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Shemale babe gets gazoo tunnelled
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Alone in his dark bedroom, James climbed slowly to his feet. His body was sore from sleeping on the floor in an uncomfortable position, and he was still feeling no small amount of mental fatigue from overusing his magic the day before. Thanks to Lilith, James' power was now under his command again, and he felt no risk of losing control. Not that there was much power to lose control of at the moment; James was considerably weaker after giving so much of his sexual energy to his mistress, in order to sustain her and the Temple of Venus.

With his current level of power, he could do little more than cheap parlor tricks. Real feats of magic would require James to first gather sexual energy. But that would have to wait. He had to clean up his mess first. Crossing the room quickly, James peered through the blinds of his window. It was still dark out, though a light glow on the horizon threatened the night with inexorable daybreak.

James needed to move quickly. He'd left Claire locked in the storeroom of the coffee shop the evening before. As long as he got to the shop before Sam could open up, James could contain the husk before she became a threat. He showered and dressed quickly before leaving his room. In the living room, James found Mark asleep on the couch, naked as the day he was born. He was lying on his stomach, one leg hanging unceremoniously off the side of the sofa.

A goofy, content smile painted his face. James grabbed a blanket and tossed it over his roommate. He promised himself he'd deal with Mark later, but at that moment he had bigger problems.

Not far from where Mark slept, James found the pile of tattered clothes he had ripped from his body last night, another reminder of his loss of control. He fished his phone, wallet, and keys out of his ruined pants before throwing the clothes in the trash. James checked the time on his phone. Nearly 6:00 AM. And… a text from Ashley, sent six hours ago? He opened it. It was a picture of his sister, much of her face hidden behind large aviator sunglasses.

She was smiling next to a small oval-shaped window. The photo was captioned: "Taking off! See you soon, little bro." "Oh no…" muttered James. He had completely forgotten about Ash's flight. James searched through his phone for the itinerary that his mother had sent him the week before.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he found it. There were still a couple of hours until his sister was scheduled to land. "Okay," James thought to himself, "just one more crisis to handle. You've got plenty of time, James." Wasting no more of that precious time, James left his sleeping roommate behind and stepped out the front door, car keys in hand.

"Shit." he said. Like a slap in the face, James recalled abruptly the state of his old SUV, and its location. Groaning at the realization, he prepared himself to run the five miles to the coffee shop. That's when he noticed the fire-engine red Audi R8 convertible parked in his usual spot by the curb, keys on the dashboard.

James stared for a moment before thinking "Uh…Lilith?" An immediate response was heard in his head. "I promised you wealth and power, didn't I? Thank me later; you've got work to do." "Right," he spoke aloud. He climbed into the coupe. The bucket seat was already perfectly adjusted to suit him, as were the mirrors. James would have loved nothing more than to play with his new toy, but he needed to deal with his husk problem.

He put the car in gear and gave it a little gas. He shot forward like a rocket, grinning like an idiot. His new ride would take some getting used to, but James was already having a blast driving the thing. The streets were fairly empty, so he would have made good time on his commute anyway; his lead foot made it even faster. James pulled into the coffee shop parking lot just as the sun was beginning to rise.

His was one of only two cars in the lot; he recognized the other as Sam's. He jumped out of his car and jogged to the shop's entrance. The doors were unlocked. "Sam?" James called as he stepped inside. "Sam! It's James. Are you here?" No answer.

He looked inside his manager's office, but there was no sign of the man. The front of the store was a wreck, chairs and tables had been knocked over and pushed aside, and random articles of clothing littered the floor.

The evening's orgy had left quite a mess. James prepared for the worst and walked to the storeroom, where he found the door open and the room empty but for two piles of clothes.

"Oh fuck." James thought. "This is worse than the worst." He turned and ran back outside. "SAM!" James shouted into the morning air. He waited and hoped for a response, but none came. "Claire! Sam!" As he continued calling out their names, James walked around the building, looking for any sign of the two. "This is bad…" he muttered under his breath. One husk was trouble enough, but if James' suspicions were correct, his problems had just doubled.

"Claire! Sam!" James called again. He became aware of a dog barking in the distance. Probably just someone's mutt chasing a squirrel… but James had no other leads at the moment. He headed toward the noise. James ran down the alley behind the coffee shop, hopped a fence and crossed the street. Following the ceaseless barking, James found himself in a small residential neighborhood. As he jogged past the large suburban homes, a familiar feeling pricked his senses.

He felt a small amount of power surge through him sexual energy. "What the…" James began, before another wave of energy filled him. He felt his magic strengthen within him, fueled by his growing reserves of sexual energy. The sensation was different from anything he'd felt before though; he wasn't the one gathering energy. There was no mistaking it, James was being fed power remotely. "You're not doing this, Lilith, are you?" James asked his mistress telepathically, already knowing the answer.

"Hurry, James," was the demoness' response. Trying his best to ignore the euphoric feeling of raw sexual energy being channeled into him, James attempted to focus his mind and determine where the influx of power was coming from. He reached out with his senses, enhancing them with his magic. He could feel warm arousal somewhere near him, he could taste someone's growing ecstasy, and he was tempted to just enjoy the vicarious experience.

But another loud bark brought James back to his own senses. Channeling his magic, he followed the sexual energy like a compass. It pulled him farther up the road, toward the barking, which grew closer and closer. Guided by sexual premonition and the dog's clamor, James turned up a long driveway toward a large house.

Running around the back, he tried to prepare himself for whatever he might see. Approaching the wooden fence that enclosed a sizeable back yard, James realized there was little he could have done to prepare for the sight before him. Sprawled on the grass beneath a tall, orange-leafed oak tree, an attractive blonde-haired woman who looked to be in her early forties bucked and moaned.

Her clothes had been ripped apart and lay in shreds around her. She was pinned beneath Claire, who rode the other woman mindlessly. She wore a look of pure ecstasy on her face as she grinded her bare pussy against the blonde's. Several feet away from the two women was the source of the noise that had helped to guide James.

