Surprising Orgasmic Teen Has Roadside Sex

Surprising Orgasmic Teen Has Roadside Sex
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It was after the school holidays, while I was at college actually.

Sue and I had been friends only a few months, 8 at most, but we had developed a tight bond. She was tall, slender, and fit.

with long legs tanned to perfection, and a gorgeous smiling face surrounded by slightly curly long black hair. Myself about the same build but more muscular, and obviously, male. We had been meeting up on occasion for a movie or lunch with friends. But then, toward the end of the school holidays, shit hit the fan, Sue's parents found out we were hanging out, and cut her off completely.

Not because we had done something indecent, but because they didn't want her hanging around an older guy, talk about over protective. We were completely cut off, no texts, no calls, no meet ups, no emails, nothing. But, being rebellious and resourceful people we are, we found ways to stay in contact. Months passed, month upon month, but we vowed we'd see each other one day, somehow.

Then, a window opened up. Sue had a school camp coming up, some retreat or whatever one would call it, where they do some religious crap. We immediately set about making plans to see each other in this time frame, making sure everything was planned to the dot, no room for error. The time came, Sue's camp was today, I drove to the school and waited near the school in my car, watching Sue's parents drop her off.

Making as if to walk into the school she turns as soon as they are gone around the corner, she sprints across to my car, her long hair flying around her face, a massive grin plastered across her face. "Hey ducky!" she says panting, using the nickname she had for me, my real name being Damien, but she was among few who called me something that original, leaning over she gives me a peck on the cheek, buckling herself in and sitting up excitedly, her hand grasping mine, thank god this was an automatic car.

"So where are we staying?" she asks as we take off, her hand grasping mine tightly, probably never to let go. "There's a hotel near the city down by the coast, it's got a pool, and a restaurant" I say smiling as we head off, feeling her hand tighten in excitement. We arrive soon at the hotel, checking in, we head up to our room, barely receiving a second glance from strangers, intent on their own business in the hotel atrium. Unlocking the door, we step into the room, a lavish king size bed against one wall, and of course the standard hotel room furniture.

Running in, Sue jumps onto the bed, spreading out she watches me, as I close the door and set the bags away, walking slowly and calmly, feeling her eyes watching me intently, I chuckle to myself, eager for her. "So what first?" she asks, propping herself up on an elbow, her long slender legs stretched out in her school uniform, her shoes long discarded.

"I think I saw a pool." I say, sitting next to her winking, and leaning in to lightly kiss her forehead, feeling her forehead crinkle as she smiles and giggles.

"Yay!" she squeals, jumping up, running to get her bikini as I slip into my swimming shorts. Appearing a little bit later, sue comes out of the bathroom, a black bikini on her slender frame, the suit clearly a very snug fit as she turns around to put her stuff in her bag, giving me a great view of her ass, the black material of the bikini bottom snuggly wrapped on her ass, making me lose my train of thought. We quickly exit, eager to get into the pool, the silence of the deserted pool area, broken by our shouts as we jump into the cold water.

"Holy shit it's cold" Sue exclaims, the stimulation making the nipples capping her B cup breasts stick through the material, clearly she had modified this piece, no way should they stick out that far, I think&hellip.

moving in close she wraps her arms around my neck, her nipples brushing my chest as she hugs me tight, her soft pink lips touching mine.

"mmm" I moan lightly, returning her kiss, my mouth opening slightly to allow my tongue to snake out, tracing her lips gently as hers opens, snaking her tongue out to meet me. I lower my hands under the water, cupping her ass I pull her into me, pressing her against the hard on she had clearly caused. "Ooh" she purrs, grinding into me a little, her arms around my neck bending to pull my head in closer, her kiss intensifying as she grinds into me, my hands squeezing her ass firmly, pulling her on me harder, our kiss slowly growing hotter and hotter.

I feel her twist around, her ass pressing against my cock, we lean against the side of the pool, as she resumes grinding; sinking low into the water she brings one of my hands up, placing it over her breast she moves a hand behind her back, snaking it between us to grasp my cock through my shorts, squeezing me rhythmically and firmly. "I never knew you to be so bold about this" I comment, recalling all she had done with a guy prior was a kiss as she had told me once on an online conversation.

"You've corrupted me, babe" Sue comments smiling, recalling all of our dirty conversations late at night about sex and the like, as her hand squeezes rhythmically, stroking me in short burts. "mmm, I can tell" I moan into her ear, my other hand slipping under the leg hole of her bikini, my fingers tracing her slit, which I am pleased to find, is nearly hairless, clearly she's shaved as she knew I enjoyed it more that way.

