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Hot ass fuck
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=========== The Importance of Sophie, Part 2: Dawn by SmokingMan =========== I awake with a start. I must have drifted of. That was a crazy thing. Must've been some type of half-dream.

I mean, she wasn't actually there, right? I suddenly realize how drained I am, and decide a long rest is my best option for now. When I open my eyes again, it's around 11 o'clock Saturday morning.

I move to the edge of the bed and put my face in my hands. What is this, I think to myself.

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I suppose I should get up now, it's late enough already. I drag myself downstairs to the kitchen for some food. The kitchen opens into the family room, where my sister is watching tv. "You got back late last night, what were you doing?" She enquires, her back to me while she continues to watch the tv, "it's usually me going out and doing stupid things." "I don't want to talk about it," I say, which was true.

I'm still trying to process the party, and what happened with Vickie. She pauses the show and flips around on the couch, resting her chest on its back, "C'mon, what did you do? Was it bad? Was it… illegal?" "No, I didn't do anything illegal," only Vickie drank. I give in, "fine, I went to a party." She immediately assaults me with questions: "Oo, where was it? Did you have fun? Were there any hot girls there?" in her excitement she leans forward and her boobs pop out from the back of the couch.

I decide to answer all her questions all at once, "a frat house at Nelson U, kinda, and yes." I plunk some Eggos in the toaster and sit down at the island while I wait. I'm facing my sister now. "Whaddayoumean you 'kinda' had fun?" "Well, the music was way too loud, but the… conversation was good. That's all I'm saying about it." "What, that's it? What do you mean by 'conversation'?" "That's all I'm saying about it." I repeat.

She continues pleading but I ignore her, just looking in her general direction. Then I come upon a devilish thought. I suddenly have the urge to walk around to the other side of the couch, tear off her shorts and ever so slowly start pushing my cock into her- I'm jolted out of my thoughts by the toaster popping. I grab my waffles and begin eating. I shouldn't be thinking those kinds of things anyway.

**** When I arrive at school on Monday, my mind feels much more clear than it did before. I'm still just as confused as last week, and may even have more questions than I did Friday, but my adventure with Vickie seems to have changed something.

I'm thankful either way and now I can get back to actually learning stuff. Dawn draws my eye, for obvious reasons. I take an opportunity to really take in her form as I sit in first period.

She's short, around five feet tall or a little less and a little chunky. She's a shy girl, but surprisingly enough she tends to wear a lot of form fitting clothing, although she still covers her chest with a thing jacket. Her dark brown hair flows long down her back and matches her eyes. Her round face and rosy cheeks give off a youthful look. Her most surprising features are her voluptuous double-D tits that practically spill out of any shirt that dares show cleavage.

And boy am I staring at them today. After class, as I'm walking to the next one I begin thinking about this whole situation. I have to admit I've never experienced anything quite like this, I don't know anyone or seen or read anything that's even close to this. Sure people have had out of body experiences, others have claimed to have travelled the Astral Plain.

These things were kind of like that I guess. I was there, but only in spirit maybe? But wherever I was it's an actual place, not like the Aether or something. Maybe it's nearby, maybe it's across the world, I can't possibly know for sure. The only thing I can do is just keep doing what They want me to do. And I still don't even know- I'm broken from thought by some kid shouting at me from down the hall, "Hey!" he says loudly as he approaches me, "I hear you're the guy to go to if you want some tiny dick!" he continues, loud enough for the half the people in the hallway to hear.

This was a continuation of last week's incident, and the taunts obviously hadn't gotten any smarter. For those of you who haven't been following this series, last Friday a dickhead named Devin decided to pants me while I was talking to Vickie. Now this only would have been somewhat embarrassing except I had gone commando that day. And I was hard.

Since then I've been finding new ways to combat the frankly weak "bullying" being dealt out. "Hey, did you hear me? I said you have I tiny dick!" I responded as smoothly as I could manage, "I don't, believe me." He didn't seem impressed.

"Oh yeah? Prove it." While looking him dead in the eyes I begin fumbling with my belt buckle. His sly grin disappears and he turns and runs away just about as fast as he can manage, shouting "it was just a joke, man!" as he goes. Before you start wondering, I wasn't actually going to just whip my dick out, luckily he didn't call my bluff. I continue on to class, ignoring a few more taunts on the way. In third period, I glance over at Vickie several times, but she never so much as looks at me.

As though that night never happened. She did say it was a one time thing, and nothing more will ever happen. At least I know she won't tell anyone about it. The rest of the day is uneventful. As I'm walking home, I continue thinking. This isn't moral, what I'm doing isn't right in any respect. I have some weird dream-like experience and now I'm supposed to have sex with a bunch of girls to find out what it all means?

This is completely crazy. Absolutely insane! But morals aside, this is basically any teenager's dream! Half the guys out there wouldn't hesitate to do this, not even questioning if it's right or wrong.

I'm so caught up in my thoughts that I don't even notice until it's too late. I bump right into someone walking down the sidewalk going the same way as me. "Oh, sorry I was just uh," I look at the person. It's Dawn. Perfect. "I was thinking about something and I, uh wasn't watching where I was going." I stammer awkwardly. "I-it's fine," she responds softly. I suppose I should take this opportunity to talk to her, forget morals for now.