A big German shepherd barked and whined above James' manager. The dog pumped its hips frantically, thrusting its swollen, red cock in and out of Sam's ass. The slender man was on all fours, his fists gripping clumps of grass and dirt as the dog fucked him relentlessly. The effeminate man's skin was stark white. His eyes stared forward, unseeing and devoid of emotion; his mouth gaped open, his tongue lolling out.

The newborn husk put up no fight against the canine that used him, the two grunting and yelping together in pleasure. James' cock began to swell in his pants as he took in the scene before him. With every moan and groan from the middle-aged blonde, and every euphoric shudder from Claire, James felt his arousal spike and his power grow.

Every thrust from the German shepherd and every ecstatic gasp from Sam sent a wave of energy cascading over James. Just as Lilith had said, husks lived to gather sexual essence for their master, and they were certainly hard at work.

But James could not allow it to go on. Already, the blonde woman before him was becoming weak and lethargic. Her eyes grew less focused and veins stood pronounced on her rosy-pale skin, a vibrant contrast to the muted tones of Claire's dark skin. Possessed by pure, malevolent lust, she drifted closer to the boundary between life and death.

As she did, James felt his low stores of magical power replenish he was benefiting directly from her tortuous ecstasy. "ENOUGH!" James boomed, reflexively strengthening his command with magic. Instantly, the husks and their partners froze. A moment later, Claire rolled off the blonde and marched slowly, mindlessly, to James. There she stood and stared at him, waiting for his instruction. Sam too was crawling his way toward his master. He pulled himself across the grass, compelled by mindless obedience to the incubus.

But he was still shackled to the German shepherd, the dog's knot making separation impossible. So the dog came too, whining pitifully as it shuffled awkwardly behind Sam, tethered to the husk. Once the man had come to a stop at James' feet, the dog attempted to resume making love to Sam's ass.

But a quick look from James disheartened it and the beast just stood there, panting. Several feet away, the woman Claire had molested was coming to. The blonde climbed stiffly to her feet, holding her head as she did. James could see her skin had regained some color. In fact, her face was rather flushed, the situation was becoming clearer to her now that she was no longer hostage to the husks' powerful lust.

Realizing her nakedness, the woman attempted to cover her modesty with her hands. "Wh-what the hell-" she began, growing panic evident on her face. "Relax," James interjected, raising both hands in a disarming manner. He tried to infuse his words with magic in order to calm her.

"Everything's okay. No need to-" "WHAT THE FUCK," the woman practically screamed. The dog barked loudly in response, but James silenced it with a glare.

At least animals would listen to him… "Who or, what are you people!?" she continued, pointing a shaky finger at the group, staring at the clearly inhuman husks. She began to back away from them, moving slowly toward the house. James needed to stop her before she woke up the whole neighborhood. He took a deep breath and reached out with his hand and his magic. Attempting to influence her mind with his power, James squeezed out all the sexual energy the husks had gathered for him.

He forced his will onto her, compelling her to calm down. The blonde woman slowed to a stop and lazily lifted a hand to her forehead. Blinking slowly, she shook her head and fought off James' bid for mental control. Staggering toward the door again, she broke out into a run. "I'm calling the police!" she shouted over her shoulder. Meanwhile, James had fallen to his knees, exhausted by the failed attempt to quiet the woman's mind.

He knew it had been a long shot; he was still inexperienced with mental magic and trying to calm the blonde's panic with only the meager amount of energy he had at the moment was asking for failure. And now he was tapped dry… But was he? Lilith had told James that he had a source of power that was all his own. Maybe he could still do something without sexual energy. Maybe he could still stop the woman before she alerted the authorities that she had been assaulted by sex-zombies.

Still on the ground, James refocused his mind on the blonde as she dashed toward the sliding glass door. He could sense her intense anxiety and dismay, and he knew it would take a lot to stop her. James dug deep, searching for any semblance of magic that he could harness to prevent disaster. Eyes clamped shut, teeth gritted, spurred forward by urgency and desperation, he sought out the power Lilith believed he possessed.

But it wasn't there. James' heart sank; a familiar pain throbbed lightly in the back of his mind. He continued to fight, looking inwardly for his magic, but in vain. Had Lilith been wrong about him? James felt nothing; he didn't even know what he was looking for. What did it mean to have magic that didn't come from anyone or anywhere else?

How would he even identify that power if he had it? James remembered Sumis, forgotten king of Babylon and powerful mage. James wanted power like his, a power all his own. Ignoring the growing pain in his skull, James reached deeper into himself, into the very fabric of his soul. And there, he found something. A faint strand of wisp-like light alone in the void.

Focusing on it, James reached out and grabbed it. Instantly, his headache disappeared, the strain of overusing Lilith's magic now overshadowed by a surge of pure energy from within him.

James pulled the string, unraveling this secret power like a cosmic ball of yarn. As he pulled, any trace of fatigue or exhaustion was eradicated. James' senses were flooded with pure magic; it was the closest he'd ever come to a religious experience.

"Where has this power been all my life?" he asked himself. The magic continued to unwind, pushing itself toward the surface, suffusing every cell in James' body with unlocked potential.

Standing back up, James tried to slow the flow of power.

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He had more than enough energy now for the task at hand, but he couldn't make the magic stop. As James began to literally glow with pure energy, he mentally put his foot down.

"Okay, that's enough." But the magic kept coming. Unlike the night before, this wasn't an overpowering force that sought to snuff out James' identity and consume his life force. This magic meant him no harm in fact, it seemed a little overeager to supply him with power.


But now it was time to- "STOP!" James yelled inwardly and outwardly. The flow of magic immediately slowed to a crawl no longer white-water rapids, but a peaceful river of power that James could command and tap into. Coming back to his senses, he looked across the backyard and saw the naked blonde, frozen mid-stride, hand stretched for the door. Mere inches away from the handle, she had stopped as James had ordered.

