Riding my daddys cock on the couch

Riding my daddys cock on the couch
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i apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of this story. although i hope it isn't, i'm sure it's cliche. i sometimes feel awkward writing things like this, but my girlfriend thought it exciting to post something for the world to read. although i have marked this as a true story, i will leave that up to your own imaginations whether it is or not.

i had joined a few porn groups back in the old webtv days, which opened the door to this possibility, being able to talk to locals who shared pics and clips and stories.

a lot of the stories were gang bang stories. so i friended many of the writers, and began to talk with them about setting up something real. i met a few of them at bars and cafes, and got to know them and to gain some trust. i spoke with several guys, but only felt okay with three of them.

we talked about how we would go about the hotel arrangements and what was to be done with her. the main thing i emphasized was not to treat her like a whore, no anal and that each of them on their turns were "to fuck her in a non-stop pounding motion" until they came. there was a festival that went on every year in the next town, so i made reservations at a hotel for two connecting rooms. of course i didn't tell her about the second room.

the plan was to get her hot and enticed, and then, when she was horned up enough, i would give a signal for them to come in and do their thing. i told them that they should be hard and ready when they came in. i wanted them to simply mount her and start fucking her little pussy. they liked the idea. one asked about doing her a second or even third time. i told him that was something i was hoping for as well the more the better.

i wanted her fucked as much as possible, for as long as possible, and hopefully through the whole night for as much as her little pussy could handle it. they REALLY liked the idea. even though the festival was a two day event, we got the room for three days. knowing that the final night might be a party night, we would want to rest up the third day.

i knew the party was going to be about fucking her all night. the second and final night, we were partying and hitting the pubs until eleven. when we got back to the hotel, i made sure the guys knew we were back in the room. we showered and started our foreplay and our fantasy talk. she had gotten all sorts of wet and ready. knowing what was going to cum, i couldn't hold back, but decided to go ahead and fuck her. i had originally thought to just get her wet and ready, and watch as the guys come in and fucked her.

we kissed deeply as i finger-banged her with two fingers. she bucked her pelvis up into my hand, moaning and whining, and demanding my cock when her lips broke free from mine. i told her to tell me a fantasy. she told me she would love to be laid out on a bed, a man on either side of her, fondling, licking and kissing her, a cock in each hand, as a third fucked her.

she told me about how they would take turns, each ramming their hard, throbbing cocks in her tight little pussy. this was making my cock rock fucking hard, sex-crazed and burning hot. that was it! i had to get up on her!


climbing up on her, i slid my cock only head deep inside the hot wetness of her pussy. i could feel it throbbing, tightening up and quivering in anticipation. i loved that about fucking her. i slid up all the way inside her, she tensed up, wrapping her arms and legs around me, letting out a whimpering "ah!" before i started to pump my cock up in and out of her, almost immediately, she exploded in an orgasmic flood, whining me, breathlessly, "i love you!" i began fucking her, telling her, "i would love watch that happen, to see you wet and ready to go like you are now, and three guys would walk into the room, the first mounting you without a word and fucking you, without any foreplay, hard and deep!

i would love to see them to do just that," i continued, "to just straight fuck you and blow their hot loads deep inside you!" telling her this, i didn't have to do much to convince her for the night's exploits. she was already good to go. she bucked up at me as we talked back and forth, building scenarios around this fantasy. as she came to another orgasm i whispered into her ear, in a more serious than sensual tone, "i would really love that to happen to you." "oh, yeah, baby,please!" she said, "yes baby, let it happen!" i started thrusting harder, turned on by what was going to cum i was going to cum!

every couple of thrusts she let out an "ooh!" with the tone of a child about to be punished, a whimpering "oooooh!" as i was coming to the end of the line, i lifted up from her, looking down at her as i thrust even harder, and asked, "would you really want me to let other guys fuck you?" she was looking up at me, the expression on her face looking as if she were going to cry.

she nodded "yes" saying, "mhmm! mhmm! yes, baby!" "good," i said, "i really want to watch some heavy cocks pound your tight little pussy!" pumping a few moments more, i let out an aggressive "ahahahaAAARRRRRRGH!" and blew my hot load deep inside her! i felt myself squirting again and again inside her. cumming at the same time, she said, "OH! gawd, i love feeling you cum inside my pussy!" i pumped in a few more shots, slowed down, relaxed and dropped on top of her, kissing her neck.

"i would really love it if several men fucked me," she said, "but only as long as you were really okay with it." the guys heard us fucking, listening at the door to what was being said. after they heard us cumming together, one of them poked his head in, and asked if it was his turn yet. my girl was startled by this sudden voice in the room. i looked at her, smiled and kissed her deeply as i rolled off to her side, making way for the next guy.