I start walking alongside her. "So. how have you been," great, now my true social awkwardness comes out, something I didn't have to deal with around Vickie. That all moved so fast. She responds quietly, a simple "good." She sounds just as nervous as I am. I look over at her and her eyes are dancing around, looking everywhere but me. "Have you done anything recently?" "N-no, nothing really." "Come on. you have to have done something," I pry, trying to keep the conversation going.

"Well. my dad just finished installing a pool a few weeks ago." "Oh cool! Is it above ground or below?" "Below." "Sounds like your dad really likes construction." This conversation isn't going anywhere, but at it's a start. "Yeah." "Have you used the pool yet?" "A few times." Now that's something I'd like to see: Dawn in a bathing suit. I can imagine it must take her hours to find a swimsuit that will adequately cover her, considering how shy she is. I glance over at her, imagining those tits in a tight fitting one piece, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Stop, don't think about that! If you pop a boner and she notices she'll definitely leave and never talk to you again! I calm my imagination. We continue walking in silence for a little while, until I hear something. "Have… have you done anything recently?" She asks slowly. Well, I did have sex with a hot slut a few days ago, but I don't think she wants to hear about that.

I can dodge around the sex part though. "Well, I went to a party last Friday, at a uh… frat house near Nelson." "Really? I don't think I'd be able to do that." "Don't worry, you aren't missing much, mostly just a bunch of drunk people and music that's way too loud. Unless you want to go to find someone to have sex with, then it's great." about a second later I realize what I've said, "Well, not that you, or, I'm not saying-" "I know what you meant," she says, saving me from my fluster, "not really my type of place, not yet." "It wasn't really my scene either, but a… friend made me go." We walk a little more.

I pass the street where I would normally turn to go home, but no one will mind if I'm a few minutes late. "What did you do there?" She inquires. "Not much, I didn't drink, I didn't dance.

A drunk college girl wanted to make out with me." "Did you?" "No, I uh went upstairs, it's kind of an exclusive area at that place. My friend has connections I guess. It was much nicer up there, not as loud. Less drunks." "What did you do there?" Images of that night flood into my mind; the secret room, me blowing my load down Vickie's throat before eating her out an- Stop it!

My dick was already getting larger, those few words unknowingly triggering those erotic memories. "I, uh, we just, mm… talked for a while. Kind of socialized with the calmer people up there." She seemed to buy it, despite my terrible delivery.

"It wasn't much fun." "Ok. This is my house here, so bye I guess." "Yeah, see you tomorrow." I keep walking down the street. I'll just loop around the block and head home that way.

That didn't accomplish much, but it's a start. **** I walk into my house and am immediately smacked in the face my a horrendous smell. A familiar smell. I sigh as I realize my sister is smoking weed, again. In the house, again. Now a lot of people smoke weed, and I'm ok with that, it's even legal in my state, but not for sixteen-year-olds. I don't even care that she's smoking underage, she did it before it was legal and I still didn't care, she'll suffer the consequences of her own actions.

The problem I have is the smell. Smoke at your friend's house or at least outside, I've told her a thousand times. I trudge up to her room, preparing to berate her again when I hear a faint sound. I stop on the top step, straining my ears.

Is that what I think it is? I can distinctly hear a faint… moaning sound coming from her room. My thoughts on the way home have made me quite horny, so I move closer, moving silently. I reach her door.

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Stoned as she probably is I doubt she'll notice it slide open a little. She doesn't. The way her room is organized, I can see straight to her bed in the far corner by only opening the door a fraction of an inch.

I move my eye to the gap. She's lying on her back, naked from the waist down, legs spread towards the door. She's slowly moving a large purple dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand, the other is under her shirt, massaging one of her tits. I kind of expected this, but the sight of it is still a shock. I'm completely transfixed. Letting go of the door handle, I undo my belt. A few seconds later I'm slowly jerking off, watching as she continues pushing the dildo into her pussy.

Her moans grow louder and she begins rubbing her nipple in little circles. I start stroking faster. She stops for a break, pulling the dildo all the way out and holy shit! That thing's fuckin huge! It's got to be at least eleven inches, maybe more. Now I know why she likes dating black guys, jesus christ! She switches hands and plunges it back in almost all the way. Damn, now I know why black guys like dating *her*. She quickly gets back into rhythm, and in no time at all she's moaning, much louder than before.

I know I was only a few minutes late but jeez, the way she screaming it's like she didn't expect me to come home at all tonight. Or maybe it's cause she's stoned and not thinking straight, who knows. She starts speeding up, putting both hands on the dildo now. She's getting close, and so am I. And so am I oh shit!

I'm about to cum and I have nowhere to put it! I can't just jizz on her door. I look around, there's nothing in the hall. I peek through the door again and look down. There's a bra that's been flung right next to the door. I slide it open a little more and pull it through the crack.

I look back up and she's about to orgasm, I start jerking harder and faster as well. A few seconds later, she cries out, "Oohhh god yes! David! Oh, oh fuck yes, DAVID!" and with that she buries the dildo deep inside her dripping cunt, her orgasm rocking her body.

Her legs quivering and shaking like a girl possessed. At that same moment I cum as well, shooting my seed into one of the cups of her silky smooth bra.