As my finger probes into her slightly, our reverence was broken by the splash of kids jumping into the pool breaking our state of mind. "Fuck" I whisper as Sue echoes me, our hands withdrawing from one another.

"mmm" sue coos, her ass still against my cock "someone's still keen to go" she whispers, grinding slowly as to not draw attention. We sit talking for a while, letting the cool water caress our hot and bothered bodies, as we watch the kids come and go, the pool never emptying, her ass grasping my cock.

We get out of the pool after a few hours, my cock now reasonably withered enough for me to get out without the faux pas of a full blown erection. Moving back to our room sue runs into the shower, unsure if I should join, I lay down, falling asleep swiftly, my body drained of energy after the days efforts.

Waking some hours later I look outside, darkness. Shit, I guess all that diverted blood flow must have drained me more than I thought. Feeling a weight on my chest as I move to sit up, I look down to see Sue sleeping soundly on my chest, her head rising and falling with my chest as I breathed.

"Sue?" i ask quietly, unsure if she'd want to be woken, knowing how much she enjoyed her sleep. "Mm?" she says groggily, stirring slowly "Hungry?" I ask, stretching as she sits up, leaning over me she looks me in the eyes softly, her brown eyes making me melt.

"Depends, do i get to eat you?" she purrs, kissing me on the mouth roughly, her long slender tongue coming out to run around my lips, her fingers running down my shirt, a need in her eyes. "Dessert baby" I mumbled around her probing tongue, her tongue darting in as I speak, muffling me, and kissing me deeply, her hand running in my hair. I never got why she liked my hair so much… "Hurry, I want to get at you already" she moans, her hand squeezing my cock through my shorts as she gets up, walking to the bag to dress.

I get up, changing into good jeans and shirt, as sue moves into the bathroom to change. Finishing up in record time, I spray on some cologne, and checking my hair in the mirror behind the bed I wait for Sue, checking Facebook as I wait. I hear the click of the lock behind me, I turn to see Sue as she walks out of the bathroom, in a short plain black cocktail dress, a pantyhose, a pair of stiletto heels on her feet, making her already seemingly forever legs that much longer, her hair tied in a simple knot behind her head.

"Wow" is all I can say, my eyes taking her in as she saunters to me, red lipstick glistening on her lips, her hand reaching for mine as we start heading out, my heart running at a million miles an hour. Going downstairs to the restaurant, we sit, taking in the other patrons as we sit talking about anything and everything, something our closeness has always brought us. "So do your folks know we talk?" I ask quietly, bringing up one of the only topics we found unnerving at times. "Not at all, why would we want that?" she remarks winking, her foot rubbing my thigh, her heel discarded on the floor.

"Good, last thing we need is a repeat" I say recalling the last time her folks got pissed off, mine being just as mad, I think we nearly died as we joked.

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"Fuck yeah" she says as her foot sneaks upward, ever closer to my crotch, her intentions clear "what about yours?" "no way, I'd be dead if they knew" I say, losing my train of thought momentarily as I felt the pressure of her foot press into my crotch, her toes wiggling and kneading my cock through my pants, causing it to rapidly swell under her ministrations. We sit, eating dinner as Sue's feet caress my crotch, her toes wrapped around the outline of my shaft as she strokes me, enjoying the lust filling my eyes as I look at her.

After a while sue casually comments "I need to go to the bathroom" she says, her foot leaving my crotch as she stands, bending to do her heel up she saunters to the bathroom her ass wiggling from side to side, looking back over her shoulder she turns to me, winks at me as she steps into the disabled bathroom. Taking the hint, I stand, and walk briskly to the disabled bathroom door not making eye contact with any of the other restaurant patrons, pushing it I find it unlocked, stepping in, I am met by a flurry of arms as she pulls me into a hug and deep passionate kiss, as I hear the lock click into place behind me as soon as her lips met mine her hand wasting no time pulling my zip down, freeing my swollen cock.

"Ohhhh it's bigger than you showed me" she said, her hand wrapping around the shaft as she recalls the pictures I sent her once. "All for you babe" I say, her hand beginning a steady stroke as she kisses me, my hands cupping her ass, squeezing softly as her thumb moves up to rub the slit on my cock.

"fuuuuuuck" I moan, a sensation of fire shooting to my toes from the pleasure, why did I tell her that one?. "See, I didn't forget your little teachings" she mused, her thumb rubbing harder, my knees locking up in ecstasy as my mind floods with the pleasure as she bends at her knees to kneel in front of me, looking up to wink at me in a very mischievous way.


