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One Steps Back, Two Step Forward Chapter 5 Anthony sat in the chair beside Liz's unconscious body and held her hand and worrying. It had been a week since his father had attacked Liz and Kylie had been healing Liz each day she visited and the doctors were calling Liz's rapid healing miraculous but found nothing special when they checked her blood.

One doctor who specialized in rapid healing came in to ask Anthony if they could examine Liz closer and do more tests.

Anthony had told the man no and when he wouldn't take that as an answer Anthony had called security to have the doctor removed from the private room and banned from entering again. Other than the nurses only one other doctor had come into Liz's hospital room. "Anthony Caine," a man's voice called over the murmur of voices in the waiting room. Anthony head jerked up from his hands Eliza stood with him, the other were sleeping uncomfortably in the waiting room chairs, the two hurried over to the doctor.

"How is she," Anthony asked as soon as they were close enough for the doctor to hear his words without having to yell. "She is stable, and we stitched up the cuts and set the breaks," the doctor said and looked strangely at Eliza. "Are you the one who checked her over at the scene," he asked.

Eliza shook her head and pointed over at Kylie who was sleeping with her head leaning onto her twins shoulder. "Will she be okay," Anthony asked bringing the doctor's focus back to him. Kylie had been accelerating the healing of her wounds but she could say why Liz hadn't woken up yet. "She is in very little danger of dying at the moment but she has slipped into a coma. We are still hopeful that she wake but the longer she stays unconscious the more her chances of ever waking will become," the doctor said.

"Can we see her," Anthony asked. The doctor led them to Liz's room and let them inside Anthony sat down in a chair by her bed and Eliza left after a moment to get the others. That had been a week before and Anthony had only left Liz's bed side to shower, eat, and use the bathroom. The door opening behind him caused him to jerk out of his memories and he turned to face the door. ******************************************************Eliza********************************************************** Eliza stepped through the door and closed it quietly before turning back to the room.

Anthony was watching her but when she didn't speak he returned his gaze the Liz and didn't look up. Eliza's worry grew as she studied him while he wasn't watching her. He had lost weight in only the week that Liz had been out and he looked like he was starving. He went home every other day showered ate and drank something and then went to bed to sleep for an hour before coming back to the hospital.

She and the others had tried to get him to eat more or sleep longer but he said he wasn't hungry and they knew he was having trouble sleeping. He woke screaming or covered in sweat and didn't even try to go back to sleep. She was frantically panicking in her head, while maintaining a calm outer facade, trying to find some way to help Liz or Anthony. She knew that he loved Liz differently then he loved the rest of them.

He didn't love her more than them but she was his sister and she understood the bonds between siblings and she was worried what might happen to him if she didn't wake up. Suddenly an idea struck her as she quietly turned and left the room before hurrying off down the hall. She exited the hospital and hailed a taxi and had it take her home. "How is Anthony," Sar-Rah asked waiting at the front door having heard the car pulling into the drive.

"Worst," Eliza said and Sar-Rah's face tightened and tears formed in her eyes but she didn't cry. She nodded her understanding and turned toward the kitchen and walked off.

Eliza hurried to her lab and hurried over to the sheet covered item that was to have been Anthony's prize for winning that bet. She had finished it and had intended to give it to him but Liz's attack had stalled her plans.

She pulled the sheet off the covering, revealing a round machine waist high with what looked like a calculator and a bracelet sitting on top. Her work on the instant matter transmission machine had given her the idea for this and Anthony had seemed interested when she had casually mentioned the idea of a time machine to him. She had had to finish the teleporter before she could complete this so it had taken a while.

This was much like the teleporter except instead of sending her only somewhere else it would also send her some when else. "Note," she said to remind herself. She walked to her desk and pulled out a sheet of blank paper and set it in the middle of the desk. She wrote down her plans and where and when she was going in case something went wrong.

Then she clipped the metal bracelet on her wrist and pushed on a symbol etched into the metal and a hidden button depressed. The bracelet was a high power electromagnet and vibrated with power when she turned it on. The machine also began to hum with power when she activated the bracelet.

The machine would track the massive magnetic signature of the bracelet, and when the time specified was up or she initiated an early return, it would put her back to the present along with any living thing she was touching.