The force that demanded her obedience was much too great to resist, and her mind was wide-open to suggestion now. James let out a breath, having succeeded in quieting his mind and the woman's as well. He walked to her, his entourage of husks trailing behind him. The German shepherd, finally separated from Sam, followed too. When James reached the blonde woman, he placed his hand directly on her head and spoke calmly, "Go inside.

Go back to bed. Forget everything that happened this morning." When he released her, the woman finished the step she had been frozen in and strolled inside. James knew his order would be obeyed; he'd never before been so confident in his magic. "BORK BORK!" James looked down at the woman's dog.

The shepherd was wagging its tail and looking up at him with big eyes. James chuckled before speaking to the dog in the manner one speaks to dogs, "I don't have to wipe your memory do I, boy? No I don't. No I don't." He scratched the animal behind the ears before turning and walking back toward the gate.

After ordering the husks to stay where they were and not move a muscle, James made his way back to the coffee shop. He hopped in his new car and drove back to Claire and Sam. Careful to usher the nude pair into the car without being seen, he realized he didn't have enough seats in the coupe for all three of them. This problem was solved by Claire sitting on Sam's lap. Although it was a nice day, James put the convertible top up in order to avoid any unwanted attention. "I need a safe place to hide these two while I figure out how to turn them back to normal…" James mumbled to himself.

He was feeling more confident than before in his ability to revert the husks, now that he'd unlocked more of his magical power. But he still wasn't quite sure how he was going to fix the pair, nor did he have the time to work on that at the moment; he needed to pick up Ashley from the airport.

With no better ideas regarding what to do with Claire and Sam in the meantime, James drove home. While driving, James updated Lilith on the situation. She was pleased to hear that the husks were under control, and proud of her agent for managing his magic so well on his own.

She mentioned something about having to reward him later, and James couldn't help but smile at the implication. A few minutes later, James was herding the husks into his house. He was relieved to see Mark was still asleep on the couch. It made sneaking the pair into James' room easier. He issued a magical command to Claire and Sam to not leave the room or make any noise. James turned to leave again when something occurred to him.

"Uh, Lilith?" he spoke mentally. "Yes, James?" Lilith answered. "Do… uh, do husks need to eat, or anything…? Do I need to put down some newspaper in my bedroom?" James asked, worrying about his security deposit. A mirthful laugh echoed through his head in response. "No, James. They don't need to eat, or anything. They're sustained entirely by sexual energy; it should be safe to leave them alone for a while. Just be sure they won't get out again." "Can do," responded James.

He locked the door behind him and returned to the living room. Looking at his roommate snoozing on the sofa, James decided it was time for a little more memory manipulation. He walked over to Mark quietly, and gently placed his palm over his forehead. He needed to ensure that Mark forgot some of the more supernatural details of the night before. But unlike the woman from earlier, James didn't want to completely erase a block of memory; he didn't see any reason for either he or Mark to forget their tryst.

Aware that changing his friend's memories would require more finesse and control, James took a deep breath and plunged back into the river of magic that moved beneath the surface. Using that power, he peered into his roommate's mind and began carefully adjusting Mark's perceptions of the last 12 hours.

He was careful not to use more magic than necessary, having learned the hard way how overwhelming that power could be. After several minutes of painstaking, methodical editing of his friend's memories, James was satisfied with his work.

Mark's recollection of the night before was now far more vanilla, no horns or wings included. Pulling away from his inner font of magic, James opened his eyes. "There," he thought, "that ought to do it." "Um. Good morning." James looked down and saw that Mark had woken up.

"Shit," he cursed inwardly. "H-hey," James replied awkwardly. "Whatcha doing?" Mark asked, rolling his eyes up toward his brow. James realized he still had his hand on the other man's forehead. "Uh, nothing. Just… checking for a fever," James supplied an improvised excuse. "You're good though!" He removed his hand from Mark's head. "Oh. Well, thanks," responded the thin man, now moving to sit up. "Are you all right?" he asked James, raising a concerned eyebrow. James wondered what he meant.

Shit, had he missed something in his memories? "What… what do you mean?" "It's just… last night," Mark said, "That was a little out of character; I didn't know you swang both ways." "Oh." James breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. He hadn't missed anything, Mark was just concerned. "Yeah… I suppose a little experimentation never hurt anyone, right?" James answered.

"Though, probably shouldn't mention last night to David or anyone." Mark chuckled, "Yeah, best to be discreet. I'm glad you're okay; I wouldn't want anything to become weird between us." Grinning, James replied, "We're good, dude." He offered a fist bump to the other man, "I've gotta go pick up my sister from the airport; we can talk later though." Mark returned the fist bump, "Cool.

I'll see you later, bro." James left the house and got back in his car. The sun was well on the way to its zenith, and the autumn air was warming considerably.


Taking advantage of the nice day and his new ride, James put the top down on his car and took off for the airport. He made good time on the highway, unsurprising given the speed and power of Lilith's gift.

Once he arrived at the terminal, he found a parking spot out front where he could watch baggage claim. The airport was relatively empty compared to the usual hecticness of the week; James supposed people just didn't travel as much on Sundays. Still, there were plenty of travelers walking around, and James had time to people-watch while he waited for Ashley.

Most of the passers-by were businessmen and women, flying in for an early start on a long week or coming home after one such week. There was the occasional family or couple that looked to be traveling for pleasure, but for the most part it was all business. James enjoyed staring at the more attractive travelers, almost as much as he enjoyed the stares he was getting himself.

A young stud in a bright red sports car? Yeah, that was getting the juices flowing for quite a few people. If they weren't looks of interest or outright lust, he was receiving looks of open envy. When James caught the eye of a pretty young flight attendant in a tight skirt, he gave her a quick wink. The woman blushed immediately and chewed her lip as she walked by, eyes on James. Her instant arousal was obvious, and if he didn't have to sit and wait for his sister, James may have seized the opportunity the woman's lust presented.

