Ava stieg die ultimative Fick

Ava stieg die ultimative Fick
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John carries on - Wierdest thing, I found a note card on my windshield in the morning. All it said was, "Watch my house. C." Nothing unusual happened that day; I mowed the lawn, did some work on the boat, made some dinner. I didn't see Cathy, but a lot of times I wouldn't anyway. Mike was coming over for pizza, arriving at his usual time on the way home from work.

We had been seeing each other almost every day, and over the last couple of weeks we had been having some sort of sex almost every day. Some days it was a quick hand job, others one or both of us would go down on the other. Today, I was thinking about his hard shaft all afternoon.

I was in the mood to have that organ in my mouth, but I also kept thinking about that note. In the late afternoon, I went to my room and changed. I took of my work pants and underwear, giving the fresh air to my cock. I was starting to get big, so I went to the mirror and checked myself out. I could see the veins starting to bulge, and as I looked at myself, I got more and more erect. After a minute, I was standing tall, straight out from my torso and with that bit of curve I get when I'm really hard.

Althtough I was turned on, I resisted the temptation to jerk off right then. "Just be patient, big guy. I bet there will be lots of fun for you tonight." I put on my boxers and a tee-shirt, then went downstairs to draw myself a beer. Not long after that, Mike came by. He saw that I'd gotten comfortable. "Looks like you're unwinding nicely. Got anything special in those shorts for me?" "Yeah, dessert." I gave him a squeeze and invited him to the kitchen to eat, and got him a cold one.

We dug in.


I related the note left on my car. "That's all it said, just to watch her house. This could get interesting." "Let's hope so," Mike said. Then I felt his foot rubbing my leg. It found its way up my calf and he put it between my legs on the chair. I squeezed it between my legs. Mike set down his pizza and reached down and fiddled with his pants.

In a few seconds, he said, "That's better!" He lifted himself up a little, and I could see his cock head sticking up over the edge of the table. We both settled in and finished our dinner. Mike tucked himself back in, and we put the dishes in the sink. I suggested that we turn off the lights and see what we could see. We went up to my bedroom and looked out the window; we could see a light on in Cathy's kitchen but no activity.

Mike came up behind me and reached around my waist, then put his hand down my boxers and found my cock. His hand fondled me, then reached around and squeezed me.

My body responded by throbbing my cock; I could feel it getting hard in Mike's hand. I could also feel the lump growing that was pressing against my ass.

"You must like what you feel" I said. "I can feel your cock through your pants." Mike replied, "I can tell that you like getting stroked, you're big and hard." "Sure do" I answered. "But you know what I've been thinking about today?" I didn't give him a chance to answer. I turned around and kissed him, and during the kiss, I started to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. I let his hard-on out, then reached around it and stroked it.

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It was already good and hard. Then I made my daydream real by kneeling in front of him, and going to work on his cock. First I just admired it, then licked the head. Mike throbbed, and I put my mouth around his head and just held it there for a while, and reached to feel his balls.

I gently ran my fingers over them, which got a moan out of Mike. Then I slowly took his stiff cock into my mouth, pausing to run my tongue across his underside. God, I loved the way it felt to have a cock in my mouth. I moaned, and Mike put his hands on the back of my head and stroked me.

I started moving on and off his cock with my mouth, gently rotating my head, and on the upstroke I paused to massage him with my tongue. Mike was gently rocking back and forth, in sync with me going up and down on him. Then he stopped, and said, "Holy shit, check this out. She turned on a light." For now, I let his cock out of my mouth and stood up.

Cathy had turned on a low light and was sitting on her floor with a big pillow behind her. On the floor, the only place you could see her was from my second floor, and we were there to do the seeing. Cathy was sitting facing the window, wearing a t-shirt that had ridden up into her lap.

She reached down to her knees and started stroking her legs. I'd seen her in shorts and knew she had nice legs, but now I could see all of her legs, right up to the panties that were showing. She ran her hands seductively over her legs, making a circle up the inside of her thighs and down the tops of them.

After about five circles, she continued the upstroke until her hands were touching her crotch and her thumbs were on her pubic area. She paused, then reached with one hand under her panties. It was obvious that she was rubbing up and down her pussy. Mike said, "God, she's hot." I reached around Mike and held him close, and at the same time we both reached for each other's cocks.

Meanwhile, Cathy started to pull her panties aside, and we got a nice full view of her pubic hair over her pussy. She took one hand and slid two fingers into herself, then with the other hand she started massaging her clit. I could only say, "Wow." Mike remarked, "What a nice box.

