Busty milf and teen slut threesome session on the couch

Busty milf and teen slut threesome session on the couch
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This story is fictional. It started out as a cyber chat play that just grew, producing long stories and a long series, six in total so far. Most writing is mine but the thoughts, the direction and even what is happening sexually comes with approval. We told of our fantasy, me wanting a babysitting cheerleader, her wanting to have forceful sex and be paid. What came is this series about 'Amy'. I know the themes in here are not going to be for everyone, taboo and morally wrong.

I am not saying that they are mine or hers but this is what came from our chats. I was highly encouraged to edit our talks together and post them in story form here on XNXX.

Each story will have set up but you can scroll to the good parts quite easily. But since these chats were not meant to be stories, there will be gaps, especially in the beginning where transitions should occur.

All people involved are consenting adults, including the stories FICTIONAL character Amy. "Amy the Babysitting Slut - Job Offer" Amy is a teen, eightteen to be exact. She is petite of frame but her long legs give her body the look of more, especially on the rare occasion she wore heels. Her 34 A breasts didn't demand she wear a bra but she did so because that was what was expected and like any girl going through puberty she had longed for her boobs so she wasn't about to insult them by not wearing proper support.

She kept her light brown hair shoulder length and found her eyes to be what she called 'Dream Green', rich and vibrant but not over striking or bold. Amy is poor and lives in cheaper housing on the side of town that is looked down upon. Due to an essay and luck, she got the chance to attend a better high school. As she enters her senior year, it looks like she won't be able to afford a car, college or even her own apartment upon graduation.

Amy, however, did not let that keep her down. She found her way at the new school, made decent grades, got picked to be on the cheer-leading squad and even made a really great friend named Sara. In fact, it was Sara who turned her on to getting a job part-time in the area around the school to take advantage of people with better financial situations.

It was this suggestion that would leed Amy to a wealth of money, experience, satisfaction and pleasure. It was this suggestion that leads Amy to babysit and discover a dormant sexual slut. "Hi I am calling about the babysitting job?

My name is Amy. I am senior at the local school. I do not have a car." As Sara listens to the one sided phone call between Amy and her potential employer, she nudges Amy, picking up her pleated skirt as a reminder, leading to an accidental nice royal blue panty flash for the bus patrons across the street. "I am a cheerleader which might interfere when you need me due to practices and games but it helps me to be responsible, diligent and a multi-tasker." Amy recited off.

As Amy hangs up the phone, she smiles brightly. "I got the job." Amy states, both girls squeal. "I go over today after practice to discuss pay, hours and other possible chores while babysitting that will lead to even more money." Sara replies, "After practice?

Go in your uniform, it will make that daddy happy. Plus it will help you get more cash out of him. Who knows it might even lead to you finaling losing that cherry. A win-win." "You say it like you lost yours! Besides, he is married. What would a grown man want with a girl like me. I'm little, got small breasts and still a teenager." Amy says. Sara agrees but it just shows how much they don't know about men and primal urges.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "So that is the house. You get paid $15 an hour, eat whatever you like in the fridge or before we leave I can order you something. Sometimes there can be additional chores, you do them if you want or got the time.

I know between school, your activities and this job, time and energy are a rare commodity for you. Do them if you chose and I will pay you extra in cash when we return." Amy just followed around as given the tour, listening to her new employer talking and answering questions as needed. 'Wow, $15 an hour and can be more with the chores. They aren't even that hard. Bet I could easily do two or three, get homework done and still enjoy the tv and making sure the kid is ok.' Amy thinks to herself.

"Ok since there are no questions. we will be gone at least 6 hours but it might be more. You have everything needed so relax, look after the kid and enjoy yourself." as the couple leaves out the door.

"Wow, she never said one word to me" Amy muttered aloud as she proceeded to check on the kid and find some easy chorse to do for extra money.

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***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "Why are the back so early?" Amy wondered as it had been less than half of time they were supposed to be gone.

"I tried it your way." the wife screamed as she entered the house. "I went out, tried to have a good time but I didn't. Now I am home, with MY baby and I am having a good time. Again, I knew it wouldn't work and that separating me from my baby was a horrible idea.

So night, I am going to go be with our child." She turned without a look towards Amy. "Oh and we are never doing this again so cancel the service." It took Amy amount to realize she was the 'service'. As her heart sank, the husband entered the house better from the doorway. "Amy I am sorry that we came home early and even more so in a fight and again even more so in a fight that basically just ended in you no longer having a job." As the man pulls an envelope out of his pocket, sorting through the different bill amounts and pull out what is owed to Amy.