But all he could do was watch her tight ass disappear into the distance as she strutted away, heels clicking on the concrete. James spent the next several minutes ogling young beauties and reveling in the ogling he received as well. He took the time to practice his magic and exercise his lust by conjuring small gusts of wind designed to give him a better look up the skirts of leggy businesswomen and flight attendants.

He also revisited his ability to forcibly arouse someone. A middle-aged man who had been staring jealous daggers at James suddenly had to try to hide an awkward boner. His wife, who couldn't keep her eyes off James or his car, had to hold her husband's arm for support, lest the spontaneous orgasm James inflicted on her bring her to her knees. James was delighted to see the potent effects of his magic, as well as their minimal effect on him.

Despite using his power for close to twenty minutes, it felt as if he'd barely scratched the surface of the vast reserves of energy he wielded. Eager to push his limits more, he returned to scanning the crowd for targets for his desire. Just inside the door, James spotted a woman at baggage claim. She was facing away from him, leaning over the carousel and trying to pull in a large suitcase. "Perfect," James thought, staring at the woman's backside.

She wore blue jeans, tucked into tall leather cowboy boots. The tight denim did wonders for her shapely, round ass, and James openly enjoyed the view as she continued to struggle with her bag. Despite the moderate distance between James and his target, it took little more than a thought to translate his lust into hers. The woman immediately froze and braced herself against the metal edge of the carousel, letting her suitcase slip from her grip and carry on around the conveyer belt.

A small wet spot appeared between her legs, rising sexual excitement captured her senses, and a small orgasm overtook her body. James watched with glee as this stranger suffered in silence against inexorable pleasure, stifling the shudders of her sudden climax. Moments passed and James finally released the woman from his lustful grip.

She took a moment to collect herself, no doubt confused, before standing upright, brushing her shoulder-length red hair out of her face, and looking around to ensure no one had seen her compromised. Her lips held a slight smile, unable to hide her elated response to overwhelming pleasure. Cute dimples beneath lightly-freckled cheeks framed a beautiful face.

Her doe eyes were a familiar shade of brown, and when they swept across the crowd and met James', they lit up with a different type of joy. "Oh, fuck," James whispered. Ashley waved at her brother enthusiastically from baggage claim, smiling broadly.

James forced a weak smile onto his lips and raised a single hand from where he sat. His sister turned back around to grab her bag as it made another pass, and James tried and failed to not look at her ass. "Why did it have to be her?" he cursed himself as he stepped out of car and closed the door. "Of all the hot women at this airport, why did I have to pick on her?" James popped the hood and stood by as Ashley walked out of the terminal, wheeling her huge suitcase behind her and making a beeline for her brother.

"James!" she shouted gleefully as she released her bag and wrapped her arms around the young man, pulling him into a warm hug. Hard nipples rubbed against him; she wasn't wearing a bra. Why wasn't she wearing a bra? James pushed the thought from his mind and returned his sister's embrace as platonically as possible. "Hey, Ash," he offered the woman as she placed a kiss on his cheek and separated from James, still beaming up at her little brother.

The spot where she kissed him felt hot, and he reflexively touched it.

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"That's new; learn that from the French?" "Oui," she answered happily, before looking around in a slightly confused manner, "Where's your car, little bro?" "You're looking at it," James replied, nodding his head to the Audi before them. He walked around Ashley, picked up her suitcase, and put it in the small trunk. A tight fit, but a fit all the same. He closed the hood.

"Holy shit," said Ashley, "Actually holy shit.

Did you get a new job or something?" "Sure did," James opened the passenger door for his sister and gestured for her to get in, which she did. She whistled comically as she eyeballed the new ride, "Must have some serious benefits…" James suppressed a smirk and climbed in the driver's seat, "You could definitely say that. I'll tell you all about it later." James hadn't actually thought of an explanation for his new car yet, and now he was hoping Ashley would just forget to ask about it again.

"Anyway…" he said as he pulled away from the curb and onto the road leading away from the terminal, "What's with the cowboy boots?" Ashley frowned a bit, "What?

You don't like them? I never get to wear them in France; people look at me like some American tourist." "Well, you look good in them." James said matter-of-factly while keeping his eyes forward. His sister regarded him curiously; she was slightly taken aback by the compliment, and it had a strange effect on her. Warmth rushing to her cheeks for reasons unknown, and residual heat lingering between her legs, Ashley shook her head quickly in an attempt to get a hold of herself.

Looking across at her brother as he drove, Ash realized how hot he was. His strong, lightly stubbled jaw, his soft lips, his straight nose, his clear skin, and those warm, confident eyes. She supposed she had known he was attractive, but he seemed somehow different, though she was probably just imagining things. Still… why did he have to be her brother? Again, Ashley caught herself in her lustful thoughts and tried to shake them off.

Little did she know that James was fighting those same lustful thoughts at the moment. He tried to keep his eyes to himself and focus on the road as he made his way back toward the highway.

But he snuck a side-long glance here and there at his sister's beautiful face, at her ample cleavage exposed by the low cut of her sleeveless blouse, and at her long, comely legs confined in tight denim. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but he fought the impulse. "Come on, dude," he thought to himself, "Get it together. That's your fucking sister." Fucking sister… The last two words echoed through his head. Fighting off his lecherous thoughts, James was unaware that a small amount of his lustful aura was creeping out, affecting his sister and feeding her own sinful desires.

The two sat in silence for a few minutes as James navigated back onto the highway, each preoccupied with their own conflicted feelings of longing for their sibling.

Ash sat there, pulsing her thighs imperceptibly, giving the ever-so-slightest stimulation to her aching sex. She wondered what was wrong with her as she looked over at her brother again. There, she saw the undeniable outline of a hard dick in his pants.

Eyes wide and ears burning with embarrassment, Ashley turned her head back to stare out the window, the image seared into her brain. "Fuck," she thought, "Was that his cock or a thermos?" The damp heat between her legs flared up again, and Ashley had to make tight fists to resist the urge to stick her hands in her lap or worse, James'. Unaware of her brother's ambient magical influence on her arousal, Ash was convinced she had lost her mind.