"Well let's get this over with," she mumbled and reached for the calculator like pad. It was a remote control for the time machine and had a lot of buttons with a small screen at the top. She knew of only one person who might be able to help Anthony and maybe even Liz and she had been planning to do this for Anthony for some time. So with a held breath she punched in the numbers that would take her back 12 years and a half years to the worst day in Anthony's childhood.

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*****************************************************May 15, 1999************************************************* Eliza materialized in the living room of Anthony's house and immediately willed herself to invisibility. She faded from sight just in time to avoid being discovered as a five year old Liz came running into the room. Her brown hair streaking out behind her as she ran and right behind her came Anthony chasing after her his face filled with a happy laughter that Eliza rarely saw on her Anthony's face.

With a shriek Liz darted to the other side of the couch and giggled running around it to avoid Anthony. Eliza stood watching and smiling at the two children and was so distracted by them that she didn't notice the third person to stealthily enter the room until she almost ran into Eliza.

At the last moment Eliza sensed her presence and stepped out of her path as the woman snuck up on Anthony and the whole time Liz giggled and laughed. With a lunge the woman grabbed and lift Anthony dropping him on the couch and began tickling him. Liz leapt onto his legs pinning them as her mother tickled Anthony. "I give up, I surrender," Anthony called through his laughter. Liz stood up and jump up and down in happiness and when her mother stood and held up a hand they high fived both laughing in triumph as Anthony lay on the couch trying to regain his breath.

Eliza moved around to get a look at the woman's face as they stood laughing. She looked like Liz's twin the only difference between her and how Liz looked fully grown was a small scar just above her eye and her hair had a slight curl that Liz's didn't have.

"Angela have you seen my keys," a man said as he walked into the room. Eliza could barely reconcile this happy looking man with the crazed drunk from the previous week who had mangled her daughter and cut his son to the bone with a knife. The woman turned and gave the man a loving look before her face went thoughtful. "They're not on the table by the front door, Richard," Angela asked.

When Richard shook his head she turned her gaze on her daughter who had her hands behind her back and an innocent look on her face. She cocked an eyebrow at her daughter and with a sigh Liz leaned over the couch and stuff her hand between the cushions and pulled out a ring of keys. Richard walked over and took the keys and gave the small girl a kiss on the forehead and ruffled Anthony's hair before turning back to his wife.


Richard and Angela kissed lovingly and neither noticed the look of jealousy that crossed Anthony's expression but both Liz and Eliza did, thought Eliza wasn't sure that Liz understood the emotions behind the look. "I'll be home late tonight," he said and left. As he left he let the babysitter in and hurried to his car. Angela kissed her children goodbye and after giving the babysitter some instructions headed out the door.

Eliza followed her and turning incorporeal slipped into the passenger's seat as Angela climbed behind the wheel. she sat in silence and readied the bracelet on her wrist. Angela drove toward down town along the highway until suddenly an eighteen wheeler hauling a fuel tank jumped the dividing median and head straight for their car.

The instant before the cars impacted Eliza reverted to normal grabbed Angela's arm with the hand that was wearing the bracelet and pressed the symbol twice. Everything froze and Angela looked around in panic until she realized someone had hold of her arm. "Who are you," she asked and tried to jerk her arm out of Eliza's grip.

She didn't even manage to budge Eliza's hand so she didn't try a second time. "I am Eliza Caine. I know this is going to sound kind of crazy but try to bear with me until I am done. First of all I am from the future and I am married to your son. I will explain everything and let you see the progression of events up until my present but first I need to ask a question. Do you want to come with me? As you can see there is going to be an accident and you won't survive if you stay here," she said motioning out the windshield toward the truck about to plow into the car.

Angela looked at the frozen truck and swallowed. "You froze time," she asked Eliza in a shaky voice. "Not exactly. Freezing time is probably impossible to do because you would need a device with a range big enough to affect everything in existence or it would over load or simply have no effect at all," Eliza explained.

Angela pointedly looked out the window at their immobile surroundings and Eliza grinned at her. "What I did is looped a time jump for a fraction of a second. I didn't freeze time because I couldn't so what I did is have the time machine jump us back in time to the exact same time we left over and over again a thousand times a second. The result of such rapid time jumps is that time seems to have stopped but we simply keep moving backward in time at the same rate that time passes," Eliza explained and Angela looked confused and Eliza sighed.