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My. God" I manage to utter through gritted teeth as her tongue runs along the length of my cock, downward toward my balls, where she takes one into her mouth, sucking on it gently, the warm wetness of her mouth enveloping it.

"mmmm" she hums as she sucks, her other hand sliding up and caressing my ass cheeks, knowing how I told her I had my ass played with a bit, her mouth moving to the end of my cock where she replaces her thumb with her tongue, rubbing the slit of my cock, her hand caressing my balls.

I close my eyes, feeling myself warming, my breathing becoming ragged and rapid as my excitement mounts, feeling Sue's hands driving me to my climax. A warm wetness engulfs my cock head, as my eyes snap open, looking down, I see sue with my cock head in her mouth, waiting on something as her tongue continues its torturous rubbing on the slit of my cock, wondering what she's doing, I realise, this is the first time she's ever, done anything with a guy, I feel myself feel compassionate and privileged, assuming she's willing herself to take me in, I watch as more and more of my cock slowly disappears into her mouth, a smile on her face the entire time.

Looking up, she catches my eye, winking at me, she squeezes my balls harder, before plunging the rest in fully, my cock hitting the back of her throat she gags, withdrawing my cock from her mouth she coughs, her hand taking her mouths place, and she strokes me as she regains her composure.


"Sorry ducky, sorry!" she apologises, looking upset at not making through it. "It's ok, you have never done that" I say, trying to comfort her, as she looks thoroughly upset, "come here" I say, pulling her up to stand, her heels making her taller than me she, I move her to the toilet, I place her to sit on the closed toilet, bending to kiss her softly, tasting pre-cum's slight taste, our lips brushing softly.

I feel her starting to stroke me again, clearly eager to return to her task, but I have other ideas. Leaning her back, I take her hand off my cock with a sad look from her; I wink, leaning her back as I kneel in front of her. Hiking her dress up, I bunch it at her waist, a pair of plain black panties in my way, looking up at her I make a coy smile, "so innocent" I say, smiling "Shut up" she says with a smile, her hands removing them deftly along with her pantyhose without my initiation, revealing that lovely shaved mound.

"So you really did shave" I say, feeling the smoothness of it with my fingers, tenderly running my fingers gently along her slit. "mmm" she merely mutters, in a clear indication of 'hurry the fuck up'.

Leaning my head in, I slowly kiss up her inner thigh, my sharp teeth making occasional nips at the smooth succulent milk chocolate skin, her breath coming in short gasps with each nip of the skin. Making my way more upward, I kiss and lick, her fingers finding my hair I feel her hands holding my head as I plant kisses along her slit, her musky aroma filling my nose as I use my hands to spread her, her pink folds coming into view, god, this is going to be a wild ride.

Flicking my tongue out, I hit her clit, a shock running through her body, her body tensing up as if electrified, her hands clawing up on my scalp, her legs tightening, closing harder on me.

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Running my tongue downward, I make my way along her slit, feeling the radiating heat rising as her excitement mounts. Moving a finger upward along her slit, I feel her opening, a very moist environment awaits as my finger slides in easily from her excitement. "urghhhhh, your fingers feel soooo much better than mine" she coos, her breathing now merely gasps and pants as the pace of my finger pumping into her increases, her legs closing and opening without control.

-Knock knock- "excuse me, will you be much longer ma'am? My son needs to use a bathroom and the others are full or broken" we hear a voice outside, of what sounds like a mother. "Fuck" I mutter under my breath, standing quickly, I tuck my cock away as Sue replies "just a minute", standing up she pulls her pantyhose and underwear back up, and lowering her dress into place, looking as perfectly in place as before.

Checking the mirror a final time we step out quickly, not stopping to talk to the lady who is busy assuring her son he will get dessert or something, hurrying back to our table we sit to finish our meal.

"God damn it" sue mutters "I was in heaven" "soon baby, soon" I promise her with a smile "better be" she comments, her foot coming up to knead at my crotch again "or i'll tie you down and rape you" she says with a wink "someone's eager" i say with a laugh "you started this fire when our conversations got dirty, you're going to put it out" her smile a serious one as she 'drops her fork' as she bends under the table to collect it I feel her hands moving to unzip me, freeing my still hard cock she sits back up, her foot coming back to stroke me, her toes wrapping around the shaft she strokes my cock steadily "good, you stay hard for ages" she says happily, her foot caressing more urgently "after some dessert are we?" I say with a smile as I shift forward a little "yes, if you are close let me know" she says, as she continues our prior conversation "so what have you tried with a girl?

like kinky things?" she asks innocently "bondage, food, domination, roleplay" I say as best as I can, feeling myself getting closer "I wanna try those!" she says, "and I also wanna take you fully into my mouth, can't believe I fucked that up" she says scowling "it's ok, we can work on that" I say constraintly "we have a few days to go at it" "true true.

close?" she asks, her foot becoming a feverish blur as she massages me "yes" I mutter as I feel myself peaking, wasting no time, sue drops her fork again, dropping under the table in no time at all, replaces her foot with her hand, pumping me hard and fast she keeps my cock head in her mouth. I feel myself climax, jet after jet of hot cum shooting into her eager mouth, as she milks every drop, making sure I'm clean she tucks me back into my pants, zipping me up she resuming her seat as if nothing happened.

