Tranny amateur facialized after anal pounding

Tranny amateur facialized after anal pounding
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Meanwhile, Adam and Yolanda had more to drink and contemplated the end of the orgy. They must have finally lost all resistance, because Yolanda led Adam to the table, and studied the remaining toys. She had kept her panties and matching bra on, and now slowly removed them.

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They were lacy, very feminine looking, and the bra was push up, to enhance her smallish, but rounded breasts. She let Adam unhook the bra and release her breasts.

They did not bounce or fall, but were perky at this point in time, no doubt caused by the erotic scene and the drug induced state of relaxation. He laid the bra aside, and hooked his thumbs into the top of her panties, and slowly lowered them to the floor, where she stepped out of them. She did the same with his boxers, and they prepared to become part of the array of appendages and people reflected from the ceiling mirrors.

Yolanda went to the rack of lingerie and helped herself to a red, laced teddy. She was not comfortable being completely naked in front of these people, and slipped the silky nighty over her head and let it fall to rest on her shoulders, the hem coming down and covering her backside by a few inches. Adam helped Yolanda take a standard dildo, with straps, and get into it.

She put nothing inside her, but let Adam decide what to do there.


She was willing to go this far, but not get crazy with it. Adam lubed the small penis and walked her to Gerald and the waiting line of buried and varied dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. When the timer signaled her, she timidly held the dildo in her hand and aimed it at Gerald's moving target.

She could not find the right spot. Adam helped her time it, and she got just out of reach of Gerald's back hole. As he made his thrusts with the group, she inched closer, until Gerald was doing the work himself.

Adam got behind her, placed his arms around her, cupped her breasts, and nibbled her neck, just where she liked it. He got the response he expected, she curved her back to him and thrust her pelvis forward. When she did, the penis was easily inserted into Gerald and she was connected.

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Adam moved her forward a little more, and told her to wait right there. Adam eyed the underwear Yolanda had discarded.

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He picked up the panties and felt their smooth material. He wondered what it would feel like against his cock. He decided to put them on. What the heck? He was already doing things he had never thought about, and had helped Yolanda get into position in a gang-bang, and assisted her in butt—fucking another guy. What was wearing a little of her clothing going to matter? He loved the feel of the panties against his buttocks and against his penis.

He looked at the bra also. He had nothing to help with that, and discarded the idea for the moment.

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Adam remembered seeing something strange hanging in the back of the lingerie rack. He returned there, and found a pair of breast prosthesis. It had two straps for his arms, and he slid them through.

The contraption held up a pair of breasts the size of Pamela Anderson, which is considerable. He hefted them and let them fall. They moved just like the real thing. The fake chest covered his own and gave him the appearance of a woman, in profile.

The weighted boobs felt good, and he decided to keep them on. Again, what the heck? He retrieved the discarded bra and tried to put it on. It did not fit. Yolanda did not have a big enough front porch. He quickly scanned the other garments the women had taken off, and found one that looked like it would fit. He flipped it around his belly and fastened it; he twisted it around until the cups were in front.

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He put his arms through the straps, and eased the cups over his new form. He liked it, more than he cared to admit. He felt the bra and the soft, life-like orbs underneath.

He was as turned on as he had ever been. He knew he was running out of time. Yolanda was waiting for him, but not looking for him yet.

She was still getting used to the uncommon setting and position she was in. Adam decided he had time for one more, quick glance at the lingerie rack.

He found a pair of black, garter-less hose, and quickly put them on. He was delighted at the feel of the hosiery against his legs. They were held up by an elastic band around his waist, and stretchy lace material that ran down to the hose, holding them in place at mid-thigh. He also grabbed a silk nightgown and slipped it over his head, struggling to make it go over the bullet-like protrusions from his chest. The hem of the gown came to the top of the hose.

He hefted his breasts, smoothed the gown, hitched up his hose and decided it was time to get moving. He glanced upwards and saw the mirrored reflection of himself.


He needed more hair to complete the outfit, but was out of time. He was the last in line, and everyone was waiting for him to tether himself. He went back to the table of goodies and got a small butt plug for himself and a smaller, thinner one for Yolanda, lubricating them before leaving the table.

He returned quickly, not waiting for the timer, not wanting to leave Yolanda alone any longer. Not that she was exactly alone, you understand. He moved to her firm backside, and applied gentle pressure to her shoulders, rubbing and massaging her neck. Again, she responded as he thought she would, and leaned in towards Gerald. She pushed the protruding penis farther into Gerald and laid her forearms on his back.

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Her buttocks could be seen contracting as she gently rocked and thrust into him. Adam reached behind and pulled down the elastic of the panties he was wearing, and inserted the butt plug into his own ass, feeling its base against his buttocks.

He let the panties snap back into place. The feeling was euphoric. He then pulled the panties aside in the front, and freed his penis; he was ready to guide his dick into Yolanda's wet and waiting pussy. The foreplay had done the trick. She was ready for Adam to mount her. He inserted two fingers into her vagina and moved them in and out, stretching her inner walls and parting her outer and inner lips.

Before he removed his hand completely, he massaged her anus, lightly, and inserted one finger about two inches. She hardly noticed the intrusion to her backside, there were so many other new feelings she was experiencing.

Adam pulled the bottom of Yolanda's gown up, and then placed the head of his penis through her thrusting and moving pussy lips, and into the velvet canyon between her legs. The last link in the chain was completed. The chain began to move again as one. They all missed the sounding of the last, meaningless, timer.

They could now get down to serious fucking business. Adam continued to massage Yolanda, and she went into oblivion. She had never been so excited and aroused. Adam took the last toy, the small butt plug, and slowly inserted it into Yolanda's hole.

It went in so easily, she turned and whispered, "what was that?" She glanced at him and thought it must be someone else. The person who had just inserted a sex organ into her pussy had large breasts, wore a nightgown, had on panties that looked like the ones she had taken off minutes ago, and was wearing hosiery. It could not be her Adam. Oh, but it was not her Adam; she was right. It was another Adam, who had awakened from his sexual boredom and entered a new realm of existence.


Adam just smiled and continued to rub her and pump her, and cup her breasts, and ride her. She lifted herself from Gerald, and felt the pressure of breasts against her back. She looked at Adam again, and said, "What in the world have you got on?" Adam replied, "I'm just having a good time, dear. Let's enjoy the fun and see what happens. By the way, why didn't you tell me that hose felt so good on your legs?" I might have done this sooner, he thought to himself.

The nightgown Adam was wearing swished and swayed against Yolanda's back, where her own gown had risen and left uncovered, and across his own belly.

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The feeling of the hose against his legs and Yolanda was terrific. The silky material kept stretching and returning to position against him, as he moved with the team ahead of him. He did not need anyone pumping him to add to his pleasure; he was doing alright like he was.

Yolanda's asshole moved the skin of his penis up and down, starting the physical processes at work in his body, generating the fluid that would signal his climax.

He could feel his testicles clench and get tighter the longer he kept pumping in and out of Yolanda. He just knew it was going to be a gigantic finish. The feel of the breasts swaying and moving the lingerie against him was indescribable. He never dreamed he would wear a pair of panties, much less put on hose, wear a silky, flimsy, nightgown; and not to mention have breasts of enormous proportions. This was certainly a night to remember for him, and most everyone else.