Hot Latin Babe Sucking In Public

Hot Latin Babe Sucking In Public
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Introduction: I am in a polyamorous relationship with a man, that I would love nothing more than to make my husband.

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I have understood his lust for women, since the first day we met. I didn't understand 16 months ago, that he had a woman in his life. She had been there for 8 years, and while they never had a real relationship, she is head over heels in love with him, and refuses to let him go with hopes of one day becoming his wife, and the mother of his children.

Over the last few months she has spent every weekend with us. I live with him, and have for the last 7 months. The last 5 or so months, she comes over every weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. Last night, Lisa dropped a bombshell on the both of us when it was time for her to go home. At 11pm, as usual Seun says "Its getting late, get your things so I can take you home".

She replies smugly "I don't have to go home! I took the day off of work tomorrow". Inside, the anger in me sprung to life.

I'm not sure how evident it was on the outside, but my breathing quickened, and I became increasingly flustered. See, I am patient over the weekend, giving up my bed, and place as his woman and the Queen of our home, to this woman who supposedly has tenure over me. But on Sundays she goes home, and I can go back to douting on the man that I love, being his number one love, Queen of the castle, and all is well with the world.

I'm happy, he's happy.that's all that matters. But this bitch, spent all weekend and didn't say a word about not having to work on Monday, until the last second. I couldn't even hide, the fact I was upset.


I had been working, I finished what I was working on, and promptly said, "I was going to bed, because I have to work in the morning" and retreated to the bedroom, leaving them to decide where and when to sleep. Angry, I turned on the shower, climbed in, silent screamed and cried my frustrations out, when I'd have enough and regained some of my composure. I climbed out out, stepping onto the eggplant colored bathmats, dried off, slapped on some lotion, leopard boy cut panties, burgundy night shorts, a white tank and no bra.

Walked into the bedroom, closed the door tight, and got in bed. A few minutes later, she slunk into the room, with a smile on her face and in her voice, saying "Keep your eyes closed" as she turned on the light. She gathered her things, and went in the shower. Once, I heard the shower come on, I got out of bed, and went into the living room, livid. Telling Seun, how that was sneaky, and that I was upset. He simply smiled at me, told me to calm down, and that I AM supposed to handle these things like he would.

I don't see him upset. So not to be upset. I tried to explain to him, that she purposely did it. He nodded and said I know. But to calm down.

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I took a deep breath, told him ok, and walked away, went and climbed back into the bed. Seun came in the room behind me, again telling me to calm down and roll him a blunt which I did. I rolled, and he reassured me that it was only one more night, and that it would be ok. He sat back in the living room on the sofa, smoking and buck shotting me. After a few minutes, I retreated off to bed, just before the shower turned off.

I laid in bed for a while, pretending to be asleep, but in all my frustration couldn't sleep, as I could hear them talking and laughing in the other room. To force sleep, I ended up reading sex stories, on, masturbating several times before eventually falling asleep.

Around 5 am, he came into the bedroom looking for his arm sling, as he shoulder sprain was still bothering him. I was all over the bed, as I was having a restless sleep. He pulled the covers off me, rubbing my sweet spot through my shorts. He asked me if I had been touching myself. I said, a while ago, not realizing, that a while was 5 hours ago. He said, I heard you, apparently I'd been moaning in my sleep. Again he asked if id seen his sling. I got up to get it out of the closet where I put it.

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As I reached the top of the closet, Seun pulled down my burgundy shorts and panties in one move, whispering in my ear "I want some pussy!" Before diving balls deep, into my pussy.

I held onto the shelf over head, stood on my tip toes, as I stand 4'11" to his tall muscular 6'1", and leaned forward arching my back. He easily slid in and out of my pussy, as I was wet, wanting and ready for him, as always. He fucked me for just about a minute, slid out, pulled up his teal basketball shorts, and exited the bedroom, going straight back to her in the living room with my sweet milky white juices all over his dick.

I got back in bed. I could hear them talking in the living room. I was horny, but knew that I probably wouldn't be getting anymore sex this morning, and with my first alarm getting ready to sound in 43 minutes, there was no use.

So, I went back to and began reading another story. I finished two more before I could cum hard enough to put me to sleep.

But it even then, it wasn't a deep sleep. Just light enough for me, to be completely aware that she was in the living room, licking my juices, off his dick. Shortly after 6am, he came into the bedroom in just a towel. I was half awake, he pulled the covers back, climbed in our bed and said again "I want some pussy". Without a word I rolled over onto my back, lifting up allowing him to pull off my shorts and underwear again. He pulled the covers over the top of us and slowly entered me.

He silently made love to me, taking his time, kissing me, holding me, giving me everything that I needed, that I didn't get through the night. The room was hot, he was sweating, I was sweating, but didn't care.

He pulled all 8" of thick cock out and entered my ass. The head popped in easily, followed by his shaft, as he'd groomed me to enjoy ass fucking even more than conventional sex.

Still taking his time Seun, buried all of himself in my ass. It only took a few long, deep strokes, before I clamped down on him with my anal muscles as wave after wave of orgasm, shook my entire body. Careful, not to make a sound, with fear of "waking" her in the next room, I bit down and swallowed my moans. Which only made the orgasm more intense, and longer. He slid out of me and laid on his side next to me. On the way down from my orgasm, I rolled over onto my side and put my hand on his broad smooth chest.