"Think of it like swimming in a river with a strong current. The current is time it tries to make you go down stream and we are swimming against the current just as strongly so we aren't going downstream or upstream. Understand," Eliza asked and Angela nodded. "Good will you come with me," Eliza asked her again and received another nod. "Fantastic," Eliza said with a smile and pressed the symbol on her bracelet.

With a clap of air they vanished just missing the crunch of metal and the explosion of gasoline and fire. They appeared in Eliza's lab and only Eliza's grip on Angela's arm kept the other from stumbling and falling over.

"Where are we," Angela asked looking around at the room as Eliza moved over to check the machine and make sure looping the time jump hadn't over taxed the machine. She found the machine running perfectly and not even hot from the exertion before turning back.

"We are in a lab that Anthony had my sister attach to the basement of your home," Eliza said before punching several dates and times into the machine. "When are we," Angela asked and Eliza grinned at her and moved back to her side.

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"We are nearly thirteen years into the future, it is 2012. Now we are going to see the intervening time between the time of your death and now," Eliza said and once again grabbed Angela's arm and touched the symbol on the bracelet.

*****************************************************May 21, 1999************************************************* They materialized in a cemetery, already invisible thanks to Eliza's power, standing several feet behind the back of a group of black clad figures. The figures began to leave and head for their cars but three remained behind. "What is this," Angela asked in horror as she watched her husband and children grieve for her.

Richard Caine was on his knees sobbing brokenly into his hands, completely unaware of his daughter clinging to his side with silent tears running down her cheeks. Her husband's loud and dramatic grief had caught her attention and she didn't notice her son at first.

He was motionless and he faded into the shadows of the trees around them until he moved forward. He walked over to his father and sister and gathered his sister in to his arms and held her tightly to him her face on his chest. He looked at his father with no emotion at all but the agony.

on his face when he look at the empty coffin that represented his mother twisted Angela's heart in pain. She took a step forward but Eliza pulled her back by her arm and shook her head. Eliza touched the symbol on the bracelet and they were once again in the living room of Anthony's house.

"Why did you show me that," Angela hissed and tried to jerk her arm from Eliza's grip but she could not free herself from her steely grip. "So you could see the beginning of everything that has passed since your supposed death," Eliza replied. "All you showed me was the pain my family suffered after my loss. I could have guessed as much without the trip to the past," Angela said her voice rising.

Eliza put a hand over Angela's mouth and shushed her.


"They can't be allowed to hear you it will change the past. I am not sure what will happen to the future if the past is altered so be quiet. And I saw more than a family grieving over the loss of a loved one. I saw a man who let himself become so consumed by grief he ignored his daughter and a boy who even while wracked in agony comforted his sister," Eliza said causing Angela to stiffen.

She wanted to say something in defense of husband but couldn't think of anything to say. Suddenly the front door slammed open and the two women hurried to the doorway to the front hall and peered toward the door.

Richard stumbled in drunkenly and Anthony walked into the hall from the kitchen and watched his father's drunken progress down the hall with no expression. "Where is Elizabeth," Richard asked slurring his words together until they were almost unrecognizable. "Over at Cassie's house," Anthony replied. Richard grunted and stumbled to his room and slammed the door behind him and Anthony went back into the kitchen. "What is the point of showing me this?

Of course my husband would be upset by my death and want to get drunk for a while afterword's," Angela said and Eliza regarded her with a straight face. "It is September of 2001 you've been dead for over two years. At first you husband hid his drinking from the children but he doesn't bother with that anymore. Right now Liz is six but when she turns seven years old she will begin to look like you.

She will look so much like you when she is fully grown that you could be twins and her father begins the resemblance between you two when she turns seven. Every time he looks at her he remembers you and he already has a problem with controlling his grief over your death. He starts yelling at Liz for little things or for nothing at all, then at Anthony when he defends her," Eliza said. Angela shook her head in disbelief as she tried to take this in.

"The next memory is the split between your children and their father. Are you ready to see," Eliza asked. Angela didn't believe she was ready for anymore but she nodded her head and Eliza gripped her arm and once again touched the symbol on her bracelet. They were once again in the living room of the house and they could hear someone moving around in the kitchen.

They walked to the doorway into the kitchen and watched as Anthony poured flour into a large bowl. He paused and read from a book on the counter and added some eggs and began to mix the contents of the bowl together with a whisk. The two settled back and watched as he slowly made a cake then placed to in the oven and headed into his bedroom. They followed and then followed him to the living room as he wrapped some toys a book and tied a ribbon around the neck of a teddy bear.

