin turned on the TV, and put on the Yankee game. I opened the door and let the two girls in. I had known Jenny for years, she was 15 and had long brown hair and pretty green eyes. She was only about 5'2" but she had really big tits, and a pretty round ass. I had never met her friend Kate, but she introduced me.

Kate was 16, and she was a really hot blonde, about 5"6 and had pretty decent size tits, but a huge ass. Anyway, I led the girls upstairs and introduced them to Kevin. I offered them some beers and we all sat down on the couches. We watched the game for about a half hour, then Jenny said she was bored.

Since none of us could drive, I suggested we all go hang out on the beach. It was about 11:30, so the beach was empty and it was pitch black. We walked down past all the houses to a secluded part of the beach and decided to make a fire in one of the fire pits, because even though it was summer, it was pretty chilly at night. Me and Kevin got the fire going, and Kate laid out the blanket on the ground.

The four of us sat in a row just staring at the fire, when Kevin said "you wanna play truth or dare?". We were all pretty tipsy at that point so we agreed; Kevin went first. "Truth or Dare" he said to me, I always liked to pick truth first.

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Kevin asked me how far I had gone with a girl. I turned pretty red as I said "first base". He smiled at me knowing I was a little embarrassed.

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We went around the circle a few more times and everyone was asking pretty dumb stuff, then Kate dared Jenny to touch my dick. I was caught way off guard, but my cock started to harden just thinking about it.

Jenny was pretty drunk by now, so she agreed and leaned over to me. She undid my shorts and reached inside my boxers to pull out my rock hard dick, she gasped at the size and began to stroke it in amazement. Just seeing this got Kevin hard too, and when Kate noticed this, she put her hand on his crotch and slowly undid his belt and reached her hand down. At this point Jenny was stroking my dick pretty fast and I reached down and pulled off her shirt, I asked her if I could take her bra off and she just smiled at me and took it off herself.

I had never seen such amazing tits in my life. They must've been D cups. I reached down and grabbed them with my hands and started to massage them. I looked over and saw that Kate was sucking Kevin's dick! Jenny must've noticed this too, because she immediately grabbed my cock and started to run her tongue all over it.

I slowly reached my hands behind her head and guided my hard cock into her mouth. She got about 4 inches in and began to bob her head up and down. She pushed me down on my back and straddle me so she could blow me easier. I was in heaven. I put one hand behind her head and slowly began to push down harder.

I felt my dick go deeper and deeper into her mouth until she began to gag. I kept going until all 8 inches of my hard wet cock were deep in her throat. She looked up at me with her bright green eyes as she forced herself down on my huge cock. I looked over at Kevin, and he was making out with Kate because he already came.

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I knew I was gonna cum soon, so I told Jenny but she just kept bobbing her head up and down. After about a minute she took me balls deep and held me there as I tensed up and shot load after load of warm cum straight into her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum with a smile and began to lick me clean. Then I noticed my watch and saw it was already 2:45 am!

I stood up, zipped my shorts up and told Kevin we had to hurry up to make it home before my parents. I kissed Jenny deeply and told her I would see her again real soon. Me and Kevin put out the fire then raced home, cleaned up the beers, and laid down on the couches, I smiled at Kevin, and he smiled back as we dozed off.