Bauchnabelpiercing bei dicken

Bauchnabelpiercing bei dicken
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I ran to Mark's for his grad party. It's not really all that close, I live pretty far out in the country, but it was close enough to give me some good exercise. I felt I needed it after not really having done anything the past few days. Anyways, I got there, sweating a bit less, and breathing a bit easier than I expected. Hmm, apparently I wasn't terribly out of shape.

The party ran deep into the night, Mark's usually did, though we didn't do much. A little swimming in the pool, a little cards, a little ping pong, just chilling with friends. Ellie was there, this time she played my typical role, quiet, shy, unseen, clearly her mind was occupied with something else.

At one point during the poker game, her and I were the only ones left in a hand. Our eyes locked, I was the first to look away, back at my cards, but I could feel her hold her gaze for a few seconds. It was the only time she noticed me all night. Nervously checking her watch repeatedly throughout the night, Ellie decided at 11:30 it was about time to head home. At the same time she went out the front door, I exited through the back and walked around to watch her from the shadows of his house, not quite sure what I was going to do.

She unlocked the door of her red SunFire, paused for a moment, and stood up outside it. Frantically she looked through her purse. "Shit," I heard her whisper to herself, and she ran back inside. Seeing my opportunity, I ran and climbed into her car.

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Laying on the floor in front of the back seat, I waited. Then a thought hit me, 'fuck, had she left the door open or closed?' I wondered. Too late! I hear Mike's front door open and close and heard her running up to the car. She either didn't notice or I had guessed correctly, because she climbed in without a second thought and began to drive away.

I knew her parents were still gone, but I was not even going to wait for her to get home. The first stop sign she came to, I knew, would be in Mark's development. Since it was so late, there was a good chance there would be no witnesses around. I felt the car slow, then come to a stop. I was lucky, Ellie was usually not such a good driver. Somewhat awkwardly, but fairly quickly I sprung up off the floor, and applied a sleeper hold to her from behind the seat.

A sleeper hold is a technique in which pressure is applied to the carotid arteries on the side of the neck thus limiting the flow of blood to the brain, rendering the person unconscious.

Sleeper holds are far safer than choke holds which block the flow of oxygen, and if not done properly can be fatal. I was no expert, and even my sleeper hold took a little time as I needed to adjust my hands to get the right effect. Again, Ellie did not struggle, though I was careful to stay behind the seat so she couldn't recognize me in the mirror. After she passed out, I moved her into the passenger seat, and buckled her in.

Automatic transmission, thank god, if her car had been a standard I'd have been fucked. I looked both ways and drove off.

I stopped by my house to grab my equipment. I wasn't sure how long she would be unconscious for, so I grabbed my handy bottle of chloroform too, just in case.

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ELLIE I bolted upright and opened my eyes, or at least tried to. I was blindfolded, and tied spread eagle on something fuzzy. I was naked. It would appear that my mystery stalker had struck again. Strangely, these 'kidnappings,' or 'rapes,' or whatever they were didn't bother me that much I'm an only child, so my whole life I'm pretty used to having things handed to me on a silver platter.

Money, toys, a computer, even my car was a gift from my parents. Then boys came along, and they weren't as easy. It was fine by me, not getting any action at first, I was too good for most of them. I knew it wasn't that I was unattractive, though I do fill my jeans out a bit more than I'd like, it's just that no one was good enough to date me.

That sounds bitchy I guess, but it's the truth. Then, three nights ago, being so helpless, having to ask, to beg for what I wanted, only to see that it may or may not be given.

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For once I didn't have to live up to my parents constant praise, my parents great expectations for me. Strange though it sounds, it's oddly comforting not having a say for yourself.

It eliminates your ability to make mistakes, eliminates your fear of failure… Then, this guy, he makes me feel…amazing, I can't describe it. I want so hard to fulfill his every fantasy yet it always seems I come up woefully short. Which of course only makes me try harder for him the next time.

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I want him so bad, and I don't know why. Like my friend Ramona said, he practically raped us, and yet I don't feel violated, I feel freed. I'd never experienced an orgasm before that second night, and definitely not like that.

He could have done anything he wanted with me, and yet he'd restrained himself. I would trust him to do anything he wanted to me. A finger on my clit jarred me out of my inner thoughts, and I raised my head to look even though I knew I couldn't see anything.

He ran the back of his finger from the bottom of my lips up over my clit, then ran back down with the front. Jesus, he knew what he was doing, I was staring to get wet already. He stuck a finger in and I moaned with surprise and satisfaction., another finger followed suit.

I gasped in surprise as a third finger found its way into my vagina, and he began slowly thrusting with all three. I thought it would hurt, Ramona told me the first time a guy couldn't even fit two in hers. Instead it put more pressure on the walls of my pussy, and… "ohhh," I moaned, it felt good. He continued his methodical pace for a few minutes, then stopped suddenly. "No…" I breathed. I heard metal shifting (metal shifting?

