Negritos bellos muestra su gran pollota

Negritos bellos muestra su gran pollota
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I'm Mike. When I first met Vicki I was 19. I had just moved in with my 5 new housemates, which consisted of: her mother, Rebecca; Paul, Rebecca's boyfriend; Sam and Kimmy, twin sisters that just happened to be lesbians;and Tina their mutual girlfriend. Vicki was only 13, but even at that age, she dressed like a much older woman.

She was short, but beautiful, with hair that natural color of dark red that's impossible to get by coloring it. She had that early adolecent frame that women practically kill themselves to obtain and and maintain later in life.

Her breasts were just starting to bud, little A-cup hills rising off her slender body. She was well aware of herself, and her blooming body, and at most times was more mature in spirit than myself. Not only did she dress like a woman twice her age, she carried herself that way. I had a hard time seeing her as anything but a young adult, until she spoke to me the very first time.

"Hello!!" That one word nearly knocked my socks off that first day. I had no idea who this angel in front of me was and it left me speachless. I had just come home from work, and as I walked though the door there she was. 'how could a voice that sweet and innocent come from such a fox?' I thought to myself. She was wearing a very sheer white poets shirt, a tiny black bra, and a pair of tight jeans.

She looked like a dream. After she greeted me, I kind of just stood there. Then Rebecca walked in. "Oh, hi Mike," Rebecca said" Your home. I want you to meet my daughter, Victoria. She's on visitation for the weekend, and she'll need your room at night until she leaves.

Sorry, but we need you to sleep out here." She pointed over to the living room couch. "Mom, really you dont need to." I interrupted, " Don't worry about it. Go ahead. I don't mind." Yeah like I was going to deny her ANYTHING!

She could have told me to eat shit and die to make her happy, and I would have obliged. "Thank you Mike, we both appreciate it," said her mom.

"Can I speek to you for a moment in the kitchen?" Slowly I turned from staring at Vicki and said, "sure." She made her way there and with one long look back I followed. Vicki blushed. "What's up Rebecca?"Iasked. She looked me dead in the eye and scowled. I could tell she was serious, and I didn't like it. "Mike, that is my daughter in there.

She is only 13 ['shit' I thought ' 13? she looks like a model for Victoria's Secret'] and if you so much as even think about her the wrong way, you'll get a vasectomy the hard way." "B-b-but." I stammered out, shocked at the viciousness in her tone. "No buts! I saw the way you looked at her in there, and I never want to see it again, capiche?" I walked away, shaking my head, and stomped off to my room. 'What right does Rebecca have to jump down my throat.' I thought angrily.

' Its not like I knew Vicki was 13 and Rebecca's daughter at first.' I did my best to put the whole incident out of my head, and trudged though the weekend.

I avoided Vicki like The Plague the whole time. Sunday came around, and late that afternoon I was reading in my room.

Vicki knocked on the door and poked her head in. "Bye Mikey, see you next weekend!" I muttered a goodbye, and she walked out to her dad's car. Just then in registered in my head what exactly she had just said.

I stormed into the living room to confront Rebecca. "Hey Rebecca, whats all this about Vicki next weekend!" I said angrily. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of another weekend on the couch everynight. "Do you meen her staying again? Yes, its true. In fact she will be her every weekend from now on.

She'll still need your room on those nights. I'm sure there isn't a problem with that." "EVERY WEEKEND!" I yelled, redfaced. "Of course there is a problem with that!" I started really losing it. "You never said anything about this when you invited me to move in, and I don't see why she needs the room, she can use the damn couch just as easily." I stomped back to my room before she could say anything back, slammed the door shut and stewed in my anger for a bit before I decided to head to my buddy Jimmy's place.

"So what's up?" He asked, afterIgot there and we had sat down with a few beers. In a tirade, I told him all about my fiasco of a weekend. He laughed. "Something funny about all this?"I wasn't the least bit amused. "Yeah dude," he said still laughing softly as he spoke" You got a hot chic in your room every night, and your pissed that she's there." He gave me the old *wink wink, nudge nudge* routine. "Dude she's 13." Other than at first, I wasn't thinking of Vicki that way. "So?" "So?!!

