Moher in Gesetz Brust Massage 2

Moher in Gesetz Brust Massage 2
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THE VIP CHAUFFEUR Chapter 2 I got the call from the boss on Friday morning. Mr K had booked a job for that night and it would be an overnighter, returning sometime Saturday. I replied that I was available and that I would be in to pick up the car by 4PM. The dispatcher advised that Mr K had ordered the VIP Escalade. That had me wondering what escapade lie ahead.

When I arrived at the Ritz at 7pm as instructed Mr K was already outside and dressed in jeans and a worn shirt but carrying that forsaken brief case although this one looked larger than the last. He jumped into the car's front seat and was an entirely different guy than what I remembered. "How you doin, buck?" Everything OK with you? I responded: Yea everythings great. What do we have in store for us tonight?

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Well before I get into that Mr K replied tell me what you really think about our last assignment. Any nightmares?

Only wet ones I replied. That chick was ultra hot ! She sure was he said, no trouble getting your nut off with a beauty like that.

I agree. You're not always so fortunate in this line of work. You can come across some really weird, ugly people and sometimes you really have to push yourself to get the job done. But get it done is what we get paid for, right Bucko? I nodded in the affirmative. I got to ask you Mr. K: what happened to that guy, you know the dickless wonder? Oh him ! My people brought him directly to our personal physician where he was taken care of for not only what we did but some additional "reconstructive" surgery and where he'll recuperate.

Following that he'll be permanently relocated far away never to be heard from again in these parts again. I guess a sense of relief came over me finally realizing I was not accessory to some heinous crime I could spend the rest of my life in jail over.

Its turned out to be just another chapter in my life not much different than my years in the service. I did a lot worse there than here so far anyway. Since I was having good luck conversing with Mr K I continued to inquire about what lied ahead.

Well Mr K replied tonight we have a similar assignment as last time but it might prove to be more difficult. This guy owes someone a lot of money and a lot more information that he has been withholding from them.

That group has hired my people to extract the money, the information and some "penalties" for his behavior. We'll have our own support team nearby if we need them but you and I are going to try to take care of this ourselves.

We'll go in late tonight when they will least expect us and get what he owes from him, his wife, she's 45 years old and his two children ages 19 and 22, if we have to.

You up for that Bucko, Mr K exclaimed? Sounds intriguing to me I added. Where are we headed? Well its about 2 hours away so lets get going. Off we went. Mr K spent quite a bit of the ride on the cell phone coordinating his support teams and talking to who I assume was one of his significant others. Sounds to me like he has a stable of female friends across the geography but that's based on listening to just one side of the conversation. We arrived just after 9:30 and stopped at a diner for some food.

By 10:30 we had rendezvoused with two other teams of two, guys that looked that they just walked off the pages of mercenary magazine. They were told to standby in the designated locations and be ready to move on a seconds notice.

We approached the residence in a very exclusive neighborhood. I was advised by Mr K that the alarms in the house were already disabled and a sliding door to the residence had been prepared for us ahead of time.

We went over the plan. One of the teams would enter the house and first disable i.e. Blindfold and incapacitate the two kids in their beds.

On this job they would use an injection of a specialized drug similar to the date-rape substance they use. It totally immobilizes the victim for up to 8 hours and ideally once it wears off the victim has no recollection whatsoever of what had happened since the injection. Once that was accomplished the team would enter the master bedroom and immobilize the man and woman whom Mr K referred to as Mr and Mrs B, with handcuffs and gags.

Mr K and I would enter once the hard work was done and we were to use surgical gloves and the standard Halloween masks which really weren't that obstructive as they seem. We waited for the all clear and then entered through the sliding doors as the initial team was exiting. They advised everything was all set and that there were no problems except Mr and Mrs B were scared shitless. No problem Mr K exclaimed they'll be covered with shit by the time were done isn't that right Bucko?

In we went. He wanted to check on the kids first. The first was a very cute 19 year old blond lying in her bed in a long white tee shirt with pink bikini panties on. It appeared she was fully awake but her hands and feet were tied to the four posters of the bed.

She had a red ball gag in and she looked confused. The other bedroom had a very strong, actively thrashing 22 year old woman.