She can tell right away he has a fair amount of cash on him but it is unclear on the exact amount. He hands the money over to Amy. "Here is what I owe you, it is the full amount because it is not your fault we came home so ridiculously early.

I also threw in an extra $50. Sort of a severance package deal. Let me go upstairs, change and I will give you a ride home so gather your things and make sure you got your homework." He sulks off to go and change and comes back down after a bit.

Amy has all of her stuff but is down cause she just lost her job and it is hard to find them, especially for $15, the ease of work, the hours, perks and the extra pay. "Hey. Cheer up Little Girl. I am sure you will find another job soon.

A girl of your asset can't be out of work too long. I let you say good-bye to the kid but you saw what the wife was like. Better not push our luck." The two head out to the car and Amy gets helped inside. As her attention is else where, Amy flashes her royal blue panties out from under near her cheer-leading skirt for a second time that day.

This time however, her audience is much closer and gets a way better look as her legs linger open for a couple of seconds. Soon the door closes and the driver seat is occupied and the two of them are on their way. One down and the other most definitely up. "So I know that you said you were saving for a car but have you thought about college any? I have seen your homework and you are smart. You understand everything it seems and you articulate your thoughts quite well." Amy explains about her situation to her former employee about funds and hoping to get a scholarship.

Amy is talking so much she is unaware that he has led them away from her house and they are sort of out in the middle of no where. "Where are we?" Amy asks when they have been stopped for about 5 minutes. Amy is not scared just curious and her nerves about money start to leak back in as she already misses the nice houses of worth.

He turns towards her and quite bluntly says "Here is $500 for just listening to me and not running off screaming and telling everyone." He hands over the money, in a variety of bill amounts from $1-$50 out of the same envelope from earlier when Amy got paid.

As she is handed the money, Amy notices there ia a lot more cash inside and it appears to be hundreds. "$500 for what? I didn't do but a chore and that fifty you gave me more than covered it.what you mean listen to you and not go screaming or tell anyone?" Amy asks more confused than anything else. The man breathes in and then out quickly, "Amy I would like to have sex with you. I have $5000 right here." He shows the envelope and Amy's guess is confirmed, all 100 dollar bills.

"It will have to be here in the back seat, right now. You can't have time to think on it. I haven't had sex in so long and I have never seen a girl as sexy as you. Your long legs, short cheer-leading skirt and your small tits. I love small tits. My wife had small tits. She got pregnant and they grew, a lot.

And then day after breast feeding, she went and got implants and now she has DD. Big scar and her nipples look ugly.


Of course it turns me off. It is why she did it. She just wanted a kid so she could lay claim to my money. I need you Amy. I am so horny and I want to help you get a car, pay for college or whatever you want. I don't care.


Just you can't tell anybody. Can't even say you are having sex. I want to be able to have sex with you however I want as well.

Here. Take an additional $500. It is not from the 5 grand. You have a chance at $6000 for some harmless sex. What do you say Amy?" as he digs out an additional $500 from his wallet and around the car. Amy looks at him weird and then the money and starts to touch it and look at it. "6000 dollars.for sex." she states. Amy begins to freak but the money is there, a thousand dollars in her hand, another nearly another 150 tucked away in her books and an offer of 5000 more.

It is all so tempting. So much money, more than she has ever had and more than her family has or is able to make and save. 'Groceries' Amy thinks 'and my car,college and clothes!' "AMY!

I need an answer. I need you to tell me and it has to be now. Six grand for a great time and some fun but you must tell me NOW!" His voice is commanding and Amy just replies instantly to it "Yes Sir." AS soon as the words are out of her mouth, he is moving into the back seat. He has Amy unbuckled and back there also without her really noticing it and without hurting her. "Here. Put your money in your book. It is now yours and you need not worry about it." He goes to hand it over but Amy is still just mesmerized by it so she just keeps it out, spreading it and flipping through the bills.

As Amy does this, her now paying future lover begins to massage her long legs, starting on her calf. "You like that money?" Amy nods slowly. "A lot huh?" "Yes" Amy whispers as he begins to kiss her legs on the thighs. "Count it Amy. Count your money." As she begin to count her money, Amy still can't really believe the money is in her hands. She is not entirely aware that her panties have been pulled down until she feels hot breathe and a wet tongue starting to lick on her shaved down, trimmed pussy.

