Hung and horny Aspen Brooks tops a straight male hot shemale sex

Hung and horny Aspen Brooks tops a straight male hot shemale sex
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When I was a freshman I went on a class trip. I knew it was going to be a blast, but looking back, I never thought it'd be a blast like it was I had recently broken up with my girlfriend a month ago but I was somewhat happy to be single again. I was pretty tall for my age and muscular for that matter.

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Girls seemed to love my muscles. There were a lot of girls though that wanted to get in my pants also but I held off until the trip.

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It was a long drive from Canada to new jersey where we were going to stay. The bus ride was about 10 hours long but it didnt turn out so bad.

I was sitting about 3 rows ahead of my upperclassman friends I the same charter bus as me. I got a text from my friend Ahsley, who was a senior and very attractive. She wanted me to come and sit by her and I couldn't say no to her! She was hot!


She had dark black hair and her boobs were about 32 CC and them bitches were nice. She wore a very low cut shirt that was too big for her but with a tank top under it with a mini skirt that barely covered her butt. But standing at 6 feet tall as a freshman gave me a pretty good view of all the girls tits without them knowing.


So then I decided to go sit by her. We talked for a bit and had fun. But then her friend Miranda that was sitting next to her came back to her seat after gossiping with another person. She came back and asked if she could sit with us and we said we didn't care but there wasn't much room.

Then what she said caught me totally off guard. " Oh it's okay I'll just sit on his lap!" Miranda said happily.

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Then she started to climb onto my lap and made herself comfy while she leaned on my chest and was on her iPhone on twitter and Facebook. I couldn't help but get a boner by sitting next to a hot senior and a sexy junior. It was almost too much to handle. Me Miranda and Ashley were the only ones on the bus that were awake still.

Miranda was still sitting on my lap and surprisingly I still had the boner. Miranda moved to change spots when her hand shot down to my pants and felt my hard dick in my pants and she looked at me with a sexy smile and i knew that she could tell I was hard. Back then there were a lot of roumors that I had the biggest dick in the school, which were true.

Miranda then asked me if that was a boner and I quickly denied but she could tell it was a lie. She must have heard the roumors because she then started to rub at my boner.

Then she stood up in front of me and bent over and took off my pants and underwear in one swift movement. Then she spread my legs apart and kneeled down and admired my hard cock.

Her expression was in awe as she looked at it. I couldn't help but notice that Ashley was staring at it also. I was in heaven. Miranda was mistified by how big it was. She put her tiny hand around it and it sent a jolt of excitement through my body. Her touch was electrifying. "I'v never seen a dick this big or hard before!" she said as she started to rub her hand up it.

She then started to lick my shaft from the base to the top and it felt extremely good. Then she put it in her mouth and started to bob up and down on my cock.

I looked over at Ashley who looked somewhat jealous.

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So i had to make her happy too somehow then an idea popped in my head. I leaned over and pulled her skirt off and to my suprise I found that she didn't have any panties on under her skirt! I then took her shirt off and pulled her tanktop down. Then I uncoupled her bra and her nice tits came into view. They only sagged a bit from how big they are but I didn't care.

While Miranda worked on my cock I worked on Ashley. Miranda's blowjob felt Amazing and lucky that my cock got to be in her mouth.

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I leaned over to Ashley and I grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss and we stayed like that for about 30 seconds making out then she pulled away.

"I want you to make me cum" she whispered in my ear. And of course I couldn't say no to that. I put my arm around her and fondled her boob in my left hand while my right hand went to her nicely shaved pussy to find she was already wet. I started to rub on her clit and she started to make a soft moaning noise.

I kept to that for a while and when she wasn't ready I slipped my finger in there and she gasped very loudly. I kept moving my finger in and out and I picked up the pace until she was clutching the arm rests. "Oh man Im gonna cummmmm!


Yesssss babyyyyy!" she said as she started to cum. Her pussy juices floded onto my hand and I cought some on my hand and I slurped it up.

While I let her rest I brought my attention back to Miranda who was working on my dick still. I can tell she had done it before but I didn't really care because of how good it felt.

She then stuck all 8 inches of my cock into her mouth and I felt like Cumming right then and there. She took it out and started again. "I want to taste ur sweet cum in my mouth" she said in a seductive tone. " Ok whatever u say babe!" I said.

She then started to work again and I couldnt hold out much longer. " Miranda I'm gonna cum!!" I said as I shot my hot creamy cum into her mouth. I could feel it was a big load but she swallowed it all at once. She then lifted her head up and gave me a grin and a wink.

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I felt pretty amazed at her talent after that. Then the girls changed spots. Ashley moved down and started to feel my cock and was amazed by it. I looked at Miranda who had her skirt down and her shirt off. She had taken her bra off also.

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She had smaller boobs than Ashley but they were still a good size. She said they were a 38 B. Her boobs were firm and very perky. I did the same to her as I did to Ashley. She came a lot quicker than Ashley because she must of been rubbing herself off while she blew me. Her pussy felt very tight but not as tight as Ashley's. Then to put a twist on things Miranda reclined my chair and put her pussy by my face.

She wanted to be eaten out. I quickly agreed. I started just by licking her lips. Her juices tasted so good in my mouth. I put my tung in and went as fast as I could and after a while of that she came and I wouldn't let a drop of this sweet goodness go to waste.

She then complimented me on how good I was at that. I then turned back to Ashley who was going at my cock like a hungry wolf. After a while she wanted me to cum on her face. So I did. She got at least 4 good shots of cum on her face and boobs.

She then looked at it and wiped it up into her mouth. I had to rest a while after that but then Ashley went to Miranda and started to eat her out after I did. I sat there mystified by it all. It was simply amazing. While Miranda was grabbing her boob with one hand she gave me a handjob while I sat there it took a while for me to cum but both girls kneeled there while they kept stroking away.

I finally came and I made sure to get their faces and I did. We all sat there fully naked for the rest of the ride while they took turns feeling my cock and while I grabbed their tits and rubbed their smooth pussys. " I can't wait tell we get to fuck you!" Miranda said calmly as she winked at me. " Well you won't have to wait very long for that" I said and they both were instantly happier.