POV blowjob in the tub

POV blowjob in the tub
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(This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) As Robert was getting out of bed the next morning he asked Margaret whether Carolyn would be accompanying him to work in their car. Margaret's response was, "Dear, on most days Carolyn will of course go with you, but NOT today.

I need to review a few household matters with her, and will send her shortly. I've already informed our driver Debbie of this schedule." Robert followed his normal schedule of showering, breakfast and was shortly off to work. ~00O00~ Around the same time Carolyn was up and dressed for work, but she knew she had to report at 8:00am sharp to Margaret. As she was walking with trepidation down the large staircase, she spied Molly ahead of her and she warmly greeted, "Hi, Molly and a good day to you!" "Thanks, Carolyn, but it's not starting out so good.

Sigh ." "Oh, what happened, Molly?" "Well, I had a little 'accident' this morning. I knocked over a flower pot in my haste to bring Robert his breakfast. I'm on my way to confess to Margaret. Remember I told you yesterday about 'self-reporting'? Well, that's what I'm about to do and for certain . I'll get a spanking. Damn! If only I hadn't been in such a hurry." Carolyn began to feel at little better knowing she wouldn't be facing Margaret alone.

She then confessed to Molly, "You aren't alone! I'm off to see Margaret and . I'm pretty sure Margaret will give me a sound spanking as well. Molly, I'm so glad I won't have to face her alone. How hard does Margaret spank this early in the morning and do you think she'll spank us in front of each other?" "Well that depends upon how angry she is.

Margaret can spank HARD . anytime! As for who watches who . Margaret has no qualms about punishing in front of others. I've been spanked in front of other staff and family members dozens of times. I've never witnessed, however, a spanking of Margaret or of one of her daughters." "I can understand how family affairs remain family affairs.

Nevertheless, sounds like we are in for a HOT TIME," whispered Carolyn. "Any thing we can to get the bare minimum?" "Well, just do everything Margaret commands and quickly.

For example, Margaret only punishes bare behinds, so I took my panties off already. Margaret appreciates it when we come prepared. She interprets it as a sign of respect. Also when you are getting it, never cover up or move out of position.

Of course, you may wiggle and buck, but always, always, always keep your cheeks in the proper position to receive whatever instrument Margaret chooses.

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In addition, yelling your head off is OK. Margaret likes, as does Robert, for the other household members to be aware that discipline is being dispensed . sound discipline. The louder the better, but never try to fool Margaret. Let your volume increase naturally with the sting and heat." "Molly, thank you! I just hope that someday I'll be able to repay your kindness," whispered Carolyn as the two walked together each trying to appear nonchalant, yet fully aware they were due a sound spanking.

Both resigned, however, to accept what they've earned and promising themselves to avoid repeats of the behaviors that put them on this path.

~00O00~ Margaret followed her routine as well and by 8:00am was in Robert's study working on some bills when she heard a knock on the door. "Enter," she commanded. As Molly and Carolyn walked in Margaret greeted them with, "Well, my dynamic duo, Carolyn and Molly. Carolyn I know why you are here. As for Molly, I'm guessing that spilled flower pot outside my bedroom door?" "Yes, Ma'am. It was an accident. You see I was carrying Robert's breakfast and as I turned the corner, Debbie was coming ." "Enough!" shouted Margaret.

"Now I've told you before that you've got to be more careful. This isn't the first time is it, Molly?" "No, Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am." "How were you punished the last time, Molly." "You gave me a warning, Ma'am, and said I'd get a spanking if it happened again . but it really wasn't my ." "Carolyn, prop the study door wide open and get those clips on the table," said Margaret as she walked behind the desk and removed the house paddle from its hook on the wall.

Meanwhile, Molly stooped down and began to untie her shoes. "Molly, what are you doing?" demanded Margaret. "I'm just getting ready, Ma'am," responded an anxious Molly.

After all, she was just taking her shoes off and getting ready to accept her punishment like she always did. "Molly, we don't have time for that today, just drop your pants. Carolyn, with those clips pin the hem of Molly's skirt to her shoulders." Molly quickly answered Margaret's command with, "Ma'am I left my pants in my room so that I'd be prepared in case ." Carolyn grabbed the hem on Molly's gray work skirt and clipped it to each of Molly's shoulders.