"you're like a pro" I comment still on a high "haha, I read up stuff online a lot" she says, winking as she wipes a drop of cum from her lip with her tongue "how do i taste?" i ask tentively "better than chocolate" she laughs, resuming eating finishing up, we set off to go to the room, eager to resume where we left off, feeling full and happy, we stroll hand in hand up the stairs, the nervous tension before a big event between us as we eagerly move down the corridor to our room.

"urgh, I'm so full" sue mutters as we walk into the room, flopping onto the bed she lays still, her eyes closed, "can we watch a movie?" "sure, do we wanna have a drink with it?" "what can we have?" "what would you like?" I say consulting the menu on the bedside table "let's go for some wine" she mutters, rolling onto her stomach, her long legs splayed "naughty girl" I say patting her ass as I call room service "maybe later" she mutters into the bed 10minutes later we're both changed into our pyjamas and sipping on wine, a harry potter film running.

About half way into our second harry potter movie, sue scoots lower into the bed, her head on my chest as her legs go over mine, her ass in my lap as she gets comfortable. Not wanting to spill the wine I place it on the bedside table, place my arms around her shoulders, her fingers idly sliding up my shirt along my stomach. "what kind of role play do you like most?" sue asks softly, her eyes on the tv. "mainly schoolgirl-teacher or schoolboy-teacher" I say, my hand running along her side "hmm" is all she says as her fingers run around my nipples, exciting me, my cock rising.

feeling my cock press into her ass her breathing changes, her hand sliding downward, but suddenly she jumps up, moving out of the room, leaving me puzzled. I sit there waiting for her my mind drifting off as I zone out, thinking about how much I'm loving this, my mind becoming hazy, -knock knock- snapped out of my revire, I stumble for words "err.yes?" "sir, I'm having some.difficulties." sue's voice comes around the corner, as I see a long leg step into the room, a pair of 5" stilettos, leading up to a pair of stockings, a tartan skirt and white blouse.

"wow." is all I can say, as sue struts over to me, a wicked smile on her face "you like it?" she asks, crawling onto the bed, her hand sliding up my leg as her face comes toward mine, her lips brushing mine as she kisses me softly "you have no idea" I say between kisses as her hand moving upward as our kiss intensifies, "come here you" I say, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, pulling her down to lay on the bed next to me, as I lean in, my lips softly brushing hers as her hand rests on my side.

We lay there kissing, for near an eternity, her soft pink lips against mine, our tongues dancing in each others mouths as we kiss, slowly, I slide my hands downward, to start unbuttoning her blouse, each button revealing more and more of her flat tanned stomach.

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undoing the last button, her blouse falls open, her breasts coming into view, resting my hand on her stomach, I start to make slow circles around her belly button, my hand making it's way upward as she quickly pulls my t-shirt over my head, throwing it aside she resumes kissing me as her hand runs along the waistband of my boxers, my erect cock clealry visible tenting my boxers.

slipping the sleeves off her arms, I throw her blouse to join my shirt on the floor, as my kisses find her neck, my hand fondling her breast, my fingers tweaking her rock hard nipples, a soft moan escaping her. "fuuuuck" she groans softly into my ear, nipping it with her pearly straight teeth "mmm" i growl back, my sharp teeth grasping a muscle on her neck, sending a shock into her I feel her sharp nails on my scalp, pushing me lower.

I move lower slowly, kissing along her collarbone, nibbling at it as her hands kneading my engorged cock through my boxers. Working my way downward, I begin to kiss softly across her breasts, working my way around her nipple. Taking her nipple into my mouth I suck gently, my hand fondling the other breast.

Sue begins moaning softly, her hands moving up to run through my hair as I continue. I continue this as my hands run gently along her thigh, my rough finger tips exciting the tender skin of her inner thigh, her thighs convulsively closing slightly with each upward stroke.