The memories of last Friday coupled with this sight gave me an orgasm more powerful than any I've gotten from masturbation alone, and my vision blurred. I can see something, something that's not there, but I can't make it out. When I'm done cumming, I looked down at the bra filled with my jizz, back up at Hannah now recovering from her orgasm, back down at the bra, back up at my sister my SISTER!

I just jerked off to my sister into one of her bras! God dammit what have you done! I quickly rush to the bathroom and wash the goo off the bra then to my room. I stash it in the back corner of one of my dresser drawers. No one can ever know about that. I zip up my pants and move back to her door, she's walking around now, getting dressed. I get a good look at her round ass as she slides her panties back on.

I'll make like I just got home. I close the door and knock on it. "Don't come in!" She says from within. A couple seconds later the door opens.

She's wearing some loose pants now. "Whaddyou want?" she says when she sees it's me. "I told you not to smoke inside the house! Dad's gonna smell it when he gets home!" "No he won't I'll just open the windows and vent the air, he never notices." "Fine, but you know I hate the smell, didn't you at least think of that?" "I did, but then I remembered I don't care, so I did it anyway." She moves away from the door and walks over to her desk.

I look at the bed and see the massive dildo is still on it. I walk away, faking frustration. A few hours later and I'm sitting on my bed, trying my best to concentrate on Dawn, but this evening's event is distracting.

I masturbated to my sister today. That's messed up.


That was probably more immoral than what I've been doing, what I need to do. And why did she scream my name when she came? Did she know I was there? It must be another David, it has to be. And Dawn. This will be more difficult than Vickie. Dawn won't just let me into her pants for next to nothing. I need to convince her. Yeah, say convince so you don't have to say trick. The only way to get her to do it is to make her think I care for her, but I don't want to hurt her.

Ugh. This is definitely not right. It's manipulation plain and simple. Sexual manipulation of an emotionally fragile girl. Just what I wanted to be doing right now.

Oh hey David, what are you doing this weekend? Nothing, just coercing an emotionally weak girl into having sex with me. Yeah, that sounds great. But it has to be done. Whatever this is, it's far too important to let morals get in to way. I can debate ethics when this mystery is solved. **** That night I came twice more, once to the memory of Vickie and the past, and once to the thought of Dawn and the possibilities of the future.

**** Over the next week or so, me and Dawn got much more acquainted, we talked every day at school, and slowly began to open up to each other. We were developing a real friendship. But it needed to be more than that.

So one day, while walking home with her we pass by a park, I suggest we take a stroll through the area. She accepts. After walking for a while through a green field, we sit down on a bench in the shade of a tall maple tree. "We've been talking a lot lately," I begin. Unsure of what to say. "I'd say we're friends now," she acknowledges, "but I feel like there may be something… more between us." Silence. A maple seed breaks away from the branches above and pinwheels down to the ground at our feet.

"Really?" she says finally, barely above a whisper. "Yeah, I think so. Ever since I bumped into you, I began to notice how… beautiful you are." A weak September breeze comes across us. Even though it is not cold, it makes me shiver. I look over at her, she blushes "you don't really mean that," and turns her head away.

"I do, I realized that you are a very beautiful person, and as I've gotten to know you, I've discovered an even more beautiful person within." She slowly turns her head back toward mine. We lock eyes. "Really? That's the best thing anyone's said to me. Well, all my friends… they feel just like I do and…" she cuts her trail of thought and softly says, "I think I might have feelings for you too. I always thought you were attractive, then I got to know you, and I liked you even more." Her eyes are wide, staring deeply into mine.

We lean together and lock lips our hidden emotions spilling forth. I can almost feel her affection and desire coming through her lips and into me.My ploy was cheesy and overused, but it worked, and I'm trying not to feel terrible about it. Finally we break apart. Our eyes lock again. "I don't want this to end," I say, which was true at least, "but I think we should head home." We get up from the bench and walk back through the park holding hands and taking our time, savoring the moment.

Along the way we stop a few more times and embrace, holding each other tightly, her head to my chest, me caressing her hair. I lean down for a quick kiss and we continue on. Eventually we reach her house. In a split second decision, I ask "Hey, do you mind if I come in?" She hesitates. Despite her newfound feelings, she's never let someone into her house that she's known for so short a time, let alone a boy.

Eventually, "Yeah, sure. Come on in." I enter her small single story home. The door opens to the living room, with the kitchen and dining room to the left, and a hallway to the bedrooms on the right. I would later find out that the third bedroom was empty, Dawn is an only child. She shows me around the house, and we eventually settle in the living room. "So, ah, no one's home now, just us." It's more of a statement than a question. "Yup, my parents shouldn't be home for a few more hours, they both work and are gone most of the day." She shifts around on the couch next to me, anxious.

Now is a good a time as any I guess, I've gone this far today, why not see how far I can go. "So, you didn't show me your pool." "What? Oh, yeah, it's right back here." We walk out into her backyard. The pool is pretty big for a house this small, at least 30 feet long. It and the surrounding concrete take up about half the yard. "How about we jump in," I suggest. "No… it's the middle of September it's way too cold." "It's never too cold for a swim!" "You don't even have a swimsuit!" "That hasn't stopped me before!" I quickly take off my shirt and jeans and jump into the frigid water.

She was right; it's way too cold, but I'm not about to admit that. I surface. "Come on in, the water's fine!" That line practically oozes cheesiness, but she seems to think it was funny.