My car?) as he must have been moving closer to me. He put one hand on my Mons, and wrapped the other over the lips of my pussy. "Mmmmm," I voiced my satisfaction as he pressed down on my Mons and began moving his hand in circles. This caused my pussy lips and more importantly my clit to shift slightly under his hand. He pressed down harder on my clit with that hand, and I felt that warmth within me, whenever he started to get me horny.

I knew my pussy must be starting to drip as he continued alternating between clockwise and counter clockwise circles. Who knew such subtle rubbing could feel so good? It felt good, and yet I knew that I wasn't 'getting anywhere,' he was teasing me, teasing me terribly.

I groaned and tried to lift my hips so he was putting more pressure on my spot. He noticed what I was doing and lifted his hands. All of a sudden I felt him spread my lips and start blowing lightly on my clit. "Unnhhh," I half moaned half squealed, that was torture.

He slid his index and fore-finger down my lips and back up to the top of my vagina, as he reached the top again, he spread his fingers, and blew on my clit while he held me open.

He continued doing this until I started to cry in pleasurable tortured agony. Finally he withdrew his hands completely and I heard him shifting his body again.

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Some girls like being eaten out, to others, letting another human being touch their body in such a personal way makes them uncomfortable. I screamed, but no noise came out.

I tried to scream because all of a sudden he started sucking on my clit. Normally it takes a very long time to get me horny, and even longer to bring me to climax. Not any more, he was down there seconds and I was dripping. I bit my lower lip, and still screamed, my whole body tensed against the ropes.

He didn't take any time warming me up, he was all over my spot, and I was loving it. Just before I was about to start orgasming, he stopped. Before I could protest, I felt his tongue slide in between my lips, exploring the inside of my vagina. Running laps around the walls, flicking in and out, running up and down my lips, it was a whole new kind of pleasure.

I wanted to smile, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to do something far greater to signify the intense feeling I was having, but couldn't find the way. I felt myself rising close again, and he stopped. I shouted out my frustration, and then felt him kneading my breasts. Well, that would be alright I thought with a smile. He was spreading something on them, I could feel him rubbing a sort of cream into my nipples, then again his hands disappeared.

I felt my nipples growing warmer, and all of a sudden I was more aware of the light breeze that blew through wherever we were. His tongue came down, and I flinched in shock, I could feel his tongue brushing up and down over my right nipple, as he played with the other one, except this time my nipples felt as sensitive as my clit.

I felt something inside me stir again.

I moaned in shock. He was going to make me cum from nipple licking alone!


The beginnings of my orgasm were fast approaching, I started to push my breasts closer to his mouth…when he stopped again. "Argh!" I screamed in frustration. All of a sudden I felt my legs freed. Then my arms, before I could reach up to rip off the blindfold and see my stalker's identity, he had deftly cuffed my hands in front of me and pulled them above my head. I felt him carry me down, I must have been on a blanket on my car, and place me on that same blanket on soft ground.

"Let's do it together," I heard him say, spreading my legs, and holding my arms on the ground above my head. "Whoa, oh, OH, OH, he had thrusted in hard, and resumed licking my breasts at the same time. The feeling was unimaginable as each time he rammed in hard he managed to get some piece of him on my clit, and my breasts, of my breasts, they were on fire with his quick hard licks.

I felt myself rise past the point where I normally would have started. What was happening? It was the warmth of his cum that did it. I thought that first series of orgasms I felt was something, this one, though it was only one was huge, my body tensed and I instinctively thrust my hips into him and held them there.

My face froze, my lips forming an 'o', my body froze, and the pleasure washed over me like a warm wave. I felt like I was floating, being held up only by a warm rod in my pussy.

Slowly the pleasure washed over me and began to recede. Slowly my hips fell back down to the ground, and for the first time I felt his cum oozing out between my lips.


I tried to calm myself with long deep breaths, I raised my arms again to remove the blindfold. They made it an inch before falling exhausted back to the ground. Rather than leave, he laid there by me, on his side, naked. I could feel his cock growing limp against my hip as he lightly traced the contours of my body with his fingers, avoiding all the parts he'd already pleased, take care to softly stroke the others, my cheek, brushing my hair out of my face behind my ear, down the edge of chin to my neck.

He brushed past the side of my breast down my ribs, and I giggled, all the way down to my hip where he finally brought his hand to lay flat, just below my belly button. We lay there for I don't know how long, I kept my arms above my head, giving him free reign of my body while he kissed my cheek, my lips. Eventually he slid his tongue into my mouth, and I felt a tingle as it met with mine.

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For several minutes they danced, his hand lightly caressing my thigh, his body pressing down on top of me, it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before. Finally he pulled away and just laid his head next to mine, his cold nose softly against my cheek. I fell asleep like that, and I vaguely remember him lifting me into the car, driving me home, carrying me through my front door and up the stairs into the bed.

More clearly I remember the peck he gave me on the cheek and the way he softly whispered, "Good Night."