Sucking harder on her nipple, her hand moves back down to my crotch, desperately trying to lower my boxers. I slowly run my hand up, covering her pussy mound in my palm, rubbing it firmly through her panties, her thighs closing slightly again. running my fingers slowly in cirlces at the point where i felt a significant warmth coming through her panties.

"ohh- fu- god." sue moans as i rub harder, her fingers ripping my boxers down to my waist. Slipping my fingers around the centre band of the panties I grab and yank downward pulling her panties off I resume, my fingers running up and down her slit gently at first, increasing in pressure everytime her breathing got harder.Nibbling on her nipple I continue my minstrations.

I feel a firm grip wrap around my cock, running along its length as my fingers find her clit, rubbing it deftly.

In a quick reaction Sue pushes me up, and rolling us, she ends up on top of me, her hands running down my chest, her tongue finding my neck, running it's length. 'rough and tough.mmmm." i groan softly, my fingers playing with her nipple softly. 'mmmm' she mumbles as her sharp teeth latch onto my neck briefly, pulling away she bares her teeth at me, before leaning in to kiss the spot. giggling softly to herself she kisses slowly lower, her hands holding onto my hips, stopping my hips from bucking involunaterily as she takes a nipple into her mouth, biting firmly on it's tip.

Slipping her fingers into the waistband of my boxers she slides them slowly down as she continues to suck on my nipple, my thick hard cock sprining up from it's confines. Sue's hand quickly wraps around it, her warm fingers feeling cold against the hot blood coursing through my cock. Her thumb comes up, rubbing firmly against the slit, sending fire to my toes, my back arching into her, my breathing coming ragged and fast.

'fu-hhhhh' all i can say as the pressure increases, both of her tongue and thumb. detaching from my nipple her mouth envelopes my cock head, her thumb replaced b her tongue, pushing and squirming against the slit of my cock, pushing int hard as her hands come up to fondle my balls softly. Taking my cock farther and farther into her mouth she sucks, building up rapidly, the prior stimulation causing me to reach the peak faster than normal, as her head begins to bob, I feel myself drawing nearer, her legs suddenly swing around, straddling my head she lowers her pussy to my mouth, my tongue darting out quickly as I grab her ass, pulling her down to me, my tongue sliding along her slit, her moan emenating through my cock into me, and being echoed back with each downward stroke of her mouth.

We lay there, in a flurry of movement, my cock disappearing into her mouth as her pussy filled my mouth, my tongue darting into her hole rapidly, her juices smeard across my face.

Picking up speed she deep throats me, my cock sliding down her throat. I pull her down more, my tongue flicking up to run around her clit, as i push my thumb into her asshole, causing her to jump slightly, pausing momentarily before ploughing on. Gorging on her pussy, I nibble her clit, two fingers of my other hand sliding into her wet pussy quickly, exciting her immensely, I feel her mouth firmly grasping my cock as her pace becomes feverish, sending my body into a tensed state, my legs locking up, as jet after jet of thick hot cum spews forth into her mouth, filling her mouth, as I gasp into her pussy, my orgasm taking over as she swallows the cum, milking the remainder from my cock.

Sitting up, she pushes her pussy down into my mouth again, moaning softly as she mumbles 'ah baby, you taste so fucking good', her hips grinding her pussy into my mouth 'don't stop, im getting close'.

I probe her pussy with my tongue, making it stiff and fucking her pussy with it, her thighs clamping on my head as she thrashes on top of me, her body's heat seeming to intensify in her pussy as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.

Feeling her thighs clamp very tightly around my head I feel her warm juices flow into my mouth, and down my face, her cum flowing out in a thick stream as she convulsed on me, her breathe ragged and short as she slowly calmed.


Collapsing on me, she pivots round, her head falling on my shoulder as she lay on me, her breathing normalising slowly. ten minutes pass, us just laying there, the night air of the city around us like a contstant ocean wave ebb, the sound filling our senses as I feel sue's breathing slow, calming mine as we both fall into a deep slumber.

I woke, suddenly, the bright room filling my vision. Looking around wildly I note sue is still sound asleep on me, bear hugging me, her arms and legs wrapped around my body as she slept. 'cutie' i mutter under my breath, grabbing my phone from the night stand I snap a picture of her, the camera's shutter startling her awake 'oops, sorry baby, I thought it was off' I say as she looks at me bleary eyed 'whaaa?' she says in a sleepy voice, a smile forming on my face as i lean in, kissing her softly on the lips 'don't worry baby' I say, chuckling softly, 'want some breakfast?

it's 10am' I say glancing at my phone. 'yes please' she says, rolling off me to lay there, her hand softly stroking my hair as I pick up the phone and dial room service 'err good morning, could I order some breakfast?' 'yes of course sir' says the man at the desk 'could I please get two servings of nutella and toast please, as well as some orange juice please' I say as calmly as I can, sue's hand running up and down my chest seductively her teeth nibbling my earlobe.

