He Massages Her Tight Ass

He Massages Her Tight Ass
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Most mornings she woke were uneventful. This time she was not so lucky. A week after the dinner, her doctor had proudly announced to the patients during lunch that their branch had been favored.

The company was awarding them with a hefty sum of money to make further advancements and discoveries. Two things popped into her mind when she heard this.

One was surprise that there were other branches of the company.

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The second was nervous curiosity as to what these advancements would be. Now three weeks after that award, with nothing changed, she dismissed it from her mind.

Only for it to bulldoze its way back in. She was in a new room. Her hands and feet were shackled more tightly than usual and her torso was restrained as well.

Her mouth was taped shut. The room was brightly lit. She saw her doctor and a few others in scrubs and surgical gear conversing over a clipboard ten feet away. The room was cold and her pink nipples stood erect and rock hard. As she looked around her eyes found what she had dreaded. A small metal table next to her containing lots of sharp, unfriendly looking surgical instruments.

She screamed. The doctors, now aware she was awake surrounded her. Apparently one was in training. "A drug was injected into another patient, 86, I believe. Its main effects are aggresive behavior including violence, and an increased sex drive," said her doctor. "How increased?" Asked the trainee. "It increases about 10 fold, and in our case he raped patient 92. He tried to control himself but was unable. We'll be injecting a similar but much more mild drug into her after the surgery." Surgery.

Her stomach was in knots. After applying antiseptic and heavy pain killers, a doctor picked up a surgical knife. He cut into her abdomen. She released a scream through the tape.

Of course, she couldn't feel much, but the violation of the knife was too much. Her doctor picked up a little blue pouch. He affixed it somehow in her, pushing it low right above the pubic bone. They sewed her back up and knocked her out with some sedatives. When she woke she was still on the table. Only now it was just three doctors; hers, the trainee, and another. She could see a small rise above her crotch where the packet was, and the stitches were still there.

She was now hooked up to an IV. "We wont activate the packet untill her stitches are gone.

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And now that I think about it we better not give her the drug till then too," said her doctor. For a long time, she spent her days sleeping on that table, healing, unallowed to move much. She was fed well and bathed, but she was kept on the table at all times. Finally the time came that they could remove the stitches. Then her doctor took a very long, big needle. "This will allow the packet to begin disolving.

The chemical will be dispersed steadily, and constantly. Movement will cause a short period of rapid disolving." The trainee nodded as he plunged the needle into the bump above her crotch. Next he picked up a smaller syringe. "This is the milder form of the drug we gave 86." He injected her. They undid her shackles and took her to her room.

"You have no idea what's coming," her doctor said with an evil grin, "oh, and, everything should be in effect by lunch." A strange tingling sensation was spreading into her around the packet, and it reminded her of the other chemicals they had used.

Then the drug began to take effect. Her opening dripped. She felt wild, violent, her skin felt hot as fire. She was rubbing her own breast before long, and her right hand trailed slowly down to her clit as she knelt on the floor. She sat on her hand, shoving her finger inside herself. She rocked and writhed and whimpered as she fingered herself and squeezed her breast. Suddenly, she hit an intense climax, and her juices soaked th floor. She moaned loudly. "Having a good time I see." It was her doctor.

He had been watching. She had lost track of time and he was here to take her to the cafeteria. She glared at him.

She wanted to hurt him. Her skin began to burn. She stood up and began walking towards him. He knew what to expect, and before she could plant her fist he had her shackled and bent over. "So you wanna play rough? I'll show you rough." He pulled out his cock and rubbe it around in her juices untill it was hard. Then he started teasing her opening with it, and she was soaked.


A distinct sensation was really becomming apparent in her abdomen. He began to fuck her roughly. Without consideration for her comfort, he pounded into her. She came all over him. As he pounded into her she came again and again. "GET the FUCK OFF ME," she shouted.


It was the first time she had spoken since her arrival. He chuckled and kept ramming into her. She kept shouting and cursing at him as he led her through orgasms one after another.