Amy immediately moans in response as he uses just the tip of his tongue and runs it from the bottom of her slit to the top.

When Amy says 1000, her clit is sucked into his mouth and starts to lick it hard with a flat tongue while he presses a finger up into her pussy. By the time she is done counting, Amy is panting, sweaty, has her tits exposed with her bra and cheer top pushed up over her perky mounds and had an orgasm. Amy had lost what was going on for a little bit. Between the money and wonderful pussy eating (her first orgasm not self induced) and the suddenness of it all, Amy had forgotten where she was and why.

However, that all changed when she sees her employer come up with his shorts off and has got a massive hard cock staring right at her in the face. "Amy I know this looks intimidating and that this all so sudden but it has to be. I have to be finish, get you home and be back in a reasonable time. And that takes times cause we are out here where we won't be caught.

You know I got to be careful doing this with such a sexy, gorgeous little girl. My troll of a wife finds out, we are both in trouble, she will kill us both." As Amy is told this, she feels guilt, for she agreed to do this. She could have said no and walked away but she was offered money for a service and she had agreed to the terms. She knew what was expected of her and continues "You have your money and you promised to let me and you have to keep your promises, especially the ones you are paid for.

I even made sure you had an orgasm and eat your pussy really well. You are nice and wet and this" he says griping his cock, "will go in quite well due to it. Besides, I bet no stupid boy ate your pussy before. I am a grown man but I just love the way your sweet juices tasted as they flowed out of your pretty little cunt" leaning forward.

"Now you start to suck on my dick and get it wet and it will go in even better ok?" As Amy lays there listening to it all and she decides that he is right. 'He paid me and I agreed and he did eat me out, gave me an orgasm and was so caring.' Amy thinks. Amy has had some orgasms before, mostly her fingers but twice now by her hairbrush.

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No one has touched her before this experience but she watched a porn once of a woman getting her pussy eaten and she seemed to love it. And Amy did too, she just stares at the long cock in front of her but she nods ever so slowly, biting her bottom lip in nerves and yet it is so sexy that the man just growls and pushes forward and Amy takes the first two inches with ease.

Amy first thought upon having the cock enter her mouth was 'It feels like a big banana is in my mouth.' She slides her head up and down on the cock. 'But just like a lot of the banana.' she thinks. Amy feels the dick laying on her tongue inside her mouth, and he feels her close her lips around his hard shaft and actually just sucks on it like a big sucker. Amy feels the cock twitch and flex on her tongue. For some reason it just goes through Amy's mind at that point 'he pees out of this thing, and its in my mouth right now.

Gross!' but she keeps sucking on it cause she feels guilty. Amy wants to say she doesn't want to do this anymore but is a bit scared to tell. She feels like she is stuck in the situation. Amy's mouth is so wet and warm and barely stretches wide enough for the cock to fit as it is pushed into her for the first time. As she bobs her head on the cock, her teeth slightly scrap it and it drives its owner crazy cause it just shows how much of a little girl she is in this moment.

Her eyes tear a bit from the stretching of her mouth as well as her being scared that she is sucking a grown man's cock in the back seat of his car out in the middle of know where. 'But it is a lot of money' she thinks to herself and it is. $6000 to so far get her pussy eaten and suck on a cock is worth it, she argues with herself as she unconsciously starts to take more cock into her mouth.

'Kelly Johnson says that boys always cum quick and then it takes them awhile to get hard again so you either get yourself off before them or make them eat you' she thinks as the cock goes a bit further into her mouth.

After a couple of strokes at this new amount she see what is happening. 'Whoa, I didn't even know I could put that much in and I am not even choking yet. But God is his.thing big. I thought they were only suppose to be a few inches, this looks more like a yard! It is so big and I got such a tiny mouth.' And she does. She may have breasts and her period and can have a baby but Amy's body is so tiny and just not ready for a man's cock. And yet, she seems ready as more than half is inside her mouth and it keeps sliding a bit more into her with each stroke.

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"After this Amy, I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours. After all it is why I am paying you so much money. If I just wanted a blowjob, I wouldn't pay but a fifth of what I did." 'Damn,' Amy thinks. 'There goes that hope of this being it. But he did pay a lot of money and if he paid for my pussy and not a blowjob, I need to follow through. I don't want him mad and take back his money.' However, as Amy sucks on the cock, her soon virginity taker is thinking as well.

He is thinking about her pussy sliding around his dick and the idea that he is going to stretch her and force his big cock into her dainty pretty pink pussy, which is such a turn on his cock gets thicker and he just loses himself and pushes his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat.