This left Molly's bare behind totally exposed and both Carolyn and Margaret were impressed. Most girls have a clear line demarking the transition from thigh to bottom. Not Molly! Her bottom was very firm and jutted out with no line whatsoever. This was a result of constantly running up and down the stairs all day long. That is, her bottom "meat" was marbled with plenty of muscle .

muscle that would be sensitive to the house paddle. In looking at Molly, Margaret started wondering whether she might be a "girlfriend" candidate for Robert. A year ago, Margaret wouldn't even have consider pairing Robert up with a lowly maid.

In that year, however, the pressure upon Margaret to expand her family had become enormous. Her friends, who were wives of very powerful political leaders, on many occasions mentioned that a family consisting of just two teenaged daughters was totally insufficient. Fortunately, Margaret was able to get Robert to listen to her and take a girlfriend. Carolyn. Now, Carolyn just happened to be available and a perfect first GF. Carolyn, however, was smart . very smart . and a long term potential challenger to Margaret.

Molly, on the other hand while extremely attractive, was somewhat of a dunce. Bringing Molly into her extended family might be the ideal solution. Margaret knew she could control Molly with ease.

So with Molly firmly on her side, they'd simply outnumber the very clever Carolyn. As these thoughts were swirling in her mind, Margaret decided that the time to pursue this further would be right after Carolyn became pregnant.

In the meantime, giving Molly a good spanking, but at the same time a NOT overly severe spanking, just insured Molly understood her position relative to Margaret. And at the same time, left her indebted to Margaret. Indebted, because Margaret COULD give her a fairly severe walloping for a repeat offence or even worse, put her on report to Robert. As Molly stood with her skirt pinned up and backside totally bare and ready, Margaret instructed, "Molly, please put your hands behind your head, bend forward just a little and put your feet together." Molly immediately complied and once in position, Margaret announced, "Molly, for your carelessness I'm going to give you five swats with the house paddle.

I expect you to remain in this position during your spanking. I further expect you to become a lot more careful as you scurry throughout the house." "Yes, Ma'am! Of course, Ma'am!" responded a very, very relieved Molly. Five little swats! That was nothing!


While no maid likes getting a spanking, Molly was very pleased she'd only get 5 little swats. She could be going over Margaret's knees for a full 5 minute spanking with that awful brush or even worse, Margaret could put her on report to Robert.

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Of course, she'd experienced the house paddle before and knew it could really sting and then . this was a totally new position for Molly in which to receive the paddle. Nevertheless, five swats was a fairly mild spanking. Margaret grabbed Molly's elbow to steady Molly and to give Margaret something to hold on to so she could swing harder.

She tapped the paddle gently against the underside of Molly's cheeks. Margaret then pulled the paddle way back and swiftly slammed it into Molly's expose hind cheeks landing on the underside with a loud . CCRRACKKK!

"Yiiieeekkkkksss," exclaimed Molly as she thought to herself, 'Wow, the thing stings, but only 4 more to go.' Again Margaret pulled back the paddle and slammed another swat into the underside of Molly's bare cheeks . WWHHACKKKK! "YYYOOOeeeeccchhhh!" cried Molly as she jumped forward from the momentum of the hard swat.

Margaret still holding Molly's elbow tightly instructed, "Molly, put your feet tightly together, please." Carolyn, didn't understand why Margaret demanded 'feet together' until she noticed that when Molly complied, this forced both cheeks out a little further and positioned them perfectly to receive swats from that paddle.

Margaret placed the third swat squarely on the crowns of Molly's cheeks and this time Molly screeched out, "OOOWWWWIIIEEEE, Geeez that stings!" Molly at the same time was thinking, 'Only two more . only two more . I can take this . I know can take this, but damn it stings!' Molly kept her feet tightly together for the last two swats which Margaret slammed with moderate force into Molly's bare bottom.

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As Molly had explained to Carolyn, her screams did in fact increase in volume with the heat and throbbing pain in her sore fanny. Upon delivering the last swat, Margaret released Molly's elbow and ordered, "Molly, keep your skirt pinned up. I now want you to kneel down under the house strap in the main hall and spend 5 minutes thinking about becoming more careful.

After 5 minutes, put on a pair of panties and lower your skirt. If you walk around here without panties, you'll walk with your skirt pinned up. Molly, do we understand each other?" Margaret had zero desire for Molly to scurry around bare bottomed and for Robert to discover Molly's charms "by accident." "Yes, Ma'am! Absolutely, Ma'am and thank you, Ma'am," answered Molly as she headed for the hall and the final phase of her penance.

While Margaret was finishing with Molly, Carolyn stepped out of her black high heels and unzipped her tight, knee length, company skirt. When Margaret turned to Carolyn, she saw that she was removing her black office skirt. Before Margaret could say anything, Carolyn blurted out, "It was an accident, Ma'am!