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She smirks. "Ok fine, I'll go get my suit on." She walks back into the house. I swim laps around the pool, trying to keep warm. Before I know it, she's standing at the edge again. I stop as soon as I see her.

She's wearing a blue one piece bathing suit, just as I had predicted when I first talked to her. It thins out at the top and wraps around her neck rather than the usual spaghetti straps, and the bottom covers most of her butt. A very conservative outfit for a swimsuit. It's made out of some kind of synthetic material that reflects the afternoon sunlight off the curve off her breast.

I realize I'm staring and break my gaze away from her. "You look… good." I manage. "Oh I don't know…" "No really, you look great.

You gotta stop doing this to yourself. You're an attractive young lady and you shouldn't think otherwise. No matter what people say." She doesn't respond to that, and instead jumps in. When she pops up again, she's already shivering. "Wow that's cold," she chatters, "I told you!" "Well, there is one way we can warm up," I suggest. "Ok," she looks around, "since there's no one here." I close the distance between us and embrace her again. Funny how the simple action of a hug can bring people so close together.

The cold water has caused her nipples to harden, and I feel them press into my chest. I sink down in the water until I'm eye level with her, and we kiss again.

Before long, the water doesn't feel so cold anymore. Eventually I'm sitting in the shallow end, Dawn on my lap, her head resting on my shoulder. Life is good, if cold. Our combined body heat does little to slow the chill of the early evening air, and soon she begins shivering on top of me. So far I've been able to thank the cold water for preventing my boner, but her vibrations overpower this delicate protection. In no time at all, my dick is rock hard in my boxers, and is poking her butt.

There's no way she doesn't feel it. Looking over at her, she's grinning while continuing to shiver from the cold. I move one of my arms behind her back and the other under her legs and summoning what little strength I have, lift her from the pool in one swift motion.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" she asks as we rise out of the water. "Taking you inside. We're going to freeze if we stay out here any longer. Thought I'd be a gentleman about it." "Oh, well thank you my knight in shining armor." She says with an edge of playful sarcasm.

"You don't have to do this, you know." "Good cause I can't carry you any farther." I had already reached the house by this time, and I set her down just inside the door, my arms aching. We begin dripping on the floor as we stand around. "Oh, now you've got water inside the house, my mom's gonna be mad." I mumble an apology and step back outside, grabbing a towel off the back of a chair.

"Uh, how about you go to the bathroom and start drying yourself off there, I'll follow and clean up behind us." She rushes away as I begin drying the wet spots on the floor. Now I see why this is a big deal: the aging laminate flooring is becoming wavy as it soaks up the water. I act fast but I'm too late for some sections. Hope that goes away before they get home. When I make it to the bathroom, she's drying her hair and doing her best to towel off the suit.

I grab a towel and do the same. "So, the way I see it," I say once I've finished, "we have two options; either we stay in here until we dry off completely, or… we take off the rest of our clothes and dry ourselves properly." She looks at me nervously. Nevermind the third option, her going into her room to change and me doing it in here, I've already manipulated my way into her house and her into skintight clothes. Might as well get her out of them too.

She considers the options, remaining silent. Eventually, she seems to have made a decision, "Ok, but you go first," she says. I nod then pull my boxers down, exposing my softened dick to her. I stop when she lets out a short yelp. "I was going to turn around first!" "Oh, sorry!" I say, shielding my penis from her view. I stand there for a few seconds, unsure of what to do.

She hasn't turned around yet. Probably still recovering from the sight. I'm proven wrong when she speaks next. "Um, can you… ah… move your hands? I think I… want to s-see it again." I look on in disbelief, but oblige and move my hands to my sides, standing up fully.

She leans forward a bit, a fascinated expression on her face, "I've never seen one up close before," she whispers, "Is that what was poking me in the pool? It felt a lot bigger." "Hmm?

Oh, it gets bigger," I respond. As a matter of fact, it's already beginning to swell again as I gaze upon her body, devilishly eyeing her round breasts, imagining what they must look like under that blue fabric. We both watch as it slowly swells to its full length and hardness. She moves even closer, kneeling down she's about a foot away from my tip and because of our height difference, she has to look up at it. "They always looked big in the videos, but this looks even bigger." She says with a certain amount of awe.

"What videos? Do you watch porn?" I say, somewhat amused. "No I-- yeah, I do." She says, looking ashamed. "Hey, don't be ashamed of yourself, almost every guy and lots of girls watch porn. It's no big deal." "Ok. When I saw the guys in the videos, I was surprised at how big their. penises were, I didn't really believe it, but now that I'm seeing yours…" she moves closer, her warm breath hits my cock and it twitches.

She jumps slightly, then smiles, "Is it really that sensitive?" she asks. "Right now it is," I reply, trying my best not to smile at her innocence. Can I… can I touch it?" she inquires, a somewhat hopeful look in her eyes. "Hmm, how about I see you, then you can touch it." She moves back, resting her butt on her heels.

After a little delay, she undoes the tie at the back of her neck, letting the suit fall limp down to her armpits, exposing a huge amount of cleavage. My dick twitches again. She stands up. Realizing that she's now only inches away from me now, she steps back. Oh so slowly she overcomes her inhibitions and begins pulling the suit down.

