British babe instructing naked guy to tug

British babe instructing naked guy to tug
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His hands were cold. Either that or her body was on fire from his gaze. No words or touch were needed for her to feel a quiver deep inside her, shaking her to the core of her arousal. Her soft mound of lips threatened to release the dam that was about to break and it was all because of his presence. Alyssa had never felt a surge of a throbbing heartbeat between her legs before just from speaking to someone but that was exactly what happened from the first time she heard his voice.

It made no logical sense to her. She was a strong willed woman; independent. How did this man command her attention and why was it focused solely on her sexuality? Why did she feel the need to please him?

He was tall with dark eyes and sensuous lips. He was one of those people, who, when they walked into the room, the energy changed. He carried himself with confidence and quiet superiority. This man wasn't arrogant, although she had the inclination he could be. He wasn't though. Humble wouldn't describe him either. He exuded confidence and dripped with sexual electricity. He had a name, sure.


Names were just fancy labels stuck on us at birth, burdened to carry certain stigmas attached to the name parents thought were fitting at the time, not thinking that their baby would grow up to be a strong and virile man that could possibly not live up to the strength of the name or would be so powerful, the name wouldn't fit. How she met him wasn't important. She met him and that was all that mattered in her small world.

She once thought she was destined for great things but life had other plans. Maybe she didn't fight hard enough but she still had a drive in her that could conquer anything. except this man who consumed her thoughts. Alyssa found herself fantasizing more than usual about this mysterious individual. Usually she could read people very well but he was a challenge she couldn't quite figure out.

That alone added to the attraction. She found herself nervous in his presence for no reason at all, even though he was the perfect gentleman. She could see in his eyes there was a darkness there that coincided with her own dark desires and she hoped one day they would merge into a frenzy of passion.

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God he made her hot. She felt like a silly school girl again, knots forming in her stomach. It was pure lust. She knew that but didn't know why or how someone could give her such an overwhelming need to please him. Unchartered territory. She knew what she liked and what she would and would not do but from speaking to him, her concrete walls crumbled.

All bets were off and she knew if allowed, she would push through any boundary she had set for herself. Alyssa walked into the room; he was lying naked on his back. Her heart hammered so loud in her ears she knew he had to have heard. She closed the door.


He didn't say a word and Alyssa slowly made her way over to the bed where this clearly aroused man laid with eyes of cold steel. She could not read him. Knowing she was about to come alive after so many dormant years of vanilla sex, she still didn't know what to expect but she knew the limits would be tested or destroyed by the time she left.

He reached our to her and firmly took her head in his large, strong hand. He didn't kiss her, he didn't caress her, but simply breathed in her smell of her face and neck. She could feel his breath on her body. Quickly as her poise left her, sexuality awakened and it took over and she leaned in and took his bottom lip between her top lip and tongue and sucked it right into her warm mouth.

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His expression didn't change. Alyssa licked his neck and caressed his nipples, which hardened to the touch. She dipped her tongue onto the right nipple and flicked it gently and then with more fervor as he put his hand on the back of her head and grabbed a hand full of hair and started to push her down to his manhood stood strong and tall.


Grabbing his throbbing cock with one hand, she felt a swift tug of her arm and she released his dick. That was one big dick and she wanted it.

why was he denying her this? "No hands," he spoke with both authority and passion. It was a quiet voice but filled with a firmness that made her wet.

Alyssa took her hand away and moved in to suck on the head of his swollen manhood. She could feel the vein with her tongue, her senses were on fire. Everything seemed cold to her skin comparatively. Suddenly both hands where in her hair, tangling it, pushing her down hard on his cock that filled her throat and made her unable to breathe.

In a rhythmic motion, her head was being used to force that dick down her tight throat. Thick white saliva started to pour out of the sides of her mouth. It rained down her chin and soaked her hair and his balls and even the sheets. He tasted of pure testosterone. He raised her head off his cock as it danced a couple of times hitting her in the face.

He nudged her head towards his balls that were soaked with her spit. She took one in her mouth, suckling it, playing with it, her eyes closed enjoying the thought of his essence in her mouth. And he was nudging her further down. Did he want her to.? Yes he did. She was about to take a mouthful of ass. HIS ass. She felt him pull his legs upwards to give her access and she dove into his ass with a pent up fury. She first licked it slowly up and down and he moaned and she pressed her tongue against his puckered asshole firmly.