She was on the chunky side, probably 40 lbs overweight. She had what looked like full pajamas on long pants and a sweatshirt like. She was really struggling and trying to be loud but she was bound hand and foot and gagged just like her sister. All was set there. Mr K couldn't help but slap the hell out of the older sister, show her his handgun and told her to calm down or the alternative would be deadly. She seemed to understand. Off we went to the bedroom and that is when Mr K went into the role completely.

Well, well, well he said in a loud voice. What do we have hear. Mr B was sitting up in the bed handcuffed, gagged and duct taped. Mrs B was just had a thin rope binding her hands together and gagged. Mr K started off: Well folks I'm here to exact some significant revenge. Mrs B do you know your husband owes his lone shark $350,000 plus interest which is now more than the debt itself.

She was crying incessantly. And to make things worse Mrs B your loving husband was supposed to deliver us some specific information and he hasn't even been returning our calls. What do you think about that Mrs B? The crying increased. Now this is going to be one long night because we either leave here with all of the money, all of the information and a few pounds of flesh OR we will take both your children and leave the both of you DEAD.

Now isn't that an interesting choice. I looked over at Mrs B who was wearing a long night shirt and white panties. Following Mr K exclamation Mrs B noticeably pissed herself and soaked the bed. That wasn't lost by Mr K. He immediately launched into action.

Oh look Mr B! I just scared the piss out of your wife. He grabbed Mr B and jammed his head right into the piss spot on the bed. How does that smell and taste to you Mr B. Think we'll have any success tonight. After Mr B had a chance to taste his wife's piss, Mr K pulled him up and off the bed and onto the floor. He said to me: Bucko get that bitches pissy clothes off.

I tried to be as aggressive as Mr K but probably failed miserably.


I grabbed her and ripped the shirt right off her shoulder. The pissy pants I made her take off. She was in fairly good shape for a 45 year old. Solid tits, maybe a bit saggy but all real, with very big nipples. A few pounds overweight but only noticeable without any clothes.

Astonishingly, she was waxed below and had a hot pussy with very pronounced lips. Mr K yelled to me; fuck her mouth and give her the warning. I took the ball gag out but before I did I warned her in a low almost whispering voice, if you make one sound my boss would just as well blow your head off. Its probably going to happen anyway but if you cooperate completely I might be able to salvage your life.

Your kids are already under our control so please don't do anything stupid. She seemed to immediately understand. I took the gag out and replaced it with my very hard cock which was just sticking out of my jeans. She gobbled it up like she had never had one before. Started sucking and fucking me with her mouth like I hadn't felt in a long, long time.


She was giving me one hell of a blowjob. She came up for air and started licking me balls without me even asking.

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I was really enjoying this. Mr K had Mr B naked and on the bed and had taken a huge black dildo out of his attach?With no lube whatsoever he had it in Mr B ass and Mr B was screaming through the gag and tape.

Mr K was doing a number on him I guess to let him know he meant business. Mr K inquired of me: hows she doin Bucko? I quickly responded, boss you got to try this one, she is something special. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to him and told her to take his cock out and give him a better blowjob than I got. She complied immediately and then Mr K pulled her onto her back and told me to start fucking her cunt.

Again I complied immediately and found her anything but tight but wet and with good muscle control and she was trying to fuck me back. Her husband still had the huge black dildo in his bloodied ass but just as I started to really get into a rhythm with Mrs B Mr K pulled the dildo out and unhandcuffed Mr B and told him to ungag himself and suck the bloody, shitty dildo.

It seemed he shook his head no and Mr K. heldoff and struck him with the handgun in his hand and knocked him out as he feel to the floor.

Mrs B started to scream and Mr K warned me to warn her again. I bent over to her ear again and said, please be careful or this will get out of control very quickly. I just kept fucking her and she went back to sucking Mr K. who said to me, want to cum? I motioned yes. Here ! Do it right here. He motioned to her tits and mouth and as he let her mouth go he stroked his cock and started to come all over her tits.

I stroked myself and wasn't as quick but I felt it bubbling up. Mr K said to me, you will be able to go again with one of this bitches next door right? I nodded yes but Mrs B didn't like the sound of that at all. But I warned her again as I let go a huge load all over her face and tits.