"what's this?" she asked nervously and yet excited at the same time. i said, "this is what we were talking about." all three of them walked in, hard and huge. the first one, who peaked his head in, had at least an eight inch cock, though no thicker than mine, really. i was surprised at its length. the second was about my size, and the last one was thick, real thick, and also about the same length as mine.

and so it was happening. the first climbed onto the bed and crawled right up on her, kissing her all the way up her body, from her anckles to her thighs, her belly, her breasts and neck. her neck, and on and behind her ears, were hot zones for her. simultaneously, as he slid up her with sensual kisses, he slid his long, skinny, cock inside her. his was about two inches longer than mine, which turned me on even more. i'm not bothered by bigger or longer cocks.

he slid in all the way inside her. i never knew how deep she really was! when he reached a certain depth inside her, though not all the way in yet, her eyes opened wide, her mouth strained into the shape of an "0" as she let out an elongated "ooooooh!" which ended in an "oooowOW!" her legs went straight out and tried to close instinctively as she pushed back at him, grabbing his hips, trying to stop him from entering her any further.

i whispered into her ear, asking if it was too big, if it was hurting too much. "oh gawd, no! it hurts nicely!" she answered. i began to get hard again, thinking that other than myself and her babysitter's boyfriend when she was twelve, this is the only and biggest cock she's ever had! even though her babysitter's boyfriend may have seemed big to her small virgin frame, him being in his twenties.

but all that is another story, which i read in her diaries.

the other two guys were sitting on the bed, one at the foot, watching his friend penetrate her as he stroked himself. the other was lying on the other side of her, watching what was going on. his mouth seemed to get dry and he was licking his lips and swallowing hard. he was entranced. i told him it was okay to touch her, that she was an open playing field, and that he could present his cock to her for a good suck which he was eager to do.

the first was gently sliding his long cock up into her as far as he could.


and even though he was being gentle with her, every time he would get towards the bottom of his shaft, she would tense up, her thighs would try to close as her legs would go straight and she would push back at him indicating that he was going too deep. but it didn't stop him, he would hit rock bottom. she inhaled deeply and then let out a heavy exhale with an "oh~oo~ah!" looking at me with a nervous smile, she told me, "i can feel him hitting something inside me!

gawd! this feels so fucking good!" he later told me that he could tell no one has been that deep inside her before. i could feel his head running along the inner walls as he went deeper inside her. "you're very fucking tight!" he said, "it feels like i'm stretching out a new glove the deeper i go and hit the bottom of your love cave!" he took his time with her.

after about ten minutes, she was beginning to relax a little and started sucking the one guy's cock. i sat up against the head board just above her head, crossing my legs and letting her rest her head on my lap. i told the third to come on up.

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they were both on either side of her and she was switching off on their cocks, the first then positioned himself upright, changing his angle and allowing her to be more open. they were able to fondle her, rub her inner thighs and play with her clit. after fucking her for several minutes, he then stopped when he was all the way up inside her and stopped there.

it blocked the other guys from playing with her clit, but he began grinding his pelvis into her clit anyways, causing her to grind back at him. he poked and rubbed her cervix with his cock's head deep inside her. whenever his grinding was pushing forward and deep inside her, she would tremble, her breathing quivered in a low groan. looking down a woman's body as she fucks on her back is my favorite view. i enjoyed watching him grind her, to hear her wavering little groans and to feel her trembling on my lap.

i reached down and started to fondle her tits. her moaning and groaning were sensual and beautiful to listen to. it made me wish my cock was long like his. so i decided to get a long skinny dildo for her to play with. when he changed his angle again, the two on either side of her were able to rub her inner thighs and massage her clit again. it was hot to watch her with a cock in each hand, a hard, long cock thrusting hard into her as the other two fondled her and played with her clit, making her buck and gyrate.

as the first began to pull out his head and plunge it back in, he slammed it into her hard and got harder with each go! the two on her sides were taking turns at her clit, massaging it harder and faster. she quit sucking the cocks, and instead stroked them, letting out an "ah!" with each slamming thrust!

at first he was letting out a heavy exhale with an "uuh!" every time he slam-thrusted his cock inside her. but as he quickened his pace, it was with every other slamming thrust, and she was matching his every sound with her own moans and groans! he was pounding that pussy hard and deep for several more minutes! she was making noise with every thrust of his cock until, at one point, no sound came out of her! her eyes were low as if drunk and her mouth gaped open like a dullard as she seemed at a loss for sound her throat looking as if it were straining to make noise.