He had almost all of the presents wrapped when the overtime buzzed that the cake was done. He pulled the cake out and check to make sure it was done with a toothpick and when he decided it was he began to spread icing over the top.

After he finished with the cake he left it to sit on the table and returned to wrapping the presents. After he finished he watched television until the phone rang. "Hello," he said into the phone. "Thanks Cassie and thank your mom for looking after her while I got things ready over here," he said into the phone before hanging up.

The front door banged open and closed and a look of disgust flashed across Anthony's face but he schooled his features and headed for the front hallway. Eliza and Angela followed unseen as the nine year stopped to take in his father's state. "Liz is on her way home everything is set up for her birthday.

All you have to do is sit there and say happy birthday," Anthony told his father. Richard squinted drunkenly at him and nodded and headed toward the kitchen. Anger flooded Angela as she watched her drunken husband stumble past her son who watched his father's back with open disgust and dislike on his face.

She was surprised at the look but after considering what Eliza had told her she could understand the feeling. The front door opened again and Liz came in kicking off her shoes. "Happy Birthday Liz," Anthony said smiling lovingly at her as she pulled off her shoes and then ran to him.

She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly and he returned her embrace. "Dad is here. He made it home for your birthday this year," he told her and her face lit up.

She pulled away and ran into the kitchen and Anthony followed with Angela and Eliza trailing behind unseen. They entered in time to see Liz throw herself into her father's lap and hug him tightly. "Daddy, I am so happy you made it home," she squealed but pulled back almost immediately with her nose wrinkled. Angela didn't blame her she could smell the booze on his breath from several feet away.

"Happy Birthday sweetie," he slurred as she slid off his lap looking crestfallen. Anger flashed across Anthony's face but he turned to the cake and lit the candles he had place in it instead of saying anything. Liz took a seat at the table by the cake and he sang happy birthday as his father tried to keep turn drunkenly.

Liz forced a smile at Anthony and blew out the candles. Anthony clapped and then led them all to the living room to the small pile of gifts he had wrapped earlier. Liz sat by the gifts and Anthony stood watching her as Richard collapsed into a chair near Liz. Liz picked on of the presents up and looked at the tag before smiling up at her father and looking down at the gift.


She missed the look of surprise that crossed her father's face and Anthony's disgusted glare at the man. This time Richard saw the look and even drunk as he was his ire rose. Liz stared at the gift for several seconds before placing it back on the pile and stood. She turned and faced her father and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Daddy, I don't need any other gifts just please stop drinking," she asked timidly.

Her voice was so low Angela had to lean forward to catch her words. Richard who was closer heard her though and leapt to his feet. He didn't fall over which surprised Angela as she watched. "I am the father here. You don't tell me what to," he screamed at her at the top of his lungs.

Angela was shocked at the sudden anger and Liz burst into tears at his reaction. "I wasn't telling y-y-ou what t-t-o do just ask-k-king you to stop dr-drinking," she forced out through her sobs. "I am not a drunk. I can stop anytime I want to," he yelled and she sobbed harder.

"Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about," he said and when she didn't stop instantly his hand lashed out. His knuckles and back of his hand met her cheek with a resounding crack. Liz let out a shriek as she fell to the floor and clutched her face. Anthony ran from the room at a dash and Angela lunged toward her husband with rage in her eyes. Eliza gripped Angela's arm and jerk the shorter woman back against her chest and when Angela opened her mouth to speak Eliza clamped her free hand over her mouth.

Richard was towering over Liz's small form as she sobbed on the ground, ranting at her drunkenly. Anthony charged back into the room with a baseball bat in his hands and charged his father. Richard seeing the movement in a reflection turned toward his charging son seeing the bat whistling toward his head and threw his hands up in defense. He shrieked in pain as the bat connected with one of his hands and deflect from its course toward his skull.

The crack of bones was audible about Liz's sobs at the impact. "Don't you fucking touch her again," Anthony shouted at his father and took another swing which Richard dodged by stumbling backwards out of the way of the blow. Anthony didn't advance not wanting to leave his sister unprotected. Liz rose to her knees and wrapped her arms around his waist burying her face in the small of Anthony's back.