He also grabs the back of the little girl's head and holds his dick in her mouth.

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Amy is unable to breathe as he sits there for a few seconds, dreaming of her pussy and not letting go of her head. Amy begins to slap at him and he looks down. "Yes?" Amy keep struggling. "Oh, right, I am sorry." The cock is pulled from Amy's throat, allowing her access to breathing again.

"There that is better yes?" The massive cock is covered in thick saliva and is very goopy. Amy has her hands on his chest as she tries to shove him off of her. Her legs behind him kicking at the driver's seat and side door. Amy tried to scream when the dick was down her mouth but she couldn't scream.


It felt like she was being chocked cause it was really hard to breath. Her nose was being squished on pubic bone, and she felt his ball sack on her chin and felt it swinging around. Her lips were around the base of his cock. When it was pulled out, it felt like it kept going.it was so long that it felt like he kept pulling more and more out.

When he finally pulled away, Amy shoves him away with my hands too at the same moment her mouth is capable of sucking down more than just the man's cock. "STOP! why did you do that?? Oh my God you were choking me! Your penis is too big. I don't want to do that again." Amy looks at his dick and it's soaken wet with all her spit.

Really thick spit too; just hanging off the cock. It looks so messy with all her drool and spit all over it now. "I'm sorry Amy. I just got caught up in the moment. It won't happen again, I was just thinking about how good it is going to feel to slide inside you and feel your sweet young pussy wrap itself around my cock that I forgot I was in your mouth and I pushed to far. I didn't mean to scare you, I will be much more careful in the future.

I do not want to frighten you so. But good news is this thick gooey spit on my cock will help slide into your pussy better and make it less painful." Amy looks at the spit covered cock and giggles a bit looking at it."yeah that's crazy, there is so much of my spit on your cock.

It looks gross!" she states, giggling again. "I guess but I think it is hot. My big cock covered in nice thick coating of your little girl saliva. Makes it all shiny and sleek. Touch it and feel how smooth it is to stroke now." Amy reaches out with one of her hands and right when her fingers touch the cold spit she giggles again and tries to pull my hand away.

She is told no, she is told keep doing it. Amy re-grabs the big cock in her little hand and laughs cause she just can't help but think its gross, her spit goes between all her little fingers as she grabs the cock. Amy begins to rub the cock and it it very slippery and smooth due to her spit on it, she speculates. "Mmm yeah just like that little girl, use your small hands and stroke my big man cock" "Mmm, good girl.

I love it when you stroke my cock, you are such a good little girl. But now my cock has less spit so we need to get more back on it." Amy looks at him scared, thinking he means the cock is going back into your mouth. "Don't worry I won't put it into your mouth tonight. Ok? Just spit into your little hand and lube it back up ok." he reassures her. Amy looks at him like he is weird but is encouraged to try it.

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She pulls her hand back and sit up a little on her elbow, spitting into her hand, just a tiny dribble. "No no, my sweet little girl, you need to work it up from the back of your mouth and throat.

Try again" Amy does try again and gets a good glob and puts her hand back around the cock. "Mmm, yes. Just like that my sweet young little girl." And it is right here that Amy figures out that the grown man has a thing for young little girls.

Amy keeps stroking his cock and tries to think of ways to get more money from him now that she knows his desires for being with a teenage girl. Amy kept hearing herself be called a little girl over and over that night.

At first she thought he was just being sweet and nice, but he keeps saying it and he is so very horny now. 'Is this guy a pedophile??? Does he really like little girls?' she thinks about it and it has to be true. 'He keeps calling me that while I'm squeezing his dick with all my spit on it.' "Do I look like a little girl right now, sir?" Amy looks up at him with a sexy little grin on her face.

She knows that he liked it when she said little girl. "Mmm, why yes you do. Look at you so innocent and young, stroking such a big cock. You are my Little Girl now ok? And I will be your Daddy. And if Little Girls are good then Daddy will pay them a nice allowance.

Ok? But you have to be good and help Daddy. Understand?" the man questions Amy. "Yes Daddy, I understand." she replies smirking a sexy grin.

For some reason Amy is kinda turned on acting like a little girl with Daddy. Part of her thinks its kinda weird that he want to have sex with a little girl, but she likes that he is her daddy. Also, the prospect of an allowance is quite nice.

