Dee loves to swallow cum in the Bronx

Dee loves to swallow cum in the Bronx
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I giggled as I read the email she had sent me.

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"She" being the girl I had been emailing and talking to online for the past six months. I was nineteen, and had a girlfriend already, but it just felt. Well, I can't explain how it felt, to talk about sex and what I wanted to do to this other girl to her face. I don't mean that literaly, because I'm talking to her online, and therefore it's not her face… Oh, forget it, you understand.

Hell, I guess I don't even know if she IS a girl, but it's a great thing to fantasize about when I lay in bed at night. My girl is always working late, and when she gets home is usually tired, meaning she doesn't touch me much. That's why I flirt all the time online, and "cyber" with others. I know if I got caught I'd be out on the street. Face first.

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Guess I should tell you a little more about myself. As I already said, I'm nineteen. I live in Alaska, with my girl. My dad kicked me out when I decided to "come out" to him, but that was about a year ago.


I really do love my girlfriend, but she's hardly ever around. I have blondish hair, kind of dark. I stand a mighty five feet and four inches tall. Fear me! I believe I weigh about one hundred and one, though I'm not sure. My girl is always trying to tell me to eat when she's able. I was about to close my recent email when I heard a slight gasp. I swung around in shock, thinking my girlfriend had gotten home and read it while I was daydreaming. Instead, I found her looking at the mess I had left recently on the counter.

Wow, pretty close.

I hurriedly closed the email and stood up, talking fast trying to apologize. I hated the way I was always stumbling over my words, but she thought it was cute. She giggled. "It's okay, hunni. Just clean it up, huh? Wow, I'm beat, I think I'm going to lay down for a bit," she said, walking towards me and planting a kiss on my lips.

I smiled at her, still slightly rattled. Lightly smacking her ass I agreed. "Aight. I'll st-start c-cleaning up. Sweet d-dreams." "You know I'll be dreaming of YOU!" she grinned. I felt a familiar pang in my chest at the thought of what I was doing behind her back.

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She headed into our bedroom while I washed my dishes and wiped down the counter. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I smiled and stared. I was now on the computer, watching "her" (Andrea) masturbate. She looked so sexy, her hand rubbing her clit roughly as she reached across the counter and slammed the butt end of a beer bottle into what looked like her very moist hole.

She moaned, and I moaned. I couldn't help it, but I knew we couldn't be doing this, and when she came, she came screaming. "F-Fuck!" I whispered, turning down the volume.

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God she was loud. Though I bet her pussy felt so good with that big bottle pumping in and out… God, I wanted to rip off my pants right there, but knew if I made noise I was dead. I exited the webcam, said thanks, and told her goodnight. She smiled and said goodbye I headed into bed, where my baby was already sleeping. She had came out earlier to get some dinner and went back to sleep. Stripping down, I stared at her beautiful face, her hair lightly laying across her closed eyes.

She was smiling. About to crawl up next to her, my phone rang. I jumped, and quickly answered, hoping I hadn't awoken her. When I heard whose voice it was, I walked quickly out of the room. "Hi, sexy." she giggled, "What're you up to?" "N-n-nothing really." was my reply. Pretty stupid, I agree, but I needed to talk to her.


"Listen," I said, "I need to stop talking to you. I've got too much to lose if I get caught, and I'm in love with my girl so I'm not going to risk losing her." "Then why the fuck did you ever talk to me?" she sighed, angrily. "Make up your mind already!" I frowned. "I'm letting you know I have made up my mind. I can't do this anymore!" I clicked my phone shut and walked slowly into bed, wrapping my arms around my girl.

I gently kissed her neck, knowing I'd done the right thing, for once. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next morning I woke up and made breakfast, Belgium waffles topped with whipped cream for my girl. She walked in as I was just finishing up. She saw what I had been doing, and a huge smile grew on her face.

God, I loved her so much! She walked over and kissed me, and I felt a stirring between my legs when I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I pulled away. "Morning, b-baby" I let out, kissing her again. She walked over and sat down at the table, as I gently set her food in front of her. "I love you soooo much!" she squealed. "You're so wonderful!" "Th-thanks, but I'm n-not that p-perfect." "Well, you are to me sweetie!" She took a bite.

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When she finished eating she stood up, again kissing me on the mouth, her arms wrapped around me, hands resting on my ass. I moaned into her mouth.

"H-have a g-good day, hunni," I whispered as she pulled her tongue out of my mouth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When my girl came home for lunch, I jumped off the computer and gave her a hug, smiling. "Hey, b-babe." "Hi! I love you!" She squealed. "I l-love you t-too." "Whatcha make me for lunch?" She laughed, her hand running down my back, slapping my ass lightly.

I knew she was joking so I smiled at her. "W-what do y-you w-want?" "Whatever is easiest for you, baby doll." I walked into the kitchen, trying to decide what to make her.

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"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" I heard a scream. SHIT! I had left my damn MSN open and she had probably read my email. I stumbled back into the room, cursing to myself. "N-nothing I s-swear!" "Sure doesn't fucking look like nothing." "I s-swear I s-stopped t-that a l-long time a g-go!" I whimpered.

"I can't believe you ever did it! You fucking cheated on me!" "N-n-n-no! I l-love y-you I s-swear I'll n-never d-do it again!" "What you expect me to just fucking let this go, give you a hug and tell you everything's alright!?" she raged. I couldn't help it, I felt the tears come. I had gotten myself into this, I hoped I could get myself out. I looked at her and saw the pain she was feeling. "How could you do this to me?" she whispered, voice filled with emotion.

"I did everything for you. What did I do wrong?" "N-no… N-no, p-please d-don't hate m-me! You d-didn't do anything w-wrong… I swear I ended it w-with h-her a l-long time ago!" Another lie.

I had ended it last night not a long time ago. She stared at me. All of a sudden, she looked… calm. "I'll give you one chance. You have to make this up to me.

Now." "I'll d-do anything! P-please…" I could hear myself babbling. She grinned… and it scared me, the look she had on her face. I had never seen it in the year me and her had been together. "Fine…" she said slowly.

"You're going to do WHATEVER I tell you to do.


I'm going to call in sick, you stay right there, bitch." I cringed. She walked into the living room, and I ignored my urge to follow her. She walked back in the room, after calling her boss and having an argument with him. He was a selfish bastard and had never let her have time off. She had somehow managed to make him let her stay home for the next three days. "I-I'm s-sorry-" I started to whimper.

She smacked me across the face. I never saw it coming. God, it hurt so bad. I was shocked. SHOCKED. She just SLAPPED me. "Shut the fuck up," she snapped.

Needless to say, I shut up, face burning in embarrassment. She told me to run the shower. "W-what?" I asked, wondering if I had heard wrong. "Don't you EVER fucking question me again you dumb fucking bitch. I said go run a fucking shower, so you better do it before I kick your ass.

She stood about a foot taller then me. I just nodded meekly and walked into the bathroom. God, I was scared. I hated to think what she was going to do to me. Part two to come if this wasn't too horrible. Promise there will be sex in the next one, if there is a next. This is just a teaser.