"You ever touch her again and I'll kill you in your sleep you piece of shit," Anthony said his voice even as rage and the promise of death flashed in his eyes. Richard stumbled back another step and turned toward the door to the hall. Anthony stood ready until he heard the front door close and the car peel out of the driveway. When the car drove away he dropped the bat and whirled back to his sister.

He gingerly raised her head and examined her face and gasped, then gritted his teeth in rage.

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Angela struggled in Eliza's arms trying to get to her daughter as soon as she could see the damage her husband had caused to Liz. Blood trickled from the corner of Liz's mouth and her cheek and eye on that side of her face were red and starting to swell already. "Come on," Anthony said and lift Liz into his arms heading for the kitchen. Eliza touched the symbol on her arm while struggling to keep hold of Angela.

They materialized back in Eliza's lab and she released Angela who spun and slapped her. Eliza took the slap but when Angela pulled back her hand to slap her again Eliza caught her hand and held it firmly away from her face. Angela struggled futilely until she went limp with tears running down her face as she remembered their last jump. "What happened after that," Angela said looking up at Eliza and winced at the hand print on Eliza's cheek.

"Your husband didn't come home so Anthony took up taking care of Liz. Your husband showed up one or twice a year to check on them, and left Anthony with a bank card but that was it, everything else was left to Anthony.

Anthony took care of everything and got a job when he got older to get Liz all of the thinks she deserved and to pay for his college expenses that his scholarship didn't cover.

Liz is now a senior in high school and could be your twin sister except for that scar on your forehead." "Sorry about the slap," Angela said. "Don't be I still haven't shown you the worst yet. Plus there are other things that you are about to see that might upset you," Eliza said and turned and began punching numbers into the pad on top of the machine. "I want to see Anthony and Liz now," Angela said.

"They aren't here right now. After I have shown you everything that you need to see we will go see them. You have my word," Eliza said finishing up entering the dates and turning back to Angela.

She held out her hand and Angela halting gripped her hand and with a tap to the bracelet they were gone again. *******************************************************2012********************************************************* Angela appeared once again in the living room of the house. Angela watched her children interact and the sexual tension between them distressed her but she was glad that they seemed happy.

It was the day Anthony had found the bottle and they followed Anthony and Liz through the garage sales, witnessing the purchasing of the bottle. They followed them home and Eliza and Angela witnessed as Anthony discover the secret of opening of the bottle. Eliza refused to leave when things turned intimate and Angela was forced to remain.

She turned her back at first to give her son some privacy but the sounds of sex behind her eventually caused her to turn. She had heard her son tell Sar-Rah of his desire for her and for his sister and she had seen the look of desire on his sisters face that morning.

Next Eliza jumped them to the day that Liz had first been with Anthony. Angela watched in silence as her son and daughter made love and her distress at their attraction died at the love she saw on their faces.

The sight of them twined together aroused her and her had to her herself back from touching herself. They jumped forward a day at a time and watched as Anthony met each of the sisters and each of his wives. They also jumped to the day Anthony had gone to Cassie's house and Angela watched with jealousy in her eyes as he took Cassie on the couch and Cindy on her kitchen table.

After all of the days he met one of his wives they jumped to the night of the wedding and they stood in the shadows to watch the ceremony.

Tears of happiness streamed down Angela's face as she clung to Eliza's hand. They jumped to Anthony's and the others trip to Brazil. They followed behind the others for the whole trip Eliza carrying Angela so they could keep up. Angela swelled with pride at her son's action and trembled in fear at the danger he put himself in. Finally they jumped to the night a week before and appeared on the lawn of Anthony's house. Eliza hugged Angela backward to the front of her chest and clamped a hand tightly over her mouth.

A shriek of pain from in the house caused Angela to struggle in her grip. The police soon came speeding in from one end of the street while Anthony sped in from the other direction. They watched as the front door open and Angela shrieked in fear and anger as her husband dragged the mangled form of her daughter from the house.

And she watched in horror as her son charged his own father and the vicious blows they delivered to each other. She watched as Anthony's wives stopped him from beating his own father and how one had healed Liz while Anthony distracted the police. Tears poured from Angela's eyes as Eliza jumped them back to the present in her lab. ******************************************************Present******************************************************* Angela sank into a chair while Eliza panted in exhaustion by the desk.