In an attempt to forget her lascivious thoughts and her brother's monster cock, she cleared her throat and attempted conversation again.

"So, uh. Where are we going?" Ashley's voice cut through the sound of the wind and the road and caught James attention, pulling him out of his sexual musings and stifling the flow of his aura.

"Oh. Uhm…" Shit. James had not thought this through either; he'd just gotten on the road and started driving. "How about lunch? You've gotta be a little hungry, right?" The redhead smiled, "Yeah, I could eat. But I get to pick where!" James rolled his eyes, though he grinned when he spoke, "Same old bossy Assley." That comment earned him a punch to the shoulder along with a string of French-sounding swears.

"Easy, Napoleon, I yield," said James, laughing, "What do you want to eat?" "A big, fat, greasy burger," answered Ash cheerfully, "The kind I can't get in Paris." "One heart-stopper, comin' up!" James replied. Thirty minutes later, the two siblings were seated across from one another at a rickety table with a red and white checkered table cloth, picking at what was left of their fries.

"That," Ashley said, "May have been the best meal I've had in 5 years. And I eat French food." "Yeah, yeah, we get it, Ash. You live in Europe," James teased his sister. This time she gave him a quick kick under the table. "Ouch! Don't be a brat." "I have no idea what you're talking about," answered Ashley.

Having finished her fries, she was now licking her fingers clean of the salt and grease. Eyes closed, she slide each finger in and out of her mouth, pulling the last finger out with a resounding "POP." James was entranced, and he couldn't help the blood rushing to his loins as he watched his sister's lips and tongue so seductively clean her fingers.

Ash, for her part, enjoyed being a tease, although fucking with her brother in this manner was a little out of character. Fucking… brother… Why did those words have to linger in his mind? "I'm gonna go to the little girl's room. Get the check?" Ash said. "Oui, General!" James answered dutifully, throwing up a salute as his sister turned and walked away, a grin pulling at her lips. James watched her ass as she sauntered out of sight. "You two are cute together," a voice came from behind James.

A middle-aged waitress appeared with a smile to refill drinks and take plates. "Oh, uh, we're " He stuttered a response before just saying, "Thanks." Before the waitress disappeared again, James asked for the check. While he waited, he considered what to do about Ashley. He'd promised his mother he'd let her crash at his place, but that was before he'd fucked his roommate and imprisoned two sex-vampires in his bedroom. Also, maybe having his sexy sister under the same roof wasn't such a good idea; he didn't want to create a situation where he might do something he'd regret.

Another idea occurred to him though he'd need a little outside assistance to make it happen. "Hey, Lilith?" James directed his thoughts to the Temple of Venus. "Mm… Yes?" A slow answer came from the demoness. "Did I wake you?" James asked. "Oh… nothing like that." Lilith replied in a seductive voice, her breathing heavy. "Uh, uh…What- What's up, James?" James concealed a grin, knowing full well what Lilith was up to. "Couldn't wait for me?

Had to take matters into your own hands?" He teased. "Shh, just hurry up and talk so I can cum." "Alright," he laughed, "I think I might need some of that wealth and influence you mentioned. Anyway you can make that happen?" "Ahh, aaahhh. Yessss," came her labored response then a long silence. "Done," she said at last, "Check your bank account." James did as instructed, opening up the app on his phone and logging in.

He looked at his current balance. 3, 4, 5… How many zeroes?! "Holy shit, Lilith… Thanks. I owe you big time." "You're damn right you do," the succubus replied, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you later." James felt a seductive chill run down his spine. He could live with that.

Right now though, he needed to make a call. Meanwhile, in the ladies' room, Ashley leaned against the back of the toilet with eyes shut tight. Jeans and panties around her knees, she bit her fist while her other hand fingered her pussy relentlessly. She was trying to be quiet and discreet, not knowing if anyone else was in the restroom with her, but she could only do so much to quiet the sounds coming from between her legs.

She was close. Release was in sight. Toes curling inside her boots, leg muscles contracting to the point of cramping, Ashley brought herself to orgasm with her fingers. Breathing heavily into her hand in attempt to be quiet, she shuddered under self-inflicted pleasure. As the tingling sensation in her limbs disappeared and the fog of her mind cleared, frustration returned. "What the hell is wrong with me?" Ashley asked herself silently, reaching for a wad of toilet paper to clean up her wetness.

She thought a quick shlick would make her feel better, get some of this tension out… but she only felt tenser, and now guilty to boot. Tense because no orgasm could possibly compare to the seemingly spontaneous one at the airport.

And Guilty because when she masturbated, it was James she imagined. His handsome face, his strong hands, his long… hard… "No!" Ashley thought, "Get it together, girl. You're having a dry spell, that doesn't mean you need to fuck your brother." Having cleaned up, Ash fixed her clothes and her hair, washed her hands, and returned to the dining area. There she saw James signing the check and putting his wallet back in his pocket.

"Thanks for paying, bro," Ashley said as they left the restaurant, "I owe you big time." She looped her arm through James' and smiled up at her tall brother. "Shall we?" "We shall," James answered and walked her back to the car. Back on the road, James knew now where he was going. He got back on the highway and drove towards downtown.

"Where to now?" Ashley asked. "You'll see, just be patient." James knew patience wasn't Ash's strong suit. Sure enough, his sister crossed her arms in an effort to look grumpy. "Fine, I'll be patient," she said the last two words in a mocking tone, "But don't ask me to like it!" James laughed and drove on. This time, he was determined to keep their banter and conversation going, that way he wouldn't return to more lustful thoughts.

"So, remind me. What are you doing in the States? I figured that fancy museum of yours would keep you busy." Ash raised an eyebrow, "Do you ever read texts from Mom? I'm pretty sure she told you I'm here for work. Two weeks, supervising the movement of some important pieces while they set up the new exhibit at the museum here." "Oh.