Before long her tits pop fully out from beneath the suit. Of course they sag a bit, but that's a small price to pay for big, natural boobs. Immediately I want to grab them, but I resist, knowing that it would be taking it too fast, and would definitely ruin this moment. She continues sliding the suit down her body, slowly exposing her belly, and finally, she gets down to her pussy. She stops there, fingers still hooked inside the swimsuit.

Mentally I beg her to keep going, but what comes out of my mouth has to be softer. She speaks, "I don't know about this," she says waveringly, "I'm not really sure if I should do it." I need to respond fast, and with something good. "Do it in your own time, take as long as you need." I say, saying every comforting phrase I can think of, "No one's making you do it, it's still your choice." She looks at me, I look at her, I can see how nervous she is, the fear in her eyes.

But my words have comforted her, a little bit at least. She takes a deep breath and pushes the suit down farther, revealing her luscious pussy for the first time. At this point the swimsuit drops to the floor, and she tentatively steps out of it. She covers her crotch with her hands. Pushing the suit to the side with her foot, she returns her attention to my cock, now harder than ever after that slow-motion tease. "C… can I touch it now?" she asks after watching it twitch a few times.

"Yes, you can touch it now." She kneels down again. Reaching forward, she lightly touches the tip. "It's… smooth," she moves her hand and wraps it around my shaft.

Her cold hand makes me jump a little, "Wow, it really is hard as rock," she proclaims after giving it a few squeezes. She starts stroking it, "this is what I'm supposed to do, right? If that's ok." "Yes, that's perfectly all right." I reply. Right now, her hand is roughly dragging my skin up and down, I look around for some lubricant, but there's nothing good in here, especially not if I'm going to fuck her later.

"Um, that's kinda uncomfortable, maybe you could get it wet? Get some lube or something?" She stops, "Oh, sorry," she lets go. I can see her thinking.

"Water wouldn't work, would it? "No. You could put it in your mouth though." I suggest.

Without really even considering the option she responds: "I don't think I'm ready for that yet." She sits back again.

"Well, I don't have any lube cause, come on, when am I gonna need it. But my parents…" she trails off. I lean back against the wall. Sure, fuck it.

Let's use her parents' lube. "Ok, I guess if you want to. Do you know where it is?" "No, but I know where to look." She leaves the bathroom and walks down the hall, I peek out after her, watching her naked ass walk all the way to her parents' room.

I step out of the bathroom and stand outside of hers. I can hear drawers opening and closing, and a little while later she walks back out with a good sized bottle. "Found it. There's enough here that they won't notice some missing… what are you doing?" "I thought we should move in here," I step inside her room, "make it a little more comfortable." "Oh, sure I guess." she steps in and walks over to me.

She kneels down in front of me, clutching the bottle with both hands. I've gone a little limp, but a few strokes get me back to full length. She slowly opens the bottle and is about to pour some on her hand when I remember something I've seen in porn.

"Wait," I say as she's about to tip it over, "go slowly, I think that stuff is like water. If you're not careful you'll pour the whole thing out." She acknowledges and begins again, very slowly letting some drip onto her hand. It's not quite water, but it's close. She closes the bottle when she thinks she has enough and sets it down on the carpet. She brings her cupped hand up to my dick and begins stroking again, making sure to get the lube all the way around the shaft before she begins stroking again, with much more vigor this time.

In mere seconds I begin to get the feeling deep down. "Woah, slow down! If you keep going like that I'll… you know." She lets go and looks up at me, unsure of what to do or say. I help her out. "How about I do some to you now?" please say yes, I've been wanting to feel those tits all day. "I guess that's alright, since I can't do anymore with you." She stands up and I guide her over to the bed. She lays down at the head of the bed, legs pulled up making a big "M", and props herself up with some pillows to get a better view.

I position myself between her legs, about to jump in, when I remember her innocence, how shy she's been. I can't just dive in like I did with Vickie, letting my lust overtake me.

I caress her thighs, moving my hands slowly around them, feeling her every inch. I move close to her right thigh, up near the knee, and start lightly kissing her smooth flesh, slowly moving toward her wetness.

She reacts with every touch, soon enough she's softly moaning at every kiss. When I reach her slit, I stop, hovering over it. I exhale warm breath onto it, she quivers beneath me.

I look up at her for the first time. She's staring back at me with big round eyes, her desire clear in their reflective sheen. I move my tongue out to touch her, she tenses in anticipation, then I move off. A frustrated sigh escapes her, but I continue. I move this time to her left knee, smoothly placing my lips on her for the briefest of moments then moving farther down planting a new kiss every few fractions of an inch.

My progress is painfully slow, both for her and for me. If I could, I would already be deep inside her, but it's not that simple, not this time.

I near her slit again, I reach out and lightly tap the middle of her folds. She jumps and lets out a low moan. I smile. Moving my tongue up the length of her pussy, I feel her heartbeat through her skin. She's hellishly sensitive right now, and every movement sends waves of pleasure up from her hotness all the way from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

She's reeling in the sensation, her arms moving about wildly, head moving from side to side, eyes closed, face contorted in ecstasy. I pull up and maneuver my hand in. I tap her clit with my index finger and she climaxes, her thighs slam together, trapping my hand between them. She begins rocking from side to side, a soft moan escapes her.