"What is wrong," Angela asked Eliza's labored breathing drawing her from her inner thoughts. "Djinn don't need sleep as long as we have energy but humans do. How long do you think you were up just now? How many days did we relive all together? Plus there was you and me and I had to keep both of us awake and stop our bodies from needing food or any of the other necessities," Eliza said tiredly. After she caught her breath she led Angela up stairs. They got in the car with Angela behind the wheel and Eliza directed her to go to the hospital before falling asleep.

Angela pulled in the parking garage of the hospital but couldn't wake Eliza so she got out and locked the door behind her cracking the window a tiny bit for air flow. She hurried into the hospital and up to the floor with the private rooms. She walked up and down the halls until she found the door with Caine printed on the card. She took a deep breath and quietly opened the door and slipped in. Anthony was talking to Liz and didn't even notice his mother enter the room.

"I love you Liz I am so sorry I wasn't there to protect you. Come back to me, please wake up," he begged with tears in his voice. Angela's heart broke as she listened to his pleading. She walked forward and slid her arms around his neck from behind and buried her face in his neck. "It will be okay Anthony. She will wake up when she's ready," she said into his ear and her heart throbbed hoping she was telling the truth. "Who," Anthony said and turned his head to look at her.

He froze as his eyes met hers and he recognized her. He shook his head slightly and blinked his eyes as if trying to wake up from a dream but when she didn't disappear he began to shake. "You can't be here," he whispered at her. "Well I am here," she said back with a grin that faded at his look. "No! Why now after I failed? I was supposed to protect her and now that I have failed you're here," he demanded and his face fell forward into his hands and his shoulders began to shake.

She tentatively placed her hands on his shaking shoulders and when he didn't react she clutched his head to her chest. "You didn't fail. You did the best you could. My little man I am so proud of you," she said into his hair.

With a sob he crushed her to him tightly and held her there. "Anthony," came a weak voice from the bed and Anthony froze he stopped breathing as he turned from his mother to the bed. "Why are you crying," Liz asked weakly before lapsing back into unconsciousness. Anthony hurriedly pushed the button to call a doctor who promptly arrived and Anthony told him that Liz woke up and spoke to him.

The doctor smiled and ran some tests and told Anthony that she was just sleeping and that the chances of her slipping back into a coma was very small and that he should go home and get some sleep. The doctor's words made her actually take in her son's appearance and she gasped when she took it all in. He had very dark rings around his eyes and he wasn't gaunt exactly but looked as if the beginning stages of starvation were setting in.

His clothes were rumpled and he smelled like he could use a bath. She shot a look to her daughters bandaged and cast covered form and didn't want to leave her alone but Anthony needed her also.

The door behind them opened with a click and only Angela turned to face the door. Anthony was once again simply staring down at Liz as if willing her to wake again. Eliza walked into the room and forced a small smile onto her face when she looked at Liz but the smile vanished and sadness filled her eyes when they turned to Anthony and Liz.

"She woke up and spoke to him. The doctor said she is only sleeping now and it is very unlikely for her to slip back into a coma," Angela told Eliza. A hopeful glint appeared in Eliza's eye but she held the feeling in check. "Anthony needs to go home and get cleaned up. Can you stay with Liz while I take care of him," Angela asked. "Sure," Eliza replied and Angela nodded gratefully.

Angela turned back to Anthony and pulled him to his feet and led him towards the door, he didn't protest. He noticed Eliza as they passed and he grabbed her and crushed her to his chest before giving her a peck on the lips and releasing her. Happiness filled Eliza as she watched Anthony followed his mother from the room. Anthony walked in a daze following the tugging on his arm until his mother halted him by his car. He groggily looked around then climbed into the car and fell asleep as soon as he was settled back in the seat.

Angela watched as Anthony nodded off before she even had a chance to pull out of the parking garage. She smiled and tried to reconcile this fully grown man with the little boy she had been playing with only a little while ago. His face, while peaceful in sleep, had a harder edge to it then when he was younger and she felt a sense of safety when near him.

Stopping at a red light she reached over brushed a few strands of hair back out of his face. She continued on back to the house and when they arrived she woke Anthony enough to get him on his feet and lead him inside. In the house Megan, Sar-Rah, and Cassie were just inside the door having just taken off their shoes. Sar-Rah and Megan rushed to help Angela with Anthony as he stumbled exhaustedly along. Cassie froze in shock as she saw Angela and at first thought she was Liz then her breath stopped when Angela met her eyes.