Right." James responded, not sure what else to say. "And I'll probably have to come back here in a couple months to supervise the movement back to Paris." "They must really trust you over there. This exhibit, what's it about?" "Ancient Mesopotamian art," answered Ashley, "I'll give you a VIP tour once it's all set up, kay?" She smiled and gave her brother a quick wink, but he just stared at her, the gears of his mind turning.

"Hey, watch the road!" Ashley shouted. James' eyes snapped back to the road he had begun to drift into a lane occupied by an eighteen-wheeler.

"Shit, sorry," James apologized, keeping eyes forward as he spoke, "Now tell me more about this exhibit." Unable to keep excitement and urgency out of his voice, his request came out like an order. Ash gave James a concerned look but carried on. "Well… it's primarily centered around Babylonian art and masonry. That's what I focused my studies on, if you recall.

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Really fascinating stuff, and we still know so little. But I guess the museum thought I was best suited to supervise the construction of the new exhibit here." James could tell his sister was proud of herself, and he was proud of her; this was clearly a big opportunity for her.

But he couldn't help but hang on the details. Babylonian art and masonry… "So you're sort of an expert on this stuff?" James asked.

"Not 'sort of,' little bro. I am an expert. Didn't get the degree for fun. Well, I did, but-" Ash carried on talking about school and work at the museum, about the challenges in excavating and documenting blah blah blah… James had tuned out most of it; an idea was forming in his brain. "Cool, cool," James interrupted, "You'll have to tell me all about that later." "Well, okay," said Ashley, "But only if you tell me about your swanky new job, deal?" James nodded in agreement.

Ten minutes later, James pulled up under the awning of the biggest, nicest hotel in the city. "Uh, James. Tell me we're just here getting directions…" said Ashley. "Nope, sorry Ash. Welcome to home for the next two weeks." James smiled at his sister, who looked up at him with concern. "James… there's no way I can afford this place." James shook his head, "I've got it covered." Ashley's brown eyes were wide. "You sure about this, little bro? This place can't be cheap…" "Don't worry about it.

Besides, I figured you'd prefer this to crashing on my couch." Ash made a face and the two laughed. "Alright, but now I really do owe you." While they'd been talking, two employees of the hotel had come over. One, a tall, middle-aged man with a goatee welcomed them to the hotel and asked if they had a reservation. James replied an affirmative and the second man, a valet, came around the other side of the car with a ticket for James.

He got out of the car, opened up the hood, and pulled out Ashley's suitcase while the hotel representative, whose nametag read "Bernard," opened the passenger door for his sister. "Are you coming in?" she asked James, "I figured you'd just want to drop me off and get me out of your hair." She was mostly joking, but she wouldn't complain if James wanted to stick around a little longer. "I thought I'd come up and see the closet they stick you in," James teased.

"Besides, it's still the weekend. We've both got time to kill, right?" Ash smiled and nodded. She hadn't been sure what to expect from her brother when she visited, but she was happy that they could be friends… "And maybe more," a dark voice whispered in the back of her head. "Don't worry, Miss," Bernard said to Ashley as the valet pulled away from the curb, "I guarantee your 'closet' will be to your liking." After an expedited check-in and a trip up the elevator to the top floor, Bernard led the two siblings down the hall to the corner suite, one of the biggest in the hotel.

When Bernard swung open the doors for them, Ashley gasped audibly. James was impressed too, and happy to see the cost of this place was worth it. Bernard offered to give them a quick tour, and they accepted. Ashley grabbed James' hand and walked with him as they were led through the suite.

James' wasn't sure if she was even aware she was holding his hand, but he didn't resist. The suite was beyond opulent; it looked like an entire mansion had been compressed into just a few rooms.

The entryway opened into a tall-ceilinged living room containing a luxurious, sectional leather couch and several comfortable-looking armchairs. A large Persian-style rug sprawled out over the marble floor and covered much of the surface of the living room.

Opposite the seating arrangement was a gargantuan TV mounted on the wall. The rest of the walls were decorated with paintings from renowned modern artists. Ash was like a kid in a candy shop, oohing and aahing at every decoration. The occasional tall window provided a view of the entire city beneath them, and multiple balconies were accessible from the living room.

"Look, James! There's the museum; it's only a couple blocks away!" Ash said excitedly, smiling at her brother. "Did you know it was this close when you chose this hotel?" "Pfft," he responded, "Of course I did." He didn't.

Next to the living room was the kitchen and dining room. White granite countertops and new appliances made apparent just how much money had been put into the room. A glass dining table set with mahogany chairs sat under a small chandelier.

"This place is beautiful, Bernard, thank you for showing us around." Ashley said. "It's my pleasure, Mrs. Marshall," Bernard responded warmly. Ashley cocked an eyebrow and cast a sidelong glance at James, who met her gaze and stifled a laugh. "Lastly," continued Bernard as he led them to the other end of the suite and opened a door, "is the bedroom." The large, carpeted room contained a king-size bed and another massive TV.

There was also a small wooden desk for a workspace, a small couch, and a leather recliner. The far wall of the room was a large window that slid open to another balcony. The bedroom connected to a master bathroom, complete with all the amenities, including a big bathtub with jets. James could see Ash eyeing the tub greedily. "I'll leave you two to your privacy," spoke Bernard.

He left Ashley's suitcase in the bedroom and made his way back to the door. James followed. He didn't have much cash on him, but he gave $20 to the man and thanked him for his help before closing the door to the suite. When James turned back around, Ashley was there. "Did he think we were…?" she asked, an amused look on her face.

"Yeah, I think so." James answered, entertained as well that they'd been mistaken for a couple twice in one day. Ashley laughed and stepped forward to hug her brother.

She buried her face in his chest to hide her reddening cheeks and spoke, "Thanks again for putting me up in this fancy place." James put his strong arms around his sister and hugged her back.

