Nude home porn with gay nubiles in sensual anal sex scenes

Nude home porn with gay nubiles in sensual anal sex scenes
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It was a warm and sunny Friday morning when Karissa woke up. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her favorite kind of Friday.

In fact, it was the only day of the week where she looked forward to going to school. Today was gameday. Karissa climbed out of her bed. She stared at her naked 18-year-old body in a mirror that was hanging on a nearby bedroom wall. She never went to bed with clothes or undergarments on. She enjoyed being able to feel the warm blanket against her skin whenever she slept and whenever she decided to explore her body. She walked over to her dresser and pulled her high school cheerleader outfit out of the top drawer.

Then she lay all of the pieces out onto her bed, examining them before she put them on. Karissa grabbed a black sports bra and placed it on her body. Then she put on the dark blue and white cheerleader shell. Afterwards, she placed a light blue bow in her light blonde hair. She grabbed the dark blue socks next and slid them onto her feet. Then she put her light purple miniskirt on, adjusting it as she pulled it up.

Finally, Karissa grabbed her violet briefs, stepped into them, and pulled them up. She breathed softly as she adjusted them and felt the briefs rub up against her pussy. Karissa's cheerleader coach told the cheerleaders to always wear undergarments under their spankies. However, Karissa always ignored this rule.

There was something really kinky about getting to cheer in front of a large crowd, watching her miniskirt fly up, and having only one piece of clothing separate her from the most sensitive areas on her body. She constantly fantasized about having her cheerleader panties pulled down during a game while a horny male stimulated her twat with his fingers, mouth, and cock.

She knew something like that would have to stay a fantasy as long as she was on the squad, but she always hoped that something exciting like that would happen at some point in her life. Karissa opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hallway. Her parents were already downstairs and eating breakfast. She immediately noticed that the guest room's bedroom door was open. Beatrice and Jason, her cousin and cousin-in-law, were staying at the house for the week. Jason had married her cousin only two weeks ago.

Karissa assumed that the recently married couple was downstairs as well. Karissa started to head downstairs, but something caught her eye before she could do so. She saw her older sister, Becca, and her boyfriend, walking down the hallway.


Becca was giggling softly. She watched as Becca entered her bedroom with her boyfriend. He closed the door behind them as they entered the room.

Karissa knew that it was wrong to spy on her sister and boyfriend, but she couldn't help it. She had always been a curious young woman. Karissa got down on her knees and crawled on the floor until she was outside Becca's bedroom. She peeked under the door and peered into the bedroom, eager to see what exactly was occurring.

Much to her surprise, she could see Becca and her boyfriend on the bed. A pair of pink panties with light blue flowers lay on the carpet floor. Becca moaned as her boyfriend went down on her. He flicked his tongue around as her legs shook. Without considering her surroundings or the potential consequences, Karissa lifted her miniskirt up and stuck her right hand down her briefs.

She breathed softly as she masturbated. She could feel her pussy becoming moist as she rubbed her thumb up against her clit. Karissa's sister's moans grew progressively louder as her boyfriend continued to pleasure her with his mouth and fingers. Eager to increase her pleasure, Karissa stuck two fingers inside her own pussy. The rate of her breathing picked up as she pleasured herself. Caught up in the erotic moment, Karissa picked up the pace of her finger fucking.

She was so aroused that the smacking sound of her fingers was almost as loud as Becca's orgasmic cries. "What the hell are you doing?" a male voice suddenly asked.

Karissa gasped and removed her hand from her briefs. She turned her head to see her cousin-in-law, Jason, watching her. "Jason!" Karissa gasped. "What are you." "Get up," Jason instructed. "We'll discuss this somewhere else." Jason pulled Karissa to her feet and led her away from Becca's bedroom. They headed into the guest room where Jason and Beatrice were staying. "Care to tell me why you were pleasuring yourself outside of your sister's room?" Jason questioned, as he closed and locked the door.

