Teen gets banegd hard by the pool

Teen gets banegd hard by the pool
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Courtney, a college girl who, every christmas sang for her towns choir with nine other girls her age. She was always right in front, she was ever since she was 12. Being nineteen now she loved the spot light. Her and her choir friends all wore matching clothes for the holiday season. A a red dress that was laced in a white fluff at the bottom that went half way up their thighs.

They also wore long red gloves that went nearly to their shoulders also laced white at the end.


Then of course the trademark stocking cap from Santa. The last thing about them was their red leather boots going up to their thighs leaving a few inches of skin exposed to the chilly air. They just got done singing 'Santa Baby' and started singing 'Silent Night'. Courtney, who was white had radiant blonde wavy, hair, crystal blue eyes. She was an up coming model. The almost pale girl took the spot light whenever she could.

Thin and having an admired body she was flirtatious. Also known to be a "two faced bitch." she only had one boyfriend. She also hated charity's. Her reasoning was they always wanted more no matter how much she gave. Most of the guys loved the girls smooth soft looking skin. Her arch, the arc of her ass, her low C-cup breasts. She was one of the most perfect girls in the city, if not a bit.

Naughty. The song came to an end as everyone clapped with smiles and cheers. Crowding the christmas tree in the middle of town square filled with wonderous lights, covered by a few layers of snow. The pure white snow covered the streets of Springfield. The snow drizzled down graciously in an almost zigzagging fall. Everyone smiled and conversed with wonder in most of their eyes as the horde of santas filled the streets. In a joyous if not rushed manner.

Each and everyone of them yelling out "Ho! Ho! Ho!" with a jolly rustic and hearty voice. Courtney's boyfriend came from the crowd with a large smile. He wore a black stocking cap in need of a shave. He had dirty blonde hair and was home for the holidays from his Navy base. An E-3 Seaman, his job was a Master-at-Arms. A police officer for the Navy. He embraced the girl warmly with a macho hug.

She cried out in delight lifting a knee as he lifted her from the ground wearing a uniform known as 'Peanut-butters' for the dress pants were black, the dress shirt, tucked into the pants, were a peanut butter color. His cap was called a garrison cover. It was black and was a straight narrow cover with a split in the middle, his shoe,s dress shoes, shined and polished with pride.

She pulled her head back with glee in her sparkling eyes as she kissed him whole heartedly. "Come on babe, I got my dads cabin for the weekend. Christmas, just you and me." he said holding her in the air by the waist. Joey, who would stay faithful till the end of time smiled with joy looking at his beloved Courtney.

She smiled kindly nodding. "I love you Joey." she said caressing his head between her delicate hands. Listening to 'Five Fingered Death-Punch' the whole way. Joey's choice. The cabin was out of town and deep in the woods. The cabin was a log cabin with a stack of chopped wood at the side. Wearing her outfit still they went inside. Joey, who started up the fire place.

A set of fire pokers black and iron next to it. A bear skin run in front of the fire. With a suductive smile Courtney slowly sat on the rug rubbing one leg over the other. He stared with a grin scanning her up and down as she began to unzip one boot, slowly sliding it off.

Then the other sliding an open palm up her leg biting her lower lip. Joey stepped forward going to one knee sliding his had along her cheek kissing her. She accepted the kiss with a quiet moan wrapping her hands around his neck pulling him down on top of her. He pulled away alittle. "I forgot a condom, there's a few in my car. I'll be right back ok?" he said, "Hurry up butter cup, I want you to open your Christmas present." she said sliding a hand down her dress and over her crotch.

He leaned in for a kiss then stood up. "I got a present for you too." he said with a wink running out of the cabin. Joey ran out to the car unlocking it with his car key.

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He opened the door just to stand back up in shock hearing the sound of bells and what sounded like chains. He scanned the area. "Hello?" he called, He heard a ball of chains hit the ground and the crunching of boots from the woods. Joeys eyes widened, then formed a smile. "Santa Clause!" he cried in delight, "A little far from town aren't you?" he asked as seeing Santa walk forward. His smiled dispersed as the Santa stepped into the light.

Courtney was in the bathroom freshening up. He slid off her dress, revealing a crimson bra and crimson panties, both made from lace barely covering her beautiful body.

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She also kept on the stocking cap. She walked out and laid on the bear skin rug. The roaring fire reflecting off her skin almost magicly as she heard the door open followed by the sound of bells. She spread out on the rug. Her fingers dancing between the fur. Her legs stretching out lightly. She looked up and laughed loudly.

"Joey, I love it." she said seeing ol' jolly saint nick at the door. His face covered by the shadows of the cabin, the rest of him illuminated by the fire. But she was barely able to make out his big bushy beard. Bells hung off his belt and shoulders of various sizes. His beady eyes piercing the dark shadows he was shrouded in. "Santa," she said in a suductivly devious voice in a grin, "I've been very naughty this year. I need you to come into my chimney tonight." she said playing puns upon the holiday.