Cassie remembered the scar above Angela's eyebrow and her green eyes that were a few shades darker then Liz's. "How.? When.? Where.," Cassie stutter staring at Angela as Megan and Sar-Rah led Anthony down the hall to his room. They quickly came back out and shot questioning looks between Cassie and Angela. "Are you Anthony's cousin or something," Megan asked seeing the resemblance between Liz and Angela. "Or something," Angela said grinning a little.

Cassie shook her head with her mouth open but no words came out, shock still holding her voice in check. "Your Anthony's mother," she finally managed to blurt out. "Yes I am. It is good to see you all grown up Cassie. I hear you're pregnant," Angela said running an examining eye of Cassie's middle. "But your dead. I went to your funeral. Wait, pregnant? How do you know I am pregnant," Cassie demanded.

Angela grinned at her and led them all into the living room while she began explaining how she got here. They all sat stunned as she explained and the joy lit their faces when she told them that Liz had woke up and spoke to Anthony. "Where is my husband," Angela asked. Everyone went silent at the sudden change in subject and the three girls shared looks between each other before Sar-Rah finally answered.

"He is still in police custody but he is at the hospital where Liz is," Sar-Rah informed her. "Hospital? Anthony only hit him once, I was there I saw it all," Angela said not understanding. Another look passed between the girls before Sar-Rah once again answered. "You know Anthony is not human anymore right," she asked and waited for Angela's nod to continue. "Anthony is more than average human strong normally but if he let energy suffused into his muscles he could decimate a brick wall hit a casual blow.

The blow to his father was only a graze because he stumbled out of the way of the blow. The only reason he survived was that stumble if Anthony's blow had connected where he aim he would have crushed your husband's chest. That one grazing blow shattered several of your husband's ribs and collapsed one of his lungs," Sar-Rah explained.

"So when he got angry he nearly killed Richard by accident," Angela said, horrified.

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"I don't think it was an accident that Anthony tried to kill him. I think the accident was that he survived the blow," Sar-Rah said. Angela stared at her and shook her head in denial, not in disagreement with the words but not wanting to accept that her son and husband had tried to kill each other. "From what Anthony has told me, he was never very close to his father," Sar-Rah said and Angela nodded in agreement. "Once you died and your husband started to drink, that ambiguity toward his father turned in to disgust.

That first time he had to defend Liz from your husband turned his feeling from disgust to hatred. This newest attack., well I wouldn't put them together without someone else around to stop Anthony from killing him," Sar-Rah said.

Angela sat there staring off into nothing trying to wrap her mind around everything she had seen and heard. She tried to decide what her emotions where toward all of the events of the last twenty-four hours.

Sar-Rah studied Angela as she sat in silent contemplation and Megan and Cassie fidgeted nervously. "He loves you, you know," Sar-Rah asked suddenly startling Angela from her thoughts. "Who," Angela asked bewildered. "Anthony. He loves you," Sar-Rah told her. "I know, I was there when he confessed those feelings to you," Angela admitted. Her cheeks flamed red as she remember what had happened after words and she averted her eyes from Sar-Rah's grin. "How long were you there," Sar-Rah asked with a wicked smile on her face.

Angela's blush deepened and spread from her face to her ears and down her neck. She clenched her thighs together tightly as images of Anthony and Sar-Rah twined together while moving flashed through her mind. Her breathing sped a little and Sar-Rah's grin widened farther and a calculating gleam lit her eyes.

The four of them sat talking for a few hours then had a quick dinner and headed off to bed. Angela went to the room she and her husband shared while the others all headed for Anthony's room. Angela looked back as they filed into his room and jealousy flashed across her face before she quickly hurried into her room and closed the door.

Sar-Rah watched her from the corner of her eye and smiled as the door closed as a plan formulated in her mind. She turned and headed for Angela's door and the other two shot her a questioning look but she waved them on without her. They shared a look then shrugged and went in closing the door behind them. As soon as Angela was in her room she stripped completely and crawled beneath the covers.

Her thoughts went back to the conversation she had with Sar-Rah and to Anthony making love to his wives one after the other. She wasn't sure how she felt about polygamy but the mere memory of her son's body glistening with sweat as he made love to his wives and to his own sister caused wetness to pool in her and the muscles in the pit of her stomach to flutter. She lifted one hand to her chest and caressed one of her breasts while her other hand caressed circles over her stomach.