'thank you' I say hanging up the phone I wait a second, turning to sue I pounce, pinning her down I kiss her, licking at her lips 'you, little devil' I say, kissing her deeply, letting go of her hands, i craddle her face in my hands, kissing her passionately as her hands wrap around my neck. 'I love you' I say, looking into her eyes, a broad smile appeared on her face as she barely has the breath to say it back, a faint whisper 'I love you too' she says, pulling me fiercely toward her, our lips locking into a deep kiss.

-knock knock- we ignore the sound, as our tongues dance slowly -knock knock- 'great.' I say, getting up begrudgingly, moving to the door, pulling on some shorts 'your meal sir' says the boy who has delivered our breakfast 'thank you' I tip him, giving a large tip and grabbing the plate and moving into the room, shutting the door and dropping my boxers and stepping out of them.

'om nom nom nom' sue says, jumping up and sitting down on the bed, settling on the edge as i place the plate between us, and flicking on the tv. we sit eating quietly, the odd giggle passing between us as we look at each other, sitting there naked, eating toast scratches on sue's shoulder from where my excitement got the better of me. leaning over i gently kiss the scratch, elliciting a soft thank you from her in response.

We finish up, placing the plates outside the door I walk back into the room I see sue stretching out, 'shall we go shower?' 'yes, we do smell quite.primal' I say smirking as I step into the bathroom, turning on the taps to a pleasant warmth. Stepping in, I let the warmth wash over me, my head tilted up letting the water wash over my face.

I feel a cold breeze pass over my back, as two hands wrap around my waist, as sue pulls herself onto me, her body pressing into me as we stand under the warm water, our bodies relaxing. Taking my earlobe into her mouth she nibbles on it softly, her hands finding the soap dish, she lathers her hand up, still nibbling on my earlobe as she wraps her hand firmly around my shaft, pumping it slowly, adding a twist with each downstroke.

pumping faster and faster she builds to a steady rhythm, the suds forming a thick fountain down my shaft. satisfied that I am now clean she moves her hand down, cupping my balls, kneading them slowly as she cleans me. 'ohh baby, you're so dirty' I hear her moan in my ear, her fingers sliding around to the back, sliding down my ass crack, her finger flickering over my asshole.

'god.damn.' i groan softly, her slender fingertip probing into me, cleaning more than I normally do. 'there we gooo' she says, the smile very evident in her voice as she turns me around, kissing me deeply as i push her against the shower wall my tongue dancing along her lips as I grab the soap, running a soapy hand along her side, upward, cupping a breast, kneading the firm fleshy mound in my hand, i slide my other hand upward, grabbing the other breast, kneading her breasts firmly, I remove my mouth from hers, a needy whine escaping her as i latch my mouth onto her neck, biting it firmly, sucking on the flesh.

I feel a sharp pain in my ass, her hands grabbing my ass, her sharp nails pinching the flesh hard. sliding a hand downward I lather up my hand again, i run it upward on her thigh, cupping her pussy, I begin grinding my palm into her pussy, the lather creating a nice lubricant for my hand. Grinding my palm harder I curl two fingers, making them slide along her slit as my palm ground into her, a moan escaping her as her legs lifted up, wrapping around me. I continue my assualt, my other hand leaving her breast, sliding along her back, I slide it downward, I cup her ass, a finger poking into her asshole gently, cleaning her.

'ohhh, kinky' she squeaks between her moans. I continue this up for a little longer, listening as her breathing comes in slow gasps as i gradually slow my assualt. letting her down, I watch as she stands on unsteady legs, wavering a bit. pushing her downward on her shoulder gently she gets on her knees, thinking she was meant to suck me, taking my cock into her hands she leans in slowly, but I place a hand on her forehead, pushing her back gently I push her down to sit on the floor, a confused look on her face.

walking around her I squat behind her, undoing one of the small shampoo bottles I squirt a little onto my hands, placing the bottle. 'what're you doing back there babe?' she queries softly 'ohhh' she moans softly, as my fingers run through her hair, the shampoo causing large amounts of soap suds.

running my hands back and forth, across her scalp, her eyes closing in pleasure as i work the shampoo into her hair further. pleased with the effort; her long dark hair scattered with white soapsuds from the shampoo, I detach the showerhead, bringing it down to her head, using one hand to rinse the shampoo from her hair, taking care to not tangle it.

