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This was about three years ago. I was off from work one day and my roommate at the time, Gail, was at work.


I was laying around the house, being lazy, sipping wine and had on only a very sheer gown the waist and that is all. I was on the couch sipping wine watching a DVD and the knock came at the door.

I got up, went to the door and looked thru the peep hole and saw two very cute young ladies, both over 18 and they had some books in the hands of some sort. I opened the door and said "Good morning." They looked at me and said, "Ah, well, maybe we should come back later when you are dressed, it looks like we interrupted you." one said.

"Well, you can come back anytime you like but I will not have anything more on, I am a nudist usually." I said sipping my wine. My nipples were standing out thru the material and I did nothing to hide them. The young women looked at each other then back to me and again to each other.

"Well, maybe for a moment it cannot hurt." one said. I opened the door and they walked in and sat on the love seat I offered them.

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They put their books on the small table in front of them. "Well, I am Susan," I said and they were nervous still and one said, "Carol" but she was looking at me with a look that told me she was taking in my body especially my chest so I made sure the gown fell open more. "Jackie" said the other. Jackie had flame red hair that was natural and Carol had jet black hair both were obviously long but they had them tied up of their shoulders.

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We sat for a long moment and looked at each other and then I said, "Can I get you something to drink, ice water perhaps?" and they said "Yes, Thanks." and so I went and got two glasses and filled my wine up again.

It was my third glass. "So, who are you and what can I do for you today?" I asked, my legs crossed in the Indian way of sitting on the ground or a couch sitting on the couch across from them and so my legs were wide open showing them my fresh shaved puss and the fact that I was wet.

They sipped their water. "Well, we are here and we represent the C of JC of LDS." Carol said and "We are speaking to people in your neighborhood." "Oh, so you are religious." I said knowing who they were and know what I was going to do.

I was in the mood to seduce a woman that day and they had walked up to my door. I got up for more wine and untied my gown at the waist and so it now was totally open as I moved. I came back and they were nervous. I leaned forward and said, "But is there anything I may be able to do for you two at all?" in he sexiest voice I had. "What do you mean?" Carol said. "Well, you are on mission and so you have to do without a lot of things, right?" I said.

They looked at each other, "Well, yes, I suppose we do but it is really no trouble." Carol said and Jackie shot her a look that said much. I asked Jackie, "So, what was that all about, that look said a lot." Jackie looked nervous, "Well, ah, it is just that, well, it is not always easy to avoid some things, and I know Carol has been doing some things to take care of her stress." Carol told her to be quiet.

"Well, it is true, you make noises at night, I hear you, and it makes me, well, makes me hot." she said.


I leaned forward my gown now falling off my shoulders and sipped my wine, "Does seeing me make you hot?" I said almost whispering. Her face turned red and I said, "Well, you two make me hot too." "We do?" Jackie said. "Yes Hun, you two make me hot just sitting there cause I can imagine you naked.


And, well, you do not have to imagine me naked." I stood and my gown fell to the floor. I walked around the table between us and sat between them in the tight space on the love seat. We three sat there and I took their hands and put one on my leg from each side. They did not move them but seemed to hold onto my legs.

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"How does that feel?" I asked and Carol said, "Oh, very nice, very nice." and Jackie sat there looking at me. "Do you know what Jackie?" I whispered. "What." she said. "I so want to kiss you, you have such beautiful lips. Would you mind?" "No, I guess not, I have not kissed anyone in a year and well, I guess not." she said and I leaned forward, moving her other hand to my tits and slowly kissed her licking her lips and leaning her back on the couch.

She did not resist. She did not move except to kiss me back and our tongues played with each other first in her mouth and then mine making both of very very hot.

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Carol tapped on my shoulder and I turned to her,"What about me?" she said. "Do you mind JAckie?" I said and she said, "Oh no, please." and so I moved around and soon her Carol in my arms kissing and undressing her slowly. I felt a mouth on my right breast taking the nipple in and sucking it. "Oh that is nice." I moaned. Carol was now naked and I looked at Jackie, "It looks like you are the only one that has anything on, d you think that is okay Carol?" Carol looked at Jackie and said, "Well, I have wanted to see her naked for a long time now." "Oh, really, then today is the day for both of you to discover each other." I said and now slipped to the floor between Jackie's legs.

Carol moved over closer and so she was able to touch Jackie anywhere and I looked up as I worked my way to her nipples and made them stand up and then her tummy and then moving her legs apart, licking around her pussy lips, touching her clit and teasing.

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Carol was there touching Jackie's tits and then I told her to suck them and kiss Jackie. She did and Jackie let out a low cry, "Oh my god, what is happening to me?" she said. I felt her tummy tense and sank a finger into her tight pussy and a wonderful orgasm flowed into my mouth and the juices were wonderful.

After her orgasm I stood and reached out my hands, "Let's go where we can really enjoy this" I said and led them to the bedroom and closed the door. "Now, you two kiss and have fun while I eat Carol." and they did just that.

This time they let go everything and their passion was wonderful. After her orgasm I laid in the middle and spread myself out, "Now it is my turn girls." and they both took to what they had seen done. Carol was on my lips, kissing me and sucking my nipples and Jackie took to my tummy and kissed her way to my pussy until her mouth sucked my clit in and began making me jump.

Soon I sprayed Jackie and soaked the bed under me. "OH, that was great." Jackie said. "Carol, now you dear." I said and they switched places.

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She took to eating me like a champ and really know what she was doing. Oh, Jackie, hunny, sit up her on my face." she did and now I had the perfect thing going, eating and being eaten. It was wonderful and after 4 hours we lay there with the scent of sex in the air ad all over us. They had to leave and as they walked they held hands until they got to the street. They came back three times and each time it was better. Okay kids, I am healing up fine and will see you all later.

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