I really wasn't expecting that but hey, at least my head wasn't in there when that happened. She begins to recover from her orgasm, her eyes open slowly, "Wow, that was good." Hair is strewn across her face but she doesn't move to adjust it, "I've never… came that hard before." She sits up and looks at me, "can you do it again?" "Yeah, I can try," I start rubbing my fingers across her folds.

She's very tender now, and I go slowly. I bring my head up close to hers, staring hungrily at her breast. I move my free hand up and finally touch the silk-smooth orb. I squeeze it, roll it around, mold it in my hand, all while continuing to lightly work her pussy.

Moans begin seeping out of her as I go. "Oh David, I never knew a man's touch could be so soft," she whispers, moments before I plant my mouth firmly on her nipple. At the same time, I shove a finger into her swollen lovebox. She cries out again, much louder now and I feel lucky that her parents aren't home. She's almost ready. I get up and reach for the lube.

When I return to her, she looks inquisitive, "What do you need that for?" "Just something I've always wanted to try," I say as I uncap the bottle and pour a good amount on her boobs. Closing the bottle, I begin rubbing it around, making sure it covers every inch. I reposition myself so that I'm straddling her. By now she's figures out what I plan to do. "If you're ok with it," I add. "It's fine, I kinda want to know too," she replies and I move forward and rest my still rock hard dick between her beautiful globes.

She pushes them together around my member, doing her best to cover it but her tits, while impressive just aren't enough to surround it all the way.

This doesn't bother me, and I begin to lightly thrust, moving slowly back and forth. Eventually I start picking up speed until I'm full on fucking her tits. It's not the heaven that a mouth or pussy is, but it still feels amazing regardless.

I continue thrusting away and soon I have to stop or risk cumming now. I move back down her body until I'm between her ample thighs. I loop my arms under the crooks if her legs and lift her up a bit. While still holding her up I line up my cock with her waiting hole and push in. She's extremely tight, and it takes a good deal of effort to get the head it. Once I'm inside, she begins to loosen up to accept me, but not by much. I continue to push my way into her warm chanel before my tip bumps into something a little more solid.

This causes my dick to jump, and she grimaces. "Sorry, I'm going as slow as I can. Looks like this is it, if we go further there's no turning back." I look into her eyes, into their deepness.

I already know the answer. "Just go slow, be gentle." Taking her words to heart, I begin pulling out and thrusting back in very slowly, moving almost all the way out then delicately back in until my tip touches her cherry. I reach up and begin working her left boob, rolling the nipple between my fingers. She is soon drawing short breaths and is moaning quietly. "Come on David, I'm ready, just put it all the way in.

I can handle it. I want it! I need it!" and other similar things were being said in rapid fire, she's literally begging me to fuck her but I won't. I have a plan. I move my hand from her hard nipple to her tantalizing clit. I start rubbing, and her pleasure is immediately obvious. "Ooohh shit! C'mon c'mon, please!

Ahhh fuuuck!" Her orgasm is nearly upon her, I pull out until only my tip is in her and rub her clit even harder. As soon as her orgasm hits I lurch forward, blasting through her cherry and burying my cock as deep as it will go.

Her tightness is godly, and I almost cum, but I manage to resist. When she comes down from her euphoric high, she notices that I'm balls deep inside her, "Holy shit that was good!

Are you… did you?" I nod, "I didn't even feel it." If I don't do anything, she'll feel it soon. I change my position slightly and get in close to her face.

We lock eyes, "We're really doing this," she whispers, "never thought it would happen this way. Didn't think it'd be this soon." "Is it what you expected?" "Mm better," she breaths and we embrace again, locking lips and madly kissing.

She locks her legs tightly around my back. I probe her lips with my tongue and she accepts. The wetness and heat of our mouths dance together with our pleasures as I begin moving my hips again. I break the kiss as my pleasure grows, lifting up off her as my thrusts speed up. Fuck this, forget her. I've been holding out too long this time, I just want to cum.

I'll cum, then I'll have another dream-thing and then the real fun can begin. I'm pumping away furiously and I can already feel the churning in my balls. I'm breathing heavily now, "Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" I proclaim as my thrusts continue to become more forceful.

I barely hear her shout back, "I'm not, uhn, on birth control!" "Fuuuuck!" I say in an odd mix of frustration and pleasure as I pull out and coat her stomach with my seed.

When I'm finished and the last drops have oozed out of me, I flop over to the side of her, completely worn out. Looking over at Dawn, she's smiling hugely at me. She moves her focus to her stomach, now criss crossed by ropes of cum. She gets some on the tip of her finger and brings it close to her face. She smells it and reels.

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"I know, smells terrible. I guess some people are into it though." "It's so warm," she says, "I like the way it feels on me. You'll have to give me more." Ok, if you insist I think to myself. **** I awake to a sound, a terrible sound. That of a key in a door. Holy shit, her parents are home! I look down at myself, still naked then at Dawn, naked as well with my drying cum still all over her. Shit shit shit this is not good! "Uh, fuck. What do I do!" I say in sleepy confusion, "where do I go?" there's my underwear, but where are the rest of my clothes?

Oh no.

They're still outside. Dawn's looking around frantically, pulling new clothes out of drawers and throwing it on. "Here, get in here!" she says, bra half on half dangling from her chest.