So, besides the fact that she's Rebecca's daughter, who'd kill me; besides the fact I could go to jail, I don't fishin for small fry. I am not a fucking Pedophile!" "Quit being such a wuss dude. I wouldn't complain, plus if I were you I would show her a goo." Before he could finish I stood up and punched him the face. As he fell to floor holding his bleeding nose, I walked out the door, peeled out of his driveway and sped home. That whole week I dreaded the coming of Friday, and when it finally came I was miserable.

Once again I walked through the door, and Vicki was right there. "Hey Mike!" She said excitedly "What's up Vicki?" I asked as I took off my tie and plopped on the couch to wind down.

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"Mom really doesn't want to spend any time with me, so I was wondering if you and I could hang out this weekend?" "There a bunch of kids around here your age, why not go hang with them?" She pouted at me looking hurt and bothered all at once. "I don't know any of them, and plus the boys stare at me. I don't like it. Please, Mike, I won't be a bother to you?" She looked so pathetic that I caved in.

"Sure, we can hang. I gotta head to the Mall tonight, I guess you can join me." As I finished she shreeked in delight. "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou." After the house had dinner, we headed out. I showed her through all the stores, and we had a pretty good time.

We spent the rest of the weekend doing alot together. We went to a local fair, bowling, movies, and even hung out together while we were home. This became the routine for about four and a half years. Vicki came up every weekend, and during school breaks (like summer and holiday season). Not much changed (she still used my room at night), except that Vicki grew even more into a woman.

She was taller than me(not by much). Her hair grew past her ass, which had grown that ghetto curve guys love. Her breasts grew to an amazing D-cup. Vicki always spent her time doing things with me.

Rebecca never really showed any problems with it, probably because it meant she did not have to worry about taking care of Vicki. Vicki practically became the little sister I never had, and she had even taken to calling me "Uncle Mikey".

I've been called worse. I had not hung out with or talked to Jimmy since the day I had slugged him. One day while reading a book in my room, it came as somewhat of a shock that, while answering a knock at the door, I saw him standing there. I invited him in and started to introduce him to The House.

"Jimmy this is Rebecca," I said pointing to her, and each member in turn after" Paul, Rebecca's boyfriend; Sam, Kimmy, and Tina. And this is." "Vicki" He interuppted as I started to point to her. Something about the way he looked at her and said her name had set off something in my brain, which at the time I assumed was a sort of brotherly over-protectiveness.

Rebecca must have sensed the same thing in him that I had, because her face was a mask of tension. He greeted the rest of the house politely. Then he turned to Rebecca. "Rebecca, you have a beautiful daughter" "Thank you James, I feel the same way," then turning to Vicki, "Don't I tell you that all the time honey?" Vicky gave her a small nod, but said nothing.

It was obvious that she wasn't very comfortable being the center of attention right then and there. We all made small talk for a while, but as time went on, the air of akwardness thickened. Jim never stopped trying to flirt with Vicki, so eventually I made it seem like the house had plans. It was pretty late anyways "Hey dude, we gotta ask you to go. There's this thing we are all going to, and we gotta leave soon," I said looking at Rebecca, hoping she'd play along. With a couple well hidden looks and elbows, she passed it on, and everyone did.

I walked him out the door, and we said our goodbyes. When I went back inside, Rebecca looked very thankful. Because Vicki was old enough to fend for herself, Rebecca had tried to let Vicki handle the situation on her own. "Thank you Michael. I don't think I could have stood another five minutes of that asshole" "Yeah, Mom is right.

The way he looked at me and talked to me, it felt so weird," Vicki said. "In fact it made me feel downright dirty. I think I'll take a shower to scrub that feeling away. Any one need the can before I do?" We all said no, and she headed to the bedroom to get her towels, and then went into the bathroom and started her shower. Meanwhile, I headed back to my room for my book, which I had dropped when Jim had knocked on the door. I checked on the bed, but it wasn't there.