I ran my fingers across his skin, to his broad shoulders and around his pecks. Then I moved in closer to him, and just breathed in his scent. For a moment, everything stopped and we just were. Seun, then motioned for me to roll on my side with his hand, I gladly obliged. Once on my side, I arched my backside into his crotch, pulled my wet cheeks apart, and he entered my pussy from behind. Slow strokes. He stopped and dozed off slightly, hard and still in me.

I could hear light snores, and deep breathing from behind me. I turned slightly, draping my top leg over him, giving access to my clit. Coated my fingers in the juices seeping out of my kitty, and around his dick, and began rubbing my clit. I contracted my stomach muscles, holding tight while I rubbed my most sensitive spot.

I began to squirt on his dick, a slow trickle. He felt it, and stopped me from making a mess, removing my hand and his dick from my pussy, he inserted three fingers into me, then fed them to me, again and again and again. I tasted sweet, with the hint of salty urine.

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The room smelled of a combination of sweat, pussy, ass and urine. There was no doubt that we'd been making love, in our fashion.

Eventually, he woke all the up, and stuck his cock my ass again. This time my ass was less forgiving, as it had begun to retract. After a few moments, he pulled out stuck it in my pussy one last time, then playfully slapped me on the ass and told me to go get ready for work. I got off the bed, and begun my usual preparations, towel, hair brush, shower scarf.etc.

he mumbled something about letting her use my car to go get donuts.

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I said ok. But he asked me to come clean his dick first. Never one to tell him no, I happily obliged and laid on the bed on my stomach, with my feet dangling over the edge, and began to clean his dick with my tongue. He was still on his side, his dick hard and in my face.

I asked him to lay on his back, so I could get a better angle on it, and I went to work, swallowing him with an open mouth, closing my lips at the base of his shaft, sucking on the way to the tip, allowing him to rub against my hard and soft palette on the way out. Repeating, until he began to moan. After a few minutes, I stopped knowing, I needed to shower and get ready for work.


I climbed out of bed, and headed to the bathroom, with all of my accoutrements in tow. I showered, then came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around me. Dropping the towel on the bed, I opened the armoire, and began to pump lotion onto my hand.

I began rubbing the lotion into my arms, when he got up, came around the bed to the food, and repeated "I want your pussy.". He then bent me over the foot of the bed, parted my legs, and began fucking me hard from behind. With his hand on my hips, he guided me back onto his penis. He was rock hard, and bouncing me on his dick like a rag doll.

Telling me in a harsh whisper, "Shut up! Don't make any noise, or I'll take it out!" Then suddenly, he withdrew, walked back around to his side of the bed, and laid back down in the same position from before. I remained at the foot of the bed, on all fours, with a smile on my face, disbelief registering that he was going to tease me in this way. I drew the towel back around me, quietly slipped into the hallway and to the bathroom to clean myself up again, bringing back a warm soapy rag, to clean my pussy off his dick.

Once he was clean, I pulled the covers back over him.

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Kissed him softly in his neck, then chest, slid off the bed and finished lotioning my skin. Once I was finished, stark naked I began to walk out of the bedroom, when he called me back, reminding me that she was in the living room. I wrapped my towel around me, and as quietly as possible went into the bathroom, brushed out my hair, and pulled out my clothes for the day, light pink g-string, light pink padded 36DD bra, white cami, white fitted t-shirt, light blue mom waist skinny jeans.

I began to put on my panties, when he stopped me, and said "I want some more pussy", I smiled, but the look on his face was serious. It said, I'm not playing with you this time. I laid back down on the bed, he hooked his arm around my back, and pulled me towards his hard on.

I settled in the middle of the bed, with mounds of pillows on each side of my head. he spread my legs, scooped them over his forearms, and began plowing in and out of my now sore vagina. A sweet moan, escaped my lips I came nearer to my second orgasm of the morning. he whispered in my ear, "Shut Up, or I'll Take it Out!" I immediately shut my mouth, swallowing the next moan. With every thrust his breathing quickened, until I could feel him swelling inside me.

I could feel his dick pulsating in me, every time he paused for a moment. As his pace quickened, he leaned over, and whispered again in my ear "I want you to make my life beautiful! Do you hear me?!" "yes, Sir" I whispered in his ear, lightly grazing my hands across his skin "And tighten up my body!

I want to feel muscle when I touch you. You need to be the perfect addition to my life.

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Now drink all of daddys milk!" He pulled out quickly, ropes of opal colored semen sprung out landing on his hand and the dark grey Calvin Klein sheets. I scrambled to my knees to catch the rest, licking his salty sweet sperm still spurting from his dick. I swallowed, what was caressing my tastebuds, then took his entire dick in my mouth, swallowing again.

He laid back on the bed spent. I jumped up grabbed my towel, cleaning the bed, and then wiping him down. I quickly and quietly retreated to the bathroom to clean myself yet again, bringing back a warm soapy rag to clean him up.

I pulled back the covers, his manhood half cocked was slowly losing steam. With the gentleness of a mother with a baby, I cleaned him up. Leaned over and kissed him in his neck. The same spot I always kiss, deep in his nape. I looked at him, in his eyes, smiled.

then slipped into my pale pink g-sting and bra. He lay there watching me get dressed, half in and out of sleep.

As quietly as possible. I slipped back into the bedroom, fixed my hair, lunch, and gathered my belongings, hoping not to wake her in the living room. I knew she wasn't alseep, but if she was pretending, then so would I. Before walking out the door, I slipped back in the bedroom of OUR apt, kissed him on the neck and then hurried past her asleep on the couch and out the front door.