She licked and flicked and circled his beautiful hole. He commanded her to spit and she did and then took her tongue and licked it in every direction, every now and then stopping to push her tongue inside. He was breathing harder and she reached up to stroke his cock and his hand was already there. They both had a hand on his dick but only one of them had a mouth full of ass, and that was Alyssa. He tasted like pure man. Taking one finger and circling his asshole, Alyssa gently inserted one finger into him.


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In and out. Deeper. She licked around his ass while penetrating him with one finger. Everything was wet, including her, but this was about him. Alyssa slowly inserted a second finger and flicked her fingers inside of his ass. She was opening him up gently. Soon she would be sucking and eating that hole out. Finally Alyssa felt it was loose enough and she started to place her face into the pit of his ass but he jerked her up.

He took her head in his hands and slapped her across the face. It didn't hurt.

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It stung with passion and she craved another. He delivered. The spit on her face flew off and her head spun. This excited her and she gasped as her pussy started throbbing, threatening to spill. He turned over and laid on his stomach and she took both hands and spread his cheeks apart and dove in between the two fleshy mounds of his backside. He reached around with his strong arms and shoved her head deep into his ass.

She licked so hard she forced her tongue inside and placed her lips around his anus. She sucked hard and then popped her lips off, He was on his knees stroking that massive cock. She would do anything to have that cock in her ass right that second but she didn't care ask. Alyssa returned to her job which was to eat his asshole out and she devoured it.

She licked around his crack and then back to the center. She went lower and sucked and licked his balls. He was breathing heavily and he was going to cum soon. He turned around and put her on her back and rubbed his balls all over her face. He paused a few times to slap her face and call her a fucking whore and her pussy erupted. She gasped. He was pleased but she wasn't finished and he took his huge hands and opened her mouth and slapped his cock on her tongue and then followed the tongue down into her throat.

He had both hands on her throat, choking her, the cock entering and exiting with frenzy. Suddenly he was cumming and it was thick and hot and she wasn't catching it all. She tried swallowing it but it was too much. Cum was everywhere and he pushed her head down and made her lick it up. She swallowed every bit that was shoved in her face.

That seemed to please him but his dick was still rock hard. He wasn't finished. He flipped her over and shoved his cock in her own ass that resisted.

She cried out but he didn't stop, nor did she want him to. She felt herself rip as he buried the shaft into her tight ass and pounded it. She felt a sting across her back and yelped, not knowing at the time what happened.

She realized he was whipping her with his belt, showing her who was the one in control. With each lash, her pussy throbbed, with each pounding of cock in her ass, the wetness started to spill out of her pussy and run down her legs and onto the sheets. She was cumming and he was pounding her relentlessly. She had never had such an aggressive encounter before but she felt subservient to his needs and wanted to please him. Her orgasm was so extreme, she thought she felt tears well up in her eyes.

It was so intense. He pulled out of her ass, his cock dripping. He guided her to the floor where she was in kneeling position and she felt the hot liquit wash over her shoulders and down her tits. He was pissing on her??!! Yes, he was! He was marking his territory.

His whore, if only for the night. "Open your mouth," he said. Alyssa opened wide and was immediately hit inside her mouth with his hot piss.

She tried to swallow it all but it was too much and it spilled down her chin, rolling over her own dried spit and his cum. The smells of sex were unmistakable. It was a blur and she couldn't tell which part happened first but she could taste cock and ass and piss and it all belonged to this man. This nameless man who had awakened her sexuality. Alyssa wondered silently if he could still feel where she had played inside his ass because her own was throbbing from the pounding it took.

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She was still feeling the belt bites on her skin but it all melded together into one big finale of orgasm that shook her like an earthquake. She had never been pushed so far and so hard. He must have went to the bathroom because he came out with a towel wrapped around him.

She could still see the bulge of his cock through the towel. The word soldier popped in her head for some reason. She knew she must look horrible caked with all kinds of fluids but she had never felt sexier and more dirty in her life at the same time. She didn't know if she should leave quietly or speak so she gathered her things and said good-bye.

His eyes were kind but they were dark. The darkness of her own eyes reflected in his and quivering, she left. The next morning Alyssa wasn't sure it was real until she looked in the mirror and saw that she had not taken a shower and her hair was matted together from his juices from the night before.

She smiled at the thought and felt her pussy start to throb.