I looked all over the room, under Vicki's bags, and even back on the bookshelves. I couldn't find it. Then I looked under my bed. There it was. It looked like it had slid between the bed and the wall. I climbed on my bed to the other side, but the space was to small to fit my hand.

I tried moving the bed a bit, but the between the heavy wood frame and the damn matresses, I couldn't budge it. I took the only option left and crawled under. I pulled myself in until I could reach it, which had me almost fully under the bed, but with no space between me and the bed. Just as I got my fingers on it, I heard the bedroom door close.

'Shit' I thought, 'thats Vicki! And she doesn't know I am under here!' I pulled the last of myself under, and held my breath. It would seem awefully weird if she caught me under here. I turned so I could see out beyond the bed, hoping that I could catch her leaving the room soon, and sneak out after a few minutes. Instead I saw her towel hit the floor. I could see her bare legs, and more of them were revealed as she headed away from the bed and towards her bags near my closet. When she got to her bags I could see halfway up her back.

Her skin was still wet, and I saw a drop roll down her back and along her curvy ass, then down her legs. The sight of it ignited all those feelings from the first day I met her, along with a pang of guilt and fear.

She crouched, pick up one of her bags, and headed back toward the bed. 'Shit, she's gonna find out I'm here' I thought in panic. I felt pressure on my back as she threw her bag on my bed. I heard her unzip the bag, then watched it land on the floor as she threw it back across the room. She walked over to my dresser drawers, which had a mirror on it. She must have been brushing her hair, because I could see it moving all over the place. Then she bent low and put her legs through a black satin thong.


As she bent, her crotch was exposed. My own crotch pulsed involuntarily into an erection as I saw it.

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It was completely shaven bare, and still damp from her shower, so that it glistened in the bedroom's light. It was bubble gum pink around the softy, pouty little lips. Then it was gone from view as she pulled the thong up. Then I saw a long shirt drop down to cover her body from view. I heard her yawn, then head toward the door. Freedom was at hand! But instead of opening the door and leaving, she just hit the light switch near the door, and headed to the bed.

Once again I was freaking out. I prayed to god that the mattress was thick enough so that she wouldn't feel me under there. I felt pressure on my back again as she lay down. I waited what seemed like hours before I risked movement.

Cautious for any sound or movement beyond my own, I slowly and carefully pulled myself out from under the bed. As quietly as I could, I opened the door. I poked my head out of the room.

The rest of the house must have gone to bed, because the lights were out, and I couldn't hear anyone. I made it safely to the living room, and plopped my self on the couch. I tried to read the book I had been through all this to get, but I just couldn't focus on it.

Then I tried to just go to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I would see her naked form. While an enticing site, it bothered me on too many levels to derive any concious enjoyment of it. I had gotten too used to the idea that she was family; plus I was an honest guy, and having to sneek around like I had rubbed against the grain; and I still feared Rebecca's wrath when it came to her daughter. I slept very little that night, and it wasn't a sound sleep at all. It took me quite awhile to get the ideas and images out of my mind.

I had realized that I still desired Vicki, on a very deep level. Because I knew her so well, I found more than just a physical attraction was there. With all this floating around my head I was a wreck. Then I got news that made things worse. Vicki's dad was really sick, so he sent her to live with us on a longer term basis. She was going to stay all the time. I told Vicki and Rebecca that Vicki could take my room permenantly, until things went back to normal.

We kind of reversed some of the setup, where I just used the room to store my clothes and stuff. But now I saw Vicki everyday, and I kept catching myself staring at her at odd moments.

I drempt about her constantly, and between the guilt and the desire warring inside me, I never knew how to act around her. Things got weird for me, but she still insisted on hanging out with me when we both had free time. Of course, I never told her no, as much as it tortured me to be around her.