I did what you told me and he just went off! It wasn't my fault. Please, Ma'am?!" As she was saying this, Carolyn pushed down her white half slip and stepped out it leaving her in just the yellow panties, she'd gotten from Molly. "What did I tell you would happen if you disobeyed me?" answered Margaret in a rather loud voice. "Please, please, Ma'am . don't spank me every day for an entire week. I'm very sorry. It really was an accident," pleaded Carolyn.

While begging she managed to neatly fold her clothes and place carefully on the desk. "Keep going," Margaret commanded. "Get that backside of yours bare and tell me exactly what happened." Carolyn quickly pulled down and stepped out of the yellow panties.

At the same time she told the story of how Robert accidentally exploded while she was providing oral stimulation.


She tried to explain that she had expected that it would take a while to get Robert 'ready' because he got so angry during the evening news. "So angry he was yelling 'stupid' and 'crook' at the politicians on the evening news," related a very worried Carolyn. "Carolyn, he does that every night!

He simply has a low tolerance for those foolish politicians. I can see that you might not fully understand Robert's moods. Nevertheless, we cannot let gross disobedience go unpunished. I'm sure, Carolyn, you can understand that." "Yes, Ma'am. Of course, Ma'am, but do you have to spank me every day?" asked Carolyn, who was now completely naked below the waist.

Margaret though for a moment and then said, "I guess I can temper a little mercy with justice. Get the stool and place it the middle of the room." "Yes, Ma'am," responded a still nervous Carolyn as she quickly carried the stool out into the center of the study. Margaret grabbed the paddle she'd just used on Molly. As she then walked to the center of the room, she grabbed a small pillow on the way.

"Here, Carolyn. Put this pillow on the stool and lie over it." Carolyn in a soft voice thanked Margaret for the pillow and then bent over the tall stool. Neither her feet nor her arms could reach the floor. Nevertheless, she grabbed hold of a low rung and held on tightly. Her feet also found a temporary supporting rung, but Carolyn knew there was zero hope of her feet remaining in place.

That paddle would set everything in motion! She just vowed to herself to take her paddling as best she could, and to Carolyn that meant to humbly offer up her bare hind cheeks for the paddle to do its work. Even the impression that she was reaching back to cover up must be avoided.

Consequently, she focused on the floor and gripped that rung as tight as she could. Now, Carolyn had had plenty of experience getting paddled. Prior to working directly for Robert, Carolyn worked in the accounting secretarial pool. Her supervisor, Martin Boldger, punished secretaries with the company paddle and Carolyn had experienced many trips across Martin's desk getting her bare hind cheeks blistered by that paddle.

That paddle swung by Martin hurt so bad that she could never take a paddling in complete silence like some of the secretaries. (Everyone knew just how well a secretary took her punishment because like Robert, Martin always left his office door open.) The screams and cries of the well spanked secretaries always worked wonders encouraging others to do their absolute very best work.

Carolyn worked for almost 2 years in the pool and averaged 3 to 4 trips per month over her supervisor's desk. Consequently, she knew that nothing Margaret would give her could ever compare to the roastings she had experienced at work. Nevertheless, she really liked living in this house and hated the very though of returning to the dorm and Maude Grubber's strap.

So she was determined to accept her paddling with humility and exhibit as much decorum as possible all the while showing the ultimate respect for Margaret. Carolyn well understood that Margaret was the key to her happiness. Displease Margaret and she was certain to be heading back to the dorm. "Carolyn, I've decided to give you a dozen sound spanks with the house paddle.

You are getting more than Molly, because your actions amounted to clear disobedience. Next time this happens, plan on seeing me before bedtime every night for a week getting your bare hind end soundly thrashed. This is your last warning, Carolyn!" "Yes, Ma'am! I understand fully and thank you, Ma'am, for your understanding," responded a relieved Carolyn. To herself she thought, 'A dozen swats is nothing compared to old Boldger's paddlings.

I should be able to take this without screaming the entire house down. I better make certain I never let Robert finish in my mouth again as I do NOT want a full week of hard spankings before bed.' Margaret tapped Carolyn lightly on her bare cheeks with the paddle and said, "Carolyn, move over just a bit more." Carolyn squirmed a bit, but managed to get further over the stool.

Margaret ordered this because Carolyn's bottom, while very well formed, had more fat marbled throughout than Molly's.