He finally came, and took the liberty of shoving his last stroke into her ass. He unloaded in there, and pulled away from her as he unshackled her. She glared at him and tried to swing a punch but he caught her fist. He dragged her struggling frame to the cafeteria and pushed her in, quickly closing the door before she could get out.

Usually she protected herself by laying low. But with this drug coursing through her veins, it was useless. She now felt a shattering burst of pleasure in her clit and abdomen with every movement. She saw patient 86, who returned her glare. "What the fuck are you looking at!?" She shouted.

Heads turned. 86 said nothing. She walked fiercely over to him and pushed him. His reaction was to full force shove her to the ground.

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This pissed her off. She bounced back up and lunged for him. He caught her and easily restrained her weak body, bending her over a bench. His body cupped around hers and she screamed and shouted as she felt his cock slip into her. He gave her a good hard fuck, and his come blasted into her as she came, still struggling and protesting, despite the fireworks erupting inside of her. He dismounted and walked away.

She shouted after him and was about to follow when she spotted patient 27 with his laid back smile and for some reason this pissed her off. She went for him and he had her on the floor in no time. Patient 12, recognizing her and curious about the noise had wandered over.

He had an idea. He told 27 to sit on her chest and make her suck him while he fucked her. 27 agreed and shoved his cock into her mouth. She choked and felt her tongue feel around it hungrily as if it had a mind of its own. She traced the veins standing out on it with her tongue and sucked, before she realized what she was doing, and began to fight back.

Patient 12 crouched on the ground and began ramming into her.

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He dove in and out as her come exploded out of her. She coarsely growled as she fought the sensation. Whatever was going on in her abdomen now was driving her crazy. She came all over 12s cock and before she realized what she was doing she was humping him back. He seemed to like this and was making satisfied sounds as he rammed into her.

27 emptied his load with a quiet moan into her mouth. She swallowed, unable to do much else. He got off her and 12 was now free to lay down on top of her. He bit her nipples and sucked on them as she fought back and came all over him against her will. The movement of her struggles only stimulated him more and he reached an incredible climax and soaked her with his seed.

She lay panting on the floor. As good as everything had felt, her body had taken quite a bit of abuse, and she was sore and ached. She stumbled over to a corner where she remained for the rest of lunch, shooting hateful stares at everyone that passed her. When lunch ended, it was not her doctor who came to collect her, but another.

He led her back to her room and shackled her and left. About twenty minutes later, her doctor showed up. "I heard you caused quite a bit of trouble at lunch," he said, smiling. "Well, actually I watched. Saw everything on the camera. We can't have that kind of behavior here, and I'd let you off with a warning, but something tells me that wouldn't do any good.

I'm afraid you'll have to be punished." With that, he left and returned with a large cart big enough to hold a human, equipped with shackles. He moved her with some struggle to it, and wheeled her out of the room and down the hall. They reached a new room now, and in it, he pushed her cart against a wall and shackled it to some bars to prevent it from moving.

The room was dimly lit. Without warning, he smacked her full force across her face. The jolt made whatever chemical was in the packet disolve a little more, and pleasure erupted in her abdomen again.

He hit her again, and again and again. He then reached off to the side and pressed a button on what appeared to be some sort of control panel. The whirling sound of machinery started up, and a black metal arm like the one he'd used on her when she first arrived came down from the darkness of the ceiling. On the end of it was a seven inch, thick dildo covered in little bumps.

It started pounding into her. She yelped and almost instantly she came, her juices pouring out onto the cold metal table she lay on.

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While this was happening, her doctor took a leather strap and whipped her left tit once, and she screamed in pain. It left a dark red streak. He whipped her again, a little harder this time. She screamed again, an tears streamed down her face. He slapped her again, full force. A little blood tricked out of her nose. The machine continued to ram into her. The table had a considerable pool of her fluids now.