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I did my best to not let my thoughts show, but she eventually caught on that something was wrong. She started asking me if I was ok all the time, and I kept lying to her, telling her I was fine. That just added to my guilt. Soon Vicki's Eighteenth Birthday neared. As an early present, Rebecca and I each gave Vicki $250 to go shopping with. I dropped her off at the mall on afternoon, and told Vicki to call me when she was done and I come back and pick her up. She called a few hours later, so I headed over.

She was waiting outside when I got there, and surrounded by shopping bags, all full, and most of them pretty heavy. "Jeez, Vick, did you buy out a whole store?" I asked half grunting as I help pick up the bags, half laughing. She laughed, "Nope, I just picked a good day to go shopping. There was a big 'ALLMALL' sale. Every store in the place had huge discounts. I got a bunch of good deals." "I guess so!" I couldn't see most of what she bought, and had no idea what most of it was.

Once we loaded all the bags in the back, she hopped in. As we headed back to the house, things got awfully quiet. I had to break the ackward silence. "I see alot of the stuff you got is clothes.

Trying to impress someone?" I knew she bought alot of clothes when she liked a guy, because she felt she need new outfits to make herself look good. I've tried telling her she's gonna hit them hard no matter what she decides to wear, but she never believes me. " Um, yeah, in fact I am," Vicki blushed and looked away, but wouldn't say more.

It was even quieter after that. When we got in the door, I helped Vicki lug all her bags to her room, then headed into to the kitchen. I headed towards the fridge to grab a drink when I noticed a note on the fridge. It read: Vicki and Mike, Hey you two, the rest of us are spending the week at The Lake.


We rented a cabin. Vicki, I know you hate camping, so we didn't bother to tell you. Hope you enjoy your birthday. Mike, please watch over the house and Vicki. We left you guys some money and the number for the lake, in case anything comes up. Love Rebecca Paper clipped to the note was $50. When I finished reading it, I called out for Vicki. Once she got in the kitchen I handed her the note. I watched her as she read it, but I couldn't tell if she was upset. She didn't say anything but ran back to her room and closed the door.

I figured she just didn't want me to see her upset that her mom wasn't going to be there for her Birthday. I grabbed a few beers and then went to the living room and plopped on the couch. I could hear Vicki talking in her room, and while I couldn't hear what was being said, she seemed pretty wound up. She was probably venting to one of her friends about her mom missing her brithday. I turned on the TV and turned it up a little to drown her out.

I channel surfed, and for about an hour just watched shows, and drank my beers, but I ended up falling alseep. I was awoken by the feeling of warm lips on mine, and the weight of a body against mine. It was a deep and sensual kiss, and inviting. Without fully realizing what was going on or being fully awake, I kissed back. But as I began to wake up fully, I pushed away, opening my eyes.

I was shocked when I realized that just inches from my face, and the person I just kissed, was Vicki. I pushed away again, harder, out of sheer shock and fear. Vicki recoiled, and looked like she was ready to cry.

"Vicki!!" I cried out, maybe a bit harshly, "What the hell are you doing?" I was so scarred and shocked. "Why are you yelling at me?" She said, now actually crying, and standing and backing away.

"I did all this for you!" At first I had no idea what she was talking about, but as she stood I saw it. She had her long hair pulled back in a high ponytail, held up by a scrunchy, (it still flowed almost to her ass though).

She was wearing a little makeup and dark lipstick. She was also wearing a very sexy outfit. It started with a dark red leather halter top, which had a very large tear drop cut out, where she was showing quite a bit of cleavage.

Over that she was wearing a black demin jacket, one of those ones that doesn't go past the midriff. She also was wearing a pair of the tighetest fitting black leather hip huggers I had ever seen, and they tied up the front. She topped it all of with a pair of a very high heeled boots. You know, the ones girls call "fuck me" boots. And believe me, that is what one part of me was thinking, but I still kind of shocked from the whole situation.

Vicki cried harder as she turned to run to her room. Without thinking I jumped off the couch, grabbed her and turned her around.