She's gesturing to her closet that has a large empty space on the floor, a good enough place for now. I grab my underwear off the floor and dive in. She slides the door closed behind me. I'm plunged into semi-darkness. Light is still coming through the slats on the door, and I can just make out what's happening outside. Dawn finishes getting her underwear on, then starts looking around for something. She ends up grabbing a few tissues and uses them to clean herself up.

I can hear footsteps in the hallway. Don't forget the lube! I think, to afraid to make a sound now. Luckily she notices it and swipes it off the bed away from the door.

She's midway through pulling on some sweatpants when her door opens. Her mother pokes her head in and starts to say something but Dawn cuts her off. "Mom! Get out, I'm changing!" startled, her mother says a few apologies and leaves the room, closing the door behind her. When Dawn is fully clothed once again, she comes over to the closet and talks through the door. "My parents will kill me if they find out you're here, so you'll probably have to stay in there until they go to bed." That's just perfect.

"Don't forget my clothes outside, you'll have to hide those." I remind her. "Oh, shit. Uh, I'll think of something." With that she walks out of the room, closing the door behind her. I can hear a muffled conversation start up a little while later.

Great. Now I'm stuck in here for who knows how long with no clothes but my underwear. I shuffle around in my closet prison and manage to get them on without making too much noise.

I lean my back against the wall. Well, my phone's still in my pocket out there, so I guess I'll just have to think instead. Well so far today's been pretty interesting. Confess my feelings, make out, go to her house, get in her pool, get naked, have some quick sex. Seems like a good day to me. Yeah, that and- Wait. I didn't have the dream-thing. It never happened. I thought it was supposed to trigger after sex. Obviously that was wrong. What was different between this time and last time?

Well the position for one, but I hardly think that matters too much. I didn't cum inside her this time. I came inside Vickie and that worked, looks like I'll have to do that next time. She's not on birth control though, and she knows that I know that. Guess I'll have to get "caught up in the moment" or something. We'll see. **** A few hours later, and I'm awoken from sleep again, some loud sound made somewhere else in the house.

Someone must have dropped something. I peek through the door and look for a clock.

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I spot one beside her bed. 8:30 or so. At least it's a Friday so my dad won't be too mad about me being out late. I fall back to sleep, only way to pass the time.

The door slides open and light floods in.

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I'm rudely awoken and blinded at the same time. I squint and look up. Luckily it's only Dawn. "My parents have gone to bed, you can come out now." I find the clock again. It's almost 10. Once the sleep wears off me I get up, looking at Dawn. "How about we finish what we started?" She thinks a moment then, "Ok, but we'll have to be quiet." "I'll make sure of it." Not long after we're both embracing in the now darkened room, illuminated only by the light that filters in through her blinds.

We're naked and on our knees on her bed. Our tongues dance around again, and with a pang of guilt I can feel our connection growing. I break away and move behind her, grabbing around her waist, my dick grinding into the small of her back. She looks back and up at me, I look down at her. I move my hands slowly up her body and grab hold of her boobs. I clutch them close, moving them up and around, rubbing her nipples. She lets out a quiet moan.

I let go and push her body down. She's now in doggystyle position. I spread my legs out to get low enough and move in.

Grabbing the lube I wet my dick and her hole, I which is now practically begging for me to enter. I slowly start sliding my way in, letting the lube do it's work. In this position I can get in deeper, and I soon find that she's smaller than I am long. My tip bumps into her cervix with only about half an inch left outside. She makes a small yelp in surprise before quickly clapping a hand over her mouth.

"Sorry," I whisper. She looks over her shoulder tentatively, "Don't stop, keep going," she replies with hushed tones. I start moving again. I remember thinking before, how much better can sex be than masturbating?

I mean, both are pretty similar. And now, having actually experienced it twice now I know how wrong I was. The warmth, her tightness, the feeling of her juices flowing, and the sight of it! My god! The beautiful irreplicable curve of her back, the contours, the perfect flow of one curve to the next, all centering back on me, the onlooker.

Chance viewer of this creature of sensual beauty. I speed up, plunging my cock into her faster, deeper now. I take care not to go too far, or risk another yelp at the impact of her sensitive end.

My rhythm changes frequently, now I'm going fast, now slow and long, now I pull out and rub my tip on her clit, our most sensitive parts clashing in a battle of pleasure. I lean my body forward, pressing my stomach against her back. My mind flashes back to that dream, the first hint of this madness. I was in this exact position then too. But then I was fucking a porn star.

Ah the wonder of dreams, although this is basically my dream too. My mind returns to the moment, and my hand begins to travel up her body, until I reach her breast, now hanging low, stretched out by the infernal force of gravity. I toy with it, rubbing the nipple, feeling its weight and the strange way it hangs downward. She stifles a few sounds before I move my hand away, still thrusting into her. She knows where my hand will travel next, and covers her mouth as my fingers reach her folds.

Pulling back her hood, I begin massaging her clit. Muffled groans of bliss emanate from her. In this position my head is right next to hers, and a quick shift away allows me to look at her face in profile.

I can tell she feels amazing. Her eyes are relaxed, half open and her pupils are dilated. Her nostrils flair as air rushes rapidly in and out. She moves her hand off her mouth, the loudest of her moans now behind her.

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She looks over at me. Our eyes connect. I wrap my arm around her and pull up so we're in a kneeling position, her back arched to its fullest. I move in and we kiss, igniting sparks of passion fueled by my throbbing cock plunging into her pussy.