He leaned over and planted a deep kiss on her mouth, and she whimpered. He grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, and she grit her teeth in pain. He pressed a couple of buttons and the machine pulled away. He then unshackled her and flipped her over and re-cuffed her. She tried to fight, but she was weak. He pressed a few buttons and the machine returned. A little pipe emerged from above the dildo and squirted a considerable amount of.lube onto her ass.

Her doctor reached over and rubbed it, dipping his fingers in a bit, making sure she was well greased. He pressed a button and the machine began to fuck her as she screamed. She was in pain, but at the same time, having her abdomen (and thus the packet) press against the table made her come with the intensity of the sensation.

It kept fucking her ass and for a while all she felt from that was pain. But after a little bit she began to notice it was feeling kind of good.

Before she could enjoy it much, though, he pressed a few buttons and it retreated. He unshackled her, smacked her already sore ass once and carried her in his arms to her room. She was a mess. She was covered in her own come, and a little blood was smudged on here face where he had hit her.

He laid her gently down on her table and more gently he shackled her. She made no resistance. He sat at his desk and typed for about five minutes, and scribbled some things down on his clipboard. When he finished he unshackled her and carried her to the showers. She lay panting. The drug had worn off and all she felt was the pleasure that the chemical stimulated. Besides that she was tired and disheartened. He turned on the warm water and brought over the long hose.

He grabbed some soap and lathered her up, gently washing away the fluids. He used a wet washcloth to clean her face. She became drowsy, and his gentle washing was peaceful. In her current state, it wasn't long before she was asleep. The idea of titty fucking her soaped up breasts crossed his mind, but he dismissed it. He dried her off and carried her sleeping body to her table, and shackled her, and left. The next morning she woke very achey and sore.

She was fed breakfast, and then her doctor came to give her news. "We see fit that you should be allowed free-range of this floor. You are to stay on this floor only. We have cameras and someone is always watching. Should you leave this floor, you will be caught, restrained, and returned to your room. All potential weapons are locked up, so don't even bother trying." He smiled and turned to leave, but remembered something. "One more thing," he added, "you are welcome in any room, any patients room you like.

With the exception of new patients, whose doors require a key anyway, and are locked. There is one other girl on this floor, I believe. Why don't you go find her?" With that he left. She sat there for a second, considering. There was one other girl. Was she like her? Was she as desperate for freedom? She wouldn't be a new patient if she was allowed visitors, so maybe she was like 27 or something, and happy in her surroundings.

She turned things over in her mind a bit more and decided to go find her. She walked down the halls, and when she passed a patients room she saw a lable by the door that told the number, gender, and age of the patient, including assorted information like blood type or medical conditions, etc. She walked a long time, taking random turns, and passed four males before she found a door with a lable next to it that said "PATIENT 34; FEMALE; AGE: 22".

She looked at the lable for a while, and finally, seeing no reason not to, she opted to go in. She stepped in a room almost identical to hers, except there were a few bins filled with what she assumed to be 34s belongings and the room was well lit. A young woman turned to see her. She was slender, with small but nicely shaped breasts, and had long dark hair and brown eyes. She grinned when she saw 92.

"Well hey there. They told me about you. Actually I see you in the lunch room a lot. You're the quiet one aren't you?" 92, as if to answer the question, didn't respond.

34 chuckled and walked over to her and took her by the arm. "Well come in, I was just messing around with some puzzles. They give you those to guage your intelligence and skills you know. And to see how it varies depending on your current state." She led 92 in by the arm, and she saw that what 34 was currently fiddling with was a complex puzzle box.

She became interested, and glancing at 34 she sat down on the floor and began working with it. 34 sat and watched as she undid hinges and slid plates and pulled levers with ease.

But her eyes didn't watch her hands. They watched her body. 92 was oblivious as 34s eyes hungrily traced her gentle curves, milky fair skin and long silky hair. The rested on her round, firm breasts. Her pink nipples were perfectly shaped, about an inch and a half in diameter. 34 stood and walked over to the bins and picked something out of them, but 92 didn't see, absorbed in the puzzle and feeling slightly safer in the presence of another female.