I let go with 4 or 5 solid streams of heavy come, surprising more than Mr K himself. He mused to me something like; nice load Bucko, she really got you going with that blowjob huh? I gave him a little smirk and felt pretty proud of myself. Mr K said I wanted you're no good dead beat hubby to lick this off of you but he's not with us anymore. Startled Mrs B tried to get up to see what Mr K was talking about.

He quickly knocked her back down on the bed. Mr K said; don't worry he's alive just not conscious. Now lets you and me have a nice heart to heart talk. Bucko, go check on the kids and if they are as we left them come right back.

Mr K proceeded with Mrs B. Do you know that your husband was in such deep trouble? She mumbled something like "I didn't know how bad it was". Well let me put it this way do you or he have the $300K. She said I'm not sure how much money he can put his hands on. Well do you have stocks, bonds valuable papers anything I can look through before I look at your daughters internal organs. Yes here let me show you where they are. Before he let her up he told her to clean his cock off which she reluctantly did and with some vigor.

Now rub all that cum into your skin like the great lotion that it is. We wouldn't want you to waste its properties. She did so slowly and somewhat erotically which I could tell interested Mr K.

Once that was complete she took him by the hand to a closet in the home office where she opened a wall safe for him. He emptied it quickly and went through its contents rapidly throwing much of it on the floor. There were some items he put into his brief case but the majority of it went into a pile on the floor. Mrs B sat passively on a small couch in the office naked trying to cover herself from time to time.

Mr K exclaimed well that wont cover a weeks interest what else do you have. She went into the desk and handed him a checkbook and a couple of bank books.


He reviewed them quickly but deliberately and exclaimed: now that's better but far from enough. She whispered I don't know about anything else. Well then its on to your daughters but before we do lets have a discussion with the hubby. We all went back into the master bedroom and Mr B was still out like a light on the floor. Mr K reached into his brief case and brought out some smelling salts and broke the ampule under Mr B nose.

He woke up immediately and Mr K grabbed him by the neck cutting off all air. As he struggled to breathe Mr K gave him what amounted to be his last warning: Look here asshole, that little love tap you got and the mild fucking is but a small preview of what lies ahead if you don't cooperate. Now I'm going to let you breathe but the first words out of your mouth better be where I can put my hands on something that's worth a hell of a lot more than the checkbook, bank books and lousy hundred shares of stock your hot little wife handed over to me from the office.

Do you understand? Mr B was an ungodly pallor of blue as he nodded yes. Mr K let go of his windpipe and he gasped for air. He said let me take you to the cellar. Alright then folks let take a daytrip to the cellar shall we. He motioned to me, you take her and he uncuffed Mr B ankles but re-cuffed his wrists and to the cellar we went. In a closet in the recesses of the cellar was a black suitcase. Mr K took it out and opened it and it was full of neat stacks of cold cash.

How much is here he demanded of Mr. B. A little less than $200K, he answered. I've been putting it aside waiting to get the entire amount to pay the debt. Well you're quite a bit short Mr K exclaimed. Do you have access to anymore whatsoever? No Mr B answered. Are you absolutely sure Mr K yelled? Yes I'm sure he said cowardly. Oh well Mr K said I guess we go continue the party with the girls.

Mrs B started again to plead relentlessly, no, no please don't involve them I'll do whatever it takes to spare them. Take this worthless bastard and cut him into pieces. I could care less just don't harm the girls in any way.

Mr K was surprisingly patient has he considered his options. Well what do you say to that Mr B? Your hot little wife has completely sold you out. We're a hundred thousand short of satisfying your debt and there are two others in this house to whom we could exact some revenge upon. What should we do Mr. B?

He said please don't harm the girls I'll do whatever I can. Well what can you do Mr K screamed? When you couldn't come up with the money last week you were told to provide a list of names of your clients who you know cheated on their taxes. We got no list. You were told to produce a list of people from your prestigious country club that were unfaithful to their spouses, no list ! You were told to give us the names of every woman you've been unfaithful to this wonderful sexy wife of yours with.

