MILF white uniformed HOLE pounded by criminal MONSTERCOCK

MILF white uniformed HOLE pounded by criminal MONSTERCOCK
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"Aww do you really have to leave Edward"? "Yes apparently the whole family has to go. Edward and the family were going away for the weekend to Translyvania, because another vampire family like them, had a sick child and they were going to help.

"I wish I could go with you".

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I said and gave him a sad face. "Aww it's only for two days, besides I believe I can trust you till then." He kissed me for a too short second and before I could open my eyes he was gone. I went back in the house and Charlie asked "Is he gone?" "Yes" i sadly replied. Later that evening I was feeling lonely and needed some attention and so I decided to go down to La Push to see Jacob. Although Jacobs my friend, ive been attracted to him. Even before he got his gigantically huge muscles ive still liked him.

I arrived at La Push and I am really tired so I decided I should lay down and be rested from that tiring walk I had. I laid down and before I know it Ive quickly fallen asleep. I woke up to this room where chains and strings are hanging down from the cieling.

''Hello where am I"? I then relize that I am naked and chained to a bed "Spread Eagle". This made me afraid and I scream as hard as I can when suddenlly Smack. A slap lands across my face. I turn around to see that it was Paul who did it. "Jeez shut the fuck up slut". I am shocked to hear Paul calling me a slut. "Aye Paul shes quite a screamer isnt she ?" I turn around to see that Embry said that. "Please please let me go you cant keep me here like this". Smack another hit across my face.

I start to cry. I am not use to people hitting me why ive never even had a spanking a day in my life. I turn around in the room and see that Paul Embry and Jared are there but no one else.

"Shut up crying bitch unless you want another hit and want us to gag you!" I quickly lower my cries. "Wow Jacob wasnt lieing when he said this bitch had quite a body on her." I was wondering how jacob knew that. "Now be a good girl and dont say a word." Paul said.

I was terrified of Paul ever since he and Jacob had got in that fight in the woods. They then start to untie me and they had me get on my knees. "What are you gonna do to me?" I said. "Oh I think you know". Paul said.

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They then start to undress themselves. I then scream "If you dont let me go ill get Edward or Jacob on you guys!" Paul then comes over and slaps me then says "Oh and how are you gonna do that Jacobs in a meeting unable to leave and Edward is gone with his family to Transylvania." I was shocked to know that they knew that Edward had left. Had they planned this? As they were finishing undressing my eyes went to total shock.

All of their cocks had to be atleast 8 inches with a 2 and 1/2 inch width except for Paul whose looked to be 10 inches with a 3 inch width. Jared must have noticed my starring and said "like what you see Bella?" I could feel my start to redden. They noticed this and started to laugh coldly. "Here suck on my cock whore!" Paul said and brought it up to my lips.

I turned my head I was wondering how I could fit it in my mouth without it tearing my throat to shreds. Paul slapped me hard again on my face and said "I said suck on my cock whore if you know whats good for you!". And I open my lips a little bit and he thrusted his cock in there at full force causing me to gag uncontrolabaly.

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They laughed. As Paul was face fucking me I saw Embry and Jareed furiously jerking on their fat cocks.


Jared then got behind me and Started to finger fuck my shaved slit. He then pushed two in my cunt.

He saw me start to enjoy it and was now going faster and faster. I couldnt help it but to moan on Pauls cock making a slight vibrating noise. He must have to have enjoyed this because he started to push my head back more force fully than before. After a while my orgasm hit me making me moan harder on Pauls cock which sent him over the edge causing tons of cum shooting down my throat.

I almost passed out right there becuase of all the cum that was going so fast in my throat.


"Now lets have a turn at that cunt shall we". Paul said. "no please dont im a virgin!". "What? that bloodsucker hasnt poped it yet?, well im gonna pop it for him!" "No please!". I begged him. But my pleas were falling on deaf ears. Paul got in front of me and made me lay down. He started to rub his cock against my slit which was driving me crazy. I wanted him in me now. All of a sudden he pushed himself all the way in me hard, making me scream loud causing me to pass out from the pain.

I was only back for 3 seconds when Jared came over and told me to suck his cock while Paul was still brutally fucking me. While I sucked him off, Embry was rubbing my tits and fingering my clit which was driving me even more crazy.

I had multiple orgasms while my pussy was tightening up on Pauls cock driving him insane he came deep inside my cunt. While i was sucking Jared I sucked in my jaws to create my pleasure around his cock. And after Paul came he came inside my mouth too. Paul then moved me so i was on top of him and my face was turned against him. He placed himself at my ass.

Not wanting to get any more pain I told him to go slowly. Of course he didnt listen, but after awhile it didnt hurt as much and the pain was replaced with pleasure. Jared came over and got in my pussy, while Embry replaced his spot at my mouth.

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They were all now fucking me in unison pulling out slowly and then pushing back in harder and faster. And they came inside me too in unison. First Paul then Jared then Embry. They kept fucking me in diffrent positions for hours. When they looked like they were done I said "Thanks guys I really needed that".

All of a sudden the door busted open and Jacob came in naked and said with a devilish smile "Oh im not done with you yet." I was starring hugely at Jacobs cock. It had to be about 12 inches long with a 5 inch width. Thats when I woke up. Just a dream? I slipped my hand down into my panties and sure enough my pussy was soaking wet. I started to finger fuck myself when I heard a human like howl and turned around to see Paul, Jared, and Embry.

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"Well it looks like the vampire girl really likes to play with her pussy". Paul said. I thought to myself, time to make my dream come true, and I laughed. :)