She started screaming "I love you!! I've done all this for YOU!!! Who the hell do you think you are!!" over and over, among other things. She drove home each word with a pointed finger jabbing into my chest. I just let her vent then I put my arms around her and pulled her close. Still crying she lay her head on my shoulder. I whispered softly that I loved her too. As I held her there I wondered how long she had felt this way, and if she felt it like I did.

Had it eaten away at her, not being together with someone she wanted so badly? I held her there until she calmed down a little, then push her back just far enough so I could look her in the face. All I could see was hurt and pain in Vicki's eyes, and it caused me to feel the same, because I had done this to her.

I could think of only one way to say everything I wanted to. It was my apology, explanation, and words of care all rolled into one sweet action. I held her shoulders, leaned foward, and kissed her. I put every bit of myself into that kiss, hoping it would convey all I had wanted it to. She finally kissed back, and soon it became a long, open-mouth kiss. I pulled her close again, as if I would never let her go, and kissed her deeper. She was so close I could smell and feel her tears still fresh on her face.

As we embraced each other, the room seemed to disappear. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled herself away, blushing. Both of us just stood there. We both seemed to have the same question in our eyes. How long have we both felt like this?

And we both seemed to have the same anwer. Too long. "You look absolutely beautiful," I finally managed to say breathlessly. Vicki blushed even more, and even though she was dressed to kill, she couldn't have looked more vunerable and innocent. "Thank you, Mike." She smiled at me, then sat down on the couch. She patted on the cushion next to her, inviting me to sit next to her. I joined her on the couch, just barely sitting on the edge of the cushion.

I was nervous that this was all a dream, and excited with the knowledge that my feelings all this time weren't in vain. The tension must have been real visible, because Vick put her hand on my lap, lean in close, and whispered "relax" in my ear.

She turned my head and kissed me again, probing my lips, her tongue pleading to enter my mouth. Slowly we kissed, but it turned into a full blown make out session after a while.

Without pulling away from the kiss we worked her out of her jacket.


Then my hands began to work at the clasps for the halter at her neck and back. As it came undone, the fabric fell down to the floor. Her full, firm breasts bounced out, and I could see that she had very large areolae, (that darker skin around the nipple).

Her nipples were swollen and hard. At this sight, I was, too.

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I loved it. They were the greatest tits I had ever laid eyes on. Vicki saw my reaction, and took advantage of the distraction by knocking me backwards, forcing me to lay back on the couch.

She smiled at me as she crawled on the floor, moving like cat. She even purred and rubbed her head along one of my legs. I don't where she learned all this, (I knew she wasn't a virgin, but still I held some illusions of her innocence), but it had my head spinning.

As the tent that was forming in my jeans grew, Vicki smiled even more. Not stopping the cat act she pulled me so that I was laying with my legs out over the edge of the couch. She pawed at my legs and push them apart. All this time she was still purring and meowing like a cat in heat. She undid the button and fly on my jeans, and shifted them and my boxers down slightly, exposing my rock hard erection. She kneeled in front of me and and she lowered her head. A moment that had haunted my dreams for a long time was about to come true, and with that realization came another.

Rebecca. She would kill me if she knew what was happening. That thought was enough to clear my head. Leaning forward, putting my hands on her shoulders, I stopped Vicki just as she was about to lower her mouth onto my throbbing dick. Desire, fear, lust, and guilt once again warred in my head. Meanwhile Vicki pouted and tried to lower her lips again. "Vicki. you've got to stop," I managed to blurt out.

She gave me another hurt look. Then she she saw the worry on my face, and she softened. " Vicki. your mom will kill me if we do this." Those words must have galvanized something in her, because she shoved me back again, and before I could object, Vicki wrapped her warm soft lips around my cock. I moaned and melted into the couch. It felt so warm and wet inside her mouth.

She bobbed her head lightly at the tip of my prick, twirling her tongue around and over it. She hummed while she did this, and I could feel it vibrating through me.