switching off the shower i grab a towel, and begin to dry her hair, continuing till it is dry enough I wrap the towel around her head I stand her up, towelling her body down gently I finish up, wrapping the towel around her with a peck on the lips, she returns the favours, drying my crotch especially well, she adds with a wink 'i will dirty it later' she wraps the towel around my waist.


stepping out of the steamy bathroom we move to the bed, laying down on the bed we planned to lay down for a minute before leaving for a bit of shopping, it seems we were a bit too tired for it, falling asleep together we wake later, the clock reading 7pm. 'ah balls' I say, groggily looking at the clock as i feel sue stir next to me, her arm drapped across me lazily. 'what time is it?' she asks sleepily, her head moving across my chest 'haha after 7' I say laughing at our laziness 'balls' she mimics me with a smirk 'well tonight is our last night here babe, we go tomorrow back' I say with a little saddness in my voice noticing this, she rolls onto me, kissing me softly, and speaking low 'how about we have dinner in, and we make this night magical?' she says, looking directly in my eyes, her fingers twirling a my short hair.

'ok, whatever you want baby' I say, kissing her softly, my hands holding her to me gently. 'shall we get a movie?' I ask simply, kissing her again 'of course, maybe we can watch something.

racy?' she asks with a wink 'how about a romantic one with some sex?' I ask, winking back as I sit up, sue following with me, kissing me as she says a muffled yes around my lips.

a few minutes later, i was on the phone, ordering more. I ordered an old school romance, as well as a light vegetable stirfry, as well as other things. less than ten minutes later there was another knock at the door, once again tipping the boy who delivered the goods I closed the door, sue had stepped into the bathroom to freshen up. We had chosen to wear our best for this.

I myself had on my suit, a sleek black simple suit with a blue shirt, a plain black tie tied in a double windsor. I set to work, lighting the candles I had ordered for the event. Finishing the candles I placed the wine glasses next to the ice bucket, hearing a faint click behind me. Turning, I feel the breath catch in my throat. Stepping out of the bathroom, a vision of beauty.

Black stilleto heels on her leading foot, leading upward, I catch sight of a long slender tanned leg in the split seam of the long black evening gown, a startling electric blue in colour a near perfect match to my shirt, the chest splitting in a subtle v-neck, the straps crossing over at the back.

Her long black hair up in an elegant bun, touched off with minimal make up. 'oh, lord.' I say, stepping forward my hand outstretched for hers, taking her hand in mine I pull her to me, my arm going around her waist, I begin a slow paced waltz sort of dance, both of humming "moves like jagger" under our breaths, very unfitting to the context, but perfect in our minds.

'oh, wow' she breathes, seeing the candles. 'all for you' I say, taking her hand and leading her to the bed, I start the movie, pouring two glasses of wine, as we sit. we sit, watching as the main actress of the movie swoon as she gets picked up by the main actor.

we sit quietly watching, our food long finished. Leaning back, I slide my hand backward, my fingers intertwining with hers. Her warm fingers grasp mine, pulling my hand into hers. We sit a little, my thumb running along the edge of her finger, tingles running up her arm. I turn my head slowly, looking toward sue, I lean in slowly, my lips brushing along her ear. closing her eyes, sue's breathing slows, her mouth opening slowly.

Taking her earlobe into my mouth i begin to suck on it softly, nibbling it softly as my hand runs up her thigh, my rough fingers tracing the length of her thigh up till the hem of her dress, her legs involuntarily opening slightly.

Kissing slowly along her cheek, i kiss gently, planting small kisses in large quantities on her cheeks. Giggling slightly, Sue leans forward to me, her soft lips brushing mine gently, a spark jumping within our very beings.

Pressing in firmly, she pulls her hands up to my face, grasping my face in her hands, she kisses me deeply, her tongue sneaking out to trace along my lips. Taking this as an OK, I lean in more heavily, my kiss increasing in passion as I run my hand up her thigh, the strokes becoming more and more adventurous, tickling the skin further and further up her slender thigh. Running my hand right up her dress, I run a hand around her thigh, inwards.

Contacting the satin of her crotch my fingers slowly run in a long slow up and down stroke, eliciting a moan from her. Pressing more firmly, I kiss her deeply, my hand disengaging from hers i bring it up behind her, the zipper easy to find, I slowly pull it down, the soft buzz felt more than heard.

Pulling away, she stands slowly, letting the dress drop, only her panties on as she is wearing no bra, she leans onto the bed, removing my tie and jacket swiftly, she kisses me, her fingers swiftly undoing my buttons on my shirt. Taking my shirt off and throwing it onto the pile of fabric that is her dress, i look down to see she's already started and removed my belt, pulling my pants slowly off she drops them on the floor, both of us just in our underwear. Leaning in, sue kisses me, our tongues dancing in our mouths as i pull her to me, my fingers coming up to softly tweak her nipples, feeling them harden under my minstrations.