She ran a finger over the scar that was left from the C-section she had to have for Anthony's birth. Her pussy clenched as her finger nail softly scraped along the ridge of skin. She rolled her nipple between her thumb and fore finger as her hand dipped lower and caressed between her thighs. Her eyes were closed now as she remembered and she was so wrapped up in what she was doing she didn't hear the soft click of the door as it opened or as it closed behind Sar-Rah.

Sar-Rah stood at the door watching Angela, the sheet was pulled up to about mid-thigh so she could only truly see Angela fondling her own chest. But the sheet over Angela's hips moved with the motion of her hands as she caressed herself.

Sar-Rah moved around the bed and slowly climbed on trying not to shift the bed enough to be noticed. She needn't have worried Angela was so focused on the memory of Anthony's body moving over and in Sar-Rah's she probably wouldn't have noticed if Sar-Rah had leapt onto the bed.

Angela did however notice when Sar-Rah's mouth clamped onto her other breast. "What the.," Angela began her eyes shooting open. Her words were cut off by a moan as Sar-Rah sucked hard on her nipple while flicking it with her tongue. Sar-Rah quickly slid her hand between the Angela's thighs while she was still dazed by the sudden rush of pleasure.

Sar-Rah began to stroke her each time pressing harder. Angela gripped the sheets in one hand and a fist full of Sar-Rah's hair in the other as she began to buck against Sar-Rah's probing fingers.

Sar-Rah snaked her other hand down her own stomach and began rubbing her own pussy as Angela writhed beneath her. She took as much of Angela's breast into her mouth as she could then bit down and slowly increased the pressure until Angela cried out. She let go and pulled back she had broken the skin but around Angela's nipple was a perfect indent of her teeth.

She suddenly pulled her hand from Angela's pussy and brought the fingers to her mouth. Angela whimpered in protest but Sar-Rah ignored her and crawled down and positioned herself between Angela's spread legs. She slid one of her legs under one of Angela's one over bent at the knee so her foot was flat on the bed an slid closer until her pussy was press firmly against Angela's.

She the raised herself on an elbow and, gripping the leg not trapped between her own for leverage, began to grind her pussy against Angela's as hard as she could. Angela cried out at the strong stimulation as their wet flesh rubbed together. "Oh god," Angela cried out as pleasure filled her. She bucked her hips hard against Sar-Rah and Sar-Rah moaned at the feeling.

They began to pick up speed as they neared their peak until moving as fast as they could they both cried out in release Angela lifting a pillow and placing it over her own face as she screamed out her orgasm.

Sar-Rah hugged Angela's leg as Angela clutched at the bed both of them making small involuntary jerking movements with their hips causing the aftershocks to last longer.

Sar-Rah was the first to recover and she lifted her body to hands and knees and crawled up Angela's body until she was face to face with Angela who was still on her back. Sar-Rah looked down into Angela's face that was so much like Liz's and then ran an appraising eye down to Angela's chest and grinned, her teeth marks were still there. "Your hips are a little wider and your boobs are several inches bigger but you and Liz taste the same.

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Sweet and salty at the same time," Sar-Rah said licking her lips. Angela shuddered under Sar-Rah's lustful gaze and didn't respond. "Don't worry you won't be alone in this bed. I'll stay with you," Sar-Rah said down to Angela. Then she grinned and lowered her face until it was separated from Angela's by only inches.

"Tomorrow Anthony is going to have you. He has wanted to since he was a little boy and tomorrow he going to take that perfect cock that he wished for and slide it as deep into you as he can. He'll pound himself into you until you scream out his name for release," Sar-Rah said. She watched as Angela's eyes glazed and her pupils dilated with lust.

"When he's done he is going to ram in balls deep and pour his cum straight into your womb and give you another daughter," Sar-Rah said and Angela shuddered with lust.

Sar-Rah leaned down those last few inches and crushed her mouth to Angela's roughly kissing her and Angela returned the kiss with enthusiasm. "Sleep now," Sar-Rah said rolling to the side next to Angela and pulling the covers up. Angela rolled onto her side facing away from Sar-Rah and Sar-Rah wrapped an arm around Angela's body pulling her backward until she was against her chest.

She settled and they both went to sleep with Sar-Rah gently cupping one of Angela's breasts from behind.