Nackte frauen in

Nackte frauen in
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I guess you could say it was all my fault. I was never really into normal sex. At a younger age I use to dress up, and did so till I got married.

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After that I tried to stop, but, she found out, and was OK with it for awhile. But, too soon, she decided that she wanted to play around and used that as a excuse so divorced with kids. (she happily gave me custody so she could party all she wanted). After that, I dressed up every so often, mostly with only bra and panties, and got myself off on it. Soon, I tired of that and thought that I had at last moved on to other things. I met my current wife threw her mother. I had dated her mom in High school and ran into her from time to time.

This time, she had her 16yo daughter with her. Well, her daughter was kinda of a WILD one. And got off on fooling around with her moms bf's. (I later found out that she had since she was 13) When her mom wanted to move back out west, she wanted to stay. Her mom let her (I was shocked), and turned out to be a life changing day.

The stories I could tell about her from 16 to 20, but That's for later.

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This started about when she was 22. We had always talked kinky stuff. Admitted secret desires. and tried different things. One night, sitting on the porch drinking a few beers, we started getting a little playful. My son walked out and caught me playing with her boobs.

His eye's about popped out. Instead of sending him back to bed, I wouldn't let her put her shirt down and told him since he saw them, Look. After a about 30 seconds, i pulled her shirt down (she never once tried to, as she had told me a fantasy of hers was the boys taking her as they got older) I told my son that we was playing Truth or dare and it got out of hand.

He said he wanted to play. Laughing, and slightly drunk, I remarked that he was to young (14) and we was going to our room anyways.

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When we got to our room, he was right behind us and instead of going to his room, stood there and asked again if he could play. Getting a evil grin, I said sure, if she would (not using names here, lol). Since my wife had drank about 5 Beers, she was a little tipsy and a lot drunk and let better judgment get away from her.


We all went into our room, closed the door and sat down. Telling them that 1) we had to stay quite so as to not wake the others, 2) what was said and done in the room stayed in the room, and 3) if you chickened out it was game over, we all sat down and decided that we would modify spin the bottle to be truth or dare. The game started off fast, with me spinning and hitting my wife.

She, without a pause, said dare. I told her to play with her shirt n bra off. Both came off without delay ( I KNOW she got off showing my son her tits) and then it was her spin. It hit my son. He chose truth. She asked him if hers was the first boobs he had seen.

Surprisingly, he said no, his sisters was. (I raised a eyebrow over that answer but he quickly spun the bottle to change the subject). The bottle hit my wife again (i was getting lucky there) and she chose dare again. (she likes to take dares of all kinds) Without a pause, he said she had top play naked. I started laughing under my breath as she stood up and quickly took off her pants an panties.


My son blushed a little but was ALL eyes. For her turn it hit me. I chose Truth, she asked me if I was horny, DUH, Yeah. I spun and hit her. Taking the game up a notch, (she chose dare again), I told her she had to stick her finger in her pussy and then taste it, which she enjoyed as much as me and my son watching.

His spin hit me, and i chose dare. Surprised, he dared me to put my dick in my wifes face. I did, and she preceded to give me a quick blowjob with out being dared or told to. Nice.When my wife spun, it hit my son, he bravely (or eagerly) chose dare.

My wife dared him to strip naked for the rest of the game. He was naked in no time. My wife watched and even said, "nice, almost 5" already(He was hard).

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My spin hit her and i was by this time drunk, horny as hell, and didnt care so I dared her to give him a 1 min blowjob. Thinking I had went to far when she didnt say or move for a half minute, she looked at my son, said you ok with it, which he grinned and said he had never had one before. with that, she moaned and leaned over and started sucking him for all she was worth. I dont know who was more surprised, me or him.

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But, he was sure enjoying it from the look on his face. Next was his turn, He hit me, and dared me to "put it in her" so we did for about a min of slow fucking so he could see. Her turn hit him, she said this was getting her horny and said she could heat it up if we, me and my son, wanted to. I nodded and he grinned and said how. She dared him to get on top of her and put it in HER. I was astounded, I never thought it would go this far.


And I thought it went to far. My son, looked down and said he couldn't do that in front of me. My wife said OK, on the bed, under the covers? He agreed and they both got up and climbed in bed under the covers and for 3 min, she showed him where to put it, and then used her hands to guide him in and out and he actually came in her! Afterwards, he said he needed to go to bed he was tired. After he left, I asked her if they really did it, which she stuck her finger in her pussy, puled it out and stuck it in her mouth and said YUP.

We had awesome sex that night, but in the morning I was worried my son would have second thoughts. That was solved when he came up to my wife in the bedroom when I was at the store and told her he had fun, but next time, not with dad there.I guess we opened Pandora's Box