Karissa remained silent. She didn't know what to say. She had never been in a situation where she touched herself and got busted for it. "Look, we're all family, and you need to be honest about this," Jason urged. "What were you doing outside Becca's bedroom?" "Promise me you won't judge," she said. "Karissa, I'm not the judgmental type," he said. "You know that. Just tell me what's going on? Please? I promise that this will stay between us." "Okay. well. I. I really like pussy eating," Karissa confessed.

"For some reason, it makes me really horny. I honestly can't explain it. It just does. And that's why I was. well." "Do you want me to do that for you?" Jason asked her. "Make you wet down there?" "Wait, what?" she responded. "I want to have some fun with you," he clarified. "You told me that you enjoyed pussy eating, and I'm willing to do that for you. Believe it or not, Beatrice isn't a fan of being eaten out.

She just likes standard sex. Missionary fucking. Now don't get me wrong. Standard sex is still good, but sex should be about more than doing what is expected. It should be as kinky and drawn out as possible. So what do you say?" It took a couple seconds for Karissa to respond. She wasn't surprised to see Jason acting horny. He had a reputation for constantly partaking in sexual activities. Beatrice was aware of this reputation, but she apparently wasn't bothered by his desire to act out sexual fantasies with her and other women.

While Karissa found Jason to be attractive and charming for the most part, his relationship with Beatrice ultimately prevented something like this from being controversy free. She was nervous that she would be crossing a major line if she agreed to have sex with Jason. "Are you sure?" Karissa asked him. "You don't think it's weird at all? Don't get me wrong, I think you're cute, but you are my cousin." "Well, I'm technically your cousin-in-law," Jason clarified.

"And there's nothing wrong with showing a beautiful young woman how to get aroused. You are 18 after all. It's completely legal." "But what about Beatrice?" Karissa asked him. "She already went into town," he answered. "Doing some shopping. She's not going to get back in time to catch us.


Trust me." "Well." Suddenly, Jason shoved his tongue into Karissa's mouth. He moved his tongue around as he made out with her. "Did you enjoy that?" Jason asked her, as soon as he pulled his tongue out of her mouth. Karissa nodded. "So do you want me to show you more?" he asked her. "Hey, you don't have to be at school for another hour. Trust me. I can accomplish plenty of things within an hour." It didn't take long for Karissa to respond.

"I would love it," she replied. "Good," he answered. Jason smiled as he shoved Karissa down onto the bed. She started to take her outfit off, but Jason motioned for her to stop. "Keep that on," he instructed. "I want to choose what goes off first, and I want to be the one to do it. If I need you to remove anything, I'll let you know." "Okay," she replied. "Alright, time to get you wet," Jason said, as he climbed onto the bed. Karissa held her miniskirt up for Jason and showed him her violet cheerleader panties.

He smiled as he placed his hands onto the waistband of her briefs. A good portion of Karissa's panties was already wet from touching herself. Karissa watched in anticipation as Jason yanked her briefs down her legs. He grunted as he pulled the panties right off of her ankles and tossed them onto the bed.

"Shaved," Jason said, as he stared at Karissa's cooch. "Just the way I like it." Jason grabbed Karissa's legs and spread them apart. Then he lowered his head and began to stimulate her with his tongue.

Karissa moaned as she felt Jason's tongue rub up against her sensitive pink lips. He rubbed his thumb up against her clit as he licked her pussy.

Jason stretched Karissa's lips apart with his fingers as he pushed his tongue into her snatch. She let out a high-pitched cry as she felt his warm tongue enter her. Jason moved it around as he tasted the inside of her. He wrapped his lips around Karissa's pink lips as he ate her out.

It didn't take long for Jason's mouth to push Karissa over the edge. Jason retracted his tongue and watched as cum gushed out of Karissa's pussy. She moaned loudly as the warm liquid poured out of her and down onto the bedsheets that were underneath her. "Oh, my God!" Karissa exclaimed. "Oh, my God, that was amazing!" "Take off your top," Jason instructed. "I want to see you play with those tits while I'm in you." Karissa smiled as she undid her sports bra and removed it from her body.