I feel sue's hand grasp my hardening cock through my underwear, feeling me grow in her hands. Stroking me softly, her grasp growing tighter on me as her pleasure from my hands on her nipples excites her. Twisting slightly more firmly, a sudden firm grip on the base of my cock stops me, as sue kisses down my chest, her hands sliding my underwear down a tad, the head of my cock poking out, kneeling in front of me, she kisses the head of my cock, pulling my underwear down more and more slowly, her long slender fingers reaching in to extract my cock, as her fingers wrapping around my cock, pumping along it slowly, her lips around the head of my cock, her tongue toying in the eye of my cock, rubbin firmly into it as i lean back, my eyes closing in ecstacy.

Taking my cock slowly into her mouth more and more, her warm wet mouth sliding along my hard cock, the mixture of wet and warmth exciting me to new heights. Bobbing her head up and down at a steady pace her tongue runs along the underside of my cock as her mouth moved along me, my climax nearing at a rapid pace, only made faster with the added effect of her hand rubbing my balls.

I feel myself hit my peak, hot jets of my cum hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gag lightly as she continues to suck me, milking the remainder of the cum as it shoots out. grabbing her under the arm pits, I lift her, my softening cock slipping out out her mouth as I pull her onto the bed, laying her onto her back, I spread her legs roughly, my fingers stroking her slit firmly, my mouth enveloping her clit, flicking my tongue across it as I breath deeply, her musky aroma filling my nose.

I feel her shudder, a deep gasp eminating from within her, her breasts jiggling softly when her breathes came in shuddering gasps, my tongue attacking her clit as she tries in vain to keep her legs open, but instead they clamp on my head her hand coming to the back of my head, entwining in my hair, pushing my head harder into her pussy.

"fu.fuc." she moans, as my tongue pushes against her clit harder. Raising a finger to her entrance, I rim the entrance to her pussy, recalling some anatomy i learnt. A sharp intake of breath from her as her legs tightened more so. Pushing a finger into her, i begin a slow pumping motion, feeling her wet pussy pulsate around my finger, a soft moan coming from her mouth as I increase the speed.

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Pulling my finger out I add a second finger, pushing them into her, curling them up to rub her g-spot, I encounter a barrier at the back most part of her pussy.

oh, she's still.pure.? I thought to myself, she was indeed a virgin. Pumping my two fingers into her I build up to a rapid pace, feeling her body talking back to me, her pussy pulsating around my fingers. Feeling her body reach a near peak I feel her get closer, very nearing an orgasm.

I stand quickly, leaning over her I line my newly hardened cock up with her pussy, removing my fingers I push into her slowly, easing into her, her eyes half opening to stare at me lovingly.

Easing into her gently, I push forward, my cock sliding easily, encountering the resistance, I looked into her eyes, waiting, nodding slowly, sue nods slowly. Keeping eye contact with her, I withdraw slowly, and thrust in sharply, a sharp yelp coming from sue.

Waiting a bit pause, waiting for sue to get used to the pain, after a little bit, sue looks into my eyes and nods again. Withdrawing a little, I slide gently into sue again, my cock sliding into her easily, pulling out slowly, and push into her again, each stroke pushing in deeper.

As I built up to a steady pace, soft grunts coming from sue and myself. Leaning down I kiss sue deeply, my tongue playing with hers, my thrusts becoming harder and faster. Wrapping her legs around me tightly, sue kisses me fiercely, her hands grabbing my arse, her sharp finger nails pressing into my hot skin.

Pumping into her faster and faster, I feel sue's pussy clenching my cock as she drew nearer and nearer to her orgasm. "oh, go- god" Sue gasps, her breath coming in faster and shallower. As her orgasm nears, sue screams, a high pitch scream escaping her as she climaxes, her legs tightening around me, clenching me to her, pulling me deeper into her as I climax too, my cum shooting into her deeply, filling her. Breathing heavily, we sigh and moan, our breath coming in sharp short gasps. Looking deeply into each others eyes, we stare, hard and fierce at first, the lust pumping in our veins, but slowly fading away, a warm glow eminating from within us, seeping out, our breathing slowing, heart rates still racing.

"I, Love, You" Sue gasps, between slowing breathes, her eyes lighting up with the last word. "I love you too" I say, smiling back, our smiles unable to be extinguished by the kiss we share.