He reached behind him pulling a chain from behind his back. He let it fall, half of it normal chain links, the other half had points on te chain link making barbs. "Oh, Santa, your so kinky.

Are you going to spank me Santa? You know they say right? Spare the rod, spoil the child.

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And I want you whole rod." The Santa took a step forward pulling a couple pieces of coal from his pocket. He tossed them into the fire right by her. They popped and crackled turning the fire blue and making the room suddenly freezing. Courtney gasped turning to the fire, she then turned back seeing the Santa. His bit bushy white big mottled with blood. His teeth inches long and stained red as his face was filled with wrinkles, his eyes Blake as night and beady.

He roared and growled fearly. She screamed in terror going to stand up when she felt something cold an hard sieze her by the waist. She was pulled back as the sound of chains jangled. She went to her knees starting to crawl toward the fire, in the opposite side of the Santa. She felt a tug on the chain around her waist. Then heard the heavy footfalls behind her. She fell flat still trying crawl away, clawing at the floor. "HELP! JOEY! HELP ME!" she screamed as tears streamed down her cheeks.

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She suddenly felt something colder then the chain touch the base of her spine slowly going down. The Santa had taken his gloves off, his hands, a deep blue, fingernails, jagged as they slipped under her crimson panties.

Her jaw shuddered in fear. She had stopped moving not sure what to do. Only causing herself further pain because of the chain. She felt the fingers, wet like melting ice slowly slide down her smooth, baby soft skin, his thumb and index down one soft cheek, the pinkie and ring going down the other, his middle riding between her soft firm asscheeks. Her eyes shut tightly as she silently screamed. She felt the back of his middle, boney finger rub between her lips softly.

He smiled, his lips cracked, purple and filled with frozen blood, his face pale and purple feeling the warmth of her soft smooth skin. He gave a hurtle growl pulling back, ripping the lace panties clean off the girl. Her eyes widened in horror. She couldn't think, her mind was coulded in fear. She didn't know what came next even though it was so obvious. The Santa ripped open the privates of his trousers, they had stuck to his skin.

His large phallus long and purple, like the rest of his skin, covering in a thin layer of ice. He put the large head at the enterance of her velvet pussy lips. She tried to scream but the air seemed to be taken from her lungs as she clawed at the rug trying to escape.

"Please!" she screamed in a hoarse voice, "Please don't!" she managed, "Spare the rod." he said, his voice extremely heavy and gurtle, with a flanging behind it and dark, followed by an evil chuckle, "Spoil the child." he finished as he plunged his, litteraly, ice cold cock into her.

She screamed lifting her legs off the ground, her pussy very tight for she was laying belly first on the floor. She cried out feeling the large ice rod plunge into her pussy pull out just to slam back in. She screamed more as Santa lifted her waist of the ground and then began to pound away. Her face was against the fur rug, her hands cletched into fist pulling at the fur while screaming feeling his ice like balls slap hard against her clit.

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She felt a tightness around her chest then felt the bra release, snapping. She felt the claws of the monstrous Santa rake down her smooth bare back. She screamed out as she heard the Santas bells jingle with every violent thrust. The nails left her back as she heard the chain lift.

Her eyes open as she tried to scream no over and over. The chain pulled back and then whipped over hard. She felt the the chain slap hard against her left ass cheek it then came back ramming her right one making it slide over. She felt the chain hit her ass again feeling yet another wave of pain jolt through her ass, feeling every chain link grind against her two ass cheeks. She then felt the chain wrap around her neck.

She began to cry out for help again when the chain tightened and ripped her from the ground. Santa held her there, holding two sides of the chain in one hand, her head right by his as she pounded away so hard her back arched with every thrust.

His other hand grasped her perfect round breasts harshly, groping her left one as she felt his ice cold teeth pierce the skin of her delicate neck. It wasn't meant to seriously harm her. Only harm her a little bit. She began to bleed only alittle as she felt the cock ravish her pussy. The teeth release as a slow and steady bleed started. Santa opened his mouth as a large, pointed, circular tongue, thickening with every inch slid out, filled with bumps.

The ice and deep blue tongue licked around her neck would tasting the warm blood and painfully freezing her neck and freezing the open blood in place, closing the wound.

The tongue went further, sliding under her volumptous right breast, circling it and lifting it, the tip of his tongue tantalizing her nipple, and poking at her end of it. She cried out. Feeling violated because of the pleasure she felt. Her lip shivered as goose bumps covered her body. Drentched in sweat, her body trying to keep warm from the freezing cold of the blue fire.

The ice cold fingers grasped her face turning her over. She looked into his hate filled eyes as his mouth opened wide going toward her, his tongue firing out going straight into her mouth thrashing everywhere. She tried to scream as his mouth covered hers, his tongue thrashing about, around her tongue, licking her cheeks, then down her throat.