Then she pulled her cheerleader shell up and off of her. She tossed the top and sports bra onto the bedroom floor. "Beautiful," Jason remarked, as he stared at Karissa's rack. "Thank you," she said, as she felt herself blush. "So what do you want to do with these girls?" "I'll show you," he replied. Karissa gasped as Jason grabbed her boobs. Then he began to twist her nipples. She watched, deeply aroused, as her cousin-in-law made her nipples perky and erect. Once Jason finished using his hands, he opened his mouth and placed his tongue up against her boobs.

She breathed softly as he licked each of her nipples. "There, now you're ready," Jason said. "Are you going to." "Not just yet," he said. "I'm going to put something else in there first.

We'll see how many I can fit inside you." Jason held up his right hand. Then he lowered it and pushed two fingers directly into Karissa's pussy. She gasped as he moved his fingers around inside of her. Then Jason added a third finger to her snatch. He began to move his hand faster and increased the intensity of his rubbing. Karissa's moans became erratic as Jason pleasured her with his fingers.

"One more," he informed her. Jason pushed a fourth finger into Karissa's snatch and began to move it around. It was a tight fit, but Jason was able to push all the right buttons again. Karissa screamed as her cousin-in-law pushed her to the brink again. Jason smiled as he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and watched her cum again. She moaned loudly as she came all over the bed. He licked his wet fingers as he watched her orgasm.

"Now, where were we?" Jason asked, rhetorically. Then Jason lowered his head, opened his mouth, and began to feast on Karissa's drenched pussy. She tilted her head back and moaned as Jason drank from her wet pussy. Her legs shook violently as he consumed her sweet pussy juice. "Goddamn, your pussy tastes delicious!" Jason exclaimed, as soon as he finished drinking. "I want to see it," Karissa said. "Excuse me?" he asked her. "Your cock," she clarified. "Show me your cock.

You've peaked my curiosity. You've seen my naked body. Now I want to see yours." "Alright, if you insist," he replied. Within seconds, Jason had unbuckled his belt and removed it from the pants loops.

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Then he dropped his pants and boxers down his legs. Karissa stared in awe at his fully erect cock. Instinctively, Karissa snatched Jason's cock. He gasped as she placed her lips around his head and began to suck on it. Jason shut his eyes as he reacted to the blowjob.

His breathing rapidly picked up as she sucked on him. Karissa squeezed the base of his cock with her right hand as she pleasured Jason with her mouth. Then she pushed it down her throat. He cried out as he felt the sucking become more intense. She shut her eyes as she felt his cock bounce back and forth inside of her mouth. He tasted very good, and she wanted to feel him explode inside of her. However, Jason grabbed Karissa's hair and motioned for her to open her mouth.

She promptly complied and released his cock. "You know, for someone who hasn't given head before, I got to say, you're pretty damn good at it," Jason confessed.

"Thank you," Karissa said, as a big smile formed on her face. "Do you want to know what it's like to give and receive pleasure at the same time?" he asked her.

"You want to do a 69?" she asked him. "Here, I'll show you," Jason said. "Stand up. I'm going to get down on the bed and show you." Karissa climbed to her feet and watched Jason lay down on his back. "Alright, now get back on the bed," he instructed. "And face away when you do so." Karissa climbed back onto the bed. She spun around, got down on her knees. and placed her hands on the edge of the bed. Jason slid underneath her until his head was right under her miniskirt.

"Okay, now lower yourself," he told her. Karissa lowered herself so that her ass was hovering over Jason. Then she grabbed his cock with her right hand, opened her mouth, pressed it against her tongue, and began to lick it.

Jason opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and began to lick Karissa's clit. Then he inserted his tongue into her snatch. Karissa gasped as she felt Jason reenter her. She gripped his cock tightly and shoved it into her mouth.

Her eyes rolled back as she pushed Jason's cock to the back of her throat. Their breathing and heart rates gradually went up as they went after each other's erogenous zones. Feeling deeply aroused, Jason pressed his teeth against her pussy lips and clamped down on her drenched snatch. He pushed his tongue against her, determined to make her gush out onto his face. Karissa released Jason's cock and cried out as he made her cum again. Jason moaned as cum sprayed out of her pussy and down onto his face.