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Result was that Carolyn, who sat on her bottom most of the day, had a clear line delineating her bottom from her thighs as the fat kind of 'hung over'. Margaret knew this soft fatty tissue would really respond well to the house paddle, so that's why she had Carolyn advance over the stool. This caused the flesh on Carolyn's bottom to stretch to the extent that the line now disappeared and Margaret was rewarded with more real-estate on which to apply the paddle.

In addition, the crowns of Carolyn's bottom now pointed straight up and this allowed Margaret to apply some swats straight down. Thus, gravity would help land the paddle with frightening speed and force. Margaret indeed decided that the first swat would come straight down (and aided by gravity) as she wanted to light an intense fire in Carolyn's hind cheeks.

She lifted the paddle straight up and pulled it down with both hands resulting in a loud . CCRRRAACCCKK!! "YYOOOWWIEEEE!" shrieked a totally surprised Carolyn. 'Oh God, not eleven more of these. This is almost as bad as old Boldger!' thought a distressed Carolyn. Repeating the same stroke Margaret landed squarely on the crowns. SSSMMAACKKK!! "YYOOOUUUCHHHIEEEE!" shrieked Carolyn as her legs shot straight out, but her hands remained firmly clutching that rung. "Listen Carolyn, while I have you in what Robert calls the 'learning position', I want to share with you something I LEARNED just yesterday.

My good friend Mabel told me that they had trouble with her husband's second girlfriend. No matter how often they got together, she could not get pregnant. Mabel sought counsel from friends and tried something entirely new. Every evening just before the girlfriend was to meet with Mabel's hubby, the girlfriend would get five hard paddle swats on the bare hind end.

Mabel said several of her friends tried this and that it always works. Well, guess what? After three weeks of daily paddle swats, the girlfriend announced she missed her period and was pregnant." "Oh Nooo," pleaded Carolyn, "not five swats like that every day!!" "Now, Carolyn, I'm not saying we're going to do that.

But .


but I'm only sooo patient. Do you hear me?" "Yes, Ma'am, I hear you! I hear you loud and clear. Perhaps I can get Robert to spend a few minutes with me at work .

I mean once in the morning and again in the afternoon?" "Isn't it amazing how the 'learning position' will get those creative juices flowing. Yes, that's very good idea, Carolyn. See that you make it happen lest we are forced to implement a 'Scorched Bottom Policy'." "Yes, Ma'am.

I'll do my very best!" responded Carolyn with her legs still outstretched and bottom cheeks quivering. "Now get those legs down and back on that rung!" ordered Margaret. With her legs outstretched that line between bottom and thighs re-appeared. Further, the tender sensitive fatty flesh became bunched up and somewhat protected. As Carolyn returned her feet to that lower rung, Margaret announced, "If the paddle hits your hind end and your feet are off that rung, Carolyn, the swat won't count towards the twelve.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Ma'am," answered a very worried Carolyn. So worried that she put her feet through the rung so as to lock them in place. With Carolyn's bottom stretched so that the soft fatty tissue was exposed, Margaret brought the paddle down at a 45 degree angle and slammed it into area where bottom meets thighs. SSSMMAACCCKKK!! "Oh GOD! YYYYOOUUCCHHH! OOWWWWEEEE! Damn that hurts!" screeched Carolyn. Margaret repeated the stroke and got a similar response from Carolyn.

For the fifth swat Margaret retuned to the crowns with a straight down hard swat . CCCCRRACCKKK!!! "OOOOOOHHHH OOWWWWEEEEIIIEEE," screeched Carolyn as her bottom bucked and her legs squirmed and tried to shoot out, but luckily . were trapped behind the tall stool's rungs.

Margaret paused and placed her hand on Carolyn's squirming and quivering hind cheeks. She then observed, "Well, Carolyn, that's five and exactly what you'd get immediately before every session with Robert under the 'Scorched Bottom Policy'. I certainly hope this won't be necessary." "Me too, Ma'am.

Me too!!" "OK, let's finish this up. We have work to do," and with that Margaret switch to single handed, medium paddle swats. With her bottom so sore, however, Carolyn couldn't really detect much of a change, so she squirmed, wiggled, bucked and screeched throughout. After the twelfth and last swat, Margaret ordered Carolyn to get up and get dressed.

Carolyn, of course, obeyed, but not before she pranced about cupping her sore cheeks tenderly. Carolyn gained a new found respect for Margaret. The paddling she just received was just as severe as those she'd experienced while working in the secretarial pool.