cream was sloshing up from her pussy, a mixture of my load and her cum as she was cumming again and again. she was having a continuous orgasm as he slammed her little pussy and her clit was simultaneously being played with! he began grunting as he pounded her, getting louder to almost yelling out! "my gawd!" he grunted, "she is so fucking tight in there!" they were both getting louder, grunting and groaning together in rhythm until one final slam, and she let out a loud "OOOH!" as he grunted and growled like a beast!

she began breathing heavy, almost panting. he pulled back a little and slam it inside her again, giving her another shot of his fuck juice, and she would let out a little whimper each time. through the white froth you could see fresh jizz piling out of her pussy as he kept giving her little thrusts and more shots. finally, finishing up, she was shaking as he pulled out and more juice poured out of her fuck tunnel and drained onto the bed.

after the first pulled out and rolled off her, she reached over and grabbed a t-shirt to clean herself. the second one in line, whose cock was about the same size as mine, got between her legs, grabbed them behind the knees and lifted them up to her chest. he started rubbing his cock's head on her slit, bumping it into her clit. she started rocking her pelvis to play with his cock's rubbing and bumping. the third leaned forward, making his cock a prominent figure in her view, and she took it in her mouth as he grabbed the back of her head and started pushing his cock deep into her mouth, stretching it out!

he was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, which tapered down as he pulled out, his cock head being smaller than his shaft in width. the second then lowered her legs a bit and rammed his cock inside her pussy. she removed the cock from her mouth and yelped out a whiny "ooh!" and wrapping her lips around it again, she grunted with each thrust with that huge cock in her mouth.

in the position and angle they were in, i was able to reach down and massage her clit which made her groan and gyrate and buck even more. her pussy was sloshy again from the remaining jizz that was up inside her. i kept rubbing her and rubbing her until she would cum and cum again. each time she pulled it out of her mouth and let out a sweet moan. she squirted around the cock that was in her, her legs still held up and her pussy dripping down her stomach off the man that was inside her.

after cumming several times, he asked her to flip over and began to fuck her doggy style. when she turned over, she pushed open my legs, and scooted up to suck my cock. she got down on her knees and elbows, taking my cock in her mouth. the second got behind her and started ramming his cock in and out of her sloshy cunt. she let the momentum of his fucking her give rhythm to her sucking my cock.

the third was lying on his side, reaching underneath to massage her clit. after a few minutes of this, she took my cock out of her mouth, dropped her head to one side onto my thigh, looked up at me and started to let out a low toned "ooooh!" then another and another, each getting higher than the one before it.

this was obviously a turn on to the man fucking her, because he started hitting her harder and grunting and groaning, pounding and pounding! when he started doing this she then began letting out an "AH!" with each thrust "AH! AH! AH!" until she gripped my cock, slamming her forehead on my thigh and let out an "OH! GAWD!

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OH! GAWD! I'M CU uhm I'M CUMM~m~m~m~MIIINNG!" he then started to pound even harder, grunting with each hit! her pussy was making sloshing and wet smacking sounds on impact! smack! after smack! after smack! until he jammed it in her with one hard slam, gripping her hips tight, he let out an "AAAAAAAAAGH!" when he gave his initial final thrust, and then pulled back and thrust it in her again a couple more times, letting out more jizz, "oh!

yeah!" he said, "this pussy's fucking hot and tight!" after he was sure he strained out all of his jizz, he flopped down onto the bed. too used up and exhausted at the moment from such an awesome dog fuck, she remained on her knees and elbows, with her head resting on my thigh, breathing heavy, still moaning with each exhale.

the third wasted no time getting up behind her. he immediately began to stick his wide member inside her, but with some difficulty, being so thick. (yes, he was really that thick!) she had never had anything so wide up in her before. he started to penetrate her, little by little, pulling hard on her hips and pushing his cock in equally as hard, he slowly, but surely, slid up in her.

she let out an elongated and seemingly painful sounding "OOH!!!" which lasted as long as his penetrating action. she let out another long "whooooaaaaah!" as he slid back a ways and then pushed into her again and again.