Overwhelmed by another orgasm, Karissa rolled off of Jason and lay down on the edge of the bed. She took several deep breaths as her body continued to react to the intense cunnilingus.

Jason stuck his tongue out and quickly licked the wet liquid right off of his face. "Karissa?" he asked her. "Yeah?" she responded, as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Do. do you want to feel me inside you?" Jason asked her. "I'm. I'm not on the pill," Karissa confessed. "I just turned 18, Jason. I didn't anticipate something like this happening so soon." "That's alright," he replied. "I can pull out in time." "You're not going to use a condom?" she asked him. "Feels a lot better without the latex separating the skin," he said.

"You're going to enjoy it a lot more if there's nothing in between us. I know it's very risky, but trust me. I can pull out in time." Karissa remained silent as she considered her options. Then she responded. "Okay," Karissa said, as she moved forward, got on her back, and lay against the pillows. "Let's do it." Jason smiled as he placed his cock up against her snatch. He breathed softly as he rubbed his cock up against her clit. She giggled as he aroused her. Then he inserted it into her wet pussy.

He grunted as he moved his cock around inside of her. Karissa moaned as she watched Jason fuck her. She grabbed her tits, squeezing them, as she reacted to the hot sex.

Jason gripped her legs as he thrust himself inside of her. The bed began to shake underneath them. The springs were so loud that they nearly drowned out Karissa's orgasmic moans entirely. Suddenly, Jason pulled out of her. "Wait!" she cried. "What are you." "Got to taste you again!" he shouted. "Damn it, I got to taste you!" Then Jason placed his mouth against Karissa's pussy and began to kiss it again. She moaned as he feasted on her freshly fucked pussy.

Her legs shook as she reacted to the intense oral sex. Jason flipped his tongue around as he made out with her delicious pussy. Karissa cried out as Jason's mouth got her off yet again.

She tilted her head back and screamed as she expelled sweet juice again.

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"Oh, my God!" Karissa moaned, as she grabbed a black pillow and placed it over her face. She breathed into it as she tried to calm herself down.

The recurring orgasms felt fucking incredible. "Get on your knees," Jason instructed. "Turn around and get on your knees. Come on." As soon as Karissa slowed her breathing rate, she spun around and got down on her knees. "What are you going to do now?" she asked him. "Just watch," he answered.

"You'll find out soon enough." Then Jason lowered his mouth and began to lick her pussy again. He gave her snatch a few strokes with his wet cum covered tongue. Once he was finished, Jason placed his hands on Karissa's ass.

She gasped as he raised his right hand up, lowered it promptly, and spanked her. "Alright, back to it," he whispered. Then Jason shoved his cock back into Karissa's pussy and began to fuck her doggystyle. "Oh, fuck!" Karissa shouted, as she watched him fuck her. Jason let out a deep grunt as he fucked and spanked her.

He watched her tits bounce up and down as the intensity of his fucking gradually increased. Karissa moaned loudly as she felt his cock rub up against the walls of her soaking wet pussy. Never had she been so aroused and satisfied. Suddenly, Jason pulled out of her. He rested his cock on her right buttcheek as he took several deep breaths. Eventually, he spoke.

"I know you're still young, but I think I want to find out what it's like in that other hole of yours," Jason informed her. "If you're up for it." "Go for it," Karissa urged. Jason smiled. Then he lowered his head and pressed his lips up against her asshole. She gasped as he attempted to lubricate her ass with his mouth. After a few seconds, he removed his mouth from her. "Damn, it's tight," Jason said.

"Just the way I like it." Then he pressed his cock up against her asshole. After a few seconds of light teasing, he pushed himself inside of her. It was a very tight fit, but Karissa trusted Jason to give her pleasure without making it hurt to the point where the pain overrode her pleasure.