Her lips are so compact, it looks like she has a nice tight pussy." My only response was, "Here's hoping we find out how tight it is." Cathy started moving her fingers in and out of her pussy, and at the same time started a rotating motion on her clit. Mike and I were mesmerized, just standing there still with each other's cock in our hands.

After a minute Cathy was speeding up with her fingers, gradually increasing the speed that she went in and out of her box. We watched while she worked, and after about ten minutes she was frantically pumping in and out of her pussy. Then the pumping stopped, and she pumped her clit really fast - she froze for a moment, then started humping up and down with a climax.

All I could say was, "Holy fuck." She reached up and turned out the light. Mike got on his knees and just took my whole cock in his mouth, sucking hard. I grunted, then grunted again. I reached down and found his nipples, and started rolling them around in my fingers. Mike moaned and came up for air. Then he started going up and down on me, and reached up to play with my balls. I loved the way he made me feel.

I think there's a lot to the idea that a man gives better blowjobs. Mike was slowly moving up and down on me, and I was loving it all.


Then the doorbell rang. I'm sure we both had the same idea about who might be at the door.

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"I'll get it" I said. I backed away from Mike's expert mouth and pulled up my boxers, then made my way downstairs. I opened the door a crack, and sure enough Cathy was there. She had put on some shorts, but was still wearing the t-shirt that we'd just seen pulled up to expose her womanhood. Cathy just pushed the door open, walked in and shut the door. With a sultry look, she said, "I want to see you guys up close and personal.

I see you're dressed for the party." I took her hand and escorted her to the stairs.

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She went up first, and I enjoyed seeing her ass sway as she went up. She turned and smiled. At the top, we walked down the hall and into the bedroom. She smiled at Mike and said, "Hi, big guy." Then eyeing his cock, said "I came for a front row seat." She sat down in the chair, not being at all careful to cover herself. I took the hint and went over to Mike. I reached for his hard dick, and started stroking him. "Cathy, I was thinking of two things today." "What were they?" I replied, "A funny note that was left on my car, and sucking Mike's cock." Cathy noted her approval with a "Hmmm." I pressed Mike onto the bed, spread his legs and knelt in front of him.

His stiff rod was pointing at my face, and I approached it with an open mouth. When the tip reached me, I licked it, then put the head betwee my lips and teased it with my tongue.

Mike said, "Loved the show, Cathy." She responded by pulling down her panties and spreading her legs, then saying "I've got more for you boys. Just give me a good show." I liked the sound of that. I turned my body so I could see her out of one eye, then slid down onto Mike's cock and gave him a good sucking.

Mike and Cathy both moaned at the same time, and I started to slide up and down Mike's shaft. That made me moan. I really was looking forward to this today, I love having a hard cock in my mouth. Mike reached around my head and felt my scalp, guiding me up and down on his cock.

"God, John, if I didn't have that pretty pussy to look at, I'd roll my eyes back." I could see that Cathy was starting to put her fingers back into her box, which turned me on.

I could smell her pussy, it was so sweet. That just made me go to work on Mike, sliding up and down, and sucking him. My cock was throbbing inside my boxers; I reached down and pulled them down, exposing my ass to Cathy.

"Nice butt, John." "Mike said, "Can we see yours?" She stopped her pumping long enough to stand, turn and bend over.

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Then she reached into her pussy again, and resumed pumping herself. The view of Cathy masturbating and me sucking his cock was sending Mike into orbit, in fact it snuck up on him. Next I knew, he was saying, "Ah, ah AHHHHHH" and the next thing I knew he was throbbing and I had a mouth full of his creamy spunk.

Mike fell backwards on the bed, then I heard Cathy say, "God, I'm ." - she didn't even finish her sentence, but instead gave her clit a couple more twirls, then threw her head back and cried out with a "eeeehhhhhHHHHHHHHH" and collapsed in the chair. My stiffy needed releif, and it needed it now. I got up and walked over to Cathy, then took my hard cock in my hands and started to stroke.

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I pumped, faster and faster, until I felt my orgasm growing. Pumping my cock, more and more, I stood over Cathy and moaned, "ahhhh, Oh, oh. ." and as my climax hit, I pointed my cock at her shirt.

My gobs of cum poured out of my rod, landing on her shirt, making a huge puddle of cum on her belly. Cathy said, "Nice shot, John." I knelt next to her and just let the afterglow take over. I offered Cathy a clean shirt for her walk home, but she wanted my cream on her instead. "I want to enjoy it for a while. It reminds me of your big rod."

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