"And for buying lunch," she continued. James' embrace was so warm, so safe. God, it felt so good to be wrapped up in him. "And for picking me up from the airport." He smelled so nice, so masculine.

His scent pervaded her senses and worked its magic on her body. Ashley realized she had been rubbing James' broad back absent-mindedly. "I really do owe you…" she finished, now looking up at her younger brother. She could feel the heat in her face and between her legs.

She could hear her heartbeat as well as James'. James too was experiencing sensory overload. He met Ashley's eyes, deep brown pools that reflected his own.

He listened to her breathing, in sync with his own. He watched her lips part ever-so-slightly. James was acutely aware at that moment that his own complicated feelings toward his sister had manifested his lustful aura, and that in turn had aroused her and affected her judgement. He understood why Ash was acting the way she was, but that didn't explain the why James felt the way he did. The fact of the matter was, he wanted his sister. Bad. James leaned down at the same time that Ashley rose up on her toes and met him in the middle.

Eyes closed, anticipation hastening their hearts, their lips made contact. A quick brush, just the lightest of touches, caused a spark of sexual electricity to pass between them. Ash's eyes fluttered open and peered up at James through long lashes. He held her gaze. They understood each other perfectly then. Ash threw her arms over James' shoulders and pulled herself up to press against his lips again. Body on fire, mind possessed by passion, she crashed against her brother like a wave of desire breaking on a rocky shore.

And like the shore, James was content to accept her force and return it, kissing her back boldly. Their lips dueled; their tongue's wrestled and fought for control in a battle where there could be no loser.

He grabbed her ass. She bit his lip. He ran a hand through her hair. She squeezed his cock. An alarm in the back of James' mind told him that this was wrong, but he didn't want to listen to it. He was sure that Ash was ignoring a similar warning from her conscience. But maybe they should slow down… They broke apart. Ash watched James with a look of mild disappointment as they caught their breath.

Still only inches apart, James spoke softly. "This is so wrong." "Do you hate it?" Ashley whispered, trailing her hand slowly back down James' chest and abdomen. "Not at all," he answered, heart hammering. Ashley responded by rubbing her palm against her brother's hard dick through his pants. "Do you want to stop?" she asked softly, with no intention of doing so. "Not at all…" James whispered back. Ashley's hands moved in a blur as they undid her brother's belt and pushed down his pants.

She took his cock in her hand. He was so warm, she thought he might burn her. James groaned softly at her touch. Ash held him delicately and ran a finger lightly around the sensitive skin under his head. "Is this so bad?" she said, smiling seductively. James leaned down and whispered directly into his sister's ear, "Not at all." Ashley shuddered and sucked in a breath as James began to nibble at her ear. He let one hand fall to rest on her hip while the other tweaked a hard nipple through her shirt.

Ash moaned and shut her eyes, clearly receptive. A tight squeeze on his cock reminded James that he wasn't the only one in control. He looked into Ashley's eyes and returned to her lips for a passionate kiss. Soon enough though, she broke it off and took a step back. "C'mon," she said. Holding her brother by his dick, Ash led him to the bedroom. She released her grip on him just long enough to get out of her clothes. Undressing in record time, sending clothes flying left and right, she soon stood completely naked before James, who wasn't far behind.

For a few long moments, the two just appreciated one another's body, with their eyes initially, but then with their hands. Ashley was in great shape; her body was tight and slim, but curvy in all the right places. Her flat stomach, round ass, and toned legs were proof that she took great care of her body.

And her flawless skin and mouthwatering breasts were proof that genetics had been kind to her as well. As James slid his hands over the curve of Ashley's hips and up to her tits, he realized how much she'd matured since he was a horny preteen stealing glimpses of her coming out of the shower.

He supposed he had changed too. His sister was certainly enjoying his body: her hands roamed over his muscles and squeezed his ass before finally settling on his cock again, which she began to stroke rhythmically. Meanwhile, James was preoccupied with Ash's breasts. The perfect handful, he massaged and squeezed her perky tits lightly, occasionally rolling a thumb over a hard nipple.

Ashley cooed appreciatively at the attention and dropped a hand between her legs to rub her wet pussy and aching clit. Electric excitement coursed through her; she was so unbelievably horny. Turning around, she leaned over the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and presented herself to her brother.

James accepted her invitation and stepped up behind her, leveling his eight-inch cock at Ashley's waiting entrance. Placing a hand on her ass, he moved into position and placed the tip of his cock against her warm pussy. The contact was so exhilarating, so forbidden.

He was so close to fucking his own sister, a teenage fantasy he'd forgotten somewhere along the way. But now that fantasy was a reality. "Are you sure?" he asked, not knowing if Ashley was having second thoughts. Over her shoulder, the beautiful redhead showed her mischievous, dimpled smile. "Shut up and fuck me, little bro," she said. That was all James needed to hear. Holding his sister's ass, he pushed into her pussy.

He slid in easily; he'd never fucked a woman so wet before. As his length glided into her, Ashley let out a long, euphoric moan.

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She felt so incredibly good, her pleasure enhanced by the excitement of committing such a taboo act. James' cock was large. It was one thing for Ashley to see it, or to hold it.

But to have it inside her was another thing entirely. As he reached the end of his initial thrust, his pelvis flush against Ashley's ass, James reached her deepest depths. His girth stretched her walls in the most amazing way, and Ashley was forced to grip the comforter beneath her as she groaned at the feeling of fullness. James wasted little time though, and he began to pull out before slowly driving forward again.

"Ohh, fuck…" Ashley exclaimed. James bottomed out inside her again, pulled back, and repeated the process. As he began to work up a healthy pace, Ashley descended into sheer pleasure. She moaned and grunted every time her brother slammed back into her. "Ha- ahh, harder, James. Fuck me harder," she pleaded with him between moans. Happy to oblige, James put all his strength into his thrusts.

The sheer power jounced Ashley forward and she had to hold onto the bed, which squeaked loudly with each blow. Their forbidden sex became a symphony of moans, grunts, and squeaks. James contributed to the cacophony as well; his sister's pussy gripped and rubbed his sensitive member in all the right ways, and his arousal was only heightened by the fact that it was his sister that he was fucking.