Jason slowly moved his cock around inside her ass. Karissa rested her head against the pillow as she allowed her cousin-in-law to satisfy her. Eager to add more stimulation, Jason inserted two fingers into Karissa's pussy. He moved his fingers back and forth, rubbing the wet pink skin of her pussy as he fucked her ass.

Cum poured out and down the back of her legs as Jason's fingers continued to find a way to excite her. "Harder," Becca moaned. "Fuck me harder." Determined to fulfill her deepest desires, Jason turned his full attention to her ass. She cried out as he moved faster and smacked his cock around inside her ass. He grunted as he raised his right hand and spanked her right cheek repeatedly. Karissa moaned as she embraced the rough sex. However, Jason was ready to switch things up again.

He pulled out of her and stared at her freshly fucked ass for a couple seconds.

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"Your ass is so fucking perfect," Jason told her. "Hey, why do you think I made the cheerleader squad?" Karissa joked. "Hey, it actually does makes sense," he commented. "Alright, now get down on your back. And make sure you keep that short skirt of yours up." Karissa rolled onto her back.

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She hiked her miniskirt up as far as she could and made certain that it wouldn't roll down. Jason breathed heavily as he elevated Karissa's right leg into the air. "Keep it up there," he instructed. "You're going to really enjoy this." "Don't hold back," Karissa told him. "Fuck me fast and hard." "With pleasure," he replied. Karissa moaned loudly as he pushed his cock inside her and pounded her with his fully aroused cock.

Her body wasn't used to this fast paced sex, but the pleasure overwhelmed her discomfort. Jason's breathing grew louder as he moved faster and thrust himself in deeper. The bed shook violently as he fucked her hard. Karissa's cum continued to soak into the skin of Jason's cock as they fucked, making him further aroused. Jason grunted as he slammed his cock into her.

Karissa screamed as he hit her G-Spot. She shut her eyes and let out a drawn out scream as she embraced the orgasmic bliss. It was that moment that pushed Jason to the brink and made him climax.

Jason screamed as the semen shot up and triggered his orgasm. Karissa opened her eyes as she realized that he was ready to cum.


"Pull out!" Karissa cried. "Jason! Pull it out now!" Jason cried out as he pulled his cock out of Karissa. However, he couldn't turn away from her in time. "Oh, fuck!" he screamed. Instinctively, Karissa grabbed her violet cheerleader briefs off the black pillow and held them in front of her pussy.

Jason moaned as he ejaculated all over her panties. Several streams poured out as he came into the spankies. She gasped as she felt the liquid melt into the briefs in front of her pussy.

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After a few seconds passed, Jason finished cumming. He let out an audible groan as his orgasm came to an end. Karissa tossed the wet panties onto the bed. She stared at her pussy as she scanned it for Jason's cum. She breathed a sigh of relief. They were very fortunate. Jason did not cum on her. However, there was still some bad news. She stared at the briefs and let out an audible groan.

Jason had cum on the outside of her spankies instead of the inside. "What's wrong?" Jason asked. "I have to wear these briefs to school today and at tonight's game," Karissa answered. "And the stains are going to be pretty damn visible. Ugh. Goddamn it." "Well. you could just wear them inside out," he suggested. "That should work." "Really?" she asked him.

"You're sure it won't be noticed?" "Hey, you can pull it off," he reassured her. "Well. if you say it works, then I guess I'll have to take your word for it," she said.

Karissa grabbed several tissues from a nearby tissue box and wiped the cum off of her briefs. She started to put the briefs on, but Jason stopped her. "Hold on," he said. "I'm still feeling hungry. One more sampling?" Karissa smiled as she set the briefs down, got down on the bed, and spread her legs. Jason lowered his mouth and began to kiss her wet twat. Karissa placed her hands in Jason's hair and played with it as he made out with her moist pussy.

She moaned as Jason's lips, teeth, and tongue made her cum again. After she finished cumming, Jason stuck his right hand into her pussy and moved it around until it was covered in her cum. He raised his sticky fingers up to his mouth and began to lick them. "Holy fuck, you are really horny," Karissa remarked. "Well, you're a beautiful and barely legal cheerleader," Jason pointed out, as he finished cleaning his hand off. "How could I not be?" "Hey, you know how to satisfy me down there," she told him.