No list. Have you had a change of heart? Mr B remained silent. OK then lets get this party started and we headed to the girls bedroom. I said to myself, this drama may really start to get interesting. Mrs B was uncontrollably hysterical pleading with her husband to give us what we wanted. He began sobbing himself. Mrs B screamed at him are you going to let them hurt the girls over your stupidity.

You are a fucking asshole she screamed at him. We arrived at the older girls room first and she was still being feisty and trying to get out of her restraints. Mr K instructed me to get her attention.

I went over to her and told her in her ear she had better pay attention. She was gagged and cuffed and I told her to listen carefully. Mr K dragged both Mr & Mrs B into the room, both of them still hysterical. He proceeded: look here missy we've been trying to get these two dead beat parents of yours to pay a long standing debt to those who have hired me to try to get what is due me. Despite all of our attempts, violent and otherwise they have failed so now were here to exact some of this debt out of your young ass.

Have anything to say before we begin. Mrs B was still screaming no, no, no. Mr K had to slap her hard and tell her to shut-up. The gag he had used on her previously re-appeared and was about to be applied when she quieted down. Mr K looked at Mr B who was still crying uncontrollably.

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Any last minute pearls of wisdom for us? All I could here was crying and moaning and the continued screaming under the gag of the eldest daughter. Ok then Mr K said here we go. Bucko strip her naked. I grabbed her sweatshirt and ripped it in half exposing her pert if not large double D tits. I heard Mr K let out a whistle. Mrs B started her hysterics again and Mr K sat her down on the floor right under Mr B's legs.

I then yanked her sweat pants off from the bottom of the bed and all she had on were two remnants of the shirt around her wrists that couldn't come over the cuffs. Lying in the bed she was now motionless, no doubt full of fear, naked and wondering what was coming next.

Mr K yelled at her, are you a virgin, bitch. There was no answer head nod or otherwise. I'll ask you one more time have you ever had a cock in your cunt you stupid bitch.

Still no hint of a response. Mr K ordered, Bucko untie her legs. I did what I was told immediately and Mr K took his place between her legs. He was almost violent with her as he spread her cunt with one hand and aimed his cock with the other. As he lifted her legs ready to plunge into her he screamed at me to get Mr and Mrs B up onto the bed to witness the harvesting of a cherry. I did so as quickly and as roughly as I could. On the bed they were when Mr K lunged into her with a buck and a scream you could only imagine.

Mrs B began to puke all over and this really pissed Mr K off. Get her out of here he yelled at me. Put her in the bathroom that's where shit like her belongs. This is all you fault daddy he said to Mr B who was emotionally unstable and delirious at this point.

As Mr K fucked this girl violently, thrust after thrust he began to beat on Mr B. Punch after punch in every part of his body each time citing, got anything more for me daddy, got anything more for me? I tried to comfort Mrs B who was violently ill.

I told her to try to get a hold of herself for if she didn't she'd be dead and of no help whatsoever in trying to get us to spare her daughters life.

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Your husband is toast. He will be either taken with us and never seen again by any of you or left here dead. Its still up in the air whether you join him in the afterlife or you're spared but your behavior isn't helping at all. If you have half a brain you'll go back in there and ask Mr K to fuck you again and spare your daughter and maybe even ask him to let you kill your husband to spare your remaining daughter.

She seemed to comprehend what I was saying and suddenly awoke from her previous state, got up threw some water on her face and went back into the bedroom.

Please sir let me speak. Mr K who had really established a frightening rhythm fucking he daughter was more surprised than anything else when she began talking. Hey there he said what do you have to say. Please sir let me replace myself for my daughter with you. Take me back to my room and lets talk. Whats she talking about Bucko? I'm not sure, Sir ! He withdrew from the daughter bloody cock swinging in the breeze.

Here clean this off asshole he directed it to Mr. B. With your mouth asshole and don't try anything stupid or your brains will be all over this room.

Sure enough Mr B opened his mouth and suck in Mr K's cock. He shoved it in as far as he could and made Mr B gag but he wasn't stopping there he kept bucking and bucking into this guys mouth.