He couldn't help but moan alongside her. James brought a hand down on Ashley's ass, slapping her cheek as he continued to thrust inside her. The redhead let out a sudden "Ohhh!" at the contact, and James felt her pussy squeeze tightly around him. "Interesting," James thought. A second hand fell on her ass, this time a little harder.

Again, Ashley moaned louder and squeezed tighter. "What do you know, my sister's a masochist." The next smack was the hardest, sure to sting and leave a nice red mark.

But Ash was only more excited by the stimulation. She dropped her head to the comforter and howled in ecstasy. Her orgasm was on the horizon, and James' next thrust sealed the deal. "Mmm, aahhhh fuuuuck!" Ashley cried. Her climax exploded in her mind like an atomic bomb, and pleasure rippled out from inside her, infusing her entire body with euphoria.

Her arms gave out and she fell onto the bed, eyes rolled back in her head, experiencing a truly otherworldly orgasm. This was leagues better than the frantic, disappointing masturbation from that afternoon, and even more powerful than the orgasm she'd suffered at the airport earlier. Had she known her brother could get her off like this, Ash would have fucked him years ago. James held still with his cock enveloped by his sister's convulsing pussy.

He watched her cum harder than he thought possible. He wanted to let her experience her orgasm to its fullest, but he could only safely stay inside her for so long, so once her vice grip on him relinquished a little, he pulled free. Soon enough, Ashley returned to her senses and lifted herself up on shaky arms.

She sat on the end of the bed and looked up at her brother with eyes still clouded by lust. "I've never cum like that… ever," she said.

James grinned down at her, one hand still slowly stroking his manhood. "I guess you'd like to cum too, huh?" she asked his cock directly. Without waiting for an answer, she dropped forward onto her knees before her brother and took his wet cock into her mouth.

James groaned at the sensation of Ash's warm mouth around his member. She swatted his hand away from his dick and began to work her way farther down his length. As she did, she flicked her tongue against the sensitive underside. She went as deep as she could before retreating to the head and swirling her tongue around the tip. James placed a hand in her soft hair, holding onto her head for dear life as she teased him.

Working his shaft with one hand, Ashley jerked him in a slow, methodical manner, all while keeping the pressure up on the head of his cock. She wrapped her lips over the head and sucked hard, causing James' knees to feel weak. "Fuck, Ash. I'm close," he gasped. She kept up the pace with her hand while blowing him. As the pressure built, she sucked harder and jerked faster. At the cusp of his own climax, James suddenly felt Ashley's other hand on his balls.

She squeezed; at the same time, she sucked hard again on the tip. It was too much. James moaned and threw his head back as the fires of orgasm swept over him and consumed his senses in a blaze of pleasure.

Ash held his dick steady as he shot an enormous load of cum into her waiting mouth. After the initial surge, which she kept in her mouth, she pulled away and began jerking his cock again.

James pumped roped after rope of hot semen onto his sister's face and tits. Bracing himself with a hand on his lower back, he sighed as his potent orgasm slowly died down. His sister was drenched in his cum, though she hardly seemed to mind. James looked down to find her licking her lips and scooping up some of the huge load with her manicured fingers.

"Wow," was all she had to say. "Yeah. Wow," James agreed. He extended a hand and helped Ash up to her feet. She immediately leaned back and flopped onto the bed; James sat on the edge next to her. "Mmm," she said, continuing to spoon cum into her greedy mouth, "Why do you taste so fucking good?" James smiled and shrugged, though he guessed she only found him so delectable because of the effects of his magic on her.

Beside him, Ash was using her freshly-cleaned fingers to rub her clit. "God, bro. I've never been fucked like that. And I'm still so damn horny." She watched him with big eyes, her lower lip between her teeth. She moved her other hand in little circles around her nipples, playing with the cum on her breasts.

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James' wilting member quickly sprang back to life from that look. Fuck, his sister was sexy. "Why don't we test out that giant bathtub and see where the night takes us?" he offered. Ash sat up quickly and held up a finger to silence James. "Hold that thought, I've got an idea. Why don't we test out that giant bathtub and see where the night takes us?" She sprang to her feet and padded across the room toward the master bathroom.

"Wait… but I just…" James stammered comically. Ashley tossed a smile and a wink over her shoulder before beckoning him with one finger. James sighed, grinned, and followed her. The two siblings spent the next hour getting a different kind of wet. They sat against the wall of the big tub, the hot water and jets soothing any fatigue or jetlag. They enjoyed each other's company in comfortable silence for a short time. But after a while, Ash's foot found James' cock under the water, and playtime was over.

After another steamy session of incestuous sex that left them and the tub messier than before, they washed each other off in the shower. That, of course, got rather handsy as well. They emerged from the bathroom flushed and tired, but content.

It was dark out now, and, getting hungry again, they ordered room service and a couple bottles of wine. Towels wrapped around them, they sat on the bed and caught up on life for a bit, talking like regular siblings as they ate and drank.

James was careful to tiptoe around any conversation that might bring up his "new job." He knew that talk would be coming, but he wanted to be honest with Ash when that time came. In the meantime, he steered the conversation toward talk of her work and life in Paris. It wasn't long before the wine took its toll and jetlag caught up, though.

Ashley was the first to yawn, and the effect was contagious. Soon, the two were lying together on the bed, totally naked and totally spent. Ash was asleep in James' arms almost immediately, but James stayed awake long enough to send a mental message to Lilith.

"Hey, Lilith… is it possible to bring another person into the Temple of Venus?" he asked. After a long pause, during which James began to nod off, the demoness replied. "It's possible. Just be making physical contact with the person when you fall asleep, and I'll do the rest." James looked down at his gorgeous sister, curled up against him. "Should be easy enough," he mumbled tiredly before drifting off to sleep with a smile on his lips.