She was sadly mistaken. Before she could react, 34 had tackled her and cuffed her to the leg of the table. She flailed and screamed and writhed, and a sad realization that she was safe with no one in this building. 34 stood looking down at her, smiling, proud of her work. She kneeled by her side and stroked her hair. "Shhh," she said like all the others, "it's okay.

It won't last too long. Just relax." She leaned down and began to gently suck on her nipple. 92s breasts were still very sensitive and sore from the beating they took the night before, and this increased tenderness made the sucking feel all the more intense. She flicked her tongue around the nipple, sucking and licking and she massaged the other breast. She dragged over a pair of very heavy weights and shackled 92s feet to them, spreading apart her legs.

She returned to her breasts and licked and sucked and then began to kiss her way down to 92s abdomen. She saw the tiny lump above her crotch. "Ohh, I heard about these.they're new. I wonder how it feels when I do this?" She pressed her finger directly on the tiny rise in skin.

92 groaned. The sensation began to spread faster. Rather than massage her clit, 34 rubbed and pushed on the packet, watching, totally fascinated, as the helpless girls eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. Her opening became soaked, ready for the pounding it was going to receive. She lowered her head to the other girls crotch, and began to steadily lick up her juices as she kept massaging her abdomen.

Her eyes brightened with the glow of a sudden idea and she hopped up and ran to the bins. She returned with a wireless vibrator, and turned it on and pushed it onto the little bump below 92s abdomen. She began rubbing it in circles, and 92 let out a loud cry as an orgasm rocked her body and her vaginal muscles repeatedly contracted as juices poured out of her.

This was what 34 was looking for, and she licked them up. She then got up and grabbed a strap on, arranged it on herself and returned to finger 92 a little while longer before she laid herself on the panting girl and readied herself at the opening.

92 opened her eyes, and 34 smiled at her. "Think you can take me?" she asked. "It has nothing to do with the strap on. I know what to do with it." And with that she shoved it in and began fucking. Never once did she forget to keep massaging the packet. 92 wondered if it was even safe to force it to release that much of the chemical into her body in such a short period of time. 34 began to twist her hips, making circles and shaking her ass from side to side.

92 cried out as she reached orgasm after orgasm. Finally, 34 removed the strapon and gave it a lick before tossing it to the side. She rammed her clit up against 92s, rocking her hips from side to side, massaging them both as she moaned and rubbed 92s breasts.

She ran off again and returned with a long, flexible rubber two way, and inserted one end into herself and one into 92. With it fully shoved in both of them, she began to rotate her hips, massaging the girls clit with her own at the same time. She began thrusting as well, and she carried them both to an orgasm. They came simultaneously and their juices mixed as she rubbed herself against the other girl. She grabbed the vibrator and began using it on the packet as she fucked her, moaning and crying out in pleasure.

They both came again once more, and panting, she hung her head and laid down on 92. After a few minutes of holding her close to her, their tits pushed together, she got up and let 92 go.

She lay there staring at the ceiling for a moment, and then jumped up and bolted. 34 stood watching with her hands on her hips and laughed. Later that night, when her doctor led her to her table and shackled her, he chuckled and said, "I saw the trouble you got into today.

I was watching on the cameras." 92 looked up at him with a 'don't talk about it' expression. He understood and was about to turn to leave, smiling, when something caught his eye. "Woah," he said, "what did she DO to you?" The raise in her skin was gone. 34 had forced all of the packet to disolve. It was completely gone.

He burst out laughing. She stared curiously as he caught his breath. "That packet," he explained, "wasn't supposed to be gone for another week and a half. How are you still alive? I would think you'd have orgasmed to death." He found this hilarious and burst out laughing again. He glanced at her and winked. "Hopefully you won't tire of me after all that," he said jokingly. He turned and left, and exhausted, she fell asleep.