Her hindquarters were throbbing and she dreaded having to sit at her work desk. This was identical to her feelings after getting paddled by Martin Bolder (her old supervisor). Carolyn decided then and there . to never, ever cross Margaret again. Margaret then took the still sniveling Carolyn on the grand tour. Margaret appreciated the fact that other staff members saw the well dressed Carolyn sniveling and listening intently to Margaret's every word. In fact, Margaret was enjoying herself so much she lost track of time.

Unexpectedly she got a call from Robert around 10:30. He was angry. He wanted to know where the hell Carolyn was. Margaret lied, "I don't know. I sent her to work a while ago. Must be the traffic. Let me get back to you." Margaret then called the driver Debbie and told her to RUSH Carolyn to work.

~00O00~ Carolyn arrived around 11:15am and began getting ready for the 'noon parade'. She knew Robert would be most upset if she wasn't on hand to organize, record, and witness the daily quota punishments. She very quickly went through yesterday's production reports and found only three delinquents. 'Delinquents' in the sense that these workers failed to produce according to their assigned quotas.

She then had to cross this list against her punishment logs to see if there were any repeats. Fortunately, there were none.

At 11:45am three production workers slowly walked in the office. All three were fairly new employees with ages ranging from 16 to 17 years old.

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Clearly, all three had recently left school and began working for the company. In an official tone Carolyn explained to the three, "Ladies, today we have a total of three workers who failed to meet yesterday's quotas.

All three of you have clean records and that is very good! Very good for your backsides, that is." Carolyn continued, "You will be going into Mr. Morgan's office in just a minute for your spankings, but before you do, I need to ask whether anyone would prefer instant dismissal. So, one by one please state for the record whether you choose dismissal or a spanking." At that each of the workers dressed in their blue jean overalls, said in a clear voice, "I'll take the spanking, Miss." (Now, this formality was repeated every day and all workers understood both their options and the exact wording they were to repeat.) Once she had recoded the responses, Carolyn ordered, "OK, ladies, please follow me into Mr.

Morgan's office, so we can get this unpleasantness over with quickly." "Mr. Morgan, we have only three in today's 'noon parade', and this is the first appearance for all three." "Thank you, Carolyn," said Robert and he continued, "Ladies you are here to receive 'encouragement' to achieve those daily quotas, which we take most seriously.

As I'm certain Carolyn has already explained, 4 missed quotas in a two week period calls for mandatory instant dismissal. Since this is your first appearance, you are each getting six swats with the company paddle. Now, would you please work as a team and bring that punishment table adjacent to the wall into the center of the room." As the three dragged the heavy table to the center, Carolyn, who was required to remain for these punishments, went to the wall behind Robert's desk and took from its hook the famous 'company paddle'.

Once everyone was in position Carolyn handed the paddle to Robert, and he issued the following command, "Ladies it's time to prepare so kindly lower your overalls and underpants to your ankles." At this command, the three offenders immediately lowered their clothing just like they would have done when given this command at school.

Naturally they assumed extra swats would be earned by anyone failing to quickly obey a direct order. Robert was pleased with the quick response and it is true that he would have awarded additional swats to any and all laggards. He than instructed, "Ladies, please bend over the punishment bench and support yourself on your elbows and forearms." Immediately all three complied and Robert then explained, "Just as in school the swats you'll be getting will hurt plenty and the natural tendency is to rise up and cover up.

Neither of which is permitted. The difference between school and company punishments is here you will be treated as a team. In total this team is due 18 swats. Your goal is to receive all 18 swats WITHOUT violating the rules. A failure on the part of one member of the team is a failure of the entire team. Upon failure, no matter how many swats you have taken, we start over until all 18 swats are taken in accordance with the rules.

As for additional rules, there are some. You may yell and cry as much and as loud as you want, but under no circumstances will we allow profanity or disparaging remarks about the company, Carolyn or me. Again, a failure on the part of one member is a failure for the entire team. Finally, since you are a team, you are welcome to talk and encourage your teammates.

Ladies, are there any questions?" All three quickly answered, "No, Sir! Thank you, Sir!" Again, this was a 'scripted' answer. Robert surveyed the three slim bare bottoms and noticed that all three were pale white and completely unmarked. As he lightly tapped the paddle against the first girl's offered up hind cheeks, he remarked, "Ladies I often characterize the position you are now in as the 'learning position'.

That is, you each failed to learn just how import your quotas are to the company and now in this position finally, you will . LEARN! In addition, I've found that it can also be called the 'position of truth' as no one has ever lied to me while in this position." While still tapping the paddle lightly against the first girl, Robert asked, "So, young lady, is this your first company punishment?"