He pulled back as she coughed going back to her face. He slowly pulled out of her pussy as she laid flat on the rug her eyes wide in horror, not sire what to do right now. She felt two hand slowly grasp her shoulders as her eyes slowly opened in horror. She gasped feeling the cock slowly go between her asscheeks. She started to squirm feeling the fatbody lay atop of of her, the cock rubbing between her asscheeks then finding the hole. It pressed slowly as her legs rose, her mouth opening wide as did her eyes, nearly popping out of her skull.

The cock then punched in feeling her warm, sweet, and slick virgin asshole. Her asscheeks pressed firmly down as her chest raised in a blood curtling scream.

Her legs spreading wide just to make it hurt less. She closed her eyes hard feeling the big phallus pull out then plunge back in. His long freezing tongue wrapping around her throat then in her ear a bit. She threw her head over trying to get away. She felt the cold bells on her back, the barbs of the chain scrapping the back of her thighs.

She felt that fat head stretch her asshole as it went back and forth joltingly. She leaned on one arm with teeth clentched and eyes wide, her other arm going behind her trying to push Santa away. The word no barely able to leave her lips being repeated over and over. Cold fingers violating her bottom lips. The nails scapig her pussy, but not cutting at all.

She felt like she was being slammed onto the ground with every thrust he made. Growling and grunting demonicly. She felt like she was getting impaled as she felt light headed suddenly not being able to breath as the chain around her throat tightened harshly.

Her eyes wide, having the feeling they would pop out again. She then felt something. Something she tried her hardest to resist. She began to claw at the ground, her legs flailing. She suddenly whipped her head down, her hair flipping forward as her body jolted in a riveting orgasm. She felt so disgusted with herself as she gave out moans trying to fight it with all her might she could help but moan every few seconds as the pleasure continued for the thrashing didn't stop.

Santa kept thrusting. Her face began to turn blue as her tongue started to hang out. She felt the chain suddenly release. She gasped loudly, tears filling her eyes feeling the phallus suddenly release a cold seed into her ass. It pulled out plunging into her still quiveing pussy firing another load. He pulled out sliding his cock between her asscheeks rapidly spraying yet another load over her back followed by him roaring loudly.

He stood up.

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The sweat all over her body was frozen. The monstrous santas seed had frozen as well. "Ho! Ho! Ho!" was his demonic cry pulling a sock filled with looked coal from behind him.

He pulled a mallet and a hammer going to the fireplace. He lifted it up and rammed the railroad spike into the brick with the steel mallet. "Please Santa. Stop." she pleaded, "Naughty children don't get presents. Only the rod." he said as smaller creature slid down the chimney arriving trough the blue flame.

She started to stand as the three foot creatures sprinted at her. Small uniforms colored red and laced green. Pointed slippers with bells on them. Eyes black as night, just as pale and purple.


They ran with screwdrivers and hammers all stained with blood frozen on. She screamed as they surrounded her. They jumped on her pulling her to the ground. They all started to pull out their dicks. Two on each side spread her legs. She screamed as more pinned her arms.

Some on her chest sliding their dick up and down her tits. Biting her nipples, their small hand scratching and raking their nails down her skin. Down her the sides of her tits. Two of them stuck their dicks in her pussy. Another in her asshole as two rubes them on her asscheeks and biting her asscheeks scratching them.

She screamed in pain trying to get away. She tried to squeeze her legs together only to feel the demonic elves sticking their dicks between her legs. She started to feel smaller squirts of their cum on her body. On her legs, on her stomach all over her breasts her pussy and then ass and face. All of the demonic elves jumped off and surrounded the monstrous Santa, a few still by her. She turned around still crawling toward the fireplace. She grabbed a hot poker as the two elves by her attacked.

She turned around swinging it batting one away. She stabbed the other. It was still alive though. She put in the fire seeing the coals still burning. She could see the elves beginning to run toward her. She put the poker in the fire as the elf roared trying to get at her. "Are you ready for Saint Krampus to take you to hell?" the demonic voice mocked, She thrusted the poker in scrapping the coals out along with a log or two.

The poker turned to ice forcing her to release in the sudden lose of heat. The fire suddenly turned an orangish red. The elves surrounding the fire that ran at her yelled then turned to ash. Santa backed up throwing a shielding arm up roaring.

The elves ran away from the house screaming. Krampus took a step back as the bells rung. "I will see you next Christmas. Naughty children never get any presents.

You are lucky there are others to see this night." his demonic voice chimed. He walked out. Courtney walked to the door and looked out. She saw Joey laying on the ground. His head slowly raised. Joeys head felt like ten pounds of brick. He stood up as courtney now dressed, ran out crying. She hugged him screaming if he was alright. "Yeah, there was this Santa. And he even had reindeer and shit. Then this monster came behind him and I blacked out." he explained.

He then heard a series of bells as they both looked to the sky. They saw a sleigh in the air with several reindeer pulling it along. Several elves, some green and red, others. Red and green. Then it looked like two Santas. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all." a jolly hearty voice perfectly chimed, from the one driving the sleigh, black beady eyes stared at Courtney from the other one as they disappeared into the night.