"Good girl Amy, Daddy likes that you listen and are so incredibly sexy." Amy perks up at being called sexy. A lot of the boys at school just ignore her cause her tits are small and the other girls do sort of just snicker at her cause of them. "Really Daddy?" Amy asks "You think I am sexy?" "Of course Daddy does. Do you think I would risk divorce and jail and death for anyone or even pay them what I have AND will pay you if I didn't think you were sexy?" Amy blushes and gets very happy.

"Well Daddy it is just.that my boobs are small and boys ignore me and the girls tease me." "Baby. Look at me." Amy picks up her head, eyes on the verge of crying again, filled with pain from her experiences but hope at a chance for better. "Fuck them. Your tits are perfect. So small and and perky and young. I could get a whole boob into my mouth. Look." As Amy keeps stroking the cock, Daddy leans forward, sucking a tit into his mouth.

With two more sucks, her whole tit is in his mouth. He rubs his tongue around it and gives it a few gentle bites. Amy moans is satisfaction.

'It feels so good and best of all, a man NOT a boy but a MAN finds me sexy and wants to risk so much to be with me!' "Yes Daddy" Amy whispers. "I want you. Please put your big man cock in my tight little girl virgin pussy" The cock twitches in her grip upon hearing the words and the anticipation of getting not only some teen pussy but a virgin no less.

"Ok Baby Girl, Daddy will give into you" he says as her tit exists from his mouth with a small audible pop. Daddy slides down the girl's body and rubs her pussy. Still wet from earlier plus Amy had became turned on. She notices her new Daddy doesn't reach for a condom and is getting quite close to fucking her. "Daddy, aren't you going to get a condom?" she asks, hopeful.

"Yes" Amy smiles at this reply. "Normally I would but I don't have one on me today. I didn't think I would do this or you would say yes, sort of a last minute idea." Her smile fades away. "But, we shouldn't, not without a condom. Diseases and babies and stuff!" she argues. "All good points but you are over looking something. I am Daddy and you are my young, innocent Little Girl. This will be my first time to not only fuck a teen but to fuck a barely of age little girl.

This is more than a dream come true.this is a damn fucking miracle. I can't waste feeling your pussy for the first time with some damn latex rubber condom in between us. I need, no must.no I fucking have to feel your pussy bare. Besides I paid you a lot of money and told you I wanted to fuck you my way and you agreed and took the money.

You have to let me. I put a condom on I take back $5000. You got that much to not tell anyone and to let me fuck you bareback. You understand that, right Little Girl?" "Well will you pull out at least Mister.uh .Daddy?" "Yes, I will.

I don't want to even risk it as much as you. I just have to feel you, once I do it will satisfy so much. After that I will just gently fuck into you and before I pop I will pull it out and cover your stomach.

Does that sound good?" He smiles warmly and genuine. Amy believes him. "Yes Daddy, that will be great. Thank you." He begins to push his cock head into her. It slides in quite smoothly between the combine fluids. "There. Technically, not a virgin but let us get this cock a little more into you, I will be careful and won't get so deep into you like your mouth. Though that was sexy you are able to take this whole thing.

No woman I have ever been with has been able to take it all in her mouth. You be proud of that fact Little Girl, you can suck a big cock better than most women." With that praise he pushed into Amy a little bit more, taking his time and going slow, about the time it starts to hurt Amy, he would back it out some and hold it there before she mentions a word, letting her rest.

After a few moments, he pushes into her a bit more. "Done" he says. "What you mean done? You cum already Sir?" she asked naively, always hearing boys cum so quick. Her first lover chuckles at this. "No, I am done pushing in, you took it all?" "Really?!" Amy asks astonished, looking up from her position and down at her pussy and noticing the fat cock was buried up to the hilt inside of her.

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"Yeah, I just judge it off your face and since you could take it all I figured why not" he says pulling out slowly and pushing back in a few times nice and easy, so her pussy loosens and is ready for sex. "Ready?" Between nerves and fear and longing, all Amy can do when asked is nod. At her nod, the cock is pushed into Amy sort of hard, and from that moment on the grown man with his cock buried into a teenager's pussy just loses himself.

The pussy is just so perfect and addictive and fucking mesmerizing. Amy yelps out in a bit of pain and tries to talk to Daddy but he has already started.

He fucks into her with long full strokes, bottoming out inside.

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Amy sees his face is already different and is beginning to growl a bit. He pulls up Amy's legs and put her feet on the roof and starts to fuck into her like a man possess.

Amy's pussy is starting to get sore and she begins to cry. She knows she can't talk to them, he is gone.