"I'm not going to complain about horniness when someone is capable of doing that." "Good," Jason said. "Alright, I got to get going now." Jason climbed to his feet and began to get dressed. "But I'll see you at the game tonight," he promised. "Perhaps I'll still be hungry." "If you are, I'll do what I can to satisfy you," Karissa promised. "We'll see," he remarked, as he grabbed his belt and put it back in his pants loops. "Oh, and try to get on the pill as soon as you can.

That way we can avoid all of these close calls. Didn't think I would struggle to control myself like that. I'm glad you stopped me from cumming all over you." "I'll see what I can do," she replied. "Next time, I want to know what it feels like to have you cum inside me." "I know you do," he told her. "Oh, and one other thing. Make sure to remove and change those bedsheets for me before you head out, okay?

Don't want Beatrice finding your cum all over the bed." "Not a problem," she said. "Alright, I'll see you later tonight," he told her. "I know I'm definitely looking forward to having more fun with you and getting to teach you more." Jason leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on her right cheek.

Then he departed from the guest room. Karissa quickly changed the bedsheets, tossing the damp sheets into a nearby laundry bin. Then she grabbed her clothes off the floor and began to get dressed. She made certain to wear her stained cheerleader panties inside out. Once Karissa finished dressing, she slowly opened the guest room door and peered out into the hallway. Thankfully, there was nobody in sight.

She stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind her. Then she began to head towards the stairs. The bathroom door opened, and Becca stepped out into the hallway. She was wearing a dark blue bathrobe. Karissa didn't say it out loud, but she could tell that Becca and her boyfriend just had sex in the shower. "Morning, sis," Becca said. "Morning," she responded. Becca eyed Karissa.

She seemed to notice that something was different about her. However, she wasn't one for guessing games. "Everything okay?" Becca asked her.

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"Never felt better," she answered. And with those words, Karissa headed downstairs. The football game arrived much sooner than Karissa thought it would. The events from this morning were so memorable that it helped her get through what was normally a long and tedious school day. At the same time, it made her even hornier than ever before. At one point during the school day, Karissa waited for the women's locker room to be empty, barricaded the doors, and masturbated, thinking deeply about her hot morning sex with Jason.

Once halftime arrived, Karissa joined the other varsity cheerleaders on the football field to lead the halftime routine. She stood in the center of the group. Karissa clapped her hands and shouted loudly as she attempted to pump up the crowd.

The home team was getting blown out, but she was in too good of a mood to allow the outcome to minimize her excitement. Suddenly, she noticed someone familiar that was near the front of the crowd. It was Jason. She didn't know how long he had been there, but she guessed that he was eyeing her the entire time. Her smile turned into a big grin as she stared at Jason. Inspired by Jason's presence, Karissa jumped up into the air multiple times. Her miniskirt flew up as she spread her legs apart.

She knew that Jason was very horny right now, and she wanted to excite him while he was amongst the unsuspecting crowd. Then Karissa did a frontward flip, showing off her body as she flipped across the football field. She enjoyed being able to show off her body, being equally innocent and naughty at the same time.

The crowd paid close attention to Karissa as she showed off. However, they had no idea what was on her mind and that her cheers and emphasis on school pride were not as innocent as they seemed. Karissa's grin grew wider as she raised her right leg up into the air, allowing Jason to stare at her panties.

He smiled as he stared at the briefs that covered the twat he recently kissed and penetrated. She could tell that he wanted to take those violet cheerleader panties off of her and pleasure her again. Karissa was already looking forward to feeling his lips get pressed back up against her soft lips, making her wet and bringing her more orgasms. As she pictured the sexual scenarios, Karissa's voice grew louder as she shouted her cheers.

Her voice emphasized more excitement than usual as she thought about what was to come. Yep. Karissa was definitely looking forward to her next session of cheerleader cunnilingus.