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with each slow thrust, she made some noise, a whimpering "oooh!" which shortened and lessened in intensity with each thrust that quickened in pace each time, because each thrust got easier and smoother as she loosened up and fresh juice from her lubrication made it easier foor him to slide in. she was able to resume sucking my cock. she would bounce forward as he thrust his meat into her, and would moan while bobbing her head up and down on me.

she looked like a machine, a fuck machine, built just for this purpose of spit-roasting. every so often he would thrust real hard into her, and she would let out a muffled yelp with my cock in her mouth.

the first scooted over next to her and began playing with her clit as the second fondled her tits and kissed the nape of her neck. i just sat back, enjoying the show and the blowjob. after a couple of minutes, the third leaned in on her, pumping quicker. she was pushed forward to where she was laying her head on my stomach, wrapping her arms around me.

with each thrust she let out an "uh!" and an "oh!" he began thrusting harder, grunting out an "mm!" with each one, getting quicker and quicker until he hit that as fast as you can read this "BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!" she yelled out a long "OOH!" which wavered with each slam of his cock "O~OO~O~OO~OH!!!!" she didn't say anything, but i could tell she was cumming again. "oh fuck!" he said as she was cumming!

she was tightening up around his thick cock when she came! he slowed down his pace and resumed a steady one. even though he was just about to blow his load inside her, he decided that he wanted to fuck as long as possible. a few minutes later and he nudged her to roll over.

i let her head rest between my legs and began massaging her tits. then, sliding one hand up to her face to caress it, i pushed her hair back behind her ear and started to pet her and run my fingers through her hair. she looked up at me and began to mouth the words "i love you". only, as soon as she said "you", the third fully penetrated her, all at once in a single penetrating move, which caused her to say, "y y yoooOOOOUUUUWO~O~OH!!!" her eyes slammed shut tightly with a look of pain on her face.

and then her eyes shot wide open as he began pumping her like a machine. instantly she wrapped her legs and arms around him as her mouth became a wide open "O", letting out another wavering "O~OO~O~OO~OH!!" she looked down to watch as he penetrated her, pulling on him and bucking back at him, letting out a little whiny "oooo!" every couple of seconds. for about fifteen more minutes he kept pumping her and pumping her, and she would moan and "oo" and "aah".

she relaxed a little, not clamping on to him so tightly. but when she came, which she did a couple more times, each time she would try to buck harder and faster at him, wanting to get slammed as she came! but being in a more upright position, he held her hips steady so as not to disrupt his rhythm, and kept the same pace. he started breathing heavier, groaning every so often, complimenting her tight pussy, and telling me he wanted to hit this again sometime, maybe even regularly!

she later told me that she wouldn't be able to handle getting fucked by such a wide dick on a regular basis, but wouldn't a repeat performance sometime. he pounded harder and harder, they were both groaning and grunting to the same rhythm. getting hard pounded, she would let out a louder "AH!" or an "OH!" here and there!

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after a few more minutes of this hard fucking, while keeping the rhythm, he grit his teeth, snarling and groaned, saying, "oh shit! im fucking cumming! fucking cumming! fucking cumming!" saying "fucking" with one thrust and "cumming" with the next!

pounding it in her several times over! fresh cream was oozing out of her pussy, and as he slowed he lightened his thrusting, pushing it in gently with each squirt. when he pulled out, her pussy was gaping, creamy all around and oozing with fuck juices. as soon as the third rolled off her, almost instantaneously, the first mounted her again. his cock just slid right into her love tunnel.

she groaned out an "ah! oh! fuck! yeah! yeah! yeah!" as he fucked her, grabbing her by her hips and was straight jack hammering her for another twenty minutes at least.

i really didn't keep track, but i know that we each had her a couple more times. during that whole time her pussy remained wet and hot! after we each had her again, she started kissing me, kissing my neck and licking me. "i love you, baby. thank you for this." her hand moving down my chest and stomach. then she gently touched and caressed my cock, rubbing along its shaft and under the bottom part of its helmet.

even though we were slowed down, exhausted and worn, and it was about four in the morning, i told the other guys that she was still open for any takers. i was getting hard again, especially when she began sucking my cock.

so i fucked her again. the others took her on again. but this last time, they didn't straight fuck her until they came, but tag teamed her fucking her for a time and switching off, letting the others work her over. they didn't even have her suck any dick, they just fucked her good and hard for a long time. they didn't finish with her until almost seventhirty in the morning. when we got up, she told me that she came more than she ever has in her life. she lost count after about nine times or so.

i had learned that after cumming, one actually lasts longer on their next go at it.

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it was one of the most memorable gang fucks we ever had. i know i created a monster in her, she loved it whenever i shared her. she got to where she would nudge me at a bar when a guy caught her eye. sometimes i let her approach them, sometimes i didn't. sometimes i would let him fuck her alone as i watched, sometimes i would join in, and sometimes, i would surprise her with two or three extra cocks.

but every time i was there.