'He is an animal!' now Amy deduces. Her nice Daddy is gone and all is left is a man who is.raping her.'I am being raped' she states in her mind. As she does, her knees our pushed back to her ears and the animal begins to jack hammer into her hard. Amy looks up into face above hers and sees only that his eyes are glazed and are not focused on anything, Soon, he begins to growl and drive his hips into her.

He let's up on the assault a little and Amy feels it is over, that he is going to pull out and cum on her stomach like he said but all he does is pull her up, placing her shoulders on the seat as he crouches above her and begins to fuck down into the tight sweet teenage pussy. He just fucks into her hard and is a fucking animal, having no desire to stop or make sure she is ok. It is all about fucking her little girl pussy and cumming deep inside.

He has to cum in her and make sure the species survive by dropping his seed is the best candidate possible. Amy keeps crying and begins to curse at the man in her head. She knows she is being raped now. She knows the money was for this. Not for sex or to keep her mouth shut. It was so he could rape her and not feel bad about it. Soon, Amy feels his cock get bigger and it starts to hurt even more but then it dawns on her as to why.

'He is about to cum and is am not stopping! Oh my god he is speeding up! He is raping me and going to cum in me and going to get me pregnant.' He starts to fucking roar and the man's cum comes shooting out of his dick and straight into Amy's defenseless fuck hole. He pushes his cock even deeper into her, up against her cervix and she knows it is pooling and seeping into her.

He keeps stroking for almost a full minute shooting blast after blast of hot cum into her little cunt. As he pulls his well spent cock from her sloppy cum filled pussy, Amy yells at him and begins pounding on his chest. "Oh my god. You fucking raped me. You raped a little girl you fucking filthy perverted old man. And you cummed in my pussy. You said you weren't going to do that, said you were going to pull out and cum on my stomach.

Now I am going to get a baby" Amy says as she places her hand down to her pussy where the cum is leaking out of her despite being in the same position with her pussy in the air. "Jeeez, Mister, you cum a lot, my pussy has a cum river flowing from it." The man's cock twitches at her naive yet incredibly sexy words.

"That is because your pussy and you are so wonderful. I had to stay inside you. I don't know but I wasn't me. My cock just told my brain that I had to leave my baby batter inside you so I did." Looking at white hot goop on her fingers, Amy whispers 'baby batter' to herself.

'Huh, I guess it is that. An accurate name for it, and bit neat sounding' she thinks. As she does, her lover moves, allowing her body down, a new flood of cum running fourth, and he slides up towards her, putting his cock near Amy's mouth. She keeps playing with her pussy and the combine cum, getting the thick gooey substance on her fingers. She finally notices the cock. "What?" she asks. "You got to clean it.

I can't go home with all this cum and little girl pussy juice on my cock." he replies. "But you said I didn't ever have to suck it again!" she exclaims. "No. I said not tonight, you will suck it again next time I pay you.

And to be honest, I didn't plan on you sucking it but I didn't plan on cumming in you either. It needs to be clean so get started." "Wait, we are going to do this again?" "Of course, think I just do this once? Now that I know how much superior your pussy is to other women's, we are going to do this many times." "Will I get paid $6000 each time?" Amy asks hopeful and thinking 'I can do this again for $6000 just need to get on the pill and I can learn to do the rest better with less pain.

"No you won't" he answers. Amy gets disappointed. "You will be paid much better. Now that I know how good you are, you are worth so much more." With that, he pushes his cock into her mouth and lets her clean it. He begins to look for her panties wanting a souvenir but spots her pussy is leaking cum and begins to push them inside her pussy. "These will help soak up the cock and help prevent you from getting pregnant, just go home and shower and pull them out in there ok and wash them so your momma don't know, ok?" Amy nods with her tiny mouth around his still big cock even though it has already cum.

"Taste good, huh?" At first Amy thought it was salty and gross and still quite hot, but as she keeps sucking on it, the taste seems to grow on her. She doesn't like it but she doesn't hate it either. An idea pops into her head to be a Little Girl again, to keep him happy and the money rolling in.

"I love your baby batter Daddy, it is salty and warm and sweet. Taste like candy! I want more." She raises her cum covered hand to her mouth and begins to eat the sperm off it. "Oh god" and with that Amy's new Daddy shoots one last final blast of cum onto her face. She just looks up at him and smiles, showing off her beautiful pearly white teeth covered in cum. "You are such a Little Girl Amy." Amy giggles.