Clean it up he screamed. Mr B tried to responded but not fast enough. Mr K began to piss violently into Mr B's mouth and then all over him. He looked down at him and said something snide like: oh well ! He grabbed Mrs B by the arm and took her into the master bedroom. He told me Bucko, get this asshole cleaned up and ready to go.

We're taking him and what else we can manage with us. As soon as I'm finished cutting his wife into small pieces we're out of here. If you want to try the bitch daughter go ahead but she wasn't anywhere as good as Momma. I roughly grabbed Mr B up onto his feet and into the adjoining bathroom. Put him into the shower stall and turned it on as cold as it would go. I went back to the daughter and told her quietly in her ear, look you and your sister may be spared.

I know that's not the case with your deadbeat dad and I'm not sure about your mother but you better be as quiet as a church mouse and just pass out. That's your best hope of staying alive at this point. I inspected her body one last time and found her pubic hair unkempt and now dirty and bloodied her tits large and sagging for a girl in her twenties and her face contorted and confused behind that ball gag. I hope you got the message I said to her as I left.

I checked on Mr B in the shower and he was still cuffed and helpless. I then went into the Master bedroom to find Mrs B wildly fucking Mr K and I could tell he was truly enjoying this fuck. It wasn't one of those I've seen him HAVE to do the last few days but he was really into this. He was kissing her, talking to her, fondling her ample tits and really putting the meat to her and she appeared to be earnestly enjoying it.

I was loath to interrupt so I called from the hallway, Boss what do you want me to do. He responded. Get that bum dressed, keep him cuffed and gag him and then come back in here. I did what I was told and when I returned into the bedroom Mrs B was sucking the bosses cock with deep passion. I overheard him explaining to her how the girls were drugged and will have no recollection whatsoever of anything that happened this night. Your husband will never be seen again.

You will be able to file for a death certificate in 6 months whether he is truly dead or not. You will surely never see him again but I cannot guarantee what his fate will be. Here's the price you'll have to pay for all of this, he continued.

My boy Bucko or I will be able to come back here and you will entertain us just like you did tonight whenever and I mean whenever we want. Do you understand? He withdrew his cock, completely slimed from her mouth. Yes lover I understand! LOVER ? She was broken. Were taking the money and papers we found. His debt is not your debt.

I found a $1 million life insurance policy in there with you as the beneficiary. That will be plenty for you and the girls and for you to take care of me and Bucko whenever we come back. Got it sweetheart. Yes she exclaimed, I owe my life and the lives of my daughters to you and I'll never forget lover! OK sweetie I'm going to come all over you again and your going to swallow every drop of my cum and you'll wait every day from now on for more of it won't you.

Yes lover I swear to you I will. He stroked his massively hard cock harder and harder until he exploded into her mouth and despite all of her attempts she couldn't swallow fast enough but she really, really tried.

She grabbed for his cock and sucked and licked it over and over again, licking his balls. Mr K called out to me, are you ready to go Bucko. Yes boss I replied. Do you need to get your nut off again? I thought about it for a minute and responded thoughtfully, only if you want me to boss!

I heard him say to Mrs B that's what I call a loyal buddy. I heard Mrs B say I'll be happy to do whatever you want lover, just tell me. You're good for now sweetie. You can go back to bed now its 4:30am and be ready for us when and whenever we return, OK? Of course lover I understand. Mr. K got dressed himself, picked up all his equipment and got on his cell phone with instructions to get his booty picked up.

Within minutes a van was at the garage door and Mr K and I loaded Mr B into the van along with all of the things he wanted to retrieve from the home, suitcases, papers and even jewelry and other valuables. Once the van pulled away, Mr K and I got into the Escalade and drove off. Listen here Bucko, this night wasn't all lost. We got a good chunk of money back to the client. The guy will undoubtedly be wasted but that's not our job. We get to go back and fuck his wife whenever we want.

Not a bad bonus for a nights work.

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As I dropped him off at the hotel he handed me an envelope and told me we would have to go out on another job within the week so be prepared. I told him he could count on me as I counted out $5,000 in hundred dollar bills. This is work I could really get used to and Mrs B would be seeing me really soon.

Chapter 3 to follow.