The sensation made me a little more sensitive. She kept bobbing, occasionally taking it down a few inches to tease more of my cock with her tongue. She shifted my boxers so she could massage my sack. She started to hum a little louder, and began bobbing lower. I looked down at her, and she looked so hot.

She was staring me dead in the eye as she took my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better she began to actually suck on it. The mixture of the depth she was taking my dick in her mouth, the suction, and the humming had me feeling like I was ready to explode. I started moaning as I felt myself building up. "Ohhhhhhhhhh Myyyyy Godddddddd Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing! It's fuckin heaven!" I gasped between moans.

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She began to go faster, and bringing her mouth to the base of my cock. I could hear her gag a little as spit started foaming from the side of her mouth around my cock. She kept this up for about three minutes, and it took everything in my power not to cum right then and there.

When she started to get tired, she gave me a real hot look, and it seemed like it was ok, so I grabbed her long ponytail and started to pull her head down, and she kept gagging and spitting. I started to thrust my hips, driving my cock deep into her throat.

Her eyes never left mine as I fucked her face. I couldn't take it anymore "I'm gonna cummmmmm!!! Oh my God, I'm gonna cum hard!!!" I shouted as I felt the fluid start its way up my shaft. Vicki started sucking harder then ever, and as I came, she jacked and sucked every last drop of cum from my cock. As it exploded into her mouth, I was impressed. She managed to keep it all in her mouth, and believe me there was alot.

She sat up, and then, just to show me how dirty she could be, she opened her mouth. My white spew filled alot of it. Then she reached into her mouth with one finger, and wrapped it in cum and spit.

She pulled it out like a schoolgirl playing with bubblegum, twirled it around and slurping it back into her mouth. She did this a couple times. As I recovered from my orgasm, I watched as she swallowed every last bit of it.

I was instantly hard again. It was like she learned everything she knew about sex through watching guys pornos. "If you think that was good, you should see what else I got planned for you!" Vicki giggled mischieviously as she said it. She picked up her jacket, and her halter, and slinked off to her room. Once she got in, she started to close the door behind her.

Just before it closed all the way she leaned out and did one of those coy, sexy little 'come hither' gestures, then ducked back into her room. I stood up, pulled up my jeans, and headed across the living room to follow her. I edge my way past her door, as I walked in, I saw hundreds of pieces of clothing and accessories laid about her room.

There were all sorts of stuff: At least five more jackets, loads of tops (quite a few them revealing), a ton of bras, several pairs of intresting looking pants, a few long skirts, a bunch of very very mini mini-skirts, countelss g-strings and thongs and stockings, boots and shoes of all sorts of shapes and sizes (some with very long heels, or with very high leggings on the boots), gloves, hair ties and clips, and all sorts of jewelry (silver necklaces, diamond or gem pendants, diamond and silver earrings, silver and platinum, bangles and bracelets, pearl necklaces and bracelets and more).

In one corner she even had about eighteen different sets of lingirie My jaw dropped at how much stuff she had. She literally had enough laid out, that with a little mixing and matching, could put together thousands of different looks and outfits. "Is this all the stuff you bought at the mall?" I asked, amazed. "Some of it is, some of it stuff I already had. Do you know why I have all this stuff laid out?" When I shook my head no, Vicki continued, "For the rest of the week, I want you to think of me as your very own 'Fuck Me Barbie'.

Each day, I want you to pick out some stuff you want me to wear, and I'm going to wear it, even if we go out, until you either ask me to change, rip it off of me, or the night rolls around." Then she pointed to the corner with the lingerie.

"Every night, I'll let you pick out of that stuff, and you better fuck the shit outta me when I wear it. At any time, you can fuck me however you want. Even if we are in front of millions of people, or are in a dirty alley, or on some strange bus to nowhere. I have waited long enough to get you, and if by the end of the week I haven't convinced you to be with me forever, I'll never bother you again." I tried to explain that I already wanted her forever, but Vicki put a finger to my lips then told me, "Pick something already." I browsed through, again amazed at the selection.