The kiss is long, but all too soon I feel her walls close in. The end is approaching. She moans deeply through our kiss, the vibrations of her voice transferring into me. She was so tight to begin with, I didn't think she could get much tighter but she can, and she clamps down on my member. I don't think I could pull out even if I wanted to. With a sudden shudder she breaks our embrace and I feel her flex one final time as her orgasm hits like a torrential wave.

I know she cannot now so I quickly move to cover her mouth right as her cries of ecstasy begin. Moments later I thrust in as deeply as I can as my cum blasts inside her, my warm seed mixing with her juices and seeping out. That was amazing, I think to myself.

The room begins to darken, I can dimly hear Dawn saying something.


She sounds… shocked, maybe distressed. It doesn't matter now, it's all so distant now. I fall forward, through her into pitch blackness. Falling, falling without end through the void. With a jarring suddenness it stops. The darkness recedes. I stand up. I'm in a room, much smaller than the great chamber. It's round and is probably about fifty feet from wall to wall.

All the surfaces in the room are made of a smooth black stone. I look down and see that I'm standing on a raised circle in the middle of the room. It's white, and emits a soft light that illuminates everything. I am not surprised by this, as it has happened before. This is the dream-thing. The vision. I look up again and jump. Around me are a bunch of… girls. The girls.

The nine others that are involved in this somehow. They are standing around the disc at even intervals and completely surround me. I quickly notice two things. All of them are staring directly forward, in at me, with no hint of emotion in their eyes. And secondly they're all naked, but more importantly most of their bodies are blurred, obscured from my vision.

I also notice that they're blurred in the most strange places. I can see their heads, necks, a good portion of their chests, their arms and most of their legs. I suddenly realize what it is. These images have been taken from my mind, they're naked but I can only see what I know. The rest is just a guess at what they might look like underneath. I turn my head to the left, and there stands Vickie. I can see all of her, the long blonde hair, her round face, firm breasts and the wide curve of her hips.

I turn again and find Dawn. I can see all of her as well. That thought, that realization. I know I didn't just come up with that. They put it in there, They've done it before.

Then the girls move suddenly, simultaneously. They all look up, at something directly above me. I follow their gaze. Hovering about ten feet above me is the only one not present around me; Sophie. She's in an odd position, her back facing down toward me, her arms, head and legs dangle freely, completely limp as though she were sleeping. She looks like she's being held up only by her body. She isn't naked like the rest, but is instead wearing a wispy dress of the darkest purples and blacks.

I want nothing more than to go up and be with her, to wake her from this trance but I cannot. I'm stuck down below her, helpless to do anything about it.

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I feel sadness well up inside me and I fall again. I find myself once more in the great chamber, at the end of one of the bridges. Apparently the same one from the previous trips. I walk its long stony length to the other end where it connects to the massive platform atop the pillar at the center of the vast space. The Sphere rests still at the center of that, its surface now disturbed by two deep grey wisps.

I see, it's… tracking my progress. I guess. I approach the Orb and its sheen vanishes and Sophie appears within it, as before. She wears the same semi transparent maroon dress from the last time. Everything's quicker now. Now that I've been here twice before.

She extends her closed fist to me, as though trying to hand me something. I know what will be revealed when her fingers open. When they do, and her hand is cupped before me, a tiny person stands on her hand, moving about, looking at me. It's one of the others obviously.

Jasmine this time. Jasmine. Her image conjures up a thousand memories. Of me seeing her at school, talking to her in class, admiring her curves. All the times I masturbated to her. And, of course, Brent.

Her boyfriend of four years. I knew this day would come, but I had no idea it'd be this soon. Great. Darkness again, and my stomach drops as I begin to fall. When it finally stops, I'm back in the real world, and I'm trying to make sense of what I'm looking at. It's a ceiling. But not mine. Oh right. I'm at Dawn's house. She's hovering over me, looking concerned. "Oh thank God!

I was so worried! What happened?" she asks as soon as she sees I'm awake. "I passed out, didn't I?" I groggily reply. This happened last time too, with Vickie. "Yeah, and you weren't breathing and I thought- oh I'm just glad you're ok!" she's nearly breaking out into tears and she hugs me where I lay, her breasts pressing against my naked chest. "It's ok, it… happens sometimes." She releases me and I sit up.

"Well, um. Before. I think I may have…" "Yeah, I noticed. I'm worried about that too. What do you think I should do?" She looks at me with frightened eyes. There's a terrible fear of that possibility, I dread it too. But there are solutions. "When did your last period end?" I ask while rubbing my face, getting the last of the tiredness out. "What? I don't know, like three or four days ago. Why?" she tilts her head in slight confusion. "Well, a new egg is released from your ovaries about eight days after your last period ends, which is four or five days from now.

Sperm can live for about three days. It might be close, but I think we'll be fine. If you want to be extra safe, buy some Plan B tomorrow, soon as you can." "Ok," and she hugs me again. I hug her back. About ten minutes later, I slip out of her house and make my way home.

When I arrive there, I slip inside and get into bed without anyone being the wiser. Looks like my sister may have covered for me. As I lay under the covers, I think of the future. The images of Jasmine and Brent float through my mind.

I don't know what to do. I don't want her to cheat on him. There's no way he'd agree to it, and I know she would never do that to him. There may be only one option. I may have to tell her about this whole thing.

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